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NY: Sex offenders form PAC to try and gain political voice

[ – 10/14/19]

Voting blocs, where people support candidates on specific issues, have long played an outsized role in New York politics – from labor unions that focus on workplace rules, to environmentalists who place clean air and water at the top of the list.

But now an unusual bloc is emerging from an unexpected place: the locked sex offenders unit at one of the state’s major psychiatric hospitals.

Convicted sex offenders at Central New York Psychiatric Center are joining a PAC, or political action committee, which could conceivably raise money for candidates they favor and serve as a vehicle to mobilize voters.

Rather than gathering cash, however, they are looking to form a voting bloc where they could back state  – and even local candidates – based in Oneida County where the Central New York Psychiatric Center is located. The center houses 283 people  who have been civilly confined after serving prison terms for crimes such as sexual assault.

Under the state’s 12-year-old Sex Offender Management and Treatment Act, convicted sex offenders can be kept in secure psychiatric hospitals indefinitely after their prison terms expire.

That happens if an offender is deemed to have a mental abnormality that makes the person likely to commit another sex crime. State officials can go to court and request the offender be indefinitely committed to a hospital.

Creation of a PAC is the latest chapter in ongoing efforts, mostly in court, by some of the confined men and prison reform advocates to protest what they view as vague, open-ended confinement periods after their prison terms have ended.

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  1. Jack

    You think we should start one over here in California or is CARSOL adequate for everybody here?

    • Chris Will

      See my prior comments referring to our Calif. org called DACE started in 2010 by SVPs at DSH-Coalinga. We’ve got 300 – 350 voters registered now. Contact me through Janice.

  2. Julian

    Great !
    Now we can FIGHT 👊 the Law, Heath Dept. And the Civil MOBS!
    We’ve come a long way baby..

  3. TS

    So instead of poo pooing the PAC, why doesn’t the reform advocate lend them a hand to get the right message out they feel they could gain ground with? Oh, that is right, it could take away from your bloc and your message if you show support. All about protecting one’s sandbox.

    • J

      Try worrying about Mr. Poo poo and let others deal with more than there own problems..
      These Orgs…Here and others waisted time, resources and man power and legal matters and alot of other things instead of empowering RCs …now Poo poos want to tell others what we should be doing …go poo poo somewhere else and recognize who waisted what ..

    • Randolf

      There sure are alot of retards around ,
      When People’s FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS are destroyed, OPPRESSED etc. …. It’s not time for meetings and talky talky with your Over Absurdly sympathetic Authorities with deranged ideas of Criminals Possible Horrific Future Deeds.
      Or see how many uncountable lawsuits to file or have quaint forums for endless debates bringing further separations to RCs and Advocates or stir up strife among the Oppressed..
      ACTION, ACTION, ACTION IN THE FORM OF MOBILIZING AND PROTESTING AND STOPPING Authoritative ABUSES… by Direct Interference of Law Enforcement…But…Noooo
      We know what’s best and how nicey, and politeness with Politics and Legal …. avenues will surely be THE RIGHT WAY TO PROCEED….UH Huh…Yes !

      • Will Allen

        I like your passion. But do you think we should not have organizations or that they should not speak to legislators, CASOMB, law enforcement agencies, etc.? Never? I think we should as much as we can. Although I think mostly just in a way to try to mute/lessen their crimes and never in a way that gives any legitimacy to the Registries.

        But I think more important than that and probably the most important overall is to get a large majority of the people in Amerika to feel like the Registries are a really stupid waste and that anyone who supports them is an awful, stupid person. If we make it so that Registries are not PC, the sheep won’t be able to help themselves from dropping their support. Most “people” who support Registries are weak and don’t want to do anything that they think most people don’t like.

        So given that goal, I feel like the pen probably is mightier than the sword. I feel like people who are against the Registries probably ought to learn to write better. Use proper English, all that. Some of the people will just be too lazy and not care enough. Because it would take effort. They’d rather sit around, drink lots of beer with their friends, and just bitch. But that’s not helpful. Writing is. Coherent commenting on every single news article is.

        I do like the idea of protesting. But I’m not sure how well that would do. I have been wondering more and more lately if protesting in the manner of the Westboro Bapist Church might be the best way to go. Because a “normal” protest would probably get very, very little media attention, but a “Westboro” protest ought to get a lot more. We could have signs that says, “God loves dead politicians” or whatever!?! If those type of “Westboro” protests were done on a regular basis, I think people would realize that Registered People have stopped being quiet and passive. I know a few old politicians where I live who deserve to have protests at their funerals. I will absolutely celebrate and cheer their deaths.

