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For the upcoming Tiered Registry what are the Static-99 score thresholds for Tier II and Tier III?

There’s just one for T3: 6+

Thank you for the response.

I read a quote that left me thinking, it said “Everything happens for your own good”, it left a bitter sweet taste in my mouth. Do I/we have to continue being punished by society? Do the courts not realize or care less about my/our families? In many ways I am grateful that this happened to me because it made me change a lot as a man, as a husband, and as father. However, feeling like I need to be watching my back and my front everyday of my life not knowing wether violence is coming my way or my love ones having the finger bring point at and making them feel like they need to keep a secret from everyone they know, is something that kills me/us all inside. Every registrant like myself feel like this I am sure. We all have different cases, different circumstances, a different support system and all, but we are all dealing with the same umbrella at the end of the day. “Everything that happens is for your own good”, I don’t know……..really…….. I don’t know!

@Ruben Herrera,
I believe most , especially those of us that canNOT stay gainfully em played, will tend to agree with your statement of perception and feelings throughout and under that umbrella Ruben. Glad you brought this up and shared your feelings on this section.
Very true, even feels for those that did Federal or State Time were still there watching your back [& front-side to side, all the time, for the Vigilantes and for the leos that push too far
And go beyond a,unless or more house visits and inspections way beyond Probation/Parole.
As a Latino Spouse, you can increase that feeling 1 Up and can’t see La Luce.
There is a group in Sac an L.A. that ACSOL on here that talks monthly, and lately due to C-19- over the phone for virtual group meetings that vent and they are dealing, feeling and wheeling due to all this.
Be sure to check it out! Vacation con Dios Herrera

This has ordeal has had certain benefits to my personal life.
I have, after a lifetime of unknowingly burying personal issues, been able to accept what happened to me via my parents, step father, and grandparents. The neglect, abuse, and abandonment that I carried as a personal fault I no longer accept. These people are either dead or not in my life anymore. I see myself as an orphan, and when people ask about my family, that is the answer I give. Why claim someone as family that never treated you as such.
It has also helped me deal with the death and ugliness I saw while deployed overseas. I have often tried to rationalize my actions as being a result of PTSD, and have been told be health professionals that the trauma manifests itself in many different ways. Mine happened to be escaping through the internet. Now I have learned more self control, both in my personal life, but more in the way I view the world. I now, more than ever, think humanity is a myth. But these days I don’t seem to let it get inside my head. I see ugliness, and I just blow it off. I accept that I can’t change anything no matter how much I want to. I take care of the part of the world I move through and let the rest be what it is.
This ordeal will pass for me. Either by living through it, surviving past it, or dying with it.
I don’t see myself as a victim. I see myself as an entity with no control over anything but the here and now. What ever was , was. Whatever will be, will be.
Remember that everything that happened to you , good AND bad , has resulted in where you are now, the friends you have, and your outlook on life. What’s behind the next door you open is still a mystery. Don’t try to anticipate, just open the door and walk through it.

I have brought this up several times in regards to the state tiered registry and I have the same argument for the proposed SORNA. There is ALREADY a tiered system in California Low Risk (1) Serious Offender (2) and SVP High Risk (3) I believe we have the same arguemens that Michigan used in the 6th circuit against SORNA. Can Janice or. Chance comment on this. Thanks.

CAs T3 includes SVP but not only SVP. CA SVP is a court specific ruling towards an individual that involves a psychological evaluation to back it up. Its not inherent to your conviction code the way entirety of the tiered registry in CA is.

So are they going to have a tier 4 or those going to tier 3 whether it be California tiered registry or SORNA, going to lumped
In that group? If so now your considered worst of the worst when you weren’t before? That seems unconstitutional without a hearing.

The only difference between CA SVP and everyone else now and when tired system goes into effect us that SVPs have to register 4 times a year. Other than that, everyone is lifetime (less lifetime with the tired system. But really no difference)

Damn right it’s unconstitutional. 24 years ago incident that has been formally dismissed, clean, law abiding whole life = tier 3…

This is tee’d up for a suit of the highest order.

I was sent to be evaluated by my Judge’s Psychologist before sentencing and was deemed very low risk of re-offending. No prison, just 3 years probation. No prior offenses and none since in the last 20 years. Now I’ll be moving up to tier 3, worst of the worst. For many of us, the new tiered system is very unfair. But the registry was for life before and it’s still going to be life. I just fear that tier 3 registration requirements might become worse in the future.

Hello everyone,

I have a question for those who have lived in Oregon or are currently on Parole in Oregon. I am in a situation now where I may need to move to Oregon from California. I am still on parole and it appears I will remain on parole for 5 more years.

Can anyone give me an idea of what Oregon parole is like? Is this a really bad idea, or just more of the same? I can’t imagine Oregon could be worse than California. I am sick to death of this ankle monitor, and I have been in the Sex Offender treatment program for so long that they actually gave me a certificate of completion, though they still make me go twice a month, so how is it complete? I don’t know. I am sort of hoping for some relief if I am granted the opportunity to move.

Any personal experiences or insight into this move would be great.

Thanks in advance.

Shawn ~ I am not familiar with Oregon, but there is a website called SOSEN (Sex Offender Solution & Education Network), and if you sign up as a member, you can see posts from other SOs and their family members. They have all the States listed, and if you need to know anything about SO laws in Oregon, there is a lot of good information there.


Thanks for the tip. I will go and check it out.

Thanks for the tip.

I am signing up now.

All the best.

If you have the money and stable place to live out there already lined up id say go for it you ain’t got nothing to lose BUT if you don’t have those resources and try to move out there your on your way back to prison.
Homeless shelters in Oregon don’t take sex offenders and homeless sex offenders have to check in every 7days out there and being on parole their gonna be on you hard core even if you weren’t on parole just being a sex offender coming from California with nowhere to go their gonna be on you hard.
Not trying to discourage you but the chances of California parole letting you leave and Oregon accepting your transfer is very slim..

