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Here’s an article on organized LE harassment:

The multi-agency LEOs look ridiculous in the photo. Do they really need to dress up like paramilitary SWAT just to verify addresses?? My mail carrier verifies my address every day, and he doesn’t wear SWAT gear – in fact, in hot weather, he wears shorts and a sun hat! And, shockingly, he does not carry a gun! I guess these guys would don riot gear to hand out traffic citations!
And should they be congratulated for 77% success? I believe that’s a solid C grade. Despite the significant multi-agency involvement, they only managed to verify 82 of 106 addresses – a pathetic and outrageous waste of taxpayer dollars!

Why aren’t they “compliance checking” gang-members, drug dealers, convicted domestic abusers, and DUI drivers?? 😠😠😠

So whatever happened with remote registration? Is that no longer a thing and we all have to register onsite? I just learned that Martinez, CA (Contra Costa County) is requiring in-person registration. When I informed the desk clerk about the executive order, she said, “nope, not in our jurisdiction.”

Yes stepping up is always good. To many down in the mouth people complaining and giving their views about this type of impossible situation. Some of you all have came out of prison on this, some seem down, with shattered dreams and some of you women are just as perplexed and upset at all this allso. Sure we could talk about Moses being a murderer, David having a relationship and other things in the old testament that some take for grant but never give up on one’s liberty. True Justice is always good.

This quote is from the and yes my friend JP Welch is still in there and yes a good program to help others better advance from this registry hardship is welcomed in all areas of this abuse by government. A bit of christian ethics goes a long ways.
Society in every state is a blessing, but Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one: for when we suffer, or are exposed to the same miseries BY A GOVERNMENT, which we might expect in a country WITHOUT GOVERNMENT, our calamity is heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer.

Thomas Paine

I am wondering at what point , due to public registries, the conspiracy group ‘Q-Anon’ becomes a viable threat to persons listed. The registry has proven to be a source for those meaning to do harm, as well as a conduit between anti-whatever groups to bond over a common cause, and that is to inflict harm on registrants. I have read accounts of different people across the country sharing info about registrants in other locations order to create a network of registrant harassment.
With the current administration basically giving blessing to this particular radical group and their warped belief system, all registrants have been put square in their sights.
How do we know if we are being followed, tracked and marked as a target of opportunity. Covid makes it more difficult to identify those people due to masking, and reduced presence of people out and about makes witnesses harder to find. We are sitting ducks for these loonies and have no protections against them.
These are truly uncertain and dangerous times for all the world, but for us even more. It is even more important now to find the strength and determination to push our representatives to at least make the registry a private source rather than a public one.

On general comments we seem to acheive many different view’s. While I can fathom on here that many may like my view’s and dislike these view’s we all want to try to seek some closure to help all those that are wrapped up in this registry ordeal via computer or other means.

This will be my last posting using the wisdom of Solomon and I believe this posting can make understanding of this ordeal we are conjolte in. These ordeals are like a mockery of justice in many ways at times.

Yet another example of hypocrisy in government, and by extension society.

Rep Ayanna Pressley’s husband spent 10 yrs in Prison for drug trafficking, yet has been welcomed with open arms back into the Boston community.
Anthony Weiner messaged a young woman and was only sentenced to (I think ) 2 yrs. He has been ostracized from his community.
Neither offense is acceptable and requires an adult time out. But weighing the judicial judgement on each, seems the drug trafficker should be looked on as a much more serious offense. Yet not in public’s eye. Even with this man possibly getting youngsters addicted to drugs, even with the possibility of a child overdosing on his product, this man has been able to build his life back within the very community he polluted with drugs.
Mr. Weiner sent a few pictures to a young woman that knew him. No physical contact. No irreparable harm to her. Yet he is shunned for life and is labelled a predator.
How about a registry for drug traffickers, thieves, and DUI abusers. Hypocrisy

If the registry was just administrative and not punitive, a failure to register would get a fix it ticket and not a jail sentence. Simple as that.

Conspiricy for safety? Seems the commonwealth and many states across the USA inducing these registry ordeals are conspiring. If all this is about hurting little children than were’s the child in question in this made up situation. Many of these issues don’t cut the mustard or if they ever did. Talk about protect and serve being driven into the ground.

Does anybody know what tier I would be in concerning Sorna. I have a possession with intent to distribute conviction. Does intent to distribute equal distribution under Sorna?

Tier II says: Production or distribution is a level II.

I read the following on a lawyers website while searching intent to distribute definitions. The lawyer’s site says “Sentencing Guideline Manual § 2G2.2, a person charged with a child pornography related offense can receive a 2 to 5-level increase in the offense level if the judge finds that they distributed the material. Distribution is defined under the Guidelines Manual as “production, transportation, or possession with intent to distribute, relating to material that involves the sexual exploitation of a minor.” However, under § 2252A, the Courts have not used this broad definition, and state that an actual transfer must occur before distribution is appropriate under § 2252A. Put differently, possessing with an intent to distribute child pornography is not sufficient to meet the definition of distribution under § 2252A, while it is sufficient for the enhancement under the guidelines”.

