ACSOL Files Second Challenge to San Diego In-Person Registration Requirement During COVID-19 Pandemic


The Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ACSOL) today filed a second lawsuit challenging a city’s requirement that all registrants, including those who have high-risk COVID-19 factors, register in person.  The defendant in this lawsuit is the City of San Diego.  There are multiple plaintiffs in the lawsuit including ACSOL, a female registrant who suffers from chronic diseases, and additional registrants to be identified in the future.

“The City of San Diego, during this historic pandemic, is increasing the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus by requiring people to register in person,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.  “Therefore, we are asking San Diego Superior Court to issue a writ of mandamus that would stop this dangerous behavior.”

The lawsuit does not specify an alternate method that should be used by the City of San Diego to register individuals during a pandemic.  However, the lawsuit notes that the City of Los Angeles has already stopped registering individuals in person and instead is allowing them to register by phone.

“It is important to note that state law does not require most registrants to register in person,” stated ACSOL President Chance Oberstein.  “Therefore, the actions of the City of San Diego are unlawful.”

ACSOL filed a lawsuit yesterday challenging a requirement by the City of Murrieta that all registrants register in person.  That lawsuit was filed in Riverside Superior Court.

“ACSOL continues to research the registration requirements of cities and counties throughout California and the nation,” stated Bellucci.  “We expect to continue filing lawsuits until no one is required to register in person during the pandemic.”

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Thank you Janice Bellucci, et all!

T & S

Thank you so much for the help. Its ridiculous that this lawsuit even had to be filed.

This is so awesome – thank you!!!

Wonderful! More power to you, Janice and team

Thank You Chance and Janice. For continuing to help save the lives of not only registrants but family, loved ones and friends of registrants as well.

DAs and local law enforcement might seek legislation to amend the statute to mandate in-person registration after these suits. Any thought to getting ahead of that and offering to work with them on the language. Suggest language include exemptions for declared local emergencies, hospitalization, injury or illness, mental incapacity such as dementia, etc.

Janice, Chance & all with ACSOL: Once again, thank you, and may you be granted favor.

And I hope the city of Sandy Eggo will have to pay ACSOL attorney costs and fees for this lawsuit too. Maybe they can combine the fees/costs payment from the previous lawsuit loss with this one onto one check to save paper 🙂

Excellent!! 🤗 Way to go, Janice!! 😁👍

Note: I went to Register in Santa Ana today. The location is closed: dated March 16 until further notice! I called the number posted and registered via telephone. The girl on the line was clueless, unfamiliar with the laws and I attempted to (I now have both a primary and secondary address)?

Number: 714-647-4066 you can call this number to register. She mentioned we might have to come back in April for finger prints?

Two days ago I called the Lee County, Florida Sheriff’s department and asked them if they were still requiring in-person registrations. The answer was an unequivocal “yes”.
Then I called the Florida department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). A representative named Adam told me that the FDLE had left the decision in the hands of each county sheriff. He further told me that the decision was being based on the health and well-being of sheriff’s office staff. I asked if registered citizen’s health was being factored into these decisions and was told bluntly “no”. I then asked if a registered citizen’s health and safety was of less importance than a deputy’s. I was told that that decision would be made by each sheriff, in turn.
I emailed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ( and asked him (briefly and clearly) to suspend in-person registration in Florida.
I received no response (not even an auto-mailer).
Today I emailed Governor DeSantis again with the following Subject and text body:
Subject: SORNA In-Person Registration
Body: “Hello:
Please stop the in-person registration requirement. You are putting our lives at risk”
I attached a pdf copy of your original lawsuit
No Response still.
I also emailed several local TV stations with a copy of the original Governor Ron DeSantis email. – Nothing…No response.
Thanks for letting me post here.
PS: Janice, you are a hero to so many of us!

San Diego will see ACSOL in their dreams coming for each bad law they have…

“It is important to note that state law does not require most registrants to register in person,” stated ACSOL President Chance Oberstein. “Therefore, the actions of the City of San Diego are unlawful.”

Thanks for pointing this out. I thought RC were suppose to show up in person.

This could be one good way to get this Megan’s law removed forever!!

Who knows after this pandemic what our economic infrastructure will look like? What things will the government have to cutback to keep our nation running? How important will the Registry be when government resources are stretched to breaking point?

This could be a turning point for everything…time will tell.

I register with the Sheriff in San Diego county, so how will this lawsuit affect me.

Quote – there’s “no cure” for sex offenders. “These people can’t control their urges.”

Obviously, a myth supported by the Mental Health Association and Law Enforcement, who benefit by failing to vehemently discount and qualify this ignorant belief.

Janice I’m glad I came back on here listening to all these views, Some from the folks in CA and many other states. I’m sure we all want to get to the bottom of all this Registry issue and the many things involved in much of this ordeal.

Hey look at the crisis in New York and all over today. I will admit I have been having some bad sleeping habits over my years even though I’m single. Sure I have perticipated in NARSOL site and Even W.A.R. but I never thought comming back to Janices would give me an open view. Many depressing views on here as well as other platforms

Actually Bill gave a good insight. And actually alll of you gave a pretty good insight and even with my babbeling at times do we all second chance? Even many of the ladies have a good views on here.

And honestly Janice I don’t know why I came on here as I can’t explain it myself and at this time of being optimistic.

I wonder if the Providence Foundation would sponser a state wide lottery or should two wrongs make a right or even a church sponser bingo games and yes my mom use to love bingo. I can just hear my grandmother balling my mom out at times for going to bingo.

And yes this is an opportunity for you also Chance so get in touch with Steven McDowell in Charlottesville, VA and I’m sure it wil be a very interesting meeting. I sure it will open a new avenue. Bill actually you supprised me with your comment and many of you all did to on here also. Janice knows how to get in touch with me if need be.

