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Action Alert: Email Websites That Offer “Kill a Pedophile” Merchandise

There are at least four websites currently offering for sale merchandise with the message “Kill a Pedophile.”  The websites are Amazon, Etsy, Killer Culture Shop and Scratshirt.  Merchandise being sold on these websites includes clothing and/or stickers.

“The logos on some of the merchandise being sold include graphics of a person aiming a gun at the head of a bound man on his knees as well as the message ‘Kill a Pedophile,'” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.  “We must stop the sale and advertisement of this merchandise.

Registrants, family members and supporters are urged to contact each of the websites online and demand that merchandise promoting violence against any person or group of people be immediately removed from the website.

“There is no need to identify yourself as a registrant or a family member when you communicate this demand,” stated Bellucci.  “The primary reason for removal is that the message incites violence.”

Here are the websites, how to file complaints for each website, and an example of what you can say. You can follow the instructions yourself to see the images of the terrible merchandise.

Please reword the examples of writing we give below so it doesn’t look like a computer sent them.

Where to file a complaint:

  1. Go to to see a list of shirts with the toxic messages.
  2. Click on one of the “kill your local pedophile” shirts at random
  3. Click “Report incorrect product information”
  4. Click “Which part of the page”
  5. Click “Images”
  6. Click “What’s the issue?”
  7. Click “Offensive or adult content.”
  8. Type or paste in the comment (a variation of the one below)
  9. Click Submit

Example of what you can say: has merchandise that incites violence and murder, which violates Amazon policy. To see them, search your website for “kill local shirt”. Examples are “KILL YOUR LOCAL PEDOPHILE” and “KILL YOUR LOCAL HEROIN DEALER”  t-shirts.

How to file a complaint: Send an email from your email account to
Example of what you can say:
Your website has merchandise that incites violence and murder, which violates your policy. To see them, search your website for “kill local”. You will see merchandise like “KILL YOUR LOCAL PEDOPHILE” and “SHOOT YOUR LOCAL DRUG DEALER”  t-shirts. Please remove these violent items from your website. Thank you.

Where to file a complaint: Send an email from your email account to 
Example of what you can say:
Your website has merchandise that incites violence and murder. To see it search for “shoot” on your website. An example is a “SHOOT YOUR LOCAL PEDOPHILE” t-shirt. Please remove these violent items from your website. Thank you.

Where to file a complaint:
Example of what you can say:
Your website has merchandise that incites violence and murder. An example is “SHOOT YOUR LOCAL PEDOPHILE”. Please remove these violent items from your website. Thank you.


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Anything for a buck? How American.

Imagine the outrage, backlash, and boycotting if they sold “Kill a *igger” merch. Or the “silly faggot, dicks are for chicks” shirts that are now frowned upon. But somehow society high-fives itself, condones, and advocates the killing of anyone even suspected of being a pedo. The most disturbing part is, society doesn’t make a distinction between SO and pedo. Thank you media!! /s They’ve been brainwashed into believing they’re one and the same.

Facts Should Matter, you must also bear in mind that a distinction even BETWEEN pedos should be made; your comment assumes that all pedos are the same, that they’re all dangerous. They’re not. Not all have committed brutal rape, and some have not even raped at all; hell, some haven’t even committed a single law-defined crime in their life(!!).
No matter what sex crime has been committed, many to most sex offenders are trying to work on themselves so that they become a changed individual. These Amazon T-shirts should not be a valid message against anyone of any sex offense type.

Yeah, I enjoy listening to these clueless “journos” and law enforcement types talking about prosecuting “pedophilia,” as if there is a law against being one. Just try and prosecute me for “pedophilia,” asshole! Mind you, we are truly on the road to “thought crimes,” but this particular thought crime has not yet fully jumped the statutory tracks to being prosecutable, by itself.

Notorious, simply and kindly remember the days that you were jailed simply for being gay. The law stated that Sodomy and “taking indecent liberties of another of one’s own gender” was illegal. Merely having same-gender attraction to men was not. Nevertheless, LEA took it upon themselves to do the wrong thing and prosecute a man merely for being a ‘faggot’; for merely having attraction to men.

You nailed it! I am geared if the sales just enough for some uneducated or franks use the hammer go get ’em individual to actually do this think I bg its acceptable because of these depictions!
How do we find the originator? The authored designer the silkscreen the digital designer and stop production??
Still dangerous!

Well said! Yes, some people will sell hate and fear for a buck. It does sell unfortunately. Maybe sell “kill a judge” would bring light to this issue more. Just joking. 🙁

But they ban certain children’s books don’t they? Worthless socialist, dehumanized people like Hitler did. Sadists are they not. One day I am going to shoot them when the civil war comes.

Reminds me of a bumper sticker, “ keep kids safe, kill a sex offender.” Nothing says street justice than an idiot with a gun on a power binge.

