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Just wanted to say Hi to all and we are in this together! Lets keep fighting and keeping each other updated on any news or experiences to give each other hope!

I would love to get opinions on this incident.
1. Has this happened to you?
2. Where
My son is on probation for another 3 months, 9 months total. Not for a sexual offense. He and his fiancé of eight years had an argument. She took off in a car with strangers, and our son followed, citing fear for his daughter, age 5. (warning to all) the DA said that he wouldn’t have brought any charges, but hence, since he is a registered citizen, he filed a DV charge and this is why my son has probation.
Which brings me to these questions….
Yesterday morning I was in the laundry room putting clothes in the dryer. My husband was in our bedroom getting ready for his “car show meeting”, and our son, who now lives with us, was in a bathroom.
When I came out of the laundry room I heard loud, strong pounding on our front door. I thought perhaps a neighbor had an emergency…
Instead it was 10-12 Swat officers in tactical gear. They ordered me to the living room and told me to sit as they scattered throughout the house and through the doors to the back yard. Then they ordered my husband to sit and his request to go to his meeting was denied. They tried to get into the bathroom, but the door was locked and they soon handcuffed our son. The officer in charge told us, “If you don’t like the way you are being treated, then I suggest you make your son move out!” I answered, “so he can be homeless and live on the streets?
They searched the entire house. Our business phone rang and we were not allowed to answer it. A witness outside told us that prior to them coming to our door, they ran through a neighbors yard and jumped the fence into our back yard.

Our son lived with us many years ago while on parole. Never, did we experience this. Twice his parole officer came, but only searched his room, not every room and we were not detained.
They parked in vans down the street, and walked up to our home I guess so all the neighbor hood could see? I could give a rat’s ass as to what our neighbors think.
I wish that I could open up my home to 10 more just like my son and I wish that I would have told her that. We live in San Diego County in a very upscale neighborhood. Not that it matters in the least.

what did i just read? Ive never experianced that nor heard of anyone get swatted for being on the registry. Why did they handcuff him?

They did it because they can. While on supervision, they can come inside the house and do this. They will still try once relieved of the supervision (off probation/parole) but at that point you dont have to let them inside. This happened to my hub right after he was released from parole. A group of officers (from different jurisdictions) came to our door. They wanted to talk with my hub. He’d just left, so I told them he was not here. I told them, look he’s off parole, he is current with his registration why are you here. Then I realized oh…….its Oct. Its close to halloween, when the do the big Operation Boo. Its called a residency check. They asked if he lived here. I said yes. Then they wanted to know who I was, and I just said…Im his wife. They said thanks and left. Big show for nothing. I expect them again this yr. (it was 2 yrs ago this happened) but I dont even have to answer the door. And Im not sure if I will or not.

@mk, don’t answer the door — nothing better than wasting their time so they feel like they went out for nothing


To answer your question … I too was on probation in San Diego county and I had 2 times in three years where they came in a large group to conduct their search(?) … if we want to call it that.

The first time was one of the first times after I moved back into my parents house. It was very trying on my mom … they handcuffed me and explained to my mom that it was standard operating procedure while they conducted their search.

The second time was near the end of my time on probation…. this time I was in my apartment with my wife and they explained to my wife that the handcuffs were again standard procedure.

Both experiences are not ones I would wish on anyone. I could speculate on why this occurred, but sadly I do not have any thing other then my guess to explain it.

There were a few visits by my probation officer and it was 50/50 on if he would handcuff me while the searches my living space.

I truly feel your pain and felt my own sorrow about my family having to live through the consequences of what I had done.

I strongly encourage your son to live his life to the fullest he can. The support you, his family, gives him can and does make a huge difference.

May you be blessed in these times

I know I’ve mentioned it once before but I think it’s worthwhile idea to recruit Registrants that were former politicians and lawmakers to use their inside knowledge of the system, skills, and arts of persuasion to mount a campaign of awareness of the ineffective but punitive Registry for effective reforms.

I am currently on Probation in San Diego for a crime I didn’t do, but I got scared and took a deal.

Anyways, I’ve only been on for a couple of months. House has been searched twice. Each time I was handcuffed, and two officers where there. One officer stayed with me in the living room and the other was searching my home. I hear this is standard from guys in my group (which is extremely hard for me since nothing in it applies to me or my situation).

Does anyone remember the movie “The Minority Report” starring Tom Cruise?

Remember the premise of the story being about a “Precrime” department that captured “criminals” BEFORE the act was committed?

At first it seemed like a perfect idea but deep down it was a horribly flawed system fueled by inner corruption that was determined to succeed regardless of collateral damage.

Does this sound an awfully a lot like the Registry?

The only difference between the movie and reality is that there is NO Tom Cruise to shut down the Registry!

Just food for thought…

Please contact ACSOL and Janice directly. I’ll bet she wants to hear about this. That’s crazy.


I am so sorry to hear that you and your family have gone through this unnecessary shakedown. It must burn you to see our tax dollars wasted on this sham operation you just experienced.

Unfortunately it does happen and usually under the discretion of the Probation Officer.

Regardless of what the current system says it is still punitive and the government is responsible for that. The hardest thing to do is to get them to admit it.

Unfortunately being open to search and seizure is a condition of parole/probation. I did meet a guy in treatment who refused searches, said he would rather be in jail then deal with the searches.

@JM…This typically happens to people who have a Price Club membership.

It happen to be but in a different county on the same exact day. They came to my house early morning, destroyed my plants in the front lawn as they peek through my windows. I was awake when they came but needed time to get to the front door since I am kinda deed and disabled from a war injury. This was the first time my fiancé and I experience it. They woke up the neighbors banging on the door, they yanked me out of the house, handcuff me as I was going down the stairs (I was respectful and compliant), it was cold out side and I didn’t have time to get my shoes on because they were banging on the door so I rushed to the front door. They came in and my fiancé was still in bed, she was dressed but they didn’t allow her time to get a jacket or shoes. They maid her wait outside with me, It was pretty embarrassing the noise woke up the neighbors which they have been wry kind to me. The lead officer didn’t tell me what I was being detained for until they finished raiding my house. I had guns drawn at my fiancé, me, and pointed at my house. My fiancé was crying because they surrounded her. She’s never been in trouble with the law, not even a speeding ticket. After they left we went inside and they ransacked my bags, cabinets, boxes, early Christmas gifts my fiancé stayed up late wrapping because she hasn’t been able to sleep since that event. she’s afraid to answer the door now, and wants to see a lawyer. I told my PO what happen at that they traumatized her, he said oh I didn’t know they were going to your house, it’s not my department and that your lucky they come to other offenders house each month. My offense was non-violent, pc288.3, and I have less than 5 months left on probation. This was my first offense, and I’m sorry for the mistake I made when I committed the offense (I text the wrong person and it ended up being a minor) and I got arrested for it. My fiancé wants to report it but I told her not too so I don’t get in trouble given the short time I have left. I’m sorry this happen to you ma’am and I hope you and your family can overcome this.

So I had court a couple of days ago, I wanted to get off probation early and I was denied. I did 2 years of the 3 years and they still said no. The person who went in front of me had drug dealing charges and was granted early termination of probation. My original lawyer is under investigation by the state bar after my complaint against him the investigation started April 8th and its still not done yet. I dont know if that is a good or bad thing. My new lawyer did his best but he didnt win. I got caught in a police sting off backpage and my lawyer told the judge the police lied the police broke the law and all what the DA kept saying is well your client took a deal he should of brought that up during the case. My lawyer said that why my client filled a complaint with the bar and here is the paperwork to prove the investigation is on going. The judge and DA didnt care. My lawyer raised his voice in the courtroom and the judge made him apologizes. My lawyer did everything but like he told me I was better off killing someone. The judge said out of her mouth I know you cant get a job but you just have to deal with it. The system is very corrupt I got a misdemeanor no classes $100 fine they know the case was bs but no one will stand up for a sex offender. I showed the court that I had job offers but I needed off probation and the registry they didnt care about it. I had someone that was going to invest 5 million into a entertainment company I started but pulled the offer once background checks were ran he wrote me a letter stating that if I get off the offer stands but once again the DA and Judge didnt care. I lost my job house ect I didnt even do the crime they said I did life is crazy.

