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MI: Lawmakers debate changes to states sex offender registry law after court ruling

Michigan lawmakers are debating how to overhaul the state’s sex offender registry after a federal appeals court ruled sections of the law are unconstitutional, but Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is contending the proposed fixes don’t repair the law’s flaws. Full Article

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  1. Bay Area Resident

    First the pandemic, then protests, then Black Lives Mater, then calls for defunding the police, and who knows what else.

    I don’t think Michigan’s system is going to survive, but I’m hoping beyond hope here.

    • Will Allen

      I think you underestimate the evil behind the Registries.

      Registry Supporters/Terrorists are going to fight like hell for their $$$$$ and hate. The vast, vast majority of the 99% (or whatever) of families in America who are not directly affected are going to continue to not care about Registries. I think most of them don’t want police to murder people of color, but plenty are fine with murdering anyone listed on the Hit List. We have very recent evidence of use of the Hit List.

      The Registries have never been useful and always been harmful. They can be 100 times less useful and it won’t matter at all. The Registries can keep existing and doing nothing. Won’t take much for that.

      • The Advocate

        Hi Will Allen,
        I agree. No one should be on a registry.
        We need help. You probably are or have done this, please write letters, your testimony with data from the science and submit them to the Judiciary Committee in the Michigan House of Representatives and educating them on the harm to families and the individual and society. This makes a difference. Also include your representative with a copy.
        Our representative didn’t even know that to the upward of 10,000 juveniles / 44,000 are on the list— that is sick and a data – fact based system of harm that we need to teach our representatives on. The ACLU says to write letters /testimony. This is the solution but we need help—we need to effect the change and the time is NOW!

        This is a big group that should have a solid voice and a voting power to get those not listening out of office. I know the letters that are coming in are more than all the other bills they are addressing and it makes them nervous.

        Note that many of those elected in representing us don’t even know what the SOR means, harms the public, families, and individual and creates immense suffering sometimes for a lifetime. Educate and advocate with your testimony now!!

        Honestly, we need more testimonies sent in with facts. If you and anyone else want this to change be part of the change. Start writing!!!!!! Start telling your story and help oppose HB 5679 and let’s go for abolishing the registry!

        Write the governor as well! Come on 44,000, rise up and effect change with your letters!!!!

    • David

      @ Bay: And don’t forget the Flint, Michigan water contamination debacle!
      Yes, what a mess! 🙄

  2. New Person

    I liked how the article concluded:

    According to a 2019 study by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics, which looked at sex offenders’ recidivism rates from their 2005 release from prison until 2014, “sex offenders were less likely than other released prisoners to be arrested during the 9 years following release.”


    BTW, since Michigan did point out how some of these laws are unconstitutional and those affected, 2011 and back, would be off, I’m wondering if something similar could happen in California.

    Re: Taylor ruled presence and living restrictions were unconstitutional. Thus, those are punishments. If someone earned the 1203.4 (case dismissal), then those punishments were implemented during that time. 1203.4 states a person “shall thereafter be released from all penalties and disabilities resulting from the offense of which he or she has been convicted”. Is there a case to be had here for that group of registrants?

  3. Dustin

    Hmm. There haven’t been reports or news articles about former registrants rampaging through the state groping and raping every woman and child within sight since Cleland’s ruling. Whodathunkit?

    Am I the only one who noticed that?

    • Brandon


      The misinformed public would call that fake news; reality calls it real news.

  4. We need Paul Reingold on our side

    “You can’t punish someone under one set of rules, then change the rules and go back and re-punish the person,” said Paul Reingold, a retired UM law professor who has argued on behalf of the plaintiffs and testified before the Legislature during recent deliberations.

    How do we get Paul to join ACSOL in the fight against Tier registration? The state keeps moving the goal posts to continue punishing registrants.

    • BM

      @We need Paul – he was part of the 6th COA case and is on our side already. The ACLU brought him on specifically for his experience in Federal Court appeals cases.

      Not sure he’s licensed in CA or familiar with CA state law.

      I’ve heard him a few times speak on our behalf and watched his testimony to our judiciary committee here in MI. Amazing guy.

