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Bill de Blasio nationalizing industries? Source?
Venezuela is a pretty poor example. China would have been a better example because many of their industries are actually nationalized. But China has the virus under control. America is the place having problems right now. And getting rid of the “big bad government” won’t solve our problem with the registry because there’s always private citizens who live in fear and will do everything to scapegoat registered sex offenders. The solution is smart citizens and smart government, no matter how big or small.

There is no excuse for either man’s behavior. The “father” acts like a tough guy only because the man was so insecure in his position. The man, if doing something questionable, should be detained, not threatened with violence. He obviously has issues and has potential for repeating his offenses. The father had a typical ignorant, backwoods response. A sign of an uneducated person.

Prepare to raise hell if we’re somehow excluded from the Corona relief package that Trump signed the other day that gives “most” Americans 1k and 500.00 per child. NOTHING and I meaning nothing would surprise me if the Government deems us “inapplicable” for this emergency initiative for “all” Americans.

Checks go out April 6th. We’ll all find out soon enough. Until then, keep your expectations low.

This is a general question to all: It’s a tough question and doesn’t necessarily involve sex crimes but may include them:

Who are you?

Found this interesting mixed bag posting at the National Office WRT in person reporting during the COVID-19 situation:

Will Allen is in GA, maybe he can help you find someone there for this temp work…or hit up the GA RSOL office with it?

WTF!? Does this newspaper consider posting the full Registry listings on it’s website to be a community service or something?? 😠
Walton Sun: Photos: SEX OFFENDERS and predators in the Panama City 32404 ZIP code.…..*

*Not the full URL. It should never have been posted by the paper in the first place! They even include home addresses/streets and genders of victim(s), as well as charges/convictions. 😠

Their go Will I like your stance on this a bit better.

Views and opinions are good if they are constructive but at this point the Government doesn’t even know what to do. Nobody can over throw an act of God or mother nature and come up with solutions as whats best for their fellow man. Sure its sad to say we all are mixed up in this registry ordeal in one way or another.

At times we all try to look for answers to get America back together but its a bit hard when others lead the pack with a type of Marshal law and many things close to a stand still. Sure its a scary feeling for all in the Nation today. One has to wonder who said vengence is mine or do we all still have to stand up for justice in the right way. Governments don’t even know what to do in this type of ordeal with this virus ordeal. Governments today seem today to be scrambling for answers.

Nothing wrong with ACSOL and striving for answers in helping thy neighbor or are we all looking for the quick solution to a problem that is an act of nature whether good or bad or does mankind know how to get out of the pouring rain with this virus ordeal presemtomg confusing on everyone today.

Things will get back to normal but for those on the Registry what is normal? Is it governments quick fixer or who is depending on who. We all should never give up and while this virus can bring good or bad we all still have a job to do for truth and understanding.

One may say maybe this virus is a solution to understanding and while its killing some lives are lost on the battlefield in many ways but where is the justice in a war of truth. With this virus there is a lesson in to many. I’m sure or are we all a bit selfish in many ways in helping thy neighbor. Isn’t that what ACSOL is about helping thy neighbor in all this unethical government registry ordeal.

Hello all, just wanted to update.

Currently my lawyer is working on a suit in NY as I am still stuck on their registry even though I don’t live in the country.

Hoping to get a downward movement to level one or off of their list, but not sure how that would work😅

Hopefully they say they don’t have jurisdiction as I don’t live in the country and have no ties to it other than my passport.

Hopefully that would give a better case for removal as I am not in US Jurisdiction and should not be within a state jurisdiction where I don’t reside, work or go to school in NY

My original offense, incarnation and probation didn’t even occur there. 🤷‍♂️

Orange county sherriff and fullerton PD registered via phone. Probably have to go in for a photo and prints months from now, but it was sure convenient

@ A.D.A.T for what its worth it says in the bible even your own brothers and sisters will be against you and will turn their back on you. It happens in many area’s of life and not just with the sex offender issue. Look at the difference with many different religions and thinking processes of mankind.

@ Love,peace, happiness I like your answer again with that deep question you presented to everybody. That Who are you question is good understanding. You hit on a good key… actually we are Gods children or should be. At many times in life one can sometimes stray. Governments seems to not want to give in or give second chances. At times they want to cover up issues with a waiting periods of say after 10 yrs. on probation, or whatever jail time, to even not recognizing one’s letters or petitions, than it can be multiplyed to lifetime depending on their guidelines.

Talk about wicked rulers that presume and project the future. With this virus that one is trying to combat, one only has to look around to see the innocents of others caught off guard in many ways even the general public around the world. So is this virus good or bad? Remember God is no respector of person so theres’ a reason for all season.

Now you stop that love, peace, and happiness. Provoking thoughts sounds a bit much my friend so what is the answer since we are all in the same boat in one way or another. Should we all go by some dude named Poison with his song ” give me something to believe in” or try to understand that the bible says trust no man or just be happy that there’s a lord above. so where is true wisdom and understanding in much of this sex registry issue. Remember forgiveness is blessed.

Were is the confusion today in the nation or does man say touch not taste not or handle not today. See we can all forgive one another, althought court systems dont’ seem to see it that way and it makes all sex offenders a jack a dull boy.
I was lookig at some of the rally’s of events and well thats something to believe in. Yes Janice and the team are still doing some good work in her area and spuring hope in this ordeal also across the nation to help in this civil rights issue of the sex offender. I’m against a lot of it and many are here. Thinking of others is peace, love & happiness and it also brings joy.

Did you or any of you all ever notice whats on the plaque of the statute of Liberty. Give me your tired, your poor, and huddled masses yearing to breathe free well love and peace thats what its all about for all of us on the registry. We all have belief’s but its the right one that really matters. I would hate someone to go with a plato theory and he was a roman crackpot or was that greek to some.

That got me all confused a bit and I’m sorry and apologize to all as this registry can be confusing to all even for the least chat on the internet today it seems even watching out for oneself can be a bit of a mess with government.

Basically all this registry is a trap to mankind if you look at it and sure anyone is going to understand that governments are not playing fair. They wanted to try to pyphic’ me out but I didn’t fall for that as who knows the thoughts and intent of another in all this crap that goes on today. Sure they told me to stay away from children and I wasn’t even around children.

Its just government trying to over throw others in a lot of this ordeal we all face so were does that leave our civil rights as its up to all to join forces and make this better for others that may get entangled in all this. Someone needs to write a book about all this.

Are we all gonna be justified in the end or did Paul cause people to blaspheme or do we all still have sin. Their are many variables but one thing the bible says is to try or test the spirit and are we not all spirits or where is the true principal in all this ordeal. So let God be true as the bible says. That may shock some on here.

And the people rejoy when true justice is served. Isn’t that what civil rights is all about. So why worry. does it bring another day onto one’s life. So we all press on and he happy in the lord as their is always good tht comes out of bad. Rogjt mpw we jave a virus going on that is killing thousands so we all press on in this confusion that many face today so provoking is no good. Wouldn’t one say true justice is a better way.

If the elected official of your area asks people to wear breathing masks while in public, does that mean PFRs have to update their registry photos at this time to include them? Wouldn’t that be altering their appearance and be out of compliance? Asking for a friend…