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Bret Kavanaugh just made a very interesting general statement about the SCOTUS reversing a ruling and conditions by which it could be sassed. Not surprisingly the registry meets all the conditions he sets forth for revisiting it. Here is the article:

Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh did not author Monday’s opinion that overturned a 1972 decision regarding unanimous jury verdicts, but in a concurring opinion he outlined how he believes the court should determine when it is appropriate to throw out “erroneous precedents.”

Kavanaugh asserted that history shows that the tradition of following judicial precedent – commonly referred to as the doctrine of stare decisis – “is not an ‘inexorable command.’” Still, he made clear that “to overrule a constitutional precedent, the Court requires something ‘over and above the belief that the precedent was wrongly decided.’”

The justice then put forth suggestions of three questions justices can ask to decide whether a wrong decision warrants being overturned. First is whether the old decision is “not just wrong, but grievously or egregiously wrong?” He explained that justices can look to quality of reasoning, consistency with other decisions, changed laws and facts, workability and more in answering that question.
The second question is whether the past case “caused significant negative jurisprudential or real-world consequences?” This includes “real-world effects on the citizenry, not just its effects on the law and the legal system.” The third question is whether overturning the case would “unduly upset reliance interests?” This would include looking at how old the precedent is and how people have relied on it.

At Homedepot the other day a person behind me who was without a mask was stating very loudly that he went to pick up his food for dinner but they would not give it too him without a mask and was told to leave the premises. This person said and I quote “Those *&^% A*$#@ treated me like it was Nazi Germany all because I wasn’t wearing a F*&^%$# Mask.” Standing in front of him I thought…. This person does not realize how lucky he is because when Covid19 ends he is free once again.

@Laura: this person behind you who stated “Those *&^% A*$#@ treated me like it was Nazi Germany all because I wasn’t wearing a F*&^%$# Mask.” He/she was right in that respect. He/she was wrong to possibly infect you and many others with a deadly virus.

I have been in this situation and I have fought Walmart and Sam’s Club on this issue. They have improved but not to the extent I expected.

Today, I went to Lowe’s. 1/6 of the customers had no mask on (I did). No employees had a mask on. This is why I hate people.

I’ve been wearing my mask when I leave my home for 8 weeks now. It’s a pain to wear them especially when they make your glasses fog up, but I want to support using masks so that less people will get sick. I’ve noticed that less people have been wearing masks lately. All of my close friends take this virus seriously and stay sheltered at home or wear masks when having to go out. Unfortunately the masks only protect the other people, not the one wearing it since the virus droplets can get through the edges of the mask and your eyes. The masks are just to stop the virus droplets from traveling out from 6 to 12 feet when a person coughs. A full face respirator with filters is the only thing that can almost fully protect oneself. My local Walmart takes precautions at the checkout line and registers, but without mandatory masks inside the store, people are close enough to spread the virus. I also wish people wouldn’t bring their kids into the store because I see the kids tough everything for no good reason.

Honestly, I wasn’t as concerned about getting Covid19 from this person without a mask (not only because I had mine on) but that I was more focused on his comment and his being still upset about not getting his food and feeling like he was being mis-treated like those back in the days of Nazi Germany, as he put it. All of us who are entwined with a registrant, let alone if you are a registrant truly have a closer understanding of what it must have been like to have lived through Nazi Germany. At least I believe my situation has a better understanding of life to those in Nazi, Germany because this person can put a mask on, get fed, go back to an unlisted, safe home in a neighborhood with most likely no other restrictions or harassment…..I just have to laugh.

There were many good reasons why ex post facto laws were forbidden for congressional use. Permitting the use examples how pervasive being a victim has become. Victim’s stance is a very dangerous mind frame to be in. Becoming a victim is being actively promoted in our culture by segments of our leadership and the purveyors of the legal profession.

This is not good as Eric’s but, here is a Mayor with a PhD. and his ignorant comments
and letters to the State Governer, AG, Dist Atty AlCo., etc…is not with facts nor educated guesswork NO RESEARCH from a offender from 1997. NOTE; the thoughts for The Registry doesn’t apply to his …comments ugly as they are given;
Yes, Judge Reardon required Vien to wear an ankle bracelet, but the bracelet only tracks his movements, it allows us to know where he has been. It does nothing to prevent new crimes from being committed. Let me repeat, a man suspected of being a violent sexual predator has been released into my community with no guarantee that he will return for trial. District Attorney Nancy O’Malley vehemently opposed his release. What does this say to our officers on the front lines defending our community, removing predators from our streets when a judge like Reardon allows him to walk away free. Reardon apparently is more concerned about the safety of a suspected rapist than the safety of our community. His priorities are poorly aligned.

The Mayor of Livermore on a social media site copies his letter to the above and the community to instill FEAR

Precedent matters. Seemsa bit like the patterni law today is wearing a mask. On this registry issue the precedent is it seems law enforcement use the same pattern to get one to excuse himself or go down to meet this under aged person that basically turns out to be a sheep in wools clothing.

