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CA: CASOMB Reports Significant Increase in Number of Registrants


The number of individuals required to register as a sex offender in the state of California continues to grow rapidly, according to the CA Sex Offender Management Board.  The current number of registrants in the state is 108,970, an increase of about one thousand people in only five months.

“The rapid growth in the number of registrants in California must stop,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.  “A significant part of this growth is made up of individuals convicted of offenses involving unlawful images, including teens who are viewing photos of their peers.”

Of the total number of registrants in the state, there are about 70,698 who have been released from custody and are currently living in the community.  Of that total, there are 16,582 who are “in violation”, primarily because they no longer reside at the address provided to law enforcement.  In addition, there are 6,778 individuals who are considered “transients” because they are homeless.  All “transient” registrants are required to register with law enforcement every 30 days.

The number of registrants on parole in California is currently 6,414 and each of those individuals is required to wear a GPS device every day, 24 hours a day, that tracks their location.  GPS devices must be charged twice a day and each charge takes about an hour.


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The registry is such an excellent deterrent, that’s it’s growing like a balloon in a circus! I hope a needle will be along soon.

Well, we can certainly see why the politicians want to do what ever they can to keep registrants from communicating and uniting. We are quite a potential political power. Now if everybody would donate a bit to ACSOL then we will indeed be an unstable political force.

Are all parolees required to wear a GPS or just paroled registrants?

It’s sad that the number continues to rise and not many get off the registry that restricts liberty.

Btw, are truly “released from custody”? Being on probation there were part to it: 1) in-person check in, 2) restrictions to follow, and 3) visits to your residence from law enforcement.

So far, I have, like many other do, have: 1) in-person re-registration, 2) restrictions to follow, and 3) get compliance check (which includes getting your signature) from law enforcement at my residence.

Are you sure we’re “released from custody”? It doesn’t feel like it. It feels like probation all over again with all three components being imposed upon me.

actually being on the registry is more restrictive than my probation was

I agree! My probation was nothing compared to the registry. The failure to register is way more time than my original change, like x4 as much.

i honestly no longer see my birthday as a day of happiness, but a day of hopelessness. its a very sad day for me. the only way for me to celebrate my birthday is to drink just to forget that it ever happened. its a day of morning.

One thing I’ve learned is that they play a brand of chess where the rules are made up to suit their needs. It’s sad, it’s sick, it’s deplorable. It’s a system built with as many mechanisms of entrapment as they can get away with. When someone finds a way through they scramble to patch it up again. Just like the leaky pipe running gag, they patch here and there and something else comes up. But even with that Norman you have to persist. Don’t lose hope. It’s definitely a mess, as someone who’s helping a family member deal with their situation I definitely know it is. I’m not saying bury your feelings either, people have a right to be angry and discontented when they keep getting the short end of a bad deal. The whole thing has blown way out proportion and what people thought was a good idea has led to an incredible over-reach and waste of tax payer dollars to “save one child” when in fact they only do it to justify their jobs rather than to stand up and expose the system’s faults.

What’s worse is that because the laws are being written to preempt the courts even judges can’t do much to help. In the case of the family member I was talking about, they were setup royally. Rather than to admit this person’s innocence the system resorted to a bag of cheap tricks to score the conviction at trial. Now that Marsy’s “final solution” law is being sited by many state ACLU offices as being more of a problem than it was made out to be to the voters they (and others too I imagine) are trying to flip their stories. Including going after the families of falsely accused people and trying to shift the blame to them. Or worse, use one of Marsy’s law’s dirty provisions and keep the “phantom accuser” in the game by pulling a “mistaken identity” move. And immunity I learned is something they have to rely on when they “don’t get it right”. $185k/year and they can’t tell you want REALLY happened.

it’s laughable. It’s bad. But it’s not hopeless.

