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CA: Registration Procedures Vary Greatly at Local Law Enforcement Agencies


Registration procedures currently vary greatly at local law enforcement agencies in the state of California.  While some agencies, such as the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), are remotely registering individuals by telephone, there are other agencies that continue to require individuals to register in person.

“It is difficult to understand why local law enforcement agencies continue to require individuals to register in person during a pandemic after issuance of both the Governor’s Executive Order and the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Bulletin,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.

Based upon information provided by registrants, ACSOL has sent letters demanding that five local law enforcement agencies stop in-person registrations and replace them with remote registrations consistent with both the Governor’s order and the DOJ bulletin.  The agencies include the Oakland Police Department, the San Francisco Police Department, the Riverside County Sheriff, the San Bernardino County Sheriff and the Lake County Sheriff.

Registration problems in the City of Oakland and the City of San Francisco have resulted in hundreds of people being listed as “in violation” for failure to register on the Megan’s Law website.  Many of the people listed as “in violation” were not allowed to register either remotely or in person.

The most recent registration problems involve the City of Long Beach that closed its registration office due to protests in that city.  At least two registrants have reported that their scheduled appointments to register were delayed for a week or longer.  The delays could result in their being listed as “in violation” for failure to register.

ACSOL requests that anyone who has recently experienced or is now experiencing a registration problem, report that problem to





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I can’t imagine how my registration is going to go this year. Fremont PD already has registration by appointment only. Last time, I waited 3.5 hours at night. I was the only person in the lobby. They already don’t allow any other person in the lobby save for registrants.
Oh and it took a week to get confirmation of an appointment to get one.

This was all w/o pandemic. The annual is going to be fun this year.

Just saw this. Police are scared that their personal info leaked online (home address) will lead to personal attacks. We do this shit every year. Police are scared. How about us?

Thanks ACSOL for sending a letter to Lake County. I did not know if they were still doing in person registrations, so now I know. They do normally make appointments and have a somewhat private registration office, but I’d rather not be exposed to anyone unless I absolutely need to. I have several conditions that put me at high risk and I have been sheltering at home before it was mandatory. I only go out when I must for food supplies. Even the doctors here won’t do in person medical visits unless it’s an emergency room situation.

Janice sent the letter, but received no response from the Sheriff. So in person registration is still required

This should be forwarded to all of our local congress reps. Talk about hypocritical. So our safety is of no concern if it’s made public, but their’s is. Good times…..

Help! ~ I am soooo mad again. My fiancé did the phone registration last month, on time. It took about an hour. I don’t remember if they said he would have to come back for fingerprints, but I do know they said nothing about signing paperwork. And if that is needed, they need to contact him to come in and not knock on the door, announcing themselves as Sheriff’s department, with all our neighbors working from home. They did not wear gloves, I believe, and they had a clipboard, probably full of germs. This is again UNACCEPTABLE. Please advise on what you would do. I don’t want to complain until I have calmed down a bit.

Hello, someone who cares:

We are not in O.C, so I don’t know how much this will help, but your frustration is palpable, so I thought I would reply ( as someone who is also a loved one of a registrant)

My husband registered by telephone in Los Angeles in April, as he was instructed to do when he called in to set up an appointment. It took less that 5 min. A female officer asked him if any of his information had changed and that was it. She gave him her name and badge number. She told him that the police dept would be calling him at a later date to have him come in for updated photo and current set of fingerprints. When he asked when that may be, she replied “ when this pandemic is over” .
I have thought about what scenarios may arise in regards to completing his registration requirements in light of all the societal turmoil that has ensued since then ( is L.E going to show up at our house with cameras and a fingerprint kit etc. ……… I revisitedthe text of P.C 290.)

(b) Every person described in subdivision (c), for the rest of his or her life while residing in California, or while attending school or working in California, as described in Sections 290.002 and 290.01, shall register with the CHIEF OF POLICE of the city in which he or she is residing, or the SHERIFF of the county if he or she is residing in an unincorporated area or city that has no police department.

Interpret this as you will, but the officers who show up at our homes are either deputies of the sheriffs dept or minions of the police chief. My husband and I do not open our door to law enforcement. Period. I personally would tell them that it is incumbent upon them to notify by telephone for an appointment to complete the requirements as set forth in PC 290 and as written in PC 290. But that’s just me- I stopped fearing their nonsense tactics a long time ago.

It seems to greatly differ in how things are handled all over CA. I registered this past April in Sonoma County. I called two weeks ahead to set up an appointment. Took a couple of minutes. I was given a time and date to call. Called, was asked if anything changed, and that was it. I was told I’d be mailed copies. I asked if I needed to sign and return them or do anything at a later date. I was told no and it would simply be noted that everything was done remotely. Between the two calls it was less than 5 minutes combined and I received my receipt a few days later. It was by far the easiest process I’ve had thus far, and I can’t imagine why it shouldn’t continue this way? Nothing in the law seems to state doing in person is required as Janice has pointed out in her lawsuits. Seems like the state is giving each jurisdiction way too much leeway in how they want to do this. It’s insane to me reading how some people spend hours waiting. Even when I’ve gone in, it took about 10 minutes to do everything within my appointment window. I’m feeling “lucky” to live where I do giving the shit-show other places in CA seem to be.

