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Committee Permanently Stops Assembly Bill 884

The Assembly’s Public Safety Committee today permanently stopped Assembly Bill (AB) 884. The Committee, in a vote of 3 to 4, defeated AB 884 a second time. The bill was originally denied passage in April 2019, however, the same Committee granted the bill reconsideration in order to allow the bill to be modified. The author of the bill did not to modify the bill, however, and did not attend today’s hearing.

If AB 884 had become law, more than 40,000 people convicted of PC 288(a) would have been moved from Tier 2 that requires 20 years registration to Tier 3 that requires lifetime registration when the Tiered Registry Law becomes effective in 2021.

During today’s hearing, Assemblyman Bill Quirk stated he was opposed to AB 884 because it would modify the Tiered Registry Law before it became effective. There were no additional comments on the bill before it was defeated.

Because the Public Safety Committee defeated AB 884, it will not received further consideration in the Assembly or the Senate.

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  1. SR

    Great news! Glad so many people have seemingly avoid this great injustice. It’s amazing how hard some people are fighting to basically keep things exactly as they are prior to the bill. Had this succeeded, its seems like it would have left the majority of people on the registry exactly where they are today: lifetime. Everyday I hope one of these politicians family members land on the registry. Nothing changes minds faster than having to live it.

  2. Anthony

    Yep, you can have sex with a minor and get Tier 2, but if you get caught in a sting with a fictitious victim, you get Tier 3.

    • JAB

      Anthony, First off, you need to educate yourself on what a 288 (a) is. It does not mean you necessarily had intercourse. It can be simply contact or no contact at all. Second, MANY AND I MEAN MANY registrants fall under this with no contact and simple consensual relationships of a high school senior with a freshman. So your comment trying to make one statue worse than another was really BS! Come to a meeting, or better yet, show up at the capital and make a difference. While your finger pointing and whining, we will be fighting for all Tier 3’s to be changes. Stop judging your fellow registrants and being bitter over an awful legislator whom made this awful decision in placing people in tier 3! We are working our butts off trying to get this changed. We are all in this together, so show some respect.

      • Austin

        Couldn’t agree more here, lets work together and be positive

      • willie

        that is exactly right JAB IM A PERFECT EXAMPLE OFF 288a me 12 grader high school victim 14 freshman no sex force or voilence , originally given 6 months weeknds which I failed to finish. turned into 33year battle of sex offender .. im am currently tier 2 should be off registry 2021 I hope ,,,,, this is in the dreadful Riv county court sytem

  3. David

    Great news!
    (But the Bill’s author didn’t even bother to attend the Committee Meeting to defend her Bill?? Seriously? That’s pathetic.)

    • JAB

      Melendez is pathetic! At the capital last year when we defeated this bill, she couldn’t back up her bill and erroneously started every registrant has at least 200 victims and never changes! She really is uneducated and uninformed. Sadly, this moron is running for senate next year ( I believe) We must continue to stand out to fear based politicians whom continue to lie about registrants and show no respect. I am still rolling on the floor over her 200 victims per offender comment! Wow!

  4. Agamemnon

    Thank God

  5. G4Change

    Thank you, Janice, and everyone with ACSOL for continuing to have our backs!!!

  6. w

    A truly sad thing when you have to praise a very bad situation not going to extremely bad.

  7. AERO1

    Shell be back

    • Janice Bellucci

      I agree, Aero1, that Melendez will be back. And when she shows up, ACSOL will be there to stop her every step of the way.

      • Fifer Perrin

        Janice, first thank you for everything you do for us. I do have a question about when the time for being on the registry starts and finishes. I was convicted of 288 (a) in 1999. I was given parole but tricked into a violation. I was sentenced to seven yearsand served four. What does this mean for me? When will I be eligible for relief?

  8. ab

    That’s interesting….I wonder if any other proposed changes in the future will be shot down for better or worse because the tiered registry has not gone into effect.

    • Harry

      This just barely was stopped. Who are ones that voted for?