I saw it @ a Central Valley T/A in Stockton. Asked operations visiting and he told me ” sells, whatever sells”

I contacted Amazon and they are working to remove the site. I would not be surprised to see it pop up again under a different name.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

I want to bring THIS to everyone’s attention: Look at what this company is teaching kids – local pedophile shirt&qid=1599890739&sr=8-41

That’s right! The merchandise is made to also fit their young sons and daughters, too!

@ JD
I wish. As Janice B. everyone who reads contacts these four vendors/sales online gurus to STOP!

I sent messages to the companies and received this gem from Killer Culture:

“Go F*&% Yourself”

Note: F*&% was spelled out in the email.

What are they gonna hide behind? It can’t be the 1st Amendment because this slogan is exclusively promoting hate, harm and ill-will. A message that antagonizes people with provocation to incite violence does not fall under free speech protections.

Everyone listed Online should not brush this off as just another juvenile shock T-shirt. The semantics are intentionally directed hatred. It’s a both implied and directed threatening gesture. What’s worse, the public thinks everyone on the list is a pedo. if you register, you SHOULD be offended and outraged by these words used in any print.

Please save (screengrab or screenshot) the email and submit it to those SORNA comments!

What other proof does the courts need that this law (AWA, SORNA) surpasses the The Eighth Amendment threshold? We’ve been dehumanized to the point where the public wants to just kill us off like dogs thanks to Epstein. It’s both alarming and surreal that the public’s hatred somehow sustains them and gives them comfort.

It feels so true that people want to kill, wipe out anyone labeled “sex offender”, regardless of the crime. And it is strange that makes them feel better in their hatred. This has the feeling of witch hunt. These are real people and most aren’t dangerous. 1/3 are kids!!!

Those are not real people. They aren’t humans.

America has always been very full of terrible, awful “people”. It doesn’t take much to see them these days. What a cesspool of hate. We need a flood such as the bible described.

The “people” of today who think the Hit Lists are okay are exactly the “people” who would completely support segregating people they called “coloreds”, if that were PC and still allowed. They are those “people”. No one should ever forget that. Those are the Hit List Supporters/Terrorists.

It was well within my lifetime that those terrorists thought it was just fine to keep “coloreds” from sharing water fountains with them, living where they wanted, or even being in the same area as them. Those “people” and their demon spawn children are still in America and still harassing and hating. That is what the Hit Lists are about and good, moral people don’t support it.

Today and tomorrow, I’ve got a lot of work to do. I’m going to be ensuring that the Hit Lists are a lot worse than only worthless. The Hit Lists cause harm, hate, and destruction.

The mouthbreather at Killer Culture is now bragging about it, and has even posted your full name, underdog.

Artemeus- Thank you for the heads-up. Amazing to see how such an innocuous request can produce such an emotional response.


Here’s a Youtube link where Donnie Wymer from Killer Culture is featured in a discussion about violence and murder. He’s on the left hand corner.

Looking at his Instagram account he has a paltry audience count. I think just by mentioning him here has brought more attention to his business that for the most part is usually ignored.

If looks like Donnie Wymer is upping the ante ever since people have been emailing him to stop promoting his product. Here’s his latest post:

Any recourse to this Janet?

Oops! Forgot the link:

Again Donnie Wymer from Killer Culture is on the left hand corner.

Here was the response I received from Donnie Wymer,

I’m sorry if you’re offended and I wholeheartedly invite you to go f#%k yourself” only his was spelled out.

Not very mature of him and very disappointing.

Does anyone honestly expect maturity from fear-mongering sex-offender-bashing mobsters?
I would think that a mature vigilante is quite offset, strange, “un-normal”, attention-grabbing. **Shrugs**


No, but I do expect some measure of maturity from a business person who would like to keep is business in good standing. But I should not really be surprised by any of this.

I beat the shit out of one anti sex offender who tried to bust in my door on my home. Hit him with a machete too cut his arm almost off. No charges on me. 😃

I received a email back from killer culture too, His reply was: “Click,click,Boom”
Probably a vigilante himself.

My reply from them was “chug bleach”.

Hey “Underdog” consider the type of low life losers who operate these kinds of businesses.

Thanks for sending this email Janice. I have sent emails to each of those sites as well. Hopefully we can change this too.

Since the Killer Culture shop owner is inciting violence, which is against the Shopify terms of use, please make sure you report him using their handy form:

I don’t want to sound foolish, but shouldn’t we be reporting him to the police, neverminding spotify?
Police can’t really say that it’s not a threat, can they?

It’s not actionable. It’s not prosecutable as a crime.

Notorious. DIK,
TRUE! It’s non existent crime, selling this kind of swag.
That doesn’t make it in good taste to sell swag.
It’s the same very bad taste as advertising America’s convicted on a world wide scale. By accepting the use America indeed demoralized itself to the world.
Hardly could such collective volition be considered “conservative” in ” family value ” nor progressive in ” human value. ” Rather this; is about machine. AND it’s value!