How amusing it is to hear political candidates say “just imagine armed mobs in your neighborhood, coming for you”…. yeah, that’s everyday life for people on the Registry. Not surprisingly, not one of those candidates has mentioned eliminating Registries. Hmm. 🤔

I’ve been hearing a lot about some 17-year-old who shot and killed two people at the Kenosha, WI. protest. One of the victims is a registrant. Now the punk is being hailed a hero.

So, found something interesting. The Final Guidelines SORNA, 2009, and the Interim Guidelines, 2008, list 18 USC 2243 as a Tier II offense.

However, in March 2011 SORNA, without issuing new guidelines, no public comment, re-tiered several offenses. They re-tiered 18 USC 2243 as Tier III. Essentially any sexual act with anyone under 16 became a Tier III.

Problem is Courts don’t seem to agree. In U.S. v Kobedeuox (2013) the Supreme Court noted that statutory was Tier II. All Circuit Courts have found the same under the categorical approach (latest 5th in 2019). Even the Missouri Supreme Court found that 18 USC 2243, statutory, was Tier II.

Am I missing something here? Did a court tell SMART to shove it? If so, who?

If I fly from California back to Virginia to purchase a vehicle, then drive it back, if I am in a state less than a day, then I should be fine, correct? And how do I play it with the local Gestapo. Do I tell them of my travels, since there is no real itinerary. I won’t be in Virginia for more than 4-5 hrs max.

Probably a good thing overall but a lot of it is allusion. The comments suggest Qanon is taking the bait and making assumptions. Vague charges.

US Marshalls find 39 missing children in Georgia during two-week ‘Operation Not Forgotten’ across the state and arrest nine people on sex trafficking charges

The US Marshals announced Thursday that 39 missing children were recovered in Georgia in a two-week rescue mission dubbed ‘Operation Not Forgotten’
In the crackdown nine ‘criminal associates’ were arrested
They face charges including sex trafficking, parental kidnapping, custodial interference and registered sex offender violence

I don’t know if it is a complete lack of respect, or that I have given up on decorum, or that I just don’t care, but this morning I was at a local café, and two sheriffs were looking at me as I walked by, so I slowed down, addressed them, and said,” And just what are you staring at?” I then walked on out. Three city workers were outside and were laughing their butts off. One patted me on the back as I passed. I guess a lot of people feel the same way I do. No reason to allow them into your space if you’re not doing anything wrong.

Two questions-
Is there any blanket requierment for a 290 on parole to have a cerfew?

Is there any requierment that a 290 on parole carry there Registration Card on their person at all times?

Any help would be great.

Thank you

Thanks, Janice! Good to know! 👍

Hooray! I finally received all my EDD back pay since March in one lump sum. Almost like the lottery. I have been on edge not knowing if I would be homeless due to no money, but somehow something always kept occurring that would allow me to keep going. 5 years of skimping and watching every dime, from month to month. Now suddenly I am not only flush, but have a moderate surplus.
The 1st thing I did today was pay off a loan, my credit card, and my taxes. Then I called up one of the Professional organizations I belong to and enrolled in some advanced credential seminars. Then I got even more blessed. A client that had been very empathetic and loyal put out the word and four of his associates have contacted me about possible business.
I am writing this and my emotions are bubbling to the surface. My eyes are swelling and I feel both happiness and sorrow. I guess because I know that this is something to be grateful for, but that I shouldn’t have ever put myself in this spot to begin with.
I now can make it financially for a while, but I am not sitting back and relaxing. Now is the time to ride this wave and get every inch out of it before it crashes into the shore ( I surf ). I need to use this time save as much as possible , get my credit as high as I can, pack my resume with usable knowledge and look forward to when that time arrives to be released from this living hell of a registry, I have the means and opportunities I feel I have been robbed of by an unforgiving system of justice.
So, if I may, allow me to say, “ hooray for me” , since I can only share it here. No one else to tell, unfortunately.

A lawyer just shared this info with me – “apparently, California just decriminalized sex with 15-17 year olds, if the older party is no more than 10 years older. So a 25 year old man and a 15 year old boy or girl is ok” “look up California SB145”

So if this is now true wouldn’t it mean that anyone convicted of sex with a minor (15 and older) is off the registry as long as they weren’t more than 10 years older?

I know that this small card used to be issued here in CA, and my fiancé always carried it, even though I am pretty sure it was legally never required. A few years back, they went away with those cards and never issued them again at registration.