Where are you located?

Have you done anything like community service, personal counseling, etc. on your own that could show the judge you are trying to be a “better person”? Have any letters of Reccomendations? They tend to like those things and gives them cause to terminate early.

Peter ~ That sounds so very typical. People hear the word “sex offender” and stop listening to anything that follows after that. Whether the person has been crime free for decades, has a family of his own, a house, a job, grandchildren, etc etc. None of that matters, and no logic is ever applied to us, only ignorance and a blanket opinion. It shouldn’t be us to show burden of proof that we have become better people, it should be THEM having to prove otherwise. A person is not dangerous just because he was given a label. A person is dangerous if he acts up on it, commits crimes, and if he doesn’t, he is not dangerous. How can so called intelligent people not get that? It’s pretty simple for any smart person.

You didn’t show remorse. THAT is why you were denied. You spoke about how you were screwed by the system; even if true, courts DO NOT want to hear that. Instead, you made excuses. Play their damn game and tell them what they want to hear. You screwed up, you’re sorry, I’ve done “x” things that show that I”m trying to be a better person everyday. You didn’t do that.

I, too, filed a 1203.3 for early termination. I knew in my heart and everyone who knows me knows that I am not nor ever was that person who committed those charges, but I was scared and took a plea. But the judge didn’t want to hear that. Instead, I made a statement which stated I was sorry for what I had done and the efforts I’ve made to be a better person. The early termination was granted, and 30 days later, the judge granted the reduction to misdemeanor and expungement under 17b and 1203.4, respectively.


I cannot agree enough, even though this system sucks and is unfair you can’t show up in court and play the victim. My lawyer said he can’t name how many clients try to play the, “I’ve never been in trouble before card.” That goes for most sex offenders. It leads them to think we are able to live in secret, do bad things and hurt others while avoiding detection.

Fall on the rock, don’t let the rock fall on you.

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday. I want to get some opinions on the constitutionality of California’s law that requires people to still register even after expungements. I’ve had my 288(a) 664 expunged (internet sting in 2002) for over 10 years. I’ve never had a background check come back with any convictions but I get denied positions as well as licenses based on the registration. It seems outside of the limits of the law to be registering for something that has been retroactively dismisses. And opinions, legal or personal??

RS ~ I can’t give any legal advice, but my opinion is that anyone, with or without an expunged case, should not be required to register after they served their time and finished probation/ parole. No ten years, 2o years, or life BS. No registries, Period! Just like with any other crime. It is discriminatory and singles out a group of EX “criminals”.

Couldn’t agree more. Maybe one day peoples rights wont be sacrificed for election year pandering and fear mongering.

They cant use the registry as a way to deny you a job. It literally states it on the website and in the law in California. If they do, file a complaint with the EEOC with proof.

Matthew, the loophole is that they may deny employment if the candidate will be entering a persons home to perform services. I’m an electrician and my job entails that I do this frequently. Gotta protect the world from us big bad wolves

I didnt see anywhere stated type of job. While that can be safety issues, in California they must give you a reason if a conditional offer was made. They are unable to do a background check until after an offer was made

Matthew-sorry it wouldn’t let me reply to your mast comment. That’s really good to know. I have a final interview on Thursday for a really good position with a large corporation. All my interviews thus far have gone remarkable well. I’m hoping it doesn’t come up and your comments were really helpful. Thank you!

Keep me posted. If you need anymore help please let me know and best of luck!

I have used registration as a basis for discrimination and won in CA. File with DFEH, but it’ll be a slog.

It take about a year or so? I filed for different reasons and one has taken a year… another is lasting longer

So with my case, I documented damn near everything I.e. dates, emails, the who, what’s, when, and how’s.

It took about 8 months for everything.

Before the Registries existed, I was not a dangerous, hateful person.

Because I have been listed on the Registries, I am a dangerous, hateful person.

Definitely too close to the line with huge potential to cross it. I just need the wrong stimulus.

Dipshits who support Registries say that is why I should be listed on a Registry. Takes a real dipshit to think that makes any sense.

I’ve just returned from a large, lengthy party where no one knew me. There were a lot of unsupervised children there. That is the Registries “working”. Tomorrow will be similar.

Wage war every day.


Sometimes, I beat myself up internally and when I see my own reflection in the mirror, I want to scream at the man I see. Many nights when I cannot sleep, I look at my wife, son and daughter sleeping, hearing their breathing and wonder what they dream about. I put them in a very difficult positions, because in many ways it feels like they live a secret life. My wife loves me without a doubt, I feel it, she shows it! However, I am not blind to understand how hard it is for her to be my partner, knowing that her husband is a “registrant”, it kills her. She doesn’t express it much but I know that she feels like she is stuck on a fence not knowing what to do or say when it comes to this matter(as I am sure many of you husbands and wives feel or might feel the same). My poor choices, being a liar, a cheater, a person who ignored the consequences of my actions brought me to the lowest points of my life. When my son and daughter are old enough to understand and comprehend things appropriately, I will have to sit down with them individually and have the conversation of this stigma and the reasons of why I am on it. It feels like you will never be ready for that moment, but you never really are. I told my wife that I don’t take back the things I’ve done, because if I did I wouldn’t have become the man I am today. I rather live my life with the mistakes that I have made than live one without them, because I now have become a better man, a better husband, a better father. I know I am not alone nor is my wife nor my children, because I know many of you feel the same or are going through the same things that I have gone through and still continue to do so. All we can do is take it one day at a time and continue to show growth and lead by example. Thank you to those who will take the time to read this post and please comment if you wish to. I am here for you as I know you are all here for me.

Ruben ~ That was very nicely written, and you sound like a great guy. Yes, you made mistakes in the past, but those don’t define who you are today. Like you said, your mistake made you a better person. Everybody, including those who judge us, have made mistakes that they are most likely not proud of, but nobody should ever be judged for life because of it. The only thing that should ever matter is if a person has learned their lesson, and if she/ he did, should be able to move on with their lives, free of judgement, punishment and ongoing harassment. Thanks for sharing your story.

Thank you!

@Ruben H. …Take your wife to an ACSOL meeting when it is in your town. My girl was amazed by a room full of regular people, thoughtful, kind, caring, from all walks of life, but all on this lifetime oppressive registry. It changed her. If the people were arsonists, drug dealers, and armed robbers they wouldn’t be in a meeting like that because they would have resumed their normal life long ago.

Oh, how I feel your pain. My wife and I remain together only for the benefit for our kids who are very young and need a father. Indeed, they’re better off with a daddy on the registry than no daddy at all. We live like I am a harbored fugitive, I never attend school functions and my wife is secretive at work about me.
We’ve been sleeping at opposite ends of the house for several years and, I’m embarrassed to say, have made love in 9 years. Hopefully she’s getting some on the side because sure I ain’t. She travels frequently so I drop the kids at school while her parents, God bless them, pick them up everyday. We’re blessed in so many ways, but it pains me to think how hard this is on my wife who deserves so much better. The thought makes me want to flee. I want to move out so our address does not have my name and stigma attached. I’ll live close enough to be here everyday to help my kid’s with homework, cook dinner, pack their lunches, etc., but I’m not sure doubling our expenses with another house will be worth any relief it provides.
Anyway, I’m glad your wife loves you. Mine, not so much. Tonight she left for 5 days on the east coast for work. Kissed the kids good bye and left without uttering a word to me. Sigh. I fucking hate this shit.

I feel your pain C.

I am in a similar situation, and I have even been off the registry for almost 18 months.

I will put up with this situation for the next 12 years until both kids are off to college and then make one last attempt to rekindle what we had and move on. I wont waist another minute of time I have left on this planet not pursueing my own happiness once the hapiness of my kids is fulfilled. They will enjoy me much more if I am happy, so its a win win.