Nondescript ~ Thank you for your response. We don’t open the door to law enforcement either, but if you ever read one of my previous posts about “home compliance checks”, you would see why we decided to open the door. They banged and yelled “Sheriff’s Department”, and the only way to make them stop was to open the door briefly, say, I am living here, and slam the door shut. Otherwise, they would have kept yelling to let all of our neighbors know. I despise what they do, especially when they are under such scrutiny with the current situation already. They make their own rules and threaten you if you try to debunk them. None of them know the law, and I even cited the Governor’s order and the DOJ bulletin, and they kept interrupting. We just called them again and told them we were in compliance with registration and that we had an attorney. They asked for the attorney’s number and then hung up. I know for a fact that they are not knowledgeable about the law, and I would love nothing more than educate them so they stop harassing us. I hope our phone calls will end this situation, but I have a feeling they will come back. It angers me when LE can get away with breaking the law.

Wow, someone who cares! I absolutely feel your angst. I remember the post volleys in the home compliance thread a couple years ago. ( my 1st post on this forum was pertaining that thread) .4 police officers showed up to our house banging on our front door at 9 am so forcefully that a picture frame moved on the wall nearby. I went to a second story window , stuck my head out and inquired about the nature of their presence and their aggressive behavior. I basically scolded them….lol.
At any rate, in your situation, I remember you posting that you called and spoke to the desk Sergeant or Chief and got somewhere with that.
If the police show up at your house again, I am wondering if you could ask through the closed front door for their names and badge numbers and tell them that you would prefer to talk to the police chief before any further interaction. Then go down to the department and make a formal citizens complaint. They have to investigate any and all complaints and follow up with the complainer.
The only way to make bullies back down is to show strength. ( or at least let them know that you are not complacent)
I honestly don’t know why they send uniformed officers to the homes of registrants for any reason pertaining to being on the registry BUT particularly to those that are not listed on the public registry. It is sinister beyond belief.

Damn, what a pain in the rear. Sorry for your situation. I think I’d have to put a stop to it.

If you answer the door, they are getting what they want and will return to keep getting it. I know everyone has to take their own path, but I found life so much easier when I stopped giving a damn about the Registry Hit List and what anyone thinks. It really made my life so much easier. So, forget about your neighbors. Probably half of them hate law enforcement criminals more than you do.

The louder and longer they banged on my door, the more I’d be sure to never answer it. Hopefully your neighbors would come out and tell them to STFU. There would nothing better than the whole community telling them to go F themselves.

Regarding talking to them on the phone, I’d would record that every single time, legal or not. There is no reason for anyone to object to being recorded unless they want to keep an option to lie about it later. Never trust them. Never.

Description of registration for others that are in El Dorado County California.

El Dorado County California: Registered on-line for appointment 5 days past. 24 hours before appointment, I got a call from records. ~Can you do this by phone?~ “Of course I can!” ~I will call you tomorrow at your appointment time.~ (Called about 6 to 7 minutes after appointment time.) ~Hello, any changes?~ “Yes, just my address” ~OK~ I will go through your information and verify all of it on the phone.~ (Verified 10 minutes) ~I will send you a copy for you to initial. You will initial where the thumb print goes on each page, sign each page and send it back to me within 5 days in the self addressed stamped envelope.~ End of registration, No follow up. Done till next time.

BSL ~ I am glad it went smoothly for you. That is the way it should be for everyone. It shows that remote registration is possible, so maybe, this will be the case in the future.

Still venting! Here is what is wrong with this whole situation. CA governor Newsom signed Executive Order N-63-20 and the DOJ Information Bulletin was supposed to be issued to LEA for guidance on remote registration. Now, since we did the telephone registration, each page was read to us one by one and we were asked to acknowledge each and every bullet. At the end, the person who conducted the Interview signed everything on the Registrant’s behalf. This is all part of this order. I even called back afterwards to make sure, we are good to go, and we were told yes, and that my fiancé was now in compliance. So, there is NO NEED to have him sign the paperwork AGAIN! Especially not at our home since he is never obligated to answer the door or answer any questions, and much less SIGN anything. I was told this was the new OC policy, but when I asked what policy, I got no answer. Is there anything that overwrites the Executive Order or the Attorney General information bulletin? I wouldn’t think so. Granted, the executive order is only a recommendation, but if the Sheriff does not want to go by it, then they need to OPEN THEIR office for In-Person Registration and not make up their own rule that they now can come to the person’s residence to go over the SAME paperwork again and ask for fingerprints. Please, somebody tell me their take on this.

