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Emotional Support Group Meetings

Emotional support meetings provide individuals required to register, their family members, and their friends, an opportunity to discuss personal challenges and share their experiences, strengths and hopes.

They are not the same as monthly ACSOL phone conference meetings. The support meetings do not discuss legal issues, bills, and laws.

They are based upon the format of 12 Step meetings. Media, law enforcement, parole, etc. are not allowed to attend meetings. There is no cost to attend.

The meetings are currently online using Zoom or phone. This may change over time depending on the course of the pandemic.

There are Emotional Support Group meetings on Thursdays and two Saturdays per month.

If you want to attend the meetings, you must first talk with the leaders of the meetings to ensure we don’t get inappropriate callers, and to protect the group’s confidentiality. To talk with the leaders, please email your name, phone, and the best times to call you to one or both of the following emails:

For the Saturday meetings, email

For the Thursday meetings, email

After the leader talks to you and approves you, you will be informed of the schedule and how to connect.


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I need help fighting a crime I did not do. I am appealing my case. I need an attorney who will represent me.

Call, email, write:
Chance X.Oberstein
Attorney at Law
28202 Cabot Rd, Ste 300
Laguna Nigel, CA 92677
(949) 365-5842
Law Office of
Janice M. Bellucci
1215 K Street, 17th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814
(805) 896-7854

My son is being wrongfully accused of rape. I could use any support possible. We are scared.

@Lori Erickson

Are you financially prepared to fight this in court? Do you have sufficient hard evidence to prove his innocence? I would start with these questions…

There are some Registrants who’ve claimed innocence here that took plea deals by the recommendation of prosecutors because they were told they would do little to no time. The trade off was that they were labeled sex offenders which as you know carry terrible restrictions and social stigma for a very long time if not for life.

If your son has a strong case to prove his innocence and you have the money to pay for it then by all means fight.

@Lori Erickson:

It probably seems as if the world is collapsing and things could hardly get worse. I don’t know how bad/solid the allegations are or the situation, of course. But just know that it is probably not as bad as it seems. I don’t know how bad it is, and it could very bad, but just know that everyone, with very tiny exceptions, gets through it and life is better. Life is full of tribulations and problems and I would just try to remain as positive as possible and use this as an opportunity to grow stronger and show how good you are at defeating adversity. Personally, I really do believe that adversity makes people much stronger and is a good thing (in healthy, good moderation!).

Even if you son ends up having to Register (i.e. becomes a Person Forced to Register (PFR)), that alone absolutely does not prevent a person from living a great, very fulfilling life. I’ve been a PFR for over 2 decades and I have a great life. The Registries impact me very little, with the biggest impacts being that it restricts my ability to travel and I must constantly work to retaliate against the Registries. It also puts me in real, serious danger of being forced to very gravely retaliate against the Registries or any actions taken against my family. But other than that, all is just fine.

As far as advice for the allegations, if you son is truly not guilty then I would definitely never signal to the prosecution or law enforcement criminals that I would be willing to accept a plea bargain. That is what they want, especially if they have a weak/difficult case. They would love for your son to take a plea bargain for anything that requires him to be a PFR and for them to not have to actually work on anything. That is what they want. They will definitely try to scare/threaten/coerced your son into giving up. Don’t allow it. Stand strong and fight back.

If he is innocent, I would definitely fight it. Unless he just has no chance and your attorney tells you that they will convict another innocent person. Don’t dream for a second that they care if a person is innocent or not. They want a conviction, innocent or not. Also, don’t trust your own attorney TOO much. Half the time, they care little and just want to get rid of cases. They want to take the $$$ and move on.

Lastly, it is so crazy that it is necessary to state that your son has to prove he is innocent, as Bill stated here numerous times. Of course a person should not have to prove that they are innocent. But if you can, sure, that’s great.

A moral justice system would have to PROVE that your son is guilty. If your son didn’t do it, then it would be impossible for them to prove it. But that has never stopped them from convicting innocent people.