Laura mentioned about this person not wearing a mask and one would suppose if government said wear a mask when outside shopping or go to jail what would be the best measure in all this pattern type government issue. While comparisons are good this registry is not in many ways or were do commandments come in when someone overrides’ authority. Remember a mask is to cover up things.

@Saddles: Why would a person need a mask since your Jesus didn’t and didn’t protect us all? Why do any of us need a mask when it’s better in “heaven”? Why does precedent matter if precedent means nothing?

“Precedent matters” only in your view. What matters in the rest is freedom… ever hear of that?

@ love, peace, & happiness. Jesus doesn’t have Convid-19 so you can get close to him. That was a sign on a church marquee out in California that was e-mailed to me from Saddleback church out in that area Rick Warren is the pastor. He sent it as a laugh for the day but I can’t understand his views sometimes.

What concerns me most about COVID19 is the way it is being used to promote the electronic agenda. Apocalyptic computer modeling of the pandemic has been exposed.

That is the problem also inherent in the registry database. The model presumed a high rate of recidivism that is questionable at best. Other government use of computer modeling can be seen in hurricane path tracing models, which too are often wrong last 48 hrs.

I see in the news today California is busy building an army (20K) of “Covid contact tracers”

All of may sound benevolent to most, and perhaps irrelevant to some, but constitutionally speaking this use of the machine infrastructure has onerous potential for individual liberty.
Covid carriers cannot be considered criminals. Some of them certainly may not have mens rea or even know they they carry it. Public safety it seems can be the excuse for all kinds of inappropriate government activities.

They can trace all they want. My fucking blood, dna, fingerprints, pictures, vehicle plates/description, finances, history (physical and medical), pets, property ownership, buying habits, past relationships, past employments, past and current income, layout of my property, etc etc etc. is documented. Fuck em all. Yeah, I tried compassion with my new moniker, it has failed.

Tim in WI: Google has been tracking all it’s Android users for years, so nothing new is really happening. I keep my phones GPS setting to off for all apps, but I don’t know if that stops Google.

Google, is not government. Google is not bound by the covenant!
Google is a private enterprise, who’ve got facilities in large ocean going vessels and with damn sound reason. I will not discount their leverage upon the power brokers though.

Sooo, as long as it’s a private industry not ran by government, it can’t be intrusive or oppressive. Okay…now tell that to the descendants of those forced to work the plantation industry.

@ Lake County: Get a Faraday Bag for your cellphone. Available on Amazon.

We have the greatest economy. we have the greatest medical team, we know where this virus came from, we know what it is, even the greatest criminal justice system, yada, yada. But in the long run who actrually know’s the thoughts and intent of a person and yes they (law enforcement) will induce some trumped up charges on others to vindicate their position in much of this registry ordeal. I’m sure everyone seeing another without a face mask could make a bundle today.

Hey All –
I have a question for anyone who registers with LAPD. I registered my annual in March, in person with no issue. I moved in April, called in as directed by their “closure” and was told I will be called when they open. I gave my new address, all well received by surprisingly polite cop. Issue I now have is my brother checked the Megan site for me and it still lists my OLD address. Are they waiting to update until we appear in person?? I don’t want ANY issues. Please help!!!

In Wi. we have DOC workers who handle our registration when we are off parole or probation. We can just call them with issues like that. I was listed as “non-compliant” last year, I called and my person had me compliant in a half hour. It was so quick I wanted to call her back and see if she could push a button and clear me off the registry.

Rob, it can take days to months for them to update it. It all depends on their work load. And yeah, they have always been polite to me. I get the subtle communication that it is a pain for them to do this, too.

Hi Eric,

Thank you for that. It has eased my mind a little. I’m in the valley BTW, and MOST of the cops have been cordial. I’ve been doing this since ’04 and was shocked to get approved for this new place even though they did a background check.

@ Rob: Big Congratulations on finding a new place!! 👍🤗👏🎉🎊

Group thinking can be very interesting to many. Even wearing a mask can be unpredicitable. All this mask does is cover-up things. One can wonder whos’ covering up in much of this registry issue in these inducements. In fact I was watching mask of the Red death last night. I like some of the Poe’s movies with Vicent Price. and his bio was good when he played charactor actors. So is all this ordeal today to wear a mask or not to wear a mask in much of this internet ordeal. Sure I’m we all are for keeping people plus myself safe as I’m sure all of you all are.

Saving lives is what matters but whos’ predicting in this virus ordeal when anyone could get this mask of the red death plague virus. if one wan’t to look at it that way. Yes we should all think of others better than ourselves, Sure I hate this pandermic and even keeping many of those labeled Violent in Prison or on Tier 1 whatever that means in prison labeling is inhuman and disrespectful in much of this human challenge. We all have rights and when they take away inalienable rights than thats where Janice and her team come in.

“All this mask does is cover-up things.” Yes, it covers my nose and mouth. I do not believe a mask only protects others. Nurses and doctors wear masks to protect themselves. The rate of nurses and doctors getting the virus in NY is half of what the general population gets.