Good luck

I want to self file for a 1203.4 and 17b. I have a couple of questions about form 180 for those that have done it.

1) – In the column where it asks to write in the offense code section, is it all section 290? I have a Felony 311.4a and misdemeanor 647.6a.

2) In regards to reduction, it asks if the codes listed are eligible. And it notes felonies become misdemeanors and misdemeanors become infractions. Does this mean my 647 misdemeanor will become an infraction if reduced, or is that only for non 290 offenses?


If your charge is already a misdemeanor, then your 1203.4 negates the misdemeanor conviction. Also, if your charge is already a misdemeanor, then there’s no need for a 17B, felony reduction.

1203.4 and 17B do not terminate 290 registration, you’re still on the list.

Thanks for the reply. So if reductions are granted, my felony becomes a misdemeanor, and my misdemeanor will become an infraction. So I’ll basically have a single misdemeanor on my record which itself will be cleared (set aside) via 1203.4.

Any idea if I write 290 in the section code following each of my conviction codes?

@SR, a couple of thoughts especially if you are trying to file for your self.

If you have a little money, it’s worth it to try and find a reputable lawyer who can review your file with you and give you advice or even help with the paperwork.

If you don’t have a little money, you can contact the public defenders office and arrange to get free legal advice.

I am not lawyer, but here is my 2 cents if you want to continue reading …

To your specific questions

1) I am not specifically familiar with your 2 charges and if they are both eligible for a 1203.4 … assuming they are then for the penal code you just enter you offense codes … 647.6a and the 311.4a

2) based on this question … please seek legal advice about eligibility of your crimes. But if granted your conviction will no longer be a conviction.

However, getting the 1203.4 will not change your requirement to register. There have been instances where individuals received the dismissal and where also order to be relieved from having to register … but that has not been a common outcome.

If you are in Los Angeles County contact the Public Defenders Office and they have a separate group that handle Cert of Rehab at no cost to you do it now though

Wow. Just wow!! This from 2013 on how the seemingly corrupt pfml got its contract to “police” registered citizens. Note all of the backlash and disapproval and disbelief that this was going through and how it was being forced!! There appears Some very smart, brave stand-up people here.

This article highlights the clustering of sex offenders. Clustering was indeed prevalent in the neighborhoods of mid 1930s Germany. That group of persecuted persons also found themselves unemployed via union socialist influence and mandatory regulation of party notice upon emplyment.. Shops, stores and other economic entities were prohibited from competing.
After a while many of them found it necessary to hide from the Nazi socialist.

The minority in03 understood the mechanism known as registration doesn’t necessarily nor inherently evoke a sound foothold in the benevolence of Public Safety by notice. That notion is also reflected by the awkward determination in Hartford v Norma Grace Constanteneau – no posting without process. So while registration is piped as necessarily, in realty it is no more just than the earlier effort to publicly post sketches of known felon in post offices.

Parents for Megan’s Law (now the Crime Victims Center) is not “seemingly corrupt”. They are corrupt. They’re scum. They are a grifting operation that set themselves up to grift and fleece money from big government. They might’ve had some good intentions initially, maybe, but they are nothing but harassing terrorists. No one should be supporting anyone or anything that supports Megan’s Flaw and Registries. So, it’s too bad that we can’t have some organizations that possibly could do some good. F them and everyone should be trying to harm them by any legal means possible. ALWAYS vote to get rid of politicians and other grifters who direct our money to thieves.

Last I heard (which was perhaps a year ago), the Crime Victims Center founder Laura Ahearn, is still paying herself quite well for this grift that she established. She had (likely has) a very healthy six figure salary from it. She probably fleeces more $$$$$ from numerous sources. She is good at guilting big government, companies, and other gullible people into giving her $$$$$.

I am getting a twisted sense of enjoyment watching our country tear itself apart. I suppose psychologically my freedoms were torn from me and so I get a sense of satisfaction watching the politicians warring. I am angry and bitter and at my core probably crave the complete breakdown of society. I’ve been to actual war and seen the hell that it is. The stupid and selfish decisions our politicians have made has created all that we see. It makes me happy. Today I will walk a little more upright with a skip in my step knowing the end is near.

I probably need more therapy but to heck with it as long as I’m happy….

Don’t wish for civil war. I’ve read many comments on social media from people that say if violence (civil war) breaks out, they will hunt down people on the registry first. We are easy targets since they know we cant own weapons to protect ourselves.

I was just reading this court decision and it defies all common sense!!
McGroarty v. Swearingen (11th Cir. 2020): Appellant was convicted in the early 00’s of a sex offense in Florida and was sentenced to ten years’ probation and required to register. Appellant thereafter left Florida and completed his probation, but the Florida Department of Law Enforcement still displayed his registration information on their public website — his lack of connection with the state notwithstanding. Appellant filed a civil rights lawsuit alleging that this practice violated his substantive Due Process rights. The state sought to dismiss the lawsuit, on the grounds that it was barred by the applicable statute of limitations. The trial court dismissed the lawsuit, and Appellant sought review.
The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the trial court, finding that the applicable statute of limitations began to run either in 2004 or 2012, and that there was no continuing violation that would otherwise toll the statute of limitations period.

Logic: If I place your hand in a vice (i.e., Florida Registry), unless I release you hand from the vice, it is a continuing, ongoing violation – the pain and the violation continue. How the Hell does a court fail to recognize that same argument applies to the Florida Registry?? 😡😡😡🤬

I visited Florida 15 years ago for a few days. They still have me listed on their registry. I’m not required to update or notify them, but they apparently will keep me listed forever on their registry. Since they will not get notification of my death when it occurs, it would seem that my registration with Florida will be eternal.

There is no logical explanation for this, but apparently there are other states that do the same thing. Even if I get removed from my home state registry (which is unlikely) Florida will continue to have me listed.

What’s even more bizarre is that if you search for me online, the Florida registry appears long before my own state’s listing. Not sure what Florida is getting for their efforts, but I’d suspect that it has something to do with money.

