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WHY? In this land of the free! We have more people in cages. Than any other countries. And yet the usa claim to be the most free country in the world. We are a very very bad country! As this YouTube vid points out we are junk!!

I prefer the thought that we are special…made of stardust. Then I realize that sentiment applies to everything that exists, including cockroaches, dog poo, toxic waste. All stardust. 😩

That video of The Newsroom shocks me every time I see it. It represents what I grew up believing about America. It certainly isnt that way anymore.

Can anyone tell me why police in Alabama can and still collect All INTERNET INFORMATION FROM RCs ?
Thanks 👍

Drake…I guess until someone has an attorney challenge them on their actions they will continue to abuse their power. ACSOL has won numerous cases of civil rights abuses in California.

Duh !!!
Cant fight in courts all our lives 😠
That is NOT the ANSWER !

So here in Colorado our law states after successful discharge from the state and 10 years passes with no crime committed you can petition to be removed from the registry. From how it sounds it’s just that there is still a real possibility of a judge denying me. All the lawyers said they recommend another eval and probably treatment because it’s been so long since my originals. I was 19 over 16 years ago and I just want this nightmare to end. I don’t want to do classes or another eval again why should I? Why am I being punished again plus I can’t afford a lawyer on top of all that. I’m lucky I even have a job…

@Lost in CO

Getting another eval may seem to be a pain, e.g. time, money, etc, but if the conclusions now are in line with previous conclusions from another eval, you have shown a history of not being a threat. Heck, even a clean record shows that, but a current eval does not hurt you. It should not have to come to this…but it is the system.

According to the most recent feds in fed courts concerning the concept of an electronic offender registry( database) as unconstitutional on various grounds; it make one consider the 9th circuits decision making was on point in the first place. Long before the 2003 decision(s)
The 9th merely disagreed in identifying the exact nature indenture of the incongruity. No one bothered to weigh the nature of the machine infrastructure into the equation. None considered the electronic cyber world as real property. The implications abound on many levels especially concerning notions of individual sovereignty and privacy, most often readily and easily overrun by the nature of it all. Make no mistake there is no greater threat to individual sovereignty and liberty than the misuse of the infrastructure itself.

I spend most of my post referring to the machine as it relates to the sex offender with good reason. By closely examining man’s choices one can indeed learn. That is the errant notion most observable in the concept of the registries applied so broadly – the presumption zero sex offenders ( humans) learn thus implicating real need for the machine. Once guilty does not a pattern mske! That’s is basic science. The only science at play here is political science which infact, isn’t science at all. To that point I offer this la no to those who may think my brain is fried.

Judicial watch IMO could spend more time actually watching judges instead of playing lapdog for certain benefactors of the Republican ilk, but sometimes a nugget drops from the horse’s mouth. The point being the sex offender made for the perfect opportunity as a scapegoat for implementing a foundation for an affirmative agenda.

Hopefully after today, DA Jackie Lacey will be out of a job if she looses today’s election. If any of you had not heard or seen yesterdays news:

Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey’s husband pointed a gun at protesters outside their Granada Hills home. This incident was recorded and can be watched here:

It looks like Jackie will be re-elected. I just don’t understand voters these days.

Just completed my fourth overseas trip in recent years. For the first time, I made it through passport control on my return without being sent to secondary screening. Just put my passport in the computer kiosk, got a clearance ticket from the machine, and went on my way.

When I went through this in November I was sent to secondary, and I asked why this was happening. Told that the computer system for passport control doesn’t communicate with the system used for tracking the travel notifications. They were working on it, I was told.

Since things went smoothly this time, I’m wondering if they finally got the system working. Or was it a fluke. Don’t know, but it was really a pleasure to re-enter the country without being subjected to secondary.

That would certainly be nice if “no secondary” became routine.

It could be that they didn’t want to waste any resources just to annoy someone on the registry when screening people for the coronavirus, which actually can do damage.

I know the immediate goal is to rid/ improve the registry, but I’d like to know what work has been done or is being planned for employment. As far as I know it’s illegal to use the registry as discrimination in employment (in CA) and yet, that very thing has been used to deny jobs.

Our work around is long, tedious, or requires money. A lot of which registrants do not have.

I was told flat out registering at my pd station that “registrants don’t have actual jobs.”

An officer showed up at the door just recently this morning and informed me that the high school principal has denied me access to the college class. He said that all classes must be on the college (this class is NOT offered there or online). He provided me paperwork on the rules of sex offenders on campus, but it is all written as if the person would access the actual high school property within its gates. The college class modules sit behind the high school as a separated part. I called the high school to speak with the principal. I was told he was away until Friday.


At this point, sounds like you’ve possibly got a legal situation a ACSOL atty could help with?? Denying a person a chance at furthering themselves via education because of the situation you’re under is wrong.

If you’re still denied, that sounds pretty ripe for a lawsuit. You’re being denied an education as you have no other option for what you want to do.

Would it do any good to start building a catalog (database), that could be used by Janice or others fighting for the rights of registrants, that provides specific examples (it would be tens of thousands of events) where registrants are denied something (housing, job, taking a college course, opportunity to volunteer, denied the ability to watch their own child graduate, travel, visit a loved on in the hospital, access to a shelter due to a natural disaster, etc), that could serve as evidence that while the “intent” of the registry isn’t to punish, but that’s exactly what it’s used for. Some of the things we are denied range from senseless to unconstitutional. If more law makers and judges could see a list of thousands of things we are denied on a daily basis, real world examples of how we and our families suffer, would they care????

Perhaps there could be a page added to this site where people could submit their story of denial that could be used to build a database that could prove useful when CA RSOL goes to bat for us? Help lawmakers understand that the “intent” of something doesn’t mean it’s not used for something else by others.

Every single time that I am inconvenienced because of Registration, in any way, I retaliate. Long ago I committed myself to ensuring that society suffers more from Registries than I do. So they pay every time. And it is for EVERY inconvenience. If I think I didn’t get a contract because of the Registries, then I have to retaliate for it. Etc., etc., etc.