        I’m not sure I would want to be in such a protest though until I stop trying to work and do business. Perhaps everyone could/should wear hoods? Perhaps all red ones? Or some other colors/markings? I have to admit that I know little about protesting and social movements.

        Anyway, let us all know the date and time when you have your next protest scheduled. I feel like initially, protests would be mostly local people. Could you tell us how you are letting local people know about and how to attend the protest? Especially all of the local people who are listed on the Registries?

      • Bob

        If there are fewer crappy laws being made there is less to protest about…

        After suing to get things changed, what is going to prevent them from passing more unconstitutional stuff?

        • TS


          Nothing will prevent them from passing unconstitutional laws once the other laws have been overturned, revised, etc. They are the legislation, who can be made aware of all sorts of legal challenges that could/will be made to a proposed law if it is passed and becomes law, but nothing will stop them regardless if they chose to not be stopped. The Governor could refuse to sign it, but the legislature has the power to override that to still get it on the books. Sound familiar? Just like a registry that does nothing when someone is adamant about breaking the law again that got them on it or someone who is not even on it.

          I think a bigger question is “are any of the other registries, which are proliferating under various topics, retroactive like the registry which keeps tracks of people who made a s*xual offense related mistake?” If so, then why is no one challenging the retroactivity in the other states? If not, then why is no one who is on the aforementioned registry in other states not challeging the proliferating registries under equal protection violation of ex-post facto since it is a registry sibling? If you can challenge the premise of the sibling registries, can you not challenge then the registry to which we all have to deal with (or had)? Something to ponder…

  4. Eric

    Every minority group has eventually had to stand up and go public and risk the scorn and public ridicule in order to demand their rights. I was incarcerated, and the psychiatrists was the most incompetent, arrogant, narcissist I ever had the misfortune of meeting. The terrifying thing is this tyrannical little man had tremendous authority over the future of the inmates. These SO’s that are locked down could be any of us caught up in this dysfunctional system. They are speaking up because they are obviously more desperate then us. Our numbers will reach one million this year. One million people sentenced to excessive punishment on the registry. That is a lot of people and we could be a huge political power. I commend these people for speaking out. I guess they have nothing to lose being locked down. Many of us are afraid to speak out because we don’t want to lose the little we have gained on the outside. I hope we can all unite. That is what ACSOL is all about. As Franks book says, “We are all in this together.”

    • Roger H

      @Eric, I agree. WE CAN’T HIDE IN OUR RABBIT HOLES because the lawmakers will reach in and grab our ears and pull us out by creating more and more anti-registrant laws!

      THIS IS A BATTLE OF PUBLIC PERCEPTION OF THE TERM “SEX OFFENDERS”. Donating money to ACSOL is great! Writing and calling is absolutely needed!


      @Eric, to echo what you say in different words, NO PEOPLE GROUP IN HISTORY HAS GAINED CIVIL RIGHTS JUST FROM THEIR HOMES! Read how gays, African Americans, Native Americans, and many others showed up to organized events and spoke up to legislators and neighbors and friends.

      I ADMIT AS A WHITE MALE to have been in a position of entitlement in society compared to other people groups. That gave me high expectations that were shattered by becoming a registrant. Before, I didn’t want to be a part of any public advocacy–too SCARY. But now I relate to other people groups who have had been forced to fight for a long, long time for their rights.


      So do all of us.


      Out of over one hundred and five thousand of us registrants plus many times that number of family and friends affected by bad registrant laws, ONLY A TINY FEW HAVE SHOWED UP IN SACRAMENTO! We consider 10 or 20 to be a relatively large group! That is SHAMEFUL! Just watch the hundreds in the news who show up in Sacramento for rallies for gay rights, immigration issues, and many others.

      Yes, I hear all the excuses: can’t get time off from work, too far, not enough money, etc. etc. etc.


      So start planning today! Save some extra money for gas to Sacramento. Save some vacation days. Arrange for kid sitters ahead of time. Get to know more ACSOL members in your area to be ready to carpool to Sacramento.

      Please SHOW UP, STAND UP, AND SPEAK UP to the actions of our email alerts!

      Together we will slowly change public perception, which will change policy.

      • Will Allen

        Agree with ALL of this.

        How different would it be if 1,000 people showed up in Sacramento? Or protesting at police stations or wherever??

        It is a battle of public perception for sure. I think if people come to believe that only dipshits support Registries, then the support will drop a lot. So we should frame the people who zealously support Registries as the immoral, anti-factual, anti-American, harassing fruitloops that they are. Most of them are just trying to scab $$$ anyway.

        So regarding “showing up” – yes, show up. And also show up when news articles are written!! Show up in the comments. Show up in letters/e-mails/whatever to the writers and supporters of it. Every time. It’s a cancer that should be countered at every turn. That does take time.