You need either a good lawyer. Or a good brain. If they won’t take your case, GOOD. Do it yourself. Many lawyers are going to pick their words anyway, they have their career to worry about, especially the university fed lawyers. They’ll go for the low hanging fruit, the easy stuff. Even in sex offense cases, where the damages are many (and provable) they’ll only focus on the aspects that aren’t risky and won’t jeopardize their relationships. They too are being taught this NEW game of chess. And they too will be learning all the new stuff at the same time you do anyway. The legal world as we’ve seen is evolving day to day, month to month, year to year.

With a good brain you can topple Rome. You can expose the truth. Because that’s what it’s going to take. Either you commit to that kind of a fight or you give in. Build your case.

I’m among the very few who probably hasn’t had any issues aside from the annual registration. I’m not on a public registry. I have an expunged record. LE has never harassed me. Never had a home visit. Probation was a cakewalk, and they agreed to terminate it early. There are no residency or presence restrictions in the Bay Area. I’ve had successes: I earned my MA degree. I bought a house. I have gainful employment (ironically in the legal field).

Despite all this, it still presents a challenge. Everyone in my social circle knows my status and have been very supportive (and think the registry is ludicrous). But as a female RC, relationships are tough; the men I’ve encountered take far more advantage because in their eyes, who would believe me? I’m damaged goods. After two relationships ended, the first thing they did was “out” me to employers, and I was subsequently fired. I haven’t had a real vacation in over a decade. I’ve kept my travels on the West Coast since Washington and Oregon only require visitor registration if a visit is more than 10 days.

I try not to complain because I know other RCs have it harder than me. I count my blessings and am extremely thankful for the strong support of family and friends. But above all, I am thankful that there exists an organization to stand with us and for us.

You are truly one of the lucky ones. I have an expunged record too, but I’m just playing the waiting game to no longer register.

Holla from the Bay 🙂

I’m also playing the waiting game…July 2020 to file the Certificate of Rehabilitation to end this nightmare once and for all.

My response will likely annoy some folks, but sadly, our progress fighting against the Registries and their many, many accompanying restrictions has been a slow, uphill battle.
For that reason alone, I say “Wonderful! Keep growing the Registry!!” If California (or America’s) Registry multiplies 10-fold ….. when EVERYONE has a son, brother, father, uncle, friend, co-worker on the Registry …. maybe THEN the public and the politicians will start paying attention!! Either that, or the whole damn thing will continue to become increasingly unwieldy, exceedingly costly and even more ridiculously bureaucratic.

I agree. As does Abe Lincoln. “The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly.”

To that end I am delighted when, say, a 16 year old girl is made to register for sending nude selfies. And I expect and demand it unless the law specifically makes an exception. And not undefined prosecutorial discretion. The more the merrier.

The National Center for Mission and Exploited children used to publish national registrant numbers, by state, semi-annually. I can’t seem to find the most recent edition. Anyone?

Its because we have a EVIL Government here in CA that wants EVERY Citizen on some sort of a registry to TRACK them. CA has themselves to BLaME ! Just like they should be held LIABLE for every murder committed against a 290 because they are on a PUBLIC Webpage, when the STATE has to pay MILLIONS in wrongful death suits they will abolish it. !


How has it been sad and hopeless for you? Come on tell us.

I bet alot of us could either relate or been through it.

Either way you’re not alone in this.

@bill i agree with you 1000% We all have the same problem so MG. You not alone at all bro. But dwelling on the fear will not change anything. But fighting back will. If done right. It is a huge battle! But so was the civil war of north and the south. Some battles need to wait for the right time. But i am here with you all in the same crap. And i believe once you do your time and payed your fine You should be let go to live in peace!

CASOMB is not a friend. CASOMB is the same organization that props fake “science” like the polygraph, Static 99R Scam, and the overall necessity of the registry (with sometimes dizzying qualifiers to get off the registry under the upcoming law). The CASOMB “treatment” requirements are peddled because of the deep-rooted conflicts of interests in the organization. The “increase” in registrant population is not only to blame on the politicians, as well as population majority, but also CASOMB itself — which does not outright condone the registry, but supports it, imposing it on a person for several years/decades after release, and even has the audacity to peddle fake sciences to target “high risk” folks using same said ‘science.’ Of course, CASOMB has evolved itself to play two-face, sly, and covertly—in better covering up its sickening under layer of corruption.