My masks have exhalation valves. Breathing in is filtered, breathing out is unfiltered… that protects me, not you. My current masks are FPP1 which filters 80% of airborne particles (all I could get at the time). I finally received some FPP2 masks which filter 94% and have no exhalation valve.

“We all have rights and when they take away inalienable rights than thats where Janice and her team come in.” Yeah, that is why people protest. They fight for their constitutional rights yet looking at many of the video’s they mostly have no masks on. I don’t get it. They want their rights but don’t care about theirs or ours lives.

If I am required to appear in person to register despite COVID-19 safety concerns, can I refuse to remove my face mask and insist that my photo be taken with the mask on…. especially since that is my current appearance (which is the entire point of the “current” photograph requirement)??

Student sexual misconduct accusations — You can find multiple online sources for this info, but finally this swings to a more middle ground, hopefully, with due process being restored for accused college students. Frankly, why colleges are in the middle of this with their own offices on this topic is beyond me since there is campus security who can investigate (or refer to a third party such as city/county/state LE to investigate) and then refer to the local DA much like the other LEOs can do when required. Keeping it on campus, much like the Greek system does, reeks of kangaroo courts for the accused or shifty justice overall, which has played out with higher education institutions as has been seen throughout the new changes from the previous POTUS Admin. May due process reign more than previous, but the battle will continue as we all here know in a push/pull manner for advantages.

Students accused of sexual misconduct get stronger protections under new federal rules (LA Times)

Just thinking the last few days and ways to make money. I lived off 4k a year been risking in the stock market, lots to learn but I’m poor had nothing to lose. So actually hit on a company and plan on leaving the country but want to be a little better prepared. My idea I wanted to share with the board was this. I want to buy some land to live on, I figure a few plots and reselling high. I figure when the government of the county finds out I’m an offender, they will want to pay that price im asking to get me out of there. Any thoughts on that working lol?

I ain’t touching it because there’s too much to unpack and make sense of in your comment.

@ John: Sorry, John, it is very unlikely to work that way. If local/city/county officials really wanted you off a particular piece of property because you are a registrant, they would simply write a new provision to some existing restrictions.
And then you would be stuck with property that you own (and must pay property taxes on) but could not live on.

There are numerous other reasons this idea would not work, but there is no point in my belaboring the issue.
😕 I genuinely apologize for raining on your parade, John. ☹️

John, what will happen is that, if they want to get rid of you, they won’t care if you own land there; they’ll just deport you. It’ll be your problem how to unload your property from afar. They certainly won’t buy it from you in desperation because they will never be “desperate,” they’ll just get rid of you. There are lots of people who own property in countries where they are no longer allowed to visit.

You have every right to buy land in counties with residential restrictions, you just don’t have the right to live on it if you’re too close to a building or area where children generally congregate but I don’t see your point-you’re buying land, not something to live in, unless you plan to put a trailer or build a house on the land. Also, I would tread carefully when asking county officials to pay you for your land because you are a registered sex offender under county restrictions but if they’ll take the land off your hands, you’ll make a clean break. If county officials had any hint of your real intentions, you’re putting yourself at risk of being charged with extortion.

, there’s a little confusion on whether you’re talking about a county or country. If you’re thinking about doing this in another country, stop thinking about it. If you go through all the legal channels, a country will know there’s an international registered sex offender in their country. And if they’d already let you in after they received a green notice, they wouldn’t have any problem with you owning land if their laws allow it. But the last thing you should do is try and blackmail some of these foreign governments. That could land you in serious serious trouble-imprisonment, torture or even capital punishment in some countries. Now if you’re talking about a RSO county ordinance, they have nothing to gain or take if you only own the land and don’t live on it. You only have to register the place where you live. In the eyes of the county, you’re not even a registered sex offender living in their county. You’re just another property owner or investor from a another county.

Was thinking in the USA, no longer have to register here. Maybe people won’t notice as much, only one site with my mugshot left online that I can tell of. First idea I had was to buy land to cut the price of rent to 0 put a 5th wheel on there or something save extra money. Just thought maybe some neighbors woulnt like it, I’d leave a for sale sign up to resell, see if anyone offers a bit of an higher price then what I paid in hopes of me leaving Thinking maybe like Investors that have land nearby, if I understand right me being there depreciates the value of some of the area. Definitely not trying to blackmail anyone just trying to save $ in the long run and live cheap. Just an after thought here

Seems like that California Riverside sheriff know’s a bit or has some compassion about the constutition. Sure sending someone to jail for not wearing a mask or trying to work out problems and other everyday rights we all take for grant. Sure this virus is a wake up call to everyone. We all have hope and we all on the registry don’t want to be kicked around. Nothing wrong with properteries one has or hasn’t or even selling it. While we are all offenders it seems some tend to look at the negative before the positive which is a bit callous. Whether one knows about anothers past is inmaterial in many respects.

Sure I believe in Janice’s efforts and the team out there are working to make things right for the better cause. Voicing out is the best thing to do or who is playing a character role in this convid-19 ordeal. This virus is here for a reason and I’m sure its to wake up people all over the nation. We can all sit around and talk about this or that or even high taxes but we all want fair rights and true understanding of those rights. Cleaning up the justice system is a good goal and effort. Even a bit of Christianity if thats the mustard. One wonders today who respects who.

