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CA Governor Extends Encouragement to Stop In-Person Registration


California Governor Gavin Newsom has extended the provisions of an Executive Order that encourages local law enforcement organizations to forego in-person registration.  The original Order, issued on May 8, included a waiver from obtaining individuals’ fingerprints and photographs for a period of 60 days.

The Governor’s revised Order was issued quietly on June 30 without a press release.  According to the revised Order, the provisions in the original Order are extended until the revised order is “modified or rescinded, or until the State of Emergency is terminated, whichever occurs sooner.”

“We thank Governor Newsom for continuing to encourage local law enforcement to stop registering individuals in person,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.  “Anyone required to provide fingerprints or a photograph should contact ACSOL for further information.”

The number of the original Executive Order is N-63-20 and the provision regarding registrants can be found in paragraph 15.  The number of the revised Executive Order is N-71-20 and the provision regarding registrants can be found in paragraph 36.


20200630 – N-71-20 Gov’s Order Extending Remote Registration Authorization

20200508 – N-63-20 Gov’s Order Authorizing Remote Registration


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I called Registration this week to schedule my annual appointment (Aug. 1 birthday). The local office stated that it would be via phone and that I could call in anytime during their business hours. To guarantee that no accidents occur that might leave me with an unintended failure to register,I asked to tape the conversation. The officer told me that depending who I speak to, they might not agree. I then asked if I could receive emailed confirmation of registration. He agreed to that. So, to protect yourself if you register by phone, get your proof! Ask for an emailed… Read more »

No honest person would deny a request to record a conversation. Of course LE is not honest.

Personally, I don’t care if it is legal or not. I won’t have a conversation with anyone working for the criminal regimes without recording it. It may not be allowed in court some places but everyone would know what was said or not.

Grow some balls and make this mandatory and not a suggestion and encouragement.

Oakland CA has me scheduled for in-person July 22

Nope. In-person visit until i get it in writing ahead of time. I’ve got one year of registration left and with any luck coming off the registry so there is no way in hell i will let fate be in the hands of anyone other than myself.

I keep wondering why I am bending over backwards to follow rules for a society that could care less if I am shot for being a registrant. Why I am I bothering to sweat out if I miss a registration date. Or if I go somewhere and don’t tell them I am a horrible offender. Fuck them. When all this started I thought if I obeyed every little thing, it would get better. But it doesn’t and it won’t. I could save a bus load of children from a fire, and headlines would read, “children grabbed by sex offender while… Read more »

I am bending over backwards because the Registry “laws” of the criminal regimes are their weapons that they will use to harm me, my family, and my friends. That is the only reason I care about their “laws” or following them in any way. Because I’m in a war and I’m forced at the point of a gun. Other than that, yes, fuck them. I have zero obligations to be a good citizen and zero to help anyone. I won’t be saving a bus load of children from a fire or anything else. Or anyone from anything. We obviously are… Read more »

Will Allen ~ I agree completely. I am not even the registrant, and “only” the fiancé of one, but my rights are violated, too, when they come to our door screaming “Sheriff’s Department”. I feel as if a gun is held to my head, otherwise, I would not do half the things I don’t really have to do. Like someone told me on another site, if you had to sign something forcibly, put a VC (Vi Coactus) in front of your signature, indicating you are signing under duress. Same for following some of these unwritten “laws” they make up as… Read more »

@Nicholas, well said. Everything they set is a trap.

Both Anaheim and Diamond Bar made me register in person. They didn’t get the memo. (June 15 birthday)

ImeIm in Alabama and they still are asking to coms in and Register,,,Oh Well ! Guys/Gals w me luck …ive been violated for not being compliant, so im on the run ! Wish me luck and Gods Protection ! 24 Years of REGISTRY is waaaaay toooo long to be dealing with this for my case ! Cant be compliant any longer ! Wife divorced, I WAS kicked out of my home and info was given to police before i could get a place ! Oh, well GOD KNOWS AND I WILL GO AS FAR AS I CAN GO IN THIS… Read more »


Head for old MEXICO

Governor Linguine stop being raw when it comes to registration and actually force ending in person registration. Your behind might get cooked, but at least your linguine would be al dente!!

Another words stop being a spineless politician and do the right thing even if it’s unpopular!!

Just did my registration by phone. If you live in west Los Angeles, and register at the West Traffic office on Venice Blvd, you can call 213-473-0404 on Tues between 7 am and 11 am and on Thurs between 7 am and 3 pm. You give them your information (name, address, phone, last 4 of SS#) . You can opt to have the papers sent to you by mail or email. I went for email. The officer sent a test email to which I responded and then he sent the paperwork. Ensures he does not send it to the wrong… Read more »

Any more updates about this?

We closed the state down again, but it’s not a state-wide policy to stop in-person re-registration. I want to emphasize the word “re-registration” because we are not registering for the first time.

@New Person – The Governor has extended his “encouragement” to register people remotely instead of in person for an indefinite amount of time. There is nothing else he can do. And the CA Dept. of Justice (DOJ) has issued an Information Bulletin telling the registration offices how to remotely register people. The information in this bulletin continues to apply. The BIG question is why do local registration offices continue to ignore both the Governor and the DOJ? One registration office told me this week that they have no one to register people because the only person who knows how to… Read more »

I don’t know why they’re making it seem like rocket science? When I registered in April by phone, it was less than a minute of me stating my name and whether any of the information on file has changed (address, car, etc). A week later I received a receipt by mail. I bet they’re trying to milk it for funding because it’s such an argues task to keep track of all these people that are constantly on the prowl for victims. That annual registration is the only thing standing between utopia and absolute chaos.

Janice ~ That is almost comical. Remote registration in this day and age should be so much easier for anyone involved.

Well Mendocino County didn’t get the memo either. I called into the Sheriff’s Dept to verify procedure for registering. As I was aware certain county agencies were no longer doing face-to-face business. I was informed that the office was open. And my paperwork would be waiting for me to sign, when I arrived. When I arrived at the designated time. I saw a sign that the office was closed. But a Deputy talked to me through the mail slot in the door. He advised the person in charge was running late. And to either wait or come back. I opted… Read more »

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