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Please participate in SORS (Sex Offense Registry Study)

[] [Note from Janice: I can attest that this is a legitimate study]

We are looking for research participants who can help us learn about important issues related to sex offense registries. We are collecting anonymous information from people required to register.

WHO?  You are eligible to participate in this study If you are 18 or older, and are required to register on a sex offender registry in the United States.

Please complete the survey using this link:

HOW?  The survey is conducted online and will take 20-30 minutes to complete. Survey information is completely anonymous and confidential. You will never be asked to provide your name or contact information, and there is no way of connecting your personal information to your responses.

Please complete the survey using this link:

ABOUT: The goals of this study are to (a) describe demographics including racial and ethnic groups, gender, socioeconomic status, and the experiences of LGBTQ+ people on registries, (b) describe the pathways leading people to registration and issues involving the criminal justice system, and (c) describe the consequences of registration to the health and well-being of people required to register. We aim to inform policymakers about pathways leading to registration, and the impact of registries on the people required to register.

For more information about SORS:


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The question, “On your birth certificate, was your sex assigned as female or male,” is homophobic and misogynist.

What? They’re gathering data because its relevant to how the system treated you. If you were at birth assigned male but later transitioned to female, it potentially has relevance to where you were incarcerated for your offense. There are a lot of transitioned women who were assigned to a male prison and vice versa.

No that is nature.

@Nelson G:
“homophobic and misogynist”
Huh?!? Care to explain how you arrive at this?

@Nelson G, I am lgbtqq and agree but GO ON TO VERY NEXT QUEST.
They need basics for surveys and just give in and read on, it allows you to go back like I did.
Good Luck! And thanks for your input in the UCLA based Cali Survey, NOT only for CA rez.

I can’t take anything seriously that takes trans-anything seriously. “Assigned” male or female? Give me a flippen’ break.

A bit of levity for you, then. On Am@z0n there are shirts with slogans saying, “there are more than two genders.” They’re only available in men’s and women’s sizes…. 😂🤣😂

@ C, just move on to the next quest.
these folks maybe lost but real to them.
Just keep on doing the survey. it’s NOT just for LGBTQQ
YOU are important, worth the effort!
I mean, C who even cares enough to get our personal stories and cares eabout even ASKING US!?

Bigger issue here would be the collateral consequences…how this has affected not only the registrants daily life but the consequences of those lives of anyone holy connected to the registrant when they were not involved in anyway but are not suffering severely. This needs to be greatly addressed.

Yes Gwen totally agree.

For us, at the minimum, it’s punishing my wife by basically restricting our travel. Like, she can technically go wherever, but it’s not like she’d going to travel to Japan or something by herself when its meant to be a couples getaway. Even domestically we’re basically locked out of states like Florida and such as neither one of us wants to deal with the effects of having to register somewhere for a week only to be stuck there forever.

@SR, you are right, my Spouse is from Japan & Thai CAN NEVER GO and Forget about once a lifetime about Orlando’s WDisneyWorld. NOT worth being on their site for LIFE> good pts. SR.


There are various gradients of collateral damage. Sharing all of this information could help consolidate the resources that may be used in courts as this survey is a legit study led by researchers at the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law, Ceres Policy Research, UCLA School of Law, and the University of Miami School of Law.

Hopefully, this can reveal to the courts that the registry has gone beyond its non-invasive regulatory purpose and sees the registry as creating a second class of citizens, whom once they earn their freedom back are not as free as they once were. There exists an invisible wall that lets registrants know they’re second-class citizens while the public and politicians paint bulls-eyes on registrants to not only elevate their status in the community, but also denigrate registrants in that same community simultaneously. How can you be considered no longer under custody when they’re making more laws to that directly impacts your life as if you were still under custody?

If registrants want to be seen as equal citizens, then we have to be recorded and reported as human beings as often as possible; not monsters. The registry doesn’t just affect the person on the registry, but everyone connected to that individual every day the individual belongs to it. This academic study/survey is a way to bellow to the world, “I am human too.”

When in truth, a majority of us will whisper softly in meloncholy, “I wish I was human too.”

“How can you be considered no longer under custody when they’re making more laws to that directly impacts your life as if you were still under custody?”

The brings up an interesting point. The CDC uses many regulations in prisons to punish, no direct statute violation need be necessary. So just because the registry is composed of regulations it doesn’t follow that regulations cannot be punishment.

CA’s registration is controlled be sections within the PENAL Code. With the upcoming law and as your name implies, a test called the “static” is going to add to the punishment.