    • steve

      I know back in April there was a newer female democrat who voted yes. Newbie progressives will not be our friends.

      • Harry

        That is right Steve, a progressive of progressives Senator Harris would love to tie bricks around our feet and toss us into Pacific ocean.

        • NPS

          Well, it was Harris (as Atty. General) who stated that Jessica’s Law applied only to those on state parole instead of all registrants regardless if they were “off paper”. So she did one thing right.

        • Count D.I.K.ula (formerly David Kennerly)

          I believe that it was the courts who forced her (Kamala’s) hand, was it not?

  9. Jack

    Hey Janice, would you care to explain how 311.11 became a tier 2 offense? I was under the impression it was tier 3 before today.

    • ab

      From what I understand the felony violation of 311.11 is tier three. The misdemeanor violation is tier two or one. Anyone have better information?

  10. Jack

    It’s definitely tier 2. I just checked the law as written. For felonies it’s tier 2 misdemeanors tier 1.

    • OMG

      BUT is this tier designation based on original adjudication? Or will They recognize a reduction to misdomeanor for purposes of tier designation.

      • SR

        It SHOULD be recognized as there’s nothing that says it can be ignored. 1203.4 isn’t recognized fully for us because there’s a specific provision in 290 that says as much.

  11. Jack

    Yeah sorry I wasn’t reading the right page. Apparently, the law as amended isn’t posting up to date information. Makes sense though given how the whole thing transpired. Anyway Janice would you happen to remember the names of the assembly members who are responsible for child abuse images being upgraded to tier 3?

    • JAB

      The Tiered Registry was stopped before Gov. Brown told Lorena G. Fletcher to get it back on the table. In the last ditch effort, it was Gonzalez-Fletcher of San Diego who put CP as a tier 3. She’s been awful for any reasonable and fair changes and has always been our enemy.

  12. Jack

    Never mind Janice I managed to look back at your entries here and found her name myself. For anybody in the San Diego area her name is Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher. She’s from San Diego, which as well all know is very close to Orange County, home of a bunch of right wing nazi sympathizers.

    • Interested Party

      On the up side Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher will be term limited out of the assembly at her next election. Sadly I am sure there many more politicians willing to assume her role.

      • dh

        That’s good news that will term her “help” for standing in getting any resolve and TRegistry done right.
        Goodbye to her as she doesn’t go by facts just fear and ignorance uneducated in current SDiego affairs.

  13. Eric

    So grateful for this outcome

  14. Eric

    Here are the three members who voted to keep this horrible bill alive:

    Rebecca Bauer-Kahan (D)
    Tyler Diep (R)
    Tom Lackey (R)

    • SR

      Ugh, Khan. Even their staff seem like terrible people. When I was making the calls last year to stop the bill that may have reactivated residency restrictions, the guy who answered the phone had me spell it out what the bill was. Everyone else that spoke with were fine with me giving them the bill number. But he was like, “And which bill was that?”, with a snide tone in his voice. It was like, really? You’re really going to try and shame me by having say outloud that I’m against something that would make RCs lives a nightmare?

    • Harry

      Thanks, Eric, I have prayed that these people will have first hand horrifying experiences of what is like to be on the SOR.

  15. Jack

    Thanks for the additional info Eric. I only remembered something about three people haha.

  16. Drew

    This is indeed great news.
    Now if only Janice and her amazing team can get sexual battery 243.4(a) off of tier 3 and into tier 2, my life (as well as thousands), can finally taste freedom.

    Janice what’s the chances of this before it actually becomes law? Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

  17. ReadyToFight

    I don’t come here much these days. I’ve bout given up all hope. I don’t understand what law makers expect to get out of ruining lives and never allowing people to have inner peace. It will only end in violence. Maybe that’s what they want Violence. Because they sure as hell don’t care about individuals on either side or collateral damage.
    Anyways, I didn’t know this was even a thing and am so thankful for Janice and the vigilance of her team.
    Blanket laws and restrictions should be banned, it’s lazy lawmaking and only hurts communities. Peace

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