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PA: Attorney General – Cases could jeopardize Megan’s Law sex offenders registry

Survivors of sexual assault have shared with me their struggles in overcoming the traumatic harm caused by those who’ve preyed upon them. Their strength and courage inspires and drives me every day to pursue allegations of sexual abuse wherever we find it.

In 1994, 7-year-old Megan Kanka was raped and murdered by her neighbor — someone her parents did not know had two prior convictions for sexually assaulting young girls. Her death and memory made a profound impact on our nation and resulted in “Megan’s Law.”

Through Megan’s Law, survivors can keep track of their offenders by determining where they live, where they work and what car they drive. With this information, the Megan’s Law website enables survivors to avoid encountering their offenders. It empowers survivors and helps them gain some sense of control over their lives. …

In November, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court heard arguments in cases that could dismantle the sex offender registration system and put the public at risk.

There are four cases before the court challenging the constitutionality of Pennsylvania’s system for monitoring sexual predators. A loss in even one of them would be a loss for children’s safety across our state. My team of deputy attorneys general argued to protect this critical statute. Full Opinion Piece by PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro


SORNA / Megan’s Law – Which Version Applies to You?

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This is arguably the most misleading drivel I’ve ever read coming from an AG’s office. I’m going to write a very thorough reply and send it directly to his office. Suggest others do the same.

Please let this Knight in Shining Armor know that he should first start with tackling Domestic Violence, the real problem, if he Really wants to help the most vulnerable in society. What about the DUIs which have killed children?

It’s a shame there is no public comment option to point out the absurdity of his fear mongering and tossing aside of the Constitution to gain votes to stay in office. I would love to pin him down in public and get him to admit that he thinks crimes can have punishments applied arbitrarily and retroactively by politicians and for an arbitrary length of time instead of being decided by the judge during the fair trial and tailored to the person and circumstances. Why not apply that policy to all crimes and eliminate half the role of judge and jury?… Read more »

Agreed that this piece is fearmongering. He posits rhetoric without ample substance on recidivism rates.

@Dustin:. I agree with you 100% and emphasize MISLEADING. PA AG intentionally misuses fear-inspiring words such as “predator”. As an AG, he knows damn well that the vast majority of sexual offenses are being committed by individuals who are NOT on his beloved Registry. He alludes to this only near the end of his piece when he mentions “friend, family member, mentor or religious leaders.”
As someone born in the Commonwealth, I hope & pray the PA Supreme Court rules in favor of both the PA and the U.S. Constitutions and strikes down PA’s Registry!!

If registries work so well, why doesn’t he advocate for DWI felon registry?

For that matter, why not just a registry for every type of felony? After all, if you look at those harmed by previously convicted meth and opiate dealers, that could possibly dwarf the number harmed by previously convicted sex offenders.

The DA’s are just trying to put the blame for Megan’s murder on any and everyone who commits an offense of a sexual nature regardless of what it involved. The true blame goes on the total inept justice system with all of it’s plea agreements and backdoor deals between attorneys and DA’s, and we all know the judges are unethically involved in this bargaining as well. It is true that Megan’s killer had two prior offenses, but the question is why did he have his first offense suspended, and then after that he had another hands on offense and received… Read more »

@ Eric:

Let’s not forget that the Kankas were perfectly aware that a prior sex offender was living at that residence (albeit not Megan’s assailant). Pretty sure her parents didn’t say “Stay away from that guy, but his roommates are okay.”

Puts a really big hole in the claim that she would be alive today had the registry been in effect at the time.

@eric And they really are getting a whole lot of mileage out the J. Epstein fiasco. Even after his death, the story continues in the news cycles with the “guilt by association / judged by the company you keep” downfall of Prince Andrew. Now some woman is coming forward to “tell her story” to further incite hate against us. The media really knows how to stir the pot and profit from society’s pervasive fixation with sex, fear and outrage. And of course this DA is living in a fantasy world. Ya know.. the one where he thinks he’s making a… Read more »

Oh well. Protecting children is a noble goal, but that doesn’t give anybody the right to violate the constitution.