I think all People Forced to Register (PFRs) should follow that exact route. Ensure that Registries are worthless. Then ensure they do as much harm as possible. That is the proper, moral, American response to the criminal harassment.

I’ve promised myself if I am ever arrested for any Registration issue, there is going to be a very, very serious retaliation. It just has to be. Being arrested is not acceptable. Heck, I retaliate just because I live under idiotic threat of arrest.

If these criminal regimes had any sense at all they would work very, very hard to fix their Registries so that the families forced to be listed on them were not being harmed. But they obviously don’t have much sense. They don’t actually care about protecting children or public safety. Those are lies. They care about how they feel, getting their jollies, and $$$$$. That’s it.

If these criminal regimes wanted to keep their Registries toy and actually cared about facts, fairness, morality, and stopping retaliation, they could go a long way toward those goals by:

1. Removing all requirements/harassment/punishment/restrictions on PFRs. That would require the criminal regimes to all of the information themselves. They lie all the time about how they are “verifying” the information anyway. So just collect it. That would have the added benefit that they wouldn’t have to whine and cry about how they have to depend on “$EX offenders” to get the information.

2. Register every single crime that was ever committed. Start by Registering people who have shot people with guns. Or beaten people. Or driven drunk. The tiered Registries would have to go.

Registries are useless. It is a shame that the scumbags that support them think their toy can exist without all of America being harmed.

What they’re doing now on these “sweeps” is parking in the road (not on your property) and shining a bright LED light from one of their cruisers into the front door. This went on for 30 minutes, then a mobile crime lab with a German Shepherd barking his ass off rolled up. Two of them were standing in the road with a clipboard thinking I would trot out their and sign it. I DIDN’T! I didn’t even turn the porch lights on or make any curtain movements (which they were certainly eyeballing hard) Needless to say, this practice can be construed as an act of aggression and a threatening gesture.

The best way to handle this shit show is NOT to engage them or acknowledge their existence. Let them leave without a signature and frustrated. Their fragile egos and morale is always lowered when they can’t get their way.

They accomplished only 3 things:

1. Pissed off the neighbors with their clown show.
2. Disturbed the peace.
3. Made a spectacle out of themselves (not me).


What you saw is military style Psyops to break you and isn’t a new tactic but can be construed as aggressive and threatening due to its intent. There’s no other purpose. Document it as best you can in all ways.

Well, their “proactive” shock & awe mission failed then. They all thought I would sheepishly go out there thinking it would expedite things, but I know how they think. I’ve been off probation for 5 years, but it WOULD have transitioned into asking for “consent to search.” An obvious fishing expedition for registry violations.

I’m not falling for that garbage.They cannot argue the facts – so they need to create a circus to distract.

Yeah, after you document as much as you can with invisible cloaking go to any and allllll those powerful and effective lawyers everywhere in your fed, state county and city, then you can have them claim all kinds of great legal and awsome declarations about abuses you have suffered, of course you will be rewarded and heard because you are an upstanding citizen with lots of support and you deserve to be vindicated …
Now, that we are done with the dream world…we can start focusing on really getting together in masses and march together against Gov. BEFORE ITS TOOOO LATE !!!
instead of waiting on silly notions of Orgs doing what we need must do…. ACT NOW!
We waited when Registry was established until a million are on it !
We waited and the Gov and Vigilantes have murdered and injured a very large #, with outright and silent attacks too subversion tactics to destroy in cruel and usual/unusual ways..
What happened to TRAVEL RIGHTS
So, lets just turn our attention to Finally doing something before this Gov does what Germany did and no one will blink until the EVIL HAS BEEN FULFILLED AND THE AUTROCITY IS OVER AND DONE WITH !


They may have failed, but that does not obviate you from documenting and following up, if you like, with whoever you want to get it stopped and not let them continue. If they do this to you, how many others are receiving it too?

@Facts – If you are not on parole or probation, the general rule (with only a few exceptions) is that law enforcement must have a search warrant before they can search your home. You did the right thing by ignoring the tactics used by the police to “get your attention”. In what state did this occur? I have written letters to police departments complaining about similar tactics and I would be willing to write a letter on your behalf if you live in CA where I am licensed to practice law.

@Facts should matter:
My first thought was, “get a large mirror and shine the SOBs with their own super-bright LED,” but then I realized they would claim they were threatened by your actions and that’s why they opened fire and/or raided your property.

That aside, @TS has a good point about documenting it. It certainly doesn’t fit normal TBL behavior that the courts have allowed. They are allowed to approach, knock on the door, and either engage the resident or leave if no answer JUST LIKE ANY OTHER PERSON DOES. What you’ve described is not that nor do they have reasonable suspicion of any suspicious or illegal behavior. It’s purely and simply harassment. Document, document, document.

Facts ~ What State/ County are you in, and are you still on paper? If not, that really is not justifiable. They have no right to show up for no reason at all and shine a light at your front door. Who gives them this authority? There is no such thing as a compliance check if you are in compliance.n If you were out of compliance, maybe, but not if you have given them no reason at all. That’s a bunch of BS.

A legitimate, legal law enforcement (LE) agency would never do such a thing. The people who did this are children. They are probably dumb as hell also. Which makes them dangerous.

I think all of us should be working all of the time to keep an eye on LE. They are ALWAYS doing something illegal, somewhere, somehow. Always. Join groups that keep an eye on them and help. Weed out the bad apples. Vote good people in instead.

I work against them all the time. I very recently did a write-up on the compensation of a sheriff in a county in the state where I live and I sent it to all of the people in his organization. The guy is way over-compensated as most of them are. So I sent it to all of the other people and suggested that they compare it to their own compensation. Then vote out of the piece of trash. It caused a lot of chaos and dissent, which is perfect. The more they have to fight themselves, the less time they have for committing crimes and harassing.