Well, after years of not making enough income to file taxes, I got my stimulus check today for $1200. For most of us on the registry that’s a lot of money. I encourage every person here to apply for their stimulus check. All you need is your basic information, a mailing address to have a check sent (PO Box okay) or a bank account number or net spend debt card for digital transfer and a DMV ID number to verify your ID. I got my check in about 6 weeks. If you are a SSI or Social Security recipient, or filed taxes in 2018 or 2019, your payment will be given automatically in the method you use normally to receive your money. If you made more than $12,000 last year, then you may need to have filed last years taxes before payment is made or wait until your 2020 taxes are filed and use that stimulus money to offset your 2020 taxes.

The application at only takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

I’m glad for you Lake County. I’ve received mine 2 weeks ago thru direct deposit. I got out of prison last year, got back on SSDI and set up automatic bank deposit. Only problem is I can’t spend my stimulus because I don’t drive and can’t get to the big box stores until bus service is back to normal after covid restrictions are lifted.

Wouldn’t Uber, Lyft or a cab be an option for you? Those services are still available in most communities.

Well, on top of all the other stressful conditions surrounding all of us these days, my neighbor has taken on the responsibility of “exposing me” as a sex offender. He has currently taken up watching me when I leave my apartment in a quest to “catch me” (his words). The mental and physical stress that comes with this is causing a loss of sleep, paranoias about walking my dog or even going to my car.
This is a guy who sits on his steps and smokes pot all day, screams into his phone while walking back and forth in front of apartment, is supported by his working wife, and brags about being in prison 25 yrs ago. Yet he can go about his miserable life while with inpunity while making my life a living hell.
I have attempted to :
Ignore him
Look for other housing
Speak to apartment manager
Nothing has worked

I have done as much as I could to move beyond my offense. I don’t want to be in this environment. It is so unhealthy for someone like me. My emotional well being is looking into the abyss and I don’t see any other route for my life. This is scary.


You have my utmost sympathy in regards to your current circumstance with your unruly neighbor. But remember that nothing lasts forever.

There may be housing opening up at some point in the future.

Or your neighbor may get kicked out to the streets for any of these reasons like he can’t pay his rent anymore, neighbors are sick of him, or he re-offends again.

Future events change all the time altering everyday circumstances that nobody can foresee. I bet you never anticipated Covid-19 a few months ago how your life was drastically changed. All the same the only thing you can do is how you cope with your situation.

See your neighbor for what he is: a pathetic loser that no one in the complex would care to listen to. Don’t let him get in your head. I bet he has skeletons in his closet that he doesn’t want others to know.

Either way be strong about it by believing you will outlast this situation one way or the other.

I hit my limit today. I guess when you are staring down the barrel of a gun, fear goes away and you find inner strength. In this case I let him have it with both barrels! He made yet another comment while loading his family to attend an outdoor church service ( imagine that?). I confronted him and told him that,

Yes, I was on the registry, and had he bothered to see what for?
I then told him why I was put on, because a computer repair company had found a file that contained less than 15 images that the government deemed illegal. And that while I had never had to go to prison or even jail, unlike him, that I hade to wear this scarlet letter for 10yrs, 4 of which still remain.
I then told him that in spite of that all that I had been able to start a new business, build up a client base, and be able to pay my own rent, bills and buy a newer reliable car. All without any help or assistance from the government, friends, or family.
I went on to point out that he has failed at all of these things. Needing his wife AND the government for housing assistance, not being able to keep even a part time job at a restaurant, and having his broke down car towed because of outdated registration.
I finished with the fact that if he tried to either film or record me again I would have him arrested for doing so without obtaining my permission. A charge that carries a 1 yr jail sentence and $1000 fine. I would then go after him in a civil suit that would cause his wife to go broke and most likely lose their apartment.
I did not let him give a rebuttal. I simply walked away.


Good for you that you confronted him! Sounds to me that he is all bark and no bite. That must’ve felt good letting those anxieties and anger out (in a productive way) and walked away knowing that your loser neighbor did not get the best of you.


A.D.A.T. – Wow!! Good for you! I doubt I would have been able to muster enough courage to do what you did! Congratulations and good luck on your much continued success. Keep us posted please on any further developments, which I’m hoping in your next post will say, well my little speech worked. He is now leaving me alone!

⭐ Florida’s Catch-22 ⭐
It appears that Florida wants to have it both ways. The State argues that if convicted felons have not paid all fines and restitution, they should not be allowed to vote. At the same time, the State argues that if a released, convicted sex offender has not paid all his fines and restitution, he should still be required to register. So which is it, Florida: one or the other?