No !
Its not Money !
Its called Power and Control …once your in there system, they can perpetually proclaim allllll kids of BS that is difficult to fight in a Corrupt, Unjust and Biased System like this Country Flounders Wallows in with little Regard for Human life or Accountability …

@Worried in WI

Florida Action Committee has more info on an effort they’re putting together to fight for out-of-state registrants and their removal from the FLA registry.

@ Worried in Wisconsin: Oh, but there is a logical explanation for Florida’s eternal Registry: They can cry to lawmakers, USDOJ, and whoever is dumb enough to listen that Florida law enforcement has Oh-So-Many terrible, awful, scary Sex Offenders roaming Florida that LEOs desperately need $$$ b’zillions of dollars to monitor, register, harrass & abuse these terrible, awful, scary Registrants!!

As registrants we didn’t create the divide among Americans, the Government did and should be at government, not us. Nobody better mess with me because I’m tired of being used as America’s septic tank.

Americans have always been sh*theads. It was well within my lifetime that racial segregation was awesome “law” that all the “good” people loved. The Registries are just the latest.

Honestly, I’m happy to see America in turmoil. Too bad. They deserve it. Our response to COVID is perfectly on brand. What a bunch of dumbf*cks! This election cycle confirmed what I’ve always thought about Americans. Biden has a great message that we should be united, but nope, not as long as Registries exist. Don’t make me laugh.

I hope people mess with me. It makes me happy to beat people. I want them to come to my home and try to harm me. Really. It gives me life and strength.

“Let This Grim Era of Demonization in America Begin to End” – Joe Biden (11.07.20)

But let those that are demonized on the registry continue to languish? Put up, or shut up, Joe.


Joe would have to actually acknowledge and do something about his 90’s crime bill first to realize the reality of his statement.


And we all know he ain’t gonna do that. Biden will admit the “war on drugs” was mostly wrong and ill-conceived, but I’m not holding my breath when it comes to him speaking out against SORNA. Why? Biden and John Walsh have a history and go WAY back. They’re best buds since the ’80s.


Preach it!

Congresswoman AOC wants to have a list of Trump supporters. Why? More registries and for what reason? It’s going to be hilarious if this thing goes to the SCOTUS as a list isn’t punishment. LoL

New Person,
You have the perception of a veteran advocate. I too took notice, as did, of AOCs declaration for the need a list of “Trump Syncopats” for the purpose of group ostricizing. I have little doubt such a database is already being compiled. That being the kind use(s) of a database upheld by the Majority in Doe v Alaska 03. As a collateral consequence of supporting the President of the United States.

Many discussions have occured on this blog discussing FB TOS prohibition on registrants use of FB. It may be necessary for FB Trump supporters to be concerned about the fanatical
potential from within that collective. Therefore barring registrants again lends an advantage to registrants, because they will not be identified as Trump supporters by the collectors.

@ SR continued from above. I would also think people that have been living and considered not dangerous or a threat and now you classify a tier 3 most dangerous, because that’s what the public will perceive them, that is an injury to ones reputation. See recent court ruling, in I think, Maryland.

@ Steve: Certainly in Pennsylvania, Steve, where “right to reputation” is written in the State’s Constitution. 👍🤗

Good grief! 🙄
“Man featured at Giuliani press conference is a convicted sex offender”

Wouldn’t it be lovely if one day we weren’t forever to be identified this way??? 🙄🙄🙄

I donate to ACSOL. Can those that donate be sent a financial statement? Maybe it is posted om the website somewhere?

@Berdoo: Send a message to Janice from their “contact us” tab at

@LPH : Has she sent you a copy?

I donated sizable amounts of money to various organizations helping us. ACSOL went well above the usual thank you email (or even no acknowledgment at all). Some organizations didn’t even reply even after several communications electronically (NARSOL is very low on the list, yeah I called you out).

ACSOL has done a tremendous effort to acknowledge it’s donators even by sending out signed USPS mailings. Janice made a post some time ago that if you contact her she would help in getting the donation 501c.

I think politicians need to take psychology/ psychiatric evaluations because they have more nuts missing their washers/ bolts.


From the FAC website, Ex Post Facto discussion, “The following is an argument paper by a lawyer at the CATO institution explaining the 1790 US Supreme Court ruling that Ex Post Facto laws do not apply to civil law and his take on why that ruling was wrong” (Calder v Bull ruling which @AJ always said should be reviewed again by SCOTUS):

“With one ruling in 1798,the Supreme Court succeeded in muddling the issue of expost facto laws by holding that the prohibition of retroactive laws applies only to criminal, not civil,laws.” WOW!

@ ex post does not apply to ” civil laws. ”

Congress shall pass no law……
no law in it’s plain language means just that.
Naturally one one must also reasonably tie it to a crime already had by conviction in the context of ex post review. Doe 03 met that standard and is proven by the grant of Cert by the Rehnquist led Court. That the court used a non-dispositive test ie. Kennedy’s own concocted test, proves the fix was in from the jump.

That fact proves just how important the rise of the database driven machines infrastructure was to socio political structures. And the slavery of man to database machine property began against human life & liberty. That decision solidified as constitutional BOTH the commoditization of personal information data sets and the plain indentured servitude.

If you have not had a chance to read this Ex Post Facto article, then I recommend you do so. There really is a good base for challenging Ex Post Facto Civil Laws according to the conclusion here. Problem I see is the many exceptions lawmakers make while writing laws because they can and feel they need to, as we see in many forums WRT registrants. I do think the initial three man SCOTUS was misguided in their thinking and probably should have asked some of those who were still alive when Calder v Bull was discussed and their writing of the Ex Post Facto in the US Constitution. Yes, the Federalist papers shine light on the topic too. Recommend each person in whatever state they are in take a look at their state’s constitution for ex post facto details WRT civil laws.