They want war, so give it to them. They can see how difficult their lives are when the community does not support or respect them.

A quick (non) update on Millard v. Rankin. My heart leaped for a split second when I saw last docket activity was today, March 4. However my hopes were quickly dashed. Today’s activity was a denial of a request from March 2 by a gentleman wanting to file an amicus brief. The three judges today denied his request.

I was sooo hoping they’d finally acted. Rats and drat.


A gentleman? Any specs on said gentleman, e.g. who, where from, etc?

Thanks for watching it AJ. I’ve almost given up thinking about it! And then BAM, it’ll hit like a ton of bricks.

Another good company wanting to save the soccer moms from those on the registry…

We briefly mentioned here, with an article, Twitter was pissed Clearview AI was scraping their system for photos to be included in their database. Now, someone in CA, using the CA Consumer Privacy Act, has followed up to see what Clearview AI has on them, which can be read below at the link. Pretty scary all things considered, especially for folks in this forum, People Forced to Register, and their associates, family, friends.

“Clearview’s system, the company says, is “an after-the-fact research tool. Clearview is not a surveillance system and is not built like one. For example, analysts upload images from crime scenes and compare them to publicly available images.” In doing so, it says, it has the power to help its clients—which include police departments, ICE, Macy’s, Walmart, and the FBI, according to a recent Buzzfeed report—stop criminals: “Clearview helps to identify child molesters, murderers, suspected terrorists, and other dangerous people quickly, accurately, and reliably to keep our families and communities safe.”” They make a pretty large leap there in their assumptions…

Here’s the File Clearview AI Has Been Keeping on Me, and Probably on You Too – We used the California Consumer Privacy Act to see what information the controversial facial recognition company has collected on me.

Stories like this makes me feel like the death knell is coming for this registry.

It’s harder and harder to say that taking a picture and putting their information up without their consent and with no proof that it works is not punishment. It is, plain and simple.

You are Amazing! Thank You for posting your article!

🤔 But WE are the ones on a Registry!?


And in some states of the US of A, the DUI would put them on a registry, e.g. OH has a DUI registry but takes 5 DUI convictions to be eligible.


httpss:// 903faea7-4f7a-5d49-a717-709b9c1a642f.html


What are We going to do? What happens when one of us has to be quarantined in a hospital that has a – for instance a daycare on the same premises? Are we unable to go there? Who calls this?

What are we going to do. Who has the answers. I asked Fed PO they don’t have an answer. I asked the State, they don’t have an answer.

Think and let’s get right, right now.

Best to you all.

The rules do not change for Coronavirus. You would be treated the same as now if you caught the flu, cholera or any other affliction. If treatment contradicts your particular exile and banishment rules, the former citizen rules trump treatment. You will be sent away to die.

Sent away to die my ass. More like I would lick every hand rail and door knob I could find

I was reading SCOTUS opinions today on a paper I’m working on for class.

Remove the RESPONDENT name with your own, and remove the PETITIONER name with the AG, and it sounds great, but I know there’s more to it, dreaming – if it was only that simple.

@ Jason: *confused* How does this SCOTUS case relate to any of us?

Question, or opinion.

I have court coming up, I have a good and experienced attorney representing me, the prosecutor agreed to change formal probation to informal, the victim did not object to the change, and the Probation Officer report that the judge requested is positive in stating I’ve never violated, done everything I’m supposed to do and also supports the modification of probation. I’ve taken every SO test you can take and all came back low risk, or recommend administrative completion. I’m a business owner, I’m also a full-time student, I’m engaged and made a life for my self. I have 9 more months left of 4-year probation for a PC288.4(b)-F.

The judge, on the other hand, is 50/50, he’s fair but in previous motions, he’s like suck it up, or the prosecutor wouldn’t agree because the case was a transfer. I feel this time will be a little different given everyone is on the same page, but there’s that one major factor, the judge.

The question I have is in the event the judge denies my motion, should I Appeal, should I just move counties and pray the next judge has some compassion, or man up and press on with the remaining 9 months?

If you’re denied, any particular reason you’d want to do something as extreme as moving just because you have less than 9 months remaining? Is being on formal probation doing something that effects your life more than informal would? Unless you have a very strong reason, I’d just ride out the last 9 months.

Interesting that you’d ask to change from a formal to informal probation as opposed to asking to stop probation altogether. In that respect, it’s still probation. With mostly everyone agreeing, I don’t see why the judge would deny it, tbh. If everyone is recommending informal from formal, with another alternative is to commute your probationary period completed, then it’s still a win for the court system.

Otherwise, I’d stick out the 9 months and not be encumbered with moving as well as re-registering in a new area.

Getting your probation completed this early would ensure you not be on Megan’s List (provided your offense qualifies via 1203.4) from the get go b/c in 9 months the new tiered registry scheme starts. Unless your probation ends in December, then you might have a clerical chance.

You have posted this in another thread and are misinforming people. I’ve consulted with an attorney on this and most people are going to appear on the website after the new tiered system goes into effect. (Even ones who are currently exempt) Completing probation or having an expungement have nothing to do with it.

@Vic-LAC, You really need to wait and see what happens. An appeal for this sort of thing has a low likelyhood of success unless there was an error in the interpretation of law or a clear error made as to the facts. Otherwise it is an abuse of discretion appeal and since district courts are allowed very broad discretion, typically such an appeal would be futile unless one of the other two reasons would apply.

Not that there’s ever a good time to be locked up, but this could be a really bad time…

Nice work ACSOL on the Fresno roll back I just read on the national office’s website.


For those not familiar with the FAC (Florida Action Committee), they have opened a YouTube channel a few weeks ago with some great videos.