So do you think the Providence Foundation would sponser a state wide Lottery?

Your probably wondering right now scratching your head and saying is he off the wall or I don’t even understand him or whats he talking about a lottery. Well I never could understand my how government could be so dominant and yet so vain. Government Law is interesting.

Should we all look at the sex registry as one big theological lesson or a stumble in the dark or some man made get rich scheme that has come upon us all. Nobody can even contemplate this Convid-19 ordeal or even understand it. Sure I never liked my history teacher much and even civics classes but government law was interesting. Matter of fact I would of liked to been in shop classes instead of college prep but it is what it is.

Dad would even tell me they don’t teach these kids anything today and oh yes they taught a bit better in the early days. Today sometimes things are missing. Liberty today is a Patric Henery nightmare it seems or a give me liberty or give me death.

Now look at it today. Govenment couldn’t even understand or reason with Abrham, Martin, and John. Sad state of affairs in many area’s of government. Sure this country was built on idea’s and with good intent. So should we all ever give up the hope to change one’s course of action but truth and justice never fails with right principal.

So who is overstepping their authority in many ways today with this unjust justice of and Old Testament flavor. I believe Janice and the team can carry on and help win the fight in much of this. Its pulling together together that counts in many ordeals

The right to protect oneself from government intrusion is a basic individual right.
It is ratified under the U.S. and State’s constitution by many means, structures and clauses. The basic concept of individual liberty is far too broadly overrun by the popularity of socialist thought and ideals whIch traditionally prescribe ” law” via the identity politics with the term SEX OFFENDER. The case here one more time expression of the intent behind the lable.

The virus brings a new dimension to the socialist trend even if it is for our own good. While entire sectors of commerce are under GOVERNMENT ORDER to ceases and desist general assembly where deemed “necessary” by authority. Yet it is important to consider what other considerations will be uniquely advantaged by the bills of relief prescribe by profiteers. After all far more die by abortions, auto\other accidents, heart failure or stroke from obesity that occur yearly then the mortality rate expressed by the covid-19 virus so far. Only time will tell.

@Tim, your making a lot more sense now, at least to me anyway. My brother which was a Dentist in Florida went to ABU in Phillippi, WV. I believe that a christian universaty in an historic civil war town. He was a gun collector to but thats besides the point of this issue we are talking about. And yes my brother was a Civil War buff.

Sure political theology is actually needed in government today as their is to much confusion in many respects of misrepesentation by governments today or do we all just seperate everyone today, pass unfair judgements on one, use coercive-overbearing slick way ways to get to a confession or take one’s rights away. Many regular voters dont’ know about this.

Yes Political theology is much needed today in many respects in government. Sure we all would like a quick answer to much of this registry. Yes I first contacted Janice about 8 yrs ago I listened to one of her video’s on the net. She was talkng about a second chance issues.
Yes it impressed me I started learning a bit more. Course I always had my basic roots as my grandmother was strict in a lot of ways. Believe it or not she even wrote to the governor of Virginia back than to get her son out of prison..

That was about the time of Pearl Harbor so they shipped him and his friend off to fight the war at that time. Guess her letter worked. This registry holds many different angles and many different ordeals. I won’t go into all that as I’m sure everybody knows whats going on today.

I met a person on here by chance and one of his church members got into a bit of a jam with the registry and he was in their with him when he/they went to court. This plea deal thing is a bit much and that was about five years ago into my ordeal. Sure all this one has to put in prospective.

Even a little with righteousness is better than great revenue of right and sometimes one has to lesson how to speak softly and/or carry a big stick. Even a bible helps.

Actually we were living in the logan county and my grandmother was in the tri-state of WV and she wrote a leter to the Gov of WV. Dad wamted tp gp tp war om WWI but was refused because of flat feet. I even worked at buffalo creek diaster when that happen handing out food and other essentials at a school area back in those days. One couldnt’ even go around a school today.

and Will, Gralphr is right about these things come up. We’ve always had registries in one form of another even bad politic’s but a pandemic is nothing to sneeze about. And love & peace I’m sure this will pass. Right now I’m worried about my electric as it went off a while ago but seems to be back on now.

Let’s keep the comments professional. We can’t blame everyone else for being on the registry. The registry was created by politicians and the new harsher laws where secondary to additional crimes being committed (Megan’s Law). If you had a child killed or assaulted, you might feel the same. As I’ve read multiple times, one law doesn’t fit everyone. We have out of control offenders with multiple convictions and those who made that one mistake and turned their life around. Finally, we have an opportunity to get off the registry in 2021 and if you read the law, the SARATSO won’t apply to everyone. I don’t agree with the registry and think it’s totally out of line, but it’s not going away. Changes can be made! Why don’t you guys think of ways? Volunteer? Donate? Get involved? Some of you sound like a broken record player? Think of creative ways to make changes! Janice, thanks for the input. I’m going to run with it before 2021 and if (I think it will) doesn’t work, I have no doubt 2021 will be granted! No doubt! Stay focused, be positive and stay vigilante!

@ Eric I just read judges issue in the suit from the link and if I know janice the battle has just began! Her team are plugging in there and making strides. There are many steps to take in a civil challenge but one has to always reach for the golden ring. Patience is a virtue or is the judge perverting justice in not wanting to hear truth during this emergency type pandemic type of situation. Sounds somewhat unprofessional to me of this judge.

LA has just closed all beaches and trails until April 19th! This could be extended. All (most) stores are closed and the streets are deserted! OC shut their establishment that registers on March 16th! Yet, SD is still requiring registrants to come in? In NY, 11% or 500 NYPD tested positive for the Coronavirus? Is Long Beach still requiring registration? LA? Riverside? SF?