I am content and dont hate her for distancing herself. She didnt sign on for the crap I created. Either way, I can only be the best person I can be going forward and I am done kicking myself about the past and things I cant change. I have high hopes for the future and am hell bent others wont keep me down and I can exploit what freedoms I have and work around any unjust restrictions thrown at me.

Worst case scenario, I’ll enjoy talking and bitchin with all of you here. It’s my safe harbor. I hope you also can move forward without fuccusing on the rear view mirror.

Thats a sad story. I feel fortunate my wife keeps me in good spirits whenever I feel down, and always reminds me I have a family and they love me. My wife is even willing to move overseas if that means finally being off the registry. I feel blessed to have a wife who truly haves my back and has stood with me no matter the hardships I’ve faced. Life could be much easier for her and the kids, if I wasn’t in the picture (no worrying about being denied renting a house or apartment due to a family member on the registry), but she takes it on the chin and tells me to cheer up, we will overcome, anything that comes our way. I will always love her, she has shown me what true love is.

You are truly fortunate. I can only wish that I had that, a wife standing by me. I honestly don’t know how much longer I can face this alone.

Being someone who has been single the vast majority of my life and never married (I am 41, if that matters), facing life as a registered person alone has been very trying at times and I frequently find myself on the brink and I ask myself what I’m even carrying on for. But as much as I long and ache to have someone at my side through all of this, I’m reminded that part of me wouldn’t want to drag anyone else into this mud with me and it adds to my fear of trying to date, on top of my already-existing social anxiety. I’m happy for you that you don’t have to face it alone and your family is sticking by you, though I can understand how that must weigh on you too.

And I wish I did not have loved ones forced to share my burden. The grass is always greener on the other side, eh?

Buddy, if you don’t have a loved one here who needs you, the time to leave this country is NOW while you still can!

Believe me, I’ve thought about getting out, but I don’t think I’m in a good position to, at least now. I don’t know a soul abroad, so I’d be going to an unfamiliar country on my own. I’m a truck driver with no degree or any real transferable skills. It would need to be an English-speaking country, or at least enough so that I could get by. And I think I’d need a fair bit more money than the 10 grand or so that I have to my name.

THE SAFE HIDING CAVE MYTH: Guys, be sure you factor this extremely important issue in your decision to move to other states and countries:

Laws are not chiseled in stone, they constantly shift.

What looks like a great country or state today can become hell with the passing of a single new law. I heard of guys who moved to Mexico years back to avoid the registry and then were ejected from Mexico when the laws changed. One said he lost everything.

So I decided to stay in California and fight for registrants rather than move to a state that had better laws AT THE TIME. I’m glad I did, because I found ACSOL and now have hope as I see things like residence and presence restrictions being removed, a tiered registry that gives hope to getting off for most registrants, a reduction of new anti-registrant bills over the past few years, and lots of other progress. I feel less like a victim of terrible laws when I am taking positive action with ACSOL.

Yes, it’s incremental success, but magical thinking like “Let’s just have the Supreme Court look at the facts and get rid of registries today” that I constantly see posted WILL FAIL because that’s not how the system works.

You can make a difference where you are. Show up, stand up, and speak up wherever you are and help us get social change.

Don’t take my word for it. Read about how almost all countries are adding anti-SO laws to follow the hysteria fueled by the US.

Just because laws can change in the future doesn’t mean that moving to a different state or country to lessen one’s burden now wouldn’t be worth it. It would bring some welcome respite from the torture and punishment of registration, until it doesn’t any more. With luck, you could die without that burden.

Just like to say that reading the comments is for me like getting a hug from my mom, thanks everybody, especially you..Someone Who Cares, I am grateful you participant.

I’m a loved one to a CA registrant. Just a thought that it would be helpful for others on the registry to be aware of at least the county you are referring to when you have ran into issues dealing with the powers that be. But can fully understand if that is not comfortable for you to disclose.

🤔 So here’s the news article:
🤔 And here’s my question. Stick with me as I make this argument/pose this question. I have been gay all my life. I suppose “in the good old days”, I could have had an actual documented psychiatric diagnosis of “homosexuality” (cause, y’know, that’s what they did “in the good old days”!🙃) In any case, I am happily gay and hope that SCOTUS rules that sexual orientation IS covered under the 1964 Civil Rights Act. 🙂

So what about an individual who has received a documented clinical diagnosis of “pedophilia”? That IS his sexual orientation. Period. (You can’t be much more clear about it than having a documented diagnosis from a fully-licensed mental health clinician/psychiatrist.) So if SCOTUS decides that sexual orientation IS covered by the 1964 Civil Rights Act, wouldn’t/shouldn’t said individual with a sexual orientation of pedophilia also received ALL the protections of the 1964 Civil Rights Act for all the same reasons that any LGBTQIA individual would receive those protections??
And how would ex post facto punishment such as the Registry, GPS-monitoring, etc, etc, etc continue to be possible for use against such a diagnosed individual?? 🤔🤔🤔
NOTE: Your comments will be welcomed & appreciated (at least by me!)


One thing I know for certain that in prison when a SO is attacked by another inmate it would constitute as a hate crime.

But does that mean SO’s are a protected class? According to CA law they are not.

Such contradictions…

But going back to your original question does pedophilia mean sexual orientation? I just don’t know.

In today’s news: 66 year old with terminal illness died in custody. Arrested September 29th for a parole violation and dead one week later. Article says he was in outpatient housing.
He was a transient (aka homeless) and 290 registrant. I wonder if he was neglected in the infirmary due to his status.

Here’s a bit of irony: none of the charges in his conviction actually involve sex. Kidnapping/domestic violence/and false imprisonment. The kidnapping charge probably forced the 290 registration.

So here’s a guy on parole, probably can’t find a job or housing, and as a transient with a terminal illness probably didn’t have the capacity to walk into sheriff/police station every 30 days to register. I say this is a death related to being a 290.

So I noticed that Patch has come out with their Halloween panic list and this year I saw that they have begun to list the names and address of all the offenders that live in my town. Has this happened anywhere else?

I brought it up to a friend who said that the operator of Patch said that he would no longer post about Halloween anymore. Are there any legal routes that we can take or is it just another issue that will never be solved?


Just wondering if anyone has traveled to Europe recently? I read an article a while ago about how Europe was looking at passing a bill which would prevent those with convictions from traveling there.

hoping that won’t pass..


Please go to the top of this page and click on INT. TRAVEL 2019.

There you will find the information about the new European Visa scheduled to go into effect in 2021. Also, you can read about the experiences of many RCs who have recently traveled to Europe.

@ John: I go to France every autumn. Most recently, the Customs/Border Control officer barely glanced at my passport, did not even look up to see if I matched the passport photo, and certainly didn’t bother looking at the IML notification placed in my passport by our U.S. government. She just stamped it and handed it back, saying “Okay” – she did not even ask the customary questions “How long are you staying?” and “Business or vacation?”
While there is the occasional news articles regarding a person charged with pedophile (involving pre-pubescent children) crimes in European news, Europeans seem to intentionally oppose American-style mass hysteria regarding sex offenders.
I would be surprised if the European Union would pass a law such as you mentioned. Nonetheless, if you could provide a link to the story you read, I would be very interested in reading it.


Please go to the top of this page and click on INT. TRAVEL 2019.
There you will find the link to the information about the new European Visa scheduled to go into effect in 2021. It doesn’t target RCs and maybe not other criminal offenders.

Thankfully, I never had to attend one of these bullshit therapy sessions which, apparently, do more harm than good.

Can the U.S. still flag your travel if you no longer live in the country. I am waiting on approval of my German Citizenship and passport (father was born there). I live in Thsiland now, but have to travel out of country on occasion for business. I am not worried about re entry because I have a letter from a Thai official that allows my living here. I just wonder if I could be flagged going to Singapore or India. U.S. consultant doesn’t seem to know answer.