Woke up today to find facebook disabled my account that I’ve had since 2009, I don’t know how they figured me out but it sucks

People who think Facecrook needs to ban People Forced to Register are simply morons. There is just no one with a brain who thinks that is needed or does anything useful. Do the morons really think if Facecrook SUPPOSEDLY keeps N people off of their platform that the “safety” there has changed in any way? Are there any people actually that dumb? Maybe. But I feel more likely is that people just like the ban simply because it makes them feel good. Pretty much the only real reason.

No government, government organization (LE, fire, sanitation, whatever), or government funded organization should be allowed to use Facecrook. It should be illegal. There is just no way that anyone can justify allowing them to use Facecrook when some citizens are actively prevented from participating. No way. I’ve been a member of the ACLU forever and paid them a lot of money. It is disappointing that they show no interest in these crimes.

If I were you, I’d start 10 new Facecrook accounts right now. Just because.

Set up a VPN account with Cyber Ghost and slways turn it on before doing anything on the Net!


Over the last three months, Facebook has been asking people to voluntarily upload a picture of themselves for Facial Recognition! There are many others who lost their accounts just like you! I have constantly refused their attempts, and it has only happened on one of my lesser used accounts, not my main accounts!

Got another jury duty summons for LA County, CA. Curiously I had gotten one last November. Didn’t get to serve. I thought I was done for another year but whatever.

Anyway, I’m looking at the questions (Are you a citizen, do you speak English, etc) and notice one at the end I don’t remember seeing last time. “I am required to register as s sex offender pursuant to Section 290 of the Penal Code for conviction of a felony.” I can check a Yes or No box. I really don’t remember this last time.

How should I answer? My original conviction was a felony but I had it reduced and expunged last year. I no longer technically have a felony, just expunged misdemeanor. If I say yes, would they disqualify me?

With the coronavirus fears it probably wouldn’t happen anyway, I’m sure any cases are being postponed.

How long has this question been a thing?


@ JesusH: Yes, that question must be relatively new. I do not recall seeing it on past jury summons that I had received. (But the last one I received was probably about four years ago.)


That question should be asked during voir dire and not on the initial question sheet unless they ask about more than just that matter. Seems unconstitutional.

You no longer have a felony. You need to check NO.

Yup. Once your charge has been reduced, then it will always be declared a misdemeanor from hence on.

“17 (b) When a crime is punishable, in the discretion of the court, either by imprisonment in the state prison or imprisonment in a county jail under the provisions of subdivision (h) of Section 1170, or by fine or imprisonment in the county jail, it is a misdemeanor for all purposes under the following circumstances”

Don’t check it! It no longer applies to you! Never volunteer information you don’t have to!

Coming up on 5yrs since my conviction. Feels like the 1st day out of jail. Nothing has changed. In fact, with what is happening with this virus, it has made things worse.
Went to my brother and sis’ – in – law’s other day after a 3 yr absence. Trying to reconnect. Was told, “There must be millions on the registry, doesn’t seem like a big deal to me. There’s tons of jobs available, just choose one. You don’t have to work in your profession.” I didn’t bother to respond. I just got up and left. I didn’t even look back. Realized how blind the public is. Either they hate us for no known reason, or they are in denial that the registry is any issue at all.
5 yrs since I have slept in a bed. 5 yrs since I have talked to a friend. 5 yrs since I have gone to a movie, any event, or any place I used to enjoy.
Each day is waking up wondering why I did what I did. Why I threw my life away, and if today is the day I decide to not continue. I am as close to completely broke and homeless as I can get. I honestly am not sure I can pay April rent. At least my car is registered and insured so I can sleep in it. Thought about driving up the coast, finding a quiet secluded place, and leaving the signed car title on the dash. Whom ever finds the car can have it. Then just swim away. No evidence left behind. No more registering, no more struggling, no more worries. Maybe never will follow through, maybe tomorrow is the day.

Sometimes the simple things of everyday life are enough. Sometimes we have to make our own enough. Good luck. Take care.

Thx, but even everyday life now seems to intense. I have clawed my way up this hill so many times over the past 5, only to be tossed back down.

ADAT, I and many others have felt the same way… just disappear and it’ll be all good. I’m still here fighting them for almost 2 decades. Hang in there.

Seems many things in my life happen on a 10 yr cycle. My parents divorce when I was 10 yrs old. I went to 6 different schools in 10 yrs. my military service was 10 yrs. even my best relationship lasted 10 yrs. maybe this can be the same. Maybe if I can some how manage 5 more yrs., I can be free of this back breaking burden.

Hang in there, buddy. You are not alone in this. There are also a few others on here that are prior military, myself included. Was yours a military conviction?
We are all in the same boat, regardless. Things can change, sometimes for the better. Just know that you aren’t alone! If you need someone to vent to, we are here.

I stumbled upon the news that “the Supreme Court is about to find Obamacare (ACA) Unconstitutional”. Because the individual mandate doesn’t produce any revenue, then it is no longer a tax. If it is no longer a tax, then it is compelled to buy out of a business, which is unconstitutional. It was the Supreme Court that induced the ACA by calling it a tax. Now, they have to correct themselves.

If that can happen, then why can’t we re-visit the 2003 Smith v Doe case to re-address the statistics and how the 7 factors of M-M will now fail that statutory scheme, but, rather, it is punishment. Why not utilize those who dissented in the case with Justices Souter, Ginsberg, and Breyer?

Justice Souter wrote,
“No matter how often the Court may repeat and manipulate multifactor tests that have been applied in wholly dissimilar cases involving only one or two of these three aspects of these statutory sanctions, it will never persuade me that the registration and reporting obligations that are imposed on convicted sex offenders and on no one else as a result of their convictions are not part of their punishment. In my opinion, a sanction that (1) is imposed on everyone who commits a criminal offense, (2) is not imposed on anyone else, and (3) severely impairs a person’s liberty is punishment.