Daytona Beach News-Journal: Don’t let sex offenders hide from registration | SHERIFF RICK STALY.–sheriff-rick-staly

If any of you would know me, you would know that what I did not only didn’t feel good, but that it made me feel like crap.
I am a very peaceful person. I hate confrontation. It solves nothing and usually only leads to more confrontation. My reaction was contrary to my beliefs. It was a “pressure valve” response, and that pressure will surely build up again.
I lay awake most nights wishing I could disappear. Not in the sense of my death, although that is also is a common thought, but to just blend in so much that I can move through society without a trace. To become an ant, or a grain of sand. Something that wouldn’t be noticed among the millions of other grains on the beach.
But at the same time I long for the kind of interaction I once had with others. Just to see a friend and say “hello”, to be able to see an attractive woman and think about catching her attention, or even to buy a client’s child a gift for their birthday. These things are no longer possible. The stifling anxiety and fear of being exposed is so great that I quickly recede into my shell and wonder if tomorrow will be, as they say, another day. Or will it be another confrontation.

Ok, many of you guys stop it. I know all this is frustrating in many ways. First off this pandermic is here for a reason. Second, wth this sex offense via the internet or whatever someone is turning a person’s life upside down. Sure I’m going thru all this myself, maybe not in the way others do and yes I would like to be self-sufficent but at this time we have this vail upon us or a black cloud so don’t look at the negative at times.

Sure people want to teach people a lesson but who is teaching who with this type of internet blackmail. I’m sure we all have scruples and justice is a bit of a sour apple at times. Yes bringing things into prospective or compliance is good in any justice system and hopefully the USA will take note.

TS talks about kangaroo courts and A.D A.T, Love, peace, happiness just wants to be left along and I’m not choir boy but I do know, “at times” to keep one’s head above water at any age. Some of you all that have wifes, still have problems going thru all this. Striving to seek work, kids situations, etc, and trying to get motivated. We all need a bit of help and motivation as this registry is no picnic at times but truth comes out in the end.


Don’t sell yourself short. You are just as capable of generating happiness as you are in generating misery. Happiness does not reside in things like getting the attention of an attractive woman or buying gifts for some client’s kid. Sure they feel good but that is not happiness. Because if that was true then rock stars, famous actors, and other celebrities wouldn’t be killing themselves.

Happiness resides in your world view. The narrower your focus on what you believe makes you happy the more miserable you are. The more specific you want things to be the more disappointed you are. The more you yearn about the things you couldn’t do anymore the more you miss out on future opportunities.

There are so many things and opportunities around us that we miss out because we’re focusing on past wants and desires. If you can’t go back, screw it, move forward! Just explore and try out new things. Don’t have set expectations. Experiment. Make the most out of your current limitations.

But ultimately the “happiness” comes out at being at peace with your situation, focusing on the things you still have, and be open to possibilities. And don’t be afraid. Most people stay miserable because they are afraid to try something different.

I know this because I live with it everyday just like you. I hope you find this helpful.

California has gone from 21 billion dollar surplus to 54 billion dollar deficit. Severe budget cuts looms ahead:

Janice, would this be an ideal time to press Sacramento to move Registrants with felony CP charges out of Tier 3?

how about finding out how much exactly the registry and all costs in general, and then proposing to get rid of it entirely, backing it up with the facts about recidivism?

FYI: Thursday, May 14: Today’s PBS NewsHour has a segment on COVID-19 in prisons. ☹️

Since the window is closing this year on getting a certificate of rehabilitation for those of us who are stuck on Tier 3 next year (in spite of a no-contact case), anyone heard any reports on what’s going on with that? I understand courts are closed and no one is getting a COR during the pandemic.

The CoR isn’t going away. It will just no longer be an avenue to be removed from the registry after 2021. That’s my understanding of it. Even then, very few sex offenses qualify for removal in the first place.

I’m applying for my CoR this summer. Under the new tiered registry, I’m a tier 1 so I’d be coming off it anyway. But, I want the CoR so that I have the ability to be licensed in a particular area of my career.

The courts in my county have announced that they will be open again, starting Monday, May 18.

Unfortunately, since my case was a sting in which I was set up, I got stuck on Tier 3 and this is my only chance to be removed even though I have no actual victim.


So the CoR carries more benefits than this tiered program?! So you have to do a CoR and the new tiered system?! just so you can get back to where you are? Essentially, we’re going to have to play twice. That doesn’t make any sense since this tiered system is supposed to replace the CoR.

It’s gonna suck if the new tiered system doesn’t have the same weighted benefits as a CoR, considering you’re waiting the exact same minimum amount to apply.

I am trying to move to Texas. I have been applying for jobs and may end up getting a background check. My conviction is now more than 10 years old. My question is does anyone know if my conviction will still show up even though it is more than 7 years old because it is a sex offense and I have to register every year? Thanks for any help.

7 years is the length of time bad marks can stay on your credit report, but for criminal offenses, it’s a lot more complicated. Employers who do look at your background will first see if your offense is relevant to the job; especially if it involves working around children. The good news is if you’re skilled and talented enough to make that employer money, they’ll most likely overlook your criminal background. If that’s not an option, you need to turn to the statues of your state. Some states have protections for applicants with records such as “ban the box” or restrictions on employers from checking the state sex offender registry before interviewing potential applicants. But since you’re in a conservative state (just being truthful) like Texas, I highly highly doubt the state has protections for job applicants with records, but good luck anyways!