I signed a plea deal stating that I would do “NO MORE THAN 4 YEAR ON PAROLE.” When I was released they changed it to 5 years and followed that by changing it to 10 years. I have now done 4.5 years on parole and after many 602s I was about to give up. They say the judge and attorney were misinformed and that it should have always been years.

Today I spoke with Will at SOSEN and he let me know that CDCR has no right to change my parole dates due to legislation or otherwise. He suggested I find a good Constitutional Attorney to help me with my case.

Can anyone here refer me to a good attorney. I want to fight this and I am going to need some help.


Would giving a state help?
If not in Calif. Narsol can probably send you in the right direction.

I am in California, I should have mentioned that.

@Shawn E, You could attack it constitutionally but if in writing plea agreements fall under contract law. See Santobello v. New York 404 U.S. 257 (1972) which stated “when a plea rests in any significant degree on a promise or agreement of a prosecutor so that it can be said to be a part of inducement or consideration such promise must be fulfilled.” see also United States v. Hammerman 528 F.2d 326 (4th Cir. 1975) and United States v. Carter 454 F.2d 426,428 (4th Cir. 1972) which also ruled that when a prosecutor makes a promise even outside the normal range of prosecutorial discretion then that promise must be honored even if it proves later to be unfulfillable because it exceeded his powers.

Yes, contract law. You’re rights and duties were vested when you signed the agreement. A retrospective substantive law that interferes with a vested right, is generally unconstitutional (due process).

@ JohnDoeUtah and MC

Contract lawyer or Constitutional makes little difference to me. I’m looking for an attorney who can help me fix this. William, over at SOSEN felt that a constitutional Attorney would be best, but I would be really happy with an attorney who has worked with this issue before and knows the best approach. The plea deal is the plea deal. I was advised to stop arguing with CDCR about it and to get it before a judge.

@Shawn E, I don’t know of any specific attorneys in CA. Someone from there is probably more help. When searching for an attorney though I believe you will get a better result if you are looking for one who will approach your situation as I stated as a breach of contract. You wouldn’t really be using a contract attorney rather you would want one familiar with plea agreement enforcement which is rooted in contract law. While I wish I could be more help in regards to a referral, you should make sure you screen your attorney options in light of what I said in the previous comment.

MC I sort of follow you but sort of don’t. My detective came to me and said to me if you plead guilty that he would talk to the judge and DA. I thought those orders come from the hearing in question and seems due process is a bit over-breached in these encounters and should be challenged. I didn’t even get a chance to talk to the lady DA in my situation or even the judge so who’s doing the judgment call when these ordeals as my sister says that these things are entrapment at best and she is aware of if one was asked for send porno or things of that nature. I can’t even talk to the DA until probation is over, but I’m sure its a catch 22 in most of these ordeals. I mean anyone can change their mind on the witness stand so many of these offenses are sort of taking a shot in the dark.

@Saddles, you are talking about a common law enforcement trick to get you to make admissions – that they will talk to the DA/Prosecutor. There is no actual agreement there, typically. I’m talking about an actual written plea agreement where you said you would accept a specific punishment in exchange for pleading guilty. That is effectively a contract and just as enforceable as any other contract where you would be entitled to a remedy for breach of contract.

I have always been a radio buff,cb’s scanners,ect I just heard a call for a suicide attempt from son, from a parent that called in because the sister caught the minor son looking at suspect cp,an want to get him help! Lord forgive the hell they just unleashed on there family…only us know what is to come,a disastrous out come..

I am off probation in 2 weeks and I have a court date the first week of dec. I am going for expungement and a motion to get off the registry. My lawyer is a civil rights lawyer. I was just wondering if anyone has tried to do this before. My lawyer said that if we loose we will appeal it. I was on an adult website looking for a proustite when I got to the hotel they dropped the age to a 17 year old. They gave me a plea deal of a misdemeanor I did 40 days in jail and my fine was $150. They didn’t make me take classes I didn’t have to do anything. I lost my house job ect. I have many people that will give me a job if im off the registry does the judge even care? I am looking for advise. My lawyer said he is just waiting for the DA to respond to his motion. My lawyer is very old and he has had laws changed in California in his life time. He is using the equal protection as the basis to get me off the registry. If I did have sex with a 17 year old i would be guilty of penal code 265.1 and it would be discretionary registration but the arranging a meeting is mandatory registration. Please if anyone has any advise please let me know. Thank you.


Congratulations on completing your probation. By expungement I assume you mean the 1203.4. So long as you had no violations and your conviction is eligible the court MUST grant you the 1203.4

Depending upon the jurisdiction you are in and/or where you were convicted that can be more challenging.

If for some reason the judge denied your motion and as I said you are eligible and have no violations it’s an easy win on appeal.

To the second half of your efforts … I have not seen or heard of anyone being removed from the registry with getting the 1203.4 granted. It’s worth the shot especially if you have lawyer paid for … the only cases I have seen/heard of who were removed from registration were while getting the CoR. That said if you got the time and money take your shot and see what happens.

Thanks for your reply I had no violations. We filed a 1203.4 pluse the motion. My lawyer wrote a 10 page motion of why I should get off the registry. I dont know if its going to work but I figured why not try. My lawyer is a good man and I hope it works. His best point is how can actual intercourse not be registration but an internet sting is registration. The DA said they didn’t think I needed classes the cops took 2 cell phones and my computer and found noting. My first lawyer screwed me. I was on backpage the ad said they were adults they used adult pictures when I got to the hotel they dropped the age I said no to sex 4 times once the age was dropped. The cops then called my phone and I have been in telephone sales for 17 years her voice was of an adult and in real life she was 45. I answered 1 sex question and I was arrested. I just want my life back. I never been in trouble with the law not even a traffic ticket I have two bachelor’s degrees and I had a great job and house and I lost everything.

YES, Call Chance Oberstein!!! President of ACSOL.


