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GA: NCSO to host 13th annual Halloween Shut-In for sex offenders

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office and the Department of Community Supervision will host their 13th annual sex offender Halloween Shut-In from 6 to 10 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 31. Full Article

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“The goal of this event is to closely monitor sex offenders in a controlled environment while children are celebrating this festive occasion.”

Oh, I just love this: “Controlled environment”

Isn’t that what the registry DOES to begin with!?

“while children are celebrating this festive occasion.”

Why cherry pick just Halloween? Do children not celebrate "festively" during Christmas, Easter or New Years'?

Damn. The fear mongering idiocy in the red states is metastasizing.

I swear this kind of stuff makes me sick. Its ridiculous and doesn’t even make sense. Honestly none if it makes sense. I wonder when or if things will change. Or will they bring back gas chambers or just start sentencing people to life in prison off top? Then the death sentence once the prisons get full?

“If you don’t have a computer, you can view a hard copy of all the SO’s in your area at specified locations.” Wow! So clearly this is very serious. I am guessing there have been quite a few cases of people on the registry offending people. It is strange they don’t post that info. I would think that would be important. I do know that three children were killed in a crosswalk by a drunk driver two Halloweens ago. So I’m quite certain the good and noble sheriff has created a controlled environment to keep kids safe form drunk drivers. Maybe he won’t let anybody leave the bar he is in on Halloween until after 10:00 PM.

They should keep the hard copy of the sex offender information in a file labeled “hard sex.” That would ensure all the morally upstanding citizens will definitely look at it.

Who is going to ask for a copy of the presentations whether on video, audio, the slides, or some combo of them all? Will it take a FOIA request to get them if they are unwilling to share? What are only legal professionals from the gov’t in attendance and no lawyers? This is a taxpayer funded event, so are outsiders allowed to attend with those that are supposed to attend? This is unlawful detention if you are not on paper, I believe. Who is going to file an injunction to stop this before it happens?

The sex offenders will hear presentations from guest speakers, which will include Newton County Sheriff Ezell Brown, Alcovy Judicial Circuit Superior Court Judge Horace Johnson Jr., a speaker from the Newton County District Attorney’s Office, Deputy Veronica Williams and Probation/Parole Officers with the Department of Community Supervision.

from judges eh….

is it me or are things getting worse and worse for all of us?

Lol. They make it all sex offenders when it’s really either voluntary or just parolees.

Someone should point that out to a rival news agency.

So children are only at risk one day out of the year? What a crock of shit. I would encourage anyone who is forced to attend or volunteers to attend to make a silent protest there. Everyone should wear earplugs and sit or stand with their backs to the speakers.

Lord, so laughingly lame. This is a huge media and “public safety” fail. What this pathetic little article failed to mention, as is typical, is that the VAST majority of people who are listed on the $EX Offender Registry there will not participate in this “Shut-In” and will very likely be milling around in the community completely anonymously in completely unknown locations. How could they possibly fail to mention such a critical “public safety” issue?!! Shocking!

The community is now probably in a LOT more danger than if they had not read this article at all. Because anyone who thinks this is useful is probably so dumb that they now think everyone is safe and they can let their children run wild with no supervision at all.

This is a stupid, grandstanding PR stunt put on for stupid people.

And the awful “people” who wrote this article are scumbags. They say over and over again “the $EX offenders this” and “the $EX offenders that”. Anyone who says “$EX offender” gives everyone permission to call them any name that EVER fit them in their entire life. If you have ever lied in your life, people can call you “liar” every day. People who say “$EX offender” are part of the problem.

The article said, “Upon conclusion of the presentations, the sex offenders will have an opportunity to engage in a question and answer session.” Wow, I wish I could participate in that! They would probably make me leave.

The moral side is winning the War on Registry Nazis/Terrorists, despite dumb nonsense like this. They’ll have their little party and they’ll pay for it all year after. They are too dumb to even comprehend that and too arrogant to care.