“It’s not prosecutable as a crime”
There’s at least a dim chance it COULD be, considering that Mr. Violent Vigilante indirectly suggested his motive (depending on how you interpret the following):

“the only acceptable rehabilitation for pedos takes place in the afterlife”
(the comments section of

Also, I would think it SHOULD be prosecutable, if judges realize the statistics and social standing of sex offenders.

The material on Amazon is a book. It is called “How to kill a pedophine: my beautiful suscide book three by Atty Eve. While we HATE the word, which really does not exist in the enlish language, it is part of a series of book and it looks like she is just a creepy author.

Pushing the envelope. A nudge here and there, another life taken. They don’t really care, so watch yourself. It’s just beginning. Stand up and defend yourself.

I found on Amazon that going to the product’s page there is a “Report incorrect product information” link next to the product image that you could report to.

Once you click on that a small box appears that says ,”Report an issue.” Then click on “Which part of the page?” Then select “Image” for the specification of the complaint.

Underneath it asks “What’s the issue?” Click that and select “Offensive or adult content.”

In the comments section state your complaint. For me I wrote, “Image incites and promotes violence.”

There are alot of these shirts being sold by different venders. I wrote to every one of pages. I found it disturbing that they sell those shirts in kid sizes with a boy and girl modeling it on Amazon.

It seems the link for Amazon is for sellers. Is there a link for the public to file a complaint?

So I contacted someone from Amazon. They called and I spoke to a representative. I was able to file a complaint and today I got a confirmation email of the complaint filed.

How do you report stuff on Instagram?

@Bo, et al

Instagram is part of Facebook, so it should be against their T&Cs if they are going to do what they are saying of late is true about not allowing hate filled speech which incites violence. Find Mr. Zuckerberg and leave him a note about his social media service through IG and FB.

Lemme follow up with on this thought with this: IG and FB cannot have it both ways when it comes to not inciting violence through hate speech when it comes to this political season and events across the world and then not following up with companies like this one who uses IG for business gain. Picking and choosing who gets banned or posts erased due to what they find acceptable on this topic is not acceptable under speech and violence. I am all about the 1st Amendment and this falls under it with acceptance because no one person is called out; however, as the owner of a major electric car company in CA found out, you cannot call someone a “pedo” and get away with it (see the story of the kids in a cave and the rescue diver he went after) let alone call for violence against someone who has been labeled that way.

TS, I understand anyone’s anger at this particular use to which the First Amendment is being put (I mean, the guy’s a fucking shithead) but I caution anyone to think twice about supporting ANY limits on that same First Amendment since, as should be obvious to all here, any such limit not only could, but almost certainly would, come to (further) jeopardize our own freedom.
You said it yourself: another shithead, Elon Musk paid the price for being such a shithead, not by the government, but by his own stockholders and board members. Let the market work, folks. The t-shirt guy will get his. Raise a ruckus, report him to Instagram, as I did a few days ago and make it difficult for FaceBook to ignore its glaring contradictions. That takes work but we were always going to need to do some work.

When we see the Bill of Rights, we have to see that we have a precious, fucking thing there – that nobody else has, that serves us directly today and may, one day, be our salvation. The very last thing that we – especially – should want to do is to carve-out more exceptions from the First, or any, Amendment.


We, you and me, are in agreement here. Let the market forces do the work, but make sure voices are heard at the private social media company about this shirt business. It will give them pause. Given the internet is being found to be the new public square, any restriction or limits on the 1st Amendment should be seriously discussed and considered. Last thing I want is it to be chipped away. I just want the companies to put their actions into motion equally if they are going to do what they say or be quiet if they are not.


So you think it’s good public policy to utilize a database to attack and enslave humans?

And all they do is protect their political security and unfettered uses of the infrastructure. That is the collateralized implications of granting state’s authority to indenture. To assist law enforcement, the federal deepstate, and ubiquitous surveillance saints & contractors.

No doubt we should firmly demand that those shirts be taken down or threaten lawsuit on them. The real question at hand, however, is: why did Amazon allow them to be on the website in the first place? (While I haven’t sold on Amazon before, I would think that a reputable e-distributor as Amazon would screen their items and approve/reject items that BLATANTLY violate their own policy of conduct; and BLATANTLY break the law!)

Not only is this horrible to begin with that this type of message is printed on a T-shirt but they have sizes with models wearing this t-shirt that are CHILDREN. They are telling children that violence is ok and they are promoting it!! What the “F”!! is wrong with you Amazon?

I selected one of the listings with a child being used as a model wearing this t-shirt and gave Amazon a piece of my mind! local pedophile shirt&qid=1599905376&sr=8-38

I told Amazon this message is unacceptable no matter the age!

I have also reported to Instagram this company’s account which proudly displays its exhortations to violence on its Instagram page. Others should, too.

