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I’m feeling like war.

I started writing this but not really knowing what I want to say. I think mainly just that it is so important to do more than just complain about the Hit Lists. It is easy to sit around and type and complain. But the war against the Hit Lists must be in reality and cause real damage. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have any intention of letting the Hit Lists exist in peace. As long as they exist, I will be harming them and the people who support them. Real harm, in real life.

The large, significant harm that I do is all done legally. I do it via businesses that few people even know I own. I feel I need to keep all of that only known to a handful of people. Key people, who believe what I believe.

I would just implore people to be creative. Do SOMETHING that causes real impact. Cause good trouble, as John Lewis said.

I hate “internet thugs”. You know, people who are all talk and very tough on the internet. I can’t allow myself to be that. One way I avoid that is by only making promises to myself first. And never breaking promises I make to myself.

Somewhat related to that is I don’t talk about things before I do them (except for necessary planning and such, you know). I actually started that decades ago. I’d read some interesting things about how it is actually detrimental to tell people about your goals. Way back, I read numerous studies that showed why and proved it. The basic idea is that if you tell people about your goals before you do them, you are psychologically reaping some of the rewards without earning them. And that makes you less likely to actually complete the goal. I fully believe it is true. So I rarely discuss goals. Don’t say “I’m going to do X.” Just do it. Then you can talk about it.

The Hit Lists aren’t acceptable. Wage war.

I agree the MEDIA is 75% of the problem and should be the first form of action taken against IML..
The MEDIA needs to be held accountable for all their fear mongering and lies they spill all over the place when covering stories on sex offenders they need to be fact check emditly .
The MEDIA also can be useful for registrants when expressing themselves and getting the truth out organizing and inspiring others nation wide to standing up and fight back against the system.
the MEDIA can also be used for constant news coverage of people’s civil and constitutional rights being violated and prove without reasonable doubt that IML is nothing but cruel and unusual punishment.

Good luck

I am getting so fed up with the USA and the debate on mask wearing while we experience the highest rate of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths since it began. It sickens me that my mother died from this virus and half of the USA claim it’s a hoax. A mask is not a muzzle, a mask couldn’t care less about political parties, and masks have been worn by people for centuries to help stop transmission of viruses; good lord, wear a mask and stop fighting about if it’s a right to not wear one.

Am I going crazy or has half the USA?

Scam alert

Scammers are using fake bank and credit union caller IDs to call and ask for banking and personal information.

Here’s How the Scam Works.

Through a variety of ways, a scammer steals a bank card number. Then:
The scammer enters the number into an Android or iPhone digital wallet app.

The digital wallet app texts a verification code to the victim’s phone.

The scammer calls the victim, using a fake caller ID, and asks them to verify recent charges.

When the victim says they’re fraudulent, the scammer asks for the verification code to “confirm” the victim’s identity.

If the victim gives them the code, the scammer can activate the digital wallet and start spending the victim’s money.


So I was charged with 3-F and 1-M, all of which I plead no-contest and convicted to 1-F, the remaining charges were dismissed with prejudice. I pulled up my case number on the county court online portal and it shows differently, basically that I plead guilty to dismissed charges, no-contest to others, etc.

How would I get this corrected?

Thank you.

Has anybody been able to get off probation early after 2-3 years? I am on 5 years probation and post 10 years registration for indecency with child by exposure In Texas.

I am looking to get off early and my currently attorney says I wont be able to get off early because of registration.

Eli ~ A lot of attorneys don’t know the laws. I can’t imagine registration would have anything to do with it. He probably means that since it is a sex offense, a judge will most likely not grant early termination. You could contact Record Gone. They specialize in expungement but also in early termination of probation, and they only charge if they win. If they can’t get you off early, you only pay the administration fees, I believe. Here is what they say: Probation Termination
“If you are on probation you might be able to terminate the probation early or reduce the amount of time you have left by petitioning the court to do so. To qualify you must make sure you have paid all fees, fines and restitution and completed all court ordered classes. The judge will determine if discharging you from probation early will serve the ends of justice. Visit our probation termination page for further information.” Might be worth a try. They attend in your place, so you most likely won’t have to do anything besides providing necessary paperwork, and they will confront the judge and let you know the outcome.

On PBS NewsHour this evening, commenting on the sexual abuse claims against the Boy Scouts of America, one of the first things said by abuse victims’ attorney Timothy Kosnoff was that “We know, from statistics, that pedophiles* have – on average – 100 victims over a lifetime of offending”.
And so the contemporary mythology continues. Where do these false statistics come from?? What is the source??

(NOTE: One could be a pedophile without sexually abusing children. Just as a celibate gay priest who does not engage in any sexual activity is still, nonetheless, gay, likewise if someone is diagnosed a pedophile [a psychological/ psychiatric diagnosis], it doesn’t automatically mean that person has engaged in sexual activity with any children.)