You need to look at your plea agreement in detail about registration. Is there something in there about discretion and term length to be re-visited? I looked up soliciting a minor and on most law websites cite usually one doesn’t get onto the registry, especially if you had no priors. Yet, if you signed your plea that the registry is a part of your sentencing, then it will be a difficult hill to overcome something you’ve agreed to sign. The judge has the discretion to apply the registry on you, which, I assume, the DA recommended. If the judge used that discretion, then it’s difficult to overcome a judge’s decision and discretion.

The logic of equal protection makes sense, but the judge’s discretion on registration and your agreement to the plea with registration will be difficult to overturn. The fight against the registration portion should have been done before final sentencing, where your lawyer could have cited the reasons such as equal protection or statistics that show the registry wasn’t applied to cases with your penal code.

With that said, I am no lawyer nor expert. I agree with everyone else to get a second opinion with Mr. Oberstein, especially if you’re thinking of appealing it.

Curious, though, if your motion has already been sent, then why inquire about it afterwards? I wish you best of luck and pray the DA as well as the judge have sympathy to have the discretion to remove you from the registry, but I don’t think the judge has the power to de-register any registrant, unless it was specifically listed as part of the plea deal.

Yes. Relieve your attorney and consult with Chance Oberstein.

You need to contact chance oberstein for consultation now 949-365-5842

You said your lawyer has been around California for awhile so he knows daam well there’s no way possible he can relieve you of your duty to register the only way is to get a governor’s pardon and no sex offender has ever been pardon.
Sex offenders are so desperate and hopeless that their eazy targets for lawyers selling a dream I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you got robbed by this old dude

Good luck

So here in California (and not sure about other states) they are already talking about where the most convenient and easiest place to administer the coronavirus vaccine, to ALL, would be. The most POPULAR answer, so far? Elementary Schools, especially since most all of them are closed and will not re-open until next September (or next year at some point). Any thoughts on that one?

The location is interesting and should be brought up with Janice or Chance if schools are location of the vaccine.

OTOH, depending on your age, you might have a better chance of going through the motions considering the survival rate is over 99%. Currently, the vaccine is only 90% effective.

Here’s the link for Nov 11, 2020 CA age breakdown for COVID-19:

I used excel to find the survival rate.
* total death/total cases = general survival rate
* specific age death/total cases = survival rate for that age group

Yet, seeing how California remains locked down, the governor and state will probably require people to carry vaccine cards as proof for you to walk around outside of your house. LoL

While schools might be leveraged as vaccination sites, I’m sure they’ll also use the existing test sites and, after the initial crush, it will be as easy to get as a flu shot at your primary care doc, get VA or CVS.. Personally I’m not going to sit in line for hours to get it and I’m sure as S not going to give it to my kids until I’m comfortable doing so. That comfort level won’t be reached until a 100 million other people have received it w/out issue.
Anyway, I wouldn’t worry about being deprived of the vax because you’re a registrant.

Just a thought, why would anyone tell local police your whereabouts when traveling by car? What are the chances getting pulled over and them seeing your record from another state or question about registration? Thats not their job. I feel like people are giving more information than what law requires and then it never comes off the computers and does more damage to people. If I had to redo somethings, I would have gave them John Doe as my identifier and use the name wherever I go so its hard for them to search and prove who is using that identifier. I should have never gave them my real social media name and low and behold, I got suspended because someone reported im a offender.

Three words:

License plate scanners.

They know who you are and track where you are based solely on the various plate scanners you drive through. Check points, hoa communities, etc.

The FBI has you nationally listed as a sex offender once your name or finger prints hits the database your busted

I listen to my local police scanner regularly. It doesn’t matter what state you are from, they will have your record from that state in less than a minute. It’s very quick and routine data to get these days.

These “plate” scanners work if I go to places where I shouldn’t be going or I am in the “hot list” or have any “warrants” against me. Otherwise I can go on with my business because chances are I cant be arrested unless someone tips them off. Also I think that they would have to verify that person is in the car driving it. This is not a parking violation ticket that just goes to the person that registered the vehicle. Or lets just say I drive a rented car, how is police going to verify what I drive and do with my life? And what are the chances I get pulled over by an FBI agent? law enforcement doesnt have access to everything.

I would assume that if you drive a car that is Registered that it might be tracked and recorded anywhere that it is. You surely know that it would be trivial to put all 5 million (or however many there are) license plate numbers of Registered cars in a database, right? Then any single Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) in any town anywhere could check every car it sees against that database and TRACE and RECORD every match. It would not surprise me at all if this is already being done.

I know for certain that some business run ALPRs that track and record every vehicle coming in and out of their parking areas. For sure. I expect neighborhoods will be doing it soon enough if they aren’t already. Then all they need is for big government to give them the “public information” that they collect (i.e. the license plate numbers of the bad guys). They have a “right to know” after all.

You are right that in order to arrest you that they would want to verify you were actually there. You know that these ALPRs can easily be set up to video vehicles when they are triggered by a plate number. The video they take is very clear. But do you thinks cops wouldn’t love to play that game? I’ve had them come to my house to ask me about one of my vehicles being in a different state. Someone else was driving and they had no idea why or who. But that didn’t stop them from wasting resources to try to find out. Of course I didn’t tell them anything except to go F themselves. It was a short conversation.

Lastly, if you are listed on the Registries and give a cop your license I would assume that he/she can easily determine that extremely quickly. That’s very simple.

Having said all that, if you really want to be somewhere without the criminal regimes knowing, have someone else drive you in a vehicle that isn’t Registered and never speak to LE. Or perhaps take a bus. Flying might be iffy. Big government has passenger manifests, but can they scan them just for fun, looking for PFRs?

One day they will have good facial recognition so they’ll be able to track you all over the country in real time. They are already doing that in some locations. It wouldn’t surprise me if they start comparing faces against the Registries one day.

This topic below (NBC article) is different from registrant restrictions in principle how? You’re restricting people in the end from something in violation of something. Registrants and churches have a long history with each other.

Just because one had the ‘Rona, there’s no guarantee they won’t again or will. Each person is different. Same goes for the proposed vaccine. Each reaction is different. Better to do individual assessments.

