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A little light reading on your 4th Amendment right, there’s no quiz later:

Another (small) step in the right direction in giving some teeth back to the 4th Amdt.:

I do not know if anyone is going see this but here we go, what do you think about these statements?

Plaintiff is not implying that registration alone is unconstitutional, but that the continuous publication of Plaintiff’s most personal and private information invokes constitutional privacy and security concerns under the California Constitutional protections.
Nor is Plaintiff suggesting that the fact of extremely low recidivism rates, or the facts that the registries are ineffective, an attempt to claim the laws are punitive at this point in this petition. These facts simply demonstrate that there was an ulterior motive besides public safety concerns when these new registration laws were enacted. These facts are also to help in determining whether the Act is unreasonable and arbitrary in nature, or just a pretext to further marginalize and add further burdensome rules and regulations upon this disfavored class of ex-offenders. The Court must look at the legislative intent, which when in view of these facts leaves only one interpretation, the legislature was not concerned with public safety, but instead in this hyper-political world we live in, were more concerned about getting votes by being tough on those hated sex offenders then concern about public safety.

I want to thank you all everybody for putting up with me on here. Why am I thanking you all because you all have gaven a bit of inspiration to all this endeavor we all are going thru. Yes even Kat and her team and Janice and her team and even Derek. As a matter of fact I never heard the name cricket in many years. While I know we all have had a bit of insomina and some sleepless nights we are all still working together to come to some conclusion on all this registry ordeal.

I think its time to stop and look around and smell the roses. A lot of the solution is solved already. I even thank this pandemic for this understanding and the nature of this althought terrible as it is everything has meaning, even right and wrong. While I’m sure many views of this pandermic are bad for all does this pandermic bring another day onto your life. How about all the suffering that most all of you have already endured.

Yes we all endure pain and suffering in many different ways and yes we can be so jealous at others its pathetic at many times. I will explain but first take a look at yourselves and take invertory of all this happenings. Even the commandments are a bit bent out of shape at times Sure I can’t spell, don’t even use a spell checker at times and sure I make mistakes and sure its hard to put two and two together but God is still there in the good times and the bad and yes he still should have loves fo all. Actually you are all winners but we all must be patient as their is nothing to fear but fear itself or do we all fear evil.

Repaying good for evil, humm, are we not to overcome evil with good. Well lets see – Let us do evil that good may come Romans 3:8 does that sound right. so whats your view on these sting operations are they good or evil? Do not authorities have a right to do evil, who sears ones’ conscious, who entices, who repays evil for evil, who trips one up in all this ordeal to speak up and ask questions later. Who is the first to respond when one’s first response when they get one down to their level. Who devices in this plan of action to overthrow another. I’m sure we all have an answer to all this offender ordeal. The answer just might suprise one.

Seems there is so many avenues that this registry takes. Talk about robbing a bank that has marked money encripted with a tracking device to find the predator of the robbery. Now that would be beneficial to those in law enforcement. These theories on here are good but a bit vain and varied. One even has to wonder who is this Advocate on here. I thought their was only one Advocate and he is the power and strength. So who is casting stones in this type of mock trial by a hung jury.

Are these computers dangerous…. no but they can be if not used properly. Are we all an offender… yes, even Galen said that several years ago, and yes someone else said that as well or do we all offend in thought and deed? Will temptations come or stumbling blocks but woo to the person who is tempting one. Are all of us seeking justice…yes, or are we seeking the banishment of the registry. May I ask you all a question. Who’s intention was it to stock porn on their computer? Who’s intention was it to induce this registry on others or who’s intention was it to go quitely down to meet this person. Guess one could make up their own questionaire if thats the case.

So wether or not we are all offerenders in many ways do we all bow down to wear a mask?
Is the average citizen amazed at this registry and this trap and bait ordeal or who actually cusses out the authorities behind their back. Their is a right way of doing everything and this internet scheme is not the right way. Sure any type of pornography is wrong wether its adult or kids or are we all borned naked and blind. How many times have you cussed our your girl friend, wife, or child or punished them by taking off your belt to them.

Oh wait a minute that would be child abuse or spousal abuse, or maybe its abuse of power in Light of the gospel. Was the old testament to kill a lamb, goat, of sheep to have your sins’ forgiven and than the next week the priest would have to do it all over again. How many times does one have to keep reporting to one’s probation officer, or give fingerprints or DNA. Wo is bowing down to who today. Respect is good but one wonders today who respects who.

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