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This was just said of California’s Governor Gavin Newsom when he changed middle and high school start times: “Today, Governor Newsom displayed a heartwarming and discerning understanding of the importance of objective research and exercised strong leadership as he put ….. health and welfare ahead of institutional bureaucracy resistant to change.”
Would he exhibit the same courage to change Registry laws in California? 🤔

AG Barr raises concern regarding due process of law for college students accused of rape. He recommended some academic material on the concerning trend. Why did NBC spin this by telling the American people that Barr endorses rapists?


“Men are subject to powerful passions and appetites, and, if unrestrained, are capable of ruthlessly riding roughshod over their neighbors and the community at large.
No society can exist without some means for restraining individual rapacity.
But, if you rely on the coercive power of government to impose restraints, this will inevitably lead to a government that is too controlling, and you will end up with no liberty, just tyranny.”

– AG BARR Speech @University of Notre Dame

This is an incredibly ignorant video. The “experts” claim to be protecting society but admit the recidivism rate is low.

My comments to the video include:
“Convicted sex offenders have one of the lowest recidivism rates of all crimes, maybe murderers are lower but some say yes, some say no. The “supervision” of those convicted of a sex offense is nothing more than a fear driven money making machine, which tax payers pay for. 99% of new “crimes” are technical crimes created by the government; they are NOT sex crimes. Keep paying for these useless supervision checks America; when you, your child, or a family member gets caught up in it, you’ll see the truth.”

“Rick Oliver, you are NOT protecting society in the least. You are getting paid a handsome salary to continue the myth.”

“John Odum, you continue to think polygraphs detect lies, they don’t. You get paid for detecting body changes, none of which indicate a lie.”

“Robert Reyes, assistant probation officer said “The recidivism rate for this particular group is low..”. That’s true. Does maximizing public protection include registries and life time supervision (dead or alive) for murders, drug pushers, dui offenders, woman beaters, animal abusers, etc etc etc?”

It appears the Gundy case is not quite over. The attorney has filed for a rehearing and there are TWO more delegation cases pending before SCOTUS.

So, is acsol or other people following the Bill’s that were just signed in CA regarding the extension of the statue of limitations for civil suit of sex crimes? Something like 22 years after a person turns 18?

Why arent we fighting against those as well?

CR, I did a little digging on google on SCOTUS rehearing cases. Here’s what I found interesting. Pp. 17-18 is probably what you’re looking for. Here’s the brief for the rehearing from Gundy’s attorneys
Gundy case rehearing discussion among attorneys and the likes this week

Previously on this site some people have claimed that since they are in a non-SORNA State, SORNA doesn’t apply to them. I have long and continuously disagreed with that position and it appears the 6th CCoA, at minimum, agrees with me. In US v. Stock (, the 6th stated, “[t]he obligation SORNA does impose—the obligation to register—is imposed on sex offenders, not states. 42 U.S.C. § 16913(a) (“A sex offender shall register….”). That obligation exists whether or not a state chooses to implement SORNA’s requirements and whether or not a state chooses to register sex offenders at all.” The case goes on to cite other authorities stating the same. It doesn’t get any clearer than this.

P.S. 42 U.S.C. § 16913(a) is now 34 U.S.C. § 20913(a)

😠 Earlier today, I was reading about a court case pertaining to Grand Jury records on a 1946 Georgia mob lynching. And I read this:
“U.S. District Judge James Graham of Ohio, also serving on the panel, dissented. [He did not want the Grand Jury records unsealed.] He …. worried people alive today could see their reputations harmed if the records reveal their relative “was a suspect, a witness who equivocated or was uncooperative, a member of the grand jury which refused to indict or a person whose name was identified as a Klan member.”
So where are these concerned judges when registered citizen’s cases are heard? It’s okay to splash us all over the internet, post signs in our yards, hand out leaflets? But he’s worried about a hypothetical person’s reputation being impacted by a relative’s 1946 (73 years ago!) Grand Jury testimony??? WTF!!? How about worrying about those of us who are currently ALIVE and working hard to rebuild our lives??? 😠

I’m thinking about my father. He was in the Vietnam war aboard a ship off the coast of north Vietnam in the early years of the war. We (the US) killed many people, even ones not in the fight. Soldiers killed, soldiers raped, and soldiers mostly were not accountable for their actions. That was in 1965 plus years.