“Facts” that come out of CASOMB, I am particularly skeptical of.

Very troubling! I wonder how many have been on the registry 20 plus years? Crime free? Still registering with expunged records? Registering with misdemeanors? How many truly pose a threat?

In my opinion, no one should have to register as a “sex offender” after release of parole or probation. Otherwise, they can impose registration, but the government should be honest in what it really is: PUNISHMENT.

@ Static-99R Scam: I was completing some paperwork the other day and was writing that I am not under any type of parole, probation, or other community supervision ….. but then thought to myself, “What about the Registry? Isn’t THAT Community Supervision? It must be, since I could be charged with a new felony if I violate it.” 🤔

I am one of the 108,970 registered sex offenders in CA. I was released from prison in March 2019, and am currently living as “transient” in Orange County. I’ve lived in L.A. since 2008, and moved to OC for one year when I was arrested and convicted. OC is my County of last legal residence, and I am “stuck” here, even though i am a full-time student at Los Angeles City College, and am a Screen Actor – the only job opportunities I have are in L.A. County. I am currently living in an extended stay hotel, and quickly spending my savings.

I seek help and information about resources to help me find an apartment in Hollywood 90028. My Parole Agent said that if I can be approved at an apartment in 90028, he will transfer my parole to L.A., as a favor. I have applied at 9 different apartments, and have been denied at all, due to my conviction.

I am getting desperate. If I can’t find an apartment in Hollywood, I will have to start living out of my car in OC.

Any suggestions for finding an apartment in 90028?

@ Jay:. Sorry, I don’t understand: Why does the apartment have to be in zip code 90028 and not somewhere else in Los Angeles area??

It will continue to grow; the number probably rises daily. I’ve read so many articles in my local paper about people arrested for sex offenses. You can bet they are not on the registry, either; otherwise, the article would clearly state it and make it a headline. I’d say for every 20 articles on a sex offense that I’ve read (most of them for CP), only one will be about the accused already being on the registry.

Yup. The media thrives on sex offense arrests.

Well written story NPS. The ex relationships outing you is low! Not cool. I travel pretty freely (expunged/MBA). I’ve really had no issues. You can still travel to multiple countries, but they will check you out upon re entering the country. I’m unaware of you have a market on your passport. Jay, you don’t mess around in OC. You would be much better off in LA!! I highly suggest you relocate. Do they do background checks when you rent an apartment??

The rise is probably due to it being easier for prosecutors to convict people for misdemeanor “touch offenses” and use the lower requirements to get people “in the door” and subsequently screw them for probation violations or other bs nonsense.

Coupled with victim protections like Marsys law you can be accused and convicted of a “touch offense” that never happened and they’ll play it out as a “sexual assault”. There may not have even been a victim, just a name replaced by ” the People of the State of …” and a face used at trial to convince the jury.

Dark times ahead if that’s true. Imagine being forced to take sex offender classes and pay restitution to…a phantom. You would be forced to admit to something you didn’t do just to get certified.

And the restitution? It goes straight to the “victims compensation fund” and then used for “misc expenses”.

Oh, you mean the California Victims Compensation Fund from which we registrants are legally excluded? That Fund?? 😠

This is out of Germany, so does not directly apply to us…yet is an example of where we might wish to go with the registries, ect. (and this involves a murderer!)
German murderer wins ‘right to be forgotten’

A German man convicted of murder in 1982 has the right to have his name removed from online search results, Germany’s highest court has ruled.

The constitutional court in Karlsruhe ruled in favour of the man, who was handed a life sentence for murdering two people on a yacht in 1982.

He was released from jail in 2002 and says he wants his family name to be distanced from his crime.