“Punishment” is any restriction or obligation imposed due to the commission of an offense, period. To say the registry is not punishment is like saying a tree isn’t wood. The system’s over-reliance on Smith v. Doe to claim the registry is regulatory is absurd, particularly when you consider that the penalties for violating this so-called civil, non-punitive scheme is or can be more severe than the sex crime that resulted in joining it.


I tired of the “punishment” and “unconstitutional” words and argument long ago. I don’t care what they say or call it.

Registries are unacceptable. In every respect.

If I’m ever even arrested for anything related to Registries, bad things are going to happen. I’ve promised myself and it’s a promise I’ll keep.

Big government can keep their Registries. They’ll continue to be useless and cause widespread damage.

@New Person and all others.
HEY This is OUR Census 2020
they won’t ask on that if we are an 290/Reg!
This Dr. Meyer (PhD not MD) many other surveys including older adult pop took the time
and decided to give us a Voice in a different way than HERE or via All4ConsoLaws.Org/ACSOL.
Maybe a Grain of Sel (Salt) but may come out a differ way like CASOMB or CDC-R and/or Cali AG
or further since he is taking surveys NATIONWIDE including FL./& CA.

If they want to know about the fear I live in when going to job interviews, or the daily anxiety I have wondering if somebody at work will stumble upon my name on the internet and out me, and the fear I feel every time a supervisor wants to talk to me, or the stress I experience trying to rent an apartment, or the distress I have when I meet a woman who shows interest in me and then I have to figure out how to address the registry issue with her, or the fear I have that people in my complex will out me to the wrong person and I might get a rock through the window in the middle of the night, and of course the unannounced visits by police in full bullet proof regalia coming to my door and all the neighbors looking out to see what is gong on; and lets not forget the anxiety that sets in every time some low IQ, uninspired politician is up for reelection and they decide to pass a law that punishes and humiliates me just to garner a few votes; If the survey wants to address those issues, well I’ll be happy to talk about that.

But if they are asking questions about trans people and gender identification and birth certificates and such then I get a queasy feeling that this is just some agenda driven SJW ploy, not really about the trauma and damage all of us on the registry are subject to. There is just too much of the PC garbage going around. No disrespect to other individuals, but this registry is destroying people and families and I don’t appreciate it being used for political agendas. I need more clarification to legitimize this.

Yes, Eric. They address all those issues in your first paragraph. As far as your transphobic rant, those types of questions are restricted to just the assignment at birth, how you identify today, and if you’re masculine or feminine.

@Eric, sir you are on here quite a bit and educated. PLEASE email this Dr. Meyer and just outright ASK how it is going to be utilized once compiled and NOT Sold or shared with Political people that it is done for a reason.
your Input is valuable, they asked invaluable questions that WON’T be shared in cluding your NAME and ADDRESS or where you are at on the Reg.
THEY DON’T ASK Folks. They are trying to give an extra voice YES it’s hard to trust, but it’s UCLA and FL.
It’s not put out to ID folks just gather like the CENSUS w/o our address and Names, just ZIP CODE is all!
But individual areas All4consolaws don’t cover individual past occurences to see where most are including females on the Reg. and HOW you were treated before during and post conv. you can tell by quests they are helping NOT Hurting.
know all your fears and worries, we most all exp the same how we are treated I STILL JUMP WHEN THE DOORBELL IS RANG! Hate It.

Done. Hope this does some good the future.

I completed their survey and appreciate the entire depth of what they’re seeking as reflected in the questions asked. I think that the entire group here in this forum could be very helpful in giving them data.

I took the survey myself when first posted…I am remembering back, but I thought it poorly designed…and weak overall. The questions seemed so superficial that I was irritated by it….and now regret my participation.

(many years ago I did research myself, or rather as part of a team, and have some experience in statistical analysis on these kind of inquires….I just thought it was bad…badly done…badly thought out, badly written…bad work on an important subject.)

I tend to be with what Eric wrote above.

Best Wishes, James I

Edit: Opps….I took the survey in reference to Veterans….and this is what the above from me refers to. I don’t know if these are the same researchers…I’ll take a look at this new request….but probably with a jaundiced eye.

I don’t think @Janice would recommend or be part of a bad survey. I’ll be interested in the findings and conclusions when collated and published, if possible.

@TS Ditto TS,
also help some of our pop that is lgbT also but most of all this group that speak on here.
More those who don’t respond on here is needed for their input as well. I AM SURE she
researched before adding it on here for all of us (RCitizens-not fam/friends). THX

@TS ok, thanks for sharing that from personal experience. I can’t help but be skeptical and cynical, so I appreciate the factual report. I may have to try it.

