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FL: People on Sex Offender Registry Should Shelter from Dorian in Jail

For some people convicted of sex crimes in Florida, the only shelter open to them during Hurricane Dorian was the county jail.

In some counties, people on the registry were barred from shelters set up for those evacuating, and told to go to separate locations, away from children and other community members. If they attempted to stay with friends or relatives, they faced daunting residency and registration requirements, according to the Florida Action Committee, which advocates for reform of sex offender registry laws. Failure to comply can mean a felony conviction and incarceration.

In Osceola County, a separate shelter was set up at the housing agency for “sex offenders,” meaning people on the registry, according to a local news report by WKMG-TV. And in Flagler County, registered sex offenders were directed to go to the sheriff’s office for shelter, according to a WJXT-TVreport. The Nassau County Board of Commissioners website advised people on the sex offender registry to seek shelter in the county jail. Full Article


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  1. ReadyToFight

    This is Disgusting.
    You reap what you sow Florida.

    • Robert Curtis

      Question: we registrants pay taxes like many others but don’t have the benefits nor representation of others. The ONLY way we can protect ourselves is to help each other and form systems and programs for ourselves by ourselves…society and gov’t won’t. My suggestion is to support programs like ACSOL and create local support groups and systems in our own areas…sheesh we have a public registry to recruit from to do so. We need to resource our greatest asset…each other!!!

      • Timmmy

        Or, everyone could move to the state with the smallest population, get elected into office, then start dismantling those laws.

        • E

          Wyoming (under 600,000 people) has been suggested! But then… we’d need to live in Wyoming.

    • Will Allen

      Societies do reap what they sow. And stupid societies reap stupid, damaging things.

      People have told me that Registered People (RP) are reaping what they sow. But they are wrong. If a society is going to be moral and just, then it has to punish people morally and justly. It must punish people intelligently and fairly. The Registries don’t qualify in any way. They are idiotic, useless harassment. If society is not on the moral and fair high road, then they’ve failed. The Registries are a failure of epic proportions. So society must reap what it sows.

      People wonder why there is so much hate in Amerika. I find that odd. Amerika has always loved hate. The Registries are a great representation of it and “people” who support it are awful scumbags that deserve hate, disrespect, and contempt.

  2. R M

    The last time I, in Ga, was subject to a violent storm (I lived in a mobile home at the time) and was subject to dangerous winds, I drove my van to the nearest Walmart and stayed there until the storm passed. I informed my PO the next, nothing said/questioned by her. I did not want to subject myself to providing my ID to any church/evacuation center and possibly/probably being rejected.

  3. Disgusted in Michigan

    I guess I have to be thankful I live in Michigan and there’s no hurricanes here. But what is happening in Florida is unacceptable. To single out one group of people is absolutely disgusting. What about all the drug dealers, thieves and murderers? Why are they allowed to take shelter in public places where children might be? I would be more concerned about a pick pocket or thief in a public shelter than a sex offender.

    • TS

      But what does Michigan do when the bitter deathly cold comes in during winter and they need warming shelters for the homeless? Do they segregate registrants, commingle them, or deny outright? They can still do the same effect without a hurricane.

      • Josh

        They deny outright….look back through the archives of this site and read the story about the registrant who died 10 or so years ago…every state has some calamity that can be used to kill or discriminate against us….

      • TS

        Thank you @Josh for that info on the MI death. You’re right, could be any calamity and restrictions could happen.

    • Will Allen

      I mean, there just really is just no sensible explanation for Floriduh’s stupidity and crimes. The “people” behind their “$EX offender” witch hunt, the Registry Terrorists (RTs) are just a bunch of dipshit scumbags. What else can be said? I promise you that they are EXACTLY the kind of “person” who would zealously support the segregation of “coloreds” TODAY if they could get away with it. RTs are THOSE dangerous people.

      The other thing that really gets me about RTs is that they are fine with people who have shot people with guns living, working, etc. wherever they like!! They can’t even be bothered to Register those people. I have wondered why for a long time. I wonder if it is because they are afraid that shooters absolutely would not put up with it? Shooters might actually do something drastic if Floriduh tried to commit crimes against them. It’s insane.

      But all of this boils do to the fact that literal war needs to be waged nationwide against ALL “people” who support Registries. RTs are not our fellow citizens or Americans. They are harassing terrorists who cannot mind their own lame business or leave other families alone. I’m harming them economically and will continue 100%. I promise their hit list Registries will be a lot worse than just worthless.

  4. Tim in WI

    Let registrants not be confused nor ashamed to protest the electronic indenture by every means possible. Until mass registrant assembly in D.C. occurs no peace shall be had.

    Assembly in D.C. Is an option. Perhaps the only option.

  5. New Person

    Involuntary servitude is prohibited unless to punish a crime.

    Are registrants being “forced” to seek shelter in a jail as opposed to be being taken in by normal hurricane shelters?

    Smith v Doe, 2003, was supposed to be non-invasive, which included stating in-person registration was not part of the scheme. Nowadays, the registry is “forcing” restrictions, in-person reporting, and telling you where you can seek shelter in a natural disaster. That implies you’re still under custody as anything you do that violates the “extra restrictions under penalty of law” will result in direct punishment.

    This compelled action is also discriminatory as it singles out one subset of convicted people.

    The registry has gone beyond the non-invasive nature of Smith v Doe, 2003. The fact it was noted that in-person reporting “is a disability”, but everyone state is imposing it is compelled action over one’s movement.

    Any “compelled” action to a person no longer under custody and subject to penalty of law is “involuntary servitude”. The registry only happens AFTER conviction, but it isn’t considered punishment. Yet, the compelling force over a person’s movement, actions, and restriction of liberty that is not punishment is “involuntary servitude”.

    In Peckingham, one of the justices denoted the continued restrictions long after custody seemed amiss. It was the same justice who falsely claimed the recidivism rate in Smith v Doe, 2003 was at 80%, which was “frightening and high”.

    • Tim in WI

      Yes it is plain indenture to property. But why not call it that from the beginning?
      The same reason you opt to call it ” the registry” instead of the “the gov database of…”
      Benevolent marketing of data collection. The regulatory intents not behind DNA collection.

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