So glad to hear you were finally able to accomplish your dream of getting back to Thailand. Hope you also get your German Citizenship, I know that was something you were trying hard for but were running into obstacles. We met at a couple times at Starbucks to chat. Wish you all the best.


My New citizenship is just a matter of some paper work (well, a little more) but will happen. I guess my father was finally good for something. I have to keep my U.S. citizenship for military pension, V.A. benefits, and Social Security in the future. Otherwise I would start the paperwork for denouncement. I will put my U.S. passport away and only use only as needed for those purposes.
I feel good when I sit and visit my wife’s Urn. I will make everyday count. I will thank those who carried me when I couldn’t walk, like yourself. 🙏🏼

I hope that you succeed with getting your German citizenship! I have been trying to get back there for years now…not sure I’ll ever be able to. Keep us posted on your progress!

@Out of Reach:
Could the US? Absolutely. Based on a recent post on this forum, it seems unlikely the US does. It appears that once ex-pat, the trail (and interest by Uncle Sam) goes cool, though not cold. I say that because there will still be places that are in bed with the US (Five Eyes, anyone? Japan, anyone?) on data-sharing who may bounce you or get notifications.

All info is anecdotal, as no country will release such information.

AJ & Out Of Reach: I don’t think that individual posts of travel experiences can form the basis for believing U.S. notifications unlikely. This country is nothing if not inconsistent and scattershot. I think there is a strong possibility for a dual-national, traveling on their non-U.S. passport, to trigger the virtually unknowable and unfathomable monstrous machinery of the state. There is just so much of which they don’t freely admit that we only learn from the passage of time and experience. For years, many here had assumed that the U.S. process relied entirely upon our notification to them of intended travel for their foreign tip-offs and warnings. This might have been a reasonable inference based upon what they told us but overlooked entirely the stark reality of a system of redundant overkill with which our government approaches the ostensible threat which we are said to pose to the world. I think that a much more reasonable assumption is to believe that they are on the road to knowing everything about everyone while possessing endlessly cruel intentions.

I don’t think that we are truly out of their grasp until such time as we relinquish our citizenship (and even then, just try to get and keep a foreign bank account. See FATCA). The problem there is that we will probably never be allowed back in to visit if we were ever on the Registry.

Has it occurred to anyone that this distorted view on Registrants has alot to do with media’s hyper focus on the worst offenders?

MOST news articles will feature only sexually violent Predators which most Registrants don’t even fit that profile. Of course media’s intent is to get as many eyeballs as possible on their stories which is their bottom line.

Because what respectable journalist want to write about a drunk frat boy that got caught urinating in public?

Therefore when the masses see the label “SO” they don’t see some introverted guy locked in his room downloading CP, or 2 young people getting caught having sex in a public space, or some desperate parent running away with his/her child during a divorce dispute?

No the masses usually get to see on the news are guys like Phillip Garrido or Samuel Little or Ariel Castro. They don’t see some foolish teenager sexting her boyfriend and hundreds of thousands of different types of cases that don’t really get much represented by the media.

Because if they did perhaps the Registrants wouldn’t have such a stinging and cringing STIGMA. This is where we still are. They are on a news channel still saying that sex offender recidivism is really high still. They are saying this to thousands and thousands of people still. its at the 2 minute 50 second mark where he says it.

Reading a letter they sent out with a lists of offenses that can put us back on the registry for things not realated to sexual offenses in Minnesota pursuant to m.s. 243.167 anyone previously convicted of or adjudicated delinquent for an offense is required to register if they commit a crime against a person applies to previously registered but has expired .
They have things like unlawful possesion of a gun, murder, assualt, aggrivated robbery, burglary in the first degree.

Most these im not worried about there are 2 im curious on. First one being the assualt, some states claim self defense is not an excuse if i had to defens myself i think they can make me register again with an assualt case for defending myself? 609.221-609.224

The biggest one im worried about seems like a catch all of you use any drugs it says. Anyone that uses drugs to facilate a crime. Or injure. 609.235
To me that seems like if i smoked a joint and got caught driving they would make me register again for that. Am i understanding this one right?

“To me that seems like if i smoked a joint and got caught driving they would make me register again for that. Am i understanding this one right?”
It would probably depend on the vehicular offense. Most vehicular offenses drivers get are civil, not criminal, misdemeanors. If so, there would be no “crime” for which the drugs could facilitate anything. I think you’re over-thinking it but if truly worried, I recommend hitting up a few attorneys for free 30-minute consults. That way you’ll at least have a few educated opinions.

Of course there’s also the crazy option of no longer using drugs…

i’m not sure that is so crazy lol been smoking since I was 8, do plan to quit when I leave the usa since alot of countries have yet to legalize it medical wise, maybe sooner how things are going here. I have been over thinking this whole time, but the registry has made me do that, each step i’ve taken in the last 10 years have been calculated. Definitely will try to talk to a few, just wanted to post here for some opinions, im not sure what I would of done without this site. Janice and this site is truly a blessing, and probably the only reason I made it thru this.

Ive been lucky as well with not needing the need to defend myself, just about anyone that knows what I did understand, and maybe not ok with it but being a people person has helped alot and havent gained any enemies over it. Every job i gained said they wouln’t hire people with this, but after getting to know me have had every job that said that hire me. Have that type of personality where I don’t gain any enemies besides the RT’s.


What AJ says.

Plus, avoid situations where you may have to physically defend yourself. Avoid bars where other patrons may have views contrary to yours. Avoid political rallies where you may politically disagree with other attendees. Avoid public demonstrations where other demonstrators or the public might not appreciate your cause. Also, avoid potentially inflammatory clothing such as MAGA hats and Black Lives Matter T-shirts.

Outside of prison or jail, most of us haven’t had the need to physically defend ourselves since Junior High or maybe High School.

Its actually sad that you put Black Lives Matter. A organization whose only purpose has been to point out blacks are treated harsher than whites when dealing with the police.


I apologize for making you sad. I have no opinion on Black Lives Matter and maybe know more from your statement about them than I ever knew before.

Please suggest another piece of clothing which, if worn in public, could create an emotional response from someone that might cause a person to have to physically defend themselves. I can then use that item as an example if I need to make this point again.

Thank you!

I believe @Mike G’s point was that MAGA and BLM are very polarizing topics that may elicit (and indeed both HAVE elicited) an emotional response or physical act from someone.

Anyone see the EO the President signed today? I find this to be a step to the right direction. I listen to the words carefully and he constantly talks about the power belonging to the people. He wants federal enforcement to be transparent, with no surprise visits from agencies at your door. Very pro-Constitutional Order. Instead of the usual taking away of our liberties in previous decades. Just wondering how many are picking up on these hints and actions that take government power away from government and giving it to The People more and more. “No American should face such persecution from their own government…”, in his Order, for example.

Why do you think this will be a positive for us? The government is ignoring the actual constitution itself in order to do to us what they’re doing. I don’t see how this or anything Trump does will ever help RSO’s.

I see it as a step to right direction for Americans, in general. It’s not a backwards step at all. Previous admins in last three decades are responsible for putting us in this. Listen to his words carefully whether it’s him or anybody else we prefer to favor. That keeps us bound by politics.
His words are key to constitutional rights being returned to us and away from bureaucratic control. When it’s them first, it’s us next – see? Whether anyone likes who he is or not. I haven’t seen any leader giving rights to The People like this in like… never. It’s usually been for benefit of elite. I’m of no political side, btw. I’m on side of what is constitutional. Gorsuch was one of the few who sided for our rights in the Gowdy case, as well. But we lost to the majority of Supreme Court Justices who decided to play with semantics and continued the “sex offender” “hot potato”. Hot potato quote is what Gorsuch accused Congress of doing by giving AG all power to do what he pleases to registrants. He did not agree with that. To him, it is unconstitutional.

Considering this is posted on the Nevada sex offender registry website, whats the purpose of having tiers!!!???