It is therefore clear to me that the Constitution prohibits the addition of these sanctions to the punishment of persons who were tried and convicted before the legislation was enacted. As the Court recognizes, “recidivism is the statutory concern” that provides the supposed justification for the imposition of such retroactive punishment. Ante, at 105 (opinion in No. 01-729). That is the principal rationale that underlies the “three strikes” statute that the Court has up-held in Ewing v. California, ante, p. 11. Reliance on that rationale here highlights the conclusion that the retroactive application of these statutes constitutes a flagrant violation of the protections afforded by the Double Jeopardy and Ex Post Facto Clauses of the Constitution.”

If “recidivism is the statutory concern”, then debunking the false recidivism rates utilized by that SCOTUS carries a heavy weight on deciding statutory v punishment.

Since the recidivism rates for sex offenders are low, then we can also bring up Justice Souter’s perspective: “a sanction that (1) is imposed on everyone who commits a criminal offense, (2) is not imposed on anyone else, and (3) severely impairs a person’s liberty is punishment.”

Justices Breyer and Ginsberg identified how the M-M (Mendoza-Martinez) test proved the registry was punishment back then. Today, that can easily be supported that it is punishment and how more laws have become rampant. The IML does stifle free travel.

Right now, the states that are winning against the registry are winning against their state and not actually casting doubt upon 2003 Smith v Doe. Remember, “recidivism is the statutory concern” is the main reason why the registry exists today and isn’t punishment as well as the length of time on the registry. Dr. Ira and Tara Ellmen have a research paper exposing the false fact of “frightening and high” recidivism rates that the Supreme Court used to shape the registry today as statutory.

Alaska found the registry unconstitutional. Michigan and Pa recently did as well. What is it going to take to be able to re-visit 2003 Smith v Doe to correct the recidivism rates as well as correct the M-M factors that the registry is punishment?

What specific changes have the rulings in Alaska, Michigan, and Pennsylvania triggered?

It is my understanding that, in Michigan, if your convicted offense predates their 2011 SORNA Law, they won’t allow you to register!

Just a rant/vent. So in a few months I celebrate my 10 years on the hit-list. I’ve talked to few attorneys in my area (MA), and they believe there is a strong possibility of me petitioning to get off the list. And at the very least, they guarantee I could get reduced from a level 2 to a 1. The only thing stopping me? They’ve all quoted in the ~$10,000 range to get it done. Must be nice to be rich….

I’m sure petitioning the court can be done without a lawyer. Read the law on petitioning, read advice here and on other advocate sites, and go for it. If you don’t have the money for a lawyer what will you do otherwise?

I don’t go to court, at least not initially. I need to present in front of the Registration Board and basically plead my case. I’ve been told by a lot of people you should never do that without legal representation. And even if I did, I’d “might” get lowered to a level 1, but they would not grant full relief at that time. That’s when I would appeal to the court, and would absolutely require legal representation. I wish it was just that easy to petition for it, but they’ve made it so if you don’t have representation you don’t stand a chance.

On this National Day of Prayer, I pray for all those here who are forced to register and impacted as a family, friend, or colleague as well as those who fight in the courts, meetings, or otherwise for us who want their help.

Mayor Bill de Blasio plans to nationalize certain industries in order to contain the virus. Here it comes folks. Lets look at what happened to Venezuala. We’ve been saying for years that the registry was just the beginning. These idiots are going to make a powerplay. When was the last time our government gained control of anything and EVER gave it back. Kind of like their justification for increasing taxes to accomplish a goal. Once accomplished the tax doesnt go away

@ Warpath: Bill de Blasio is only a city mayor. Mayors do not have the authority to nationalize anything. (To “nationalize” refers to actions that can only be taken by the Federal [i.e., our national] government in Washington DC.)

Court development –

SCOTUS delaying oral arguments due to COVID-19:

I can see this rippling to other Fed courts possibly. This mean they can work on publishing opinions and discuss them from home??

Bill de Blasio nationalizing industries? Source?
Venezuela is a pretty poor example. China would have been a better example because many of their industries are actually nationalized. But China has the virus under control. America is the place having problems right now. And getting rid of the “big bad government” won’t solve our problem with the registry because there’s always private citizens who live in fear and will do everything to scapegoat registered sex offenders. The solution is smart citizens and smart government, no matter how big or small.

I don’t get how a Mayor can nationalize anything. Sounds like fake news.

Thanks for the link. It’s actually funny. I can’t see why any news service would even publish his dumb statements…..oh wait, FOX News. Yes, good idea because the Government is best at running everything or anything? Our government can’t even send supplies to the Space Station, but Russia and SpaceX can do it easily and quickly?

Of course if Fixed news said it, it must be true! Instead of taking Fox’s miscontrued comments verbatim, the true story is mayor DeBlasio is frustrated that private medical supplierscan’t even provide the simple stuff like hand soap and medical ventilators which we’re going be real short on if this virus gets out of hand, so maybe we should have the US government “cordinate” with suppliers to get more goods produced, just like we did in WW2. De Blasio wasn’t talking about some Soviet style takeover of Walmart Ha! Ha! Only Fixed News would think up something like that. Remember we’re about facts on this forum because God knows we have a lot of misinformation said about us

Fox New’s favorite billionaire president just invoked the wartime defense production Act. It involves the government taking control of industry,disolving labor disputes, setting prices, freezing evictions and bank mortgages, etc. etc. etc. So according to your line of thinking,tea party star Donald Trump is more of a socialist than Bill De Blagio could ever hope to be. LOL!

