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IL: Orland Park 2019 Sex Offender Halloween Safety Map

[ – 10/21/19]

Before kids go out trick or treating on Halloween, fall is a good time to take an inventory of who is living in your neighborhood.

You may want to avoid trick or treating at these houses and apartments on Halloween, or merely be aware of who’s living in your neighborhood during the rest of the year.

Law enforcement officials and researchers caution that the registries can play only a limited role in preventing child sexual abuse and stress that most perpetrators are known to the child. The U.S. Department of Justice, which oversees the National Sex Offender Public Website, estimates that only about 10 percent of perpetrators of child sexual abuse are strangers to the child.

The Justice Department estimates 60 percent of perpetrators are known to the child but are not family members but rather family friends, babysitters, child care providers and others, and 30 percent of child victims are abused by family members.

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  1. Eric

    Let me reword this and see if it gives a different impact: 90% of persons who may potentially abuse your child are not on any registry. Of the 10% on the registry, so far to date, we have no accounts in the entire state of California of any child being abused Trick-or-Treating at the home of a person on the registry.

    • JuniorSD

      Actually, that 10% referred to in the article are not even people on a registry, it is people unknown to the victims. Most research shows that offenses committed by people with prior offenses is around 5%, and that 5% isn’t necessarily on a public registry.

  2. Anonymous

    “Safety map.” What a joke.

    • Will Allen

      That would be a great comment to post at the source article itself.

      Wouldn’t it be great if every single time one of these brainless, fear-mongering articles came out, there was 1,000 comments opposing it? The sheeple would have to think twice. They might start to think that they are not on the most popular side of the argument and would have to switch sides.

    • Tim in WI

      I agree, why this blog even lends space to Patch propaganda makes me wonder.

      • AJ

        @Tim in WI:
        “…why this blog even lends space to Patch propaganda makes me wonder.”
        I wholeheartedly agree. All we’re doing by posting about them is irritating people on here and giving P@tch greater exposure. While I get that we need to expose the lies to fight them, I feel this particular road is one left ignored. We’re not going to change their click-bait ways no matter what we do.

        • Will Allen

          I really think the answer to better and more fully defeating the Registries is to actually speak up and show the oppressors that a million people are going to fight back and harm them. People who support Registries are dumb, shallow-thinkers and most are way more worried about what people think about them than they are about anything to do with public safety or doing the moral, right things. I think if people come to believe that only helpless dipshits support dumb Registries, that will have the biggest, longest impact. As long as Registries are PC, the sheep will love them. As soon as they are not, the sheep will not.

          So I think posting everything and commenting on everything is the way to go. All people have to do it write one statement against the Registries and they then can copy/paste it anywhere very easily and quickly.

        • AJ

          @Will Allen:
          “show the oppressors that a million people are going to fight back and harm them.”
          While I get your point, I think it would need to be packaged better. If the sheeple hear we’re going to be doing harm to anyone, it’ll simply reinforce their silly beliefs. That could well end up being a big step backward.

        • Will Allen


          I hear you. And I really struggle with exactly what message to deliver.

          But regarding the “harm” part, if you don’t talk about that then you aren’t talking about reality. It is not that “we” are going to harm “you”. It is that the Registries have certainly caused a lot of harm to everyone, that will continue, and really it would be foolish to dream it could be stopped. That is simply reality and if people are talking about the pros and cons of the Registries, no one should ever avoid that topic (or any other part of it).

          And really, surely no one cares about any harm as long as it doesn’t involve $EX, right? If Registered People are running around and committing all kinds of crimes, why would anyone care? Those would be the good crimes that we can’t even be bothered to Register. RPs just need to avoid $EX crimes.

          I do think Registries are a lot more damaging than anyone dreams. Most people probably don’t even care. If everyone in the U.S. acted as I do because the Registries exist, then we couldn’t even have law enforcement. They certainly wouldn’t be able to function hardly at all. There would be constant chaos. We’d have no charities. Heck, we’d have no blood supply and I guess would have to buy that from China. AMBER Alerts wouldn’t be a thing. All that “see something, say something” couldn’t function because no one would ever say anything. When citizens “check out”, it matters. Amerika has already had too many people check out. I don’t think we can afford many more and I’m afraid that we are about to find that out. Personally, I think mass shootings are a measure of that. Among plenty of other things (e.g. people living on welfare).

          Anyway, over the years I’ve thrown together “brief” writings that I thought were tame enough, with my thinking being that I’d just copy those at any time needed. That would take little effort. I need to do that again and get some smart people to edit it for sanity and appropriateness.

  3. Facts should matter

    Is this supposed to be some kind of minefield location map for all the “duds?” If so, let them waste their time, energy and efforts.

    I’m sure all the “good guys” with a penis that don’t fall under one of those orange map pins are all deemed safe houses to visit!

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