The ruling could force publications to restrict access to online archives.
What was the case?

The man was onboard the sailing ship Apollonia in the Caribbean when he shot and killed two people and severely injured another during a row.

A book and TV documentary were made about the case.

ALL of us would love to have a right…”to be forgotten.”

Best Wishes, James I

I’m not surprised that California’s Megan Law registry is continuously growing at a very fast rate…
can you imagine how much money law enforcement gets in funding thats how they buy all the kool new technology they use to track sexofenders
Everybody on Californias Megan’s Law website is being track with GPS monitoring through their phones it’s just like wearing the ankle bracelet that the parolees have to wear
and there’s detectives in your jurisdiction that gets paid just to watch your phone movements they could even read your text messages so never texts anything incriminating never stay anywhere too long
and when the new California tier law comes into effect they’re going to need fresh bodies fresh game to hunt…. Law Enforcement is tired of knocking on old people’s doors who can barely walk to do compliance checks or going to the same house over and over again just to find out the offender is still in compliance and has been for 25 years
the state is tired of wasting money on these registrants they want new bodies young people to Chase people who aren’t that familiar with sexoffender laws who they can snare in there little failure to register traps it’s all about money

It is all about money. Big government lovers to grow bigger. Law enforcement is always going to ask for more money and try to grow bigger. They don’t care if laws are useful or not. They want more money.

It would not be legal for LE to watch your mobile phone movements. They are criminals but I don’t think they are that blatant usually. I do not believe that they track you. If they do, they should be arrested. They aren’t reading your text messages either.

“ALL of us would love to have a right…”to be forgotten.”” Yup.

People need to stay positive and be grateful! Think about where would we be if this website didn’t exist! Donate! I think the tier system will clearly bring about changes. It’s clearly not perfect, but let’s stay focused! 3 items. 1. How will you be assigned tiers? Original conviction? What if your plea was reduced to a misdemeanor? Expunged? 2. What if you never took the Saratso? 3. How easy will it be to process this?

You are correct, but at the same time we all have to continue to appropriately educate people about the truth about sexual offenders, sex offenses, and the registry in general with the goal of getting rid of the registry entirely, so we can have all of our civil rights returned to us.

The SARATSO/Static-99R Scam isn’t something you “take,” à la taking the SAT’s or LSAT. It’s more of something that’s imposed on you or, depending on your score, like winning the lottery or getting a bad case of the flu or herpes (the latter I’ve never thankfully had).

They will abuse the tier system. If they had it their way there would be a tier 10, a tier X, and a tier (11-1). Tier 1 will be wittled down so they can keep screwing people.

AB 884 is already trying to re-tier offenders again. In the language they’re trying to say “anyone convicted of an offense with a minor under the age of 14 will be a tier 3″, even for a 647.6 ” misdemeanor offense”.

What if the prosecutor faked the ages? What if the prosecutor faked the victim???

Marsys law protections can allow you to be accused by a phantom. They can refuse interviews, evidence, etc. Read it it’s there on the Marsys law “members club card”.

The prosecutor becomes the coverup artist. They can play keep-away all the way to trial and even then they can fake a victim if needs be. That’s why some stories lack pictures or info of the “alleged victim”. The prosecutor had to save face and manipulate the system to score the conviction. Rather than to admit there was NO crime and hence no victim they say “Oh, they’re protected under Marsys law so they can deny interviews, media, etc”.

Then they keep the game going, dragging a defendant back through the system any which way they want. The phantom gives them absolute power to create any reality to suit their mood. They may even resort to faking other crimes, and even faking a death. The biggest con ever conceived to get people in the door to sex offender hell and take them for a ride.

Thanks Mike Ramos! You proved that lowly prosecutors can’t win against INNOCENT people without a generous bag of cheats.

Repeal Marsys “Guilty until rendered guilty” law!