Thanks for the response Jax. I am currently a warehouse supervisor so I am looking for similar jobs in Texas. Surprisingly, I haven’t had a single application ask if I have been convicted of a felony. I even applied for a job that was a “fair chance” employer. Hopefully all works out. I have always had confidence issues since my conviction, and that often gets in the way of my success.

People in Deland Fl had a block party. It was scheduled and allowed but it went a bit overboard. Why aren’t these people on a registry (see part between the ……………………’s)?

Starting Saturday afternoon and into early Sunday, an estimated 3,000 people gathered across DeLand for a party or parties that spanned several locations. While the daytime was relatively uneventful, things started getting out of hand as day turned to night.
Volusia Sheriff’s Office deputies working alongside DeLand PD encountered several issues: A long gun pointed out of the passenger window of a passing vehicle, a loaded gun handed off from one convicted felon to another, agitated crowds of bystanders and bottles, jars and bar stools used against law enforcement as weapons or projectiles.
Many in the crowd recorded video of their perspective of events.
Today, in a story headlined “Police, citizens clash after peaceful DeLand memorial block party,” The West Volusia Beacon published quotes from some members of the crowd:
“This is what they do to black people,” one party participant said. “Have a block party Downtown and see what happens. … It’s not fair; it’s not fair.”
“Can we enjoy ourselves? No,” one woman said, adding, “We are human too — black lives matter. Every life matters.”
She asked, “Why do they try to take our humanity? Our pride? It’s not fair to us — we’re all human. We all bleed the same blood. When he us, he made y’all.”
Sheriff Mike Chitwood responded today by releasing video footage of the events and defending the deputies and police officers who were surrounded by agitated crowds and hit by glass bottles and other objects.
Around 10:30 p.m., a passenger in a vehicle pointed a rifle or shotgun out of an open window, in the direction of a deputy and pedestrians gathered at a gas station at Beresford and Spring Garden avenues. The vehicle continued northbound on Spring Garden at a high rate of speed. Deputies and police searched for the vehicle with negative results.
As crowds grew in multiple locations, impeding traffic flow and causing safety hazards, deputies and DeLand police officers began ordering vehicles out of certain areas. As crowds dissipated in one location, new problem areas would arise.
One of those areas was the 1200 block of South Delaware Avenue, where a crowd of about 1,500 pedestrians and vehicles formed on the street. Shortly after midnight, deputies were walking southbound on Delaware and observed two men (Alphonso Parker and Charles Turner) exchanging a firearm. A deputy approached giving commands to drop the gun, and Turner ran away.
The deputy ran after him; Turner threw the gun and kept running, but he was taken to the ground nearby. Deputies recovered the firearm (Ruger 9mm, 15 rounds with one round in the chamber and the hammer cocked). Several other deputies responded to help secure Turner, who was resisting. He was charged with two counts of possession of a weapon/ammunition by a convicted felon, tampering with evidence, inciting a riot and resisting an officer without violence.
Turner, who was already out on bond on other charges, has a criminal history that includes 25 felony charges with 5 convictions and 28 misdemeanor charges with 13 convictions.
Parker was arrested on many of the same charges as Turner, with the exception of tampering with evidence. He was also charged with possession of a concealed firearm.
After securing Turner and Parker, two deputies were hit with a cup of alcohol. While the person who threw it was being taken into custody, one of the deputies was sucker punched by another male subject who immediately fled the area. Another deputy and DeLand PD officer were hit with a bar stool and mason jar by other members of the crowd who immediately fled. Glass bottles were also being thrown at patrol vehicles in the street while arrests were being made.
One deputy sustained a minor knee injury and a DeLand PD officer had a minor head injury when he was hit with the jar.
The behavior that occurred here overnight was dangerous, senseless, unacceptable and an embarrassment to our community.
None of it will deter law enforcement from coming back when we’re needed.

@LP&H The only thing I got from your long copy & paste is seeing a double standard. You have the don’t tread on me people hoarding together protesting at the capitol with guns but nothings done. White restaurant and bar owners are defying laws by opening their establishments and nothings done. But when Blacks throw a house party? Cops are out there enforcing “social distance” rules. That’s Floriduh for you.

According to doxing can be pursued under cyberstalking laws. Okay, so if publishing private information is doxxing, then what is ML? I ask this in the vein of it rising to being punitive, to its being cruel, to its introducing risk of loss of life and limb. All those types of things point to an 8th Amdt. violation. It would be a very tough argument to make, but I wonder… Public standards DO factor into C&U cases. Dive into Gregg v. Georgia (428 U.S. 153) for a little more perspective on SCOTUS’ thoughts on C&U determinations.

IDK, it appears it did not post last time so, here is link to what I am about to file in state court,
Check it out let me know what people think. I am tired of waiting in fed court so it is happening.

Also, if you earned a 1203.4, the accusation and/or information is dismissed. Yet, the registry states your accusation/information still exists.