I took it as well.

I took the survey. It wasn’t hard. I support anything that helps us tell our story. Hiding in a hole never helped me in the past. This is one small thing I can do to get the story out.

@Rog H…thx more of us that take it can relay here
that it IS Okay to take at this point. thx 4 taking all, just try Eric

Okay, I took the survey…it wasn’t too bad, (by that I mean in design). There were a few concerns I had…time between offense and conviction was not recognized…and this could be considerable…and other things, but I will leave those alone and simply say that the survey was certainly worth taking and in the main legitimate. My complaint above was wrong, or wrong headed.

Of course, the fact that I still think my behavior relatively normal…and situational, meaning not likely to reoccur…well. That’s done. (Oh, if you can’t answer the question, as I couldn’t on 4 or 5, it seemed better to skip than give a guessed at answer)

Good Luck and Best Wishes, James I

@ James I,
glad to hear you went back and tried and changed thought pattern, Eric too.
Others just go through the motions more you add more correct input.
No Name nor Address, just Zip, more real. more better.

I completed the survey, and hope that it will help.

One big problem with this though…

We are the lucky ones – we are registered persons who have internet access and can complete surveys like this. What’s the plan to reach out to the large number of registered persons who are not permitted to access the internet and will never even know that this survey exists?

The situation people living with more severe restrictions than all of us here is certainly going to be different. Without their input, the results of the survey will be flawed and represent only a portion of the intended population.

@Worried, it is a tribute to you that you are thinking of the hundreds of thousands of us who don’t have the hope that those of us feel who take part in ACSOL action alerts and events.

Here are the cold facts:

Only a tiny percentage of the 115000+ Californians on the registry and 800000+ registrants nationwide know about ACSOL, NARSOL, Florida Action Committee, and other advocacy groups.

It costs about $1 to snail mail registrants not a part of ACSOL. Are you and others willing to donate extra so we can reach all registrants?

A sad thing is that, those who know about us, only a fraction of us actively donate and take part in actions and events. Less than one percent of California registrants are on our email/texting alerts, and only a fraction of those are willing to write letters and make calls. When we have events in the capitol, the maximum of about 50-70 people (that is 0.04%!) are willing to sacrifice to come to fight for justice.

I would hope that you and all who visit our website are sacrificing to donate and take part. ACSOL has been very effective, but think of what would be possible if just one percent of registrants stopped hiding in their homes and behind their keyboards and showed up, stood up, and spoke up with us. That would be over 1,100 registrants! Imagine of just that number of people donated $10 per month to ACSOL. We would have far more resources to take more actions.

@Worried, I thank you for whatever you have been willing to do. But I challenge you and my fellow registrants to increase our willingness to take sacrificial action.

Together we can do what seems impossible.

Amen @ Roger H…and all men and women and RC’s need your help w/a little donation here and there.
I don’t work and some here are homeless besides jobless and glad they can see this and attended mtgs too!
more work and WORD to get out, can you imagine 10 per reg even if just Cali, WOW. Woah.
That’d Be Great!
We WILL go up against the CA Supreme Court for fairness and she someday will go SCOTUS!
Gotta fix that Tier system first.

Good point about contributing and encouraging others to get involved.

In the past I’ve spent many hours doing letter writing campaigns and pushing facts to the assembly & senate here in Wisconsin. But, I’ve been negligent on the donation front. I’ve just made use of the donate button, and will try and find other ways to continue to help the cause.

@Roger H,

Thanks for the reminder! $10 just donated! = )

I hope you all fight!!! Once you PAY for your crime. Don’t let them add a dime. What i am saying is that the lawmakers will add little things to laws. Sometimes hidden things. So watch out for that.

The cornhole virus is stealing all the toilet paper. This is crazy!

I am a little troubled by the study. It claims to be anonymous yet it asks plenty of questions including my zip code. It is a series of questions that a first year college student could connect. My recommendation is that if you are going to perform anonymous studies, please try to support our anonymity

Connecting dots by zip code could happen if the pool is that small there but doubtful that’ll happen since there’s ethics when it comes to data research like this. Prefer area code next time since they’re larger?

Yes, I think Warpath has a very valid point and something future researchers should consider. I did not answer the zip code question, leaving it blank. Which was a shame of sorts since this could mean I live on a farm in Southern Indiana or the wilds of Los Angeles, (where I actually do live).

I thought that general geographical information would be important to the study….but it was not to be. Zip Code was way to revealing in my opinion. For the future, as Warpath suggests, area code would be more acceptable to me.

Best Wishes, James I

Unless you live in a zipcode with a population of 1, what’s the problem?

