3rd Annual ACSOL Conference

Together, One Voice

Show Up, Stand Up, Speak Up

June 14-15 2019, Los Angeles

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ACSOL Conference 2019

ACSOL’s 2019 Conference will feature new speakers, diverse panels and workshops and, most importantly – new opportunities for you to participate.  Conference attendees will be encouraged to ask questions directly of our experts, to engage with other participants, and to steer the direction of the conference. 

This year’s featured speakers include Eric Janus, a renowned expert on registration laws and a leading advocate for reform.  We will also hear from attorney Adele Nicholas, a tenacious advocate for registrants’ rights, and Guy Hamilton-Smith, who provides insightful perspectives on everyday issues facing Registrants. 

Of course, we will also hear from Janice, Chance, and many other favorite presenters. 

Please continue to view this website for updates as we put together an outstanding conference.

We look forward to seeing you this June 14-15, 9 am - 5 pm, in Los Angeles!


We are looking for volunteers to help make the Conference a success. Those interested in serving as helpers may be eligible for a conference scholarship.

Please contact us if you are interested. 

Conference Dinner

All conference participants are invited to attend a dinner with our speakers, panelists, and board members on

Friday, June 14
at The Dragon Restaurant

near Southwestern Law School!

Come and make new friends, discuss events at the conference, and network with people who understand and care.

Tickets to the dinner are $25, and can be purchased separately from the conference ticket.

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April 16 - May 31
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Conference Videos

View Presentations and Workshops from our 2017 and 2018 Conferences

Panels & Workshops

California Sex Offender Management Board (CASOMB)

The California Sex Offender Management Board (CASOMB) was created by the state legislature to provide legislators with information and recommendations regarding policy issues that impact registrants. A psychologist who is also a CASOMB member will discuss CASOMB’s mission and achievements, as well as answer questions.

Lea Chankin, Psy.D., Board Coordinator, CASOMB; Co-Chair, SARATSO

Understanding Risk Assessments

Many registrants are helped or hurt by the score they receive on assessments that purport to measure their risk of re-offense. These assessments will also be important for those petitioning for relief from the duty to register under the Tiered Registry Law. This workshop will discuss various risk assessment tools (e.g., Static 99-R, LSCMI, and Stable), and how to improve scoring.

Ira Ellman, ACSOL board member, and Sharon O’Hara, MFT, a therapist who specializes in working with registrants

Practical Solutions for Surviving Supervision

Registrants in both the state and federal systems often face many years of formal supervision, whether parole, probation, or supervised release. This panel will include attorneys, former law enforcement, and registrants discussing how to remain complaint while rebuilding their future.

Chance Oberstein, Attorney / ACSOL President

The Advantage of Adversity

The people who are closest to the problem are also those closest to the solution. In this presentation, ACSOL board member Guy Hamilton-Smith will discuss his personal experiences with the criminal justice system, a reluctant journey from convict to advocate, and the importance of personal storytelling and advocacy in the context of one of the most unpopular—and most important--civil rights struggles of the modern era.

Guy Hamilton-Smith, ACSOL Board Member

Why Suicide Prevention Efforts Must Include Registrants

Laura Simmons, a member of the American Academy of Suicidology, will discuss how the mental health profession can better help registrants cope with life on the registry, and share resources to help registrants and their loved ones.

Laura Simmons, Researcher

Tension, Stigma, and Storytelling:  Researchers and Anti-Registry Activism

In this presentation, ACSOL board member Dr. Emily Horowitz, Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice, will help front-line activists and professionals (researchers, scholars, teachers, advocates) to creditably discuss and teach sex offense law and policy in ways that “move the needle” without minimizing wrongdoing or misrepresenting research and data.

Emily Horowitz, Ph.D., ACSOL Board Member

Prison Issues Faced by Inmates

Our incarcerated loved ones face numerous challenges and circumstances, which are not always communicated to those on the outside. This panel will offer an inside perspective so that we can better support those in jail and prison.

Sherri Harlow, Foundation board member

CP Issues

Those convicted of offenses involving child pornography face a variety of challenges. Those challenges, as well as new research and case law on the subject of CP offenses and defendants, will be discussed.

Ira Ellman, ACSOL board member

Domestic & International Travel

Learn how to stay in compliance when traveling in the U.S. or abroad

Chance Oberstein, Attorney / ACSOL President

Tiered Registry

What happens next - discussing the current Tiered Registry Law as well as attempts to revise it in 2019 and beyond.

Janice Bellucci, ACSOL Executive Director / Attorney, Chance Oberstein, ACSOL President / Attorney and Anokhi Shah, Attorney

Effective Advocacy

In order to become an effective advocate for registrants’ civil rights in your State Capitol or City Council meeting, there are important lessons to be learned.

Janice Bellucci, Attorney / ACSOL Executive Director and Roger Hunnicutt, Foundation board member

Employment Opportunities

Registrants face unique challenges when seeking employment or starting a business.

Mark Judkins, Foundation board member

How to cope

Support for the emotional issues that challenge registrants and family members can be found in a program based upon 12-Step principles.

Alexander Gittinger, MSW, ACSOL board member

LGBTQ Issues

A discussion of the disproportionate number of registrants that identify as LGBTQ, and how being on the registry affects them.

Panel composition TBD

... more information about our schedule coming soon!

Speakers & Presenters

Eric Janus
Eric Janus
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Adele Nicholas
Adele Nicholas
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Janice Bellucci
Janice Bellucci
ACSOL Executive Director
More Info (coming soon)

Chance Oberstein
Chance Oberstein
ACSOL President
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Sharon O'Hara
Sharon O’Hara
Marriage / Family Therapist
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Sharon O'Hara
Ira Ellmann
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Lea Chankin
Lea Chankin
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Guy Hamilton-Smith
Guy Hamilton-Smith
More Info (coming soon)

Laura Simmons
Laura Simmons
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Anokhi Shah
Anokhi Shah

Emily Horowitz
Emily Horowitz, Ph. D.
ACSOL Board Member

... more Speakers added soon!

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