It means it is not based on “public safety.” This is the one reason I would use Snyder to argue cases going forward. The states cannot tie the registry as a having a rational relation to a non-punitive purpose (i.e., public safety) based on the scientific evidence. Registries that look at offense alone are punitive.

“Registries that look at offense alone” make more sense to me than do “risk based” Registries. A government could have:

List type “A” – list just says “these people were convicted of x, y, and/or z”

List type “B” – list says “this person is this risky, that person is that risky, etc.”

Which of those is easier and 100% factual? It is List A. And I don’t see any reason why that would be considered more punitive than List B. List A is just a list which informs people of something factual. List B is a lot more troublesome.

I appreciate their honesty. Perhaps the “risk level” is for nothing more than to get federal $$$ and it does nothing more than set certain requirements (e.g. reporting intervals). I prefer that a government do that and say that. Because “risk levels” really aren’t much more than just guessing and trying to use a crystal ball. We shouldn’t pretend that they are very legitimate.

It’s simply a way to hide under the shadow of CT DPS v. Doe and away from the light of Does v. Snyder.

@ Gralphr: “THE FREQUENCY AN OFFENDER MUST REPORT AND THE DURATION OF REGISTRATION”…and that frequency & duration is based upon what, Nevada??? Astrological sign?? First digit driver’s license?? Blood type?? Stupid Nevada! 😠

Does anyone have an opinion on which state (virginia or maryla d) is less of a problem /has less restrictive laws regarding a level 3 rc with a contact conviction of a minor over 20 years ago? All i know is that in maryland all rc’s must have any vehicle they drive put online for everyone to see.whereas in virginia only a vehicle whose title is in rc’s name is listed online. Would appreciate any info/ thoughts on this matter

Must you choose between these two states? I don’t have experience with any state but CA, but based on the info you provided I’d choose the one that doesn’t require me to list vehicles of friends and family.
The more I hear about other states, CA seems somewhat less evil

Hate to break it to you but California requires that all cars you will “Knowingly” ride or drive in or have regular access to to be listed, years ago my mom gave me a ride to my annual and they went out and took a pic and required that I put her registration on my form because I was staying at her home. I am a mechanic and posed the question regarding the need to test drive and those do not fall under the umbrella of “knowingly” so be aware that if you are pulled over in a vehicle not listed and it not a rental you better not be caught in it again without it being list on your form.

The registration shall consist of all of the following:

(3) The license plate number of any vehicle owned by, regularly driven by, or registered in the name of the person.

Not to split hairs or to disparage what you stated, but just to point out, yet again, how each individual law enforcement agency can interpret these inane, vague laws in literally any manner that they wish. Nothing in the statute addresses the issue of “riding” in a car, or even having “access” to one. What if you use the same Uber drivers repeatedly? What if you have a roommate, who leaves his/her keys on the living room coffee table? Roomie might not be cool with the idea of having his or her car being listed on a registrant’s form.

It’s just like the residence requirement, which states you must report any place that you “regularly” reside at, regardless of the number of days or nights spent there. Using that logic, if you visit family one time a year, every year, for two nights over the holidays, that residence must be registered because you would “regularly” be there.

These laws give far too much room for interpretation to cops, who are far from attorneys or judges. Without stare decisis in place, the fate of registrants is often left to the whims of persons whose profession mandates a minimum educational requirement of high school diploma or GED.

I cant find any cases on that one, so if someone has seen a case about that I would be interested in the name or case number.
I cant seem to find anything in Blacks Law dictionary about the definition of “regular”, closest is regular use, the application or employment of something. Esp long term as distinguished from a possession and employment that is merely temporary or occasional.
The one case I know of Was regarding a husband so who had access to his wife’s car and regularly drove it, without registering it.

@Curiouser You are correct in that each LEA can chose to interpret how they see fit is true because after I moved out of my moms they stated since I spent more than X amount of hours a day/week that I would need to list it as a second residence ( they would patrol to see if my car was there ) I started to just isolate myself so as to not cause issues again since they swated her house while I was still on parole trying to get new charges on me, this was in Southwest Riverside County btw. It cost us thousands and they knew we didn’t have the resources to fight them, but because I learned from my mistake prior I fought it and walked on a technicality ( they searched beyond my living area to find evidence ). But the point is if they want to go after you they will, we’re all aware that if we float in the grey area of the law they will try to pull us all the way down to the black abyss.

@michael w:

I seriously doubt that the criminal regime of CA can force a person to Register cars that they merely ride in. If what @Curiouser posted is the actual law, then they don’t. If that is the law, then they don’t even require a person to Register cars that they drive occasionally.

The statement “regularly driven by” is vague though. If that were an issue for me, I’d certainly try to force them to put an exact definition in writing. I’ve done that numerous times in the past and it has worked very well. I simply send a letter to the sheriff’s Registration people and ask them. If they don’t respond precisely, I follow up until they do. If they aren’t able to do it, I’ll just start copying in more people until someone does. I’ve used that method to solve a number of vague issues. If they answer incorrectly with respect to the law, keep working them until it is corrected (make them cite law). If they can never get it right, you’ll have it all documented to sue them if you like.

It does not surprise me that law enforcement criminals would ask you to Register vehicles that you ride in. People have to remember that they ALWAYS will try to operate outside of the law. Always. They will attempt to do anything they think they can get away with. Within the “reason”/limits of what a Registry Nazi/Terrorist would do. So never take their word or statements as anything official. If there is doubt, get it committed in writing. They may ignore an initial letter or not answer it. But if you reply to that and copy in the county attorneys and executives, you’ll likely get something useful.

“each individual law enforcement agency can interpret these inane, vague laws in literally any manner that they wish.”
This is the textbook definition of “unconstitutionally vague.” If Government cannot determine the correct, consistent application of a statute, then certainly neither can the layperson. There are plenty of cases over time where that’s been the Achilles heel of a law. It just needs to be challenged.

P.S. Didn’t Snyder address a similar vauge terminology in regards to the definition of “loitering”? It would be a like argument.

@AJ and @Curiouser:

Exactly what I was thinking. It is not true at all that “each individual law enforcement agency can interpret these inane, vague laws in literally any manner that they wish.” The opposite is true.

So every time that I have found something that affects me that is vague, I have forced my “local” law enforcement agency to define it exactly, in writing. If I like their definition (and think the law can at least somewhat be interpreted as they think!), I’ll take it as they define. If not, I’ll keep expanding whom I’m writing to until I get the answer I like. If that doesn’t work, will involve an attorney. If that doesn’t work, time for court.

I think all people know this but you should never care about what they say verbally. They say about anything. Know the law and get things in writing, preferably with county attorneys copied in.

@Will Allen:
Don’t forget about contacting other TBL agencies in the area, or even across the State, for their interpretations. When you can get them all coming up with different answers, you’ve got them dead to rights. Terms like “regularly” and even “loiter” have been bandied about by the courts repeatedly and for years. They typically are unconstitutionally vague.

What sometimes sinks a person is when one finds a way to comply by using one’s own judgment. Unless that judgement is shown to be contrary to the State’s intent, a court will say that shows it was not confusing or vague. In other words, you can sink yourself by self-defining a vague term and following your understanding.

Worst part of this is having to register vehicles that my family drives simply because I bought them and I’m on the registration with the DMV. My wife’s car and now with 2 teens of driving age any car I buy for them I’ll have to register as well.

How is that not wrong?


I always thought Registering piles of cars and especially my children’s cars was a good thing. I told my children that their license plates were being read automatically all the time by law enforcement so they better not be driving like idiots. I also told them they better not have any illicit substances in their cars either! So that part was just great.

I also really think it is a great thing to have like 5 – 10 cars Registered in your name. That wastes law enforcement resources and that is a great thing. The criminal regimes where I live love to brag about how they drive around with their automatic license plate readers and see where “$EX offenders” are. They brag to get more $$$$$. They brag about being able to see when THOSE PEOPLE are in parks, etc. That isn’t even illegal but the dipshits that think Registries are useful are brainless, so it doesn’t matter.