        If you are a person who does not want to devote much time to saving yourself and other moral people – at least write a generic anti-Registry statement and copy/paste that everywhere you can, as often as you can. It will help.

      • TS

        @Roger H

        Unless you are one of the marginalized people you listed above or one who is related to being marginalized in our history, you had your civil rights, but lost them in the process of criminal penance for a s*xually related crime. You and others are not looking to gain their civil rights, unless part of the marginalized people above and more specifically the LGTBQ community which is still undergoing initial civil rights battles through this CA org, but looking to RESTORE your civil rights much like those who have lost voting rights, right to bear arms, etc in the process of criminal penance. There really needs to be an understanding on this because someone who has been punished for a crime is not a class of person who has been marginalized. The principle under which you and others are fighting is similar, but it is not the same, however, and importantly should not be equated as such. Efforts should be aligned with those who have lost similar rights after having them as noted above (unless under 18 when voting is not applicable currently (see Dem’s move to lower voting age)). When groups who have lost their rights can get together and create efforts to restore their rights, people who are impacted by the registry too will be able to possibly make bigger waves with those with legislative power.

        I will say the visualization of mass people supporting an effort, whether it is for or against, is a strong one in addition to the number of contacts made by correspondence or voice. IIRC, the last big effort in Sactown had a large number of contacts made, which were referenced by elected officials in the hearing, in addition to those in person, who had limited time to speak their piece if they could get to the mic.

        It would be interesting if ACSOL had the number of contacts (or can get it) made related to the last effort from each elected official to tally to show the strength of the effort. Is that possible?


        • Eric

          @TS… so judging by your comment you would say when an authoritarian government takes over and deems certain viewpoints as illegal, say political ideologies such as in Hong Kong, and those tyrannical governments then begin arresting people and incarcerating them and removing any “rights” they had, that the accused aren’t actually marginalized or really deserving of a truly oppressed status because they once had some rights. Or according to your philosophy a whistle blower like Edward Snowden, who notified the American people of the government’s illegal spying on the populace thereby causing the government to deem him a criminal for reporting THEIR crimes and resulting in him fleeing for his very life, doesn’t really understand the struggle of say, Lebron James or Beyoncé because he isn’t of a marginalized class according to your categorizing. Do you realize that many of the “crimes” many of us were accused of have been upgraded to a higher status for mysterious reasons. I was initially suspect of a misdemeanor in 2006. Unfortunately the laws and registry were modified at that time and suddenly within a few months time the local authorities dropped my case and the federal government stepped in and took over, a new level was given to the same crime and I was then convicted of a federal crime and went to prison for five years, but yeah, I don’t understand the struggle of say, a migrant that wants to cross the border and work under the table because I actually had rights at one time, but through bait and switch a simple click on the computer went from me possibly losing my job to almost losing my life in a prison riot. And I tell you, you don’t know being marginalized until you are a middle aged white sex offender in prison. So I think your intersectionality theory is leaving out a few key points, you might do well to read up on the founders of the Constitution as they understood tyranny and how a government can quickly change laws so you suddenly find yourself in their sights. Most of us paid our so called debt to society long ago, but the oppressed status comes from a government that won’t allow us to move on, to grow and learn, to have a second chance, and regret and remorse ring hollow to them, for the goal of the registry isn’t justice it is subjugation of those who erred in life.

        • TS


          I believe you are mixing fruits here for a fruit salad.

          Those mentioned above were marginalized from the outset, not having had them initially like you, me, et al did, then lost them. Complete difference. You had your rights, especially as a white man. You lost some of them possibly if you became a felon, e.g. right to bear arms and vote (depending on your state) and have the possibility to restore some them, e.g. voting rights, depending on the state.

          As for paying your debt to society, yes, we all have, once the penance has been paid in whatever form. I fully believe once that payment is done, it is done.

          However, we, here, are subject to the registry, which is regulatory, not punishment according to the courts. The registry is a tool the USG has put into place to ensure the safety of the people around the globe, according to the courts and a certain D-NJ Rep in WDC. Do we, here in this forum, believe that? NO! Who is really subjugating you? Not the government with their tool, but society with their use of the USG tool. As the courts have said, you are free to travel, domestic and international, move across state lines, or change countries even. Take away the registry tool, society should not subjugate you. Once the registy has been acknowledged as the USG tool to which society brutally dictates life over people in unfair terms and needs to be removed once and for all, not even for LE IMO, then the subjugation you suffer can begin to lift hopefully.

          As for your local level case being dropped and the feds stepping in, welcome to dual-sovereignty (state and fed) which has been in play in this country since the mid-1800’s (recently challenged at SCOTUS last term (US v Gamble) and decided to remain in place based upon stare decisis even though the Founding Fathers did not want double jeopardy per the 5th Amendment).