Everybody’s just cashing in on the sexofender logo the media dosen’t all the time so dose LAW Enforcement and bloggers and journalist and any lame out there trying make a name for them self’s.
Kill a pedophile Tshirts WTF that shiit is funny as hell people will say and do anything for attention
People forced to register need take the power back and start making their own Tshirts start wrighting their own books make their own blogs start their own pod cast why not everybody else is cashing in off the sexofender logo

Good luck

Since this is is a crime being committed in interstate commerce I think federal code 18 U.S. Code § 373 should come into play here… but it probably won’t – And I think forfeiture of their assets should be in order for profiting off of the commission of crime.

Agreed from the case law. Some individuals who buy or sell the shirts themselves might cross that line if they out specific individuals to target but selling the shirts alone would be insufficient to use this federal code for prosecution.

I disagree…I think it is incitement…To Kill Your Local Pedophile. This could not be clearer…at least to me.

My brief note to Amazon had this idea at its heat:

“This T-Shirt is a direct incitement to kill someone….and should this happen, I would hope and expect Amazon to be held directly liable…as an accomplice in a criminal sense and civilly for damages inflicted, to include punitive for bad behavior.

This is hateful and Amazon should remove this product…for their own legal safety”

I believe the above to be at least sustainable as an argument to be presented to a jury.

If this does not reflect current law, there is a good faith argument to be made that such a complaint would justify a change in the law…and therefore presentable. (Can someone stand outside a theater with a sign saying…Be Sure to take Your Gun inside to Kill People, Because it is hard for them in a Panic to get to the Exit…lol).

No, wrong is wrong.

Best Wishes, James I

If you look up *Eric Brandt, (a well known free speech advocate from Colorado) on YouTube, he makes general threats against cops and judges all the time and has been arrested more than 120 times. He often says things like “kill police”. However charges usually get dropped because he is not specifically threatening any specific cop. Although because of website’s TOS rules, we might get this seller removed from many selling websites, but there is no crime here.

*He does not mind his name being used on free speech issues.

I can’t believe some people who study social work aren’t trained in human development. How can that be? If one is not educated in issues surrounding mental health the last place they need to be is talking to someone on a couch. I always ask my mental health Providers about human sexuality and if they give me a blank face I high tail it out the door.

We need shirts with, “WSIC: What Skeletons are in your closet?”

Amazon and the Washington Post are owned by the same individual. Soooo, maybe WaPo should do an investigative story on it’s owner who has a business which looks to incite hate speech and possible violence against people through the selling of merchandise which Amazon gets a percentage of and thus raises the stock price and overall value of the owner’s stock portfolio? You could also ask that of the other media outlets so they can do a story on this huge internet success story. Nothing like other media outlets sniping at each other. The only problem is the possibility of more success for these businesses given the free publicity.

BTW, Etsy was just listed on a stock exchange, so lower their price through bad publicity too.

At the same time, Amazon has a large US Gov’t business line for their web services, e.g. DoD, etc. Maybe elected officials as well as US Gov’t officials should be queried about Amazon profiting from inciting hate speech and possible violence against people as noted above? Embarrassment is ugly, especially at budget request time every fiscal year.

There is more than one way, other than directly, to get change done without causing problems for those who are the target of such speech.

Well, beyond the merchandise, he is also advocating using the registry to hunt RSOs. Here is a Facebook post where he tells people to murder people on the registry. I understand a slogan on a shirt may be protected free speech, but how is posting a picture of the SO registry and telling people to “hunt pedophiles” not actionable? When I use the Megan’s Law website, there is a disclaimer you have to accept which says it is a felony to use the registry for any criminal purpose, including harassment, which is exactly what he’s doing.

Yep, they ignore the warning and get away with it. Better yet, they use F******k and other social media like Nextdoor to circumvent the warning and artificially eleminate the fear of legal consequences. That’s why it’s cricitcal that if you’re being bullied in any way that you need to standup and take legal action.

It won’t stop until they get smacked around some.

While the website for killercultureshop (dot) com is Shopify, the Email provider is a reseller account with infrastructure operated by OpenSRS.

Perhaps we ought to file legal or criminal complaints against the website and work to identify the people behind the websites. I have a pretty good idea who’s behind the site and just hope the FBI in Phoenix Arizona is aware of their current operations. I’ve been tracking their activities the best I can.