But I’ll tell you, decades down the road, I think your son would regret taking a plea deal and not fighting, if he is innocent. I only spent a couple of months in jail, but I’d trade it for 2 years right now in exchange for pleading guilty to what I actually did, versus what they railroaded/coerced/threatened/scared me into. Just remember, big government and their employees are real criminals. Never trust them.

Hi Lori-
Many are wrongly accused. Unfortunately, as soon as “sex” offense is mentioned, all presumption of innocence goes out the door. What state are you in? City? Some are better than others but none are good.

My best for a positive outcome. Rob

Are there any such support groups in NY
Thank You

I was on the February 20th telephone meeting and heard and tried to write down an email to contact to get access to a support group. It was something like: emotionalsupport@allfor???? I would benefit from this group I am sure. Thanks

@William Lyons

Here is a link to information on the emotional support group.

Also under meetings in the top right corner is a link to this page.

Hope that helps.

Convicted in 2006. Paroled in 2018. Still on parole. Lifelong registry. Really struggling to not be buried by depression and setbacks. Getting and keeping jobs is nigh impossible. Perseverance “in spite of” is losing steam.

Hi M. S.
My heart goes out to you.
Being on the registry can certainly make one feel like being buried by depression and setbacks, especially when the job situation presents as an insurmountable obstacle. In light of that I totally get that perseverance may loose its steam, as you rightfully say. I’ve been there as well, and yes, it sucks big time. One thing I have found to be immensely helpful was to connect with others who share this experience and understand how it feels to be shunned by society for a mistake made in the past. There is a group of registrants and their loved ones who meet twice a month on Zoom. I would love to invite you to join us, as this has helped so many of us to get out of isolation and be seen and heard without the usual judgment we’re faced with when we share our trials and tribulations with others. There are people who are also on parole or probation, some of them having the PO from hell. While we cannot provide legal advice, we certainly help each other to better cope with any situation the registry throws at us. So, please, send an email to: ,
let me know when is a good time to call you, and I’ll get in touch with you.
Don’t give up the fight, we’re in this together and the more we connect with each other, the stronger each of us becomes and the stronger we become as a community.
Stay strong my friend.

Does anyone know where the conference will be held? Thank you.

Good Morning,

My husband was arrested for online solicitation of a minor back in 2015 in Harris County Texas – we have since been going to marriage therapy and we have overcome a lot of obstacles – he had no idea that the person was a child since the online website stated that you needed to be over 18 to join in anyways- his intentions was never to be with a child and he has since passed two polygraphs – he was recently kicked out of the treatment sex group because the therapist said he was toxic since he will not admit to having interest in children … he now has individual sessions – he has completed 2.5 years of probation and is registered – can we do anything to get off probation or the registry ?

Just curious how there could be a conviction unless the minor told him her real age and he continued with her. Was this a sting operation, or just someone in the chatroom who shouldn’t have been in there?

Naina – I am sorry you are going through this. I don’t see how he can get thrown out of therapy when he passed the Polygraphs. Don’t get me wrong, the polygraphs are junk science, but since therapy requests them as part of the program and seems to think they are so reliable, they should at least honor the results. If he were to admit he was interested in children (which he is not), he would be lying and the polygraph would fail him since he lied. They can’t have it both ways. Either they get rid of the Polygraph if they don’t believe in them, or they need to honor the result. What a bunch of BS. He might be able to file for early termination of probation and you can google how to go about it, but with the provider kicking him out of the group, I doubt they would grant it. As for the registry, he will have to be on it for the minimum required for TX, I would think. Is TX lifetime? I don’t know the TX law or know if they allow someone to petition to get off the registry. Have you contacted Texas Voices? They are a group similar to this one.

I believe in Texas that offense is a 10 year registration requirement. Not sure if it is a SORNA state but if it were then it would be 15 years Tier 1 in either case. I wouldn’t know about probation in Texas some states allow for early termination.

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