Venezuela is the perfect example. They nationalized their oil industry, then shipping and then healthcare. Their economy went into the tank and began regulating and taxing more and more. They imprisoned thousands for speaking out against the government. Does any of this sound familiar? I’m not saying it is an exact example but it is an example of socialism in action with a side of dictatorship

Venezuela is not a “socialist” country, although it calls itself one. The failure of the country’s economy is due to complete corruption at the top, which got much worse under Madero. Socialism is about public ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, directing them toward human and public need. Capitalism is private ownership of production and distribution for profit. Maduro’s government is neither socialist nor capitalist, but a mafia-state, where production and distribution are done for the sake of some kleptocrats at the top.
The United States has had tons of propaganda since the Cold War confusing Americans about these issues. it has confused forms of government (democracy, autocracy, theocracy, etc.) with forms of an economy (capitalist, socialist, mixed, etc.) The reality is, most modern economies are mixed, to one degree or another. Ours is, for example. And it is worth noting that in the mixed economies of the Scandanavian nations, which also have governmental democracies, their people have consistently polled to be the happiest in the world.
I think what most people want is democracy, not dictatorship. Our propaganda outlets have successfully convinced many Americans that socialism is identical with dictatorship, but that is profoundly not true. Large sectors of an economy can be publicly owned, and there is no reason in principle that the government that presides over such a economy cannot be a democracy. And the converse is also true: Hitler and Mussolini presided over capitalist economies (despite the misleading name of the Nazi’s “National Socialists”).
At bottom, it is not things like the U.S. Postal Service post or the Tennessee Valley Authority public utility (marvelously working socialist sectors of our economy) that are problematic. It is the lack of democracy, which occurs in capitalist as much as socialist economies. Indeed, in a capitalist economy, which inevitably develop into great economic inequality (without “socialist” measures, such as those of the New Deal), governments are easily corrupted by the influence of private wealth. Because money can so easily corrupt politicians, to a large degree capitalism and democracy are in fact incompatible — democracy will invariably be undermined by the corruption of wealth under capitalism, at least absent “socialist” measures. Some people, of course, see the erosion of democracy as a major problem here, and one that is getting worse.

The Venezuelan petroleum industry industry was nationalized under a a ”quasi socialist” president in 1976–way before Chavez and Maduro. Social Democratic president Carlos Perez also nationalized hydro, aluminum, iron and a host of many other industries as well as the expansion of social welfare programs. During his presidency, the country experienced unprecedented prosperity albeit the help of high oil prices. His presidency was so successful voters elected him again, although his second term wasn’t as successful because of tanking oil prices, hyperinflation and economic mismanagment policies leftover from the previous administration, plus Perez sold out his country and accepted IMF loans which put the country further into debt. That’s when Hugo Chavez waged an unsucessful military coup against Perez. It wasn’t because Perez was a non- socialist. Both men basically held the same ideology.

Venezuela’s problems have NOTHING to do with socialism, but more to do with economic mismanagement under Maduro and during the 80s under Eduardo Fernandez (of the capitalist oriented Christian Democratic Party). And although Carlos Perez was successful during his first term, he lost popular support in his 2nd term because of IMF austerity measures that he imposed on the country. He gutted social programs, privatized state industries, and fired workers. That led to Chavez’s election victory in 2000. Because of high oil prices, Venezuela’s economy was pretty healthy under Chavez but unlike president Perez, Chavez started instituting authoritarian measures and stacking the state owned petroleum industry with political cronies. So it was less to do with having a state owned oil industry and more to do with how Chavez and Maduro ran that industry.

Norway has a state owned oil industry, but it’s ran efficiently. Provinces in Canada have state owned ‘crown corporations’ for hydro, electricity and even liquor stores. Britain has long had a socialized health care system that is more popular and efficient than the American for profit healthcare system (although the American VA medical system is textbook socialized medicine) Again, having socialized industry isn’t the problem, but how’s it ran dictates it’s success.

Juan Guidado is puppet of America and the wealthy elite in Venezuela. It’s a grave mistake for the US to keep supporting him and boycotting his country. It only brings hardship to their people plus the strategy will backfire because the majority of Venezuelans are moved by nationalist interests, not by what politicians want in Washington.

Dear Axiom

Nice review of Venezuela. I have often thought that the current difficulties were as much a product of the United States and their sanctions as to mis-management…it is hard to get replacement parts for any industry when you are being embargoed.

Be that as it may, I am not sure this is on topic…lol

Best Wishes, James I

Yep, thank you for providing the accurate recent history of Venezuela, for people who do not know.
Great job.
Moreover, it is on-topic in this (admittedly very general) sense: As registrants, we are victims of vast misunderstanding and misinformation on our issue. Misinformation abounds everywhere. Even those who have posted on this board, on the subject of Venezuela (being wrongly misled that it exemplifies the evils of “socialism”) fall prey to the great American propaganda machine.
People: Think critically. Investigate your facts from primary and reliable sources. Put aside the fact that we have to register and realize: We can be forces for good in this world.
Right now, this world needs all the forces of good, and truthful information, it can get.
Thanks again, Axiom.

Very frustrating reading some of the comments. Some people are so misinformed and worse than that, they spout their misinformation as though they know what they’re talking about. That’s exactly why people believe every registrant is a predator and are ticking timebombs. waiting to reoffend.

Taken from the comments section:

“Question, if a registered sex offender that served his time is trying to talk to minors can he go to jail just for that?”

“Yes, that is a breach of his order. Usually they can’t be within 1,000 ft of where children gather. That of course depends on his charges too though.”

I don’t ever recall being told I couldn’t be within 1000 feet of where children gather while on probation or after. (Misdemeanor and no jail time) If some are given that order, then I stand corrected…however, it still misguides readers into thinking it’s a blanket rule.

Yes, the bandwagon mentality in the comments is predictable and infuriating.

And it didn’t help matters any by that guy just being submissive laying their on his back not fighting back against his assailant. No wonder the public thinks we’re all a bunch of emasculated cowards that deserve this humiliation, shaming and scorn.

“Public safety tool” my ass. This video is incontrovertible evidence that it encourages, glorifies, and incites violence.

His wife should be charged for participating by filming the assault and battery.

I am on the registry and also a father. Who knows if this is real or not, but if it is then the guy on the porch seems to have been doing something super creepy. If someone was talking to my kids regardless of registry status i think i would react similarly after 5 tries of getting them to stop.

Every State and Municipality is different!