I’m in a tough spot on this one. I know not everyone on this site will agree with me but here I go. I’m not mad. I believe it’s freedom of speech. I was a US Marine and that’s why I was in. I also don’t agree with the BLM movement, I’m pro police, pro Republican, and pro Trump. I believe everyone gets what they work for in life. I believe people make mistakes. I’m also a 290. I think it’s a t-shirt. I’ve tried to start a dialogue with Donnie Wymer and haven’t got anywhere. I’ve seen some of his posts on Facebook and they are ridiculous. I know this, my charge has to do with my ex wife, nothing to do with pedophilia, but when looked up, unless you’re us, there is no differentiation. I’m not looking to stand out anyways, my charge is no worse, no better than any other registrants regardless of the alleged charges, pleas, guilty verdicts. So Donnie Wymer, I’m also a fighter. I take no offense when you say what you say but stand in front of me and call me a rapist or pedophille, etc… I’m making no threats, I’m not that stupid but stand I’m front of me and say those things instead of being a keyboard warrior/lee press in logo maker. I’ve fought so far in two Battle of the Badges and have been boxing since childhood. I am a huge fan of mma and have extensive training in that arena too. So please Donny, wear your shirt, doesn’t bother me. Sell your shirts, doesn’t bother me. Mess with me, my family, that’s another issue. One more thing Donny. Tell your wife to stop changing her lipstick because I’m starting to get rainbows around my d___!

I’m not going to start an argument with you about your political, economic, or social beliefs here. However it is important for everyone to understand the issue being raised. Plenty of catch all terms exist for any number of broad categories of subjects. They are useful in some respects because diving into specifics every time can be counterproductive so generalizations are utilized. By the same token the reverse can be true and it is only with in-depth dialogue, reading, conversation, and exchanges that certain topics are able to be explored meaningfully.

There’s a term used in federal and perhaps state prisons for sex offenders. The term is chomo which is short for child molester. Obviously not every sex offense involves children or molestation and the definition of a child let alone molestation can differ greatly depending upon the locale/jurisdictional authority in the world. It doesn’t matter what the average person thinks what is is in law isn’t going to change in the near future. Yet people are free to use this gross generalization for something that is far more complicated than most of them realize. Forgetting any discourse over the validity of any relevant laws the fact remains the applicable situations/circumstances for which these laws apply do vary sometimes in contradictory ways.

No one in law enforcement or the courts has the ability to medically proclaim someone is a pedophile. Only a psychiatrist who likely specializes in sexuality would even attempt to make this medical diagnosis. As someone can easily imagine it is not as simple as showing up a the right medical office and going through a standard analysis. More importantly it is probably fairly rare for people to randomly drop in to a mental health service to discover if they are a pedophile or meet the criteria for diagnosis with other Paraphilias. Each diagnosis requires a number of facts to be true over minimum timeframes. Due to the variety and degree or subset of at least some Paraphilias it might take multiple sessions to grasp what is or isn’t true in order to come up with a medical conclusion. With pedophilia and the other age related attraction disorders listed in the DSM it is extremely vital to understand that thoughts and fantasies are primarily the area of concern. Acting out could easily cross into illegal territory which is where things become murky. It would be one thing if someone had been medically diagnosed then did something. The frequency of such a thing happening is likely far less common than people believe. More commonly someone does something gets labeled haphazardly by people who aren’t qualified to make a real medical determination and then in the broadest sense is given some basic tests which hint at what their attractions might actually be still without someone who can truly diagnose a medical condition. People can get wild ideas about conducting themselves in any number of ways. When those ways blindly threaten others based on perceptions and out of context the results historically have not been pretty. Even under the best circumstances suggesting messing with other people in harmful ways tends to end poorly.

You can be for or against any political party or candidate you want. Be for or against any movement you want. Etc. Etc.

Doesn’t change the fact that the message on these shirts is designed to promote violence. As such, it is not protected speech. No different from the classic case of yelling “fire” in a crowded theater. Not all speech is protected by the Constitution. The same Constitution that you and I took an oath to defend when we enlisted.

Right on my guy 👍🏻 . Much respect from So Cal

I’m sure he has a past….looks like a loser. I hope he doesn’t have kids….what a role model, huh?

This is frustrating. I reported several posts on FB for that T Shirt page that very clearly had the Shoot Your Local RC and the “Pokemon Go” posts. Apparently none of that is against the community standards. But when I generally said Americans are morons for think Covid was a hoax, that was super bad and warranted my account being blocked for several days. WTF??

FB needs live customers support to deal with this bullshit. I guarantee whomever reviewed my report against him, had a laugh and dismissed it outside the actual guidelines. I cant otherwise belive those posts don’t violate things.

Sent complaints to all but killerculture. Traced them to Shopify and filed a complaint with Shopify instead. May be able to also report them to a US government agency for internet abuse and the EU for violations.

Used image of child in one of those shirts for Amazon. As someone who sells shirts on Amazon, I know that is a HUGE NO-NO and they don’t allow any shirt for any size with that sort of content.

STOP!!!!! STOP!!!!!!
Do not give in to this Bullshit.

We have to find a stronger thing. We have to be so much better.

In my darkest times I found that one must find a small missive, a bit of a life to hold onto. People were h0rrible towards me. I lost all my family ,and its been two decades now. My only child screams at me through calls me “Pedophile” while he shits all over himself and commits crimes to support his opiate and benzo addition with a devil face and no one speaks to me from what was before.