While I can appreciate your point of view, not all of us live in LA. I live in rural America as do a large number of registrants. It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to discover I am 1 of 20 in my zip code and my age is…… Maybe Im paranoid or maybe its a rational fear. I was expressing concern for the seemingly targeted questions. If I am thinking this way then there are possibly a large number of others that feel the same way. Probably not the most efficient way of gathering data.

I didn’t know I had the option of skipping the question. I will reconsider taking the survey omitting the zipcode question.

Why are people who are listed on a very public hit list worried about anonymity? I really don’t understand that. Unless you want to say something illegal. But just don’t do that.

Personally, I said some crazy stuff on the survey. It is crazy enough that ACSOL won’t let me say it here. But it’s okay because it is not illegal and there is nothing wrong with it. I’m not concerned about anonymity and I’ll say it to anyone who will listen.

I’ve told the criminal regimes a thousand times that their Registries make me dangerous. They don’t care. They are getting their jollies and have no concern about reality or the true effects. Registry Supporters/Terrorists (RS/Ts) don’t care that Registries do nothing useful and they don’t care that innocent people are harmed every day. As long as things don’t affect them personally, they don’t care. They care about how they feel.

@Will Allan

This is difficult…you fail to note the actual problem…there is a real tension within the survey between what the participant was convicted of (what the survey asks), and what actually occurred,(that is alluded to obliquely, in several question….and one in particular, though of course in the written responses also).

I am not sure how one resolves this or even if it was a design flaw in the survey. Most of us that took the survey, actually virtually all of us, know how flawed research has lead to real harm to all of us.

No play pretend harm…real harm….that the research community has inflicted upon us.

So we that took the Survey want the data to be good…it is important because bad data, sloppy work, has really harmed us…we approached the task with all due seriousness.

This is not to say that this project was bad…but it had some contradictions….and as noted by someone else, we are a self selected population that chose to participate…

I wrote some…maybe crazy stuff myself, essay like….but I should have done better. (again, what I did was serious and deserves punishment…but on the other hand, it was natural and normal…that’s for me, for people that just looked at pictures or fell into a sting…I think all these people should have just walked…but that’s just my opinion).

Best Wishes, James I

@James I:

Okay, but I wasn’t really trying to note “the actual problem”. I was asking, “Why are people who are listed on a very public hit list worried about anonymity?”

But regarding the rest of it … I guess. Why would people be so worried about the survey accounting for “what I was convicted of” versus “what I actually did”. That sounds like people trying to minimize or even say perhaps what they did is not as bad as what other people who “should be Registered” did. That old line.

I’d prefer they didn’t even ask people to say what “really happened” or what they “really did”. Everyone can tell stories. How about the survey say, “Exactly what law were you convicted of?” and leave it at that? Nearly everyone knows that does not reflect what actually happened. That conviction might be more or less serious than what actually happened.

I expect there could be plenty of problems with the survey. I didn’t try to analyze it. I think anonymity might be one of the biggest problems. I don’t trust surveys run where just any person can say anything. What kind of factual science is that?? A Registry Supporter/Terrorist could EASILY answer that survey, in an extremely crazy way. I’d trust known, confirmed data from known people a LOT more.

In this life at times of our life one has to take good with the bad in many things that advance in life. Talk about a Taming of the Shrew contra-virus gone bad in many ways.

dun answering questions , not a lab rat , every time I see this one person come on here banging on about something that will help 1000’s if we do this or that I know it must be bad for “someone”, oh hey I have a great idea lets play patty cake with LE ! give a bunch of info they have zero rights too , gee this tier system will be awesome 1000’s will get off ////”And added to” get under the bus and welcome to level 3 ,and 3’s life just life ,

The first time I touched base with Janice was back in 2014 with the CA RSOL and still we all strive and press on with this registry. Sure surveys are good and yes choices are good and even decisons are good or should we all agree to disagree. This registry is upsetting to all as Will and many more on here have said even with this labeling nonsense.

Sure at times registry study’s are good to understand the logical staticial formula to get to a base structure. Its just like the product demonstrations I use to do with in-store demo’s and promotions to collect feedback survey’s on product brands. Sure I can understand why some would have mixed reviews on a survey such as this. The bible tells man all they need to know and to be of good cheer as well or are we all carnal by nature.

Janice is taking a good step and so is her crew or team. Sure if one can help their fellow man than its all good. One thing that caught my eye as I look at many posts is someone that said the word overreach and yes government is doing a lot of overreach in many of these sex ordeals. Keep up the good fight.

Okay. Did it, done! 👍

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