I’m very perplexed that doxing of registrants no longer under custody is allowed because it now positions you in the middle of the town square for all to see, ridicule, or worse. But if the registry is a regulatory scheme, then the dismissal of the accusation/information should remove one from the registry b/c there’s a separate benefit for being released from all penalties and disabilities stemming from the conviction.

I haven’t read any cases of people attacking the regulatory scheme with the dismissal of the accusation/information, which is regaining your privacy. That privacy is a California Constitutional right to pursue and obtain privacy.

Usually, people bring up either punishment (quasi-criminal) or the intent of 1203.4, both via Kelly v Municipal. In Kelly v Municipal, it only looked at in-person reporting as criminal and, thus, a penalty. Also, Kelly stated that 290 cannot usurp 1203.4, but are in conjunction with one another. 1203.4 cannot be overridden because there are exclusions to sex offenses in 1203.4 just like there are for all other convictions.

The context of Kelly was that no one else had that information save the police dept only. That information wasn’t online for all to see or advertise. Local newspapers would show maps of where sex offenders lived in the neighborhood nowadays.

So while Alvarez (or Alva) stated that the registry was regulatory, it didn’t notice that 1203.4 states specifically the accusation/information shall be dismissed. “Shall” does not me suspended until the CoR. But not only is the information available for anyone who asks for it, it’s also being pushed to the federal system to be put on passports for the IML.

My conviction doesn’t exists via 1203.4, but the registry says differently. The state is libel if you earn a 1203.4 because your case doesn’t exist, but all that information exists with it being perpetuated on the registry. The registry is telling everyone you currently do have that conviction existing despite what 1203.4 and the California Constitution says.

These three laws conflict: 1203.4 along with California Constitution’s inalienable right to pursue and obtain privacy v. 290.5.

What is this Country coming to when garbage Reasoning, Logic, and Rational as well as Emotional overdrive OVERRIDES True Facts, Statistics, Evidence, Research and Science !
Is this Judicial System Right and Just to Iron its mistakes or Unintended excuses out decades after Sentences were Served ? Not to mention all the other cases and situations !!
Doesnt Justice entail Balance and Consider extenuating circumstances and allow room for CHALLENGING ALL LEGAL PENALTIES AT ANY POINT WITHOUT OBSTRUCTION !
When the Gov. Is always trying to get 1 more Oppressive Law on the books to take RIGHTS, LIBERTIES AND AVENUES FOR REHAB AND RESTORATION !

A little light reading on your 4th Amendment right, there’s no quiz later:

Another (small) step in the right direction in giving some teeth back to the 4th Amdt.:

I do not know if anyone is going see this but here we go, what do you think about these statements?

Plaintiff is not implying that registration alone is unconstitutional, but that the continuous publication of Plaintiff’s most personal and private information invokes constitutional privacy and security concerns under the California Constitutional protections.
Nor is Plaintiff suggesting that the fact of extremely low recidivism rates, or the facts that the registries are ineffective, an attempt to claim the laws are punitive at this point in this petition. These facts simply demonstrate that there was an ulterior motive besides public safety concerns when these new registration laws were enacted. These facts are also to help in determining whether the Act is unreasonable and arbitrary in nature, or just a pretext to further marginalize and add further burdensome rules and regulations upon this disfavored class of ex-offenders. The Court must look at the legislative intent, which when in view of these facts leaves only one interpretation, the legislature was not concerned with public safety, but instead in this hyper-political world we live in, were more concerned about getting votes by being tough on those hated sex offenders then concern about public safety.


Not just security concerns, but safety of life concerns, then cite the vigilante justice perpetrated on people on the registry. Narsol has an article from last week which cites vigilante history in this situation. This has to be brought to light in front of the court.

Mike r and TS,
Excellent points! Also safety and life concerns for family members, and roommates who live in the same household who may be targeted. And the children of those registered who face bullying and isolation at school.

@Mike R,

The Covid-19 pandemic has given the world a glimpse into our registry world. Everyone has the potential to spread the virus and, thusly, civil ordinances are impressed upon all citizens. The lockdown cannot be enforced fully as it infringes on your Constitutional rights, but still some government officials are doing so on behalf of public safety.

People want to go out and be free. People want liberty. The new stats are coming to report the infection rates are not as catastrophic as initially suggested. And of those infection rates, it is more prevalent upon a specific set of people prone to the virus. Yet, a blanket lockdown is what was implemented.

A hair dresser and barber are jailed. A man kayaking alone is jailed. But America is revolting against some of the states with blanket lockdown civil orders. America has a President beside her to make sure the new stats prove liberty should reign over fear.

Alas, registrants have no support because we are painted as monsters despite sharing the same hardships under the blanket rules where the new stats say we are not “frightening and high” recidivists. The registry was supposed to be non-invasive and civil, but criminal penalties and harsh restrictions exists for people who are no longer under custody and supposedly free. Yet all the liberties of a free person are not extended to us who are no longer under custody.