The law enforcement criminals (LECs) did see my cars in parks a lot and most of the time I wasn’t anywhere near there. So that was great. I hope they walked around those parks looking for me. That’s awesome. They also saw my Registered cars at schools a lot. And at school events, etc. And I swapped cars with my kids ALL of the time, just for the heck of it. So they never had any idea what car I was driving or wasn’t.

I actually had LECs in a state about 1,000 miles from where I live contact my local LECs to ask them about one of my Registered cars being in that state for weeks. A LEC literally came to my home to ask me about it!! So all that was a pretty good waste of resources in multiple states. And of course I told them it was none of their fucking business and to get off of my property. This LEC was new and didn’t know how to behave himself yet. I was polite enough to him but I trained him.

So … Register as many cars are you can. But obviously to anyone who is not a Registry Nazi, if anyone ever plans to do anything illegal, he/she is not very likely to use a vehicle that can be traced to them. Dumb.

Having lived in Virginia, they only require vehicles that have your name on the title. The vehicles are not listed online. Maryland is fully AWA compliant, and I would choose Virginia over Maryland. Another nice thing is that you can re-register via US mail without having to go to the police station. Registration is still a punishment, don’t get me wrong.

Due to your crime being so old in Washington State you would probably be a L1. Washington also allows people to petition for removal after 15 years in Washington with no new crimes.

Millard watch update: Still no new docket entries as of 13:30 PT on 10-OCT-19. *sigh* Now closing in on a year since oral argument (15-NOV-18).

Thanks for the update, I’m still waiting on that one too,not my State but it gives me hope, Michigan is still kicking the can eternally

The UN has published a study of children’s deprivation of liberty which gives the recommendation that the minimum age of prosecution be 14 — “and the reason for 14 is that all of their brain research shows that children are not capable of understanding, appreciating consequences. Neurological studies show that they should not be criminally responsible at a lower age than 14.” ( This is interesting since American DAs want to charge those younger than 14 with sex offenses when their brains are not developed. Somewhere, an American DA is muttering under their breath “hogwash” I need the conviction for re-election. Read para 43 on page 10 for more info.

Yet, we know male brains develop slower than females into their 20’s. So which is it? Somehow, American DAs are not going to listen to this unless an expert is called upon to testify for the accused.

Does anyone know the current california requirments if evacuated from ones residence?
If it’s to a high school, do we still need written permission?
Do we need to register after 5 days? 3 days?

Is this evacuation due to a power outage, brush fire, or something else? How long do you expect to be out of your residence?

There is no exception to the laws during an emergency situation. I asked my registration officer about this during a mandatory fire evacuation we had last year and they were unable to provide any information. It would be up to the police and DA’s office to determine if they wanted to arrest you for not complying with 290 pc laws. Schools are often used as evacuation, supply and information centers during emergencies. Whatever you do during an evacuation, be sure to get any exceptions to the 290 rules in writing.

Here are probably the two truest statements you’ll ever hear from anyone regarding sexual offenses and who could be an offender: “Nice people can do bad things[.] Just because someone is nice, it doesn’t mean that they are safe.”

These two statements are exactly in line with @Will Allen’s (correct) logic about what one knows and doesn’t know about other people. The ironic thing is the source of these two lines: I wonder if “Papa K” realizes he’s actually arguing the futility of the laws named after his daughter.

Elsewhere on that site ( is this lie: “There is a growing body of evidence that pedophilia sex offenders cannot be cured and their behavior cannot be controlled.” No, actually there’s an overwhelming, existing body of evidence that your claim is patently false.

Just FYI, per the Hearn v Castilleja case in Texas where the issue is registered citizens who before 1997 have a clause in the conditions of their probation stating that once probation ends their requirement to register ends. The a decision from the judge is still pending. Though it seemed like things were finished after Sept 27th, both sides have filed further motions and documents, which has protracted any ruling. There’s technically no time limit on how long it can take for a decision. So, keep hanging in there.

This was just said of California’s Governor Gavin Newsom when he changed middle and high school start times: “Today, Governor Newsom displayed a heartwarming and discerning understanding of the importance of objective research and exercised strong leadership as he put ….. health and welfare ahead of institutional bureaucracy resistant to change.”
Would he exhibit the same courage to change Registry laws in California? 🤔


I wouldn’t hold my breath, but maybe Janice will find a path to him through her contacts.

Health my a**! CA Gov Newsom has to do this. He and others can’t keep the electrical system going to power the school districts earlier in the day. Use all natural lighting as best he can. Health is a good cover though (no darkness required).

AG Barr raises concern regarding due process of law for college students accused of rape. He recommended some academic material on the concerning trend. Why did NBC spin this by telling the American people that Barr endorses rapists?


“Men are subject to powerful passions and appetites, and, if unrestrained, are capable of ruthlessly riding roughshod over their neighbors and the community at large.
No society can exist without some means for restraining individual rapacity.
But, if you rely on the coercive power of government to impose restraints, this will inevitably lead to a government that is too controlling, and you will end up with no liberty, just tyranny.”

– AG BARR Speech @University of Notre Dame

This is an incredibly ignorant video. The “experts” claim to be protecting society but admit the recidivism rate is low.

My comments to the video include:
“Convicted sex offenders have one of the lowest recidivism rates of all crimes, maybe murderers are lower but some say yes, some say no. The “supervision” of those convicted of a sex offense is nothing more than a fear driven money making machine, which tax payers pay for. 99% of new “crimes” are technical crimes created by the government; they are NOT sex crimes. Keep paying for these useless supervision checks America; when you, your child, or a family member gets caught up in it, you’ll see the truth.”

“Rick Oliver, you are NOT protecting society in the least. You are getting paid a handsome salary to continue the myth.”

“John Odum, you continue to think polygraphs detect lies, they don’t. You get paid for detecting body changes, none of which indicate a lie.”

“Robert Reyes, assistant probation officer said “The recidivism rate for this particular group is low..”. That’s true. Does maximizing public protection include registries and life time supervision (dead or alive) for murders, drug pushers, dui offenders, woman beaters, animal abusers, etc etc etc?”

It appears the Gundy case is not quite over. The attorney has filed for a rehearing and there are TWO more delegation cases pending before SCOTUS.

Very intriguing it was relisted with two others pending. Thanks for the note and link.

Holy crap. And aren’t rehearings rare? Even if not, I’m trying to contain my excitement.

Nice find! I think the case has a good chance of being granted a rehearing. Rehearings are very rare, but the circumstances around this case are exactly those for which they are often granted.

The court itself must have added the other two related cases, as there were no new filings in either of them.

Here’s the relisting petition:

Their argument makes sense and it seems Alito’s milquetoast position in the Opinion may end up working to our favor. They make a good point that it was essentially 4-4 on a few points and Kav can fix that. It’ll be interesting to see what SCOTUS does about it.

As for the other two SORNA suits, they don’t seem at all strong. I suspect it’s more a case of their riding Gundy’s coattails than anything else. It’s with slight irony they both come out of the 6th, home of the Snyder decision.

On another note, reading these cases caused me to stumble upon the probable reason people like @Illinois Contact have nothing to fear about not meeting the 21-day requirement for int’l travel. 18 USC 2250(c) ( gives a RC an affirmative defense if things beyond his/her control prevent compliance. A State refusing to take the info more than three days out would certainly fit that bill.

It may be that Alito’s concurrence in the plurality opinion was calculated and purposeful, in order to make rehearing possible. It requires a majority of the court, not just the four votes to grant certiorari, to grant a rehearing, and one must be a justice who concurred in the decision of the court.