          RE: Snowden – he did what he felt he had to do to highlight ILLEGAL surveillence abuses by the USG, but no one, not even he, was/is marginalized like those mentioned above. He did break the law by stealing the data (Crime) to get the info out to a UK media outlet so it could be known and had to run away to ensure he would not face the USG for his crime of doing what he did. He is not marginalized, though, especially as a heterosexual white male (he does have a wife), because he put himself in that box overseas.

          RE: Hong Kong – the protestors are protecting what they already have by trying to keep what was given to them upon the transfer in 1997 from UK to China and trying to prevent human rights abuses in play on the mainland from being used on the island. Again, they have had these from the outset and still have them today. If my government here did the same in the same situation, I’d do the same as those in Hong Kong.

          *The online media/websites will always keep things alive years down the road unless you can get it removed. Also, there are many USG tools society can use, but don’t even though they can.

    • Will Allen


      But I’m sure a LOT of politicians, law enforcement, etc. are annoyed that so many people are yelling at them and disrespecting them. So they are going to “fix” their illegal Registries so that instead of 1 million people being listed, there will only be the “right” 200,000 or so listed. Then they can more easily harass them and most people won’t care. Because those people will be the “worst of the worst” and deserving of all of our hate. That is what the “tiers” are about.

      I haven’t read Frank’s book but I’m sure it is great. I hope the “We” in “We are all in this together” does not simply mean people who are listed on the Registries. Because that would be wrong. “We” means EVERYONE living in Amerika, and to some lesser extent, even everyone in the world. Because the problem is that if you don’t respect my rights, then I’m not going to respect yours. If you harass me, I’m going to harass you. If you “hate” me, then I’m going to hate you. All that will have real effects in the real world. I always find it surprising that so many Registry Nazis/Terrorists don’t seem to have ever even considered that. There are mostly very dumb people, but still!

      That reminds me of something insane that happened when the criminal legislators in Georgia got a 6 year old boy murdered because someone retaliated in DIRECT response to their Registries (the “residency restrictions” part). One of the main criminal legislators, Douche Bag Jerry Keen, said, “See, that is why we need these residency restrictions!”

      That was just over 12 years ago and I am still stunned to this day that a legislator would say something that was so obviously false and idiotic. Douche Bag Jerry Keen was/is clearly stupid AND/OR he thought most everyone else was/is. And of course the media didn’t even push back on that statement at all!! It was insane and just so clearly indicated how people cannot rationally think in regards to Registries. I suppose they just aren’t even capable of it. People are duuuuumb.

      I’m referring to this case, btw – The page says, “On March 5, 2007, days before Christopher was abducted, Edenfield was sentenced to 10 years’ probation.” What it doesn’t say is that the murder was committed exactly because of the Registries and that probation resulting from it. Minor fact, I guess. It’s not an isolated case either.

      I have negatively affected the lives of lots and lots of people who have nothing to do with Registries. That is what the Registries cause. That will continue as long as Registries exist. It must. It’s a war. I’ve done everything legally and it’s still harmful. But some people won’t either.

  5. The Vampire

    Man you guys like to write a lot! Try writing more to the President and change his mind on this bs!!!

    • Zach

      Writing will solve nothing, once Laws are passed that are lies and hurt the People Targeted, You take a stand , how do I do that, whining…wimpering…i like my pen…they will listen…No, they will not…so what can we do ! Give me time and we can follow your great leadership
      .its not about sarcastic scared stubborn you.
      it’s ORGANIZATIONS that are stealing and waisting time, money, power…we Protest before they kill or castrate you next, duh!
      If we are not together it will NOT work

  6. Chris Will

    Detainee-Americans for Civic Equality (DACE) which SVP resident voters at DSH-Coalinga, Calif, founded in 2010, just garnered an important ruling (with Janice Bellucci lead attorney) in the CA 5th Appellate Ct of Appeals on 9/9/20. Here’s the simple version in a 9/10/20 article — National Law Review:

    • Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

      Mike St. Martin, “Hosprisoner” at Coalinga, called me this evening to express his gratitude to ACSOL and Janice for her work on this lawsuit. He is also very pleased that ACSOL will be able to collect legal fees in this matter. And it’s a chunk-of-change, too!

    • Chris Will

      Should’ve clarified that this Natl Law Review was referring to a voter rights case wherein City of Coalinga attempted to disenfranchise state hosp residents (who it blamed for a failed tax measure), a case Janice Bellucci handled for DACE (an unincorp. assoc.) as an Intervenor (Movant-Appellant). The NLR considered it an unprecedented decision by delineating DACE’s legal standing. Every SVP facility should organize and vote NOW!

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