This is a case, IMO, where the anecdotes and similarities will be parallel enough to push someone to speak the difference being punishment vs health. Showing shot records for children to be in school is one thing, showing them (or some sort of ID card with a label) to prove one can enter a business/office, etc is another and could fall into Gov’t compelled speech akin to marked IDs/DLs.

Justice Alito calls Covid restrictions ‘previously unimaginable’, cites danger to religious freedom
The conservative jurist spoke virtually to the Federalist Society’s annual convention. %1$s&ampshare=

U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez asserted the first two comments, and the “Washington Post’s” opinion writer Jennifer Rubin provided the third one:

1) After more than two dozen moderate Democrats broke from their party’s progressive wing and sided with Republicans on a legislative amendment Wednesday, New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reportedly sounded the alarm in a closed-door meeting Thursday and said those Democrats were “putting themselves on a list.”

2) “Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future.”
12:16 PM · Nov 6, 2020

3) “Any R now promoting rejection of an election or calling to not to follow the will of voters or making baseless allegations of fraud should never serve in office, join a corporate board, find a faculty position or be accepted into “polite” society. We have a list.”

Hmmmmmm… I’m sure Cortez and Rubin only intend on providing good clean fun with all of that “listing and archiving.” Yup, punishment is not at all the issue. Protecting society from those “sycophants” and wayward thinkers is nothing short of wholesome safeguarding.

While I’m sure many that took a plea deal seem to think it was the logical thing to do considering the circumstance at the time. While this 21 days to appeal sounds well in good if your still not satisficed with the judgment from court after your trial conviction. The facts are their but as someone said on here all of these registry ordeals are a bit different but still the deception and trickery are there in so someone isn’t quite right in this modus operandi area.

While each individual case has the main characteristic of this sexual content nature tied to this safety factor of protecting kids who is protecting a child with a method such as this.

Inducement seems the main enticement and this type coy to entice one to come down to meet in this vain ordeal so to speak. So in many of these ordeals on there that others are involved in some exchange was transmitted such as factual pictures, bringing items of a various degree that is sexual in nature or content or could having a bad secod thought that this couldn’t be an actual teenager which would be a con job of an inhuman kind that amounts to abuse or rape by law enforcement.

Rape comes in many forums and raping the mind of another is so cynical it is unfathomable that law enforcement would induce this on their own family members if the situation was turned in that directions and I am sure it has happened. I am sure those in government get a bit more of a break if it is a chance encounter by one of their own group.

Was reading back about a member of congress from VA thhat had a bit of a twist with his secretary and althought he would up marrying the lady it was still an onorthox situation.
Guess P.T. Bardum was right and yes people do uncanny things when money is involved as if police don’t get paid enough. One can call it entrapment, breach of contract, contract deception of law, or pursuasion agreement in bargaining over reach, much of this sounds like a vainity type of encounter. Even this attechment and this appeal does reang a bell for breach of oversite and I’m sure many would understand it very well.

I’m feeling like war.

I started writing this but not really knowing what I want to say. I think mainly just that it is so important to do more than just complain about the Hit Lists. It is easy to sit around and type and complain. But the war against the Hit Lists must be in reality and cause real damage. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have any intention of letting the Hit Lists exist in peace. As long as they exist, I will be harming them and the people who support them. Real harm, in real life.

The large, significant harm that I do is all done legally. I do it via businesses that few people even know I own. I feel I need to keep all of that only known to a handful of people. Key people, who believe what I believe.

I would just implore people to be creative. Do SOMETHING that causes real impact. Cause good trouble, as John Lewis said.

I hate “internet thugs”. You know, people who are all talk and very tough on the internet. I can’t allow myself to be that. One way I avoid that is by only making promises to myself first. And never breaking promises I make to myself.

Somewhat related to that is I don’t talk about things before I do them (except for necessary planning and such, you know). I actually started that decades ago. I’d read some interesting things about how it is actually detrimental to tell people about your goals. Way back, I read numerous studies that showed why and proved it. The basic idea is that if you tell people about your goals before you do them, you are psychologically reaping some of the rewards without earning them. And that makes you less likely to actually complete the goal. I fully believe it is true. So I rarely discuss goals. Don’t say “I’m going to do X.” Just do it. Then you can talk about it.

The Hit Lists aren’t acceptable. Wage war.

I agree the MEDIA is 75% of the problem and should be the first form of action taken against IML..
The MEDIA needs to be held accountable for all their fear mongering and lies they spill all over the place when covering stories on sex offenders they need to be fact check emditly .
The MEDIA also can be useful for registrants when expressing themselves and getting the truth out organizing and inspiring others nation wide to standing up and fight back against the system.
the MEDIA can also be used for constant news coverage of people’s civil and constitutional rights being violated and prove without reasonable doubt that IML is nothing but cruel and unusual punishment.

Good luck

I am getting so fed up with the USA and the debate on mask wearing while we experience the highest rate of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths since it began. It sickens me that my mother died from this virus and half of the USA claim it’s a hoax. A mask is not a muzzle, a mask couldn’t care less about political parties, and masks have been worn by people for centuries to help stop transmission of viruses; good lord, wear a mask and stop fighting about if it’s a right to not wear one.

Am I going crazy or has half the USA?

Half the population in America thinks the other half is the problem. The political party voters are affiliated with reinforces their delusions of superiority and elitism over the other side. America will always be a dirt road without guard rails

I used to be frustrated by the dumbing down of America with its anti-science, anti-reason attitudes. Then I read an article like the one posted on this website “NIJ: Tracking Sex Offenders: Federal Law……” and I can easily understand people feeling that researchers/academics/educators such as the article’s authors are lying, immoral, money-is-all-that-matters academic panderers. (IMHO, of course!)

Scam alert

Scammers are using fake bank and credit union caller IDs to call and ask for banking and personal information.

Here’s How the Scam Works.

