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at A.D.A.T.
Lemons = Lemonade. It can be done.

What’s the point of the ankle monitor except for the authorities hoping the person will commit suicide and won’t have to be dealt with anymore? It’s just wrong. The monitor can’t be submerged so the person wearing it can’t go swimming or surfing. It’s close to impossible for someone with the monitor to get any sort of normal life back. Besides, less than 1% of 290 people ever reoffend so the laws need to be changed. And, these things are a violation of several admendments, such as the 8th and the 14th, possibly several more.

A.D.A.T – go on the edd website and open a claim. You might even be entitled to the extra $600 a week and nowhere is it asking for criminal history .

I know how to do it. I’m not a moron (just an idiot for putting myself here). They turned down my claim . Reason unknown. My point is if I could work in my profession which has nothing to do with my internet offense then I wouldn’t need to file.

After reading over many of these General comments and even David kennerly comment about public defenders and even the mention that “E” was a bit confused about my comment. I do have to say I am impressed with all these registy issues and stipulations that many are against. And yes speaking out in a persons right. I should hope we are not all leapers or who is casting this one act play. One sometimes wonders which states hold a more Christian like view and if Governments are more vain in their understandings. Even facts that matter has some good understanding.

Yes everyone has a voice. From facts that matter to Mot and yes many of you all on here. At times I’m still learning what a Commonwealth State is all about. Even Bill in CA has a voiced his view’s, and yes we all should should say “let freedom ring”. Sure many times I can’t even understand all this computer nonsense as man was given the logic and reasoning to do things right. Now look at our government today. Sure things are bad for those that have to report, update these registries, take poly tests. I even ask one of the poly examiners about God and he said God is an entity and that sort of said to me government doesn’t even understand their own ways today

Sure we all face challenges in this world. Even this repulsive registry is a challenge in itself. Now I gave a Proverb on here, and I friend of mind I met on here several years ago has guided me also a bit more. In fact if approved by Janice, Chance, and the team, I would like to share this with you all as hope is what we all seek today to enlighten others in many or much of this ordeal. Oh!! and Matthew you made a pretty good point about sticking to the topic. I hope this enlightens everyone on this general topic we all are commenting on.

Actually all these general comments are good in many ways if its based on one’s views and the subject matter. In many ways some don’t even understand all this discrimination and these laws. Even this pandermic is a bit frightening to some of many in many various states. While we hate this happening event or pandermic there is meaning in everything.

From Facts should Matter, to M.C. David, New Person,Josh and yes a whole bunch of others a lot of this registry is a bit off centered. Yes we can all make a difference no matter what state we are in even love, peace, happiness in Florida I’m sure has his days just like everyone else. Even many of these general questions or comments are good. And yes the internet is good for age groups of people and sort of a necessary today. Government can be a bit contemptible and yes corrupt. And yes when things go woong and its happened to me several times we all learn whether young or old.

My mom always use to be into movies of the golden years and yes my grandmother was a Morrison. Her father and mother were Irish and my grandfather also. Matter of fact I was looking up the genelogy but never could find out if there was some relation. I was also looking up something about John Wayne’s movies and its interesting that he didn’t take this one specific movie role but after reviewing it I can understand why. Actually that movie is about government and how corrupt it was or maybe is today, who know’s. Yes the movie won best picture of that time and well I don’t think that movie would have been suited for John Wayne’s character anyway but it does tell about corruption which we all face today in many ways. The movie is “All the kings men” and it is a good movie. If anyone is interested in this for American studies or for understanding about our government today this just might give some general guidelines.

I’m like all of you all as I want much of this registry to stop as its a sham and injustice on many American’s. I just wonder how the movie The Green Berets would have been without John Wayne. And A.D.A.T. So hang in their its hard enough with this type of offense hanging over all of our heads in one way or another.