I registered in OC. Initially, the admin took the info and 2 months later, completed the process via the telephone. The telephone process was pretty easy and the woman signed on my behalf. They then emailed me the documents in a secure email, where I would be the only one to open it. I registered in LB as well. Very simple and I picked up the documents in person. I hope to be off the registry in 3 months via a COR in LA. Turn this negative into a positive

Good luck! I hope you get it this time.

USA – is there any way I can contact you?

Someone, how? Not sure how to do this? I sent or responded with a response to you. Go ahead and email me. Thanks

@ also in lake. Actually you make a lot of sense. Many times responses don’t get answered are sweep under the rug. Its like law enforce and congressmen are above the law. Today its a whole different culture with this AL thing whatever that is and this technology and this space race and all that money spent for nothing. Its as if people don’t care about sex offfender groups.

Now you tell me what s the sword of Justice? Its the word of God plain and simple. Sure I have black friends and other friends of different races but I’m not gonna ignore them and just pass them by. We all have hard times but I would rather confront a person face to face than do a telephone interview over the phone when talking about being on the registry Or should a dope dealer on probation do a phone interview with a police officer.

Protection is protection and and yes I do know that we all still have inalienable rights and also a right to be heard. Look at all the black congressmen and women speakng up about the presidents demeande. Some wish now they hadn’t voted for him but thats spilt milk and like he said once.. nobody tells me what to do.

Even my black friend has never heard a president ever say that. Sure my PO when we first met said for the next ten years, “I’m the man” and I said no your not and I don’t fear you and I also said just don’t ask me to bow down to you. Nothing wrong with checking in with one’s parole or probation or whatever the case may be as that does show respect but who respects the other one.. Doesn’t show love thy neighbor mean anything today.

When my old PO use to come to the house we has some pretty good conversations and sure I told him one time that he should of chosen his vocation wisely. About a month later he told me he didn’t like that but thats what it says in the bible as he didn’t seem like he had the character for it. I found out since his retirement he is still working for court services in another capacity. Guess he was tired of dealing with people on a one on one bases but he did mention I was different from some of the others but I’m sure he couldn’t specifically let down his guard.

Rules during this pandermic change and that brings pandimonium at times. Talking on the phone is like talking via a computer you never know who’s tapeing it and I’m sure they tape conversations. I’ve even said that to my PO. many times and he denies it. Things can go so far and we all have to take a stand in constructive ways. Authorities are slick, just like a spy plane on the Floyd protest trying to interceed. Trust goes a long way so who can one trust today ones cell mate or soul mate.

Thanks. The 1st time I attempted a COR, I almost received one. I filed it in LA this time.

Nondescript ~ I don’t recall which county you are in. What is the current procedure for registration where you are? I think, it should be remote by phone, e-mail, etc or in the office (not recommend with Covid-19), but NEVER at a person’s residence. That is complete invasion of privacy, especially since we already did the phone registration, which took an hour out of our busy lives. They think they can ask for fingerprints and signatures out in the field, not even wearing masks or gloves, or having any type of sanitary precautions in place. Even though, he is done with the registration, and if they really still need his fingerprints, they can make an appointment to have him come in once their office is back open. Not that we have to do that either, but if that’s the only way to get them off our backs, we’d be willing to sacrifice this one time. Someone has to be the bigger person. Their department employees don’t even know the rules and regulations and seem to read from a script every time. They completely ignored the Governor’s order and DOJ Bulletin I read to them.

Hi someone who cares:
Los Angeles County here. I think the Governors executive “order” regarding current registration procedures during this pandemic is a cleverly worded recommendation to reduce the possibility of law enforcement backlash and the states liability in the event the police stations become coved infested. Los Angeles has followed the recommendation. My husband has done his duty and registered telephonically- and if they do call him at some unspecified date in the future for fingerprints and photo he will go down to the police station. If they never call him, he’s good with that too. But if they show up at our house with a fingerprint kit, we will do what we always do- scold them and tell them to leave.
You know, I have to agree with something Will Allen said and has been saying for a long time- we have to stop fearing what others/ neighbors think. I mean if we behave the way we ourselves want to be treated, help people when in need, and live a good life, it is impossible to allow other people’s opinions to affect us. In all the years that I have lived in my house, I can honestly say that every house on my street has had a police car in front of their house at some point or another. It is either because of a domestic dispute or neighbors disputing with each other over boundary lines ( that is a frequent one) or a tree branch is ready to fall on the street and people get freaked out about that, or someone is having a loud party or someone’s dog was barking loud or someone’s mail was stolen out of their mail box and they think their neighbor stole their amazon package. Well, you get the point. And I live in an upscale neighborhood…lol.
Given the frequency of police showing up for every thing under the sun, I have never felt like ostracizing anyone over their personal problems, and never will. I think in a way, this registry bs makes us more enlightened to the plight of humanity. And we can not live in the past and let a single wrongdoing define our futures.