Saw on the news this morning that CA (I think) launched an official new website where you can search cops by name and see all the complaints against them. To no one’s surprise there’s push-back against this as it leaves the cops and their families open to harassment and possible assault. Let’s see what legal actions will be taken to try and squash this, and possibly open the door for the same arguments to be used against our registry. Surely they won’t argue that our families deserve more “collateral damage” than they do!

Ok SR & TS so who’s gonna bitch out who. Hey I’ve had my share of being bitched out and I’m sure one can’t go around in life and not be bitched on. Do I lie, sure I do the bible says all lie so who we gonna believe Sinbad the sailor or the green gen … in I dream of Jeanie.

Will Alan better pass me the soap again. I’m just getting my business back together. I do vendor merchandising to winerys’ even one in Californiia. Now this whole registry bit and much of it is a bit who pissed on who or is it better to be pissed on than pissed off.

Sure law enforcement is a bit overboard in much. Its like tail gate parties are a monster truck pull and who’s playing beach blanket bingo with this registry. Hey business is business but who bitches on who or do we all want to stick our middle finger up at the judge in the court room and say “pottsie” sit on it! We all do still have free speech and yes their is forgivness but one has to get the attention from those in government.

Hey I’m looking for a pardon and I’m sure many of you all on here are also. For the past two years I have been depressed as some others on here but things can change if you make it happen. Its like if you get knocked down you either get back up or fall on your face and everyone wants some good to come out of this whole bad situation we all face or are authorities just as much at fault. I don’t like my PO sniffing around trying to get something on me. Even a gai I met at a winery gave me a saying to print up for her and I think Janice and some of the ladies will llike this one…. The more I see men the better I like dogs… Guess we are all a bit confused.

⭐⭐ CONFERENCE CALL MEETING this Saturday, Nov. 21 at 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 Noon PCT. All registrants, family members, friends & supporters are welcome to attend/phone into the conference call.
Here’s more info:
Phone conference:
Dial-in number: 1-712-770-8055
Conference Code: 983459
To ask a question, press 5*

Here’s a very interesting twist in a case involving a man sentenced to probation in a sex case. It seems they actually want to honor a plea bargain since it didn’t initially specify SO Registration.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the rest of us who were lured into a plea only to be screwed after the fact with registration had the option to change our pleas!!!!!

Here are excerpts. The link to the article is below:

“Judge Geary allowed Wahl to withdraw a guilty plea to invasion of privacy, replacing it with a count of identity theft, according to Somerset County District Attorney Jeff Thomas. Invasion of privacy requires registration as a sex offender for 15 years, while identity theft does not.
Wahl was not initially made aware that a guilty plea to invasion of privacy required sex offender registration, Mr. Thomas said.”

“When you make a plea, it has to be knowingly done,” Mr. Thomas said during a phone interview Tuesday. “So his attorney argued that his client didn’t initially know the ramifications. For the sake of judicial economy, we agreed to allow the plea to be withdrawn. In exchange for that, [Wahl] had to plead to a higher offense, although [identity theft] doesn’t hold the ramifications of Megan’s law.”


With 17B, and 1203.4, post-conviction. Does the victim have any say in the outcome via marsy’s law?



I have a question about registration in CA, maybe some of you might have insight on.

Am I required to provide next of kin information when registering? LAPD has been hounding me trying to get my parents addresses (they live in different places) for the last four or so years.

I usually just say I don’t know because I really don’t as I don’t have the best relationship with them. Is this required? I actually questioned the officer this time and she said it’s printed on the registration form but I read the thing over and over and didn’t see a thing. I couldn’t ask her to show me this time as registration was over the phone due to COVID.

This just seems like an odd made up rule by the division I report to.

New circuit court assignments for SCOTUS members if you’re interested: %1$s&ampshare=

You got it! Henceforth, “NOTORIUS J.M.B.”!! 🤗

Hi all I have a question. In the new tiered registry bill, there is a provision for tier 2 to petition to get off after 10 years, it states:

b) (1) A person required to register as a tier two offender, pursuant to paragraph (2) of subdivision (d) of Section 290, may petition the superior court for termination from the registry after 10 years from release from custody on the registerable offense if all of the following apply: (A) the registerable offense involved no more than one victim 14 to 17 years of age, inclusive; (B) the offender was under 21 years of age at the time of the offense; (C) the registerable offense is not specified in subdivision (c) of Section 667.5, except subdivision (a) of Section 288; and (D) the registerable offense is not specified in Section 236.1.

I have a 288(a), one victim under 14, when I was 19 years old. Would this apply to me?

At first glance, I would say no. Because in section (A), it says one victim is 14 – 17 years old. However, in section (C), it says the offense cannot be a violent crime under section 667.5, only exception being if it’s a 288(a). But the victims for 288(a) can only be under 14, not 14 – 17 years of age so why does it specifically mention this? Why would it say that you qualify if you have a 288(a), yet one of the other qualifications need to have the victim at 14 – 17 years old?

Can someone clear this up? So confusing haha, I might be reading it wrong.

Happy Thanksgiving to all on ACSOL!

I am grateful to have ACSOL and the ACSOL community for everything, especially for my mental health despite reading several bad news. Janice and company have continued to press forward. May all be merry and safe!