Now, what do I do with this? I can and could have laid in the misery of what others though, or I could be courageous and FIGHT.

No one can take me to Task. NOT the *uking Federal POs or their minions. I stand TALL before them. I stand tall now after 15 years under fedral SR, and now 3 years coming up off the reg here in CT.

I say this to anyone whom wants to listen.

There comes a Time when a time has come. To stand up and to defend oneself. To get Really *ucking angry in a way that sets fires to small towns and villages.

To be absolutely and firmly bad ass and look these rotten folks in the eyes and call them out. They don’t know what do do in the face of strength.

To us here, for GDFM stop mee-mooing!!!!! Get smart about your particular situation. Fight it. Yours is not mine and mine is not yours. But dont bitch about stuff. Be smart about it, educate yourself on the LAW. Case law the LAW, any damn law. But above all fight and pushback. Okay?

Be legally smart. Look your Fed Or State PO in the Face and say “well thats Not what the law says”. And watch the giant shit in the pants. Am not talking a normal shit. But when LEA shits in their pants.

Cow Shit: Methane. Law Excrement: Oh well we didn’t have an authorized shit, but someone shit therefore its a valid arrest. “Judge” : But who shit? Answer: well that person Could have Shit, but we cant ever know if they would have. therefore the are a danger to the community. If one does so regarding a Minor, well HOLY SHIT!!! And therefore one must be of such low consequence that one is deserving of nothing more than shit.

This is what my life has been. My entire family whom I loved so much walked a way 17 years ago from me. I know nothing of them now. They know nothing of my courage and fight back to regain whom I am….not WAS but who I am NOW.

I have been in the belly of the beast. Terrified and closed curtains and when halloween came around, hiding from fear. Years spent being subjected to the SO “Treatment” paradigm. The coming into the probation office because New Britain CT had the “contact” and sitting there. I fucken took every leader of that group to task. Okay “dickshine” here is what is the facts. s

Oh my, i get heated.

Be well all.

Federal Judge: its clear to me!!!!


Wow! That was nearly “James Joycean” in both its scope and in its use of stream of consciousness, not to mention its creative use of language. Am I asking for more? Well… I don’t think anyone could improve upon it so, no. But I will clip and save it as it does provide a deeply personal perspective on a deeply disturbing cultural period.

Actually we all can steal put this type of blame on America today or the logical thinkers of this generation or is this marketing merchandise no different than goverment selling out or selling a nation or people out. Now all these comments on here are one’s view’s about another person. Sure its shocking but what isn’t today in so many ways. Look was playboy a good idea way back when to make someone rich.

Brandon with his bumper sticker view. Facts with his anything for a buck. Even Tim with his grand illusion of see what the database has caused or what the database has spread. Talk about women gossiping. One wonders who know’s what abuse is today, who knows what is rape today or is it all sexual.

This guy with the screen name of finally off the register talks about political things. Is it all about being to proud of oneself, the I don’t care attitude or go fly a kite mentality of none of your business, or who is wearing the mask today when they go out to shop? Would the president today lower himself to wearing a mask like some governors do or is is golf the four letter word used in some homes today for those wall street people.

Do men actually know who’s been raping who today. Believe it or not babies have been raped, men, women and children have been killled. Should we all talk about indian wars back in the early American colonies, the abuse of the BLM movement., the 70″ sex revolution, or the 30 seconds of fame for say the John Lennon murder.

Should we all talk about this oredeal we all are going thru, if its blantent punishment or government doing bad to enslave as they did to the black person or are we all some property of the state. So were does that leave christian morals or ethics if a person has them.

Has man actually heard women talk about rape crisises on campus or this teen sex issue or how it effects each one as a violation woman’s rights. Sure a geek scientist can come up with the fix as its all due to the database and thats the great cure all of a one button click. They didn’t have any database in the civil war era but they did have men of honor. Are police forces a men or women doing honor in many cases today.

Hey if a women is in the service of the police force, government, or any course of that nature they are going to say anything to save their job. Here they entrap others, sort of fish with their nets of deceit in this game of who wants to hook up with a teen and than labeling starts. Is that christian principal? Is the nation divided or is government wearing a mask when the President would not as that would cheapen i’m sure his or her standards.

Ruses and abuses come in many different forms or are we all what we eat or should we or this nation humble ourselves sort of put a little love in your heart. Being judgemental isn’t good on any bases or should solving issues be a big factor if done in the right way.

Respectfully submitted.

A gumball machine is “pretty” and looks nice. Put in a Penny get a Gumball. But the gumball quickly loses its flavor after a few chews. Apropos, so too does your position.

Your group lives in California. You live right where places like Facebook, eBay, and Google have their main corporate offices, so how about you have a public demonstration right at the corporate offices? Sending emails isn’t always enough.