The world is changing around us. It is going to be a technocracy led surveillance state soon and everyone will be a “ registrant”.

You are someone who cares. You will be stronger than most because you got a head start on how to cope. And you are not alone.

Nondescript ~ I did not see your June 12 post until now for some reason. As always, it helps me to read your posts. I am still working on my “thick skin”…it is ordered on Amazon…lol. I need to stop worrying about neighbors. All of our close friends know, and they see us for who we are, the fun, caring and outgoing couple that we try to be. We ride bikes, hike, and just like being around friends (once this pandemic is over). We are not criminals and don’t want to be treated as such. Were you able to look into the PC290 code that really does not spell out that In Person registration is ever required except under 3 circumstances, one being if a person moves? I thought, it was very interesting. Two small words that make a huge difference. Not that it will change anything for now, but who knows. Maybe, in person registration will become a thing of the past.

@someone who cares:
Ha! there actually is a book on Amazon called “Thick Skin”.
Well, I will tell you- it took a loooong time to develop an attitude of ” I just can`t give a crap anymore”. (And when I did, a burden lifted) . But here is a secret- thick skin will not free you. Only when you replace the fear and worry with empathy are you finally free.

Whenever I read through PC 290, I actually get dizzy…lol Surely the people who wrote it were disturbed.

I register in Anaheim and Diamond Bar and both are requiring me to do in person registration next week for my annual.

I kind of have difficulty understanding your issue. I initially did a phone update and I was informed (OC) I would have to come in. I received a call from one of the attendants (I’ve been in OC) and we scheduled an appt to register via telephone. Thereafter, she sent me a confirmation via email/copy of the registration. She signed on my behalf. I never (they already have them) had to submit additional finger prints. Furthermore, I’m kind of wondering. They take your finger prints via their automated system? So, if you have registered in Santa Ana (OC), can you explain what they asked?

USA ~ That’s what we had to do, the phone registration rather than in person due to their offices being closed to the public. We never received an e-mail confirmation or any documents for our reference. I did request copies now. It seems as if they are now going door to door by city to collect a signature to proof the person lives there. Kind of like a compliance check after the registration was completed. You might not care if they talk talk to your neighbors, but that does not make it right in any way. Some of us may not be as thick skinned as you ( I wish I were ), and we would prefer it if we would not be ousted by the “thugs” since we are no longer on probation and should be able to live as free citizens, just like anybody else who is no longer in custody. You asked why I say “WE” a lot, and the reason is that it is my fiancé who is on the registry, but I feel the same scrutiny and harassment as he does, and that angers me even more. That is why all this is not just a violation of privacy or the law toward him, but almost more so toward me. I hope this makes sense?

This is the 1st time they rubbed me wrong. The compliance lady used to show up in a discrete car and didn’t appear to be LE! These 2 had badges out, carrying a clipboard. Very unprofessional! They weren’t entering my home! It was a 5 min or less process. I have no clue if anyone saw, but (excuse) I could be filing something in court/I’ve had neighbor issues or who knows what! Big heavyset Latino guy and gay looking female. My compliance check for the last 3 years has been a phone call! I’m registering in 2 locations and hope to be done in December! Please accept my apology! Other options could include: I’m sick? Call me next time? Let’s meet at my lawyers office? I can’t sign this, your not wearing a mask and I have no idea where it’s been? I’m just trying to avoid conflict and do my thing.

@USA….what does a “gay looking” female look like? How in the blue hell the moderators keep letting you post on this site is beyond me….And, since when does the nationality of the compliance officer matter? Are you offended because he wasn’t white? Dude, it’s incredible what you’re allowed to get away with on here….hope this is allowed through! I’m no snowflake but you’re so freakin judgmental….

“How in the blue hell the moderators keep letting you post on this site is beyond me”
Thank you for the laugh, I needed it! Spot on, brother. I noticed, too, that he mentions they “rubbed [him] wrong.” Based on his previous postings, he’s an expert on how to get properly rubbed… 😂🤣😂

Someone, we emailed each other. I’m beginning to think your a fake. Your emails and stories don’t make sense? Neighbors? OC initially had you call in and thereafter, they would call you back and set up an appointment to register via telephone! Thereafter, you would register your information/the attendant would sign on your behalf and they would subsequently email you the documents via email. When I registered in (dual registration) LB, they already had my fingerprints and I simply signed in person and I was on my way. Someone who cares is claiming to be the fiancé of a registrant and now informing us the police are coming to their house and requesting they let them in their home, take fingerprints and process the registration in home? Sorry guys, this person emailed me and I’m beginning to think they are a fraud and simply coming on this site to create havoc and hysteria. I stand by my comment. As soon (email) as I reached out to ask details, they disappeared. Be warned!

USA ~ Wow. I thought you were maybe a bitter person, but I still liked a few of your comments and did not care what others thought of you. I am sorry I e-mailed you now. It won’t happen again. I am not trying to instill hysteria obviously, and others have experienced the same scenario as myself. I won’t respond to you again on this forum or by e-mail. I had higher hopes for you and can usually accept other people for who they are. I gave you the benefit of the doubt when I saw others attacking you. Lesson learned.