Through a variety of ways, a scammer steals a bank card number. Then:
The scammer enters the number into an Android or iPhone digital wallet app.

The digital wallet app texts a verification code to the victim’s phone.

The scammer calls the victim, using a fake caller ID, and asks them to verify recent charges.

When the victim says they’re fraudulent, the scammer asks for the verification code to “confirm” the victim’s identity.

If the victim gives them the code, the scammer can activate the digital wallet and start spending the victim’s money.

Thank you for the warning! 😬


So I was charged with 3-F and 1-M, all of which I plead no-contest and convicted to 1-F, the remaining charges were dismissed with prejudice. I pulled up my case number on the county court online portal and it shows differently, basically that I plead guilty to dismissed charges, no-contest to others, etc.

How would I get this corrected?

Thank you.


After my sentencing, I received a summary sheet of paper listing what I had pled no contest to, the probation terms, and all other conditions issued by the judge. If you have a sheet like that, seems you could approach the county court and show them what they have wrong. If they ignore you, I guess you would have to file a suit, maybe requiring a lawyer.

That said, my sheet showed the judge didn’t require me to register. What a joke that turned out to be.

@Mike G

Thank you, omw to the court house, hopefully they’re open.

Has anybody been able to get off probation early after 2-3 years? I am on 5 years probation and post 10 years registration for indecency with child by exposure In Texas.

I am looking to get off early and my currently attorney says I wont be able to get off early because of registration.

From what I recall in CA, you had to complete a minimum of 3 years to be considered for early termination (3 years seems to be the minimum probation length here, with various degrees of supervision involved depending on your offense). I don’t think there’s anything specific tied to having to register, but I’m sure it’s a pretty big factor that a judge would weigh. Complete 3+ and try to file for an early termination. The worst that happens is they deny it (it won’t be held against you). And then you should be able to find out what you can do to get it terminated sooner, if possible, and specifically why if not.

Eli ~ A lot of attorneys don’t know the laws. I can’t imagine registration would have anything to do with it. He probably means that since it is a sex offense, a judge will most likely not grant early termination. You could contact Record Gone. They specialize in expungement but also in early termination of probation, and they only charge if they win. If they can’t get you off early, you only pay the administration fees, I believe. Here is what they say: Probation Termination
“If you are on probation you might be able to terminate the probation early or reduce the amount of time you have left by petitioning the court to do so. To qualify you must make sure you have paid all fees, fines and restitution and completed all court ordered classes. The judge will determine if discharging you from probation early will serve the ends of justice. Visit our probation termination page for further information.” Might be worth a try. They attend in your place, so you most likely won’t have to do anything besides providing necessary paperwork, and they will confront the judge and let you know the outcome.

On PBS NewsHour this evening, commenting on the sexual abuse claims against the Boy Scouts of America, one of the first things said by abuse victims’ attorney Timothy Kosnoff was that “We know, from statistics, that pedophiles* have – on average – 100 victims over a lifetime of offending”.
And so the contemporary mythology continues. Where do these false statistics come from?? What is the source??

(NOTE: One could be a pedophile without sexually abusing children. Just as a celibate gay priest who does not engage in any sexual activity is still, nonetheless, gay, likewise if someone is diagnosed a pedophile [a psychological/ psychiatric diagnosis], it doesn’t automatically mean that person has engaged in sexual activity with any children.)

@David: The mythology comes from Freud, and a hundred years of “sexuality”-based rights. The flip side of “coming out” and “Pride Week”—that homosexuality is not a choice, and is unchanging—is that sex offenders are unchanging and irredeemable. We are the only culture that has ever viewed interest in a sexual act or attraction to a class of people as an identifying characteristic deeply embedded in a person. America’s combination of belief in the sexual revolution and continued belief in authoritarian penal systems will ensure sex offenses are treated uniquely and cruelty for years to come.

Saw on the news this morning that CA (I think) launched an official new website where you can search cops by name and see all the complaints against them. To no one’s surprise there’s push-back against this as it leaves the cops and their families open to harassment and possible assault. Let’s see what legal actions will be taken to try and squash this, and possibly open the door for the same arguments to be used against our registry. Surely they won’t argue that our families deserve more “collateral damage” than they do!


They should jut put into the fine print then the same disclaimer “info contained herein cannot be used to harass, etc” much the same way the CA registry fine print says it for everyone else when the website is accessed. It works, right?

My thoughts exactly. I haven’t looked at the site myself, but I’m sure they actually have that bulletproof disclaimer on the website. Because people who’d go out of their way to harass and assault someone on a registry are only doing so when there’s no warning against it.

Aaww, the poor babies are worried about harrassment and assault.
Well, here’s a bedtime story to boost their morale:
“WV State Police and U.S. Marshals verify almost 100 sex offenders”

These brave law enforcement officers risked their donuts to verify that these low-to-no-risk taxpayers and community members lived where they reported living. I get goosebumps just imagining the danger our heroes faced! 🤢🤮😱

Ok SR & TS so who’s gonna bitch out who. Hey I’ve had my share of being bitched out and I’m sure one can’t go around in life and not be bitched on. Do I lie, sure I do the bible says all lie so who we gonna believe Sinbad the sailor or the green gen … in I dream of Jeanie.

Will Alan better pass me the soap again. I’m just getting my business back together. I do vendor merchandising to winerys’ even one in Californiia. Now this whole registry bit and much of it is a bit who pissed on who or is it better to be pissed on than pissed off.

Sure law enforcement is a bit overboard in much. Its like tail gate parties are a monster truck pull and who’s playing beach blanket bingo with this registry. Hey business is business but who bitches on who or do we all want to stick our middle finger up at the judge in the court room and say “pottsie” sit on it! We all do still have free speech and yes their is forgivness but one has to get the attention from those in government.