This sounds like a HOSTAGE situation.
Forcefully detained for several hours and forced to listen to speeches and presentations by the sheriff, P.O.’s and others.
Is this even legal?
I believe NARSOL is having a Halloween Call-In to report state issues such as this.

I called the Newton County Sheriff Department to clarify that they enforce the order ONLY on those on probation and parole. However, they send letters to all registrants, including those not under jurisdiction of the court, and strongly (her words) recommend that all registrants attend. Otherwise, they send around deputies to make sure that registrants are at home or on the job. In addition, Newton County also requires all registrants off parole to file itineraries if they leave the county for any reason.

Highly recommended and strongly suggested are very powerful words that don’t have any applicability to anybody off paper. if I’m not at my house or not at my job I can be anywhere I want to be because I’m off paper. If you’d like to come by and try to visit me at one of those locations when I happen to not be there, trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat. I surely hope you pay attention to those who might be driving under the influence of something.

At the same time, I’d like to see the county law that says if you’re leaving the county you must file a travel itinerary. is that a year-round law or just at Halloween only?

if your interface with the county office again, hope you’re recording it, if it’s legal in your state to have a one-person consent recording. It would be good to use.

You want to talk about being rebellious? Interface with the county sheriff’s office, get them to prove what they think they can legally stand on.


Georgia is a one-party-consent state with regards to recording conversation. Anyone can record their own conversation with another, and they are not required to inform the other(s) that they are being recorded.


Thanks for that info on GA being one person consent. Hopefully that’d transfer for someone who calls in from out of state.

What a comical criminal regime. I’m feeling the desire to get directly involved. I’ve already emailed all of that newspaper’s staff. I may want to head over there on Halloween.

If I lived there I would make sure they would not know where I was on Halloween. Absolutely. I also never would file an itinerary with them. What a bunch of pathetic morons. They obviously have too many taxpayer resources.

“they send around deputies to make sure that registrants are at home or on the job”. That’s pretty cool, Scooby-Doo. But what if Mr. Registrant is grocery shopping, attending a movie, having dinner with friends?? These LEOs are morons!! My guess is they’re flat out lying to the public and the only place the deputies are going is the donut shop for a dozen glazed and a coffee refill!

“Newton County also requires all registrants off parole to file itineraries if they leave the county for any reason.”
Are local jurisdictions allowed to make their own rules and regulations like this in NC? Many States have laws against locals dong this sort of action.

I recently moved to Ga this year from Ca to a county about 200 miles from Newton and there has been no request for information about my movement between the counties, and in my opinion would place an undo hardship since the counties and towns here are so small that it is for the most part inevitable just to do basic errands I have to cross county lines (The Army base that I must travel around on sits on 5 different counties) and would have to make the sheriffs office a daily part of my life. I just did my annual visit this last week and there was no mention about my being required to go report on Halloween. The one thing they are doing here is enforcing residency/location-loitering rules based on date/type of conviction/when laws were enacted. I was hopeful to get a chance to be removed from to list here since my conviction is nearly 20yrs old and at most level 2 and their rules state that the Board is required to examine all persons no later than 60 days after moving to the state to determine the level or need to register, but I was told that they are at least 2yrs behind.

I will post if I get any invites to a mandatory lecture.

@michael w: “… their rules state that the Board is required to examine all persons no later than 60 days after moving to the state to determine the level or need to register, but I was told that they are at least 2yrs behind.”

Don’t get you hopes up on being classified in Ga…. they are at least 6 years behind. About the only time one is classified it when it is ordered by a judge prior to a registry removal petition is addressed.

@R M That was what the deputy said, if I wanted a sooner review I would need to hire a lawyer and file a petition. That is one thing Georgia is not lacking in is attorneys, every other commercial is for some firm but my wife and I chose to use her VA loan for a home instead of dealing with on base housing (2/3 of housing on all bases are handled by private rental companies now) a lot of our money is tied up in upkeep, not to mention it removed the problem of being denied from other rental places, and no I would not have been turned down for base housing due to SO, we had 3 dogs (the limit is 2) and they do regular inspections, as a matter of fact during my wifes intake orientation where to register for SO was part of the list along with where to go for utilities.