@someone who cares:
“I gave you the benefit of the doubt when I saw others attacking you. Lesson learned.”
Welcome to the club.

Guys, I’ll say it again. Someone emailed me and as soon as I asked for clarification/details, no response! There story makes no sense and I believe they are a fraud! Banging on doors? I’ve lived in OC for 20 plus years and it’s never happened. Furthermore, I asked in detail when registering via telephone the protocol. I think someone is a fraud and simply trying to create hysteria and panic.

@USA: Who the hell is required to give you credentials?

I’ll be registering in long beach next week to my knowledge nothing has changed its still in person annual registration.
As for the cop’s coming to your house who cares you don’t have to answer your door and if they wanna talk to your neighbors big deal your neighbors most likely already know who you are and could careless. In my opinion people don’t even go on Megan’s Law Like they did when the internet first came out.
I remember when people couldn’t wait to jump online and search for sexofenders in they’re Neighbourhoods especially the soccer moms but now it’s so played out and over rated. The registry has grown so much that 4 out of 10 people has a friend or family member who are force to register.
It’s a total shitshow we can all see it falling apart why do you think they’re so focused tier 3 sexofenders so they can still get there funding from the government and still make the public feel safe with no backlash All they have to say is these people are the worst of the worst.
The United States government and the DOJ aren’t stupid if you combine the the number of sexofenders in the whole United States thats alot of people and when a nation of people are fed up thats when the marching and protesting starts and if you think the public is scared of sexofenders now imagine 1 million of them marching to the White House for their civil rights America’s head would spin clean off politician’s would have no choice but to negotiate.

Aero1 ~ We don’t answer the door because we know our rights. No, our neighbors do not know who he is because is not on the public site. I have a complaint form printed, and I will submit it if they show up again.

@ AERO1. Actually you have something their. When captured by the enemy only give them your name rank and serio #. Yes I’m gonna miss my old probation officer but he was just only doing his job. And yes the last time he came to the house was before this whole pandermic started bac, in Dec or Jan can’t remember now. He’s the one that introduced me to this female lady that is suppose to be my new PO but now its a man. Strange but the courts remanded me into the custody of the PO’s.

As I mentioned I wanted to go to court on this but I was a bit upset about the whole situation. Sure much of this ordeal is a devilish and a bit satanic. I’ve alresady got a letter from the public attorney that says I’m not a SVP but I’m still in denial according to sex offender classes. Even the second time they wanted me to take classes again. They kicked me out and all agreed that it was do to Christianity after giving a boy a Christian view of all this in class. So the instructor agreed, the DA, and the PO.

One wonders whos’ a under sin today in these enticements or who is the tempter. And AERO you are right this registry is ready for a breakdown. While I will say their is right and wrong in everything its helping others that actually count. Here’s an article that may be of help to all those people worried about all this and actually makes meaning in many ways. I even believe Janice would be interested in this article. Once you get to the article scroll down just a bit and start reading.

Learn to read details. Someone who cares emailed me and claims to be a registrants fiancé. In there comment, read the details: (Help! ~ I am soooo mad again. My fiancé did the phone registration last month, on time. It took about an hour. I don’t remember if they said he would have to come back for fingerprints, but I do know they said nothing about signing paperwork. And if that is needed, they need to contact him to come in and not knock on the door, announcing themselves as Sheriff’s department, with all our neighbors working from home. They did not wear gloves, I believe, and they had a clipboard, probably full of germs. This is again UNACCEPTABLE. Please advise on what you would do. I don’t want to complain until I have calmed down a bit.) They stated they don’t recall if they mentioned finger prints or needing a signature? Then, they Stated they didn’t wear gloves? Read the details? They will announce the Sheriffs Department? This person via our emails is lying, can’t get their facts straight and is attempting to create hysteria? Ie: I don’t recall? Who is registering? In Santa Ana, an attendant registers you and you never see an officer. Furthermore, I did the phone interview. It takes about 30 minutes, they sign for you, they don’t require fingerprints and they email you a copy! Notice how someone disappeared? I regret to inform you that I believe someone is a liar, wouldn’t respond to points of clarification via our emails and I believe they are on this site to antagonize, create hysteria and misguided information! The sad part is, they are bad liars. Read their comments: I mentioned I received copies of registering. They (alleged fiancé), I requested copies per their own words? I guess anyone can call down and request copies? Girlfriend? Fiancé? There comments make no sense and if you read the details, you can easily note the errors with their lying! Don’t participate in their delusions! They are creating hysteria amongst registrants and their families. Do officers now do fingerprints without the fingerprint machine? Maybe 2-3 officers along with (duh) a technician can randomly show up with the swat team to process your fingerprints and get a signature? How long would this take? How many registrants in OC? Maybe they can rent a Hertz truck, load the fingerprint machine onto the truck, plug it into a generator as well? I highly recommend you post my comment to bring the reality of this matter into the open
and bring some peace to registrants and their families. Thank you

Thanks Nondescript. Yes, it will definitely take some time for me to get to where you are, but I am working on it. PC290 is such a convoluted, lengthy and not very clear law, and I agree, whoever wrote it must be disturbed. This whole thing spiraled out of control so long ago, and I wished someone would have nipped it in the butt before it got this bad and just said WTF is this all about??? So many rights are violated in so many ways.

