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Kat’s Blog: Will Vagueness Take Down the Registry?

It’s well known, nothing is clear cut when it comes to the registry.  The rules and regulations may vary slightly from state to state, but the vagueness with which these regulations were conceived and are enforced, is the same all over.

Take Halloween for instance.

In my neck of the woods, every year registrants were given letters by their P.O.’s or sent letters from the registry office outlining the do’s and don’ts of Halloween. Some years there were curfews and restrictions on outside Fall Decorations. There were warnings to keep outside lights off, don’t answer the door to trick or treaters, don’t wear any costumes.

This year, nothing.

None of the registrants I know were given any instructions on how to precede this Halloween. There were no flyers handed out, no letters in the mail. It was left up to registrants to somehow figure out if this year’s regulations had been increased, decreased or completely done away with. (The latter is not likely, but I’m always hopeful!)

Was the vagueness intentional?

Was it a trap, a set-up for unsuspecting registrants who were somehow supposed to guess at this year’s latest regulatory ridiculousness?

Our town had a little thing called Operation Blackout going on during the 10 days preceding the holiday. (The only way I even knew about this was by going to the state government website.) According to the Dept. of Corrections, they visited thousands of homes of “high-risk-sex offenders” in order to increase the safety of trick or treaters. Maybe it was only those at high-risk, of what I’m not certain, that got a head’s up as to what to do on Halloween. As for everyone else, you were on your own to figure it out and I bet claiming “nobody told me the rules” wouldn’t help you should you have ended up in court.

I think “vagueness” is what may ultimately do the registry in.  You really can’t have rules and regulations that are so vague that those who are in charge of enforcing them A) can’t explain them and B) admit that they don’t really understand them themselves.

A few examples of things the registry folks can’t explain:

Why registrants can’t use the boat launch at the marina. Yes, the marina has the same name as the park across the street from it, but it’s not “in” the park, it’s on the river. So, is the river off limits?

Why are registrants permitted to attend and even work at a “family fun recreational venue” in town, the sort of place that has indoor rock-climbing, an arcade, bowling, etc., even though it’s within 1000 ft of a church daycare center? (We checked twice with the registry folks on this one and both times it was a “yes”.)

How often is the town map of where registrants can live and work “updated”? Is it only updated when new day-cares spring up? How about when old ones close down? Do the boundary lines account for that?

Why is it that registrants can dine at a restaurant adjacent to a greenway but can’t work in that same restaurant because, it’s adjacent to a greenway?

You get my point, this whole registry situation, it’s all very vague, the rules aren’t clear even to those who are charged with enforcing them.

And it’s this vagueness, this uncertainness of the very rules upon which it is based that I think may bring about its downfall, especially now that registrants are coming out of the shadows, getting themselves lawyers and stepping up to reclaim not only their constitutional rights but their dignity as well.

No longer are registrants willing to abide by rules and regulations that are not clearly understood, recognized or stated.

Laws that are too vague to be understood have no place in our justice system.

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As Voltaire once said “common sense is not so common”..

Kat, you have more common sense in your pinkie finger than L.E.and associated Lawmakers have in their entire (dis)organization..

The LEOs and lawmakers will never admit that all these sex laws are JUST to pacify and appease the female voting block segment. The “promoting public safety” nonsense they often tout is just a pathetic attempt to legitimize and protect all these easy security theater jobs.

The real by-product and side-effect is keeping people dumb and afraid. America is run just like a Plantation and the mob.

I really can’t dumb it down anymore than this.

Ahh, you sir have figured out America I see.

“The real by-product and side-effect is keeping people dumb and afraid. America is run just like a Plantation and the mob.

I really can’t dumb it down anymore than this”

The implementation of the laws for registrants are vague and inconsistent between states. Using the info from ACSOL of the 50 states and US protectorates, there are 27 states or protectorates who implement “presence restrictions” and 29 states or protectorates who implement “residency restrictions”. Here’s the kicker. If you’re from California, then both presence and residency restriction were ruled unconstitutional (with the exception of grade schools). How can one state have it constitutional and another state have it not constitutional? Oh… and I recently discovered that there’s a blanket ban on registrants for US military installations. There is a waiver… Read more »

President Trump just signed Executive Order 13892 of October 9, 2019 called
Promoting the Rule of Law Through Transparency and Fairness in Civil Administrative Enforcement and Adjudication. It is an interesting Order. It reminds me of the vagueness of the various laws and civil restrictions that registrants are subject to. In it, it states:

[ No person should be subjected to a civil administrative enforcement action or adjudication absent prior public notice of both the enforcing agency’s jurisdiction over particular conduct and the legal standards applicable to that conduct. ]

Here’s what I want to know, “Are convicts treated all the same?” I mean the equality of laws passed are two different sets. One for convicts and one for convicts for sex offenses. There will never be fairness until we’re treated equally like regular convicts.

Hmmm… I wonder if anyone who has had their case dismissed would email the President about the unfairness of “the legal standards applicable to that conduct” when the standard to get your case dismissed is a far lower standard, but isn’t extended equally to registrants.

My B felony, only criminal involvement ever (at 51 years old), has given every DUI, wife-beater wearing, no child support paying, meth head in Clark County, Washington a reason to feel better about his choices. Please, just treat me like him.

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