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VOTE NO on CA Prop. 20! Stop Harsher Sentencing and DNA Collection


The November 2020 ballot measure in California that would significantly increase the number of violent felonies (from 27 to 51) resulting in harsher sentencing has a number: Proposition 20.  Of that total, the number of sex offenses would increase from 9 to 14.

“We urge registrants, family members, friends and supporters to vote NO on Proposition 20,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.  “This is the time to show up, stand up and speak up against the possibility of future injustice.”

The ballot measure would also allow law enforcement to collect DNA from some individuals convicted of a misdemeanor.  The ACLU opposes this ballot measure.  Law enforcement organizations support this ballot measure.


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  1. SR

    Thank you, Janice. Hopefully the huge sticker shock is what will drive most people to vote NO on this. I don’t hold much hope that many people will vote against this for moral reasons.

  2. ReadyToFight

    I continue to hope there is a “special” place in hell for scumbag politicians and those that uphold their ideology.

  3. Bill from CA

    You can count on me to vote against this horrid measure as well as spreading the word.

    I wonder – was this measure put up before the Pandemic? Because the money might not be there to support it…

    • Janice Bellucci

      @Bill – A lot of money has already been spent by law enforcement to get this measure on the ballot. In fact, they failed to do so only four years ago. This is their second attempt. Earlier this year, I thought we had no chance to defeat this ballot measure. Given that society is beginning to wake up and question the motives and actions of law enforcement, I think we have a chance. The final answer will depend, of course, upon how many people vote NO on Prop. 20. Please tell everyone you know to vote against it. By the way, there is a lot of background information, including who has spent what amount of money in support of and in opposition to, on the website “Ballotpedia.”

  4. Brandon

    Is there anything out of state registrants can do to oppose this disaster in California?

    • SR

      You can probably offer financial support to the groups fighting it.

  5. Resident

    Cops in my town take over 48% of 96.5 million dollar general fund.

    And they want more felonies? To do what exactly? Scare more people into giving them money?

    Yeah, probably that

  6. Mp

    I thought we were working towards criminal justice reform? Isn’t that what the politicians keep telling us they want? Well, not where I am from, in FL they can’t incarcerate enough and they don’t hide that, but I thought CA was on the forefront of this movement? Praying and good luck!

    • SR

      This bill is directly in opposition of two explicit reforms the voters already passed. But some people got their panties in a bunch that a few “undesirables” were going to be given an OPPORTUNITY to POTENTIALLY be let out early. Apparently even going up before the parole board and allowing them to make a decision on individual bases is just too much.

    • Chance

      This proposition won’t pass. We have our problems, but we’re still not bat shit crazy like Floridu..uh

      • A.D.A.T.

        @ Chance

        I’m sure that same statement was voiced on every other Bat Sh** crazy law that has been passed since the 1st Bat sh** crazy law was implemented and approved by the Supreme court. This can pass, and never think it won’t.

  7. w

    It’s happening because some of these law makers can’t NOT make laws. They can’t find anything else better to do. Everything else takes actual work, whereas the rso train runs without a hitch and nobody cares how much worse it gets for them.

    Put it on the ballot and watch ignorant people still pass it based on “violent imagery” created by false narratives, not caring about unintended consequences since “Eh, it’s not my problem”.

    That’s why people need to get the word out though people always see it as a lame duck cause since you’re trying to defend the indefensible.

  8. Brandon

    Law enforcement needs to stay out of politics and focus on enforcing the law that taxpayers pay them to do. So someone that has committed a sex crime is not eligible to be released on parole? Wouldn’t law enforcement and government officials want someone to turn their life around and be successful? Sounds like the smog in California has affected their brain. At least California doesn’t have Lauren Spoiled Barbie Book and Daddy DUI.

    • TS

      No, CA doesn’t have the Books but there are elected versions of her in Sacramento from parts of the state that make life hard enough for those in the same vein Ron and Co beat on.

  9. matthew

    In my opinion the best way to defeat this is to use the “cops do not need more control over us” approach. People are standing up to the police and we can use that as leverage. The big thing is DNA and government control. I wouldn’t focus too much on the sexual cases.

  10. j

    I had my blood taken from me way back in 2000 on my registration update, I was thinking there was a situation where I *fit* the profile of a certain situation, *not me* I felt a little violated but what can I do? in a way the DNA does help catch the ones that have committed crimes in the past by tracking/tracing * the ones that have alluded the police for many years, if there’s a person of interest THAN request that individual to check in the police station & than do what they do, but should not just say hey!!! now you have to give, how does one vote & where is the voting to be done? I ask because never voted before.
    thank you

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