Note: my apology. The OC Detectives just showed up at my residence. I register in 2 locations. They (male and female) requested I sign the registration paperwork and give a thumbprint! They asked if we could do this someplace (they won’t enter my home/I said nothing!). I signed and initialed the paperwork and gave 3 thumbprints! They couldn’t believe I did this in my front yard. Badges out/undercover out front. I did the paperwork on a car and walked in! They couldn’t believe I wouldn’t let them in. They went outside and clearly had boxes of registrants files and yes, they will visit you in OC. Came at 8:30am. No phone call! Kind of rude. Neighbors may have seen me, but I could be filing a complaint? Applying for a job? I don’t care and hope this will be done soon!

“…gave 3 thumbprints…”
??!? How many thumbs does this freak have?

Ha ~ Funny, when I talked about our “compliance check”, USA did not believe me and thought I was instilling hysteria and I was a fake. So, maybe now USA knows that these things are indeed happening, especially with Covid 19. I might elaborate at a later time how our situation turned out.

I’m wondering what if I had said, come back wearing masks? Or, is this covid free? Please leave my property! I had a copy of the receipt? Make an appointment? I can’t sign unless I know this is covid free? How do I know? AJ, grow up. Someone, your response to my apology tells me what you are. I should have asked them to leave my property! I had a signed copy of my registration! They are requesting you co sign after the technician and initial and give 2-3 thumbprints! The lady detective couldn’t believe I prohibited her from entering my home! I was in shock they showed up, badges exposed! I came out, grabbed their folder, placed it on the hood of the car and they where gone in 3 mins and I walked back in! Someone, I retract my apology. Your not a registrant, yet you troll this site like some victim. Personally, I wasn’t and won’t act scared. When I offered to come out and sign on the car, you should have seen her face! I imagine most individuals are afraid and invite them in! If I wasn’t in the process of a COR, they wouldn’t have received a thumbprint or signature! You need to know when to bite your lip! Ie: I can’t come outside? You can’t come in? I have covid? Call and make an appointment? I don’t have to sign! Wear a mask? I’m afraid to touch this? Is it covid free? Bring it back after covid? Sorry, I can’t be exposed? We have a troll on this site! Someone, get a job! Or, you can only come in if you wear a hazmat suit? Or, can I take your temp? I can’t even imagine how many roadblocks these detectives are having? What if I’m traveling? Cruise? It’s probably a nightmare. Someone, go somewhere else! AJ, I think it’s best you avoid calling others names to detract from your bad behavior. I posted my comment with the hope of helping others. Your demeanor clearly demonstrates your education level and I truly suggest you change both your outlook and I would avoid calling anyone names, until you look in the mirror. I wish all the best and hope this will pass after Dec! Best of luck OC!

I guess I should’ve called someone a “troll” instead of a “freak.” Apparently “troll” isn’t name calling. With that in mind, I retract my previous question and now ask, “how many thumbs does this troll have?”

From the original “Running Scared”(1986):

Anna : You can’t be a kid your whole life, you’re gonna have to grow up!

Danny Costanzo : Why? I don’t like grown ups.

@Aj….you’re welcome bud! Laughter is always good medicine….that dude actually accused someone else of being a troll? Lmao…pot calling the kettle black there….and I’m still wondering why we haven’t heard a explanation why everybody in the O.C. needs to be on the lookout for a “gay looking female” and “big heavyset Latino” compliance officers? Bad enough those detectives drew the short straw of having to track down all us deviants(sarcasm) but now they have to have their race and sexual orientation questioned by our resident “John”? Sorry I digress again…I gotta stop doing that….

I typically don’t participate in silly social media or sink to anyone’s level to justify myself or my opinions.
USA never apologized to me personally, and I simply replied that I was being called a liar, a troll, a fake and probably other things. An apology was nice but does not take back the cruel words. So, if stating my opinion or my disappointment shows who I am, yes it does! A person who felt attacked for no reason at all. Here is how USA should have responded: “Someone, I apologize for not believing your story. Now that this happened to me pretty much the way you described it, I realized you are not a fake”. But in any case, I gave USA the benefit, but I only give people the benefit once. How USA responded to the the deputies was his choice. I would have had a better solution for him based on my own experience, but my opinion fell on deaf ears. Of course, I am real and not a troll, and I think everyone on this forum know this, including Janice, who I spoke to a few times by phone and e-mail. I don’t want to elaborate on our experience, but all I can say is: Know your rights and don’t EVER do anything you are not required to do. It worked for us.