Though I really want to try to petition since Ga has a provision to be removed based on disability that is worded exactly the same as the definition of disability for SSI/SSDI. It still takes money though and we have need of it elsewhere for now.

That brings up the other thing about the need of a list of Attorneys around the country that are worth a damn to hire for our situation.

Halloween is to be a scary and evil night! What is more scary than a sex offender high on a candy suger buzz? A sheriff and his scammers with too much time on thier hands. Who is not out looking for drunk drivers that could run over a child! Or someone who might shoot people. No the eazy job is to call sex offenders to the so called meeting and talk. Now the only people who can feel safe in that town or city is the sex offenders! Cause we all know where those people will be. Not on the streets keeping the kids safe!!!! But sitting on their fat a$$ watching people like a babysitter and getting pay by taxpayers. Man you people are really really dumb. People in the USA have made your kids out to be sex toys! And you dont even see it! The cops use your kids to make money!!! Wake up!

😃😃Oh! Oh! ✈️ Can I fly to Georgia, visit this County, enjoy the Halloween amenities they’re hosting, offer a free presentation (slightly different from what the other presenters are likely providing), and hand out ACSOL information!? ✈️😃 Oh, oh, I wanna go!!! ✈️😃


That would actually be interesting if you did go, were allowed in, were allowed to present information to those who have to mandatorily show up for this detention effort at taxpayer expense and the presenters, then walk out with information they presented.

Of course, the GA-ACLU will let this stuff pass


Has anyone notified the ACLU of Georgia or the Georgia affiliate of the national RSOL office? If they are not notified of this, of course it’s going to pass them.

@ Harry. You are correct. I have contacted the GA-ACLU and the response I got was “… Unfortunately, we cannot offer you direct assistance at this time because of its many other ongoing cases and very limited resources.”

The ACLU has to pick their battles. They have limited resources. And I think if they “stand up” for Registered Citizens too much in the wrong ways, they could lose a lot of support and money. We don’t want that.

If you don’t like what they are doing, I suggest that you join them and help direct it. Or at the very least, try to give them millions of $$$ with the stipulation of how it be used. Or do it yourself.

I don’t have a HUGE problem with probation/parole requiring people who are on probation/parole to go to meetings sometimes. Even though in this case it is beyond stupid. It surely must be just a PR stunt to pacify the dumb public. And dumb law enforcement.

But I do have a HUGE problem with this criminal sheriff’s office suggesting that people who are not on probation or parole attend this event. I think it would be fine and even NICE of them to invite ALL Registered Person (RPs) and even ALL citizens to the event, but it’s not okay to suggest that RPs SHOULD attend.

And it way, way beyond not okay to tell RPs that they must tell anyone if they are going to be leaving the county (if they are not on probation/parole, OF COURSE). That is not okay in any way. And they should be forced to stop that. So if no one else does anything about that, I probably will. I may end up contacting some people there directly. I have a limited amount of time as well so I’ll have to see if I want to invest there. I’d like to contact the RPs there and tell them to forget about any itineraries AND to never allow LE to get near them.

To my knowledge, in my state of California, there has never been a single incident of a child being accosted by a person on the registry while trick-or-treating, yet every Halloween, without exception, people, including children, are killed on the roads by drunk drivers. I bet this sheriff is having a few on Halloween himself.

Yea @ Eric i agree this sheiff should be looking for drunk people or who on the phone or texting! But no! We have to call sex offenders in so we can make our kids safe! No a$$hole kids dont feel safe! kids want the candy. Kids will run to any place for sweets even ice cream. But to call sex offenders into a meeting is down right bull shit. How many kids have asked for the cops to stop them from getting candy!!# its all about the money!!! But soon that will run out

“The goal of this event is to closely monitor sex offenders in a controlled environment while children are celebrating this festive occasion.”

