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San Diego To Enter Settlement Talks In Sex Offender Residency Lawsuit

San Diego City Council members on Tuesday will get their first official update in two years on a lawsuit challenging a city law that restricts where sex offenders can live.

In August 2017, council members went against advice from the City Attorney’s Office and refused to repeal an ordinance banning sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of schools, parks and other minor-oriented facilities. The city has not enforced the law since 2009 because of previous challenges to its constitutionality. Full Article

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The San Diego Superior Court, the California Supreme Court, and the federal district court all ruled that the blanket residency restrictions are unconstitutional so the San Diego City Council is voting on whether or not they should repeal the ordinance. In other words they are voting on whether of not they feel they should follow the laws. They are wasting taxpayer money, and they are making the city less safe by creating red tape and adding confusion to the law enforcement agencies. When does it get to a point that they are the ones committing a crime by refusing to… Read more »

I’ve never lived in CA but I always imagined that San Diego was a smart, progressive city that was well above average for America. But I’m probably wrong. Certainly their city government is comprised of backwards, regressive rubes. Today, there literally are no moral Americans with any sense who think “residency restrictions” are okay or smart. There just aren’t any. So if you see someone who supports such “restrictions”, you KNOW there is something wrong with the person. They might be stupid. They might be profiting off of it. But something is wrong with them. The City of San Diego… Read more »

We need a registry for politicians that commit crimes so we know not to vote for them.

So get this… article says SD has paid what 50 grand to some imbecile attorney, they are going to settle, Have to pay Janice’s attorney fee’s, maybe victim settlement fee’s and who knows what other fee’s already wasted… costing lets guess… 100K ++++ over some lame ORDINANCE that was illegal from the start…. They could have taken care of all homeless here in the dead of winter for MONTHS on that 100k+ !!!!!

I guess it isnt AMERICA’s FINEST CITY after all !!!

Enjoy the empirical reality being acknowledged!

The San Diego County District Attorney’s Office also says it is a myth that child predators find their victims by frequenting schoolyards and playgrounds. Instead they tend to prey on “children whom they know and with whom they have established a relationship.”

The City of San Diego Council (Soviet) is behaving much like The City of Hong Kong (CCP) unelected leaders , Shame, Shame, Shame on these & those Wicked Servants.

Heaven & Earth Testify as witnesses to Truth.


“”But at the end of the day, if we don’t repeal this ordinance, it stays on the books, we get sued, it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars in a lawsuit and we get forced to repeal our ordinance anyway.””

Exactly! And I hope a large amount of these hundreds of thousands of dollars go into the coffers of ACSOL and into the paychecks of Janice, Chance, et al!!!!

Congratulations, Janice, Chance, and everyone at ACSOL: a group of “Davids” slaying one Goliath after another!!!

Heck, just stop enforcing it pronto. Others seem to think that’s ok if I understand correctly.

I hope they don’t repeal it, ACSOL could use the added money to finance fighting for our rights. A longer drawn out lawsuit will only put more money into supporting ACSOL. Janice will win this no matter what. However, the easy wins are a good thing too as you never know if you’ll get a Judge that is afraid to make a constitutional ruling.

Make sure you watch this YouTube reporter’s video that was posted at the end of the news story. It is very good!!! Makes this counsel person look like an idiot in my opinion. This reporter is VERY good.
Please give it a “LIKE” to show the reporter some support. It does not yet have many views or any comments.

Will ACSOL be able to recover costs, given the case has gone this far along? It would be a crime if they can delay and stall and delay and not feel the pinch in any manner.

I’m not usually one to go after my pound of flesh, but when they are this pig-headed, to the point of ignoring their own counsel(!), they deserve a bit of a spanking.

When you file suit, if you’re going to win, you have the choice of settling for a fair amount or taking it to trial for potentially a larger amount. No one knows what you might get if you take it to trial, so that’s why they encourage a mediation, to determine a fair amount to settle the case. I’m sure Janice will not settle for an amount that is less than what she deserves based on her time and expenses.

ACSOL should take as many money as possible from San Diego and any other criminal regime. As much as possible, as often as possible. In the hands of ACSOL, the money will help humanity and Amerika. In the hands of a criminal regime, it will do the opposite.

But all people who are Registered, and their families, can cost these criminal regimes money. People need to work at it and harm them. There is no reason to allow the illegal, anti-American Registries to exist peacefully and without extreme cost.

If ACSOL thinks what how they are doing things will have a positive outcome they are going to be sorely disappointed, because the people that she is encountering are allowed to conjure up any law and means and backed by fear and hate and WAR must be fought by allowing REGISTERED people to come together in huge TOTAL numbers ..a Friend of mine already said this along time ago ! WHEN GOOD PEOPLE COME TOGETHER AND TAKE A STAND EVIL OR BAD PEOPLE WI NOT RULE OR CONQUER !! YOU CANT WIN THE WAY YOU ARE GOING ABOUT THIS !!!… Read more »

Its pre-empted by state law, so I would be suprised if they dont settle appropriately. If people wonder why there has been an increased level of political action including lobbying, this suit has been going on 8 years…. it would have been far less expensive or time consuming if it could have been stopped before becoming law. Now that being said. I reccommend people listen to the Registrt Matter podcast as they talk about similar issues around the country. Like it or not there are ways to make a registry withstand constitutional scrutiny. I hope look to help those other… Read more »

I thought San Diego was over buffer zone restrictions in 2015… being the first CA city to unprecedently take this action…

What exactly is this about?

Intriguing. We have murderers, drug dealers, hardcore gang members, convicted drug users, prostitutes and a broad group of convicts on parole who pose a threat to society, yet can live wherever they want? I can maybe (maybe) feel if someone with multiple convictions lives next to a daycare, but these laws create both fear and hatred! People have access to cars?

Good point. I was just thinking the same thing the other day. I know ppl that got out after a Murder charge and after they were off paper, they have Zero restrictions. And after 7 years here in Cali, they can pretty much work and live where ever the hell they want. How is a cold blooded killer redeemable but we are not???? It’s infuriating

Infuriating is an understatement. I have been Registered for over 2 decades for something quite minor. I am a good, upstanding member of the community who has helped a LOT of decent people (not Registry Supporters!). I pay magnitudes of my fair share of taxes. Etc., etc. There are active criminals living within a few miles of me, I’m sure. There are career criminals. There are people who have pointed a gun in another person’s face. There are plenty who have beaten other people. There are people who have shot and stabbed people. There are people with criminal histories pages… Read more »

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