ACSOL and others worked hard to stop AB 884 shortly after it was introduced. In addition, ACSOL continues to monitor new and pending legislation in order to identify and stop bills that would weaken the Tiered Registry Law. Further, ACSOL has started and will continue efforts to improve that law for as long as it takes. Improvements include moving many offenses off of Tier 3 and adding an off ramp for those on Tier 3 who do not re-offend.

Thank You Janice. Your constant/tireless efforts do not go unrecognized. You are included in my families prayers every single day.

@Janice, now that Frank is gonna b of the registry when the new law takes effect, r u still there for the rest of us?


Thank you for your response. My post probably seemed a little extreme, but I have been tracking this issue for a good while. I do have appreciation for this site as well as any other that would help people navigate the system and help them to not lose hope.

Marsy’s law creates the conditions to completely decimate a defendant’s chance at a fair trial. In conjunction with other various prosecutorial tactics they can wipe the floor with anyone, for just about any incident and circumstances, and pass it off as a sexual assault even when no contact occurred or that there was no such intent.

The cause for alarm is growing since the backers of Marsy’s Law are trying to keep gaining ground in other states while no one is looking (impeachment…distraction). In California Gavin Newsom signed AB 433 into law back on October 8 2019. It was pushed by assembly members and allies of former District Attorney Mike Ramos after he lost reelection in the June 2018 primaries last year. AB 433 essentially strengthened the probation department’s ability to keep preempting the courts, under the guise of being a “probation notice to victim”. That’s what this type of legislation is accomplishing, judges have their hands tied in cases where someone gets falsely accused and Marsy’s law is destroying people’s lives in the name of “victim’s rights”.

Newsom is now trying to back Kamala Harris’s campaign in Iowa. Corrupt politics…corrupt prosecutor…do we really need a Prosecutor in Chief? Armed with this type of ludicrous legislation?

Marsy’s law proclaims “justice for victims”. What about the new victims created by false accusations and corrupt legislation? Talk about being corralled. To anyone out there who thinks this seems impossible just be grateful it hasn’t happened to you…if there’s a recurring theme I’ve found in my research it’s that when the legislation says “pro-victim” it really means “anti-defendant”. To side with “victims” is to declare that before it’s even been established. “Guilty until rendered guilty”. But we cannot and MUST NOT apply or allow to be applied such a blanket set of policies to the whole system. People lie, especially when given these kinds of “protections” and “constitutionally guaranteed restitution”.

Please look into all of this if at least you share even the smallest bit of concern as I do. I do this because I know someone who really got railroaded by the system and they were able to do NOTHING to defend themselves. It wasn’t fair by any stretch of imagination and it destroyed this person’s life and almost destroyed their family. I imagine it’s happened to many people, and it can happen to anyone with these types of laws. The people behind this know that sex offenses and related legislation are an easy platform to exploit to their gain.

But they do it at the peril of an IMBALANCED system.

Thank you.

@ Just Gotta Ask – Regardless of whether Frank is required to register, I will continue to be a zealous advocate for those who remain on the registry. Frank is a good friend and the reason I began my work as an advocate for this cause, however, my efforts are not directly tied to Frank or to any other person on the registry. On a related note, we currently have two board members who were required to register in the past, but who were granted Certificates of Rehabilitation. These individuals have stayed on the board of directors and continue to work in support of those who are still required to register.

Just a quick note on the thought of what happens to those of us that might get off the Registry through the Tiered System, (providing there are no major AB 884 type Changes!), I would expect myself to become much more vocal…and public on all these issues.

The idea that most of us might fade away if off the Registry I think is untrue…there would be less risk to us as individuals…(I have had some assaults, shouting matches in public, etc)…less risk to losing whatever we have, whatever progress we’ve made in life.

Off the Registry I can be much more forceful on the real evils of of this pernicious system that institutionalizes both harm and shame. (most often for no really good reason, at least going forward)

Best Wishes, James I


I am grateful for everything you and ACSOL are and have done.