Today, smile at a female and you may get accused of a sex crime. Touch one on the arm and get accused of assault. Pee in an alley… oh hell. Walk around in your home naked with a window open… indecent exposure. Look at CP, you’re a monster for life. Marry your childhood sweetheart who showed her privates… your banned for life. Ditch your gf for another… accusation. Murder someone… get a job…registered… hell no. Go to a park to feed the ducks… violated. Visit someone in another state for too long… prison time bud. Don’t be at home when the pigs visit… suspected. Etc, etc, etc.

What the hell happened to this world?

stuff like this just makes me sick. I honestly believe that we are getting closer to people just going to life in prison on one offense or death penalty. All i see is people calling for sex offenders death or life in prison and it just saddens me that all people want is punishment punishment punishment. Punishment doesnt seem to be fixing anything at all yet people dont want to rehabilitate or figure out whats going on. Im also seeing more and more stuff about women doing things in the news so i dont know what to make of that.

Does anyone know Lousianas registration requirements? I am trying to figure out if I only have 3 days to register or 7 when visiting.

Anything happening with the effort to get child porn possession moved to Tier 1 in the new law which goes into effect in California in 2021? I know Janice has been working on this. Also, with the new law, what’s the effect on someone with an out of state conviction? In Oregon, for example, they do not get the benefit of Oregon’s fairly lenient registration system, but must abide by the rules in their state of conviction.

Pennsylvania PRE-Conviction Dec 2012 – Why does my employment “Street” addresses show on the National Registry?!?!?!? It should not be! (I think according to PA law).

I am in a tizzy now and don’t know where to turn for answers to this question. My present employer was fine with me listing my employment with him since PA does not now list the street addresses for employment but only the county and municipality information for persons convicted prior to Dec 2012. My conviction was in Dec 2006.

If I look on the PA registry my employment street address no longer is listed as it was before the PA Supreme Court ruling over a year ago. Only the county and municipality is listed for employment and the following statement is stated on the site –

“NOTE: Employment addresses for individuals whose offense occurred before December 20, 2012 is limited to the municipality, county and zip code, in accordance with 42 Pa. C. S. 9799.63.

A few moments ago I checked the National Registry for my name and it lists the complete street address and street number along with the town and zip code for my employment. My understanding was that by law the street address and street number for employment for persons convicted prior to Dec 2012 can no longer be listed?! Under addresses there is a “+More” if you click that the complete address is shown.

I almost fell off my chair when I saw this!! I made it clear to my employer that my work street number and address would not appear on the registry for PA. How is this legal that PA limits this information by law but then the National Registry publishes it?!

Wow!! I could lose my job over this if my boss finds out! My boss checked the PA registry and saw that it does not list the street number and street so he was cool with it.

How does this happen?!

Sorry, I did not know where else to post this! I am a nervous wreck now.

If you’re having trouble starting an account with NextDoor, try logging in with a neighbor’s address, do the log in via a post card to that address, and tell your neighbor that you may be receiving something that you would appreciate his passing on to you.

I have tried changing the address on my mobile phone account and logging with that address but it doesn’t work (maybe they’re too clever for that).

Here’s an alternative that I have been trying. Most neighborhoods have a Facebook page and you can post on that. There do not seem to be any restrictions. If the Russian hackers can do it why not us?

I have been on Nextdoor for a few years and it depends. Whenever we get a L3 offender people post about it but for L1 or L2 it has been hit and miss.

It depends on your neighborhood and how active it is on Nextdoor. I live in an HOA so there are all kind of soccer moms who post the dumbest stuff like “There was a strange man parked in a van.” (Yeah that was the cable guy)

I’m in a place where L1’s aren’t listed so my neighbors don’t know I’m on the reg

Got jury summons yesterday. First one in a loong time.

I got my felony reduced a couple of months ago so I’m good there. Other than that, are RC’s prevented in any way from serving on a jury?

I would actually love to go.

This is California.


Apprantley we have disease.

“The question is not the reality of witches but the power of authority to define the nature of the real, and the desire, on the part of individuals and the state, to identify those whose purging will relieve a sense of anxiety and guilt. What lay behind the procedures of both witch trial and political hearing was a familiar American need to assert a recoverable in-nocence even if the only guarantee of such innocence lay in the displacement of guilt onto others. To sustain the integrity of their own names, the accused were invited to offer the names of others, even though to do so would be to make them complicit in procedures they despised and hence to damage their sense of themselves. And here is a theme that connects virtually all of Miller’s plays: betrayal, of the self no less than of others.”