Anyone read the decisions in SCOTUS rejecting NYs COVID restrictions for churches? Interesting stuff. First, it’s disheartening to see liberal justices say taking constitutional rights away is okay if the threat seems severe enough. Second, it was interesting to see the majority opinion say it didn’t matter if the state rescinded these restrictions—just the threat of them was affecting worshippers and churches and SCOTUS needed to act. We certainly live under the threat of arbitrary decisions every day. I’ve always thought that in and of itself could invalidate a registry. Anyway, gotta say I’m a Biden voter but not necessarily unhappy with Amy Coney Barrett.

Hey guy’s n gal’s,, I wannna start a band,, call it R Rated if yah want ,,,but every movement needs music,,,,Ready er not,, here i goooo need allot of equipt. n stuff but bluegrass n rock n roll started with a thought,,, .Just a Thought…………….Janice has My #

The constitution,an every state’s is in cursive,who knows how anymore to read them? My kids are bilingual,but aren’t fluent cursive,so it’s translation is passed down from who? Very scary just a thought….

Watched a movie yesterday named, “Running on empty” from the 80s.Judd Hirsch and River Phoenix. Premise was a Couple and their children as fugitives from a bombing, protesting the government. They had help from others that sympathized with them and allowed them to obtain false identities, housing, money, and necessities. As the movie winds down, the family heads off to yet another identity. Oh, the good old days, when you could just disappear and live your life. Not a perfect life, but one that was enjoyable as long as you didn’t break the law again. Now, breaking the law is the least of our worries. Just surviving takes all our time.

Asking for opinions:
I went to the Dept. of Public Safety Building to due my annual registration on Nov.11th and was told that they are closed due to Covid and that my “Tracker” would call me to do the registration. So a detective called me on Nov.17th and said he would be by my house on Nov.19th between 5:00pm and 7:30pm. I told him that i didn’t want to do it at my house and said to him that i would meet him at the park around the corner. He said he would call me between 5:00pm and 7:30pm, but he never called, and hasn’t called since. I called and left a message last week asking them to call, but have not heard from them. The reason i don’t want to do it at my house is because i fenced and gated my property several years ago as they were harassing me, and put up a camera and sign saying the property is under video surveillance and trespassers will be prosecuted. Since then they have not come on my property, and i don’t respond to the flyers that they leave. Also, i don’t trust them and want to do the registration in a public place if i have to meet them somewhere. The registration has to be done by Dec.31st, and I’m worried that they might try to screw with me now. I am at their mercy now because of the registration office being closed, so I’m not sure how to proceed other then just wait, but I’m worried that they might try to say that i refused to register.

Hearing went rather well. No decision today, the judge asked for supplemental arguments.

I had found a Utah Supreme Court Case that stated that the State’s administrative exhaustion requirements do not apply to federal claims (I made both state and federal claims). Because I did not bring it up previously, the judge wants a response from the state.

Otherwise, based on the questions posed by the judge I won at least on the State’s Motion to Strike an “objection” that I made to their Motion to Dismiss, based on arguments that they had brought up for the first time in a Reply in Support.

Opposing counsel agreed that I have a vested interest in property, that is protected by the Utah Constitution; but, because they ruled administrative ly on the statute of limitations question and I did not ask for further agency review, the judge lacks subject matter jurisdiction to hear any of my case (including the constitutional questions).

I lost on the Motion to Continue a Stay, citing Maryland v. Rogers (2020), which is on petition to the Supreme Court.

The two remaining Motions are on the Motion to Dismiss and Motion to Amend.

See SOSEN if you want to read some of the arguments.

Interesting. Much of this whole ordeal of the sex register interest anyone that does or has any criminal justice background. Myself sure I made a blunder. Someone on this article used the word “Cursive” well cursive has different meanings. Cursive language, cursive writing writing and yes it can be a form of abuse.

My dad was complimented for the beautiful “cursive writiing” skills, or penmanship he had from growing up in the early 19 hundreds. Today the word “cursive” has a whole different language, style, or platform. Even this elective has an undertone of fraud or cursive or behavior stereotype .

Guys you all really have something here. One can have just as much “cursive” as the other as in replibicans saying in this election “Thy shall not steal” what about “Thou shall not covert”?

So were does forgiveness come in? or should one say I’m sorry I put you in jail or I’m sorry I took the election away from you. If one really listens to the “words” it all sounds bent in a one way direction and many in America don’t understand. Seems The Commandments have the right judgement but Court systems and even many want to bend the rules or are we all equal.

One could talk about motorcycle gangs and other things of a “cursive/purssuasive” outline but the truth is the truth and truth never fails. So when one pieces it all together than truth will set you free. All you are on the right tract in much of this endeavor.

Even the bible says even Paul caused alot of people to blaspheme so does that give authorities the inducement to create this scenerio on another without warning.

Get real California and authorities. Those in authority are just as much the guilt. And thats in all states by certain measures and standards or where is true justice gone today.