But, based on a previous comment here, I’d like a little clarification. Isnt the ultimate goal to get rid of the registry entirely not just move as many offenses from tier 3 to 2 / enable off ramps for tier 3 offenses?

Dear TP:

I’m not Janice nor do I have any formal association with ACSOL except for being a big supporter.

But I’ll answer anyway…Yes, the goal is the total dismantlement of the Registry System…ripped out root and branch.

However, even with this being the ultimate goal, there is no good reason not to have incremental steps along the way…the Tired bill will be good for lots and lots of RSO’s, as currently written.

It was bitter fruit that the tiered bill had such a very long lag time before kicking in…insofar as I was able, I screamed and pouted over this vast, (to me), time delay…and of course this allowed for the introduction of AB 884 that may have put me in Tier 3 with reporting every 90 days…but even if this terrible thing would happen to me…I’d still support the Tiered bill for the relieve it would give to others.

Life ain’t easy, we just have to keep pushing.

Best Wishes, James I

@James I

You might be placed in Tier 3, but why do you think you’ll need to register every 90 days? As far as I can remember reading the tiered bill and various proposed changes to it, the frequency with which you need to register didn’t seem to change. The only people that need to register every 90 days are those ruled to be and SVP which is separate from whatever codes you might have been convicted of. Our tiered registry isn’t the same as other states where each higher tier automatically comes with more frequent registration requirements. If I’m mistaken and it was in one of the bills, please let me know as it would effect me as well (I too am currently looking at likely being a Tier 3 registrant thanks to last minute changes from my code being bumped up from Tier 1).

I have said this before there is ALREADY a tier system in California. Tier 1, Serious Offender (T2), and SVP (T3) If you have been existing in Tier 1 or 2 and will now be placed in 3, in my opinion is a serious violation of due process especially for those who don’t even have a static 99 score. If you haven’t been given a score previously how can they re-assess you to a higher level without an original assessment? It’s exactly the fight that went down in Michigan and was ruled un-constitutional. We know what the public perception will be if you are a tier 3 offender and if you’ve been living as a 1 or 2 how to do you explain to friends, neighbors, co-workers you are now the highest risk level after all these years? Total BS and should be fought as soon as the tier system is implemented.

I get that and agree, but was just seeking clarification based on her comment.

I’ll probably be a tier 3 for something I didnt do, but was basically forced to accept a plea to avoid a long prison term. Marsys law made my situation difficult, let alone the whole emotional issue that goes into these types of cases basically making it impossible to win at trial.

The static 99 makes me above average because of my life situation, beliefs, and age.

We wont even discuss my problems with “therapy” that is trying to make me conform to a scripted manual that really doesnt apply to me at all.

In the end, the whole system doesnt take into account outliers, and based everything off the most extreme situations that therefore get viewed as the “norm.”

@ Steve: I suspect I will also be on Tier 3 and do you wanna bet that they conveniently “forget” to include our date of offense? My offense will have been 25 years ago….. but I’ll bet they leave that out. 😠

Dear SR and TP

I remember reading in one iteration of AB 884 that, despite my expungement and offense being more that 35 years ago, I would willy-nilly nonetheless be classified as a SVP through some terrible automatic process…and so, report every 90 days.

That battle was a while ago…and one we won in the defeat of AB 884…but my memory is hazy on it.

At the moment this does not seem to be a worry….but extreme vigilance is warranted, (I think). Sorry if I caused any undue concern.

Best Wishes, James I

Looking at the final copy of SB 884, it has no mention of any registration frequency. Overall, the current law for SVP and it’s 90 day reg requirement, is that you have to have a qualifying offense AND be medically diagnosed as being a predator.

The whole process is similar to the civil rights movement. I don’t think the registry will just disappear. It’s going to take one step at a time. Clearly, the tiered system isn’t perfect. How will the static 99 be performed? I’ve never had one? Do you have the opportunity to get your charged reduced to a misdemeanor? Expunged? Everything will help!

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x