    • Kristen


      Reingold is an amazing guy! He helped my family last year when city police tried to force us to move. Does II was already in the courts, Paul sent two emails on our behalf and the situation mysteriously seemed to resolve itself….at least for the time being.

      There was also a gentleman, Ralph, who was prevolent on many support boards Rewdiazepam was his screen name. SUPER knowledgeable on court cases, winnings and state/federal laws. If you ever come across some of his stuff he’s a great read, but sadly he passed from cancer October last year.

    • Gralphr

      The problem with that is many laws have been passed post my conviction date (the year 2000) and I’m being forced to follow said rules for life or face incarceration. In Michigan they’re trying to force anyone who moves there to follow the laws of the state they left which I’m clueless how they can pull that off considering many states are doing different things. Am I the only person who thinks theres no way they can pass such a rule? Especially when one is supposed to follow the rules of the state they’re moving to and such new rules have been held unconstitutional for people convicted prior to them?

      • Josh

        @Michigan…I don’t know if anybody else caught it but Michigan’s Governor plans to extend the state of emergency past June 19….She announced that at a press conference today. Anybody have a idea or opinion on what that means for us legislatively or court orders that may be issued?

        • Bobby S

          @Josh, Isaw the same thing on the news, she said she might expand it well in to July or even August. This whole covid-19 and State of emergency thing is getting way out of hand in my opinion. As manyof you may know or remember i will have 28 years on on this stupid thing, my conviction date 6019-2020.

          This has to end the court needs to step in now, and either the order of people off the registry now, or abolish the damn thing altogether. enough is enough.

          There hasn’t even been any word from the committee or the legislature about any of this, they need to stop using the so called pandemic as an excuse and fix the registry like they were told to do.

  5. someone who cares

    Kristen ~ I fondly remember Rew, and he has been my savior many times. He was very knowledgable with a great heart. I will never forget what he brought to the forums. He always responded, no matter how small or big my problems seemed. He is surely missed by so many in this community.

    • Kristen

      @Someone Who Cares

      Rew was truly one of a kind and missed by so many! He went out of his way multiple times to personally call me and my husband just to follow up and offer encouragement/advice. It was terribly sad reading of his passing, his son posted on two of his forums and what a terrible loss for the SO community to lose someone like Rew. It was so incredible to read all of the comments for the lives he’s touched over the years. I made a personal promise to him to always help him advocate for this class of people against these draconian laws. I will do my damnedest to live up to my word.

      I speak to him often in my prayers to ask for his hand from up above regarding Does II and this HB 5679 nonsense. God rest his soul. <3

  6. Saddles

    While I don’t know much about this Paul Reingold but from your all’s comments and from gathering a bit off the internet about his accomplishments he seems to be a moral Civil litigation rights lawyer and he does present good values. From reading up a bit about him he speaks a lot of biblical type truth and understanding. And yes its no wonder Michigan wants to change a lot of this sex registry today.

    While I myself couldn’t quite put a lot of this encounter into focus at the time of my arrest I did have some basic roots. Sure my dad even hated to go to Charleston, WV and listen to court cases in the business he was in and all the twisted laws and things for the Gas Company during the late 40’s, 50’s and even up until the mid 70’s. Yes it was some hard times for people after WWII in a coal mining state. Hey the depression was bad also.

    In this sex offender law enforcement seems to override divine justice than a clash is their in many ways. Now Janice and Chance and the team will straight much of this restorying of Civil Rights which we have much lost. I’m sure one has to agree when divine law goes up against civil law the two can be a “Clash of the Titians” so to speak. Sure I believe in civil law but justiable law but what about unjustifable well thats a bit much and ole so tricky.

    Hey Moses gave the Commandments and nobody keep the law? So Janice in my book you and Chance and your team are leading the way as much of this registry makes no sense. And you guys thanks for telling me about this Reingold person. Yes we can all study but in many ways government is getting out of hand. Just take a look at this black life’s matter ordeal or any other life should matter.

  7. Dennis

    You would think the legislature would be meeting privately during this time to draft a better bill during the emergency so they don’t have to rush when this state of emergency is over.