Is the registry to blame? Even without a registry the same treatment, or worse, could happen after five warnings. The parents evidently sensed something amiss and creepy. We have to accept the fact that parents have boundary rights too, but it is even possible the registry benefited him because his conviction wasn’t one of the more serious offenses that terrifies parents. Did this father have the right to slap him around? Not legally, but he may not be the type to call the police.

Of course, the jump to child murder in the comments is ridiculous but that is the way it always works, the fallacy of the part equals the whole. It is lazy thinking. Only actual statistics can compensate for that shortcut thinking.

The Police were called…

@ Facts Should Matter your right the registry should be unplugged ! because why would it just be a big deal because the guy is an RC that’s on some useless website when that could have been mister tuff guys friend , or uncle or father or the old lady next door giving cookies to the kid , this shows no one has learned anything still after all this time , they just go full steam ahead with the Gov’t targeted hate in stead of true safety of their kids . and thanks to the father his kid will most likely end up a hater of people that are targeted in what ever way going through life , or a bully in school , if this guy is truly worried he would be home schooling his kid , dude should have should have kicked his attacker in the nuts and got away from stupid

There is no excuse for either man’s behavior. The “father” acts like a tough guy only because the man was so insecure in his position. The man, if doing something questionable, should be detained, not threatened with violence. He obviously has issues and has potential for repeating his offenses. The father had a typical ignorant, backwoods response. A sign of an uneducated person.

Prepare to raise hell if we’re somehow excluded from the Corona relief package that Trump signed the other day that gives “most” Americans 1k and 500.00 per child. NOTHING and I meaning nothing would surprise me if the Government deems us “inapplicable” for this emergency initiative for “all” Americans.

Checks go out April 6th. We’ll all find out soon enough. Until then, keep your expectations low.

I don’t believe it until I see it. Some stipulation will be thrown in: A person can’t be on supervision STRIKE ONE! A person can’t be a registered sex offender STRIKE TWO! No check for yah!

In 2001 I received my $500 stimulus check and maybe another since. Don’t worry, you’ll get your check. I make too much too qualify this time around (humble brag, I know), but I’m hoping they make a boo boo and send one anyway. 🙂

I spent 8 years in the joint from 87 to 94 and can’t count the number of times we were locked down for stabbings, fights, rumors of fights and the ‘92 LA riots. Never did I imagine that, as a free man, my family would (sort of) be isolated in our homes during a state-wide lock down. Is this not surreal? Well, until they do truly lock us in our homes, I’m going to enjoy not having to chauffeur my kids to their various activities and take them biking, hiking and to the beach as much as possible.
Stay safe and healthy everyone! Make the most of it!

This is a general question to all: It’s a tough question and doesn’t necessarily involve sex crimes but may include them:

Who are you?

⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ Yup, that’s me: David 👍
(Your question has been answered.)

Hi David. My question though is more of a who are you from a deeper prospective. Do you define yourself by your career, do you define yourself by your past, do you have desires, wants needs? What makes you… you?

Well, I hesitate to respond more fully because I do not know you, but for purposes of this website:
🔹I am a white male in my 50s.
🔹I am a Registrant (lifetime, I assume)
🔹I am actively engaged in efforts to reduce the impacts of Registration and, eventually, bring an end to all Registries.
🔹I am active in my neighborhood and community.
🔹And active in local politics.
And my comments on this site range from serious and angry to sarcastic and humorous.
Also, I should be easy to identify as I am the only “David” who ever leaves comments on this website and the only “David” among all million+ Registrants in the U.S. (Both of those may be untrue. IDK. Probably.) 😁

Found this interesting mixed bag posting at the National Office WRT in person reporting during the COVID-19 situation:

Will Allen is in GA, maybe he can help you find someone there for this temp work…or hit up the GA RSOL office with it?

I don’t know people in that area.

But “@Love, peace, and happiness”, why don’t you check out your local Registry? Does your county publish the employers of the People Forced to Register (PFR)? Or their vocations? Some counties in GA do. I could look but it would be great for you to know. You could likely find a construction worker there. I’ve found tons of people and companies via the Registries.

If that information is not published, I’d start contacting the PFRs closest to where the work needs to be done and move out until I found someone. For a job like that, I would definitely have it done by a PFR.

I feel like one of the best things that Americans can do is to only hire/help PFRs, when possible. If you are looking to help people, don’t just randomly volunteer somewhere, donate, or whatever. Find PFRs to help. That’s what I do. I stopped just “general” volunteering, donating, etc. long ago. For a long time, I’ve only helped people I know and who I know do not support nanny big government and especially not their Registries.

WTF!? Does this newspaper consider posting the full Registry listings on it’s website to be a community service or something?? 😠
Walton Sun: Photos: SEX OFFENDERS and predators in the Panama City 32404 ZIP code.…..*

*Not the full URL. It should never have been posted by the paper in the first place! They even include home addresses/streets and genders of victim(s), as well as charges/convictions. 😠

Can people post comments on the article? If they can, why don’t you put the full link here and 1,000 of us will comment.

The general public needs to see constant, overwhelming opposition to the Registries stupidity, all of the time. We all need to stop talking to each other here and instead put it in the public. Drown out the voices of the truly stupid, uninformed, profiteering, hateful small minority of “people” who think Registries are acceptable. The only “people” left who support Registries are dumb.

Here’s the complete URL. But don’t waste your time trying to scroll to the bottom of the page. The only contact information is a drop-down menu indicated in the upper left-hand corner where you could send a Letter to the Editor or contact Gannett New organization directly.

The link no longer works.

Their go Will I like your stance on this a bit better.

Views and opinions are good if they are constructive but at this point the Government doesn’t even know what to do. Nobody can over throw an act of God or mother nature and come up with solutions as whats best for their fellow man. Sure its sad to say we all are mixed up in this registry ordeal in one way or another.