Now just think how dangerous the area would be if the sheriff’s department did not do this in the name of public safety. So I guess this event is to instill in the minds of the public that the sheriff’s department is in fact doing their job! Thinking maybe using their time and resources better would be to monitor the traffic where the kiddies are trick or treating to prevent a child from being hit by a car. Yes, but that does not sell click thrus as much I guess then.

The article does not state if all offenders must appear there or just ones on supervision. And how nice you are forced to sit and listen to people (*Experts*) lecture you as to how dangerous you are to the public. Gee I wonder if they do that for ones charged with DUIs and drug dealers – nope, probably not!

Hello all,

As I was sitting here reading this insanity and exploring the comments, a thought came to mind.

This “event” strikes me as a perfect opportunity for anyone who is forced into involuntary DETENTION to do two things:

One: file for next year a class action lawsuit through the federal courts in what I would say may be an ex-post facto allegation. Involuntary detention.

Two: Anyone forced to go to this charade should be allowed to hand out NARSOL and ASCOL literature to all the lecturers and participants. If denied, then file a 1st Amendment claim along with part one class action.

Make these LEA spend money defending a winning suit(s). Oh, and another thought. I am sure as rain that each RSO and others that upon entry and “check-in” will have a NCIC Warrant Search done on them. Address verification and other types of stuff. Strikes me as a perfect way for these lazy Arse LEA to get a few of us and have a press conference indicating how many RSO’s were “arrested” for civil violations like FTA’s and traffic warrants, etc. But the lead will be *ex Offender(s) Arrested For XXYY” and then this department wil apply for grant money for the next year for new cars, vests, non-lethal, and maybe an MRAP or two.



That’s great thinking there! That’ll get somewhere if properly done.

Apparently they didn’t get the memo. The ATSA has issued a position statement on this type of LE action, which is probably why they are not represented at the shut-in.

Concerned citizens of GA should write the county and voice their complaints. I wrote my state LE office to complain about a similar round up in our county. Here’s an edited copy of the letter for those who want to use it as a template:

As a registrant and person who was formerly subject to probation restrictions under your department, I would like to submit a complaint about the current practices of the [county] Probation office. [The department’s] policy requiring all persons to be rounded up for the evening at a designated location is offensive and humiliating, neither of which promote the goal of assisting former offenders with making better life choices.

All of this likely would fall on deaf ears if it were not for the fact that the association for the treatment of sex abusers has come out publicly against these types of Halloween operations, which neither advance public safety nor assist in community reintegration. Their position statement can be found here:

The continued focus on sex offender containment and management practices on Halloween only wastes law enforcement resources that can be better utilized advancing real public safety concerns. Hopefully this letter will help inform the discourse going forward on this matter.


Awesome. Great job.

I think I would add though that it is quite outrageous that they are doing this for Registered People but not for people who have been convicted of DUI. There is no way in hell that is defensible in any way. It simply is not.

Further, I’d bet ANYTHING that they have people who have been convicted of assaulting/beating children. Probably even just for getting into their yards. Like on Halloween. Do they not know who those people on probation are? There are likely a LOT of people on probation/parole for whom this makes more sense. Which makes this nothing but a PR stunt for dumb people.

Also, I’ve said before that IF probation/parole has the authority to require groups of people on probation/parole to attend meetings during evenings, IF, IF, IF, they do, then I don’t have a HUGE problem with this. It’s dumb, but whatever. It would give an opportunity for people who are Registered to complain loudly and for a long time. So that is good.

A much, much larger problem that I read here is that supposedly this criminal regime is telling people who are not on probation/parole that if they leave the county for whatever reason, they must tell the criminal regime. That is NOT a law in Georgia so unless this criminal regime has attempted to create one, it is not a law in any way. If they did create such a law/requirement, they need to be sued.

Someone needs to tell every Registered Person in that county (and the entire state preferably) that is not a law. I might work on that. It is a flipping shame that these criminal regimes don’t publish e-mail addresses for RPs so we could communicate more easily other than by snail mail.

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