Donnie @ Killer Culture is quite a pip

“Please drink bleach and give some to Derek for me”

How mature 😒

Senator Cruz is launching an investigation on the French movie Cuties saying it promotes CP. where were people complaining of Toddlers n Tiaras and beauty pageants for minors a few decades ago.

To me, this is nothing important. We all have much larger issues and that is just in day to day life even without the registry. This is not something new – the T-shirts. When i was a kid we had shirts like, “Kill a Commie for mommy” and kids wore them. It was not that big a deal. I know some will say it is promoting violence but i would submit that anyone who sees a T-shirt and kills for it, was going to do it anyway. A T-shirt is just not that big of an influence.

Just another day for a citizen required to register? Terror, depression, hopelessness and demoralization are something they and their family’s deal with EVERY DAY. In that case, you’re right.
These signs/decals and t-shirts are harassment against registered persons by every definition of the law I’ve read on the subject.

@Wow Patriot. Haven’t hear you voice on here for a long time. I’m sure your just as upset as the rest. Talk about Culture killer or if one wants to use the words Culture Club. Course I liked the pharse quite a pip.

I’m sure everyone has their views on this Culture killer ordeal. Even some of the things about Derek or all should really have something against Derek. and remember who can tame the tongue, or as one President said.. It takes to to tango. well who is doing the “Hustle” in a lot of this or were many hustled in much of this sex registry riff ordeal by this pimp up or pippish way?

Should we all go back to Jack Daniels or Charlie Daniels . One should understand a lot today just isn’t right or who is stepping on others in these tactics. Even this guy with this merchandise ordeal plus much of thsi government ordeal can be taken to far. Its time for a change in American Law and government. Some of you all might of been fans of Charlie Daniels enjoy.

Watching Killer Culture on Instagram has made me realize that our emailing towards Donnie Wymer’s shop has garnered more attention and support for his business by haters than if we left alone this otherwise obscure subculture of serial killer lovers. How ironic…A business that embraces the worst of human impulses – torture, murder, cannibalism, and necrophilia – be looking down on sex offenders….I mean REALLY?

Killer Culture even celebrates fictional serial killers like Jason and Micheal Myers that MURDER UNDERAGE KIDS…and yet be upset over people’s past sex charges. According to their logic it is better to murder children than the other thing…

I called Amazon customer service. Was transferred a couple of times. When I got to what was considered a “responsible party”, I explained my concern with the product and message they were sending out. She explained that her dept only took customer concerns in and routed them to appropriate parties.
I asked her if it was alright if I held up a sign saying “Kill Amazon employees” outside the gates of the local Distribution facility. She said she didn’t find that amusing and that communicating a threat is against the law. I then asked her what the difference was. She had no answer, but I knew by her tone she wanted to say, “ But they are pedos”.
I doubt if my call will be addressed, but I did it anyway.

I called Amazon customer service. Was transferred a couple of times. When I got to what was considered a “responsible party”, I explained my concern with the product and message they were sending out. She explained that her dept only took customer concerns in and routed them to appropriate parties.
I asked her if it was alright if I held up a sign saying “Kill Amazon employees” outside the gates of the local Distribution facility. She said she didn’t find that amusing and that communicating a threat is against the law. I then asked her what the difference was. She had no answer, but I knew by her tone she wanted to say, “ But they are pedos”.
I hung up. Then I was called back a few minutes later by another Amazon rep. He said he reviewed my conversation ( they are recorded) and then proceeded to take information down About product. He said since it was 3rd party data, they would search out all vendors caring this item. If it was deemed offensive (really?) they would remove the product.
I recommend everyone call them and complain. Many voices carry more weight.

@A.D.A.T. – Thank you for your tenacity! It appears that your determination paid off when you got a return phone call. Please provide us with updates regarding your communications with Amazon.


Honestly, I don’t expect any more follow ups. I am used to ,” We will look into this “ and then nothing happening. I will however keep an eye on this merchandise on their site to see if anything happens. Amazon headquarters isn’t far from my home, so it would be easy to go there and raise a stink in person.

Tenacity? Haven’t heard that word since schooldays. Janice you just may be my english teacher. Her and her husband owned a suziki shop in the 60’s and 70’s. While this whole issue of the sex offender is type of Controversial topics with this introduction of this internet What would be more controversial than the sex registry.

So were do morals and understanding come into play. A.D.A.T. you did good and persistance at times pays off. Its like falling off a horse you get back on. This sex offender issue is an issue and I’m sure we all see many things wrong with it. Its just like drugs or alcohol or who is deceiving and altering the mind. Even James Brown, the god father of soul had his moments. Sure I watched the movie uneasy rider back in the 60’s. We all went thru this women’s rights movement and yes women do have rights as we all should have or should we all talk about equality in certain issues.