    Honestly, I can see this going into summer 2021 before changes are made. We will have many new legislatures in January 2020 due to election year, and will probably have to educate the new legistures and the process starts all over again!

    So yes, I expect this to drag out for quite a while.

    Remember the police have to send notices to all registerants once this emergency ends to let them know of their obligations. You would think they would wait until a new bill is passed, you kill two birds with one stone. But who knows….

  8. Jo Jo

    Isnt everyone watching what is going on in this country, sex offenders are the least of legislators problem right now, this country is on the verge of another civil war from what Im watching , Police are quitting by the 1000’s,

    • Russ

      Ever since the registry has been around, we’ve had the LA riots, 911, Iraq War…they still haven’t forgotten about us. We are and will continue to be enemy #1. So don’t get your hopes up too much. We older dogs remember a lot more. A few people marching in the streets demanding police reform doesn’t mean the start of a civil war. In fact, the opposite is true today. More races are coming together in protest. Politicians in both parties and even our idiotic president have now called for some kind of reform. People will continue to protest and as usual, scared teabaggers will continue to hide in the corner with their guns until the protests are over. The police are here to stay and they have no choice but to suck up the criticism like they always have for decades.

      • LPH

        @Russ who said “Politicians in both parties and even our idiotic president have now called for some kind of reform.”

        Our idiot president signed an executive order with only suggestions.

      • Will Allen

        Agree completely. The Registry Hit List is not going anywhere. The majority of people who live in America love to hate. Being self-entitled, self-righteous, opinionated, know-nothing, douche bags and running other people down is one of their favorite hobbies. A lot of them are proud of it.

        The Hit List is going nowhere. We are always going to have stupid people crying about how we need big government to have a Hit List. There are always going to be lying, pandering politicians to placate those idiots. There are always going to be people wanting it to exist to profit off of it. Law enforcement, probation/parole, courts, prisons, “therapists”, etc. are always going to be doing anything they can to keep their business big and pulling in $$$.

        Tens of millions of people must wage war on these people who want big government. Make America a free country for once.

        • Schwartz

          Will, I am with you, ditto. I would ad that special interests, NGO’s, victims advocate groups, and especially FEMINISTS constantly agitating for attention to their causes is another big piece. And I can’t ever forget that every single talk show host, Oprah, Rinaldo, Nancy Grace, and every stinking drama on TV over the last 30 years has lived off this . Yellow journalism, muckraking mfrs.

    • LPH

      @JoJo: I have seen that some police have left special duties and some have left entirely but not “1000’s”. Care to enlighten me?

      • JoJo

        LPH. Im just watching news like everyone else. In past years when there has been an unjust killing of a black man by police, you may see rioting in that city and maybe few others of week or two, but with get off my neck movement, everyday its getting bigger and bigger now. Look at Seattle/ Buffalo police force / Atlanta police force this is getting more intense not less. I see so much neg talk on this site and not much hope on all the comments, I feel we ( especially in MI pre 2011) will get off SOL /. It will start to have a domino effect across the USA. /. Remember BLM / is connected to SOL more African American males are on the list as BLM movement says they are targeted. Look at MI legislators before rioting they were meeting every week. Not now!!!. , why ! To punches SO would be further punishing African Americans unjustly again, I feel they know that and cant afford even bigger unrest. I maybe wrong , but ive never seen anything like this in my 50yrs

    • BM

      Very interesting read today on CNN regarding probation. Sounds very similar to what we deal with!

      Good read, I suggest taking a moment.

  9. Mr

    Went to register today I have 2 months left on my 15 years. They told me due to law suite I cannot register or pay $50. They were nice and gave me a note saying so. Any updates ?

    • Bobby S


      I was told just the opposite when i went in on my birthday the 2nd, the clerk told me some departments are not registering and some are and that they were still registering people.

      So just to cover my butt i did register, i have been on it now 28 years 3 years past my original 25 years that was on 6-19-2020. I also have heard nothing on whats is happening with all of this, covid-19 or not, it’s time to start removing people from the registry.

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