At times we all try to look for answers to get America back together but its a bit hard when others lead the pack with a type of Marshal law and many things close to a stand still. Sure its a scary feeling for all in the Nation today. One has to wonder who said vengence is mine or do we all still have to stand up for justice in the right way. Governments don’t even know what to do in this type of ordeal with this virus ordeal. Governments today seem today to be scrambling for answers.

Nothing wrong with ACSOL and striving for answers in helping thy neighbor or are we all looking for the quick solution to a problem that is an act of nature whether good or bad or does mankind know how to get out of the pouring rain with this virus ordeal presemtomg confusing on everyone today.

Things will get back to normal but for those on the Registry what is normal? Is it governments quick fixer or who is depending on who. We all should never give up and while this virus can bring good or bad we all still have a job to do for truth and understanding.

One may say maybe this virus is a solution to understanding and while its killing some lives are lost on the battlefield in many ways but where is the justice in a war of truth. With this virus there is a lesson in to many. I’m sure or are we all a bit selfish in many ways in helping thy neighbor. Isn’t that what ACSOL is about helping thy neighbor in all this unethical government registry ordeal.

Hello all, just wanted to update.

Currently my lawyer is working on a suit in NY as I am still stuck on their registry even though I don’t live in the country.

Hoping to get a downward movement to level one or off of their list, but not sure how that would work😅

Hopefully they say they don’t have jurisdiction as I don’t live in the country and have no ties to it other than my passport.

Hopefully that would give a better case for removal as I am not in US Jurisdiction and should not be within a state jurisdiction where I don’t reside, work or go to school in NY

My original offense, incarnation and probation didn’t even occur there. 🤷‍♂️

@NY won’t let go
You no longer reside in the US but you are still on NY’s site, are they making you do your updates?

Yes. Any time I move they require me to update them

Orange county sherriff and fullerton PD registered via phone. Probably have to go in for a photo and prints months from now, but it was sure convenient

@ A.D.A.T for what its worth it says in the bible even your own brothers and sisters will be against you and will turn their back on you. It happens in many area’s of life and not just with the sex offender issue. Look at the difference with many different religions and thinking processes of mankind.

@ Love,peace, happiness I like your answer again with that deep question you presented to everybody. That Who are you question is good understanding. You hit on a good key… actually we are Gods children or should be. At many times in life one can sometimes stray. Governments seems to not want to give in or give second chances. At times they want to cover up issues with a waiting periods of say after 10 yrs. on probation, or whatever jail time, to even not recognizing one’s letters or petitions, than it can be multiplyed to lifetime depending on their guidelines.

Talk about wicked rulers that presume and project the future. With this virus that one is trying to combat, one only has to look around to see the innocents of others caught off guard in many ways even the general public around the world. So is this virus good or bad? Remember God is no respector of person so theres’ a reason for all season.

@Saddles: My question, and it wasn’t specifically addressed to David, was influenced by a YouTube poster who’s videos got me wondering.

I am not a believer in some god. I am a believer in people. We, as a human race, have only been on this planet a short while and will not be here forever. I am trying, and this is very abnormal to me, to be positive. I am trying to make humans think, to make humans be kind, to make humans know that we individually and collectively, will no longer be here.

I committed a crime in the past and humans still make me pay for it. I also am fortunate (long story) enough not to have to suffer during these time financially (10m unemployment in 2 weeks).

I hope to find some happiness in provoking thoughts.

Now you stop that love, peace, and happiness. Provoking thoughts sounds a bit much my friend so what is the answer since we are all in the same boat in one way or another. Should we all go by some dude named Poison with his song ” give me something to believe in” or try to understand that the bible says trust no man or just be happy that there’s a lord above. so where is true wisdom and understanding in much of this sex registry issue. Remember forgiveness is blessed.

Were is the confusion today in the nation or does man say touch not taste not or handle not today. See we can all forgive one another, althought court systems dont’ seem to see it that way and it makes all sex offenders a jack a dull boy.
I was lookig at some of the rally’s of events and well thats something to believe in. Yes Janice and the team are still doing some good work in her area and spuring hope in this ordeal also across the nation to help in this civil rights issue of the sex offender. I’m against a lot of it and many are here. Thinking of others is peace, love & happiness and it also brings joy.

Did you or any of you all ever notice whats on the plaque of the statute of Liberty. Give me your tired, your poor, and huddled masses yearing to breathe free well love and peace thats what its all about for all of us on the registry. We all have belief’s but its the right one that really matters. I would hate someone to go with a plato theory and he was a roman crackpot or was that greek to some.

That got me all confused a bit and I’m sorry and apologize to all as this registry can be confusing to all even for the least chat on the internet today it seems even watching out for oneself can be a bit of a mess with government.

Basically all this registry is a trap to mankind if you look at it and sure anyone is going to understand that governments are not playing fair. They wanted to try to pyphic’ me out but I didn’t fall for that as who knows the thoughts and intent of another in all this crap that goes on today. Sure they told me to stay away from children and I wasn’t even around children.

Its just government trying to over throw others in a lot of this ordeal we all face so were does that leave our civil rights as its up to all to join forces and make this better for others that may get entangled in all this. Someone needs to write a book about all this.

Are we all gonna be justified in the end or did Paul cause people to blaspheme or do we all still have sin. Their are many variables but one thing the bible says is to try or test the spirit and are we not all spirits or where is the true principal in all this ordeal. So let God be true as the bible says. That may shock some on here.

And the people rejoy when true justice is served. Isn’t that what civil rights is all about. So why worry. does it bring another day onto one’s life. So we all press on and he happy in the lord as their is always good tht comes out of bad. Rogjt mpw we jave a virus going on that is killing thousands so we all press on in this confusion that many face today so provoking is no good. Wouldn’t one say true justice is a better way.

If the elected official of your area asks people to wear breathing masks while in public, does that mean PFRs have to update their registry photos at this time to include them? Wouldn’t that be altering their appearance and be out of compliance? Asking for a friend…