Wow, what a transparent bid for power by way of horsesh!t to feed the masses of the gullible which unfortunately are many. What better way to make a name for yourself than take on a group of people that are easy to vilify and misunderstood by nearly everyone? This is a culture that is raised to have a “us” vs. “them” mentality to begin with so it is natural for the masses to see in Manichean terms when it comes to sex crimes regardless of what they are. They see these types of charges as something done by monsters, that… Read more »

Amen….it also sucks for the people who are lied to by the police. Police are “allowed to lie to people they question”, however to take those lies and form a confession and take THAT confession to a judge as IF it’s some kind of truth….when the officers know damn well it’s ALL made up is a HUGE moral crime. It happens. Maybe more than people even know. Why did my brother take a deal and confess to “evidence in his home they lied and said they had?” To protect his 18 year old son hi lived with him at that… Read more »

Here this Pennsylvania AG is taking the oppositional stance to the Michigan AG’s opinion concerning the necessity and efficacy of the registration regime. Each are members of the Democratic party in their respective states. Oddly the female AG in MI calls it “bloated and ineffective” while her male counterpart bemoans the potential threats to the regime’s constitutional disposition the individual state cases are bringing to the table. The latter also laments what might happen in other jurisdictions if any of the PA defendants win their case. He is worried about the precedent that may be used to free men from… Read more »

Me being a PA registrant can’t wait to see how this turns out. Technically I will be off the registry by the end of 2020 but still want to see a positive affect with this ruling hoping it may bring down the registries over time in all the states. I most certainly feel trapped in PA. Can’t travel outside the commonwealth without worrying about the registration laws in each state. This is no “freedom of movement” in my eyes compared to someone not on the registry. The AG is using fear mongering and nothing less than that to push his… Read more »

@NorthEastPenn great to hear of your burden being lifted soon. Our hope is that you will continue to advocate as you are able. Our combined voices are far greater than our individual ones. Perhaps we could, with the right organization, be of greater influence in particular districts where we can have our rights better represented in our state assemblies. I imagine that there has to be some political districts in states across this country where registrants make up a significant segment, enough to sway the outcome of a state rep or even perhaps a senate seat. In the right venue,… Read more »

Does he have the guts to replace the word “sexual abuse and “sex assault” with the words “DWI victims”, “Gang assault victims”, Domestic abuse victims” etc, etc. HE IS A PHONY & A POLITICAL HACK.

The headline should read “PA Attorney General jeopardizes constitution in favor of useless registry.” We’re already starting to see political hacks submit legislation to implement registries for additional crimes like domestic violence and animal abuse. The fact is, there should be NO registries for anything. Everyone who commits a crime gets to serve their sentence and pay their debt to society. When it’s all over, they have a right to be forgotten and live normal lives free from mob mentality tyranny. It’s alarming to see the pandering that happens anytime we’re even close to an election year. Hopefully this clown… Read more »

“It empowers survivors and helps them gain some sense of control over their lives” Actually, this statement is demonstrably false and part of the ongoing child safety propaganda mythos. What it DOES do for anyone accessing this information (not just would-be survivors) is give the viewer the illusion of control and normalcy over their personal safety and immediate family members. Megan’s Law gives the public a false sense of relief and reassurance in “knowing” where someone resides that has a prior sex conviction. This is not an informed decision, it’s a force perspective rooted in fabricated fear and the manufactured… Read more »

I was robbed once at gun point, he did a five years prison term and got out about 3 years ago( I guess) but I’ve zero for interest in ” knowing” where he is, living ,working ,volunteering etc. None. I doubt any victim of sex assault would. Who would want that??? Many children are molested by family or close friend or kin folk so how’s that for necessity from that perspective.

I was satisfied with his sentence and found I wasn’t his first. I’ll bet he has a gun now.

Please note: You CAN submit a letter to the Editor of The Morning Call. I did: “Dear Editor, The Opinion Letter by Pennsylvania’s Attorney General is a disingenuous rehashing of the standard false narratives about sexual offenses and those who commit them. Let’s look at the facts and the issues he chooses to ignore. #1: Those individuals on the sex offender Registry have a sexual offense recidivism rate of less than 1% (according to USDOJ data.) #2: The vast majority of new sexual offenses (95+%) are committed by individuals NOT listed on the Registry and most are committed by individuals… Read more »

Thanks for fighting against the Registries. You are doing a good service for all Americans. Everyone should follow your lead.