This sex offender issue is way out of balance and is more Marxist in many ways . If you want to look at a mark of Cain it seems seems gloomy or doom to some so where is the constitution come in on all of this. Holding a man with a mark on them for the rest of their life and after they have served their prison sentence. Now this guy has a pedofile type of head shop selling T-shirts via computer to Kill all pedofiles. Maybe we all should bring back the issue about why taking prayer out of school was so important. Guess thats were your data base comes in.

Their was nothing wrong with Ronnie Regan as my grandmother called him. Course he did change parties. Thss sex registry in many facsets is a game and yes my hats off to A.D.A.T for being presistant to trying to understand this illogicaial facebook of amazon or whatever in this issue as well as some should. Does much of this come down to greed or a kill the beast or do some actually understand that life is precious.

I wish to apologize to folks on here.

I had a “stream of consciousness” and was upset and needed to vent.

Be well

Today, I had talked with an eBay rep from the Phillipines.

I had a copy of a book writen by a certain infamous madman from the 20th Century who wrote a very famous book. No doubt you can guess who, and I wrote a very scathing comparison years ago comparing American registry laws to the philosophy of said madman using direct quotes from said book. Having taken what I need from the book, I sold it on eBay, and there were at least a half dozen copies for sale, I decided to rid myself of the book, and it went for $20, which is more useful to me. It sold over the weekend and went out yesterday.

Today, eBay told me the listing was removed because the material was “Offensive material.” After a runaround I finally got a rep on the phone. He says eBay won’t allow this book to be sold because it is “offensive to Jews.” (It is odd given you can sell lots of other items bearing symbols from said madman’s regime, like currency bearing certain logos.)

I asked him why, then, if this book cannot be sold because it “promotes or glorify hatred, violence, or discrimination,” why is eBay allowing merchandise with the slogan “Shoot Your Local Pedophile/ Sex Offender” being sold? He said it was different but cannot explain to me how it is different. He gave me some convoluted response, something about this was one man’s opinion. But wasn’t this book I was selling also about one man’s opinion?

Long story short, eBay decided only certain people are worthy of consideration but we are not. Perhaps we need to slam them with a lot of “one man’s opinions.”

Great news…I filed complaints with Amazon against about 11 sellers for their violence-promoting “Kill Your Local Pedophile” products yesterday. l already rec’d confirmation that one seller is taking that s**t down permanently. Lets all continue until every single vendor (Ebay too) realizes this vigilantism is over the line and won’t be tolerated!

@ Chris Will – Thank you for contacting Amazon about the 11 sellers you found who are selling merchandise that promote violence to registrants. We all need to continue researching this issue and to stop such sales whenever possible.

That killer culture website is such a joke. They offer kill your local pedophile shirt yet they also offer Pogo is a friend of mine shirts, referencing John Wayne Gacy who himself was a sex offender. Oh and let’s sell shirts that say we like serial killers yet we also sell masks so you can protect yourself from a virus. What a bunch of losers trying to act tough.

Its funny you pointed that out what kind of hypocritical shiit is that his clothing label glorifies serial killers who are all sexofenders how lame is that.
i swear people will say and do anything for attention

pure hate.. These companies need to be held liable for these merchants selling this kind of stuff. We need to sue companies 5allowing this kind of stuff and see what happens. This needs to be a civil suit for all registrants.

One look at his personal and professional page is all you need to see to realize he’s a lowlife.

It seems to me that lawsuits work where enforcement of the law doesn’t. Class action of some sort? Sue ’em out of existence seems to get results where other tactics fail.
As to whether or not these “slogans” are illegal or not, it sure seems like it to me:
18 U.S. Code § 373 – Solicitation to commit a crime of violence

U.S. Code

prev next
(a) Whoever, with intent that another person engage in conduct constituting a felony that has as an element the use, attempted use, or threatened use of physical force against property or against the person of another in violation of the laws of the United States, and under circumstances strongly corroborative of that intent, solicits, commands, induces, or otherwise endeavors to persuade such other person to engage in such conduct, shall be imprisoned not more than one-half the maximum term of imprisonment or (notwithstanding section 3571) fined not more than one-half of the maximum fine prescribed for the punishment of the crime solicited, or both; or if the crime solicited is punishable by life imprisonment or death, shall be imprisoned for not more than twenty years.
(b) It is an affirmative defense to a prosecution under this section that, under circumstances manifesting a voluntary and complete renunciation of his criminal intent, the defendant prevented the commission of the crime solicited. A renunciation is not “voluntary and complete” if it is motivated in whole or in part by a decision to postpone the commission of the crime until another time or to substitute another victim or another but similar objective. If the defendant raises the affirmative defense at trial, the defendant has the burden of proving the defense by a preponderance of the evidence.
(c) It is not a defense to a prosecution under this section that the person solicited could not be convicted of the crime because he lacked the state of mind required for its commission, because he was incompetent or irresponsible, or because he is immune from prosecution or is not subject to prosecution.

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