Wow, these bots are getting good. This post sounds exactly like it came from a real person! 😉

Someone, your comments are both alarming and thought provoking! I would have? I’ve spoken to Janice many times? I gave USA the benefit? Your not even on the registry and your provoking anxiety amongst many who are too afraid to join these toxic individuals you enjoy trying to put others down and avoid addressing issues. That’s called being manipulative. You would have stated something else? You clearly must think highly about yourself. I read between the lines and we have 3 people on this site. Those who truly mean well and seek help and answers! Those who have control issues and attack those with different opinions! Then, we have (they typically fall into child related crimes) those who act childish, grab onto comments and call others names in the hope of feeling powerful and free for that one second. Yet, you must spend every waking hour on this site with the hope of? Rather then provide insight or clear answers to this dilemma, your in hysteria. I’ve had my charge reduced to a misdemeanor and expunged! I have a court date for a COR! LA is very liberal and my chances are excellent! After looking at the updates and comments, I’ve concluded that many of you enjoy being on this site. Very sad. Much of the info is very informative, but a select few ruin it for the silent majority. Janice, thank you! I wish everyone all the luck, but I find this site becoming increasingly toxic and I feel moving forward it no longer serves me purpose as I move towards getting my life back! Cheers

Do you really mean it this time? You promise you won’t come back? You’ve gotten my hopes up before then disappointed me….I never understood why you were ever on this forum other then to convince everybody that you were a higher class of sex offender then everybody else….you still don’t get it USA and never will….this site is for people who are marginalized and shunned by society for no other reason then they’ve been convicted for a sex offense. Near as I can tell you’ve had EVERY experience that the rest of us have had…verification, compliance checks, sideways looks from neighbors, trouble finding work….etc. This site provides information, insights, comfort, camaraderie, sympathy, and a venue to speak about our common experiences on this uncomfortable topic..In my 3 years following this forum I’ve NEVER seen you contribute anything useful. I do enjoy having this haven to put my words & feelings to paper so to speak. Do I wish with all my heart that I wasn’t on a SOR? Hell yes! I feel for every person who has to live this life….some are innocent, falsely accused, over charged, or just plain guilty. It doesn’t matter!!!! I do try to be uplifting but I won’t stand by and watch you troll everybody with your narcissistic superiority complex. I’ve had 1 bad moment as a much younger person and had this mess follow me around for over half my life. You should try some apathy before you come back in two weeks when you realize that you’re bored of getting on everybody’s nerves in your general vicinity..just a suggestion! If that doesn’t work maybe you should try getting a massage or something to help you relax…To everybody else here…I have your back and want to thank you for allowing me to participate! Much Love!

Sad. I rarely make comments, but this is both silly and immature. It’s sad to see. how much time you spend attacking one another that you miss the point for this comment section. Worst yet, nobody even sticks to point. I’m a registered citizen and it’s becoming increasingly apparent many of you lack remorse and regularly point fingers at others. Judges can pick your persona out pretty quickly. People are constantly complaining how terrible these laws are and how things aren’t fair, yet you treat each other like animals and try and point out or call out the mistakes of others? I think being a hypocrite will get you no where! Very very sad. It’s time to grow up, change your ways and be the better person.

If only it were true I might even start participating again on this site. And look what a loser this individual is, always using pseudonyms like “Jason”or “USA the 2nd” to try and boast an online appearance of support from others or some twisted self serving motive. “Jason” sure sounds exactly like this USA and USA the 2nd crap. Good riddance and please be gone and not tease individuals with your petty threats that mean nothing to most. You have been worthless to this site or the conversations and have deterred many people from even commenting because of your ignorant rants against 99% of the people on here. If only it were true that USA is leaving the site for good. Contributes nothing but animosity and hate.

HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! WOW! Hey USA! If you’re around, please tell this fool I’m not you.

The top ten reasons I’ve seen people form hostile, nasty cliques at work are:

They’re jealous of other people’s intelligence, talent, skill, potential or success.
They’re insecure and hate or are threatened and scared by differences and get to feel superior when they disparage other people.
They use the clique to gain power, promotions and publicity.
They want to attach themselves to the “in” crowd.
They feel a thrill at the power of making someone suffer or beg for mercy.
They feel justified because the victim did something bad to them.
They feel powerful that they’re in control of punishment and retribution.
Habits – they grew up that way and don’t know any other way to organize their emotional lives or get what they want.
Narcissism and arrogance – “I’m the greatest. Kneel before me or feel the whip.”
It’s human nature.

You guys are ridiculous. Grow up and stop calling people names. This behavior is disgusting!