I’m not sure about the points you made though. Points #1 and #2 show that the Registries are working. Point #3 is also addressed by the Registries – the Registries are stopping attacks before they happen.

I wonder if we can find out what the numbers were before their was a registry..when I get some time I will start working on that..

btw David great job on your is very inspiring

There are some studies that have been done. I don’t have time to discuss it right now though. But I like to point out that the recidivism rate isn’t even relevant. It doesn’t matter what the rate is, the Registries make it worse. So it doesn’t matter if the rate was 5% or 70%, if you add Registries, it will be higher. Registries are counterproductive, just as all experts always said they would be. Registries do make “common sense”. But it takes very little effort to see that they are not even close to worth the damage that they cause… Read more »

The point I’m trying to make is that the Registries make no difference Operation Boo..a quick search and I found this..”However, by comparing arrest rates before and after the sex offender registration law was passed, the study found no significant difference between statistics before and after Megan’s Law was passed.” A passage from CBS news.. And then I found this..”This present study examines the sexual and general recidivism rates of 547 convicted sex offenders released before and after the enactment of Megan’s Law in New Jersey.” and.. “These results highlight the lack of impact that sex offender registration… Read more »


I think you’ll find that all studies say that Registries do not improve public safety in any significant way. Every study.

Without checking point by point, I think you and I are saying the same things.

But I wouldn’t say that Megan’s Flaw is a solution looking for a problem. Because it’s not a solution at all. It’s just a flaw.


Recidivism rates of those who committed sex crimes pre-Megan’s Law were pretty much the same. Even then, 95+ percent of sex crime was committed by those without priors. Look up any DOJ recidivism study before 1995 – there are a handful.

Please submit you letters to The Morning Call’s Editor. All of us need to actively respond, fighting back against ALL such attacks EVERY TIME we see them.

Well Done, David, Well done!

May we all follow your example.

Best Wishes, James I

Done and done!

Ultimately if these parties complaints prevail an accounting of those who made the law must be had. The legislature and the Governors who chose must be held responsible for failing to adhere to the ex post prohibition. That clause was ratified with very sound reason. The “law” in question began with the following words. “A person in prison….for….A crime.” What more evidence is necessary than truth wrought by definition. Our leadership decided to utilize a database in an unstomachable manner against its own citizens. Ad hominen attacks are the way of bullies and tyrants, name calling and identity politics hand… Read more »

Hi Tim, you inspired me to perform a quick Google search of “TSA fail rates” and here’s what I found:

Yes, it’s from more than two years ago. No, there’s nothing more recent. I suspect DHS stopped testing TSA after repeated years of high failure rates. Let’s give them even more tools so they can f@#k up even more!! 😠

(Thanks a lot, Osama bin Laden. 😒 Yes, you’re dead, but from all the sh#t we now suffer, it’s looking more and more like you won!)

It is rare to have one neighbor attack another, like WTC, when the first party did nothing first to the second. WTC was retaliatory for something! What that ‘somethings’ is I do not know!

The first WTC basement attack occurred just as OMNIBUS 94 was being contemplated HR 5533 in Congress. When division of “all of the people becomes the default disposition.” Does SOR render\ promulgate trust or distrust among the community via the peculiar use of the database machine & infrastructure?

If you are afraid that any law will be thrown out of court. Then it likely that you know that Megan’s law is illegal and unconstitutional

Hi all, I want to share this info with my fellow people. Finally the time has come where we are going to make movement on this stuff and let us be heard and comfort each other. This is a reminder that the Fearless Group designed by and for those who have been or are currently on the registry as well as their friends and family is starting in York, PA on Saturday January 11th from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  If you or anyone you know are interested please respond to this email, email, or call and leave a message… Read more »

@ James in PA: It will be helpful if you posted a web link/ URL, so people could see the flyer and information you mention.

Here’s the link to the flier for the Fearless Group meeting in York, PA on January 11th:

Here is the link that everyone check k it out:

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