Rule 44. Rehearing

1. Any petition for the rehearing of any judgment or decision of the Court on the merits shall be filed within 25 days after entry of the judgment or decision, unless the Court or a Justice shortens or extends the time. The petitioner shall file 40 copies of the rehearing petition and shall pay the filing fee prescribed by Rule 38(b), except that a petitioner proceeding in forma pauperis under Rule 39, including an inmate of an institution, shall file the number of copies required for a petition by such a person under Rule 12.2. The petition shall state its grounds briefly and distinctly and shall be served as required by Rule 29. The petition shall be presented together with certification of counsel (or of a party unrepresented by counsel) that it is presented in good faith and not for delay; one copy of the certificate shall bear the signature of counsel (or of a party unrepresented by counsel). A copy of the certificate shall follow and be attached to each copy of the petition. A petition for rehearing is not subject to oral argument and will not be granted except by a majority of the Court, at the instance of a Justice who concurred in the judgment or decision.

So, is acsol or other people following the Bill’s that were just signed in CA regarding the extension of the statue of limitations for civil suit of sex crimes? Something like 22 years after a person turns 18?

Why arent we fighting against those as well?

Because it is a sex crime

CR, I did a little digging on google on SCOTUS rehearing cases. Here’s what I found interesting. Pp. 17-18 is probably what you’re looking for. Here’s the brief for the rehearing from Gundy’s attorneys
Gundy case rehearing discussion among attorneys and the likes this week

Previously on this site some people have claimed that since they are in a non-SORNA State, SORNA doesn’t apply to them. I have long and continuously disagreed with that position and it appears the 6th CCoA, at minimum, agrees with me. In US v. Stock (, the 6th stated, “[t]he obligation SORNA does impose—the obligation to register—is imposed on sex offenders, not states. 42 U.S.C. § 16913(a) (“A sex offender shall register….”). That obligation exists whether or not a state chooses to implement SORNA’s requirements and whether or not a state chooses to register sex offenders at all.” The case goes on to cite other authorities stating the same. It doesn’t get any clearer than this.

P.S. 42 U.S.C. § 16913(a) is now 34 U.S.C. § 20913(a)

I wonder how someone subject to SORNA registration could comply if a state chooses not to register “sex offenders” at all? Hypothetically, since all states do.

I haven’t read the case yet. Might be more clear if I had…

Oh, nevermind… I read it…

A state’s theoretical refusal to accept SORNA–required sex-offender registrations is not a federal-state double bind for sex offenders. Although SORNA requires all sex offenders—including those residing in the 36 states that have not yet fully implemented SORNA—to register, “[i]n a prosecution for a violation [of SORNA’s registration requirement], it is an affirmative defense that … uncontrollable circumstances prevented the individual from complying.” 18 U.S.C. § 2250(b); accord United States v. Gould, 568 F.3d 459, 466 (4th Cir.2009) (“[A] sex offender is able to register under SORNA if he is able to register by means of an existing state registration facility….”).

If you are not required to register in a particular state but required to register by SORNA that negates that states rights?

😠 Earlier today, I was reading about a court case pertaining to Grand Jury records on a 1946 Georgia mob lynching. And I read this:
“U.S. District Judge James Graham of Ohio, also serving on the panel, dissented. [He did not want the Grand Jury records unsealed.] He …. worried people alive today could see their reputations harmed if the records reveal their relative “was a suspect, a witness who equivocated or was uncooperative, a member of the grand jury which refused to indict or a person whose name was identified as a Klan member.”
So where are these concerned judges when registered citizen’s cases are heard? It’s okay to splash us all over the internet, post signs in our yards, hand out leaflets? But he’s worried about a hypothetical person’s reputation being impacted by a relative’s 1946 (73 years ago!) Grand Jury testimony??? WTF!!? How about worrying about those of us who are currently ALIVE and working hard to rebuild our lives??? 😠

I’m thinking about my father. He was in the Vietnam war aboard a ship off the coast of north Vietnam in the early years of the war. We (the US) killed many people, even ones not in the fight. Soldiers killed, soldiers raped, and soldiers mostly were not accountable for their actions. That was in 1965 plus years.

Today, smile at a female and you may get accused of a sex crime. Touch one on the arm and get accused of assault. Pee in an alley… oh hell. Walk around in your home naked with a window open… indecent exposure. Look at CP, you’re a monster for life. Marry your childhood sweetheart who showed her privates… your banned for life. Ditch your gf for another… accusation. Murder someone… get a job…registered… hell no. Go to a park to feed the ducks… violated. Visit someone in another state for too long… prison time bud. Don’t be at home when the pigs visit… suspected. Etc, etc, etc.

What the hell happened to this world?


I’m assuming you mean to ask, “What the hell happened to our country?”

If this question can be answered in a broad brush it would be this:

In our country’s history especially in our media fuelled society, a tragic incident like the rape and murder of Megan Kanka gets national attention thereby setting off public outcry.

Politicians step in to craft policies in order to appease their voting base.

Since the policies were hastily created other offenses not even related to the original crime gets scooped up. And all this done with false data and crappy research.

Then poor policies and false data gets trickled into the Justice system thereby creating worse interpretations of it…

Which gets even worse by the interpretations of law enforcement…

And passes on to the media which distorts it further…

And you have societal madness which in turns feeds back to the top.

The cycle perpetuated.

@Bill: Thanks for answering; I knew the answer to the question 🙂 You are exactly correct though.

I think this is how “the new normal” is created.

stuff like this just makes me sick. I honestly believe that we are getting closer to people just going to life in prison on one offense or death penalty. All i see is people calling for sex offenders death or life in prison and it just saddens me that all people want is punishment punishment punishment. Punishment doesnt seem to be fixing anything at all yet people dont want to rehabilitate or figure out whats going on. Im also seeing more and more stuff about women doing things in the news so i dont know what to make of that.

Does anyone know Lousianas registration requirements? I am trying to figure out if I only have 3 days to register or 7 when visiting.

Anything happening with the effort to get child porn possession moved to Tier 1 in the new law which goes into effect in California in 2021? I know Janice has been working on this. Also, with the new law, what’s the effect on someone with an out of state conviction? In Oregon, for example, they do not get the benefit of Oregon’s fairly lenient registration system, but must abide by the rules in their state of conviction.

@Illinois Contact:
“In Oregon, for example, they do not get the benefit of Oregon’s fairly lenient registration system, but must abide by the rules in their state of conviction.”
I’ve long wondered about the constitutionality of this. Why isn’t it an Equal Protection violation? Why is it the State can say your offense is similar in order for it to determine if you must register but then can say you can’t have the same treatment because your offense happened out of state, so it’s dissimilar? Good old “heads I win, tails you lose.”

Pennsylvania PRE-Conviction Dec 2012 – Why does my employment “Street” addresses show on the National Registry?!?!?!? It should not be! (I think according to PA law).

I am in a tizzy now and don’t know where to turn for answers to this question. My present employer was fine with me listing my employment with him since PA does not now list the street addresses for employment but only the county and municipality information for persons convicted prior to Dec 2012. My conviction was in Dec 2006.

If I look on the PA registry my employment street address no longer is listed as it was before the PA Supreme Court ruling over a year ago. Only the county and municipality is listed for employment and the following statement is stated on the site –

“NOTE: Employment addresses for individuals whose offense occurred before December 20, 2012 is limited to the municipality, county and zip code, in accordance with 42 Pa. C. S. 9799.63.

A few moments ago I checked the National Registry for my name and it lists the complete street address and street number along with the town and zip code for my employment. My understanding was that by law the street address and street number for employment for persons convicted prior to Dec 2012 can no longer be listed?! Under addresses there is a “+More” if you click that the complete address is shown.

I almost fell off my chair when I saw this!! I made it clear to my employer that my work street number and address would not appear on the registry for PA. How is this legal that PA limits this information by law but then the National Registry publishes it?!

Wow!! I could lose my job over this if my boss finds out! My boss checked the PA registry and saw that it does not list the street number and street so he was cool with it.

How does this happen?!

Sorry, I did not know where else to post this! I am a nervous wreck now.

I’m so sorry this happened and you must be going out of your mind.
Are you required to provide your work address? If not, make sure you change it next time you register. Tell them you’re out of work and leave that section blank.
I stopped providing my work address 20 years ago when I heard other states were publishing them. I just tell them I work for myself and have a home office. Done.
Anyway, my thoughts and prayers are going out to you, my friend.