The registry is absurd as it limits liberty. That alone is punishment. Patrick Henry once wrote, “Give me liberty or give me death.” America as bestowed neither upon us, but have left us in purgatory. We aren’t dangerous to be kept in jail, but we’re potentially dangerous to extend being in custody when we earned to be free of custody. That makes no sense. But lawyers live on perpetuating fear and judges are slow to accept new stats. So we remain in purgatory.

@ New Person: This morning, U.S. COVID-19 deaths exceeded 100,000.
And 1.7 million U.S. infections have been reported. Please remain cautious and COVID-19 safe.

I want to thank you all everybody for putting up with me on here. Why am I thanking you all because you all have gaven a bit of inspiration to all this endeavor we all are going thru. Yes even Kat and her team and Janice and her team and even Derek. As a matter of fact I never heard the name cricket in many years. While I know we all have had a bit of insomina and some sleepless nights we are all still working together to come to some conclusion on all this registry ordeal.

I think its time to stop and look around and smell the roses. A lot of the solution is solved already. I even thank this pandemic for this understanding and the nature of this althought terrible as it is everything has meaning, even right and wrong. While I’m sure many views of this pandermic are bad for all does this pandermic bring another day onto your life. How about all the suffering that most all of you have already endured.

Yes we all endure pain and suffering in many different ways and yes we can be so jealous at others its pathetic at many times. I will explain but first take a look at yourselves and take invertory of all this happenings. Even the commandments are a bit bent out of shape at times Sure I can’t spell, don’t even use a spell checker at times and sure I make mistakes and sure its hard to put two and two together but God is still there in the good times and the bad and yes he still should have loves fo all. Actually you are all winners but we all must be patient as their is nothing to fear but fear itself or do we all fear evil.

Repaying good for evil, humm, are we not to overcome evil with good. Well lets see – Let us do evil that good may come Romans 3:8 does that sound right. so whats your view on these sting operations are they good or evil? Do not authorities have a right to do evil, who sears ones’ conscious, who entices, who repays evil for evil, who trips one up in all this ordeal to speak up and ask questions later. Who is the first to respond when one’s first response when they get one down to their level. Who devices in this plan of action to overthrow another. I’m sure we all have an answer to all this offender ordeal. The answer just might suprise one.

Seems there is so many avenues that this registry takes. Talk about robbing a bank that has marked money encripted with a tracking device to find the predator of the robbery. Now that would be beneficial to those in law enforcement. These theories on here are good but a bit vain and varied. One even has to wonder who is this Advocate on here. I thought their was only one Advocate and he is the power and strength. So who is casting stones in this type of mock trial by a hung jury.

Are these computers dangerous…. no but they can be if not used properly. Are we all an offender… yes, even Galen said that several years ago, and yes someone else said that as well or do we all offend in thought and deed? Will temptations come or stumbling blocks but woo to the person who is tempting one. Are all of us seeking justice…yes, or are we seeking the banishment of the registry. May I ask you all a question. Who’s intention was it to stock porn on their computer? Who’s intention was it to induce this registry on others or who’s intention was it to go quitely down to meet this person. Guess one could make up their own questionaire if thats the case.

So wether or not we are all offerenders in many ways do we all bow down to wear a mask?
Is the average citizen amazed at this registry and this trap and bait ordeal or who actually cusses out the authorities behind their back. Their is a right way of doing everything and this internet scheme is not the right way. Sure any type of pornography is wrong wether its adult or kids or are we all borned naked and blind. How many times have you cussed our your girl friend, wife, or child or punished them by taking off your belt to them.

Oh wait a minute that would be child abuse or spousal abuse, or maybe its abuse of power in Light of the gospel. Was the old testament to kill a lamb, goat, of sheep to have your sins’ forgiven and than the next week the priest would have to do it all over again. How many times does one have to keep reporting to one’s probation officer, or give fingerprints or DNA. Wo is bowing down to who today. Respect is good but one wonders today who respects who.

This off the beaten path has anyone knowledge on mortgage loans as I heard we can only get an FHA loan and not a conventional loan. Any experience would really help God bless us.

Loans shouldn’t be a problem. I bought a house a year into my sentence after I lost my apartment due to the conviction (I lived in federal low income housing). We didn’t really have money but a good broker we were recommended got us a combo loan of FHA + CALHFA (this is a California deferred loan to help pay the 3% of the FHA 3.5% down; we basically got into the house for under $2000 at 0.5% down). We’ve refi’d several times since then into better rates and now I have a conventional loan. I have a felony with public info, so pretty much all the bad check boxes. Financial companies honestly don’t care. As long as your credit is good, they only see you as dollar signs. Good luck and good hunting!

I’ve had no problems getting conventional home loans more than once. They were only interested in my income.

Interestingly, I ran into questions about sex offender and criminal record status for purchasing a term life insurance policy. It doesn’t seem to have affected rates and the policy was still written but alot of questions were asked about it during the screening process. I suspect that had it been more recent it may have affected things more.

From life insurance stand point, those questions make sense to me. Depending on your criminal record (what you’ve done) you might be prone to put yourself in more danger, thus more likely that they’ll have to payout. And being on the registry is you being put in more danger due to vigilantes. What I said might not actually be the reason for those questions, but its what makes sense to me.