Steve, I agree. Trash talk on this site shows who has made changes in their lives and those who continue their deceitful lifestyle. I just had OC visit my door. I’ve never had people with badges out and clearly showing no regard to me or my privacy. No class! I informed them we where in the middle of a pandemic and asked why weren’t they wearing masks? They weren’t happy! I informed them that I had already registered and I have a copy via email! I further informed them that I refuse to expose myself to them (no masks) and I refuse to use a ink pad/to finger print myself or be exposed to documents that could potentially expose me to the virus! I requested they exit my property and never return uninvited! You should have seen their expressions. White lesbian like lady and large Latino man!

Pssttt…..hey it’s really Josh. I wanted to try and post under another pseudonym and agree with myself and validate myself. I want to post advice and air grievances about compliance checks in the O.C. and then post again in one of my 8 different alternate personalities that I took my own advice and showed that “white lesbian like lady” and “large Latino man” who’s the boss….HILARIOUS…still wondering why somebody’s appearance/ethnicity/sexual orientation is fodder for this forum?
On a more appropriate tone in the true spirit of this site, there has been apparently no movement in Michigan. The executive order of disaster or state of emergency remains in place until July 16th or 19th…and with the apparent “resurgence” of COVID19 my guess is that we will remain in limbo because I expect that order to be extended again…Our Governor sure loves her power…

Mary R ~ I am glad you stood your ground. We had OC visit us, as I mentioned previously, and my fiancé was not home. They said they needed him to sign paperwork and give fingerprints. I told them he was not home and I did not have to talk to them, so they left. Having a feeling they would be back, I e-mailed the department to complain. I got an e-mail back, and the officer said he would like to call me to explain the reason for the visit. I gladly gave him my number and he called me. He was very polite and started off by saying that I was absolutely correct when I said he was under no obligation to answer the door, answer any questions, give fingerprints or sign anything. He said they were going around to help the OC sheriff’s department with the registration process. I had included the governor’s order and AG’s bulletin in my e-mail, and he thanked me for that information. I told him we would not answer the door in the future, and that I felt harassed. I explained that we did the registration via phone and no fingerprints are required. Again, he was very nice and assured me he would put a note in my fiancé’s file and if they were to come back, he would call first. I requested a copy of the documents and he said he would contact the office to get them mailed out to us. That was the end, for now. I think he respected that we knew our rights and he realized they would be wasting their time coming back. Will they be back next year? Maybe. But for now, we stood our ground, explained our rights and did not suffer any repercussion. I can’t emphasize enough to learn about your rights I was polite to him, he was polite to me.

I complained enough to my local PD (via emails and phone calls) that they mailed my Registration forms to me along with an ink pad and a stamped & addressed return mail envelope.
Still, it wasn’t accompanied by a birthday present, so I remain a bit disappointed. 😒

David – That’s pretty funny. I am sure the birthday present is in the mail…lol. I can’t believe they mailed an ink pad and stamp. How much does that cost the taxpayers? Also, how will they know it’s really your fingerprint coming back? Pretty ridiculous if you ask me. This was not OC obviously?

Thank you someone. After reading your well written comments, I became confident I could stand up to these bullies! I really enjoy reading your well informed information. I’ve normally only read comments and updates in the past, but I finally gained enough courage to write something. I’ve been discouraged by those who tend to attack one another. I think it’s really sad to see those on the same boat do this. Sad. Best wishes.

I live in Sacramento. My new wife had to go to handle a drug case in San Bernadino. Here registration is easy, but in San Bernadino they have a bunch of extra registrartion questions. She has to stay down there a year as the probation office would not process her request for transfer, they would rather pay for her to live down there. They won’t let me visit. She was the crime partner in a 25 year old case. I got caught up in the case and charged with conspiracy to commit. Her case now is a previous drug case that she picked up before we got back together. We both did our time for the old case. San Bernadino does not seem to care about her current case. All they are interested in is punishing her and consequently me for our old case. Me noir our attorney can figure out why they are trying to punish us both. She only has to do 1 year probation, but registration says no you will wear the ankle bracelet for 5 years. Probation says and her paper work says 1 year. Registration says 5 years ankle bracelet. They seem to have there own laws in San Bernadino county. I hope somebody can explain this. We are both registrants.

DLC ~ I am not 100% sure but I would think that the ankle monitor is a probation condition, and once off probation, that should be the end. Maybe, they are just saying this for now to pull the “tough” card? I never heard of anyone being on an ankle monitor past their probation period, especially if it is not in the court order, and out surely is not in the 290 regulations. I would consult with the attorney who did your case. He is technically still your attorney.

@DLC I was on probation in Barstow for 2 years and they had me on the ankle bracelet the entire time, and they took it off the day my probation ended. Now that was almost a decade ago and things might have changed and my offense is probably different than yours, but I do remember my po left me alone for months after the bracelet went on. Hell, he lived over 70 miles away down in Redlands somewhere.

Has anyone here registered in Riverside County? Specifically at the Perris Station? Are they doing in person, over the phone or mail? Coming up on needing to make my appointment and just want to prepare myself for what they’ll be doing.

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