If you’re having trouble starting an account with NextDoor, try logging in with a neighbor’s address, do the log in via a post card to that address, and tell your neighbor that you may be receiving something that you would appreciate his passing on to you.

I have tried changing the address on my mobile phone account and logging with that address but it doesn’t work (maybe they’re too clever for that).

Here’s an alternative that I have been trying. Most neighborhoods have a Facebook page and you can post on that. There do not seem to be any restrictions. If the Russian hackers can do it why not us?

Yep, tell a neighbor why you cannot use nextdoor and ask if you can use their address. But some other crappy “neighbor” might report it and get all of you thrown off. So there’s some risk.

Are you saying there don’t seem to be any restrictions with Facecrook? You know they try to keep all Registered People off, right? If a criminal regime knows about your Facecrook account, they will get you deleted. Or an associated email address.

Not only that, the criminal regime of North Carolina was trying to pass a “law” that makes it a felony for any RP to just violate the Terms of Service of services like Facecrook. So they don’t have to do anything else. If anyone discovers that you have a Facecrook account you will be convicted of a felony.

I think this is a terrible idea. If a neighbor knocked my door stating this, it would only raise so much suspicion. What do you think Nextdoor has? It is just simply a neighborhood news thing. Not just crime. People sell stuff, talk about crazy drivers, etc. I have yet to see a post about any sexual offenses.

Lord, would you people open your minds just a touch? It’s exasperating.

I thought it would be a given that this neighbor would be someone that you already know and are friends with. I have plenty of neighbors who completely disagree with the Registries. Even more think that nextdoor’s policy is idiotic.

They already know that I’m listed on the Registries. They know that nextdoor prevents my entire family from joining with our address. The suspicion that will be raised is that my family is interested in living a normal life.

And why would you assume that I don’t know even the most basic things about nextdoor? I’ve seen very lengthy discussions on there regarding specific people and their information on the Registry. It is usually exactly the witch hunt that one would expect.

Open your mind a bit.

Open your mind…


Why would you want access to Nextdoor by going through all those hoops?

What would you be able to do if something was posted?

You may as well join every social media group in your neighborhood if that was the case. Social media would more likely be the place to look if you wanted information on what people are saying.
If people know, being part of the group is not going to help in anyway.
It is just weird that people are so worried about what is posted that they would go through certain lengths to be part of a website.

Open your mind and see that it is really isn’t that big deal where everyone is after you. There is nothing more posted on that site than there are posted on other social media sites.
Im sure those lengthy stories were based on media spotlight and that triggered them to talk about it.

While I am opening my mind, how about you stop being dramatic


Well, thanks for proving my point again. Thanks, I guess.

I want to be on for the same reasons that anyone else would want to be. It doesn’t have anything to do with caring if anyone is talking about Registrants. It has nothing to do with Registration. You understand, right?

It is a very useful app. We’ve organized piles of important activities with it. And more important than anything, including any human if I don’t know their character, I found my missing stray cat via That alone is worth being on there.

Further, talking to a neighbor and friend about why you can’t be on nextdoor and asking for some help that costs them nothing, isn’t exactly much of a “hoop”.

So, yes, open your mind.

I have a Nextdoor account (about 3 years now). Though I’m an RC, I’m not on the public hit list, so I guess that’s why my address hasn’t been blocked. They rely only on the online/public registry.

I’ve never seen any posts related to RCs or news about sex offenses. It’s mostly people selling or giving away stuff (which is what I primarily use it for), a missing pet, and community events. Lately it’s been about possible PG&E outages and the Sonoma fires.

I have been on Nextdoor for a few years and it depends. Whenever we get a L3 offender people post about it but for L1 or L2 it has been hit and miss.

It depends on your neighborhood and how active it is on Nextdoor. I live in an HOA so there are all kind of soccer moms who post the dumbest stuff like “There was a strange man parked in a van.” (Yeah that was the cable guy)

I’m in a place where L1’s aren’t listed so my neighbors don’t know I’m on the reg

I have been active on NextDoor for a few years. It is used a lot in my city and it has enabled me to meet a number of neighbors I would not otherwise have met. Additionally, I am active in my community and make a point of knowing what’s going on with our city government, so I’ve been able to post a lot about special rebate programs, city funds available for this-or-that, and new and existing city regulations, and city council issues.
For me, it’s a way to help neighbors with knowledge I can share. (And, through the app, a neighbor & his pickup truck helped me move a large piece of furniture.)

Got jury summons yesterday. First one in a loong time.

I got my felony reduced a couple of months ago so I’m good there. Other than that, are RC’s prevented in any way from serving on a jury?

I would actually love to go.

This is California.


Hi JesusH:

Same here. Reduced and expunged in July, and darn but there wasn’t a jury summons in the mailbox earlier this month. I am in Orange County, CA and will check in online next Friday. Since were are now misdemeanants (sp?) for all intents and purposes, I think the only thing to be concerned about is full disclosure under voir dire. Naturally, I think we both have a snowball’s chance of actually getting ON a jury, but hey! First one of us who does get on one, the other buys lunch!

Best of luck to you!

I actually don’t think I have much of a chance to get on, I’m scheduled for the week of Thanksgiving. I actually got that same week once a few years back and I guess everyone takes that week off so nothing happened.

Let us know how it goes.

Apprantley we have disease.


The comments section show that people aren’t buying this crap.

I gave it a thumbs down myself.


While “disease” is clearly inaccurate, historically, behavior deemed to be unsuitable has launched speculation as to the reasoning of individuals who are thought to have behaved in such a way. A familiar reference that might add some insight to the phenomena would be a quote in regards to the salem witch trials-

“The question is not the reality of witches but the power of authority to define the nature of the real, and the desire on the part of individuals and the state to identify those who’s purging will relieve a sense of anxiety and guilt. What lay behind the procedures of the witch trial and political hearing was a familiar American need to assert a recoverable innocence even if the only guarantee of such innocence lay in displacement of guilt onto others”

The Crucible: A Play in Four Acts – Page xi
Arthur Miller – 2003

There is an interesting TED talk that goes into detail describing modern day Psychology being the only medical profession the fails to look at the very organ they aim to cure. It dose not mention RPs but does include a few criminal elements. Worth a watch no doubt.
from google-
The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans: Daniel … › 2014/04/17 › comment-page-1
Apr 17, 2014 – When Daniel scanned the brains of over 500 convicted felons, he discovered that people who do bad things, often have troubled brains. But more surprisingly, he learned that these brains can be rehabilitated. What would happen if we treated these brains instead of warehousing them in a toxic environment?
The full video can be found here:

As a RP, I often wonder at what the future will offer to youth. If society is going to claim a commitment to prevention, then focusing on punishing after the fact seems a bit short sighted. Of course, we have Arthur Miller’s Opinion to give a bit of insight. Though, I find in understanding this aspect of human behavior devoid in its ability to invoke even the slightest bit of empathy.

We choose every day, every moment, who we “are” We can choose how we let the world around us impact our daily lives. I think we should fight to the last and never give in because, well Fuck Em’ Thats not who I am.

All the best,

“The question is not the reality of witches but the power of authority to define the nature of the real, and the desire, on the part of individuals and the state, to identify those whose purging will relieve a sense of anxiety and guilt. What lay behind the procedures of both witch trial and political hearing was a familiar American need to assert a recoverable in-nocence even if the only guarantee of such innocence lay in the displacement of guilt onto others. To sustain the integrity of their own names, the accused were invited to offer the names of others, even though to do so would be to make them complicit in procedures they despised and hence to damage their sense of themselves. And here is a theme that connects virtually all of Miller’s plays: betrayal, of the self no less than of others.”

@ Blake & edit

…”guarantee of such IN-NO-SENSE lay in the displacement of guilt onto others.”


…”guarantee of such IN-NONSENSE lay in the displacement of guilt upon others.”