Hey I’m looking for a pardon and I’m sure many of you all on here are also. For the past two years I have been depressed as some others on here but things can change if you make it happen. Its like if you get knocked down you either get back up or fall on your face and everyone wants some good to come out of this whole bad situation we all face or are authorities just as much at fault. I don’t like my PO sniffing around trying to get something on me. Even a gai I met at a winery gave me a saying to print up for her and I think Janice and some of the ladies will llike this one…. The more I see men the better I like dogs… Guess we are all a bit confused.

⭐⭐ CONFERENCE CALL MEETING this Saturday, Nov. 21 at 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 Noon PCT. All registrants, family members, friends & supporters are welcome to attend/phone into the conference call.
Here’s more info:
Phone conference:
Dial-in number: 1-712-770-8055
Conference Code: 983459
To ask a question, press 5*

Here’s a very interesting twist in a case involving a man sentenced to probation in a sex case. It seems they actually want to honor a plea bargain since it didn’t initially specify SO Registration.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the rest of us who were lured into a plea only to be screwed after the fact with registration had the option to change our pleas!!!!!

Here are excerpts. The link to the article is below:

“Judge Geary allowed Wahl to withdraw a guilty plea to invasion of privacy, replacing it with a count of identity theft, according to Somerset County District Attorney Jeff Thomas. Invasion of privacy requires registration as a sex offender for 15 years, while identity theft does not.
Wahl was not initially made aware that a guilty plea to invasion of privacy required sex offender registration, Mr. Thomas said.”

“When you make a plea, it has to be knowingly done,” Mr. Thomas said during a phone interview Tuesday. “So his attorney argued that his client didn’t initially know the ramifications. For the sake of judicial economy, we agreed to allow the plea to be withdrawn. In exchange for that, [Wahl] had to plead to a higher offense, although [identity theft] doesn’t hold the ramifications of Megan’s law.”

@ G4Change: Here’s another one for your – how about the elements of the Registry cannot be changed beyond what they were when you agreed to the plea deal? So all the many extra
“enhanced” Registry requirements they’ve added over time would not apply …… only what was in effect at the time and date that you agreed to the plea deal.
(ROFLMAO! Can you imagine the registering officers trying to keep up with all the different requirements for many multiple registrants!!
It would so f* up the system!! 🤣🤣🤣)
😁 Just imagining that has made my day! 😁

Can you imagine if regular contracts worked like SORs? For example, you sign an purchase order for a pallet of sod for your yard. But after the ink has dried, you decide that the seller must also deliver the sod, offloaded it, place the sod throughout the yard…. AND water it twice a day for the next month!!
Isn’t that really what the SORs keep doing to us??

Amazing how pleading to a “higher” offense is the better option when the totally non-punitive registration is the “lower” option.


With 17B, and 1203.4, post-conviction. Does the victim have any say in the outcome via marsy’s law?


Good question. I read through it and I don’t think so. It seems like this law has to do with everything from the start of everything through being in custody (including parole/probation). It doesn’t seem to have any effect post full completion of sentence, which is what 17b and 1203.4 would be. But even if they are involved in this, 1203.4 cannot be denied (if you otherwise qualify and had no violations), only the 17b can be influenced.


I have a question about registration in CA, maybe some of you might have insight on.

Am I required to provide next of kin information when registering? LAPD has been hounding me trying to get my parents addresses (they live in different places) for the last four or so years.

I usually just say I don’t know because I really don’t as I don’t have the best relationship with them. Is this required? I actually questioned the officer this time and she said it’s printed on the registration form but I read the thing over and over and didn’t see a thing. I couldn’t ask her to show me this time as registration was over the phone due to COVID.

This just seems like an odd made up rule by the division I report to.

Per regular laws, you are not. You’re required to register any address where you “regularly reside”. For most people that just means your home. But in some cases it can be multiple address. For example, one of the man in our treatment group would stay each weekend with his girlfriend (she lived in a different city, so it was kinda long distance). Because he was there overnight most weekends, he had to register her address as well with that district. But as far as randomly having to register your other families members addresses just because they’re family, that’s not a thing in CA.

That’s what I thought — I was just wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same scrutiny by the LAPD in the San Fernando Valley.

New circuit court assignments for SCOTUS members if you’re interested: %1$s&ampshare=

You got it! Henceforth, “NOTORIUS J.M.B.”!! 🤗

Hi all I have a question. In the new tiered registry bill, there is a provision for tier 2 to petition to get off after 10 years, it states:

b) (1) A person required to register as a tier two offender, pursuant to paragraph (2) of subdivision (d) of Section 290, may petition the superior court for termination from the registry after 10 years from release from custody on the registerable offense if all of the following apply: (A) the registerable offense involved no more than one victim 14 to 17 years of age, inclusive; (B) the offender was under 21 years of age at the time of the offense; (C) the registerable offense is not specified in subdivision (c) of Section 667.5, except subdivision (a) of Section 288; and (D) the registerable offense is not specified in Section 236.1.

I have a 288(a), one victim under 14, when I was 19 years old. Would this apply to me?

At first glance, I would say no. Because in section (A), it says one victim is 14 – 17 years old. However, in section (C), it says the offense cannot be a violent crime under section 667.5, only exception being if it’s a 288(a). But the victims for 288(a) can only be under 14, not 14 – 17 years of age so why does it specifically mention this? Why would it say that you qualify if you have a 288(a), yet one of the other qualifications need to have the victim at 14 – 17 years old?

Can someone clear this up? So confusing haha, I might be reading it wrong.

Happy Thanksgiving to all on ACSOL!

I am grateful to have ACSOL and the ACSOL community for everything, especially for my mental health despite reading several bad news. Janice and company have continued to press forward. May all be merry and safe!

@ New Person: I completely agree!! Despite all the sh** they throw at us, fighting back against Injustice is very empowering!! 👍😁🤗
Thanks for all you do, ACSOL and Notorious JMB!

Anyone read the decisions in SCOTUS rejecting NYs COVID restrictions for churches? Interesting stuff. First, it’s disheartening to see liberal justices say taking constitutional rights away is okay if the threat seems severe enough. Second, it was interesting to see the majority opinion say it didn’t matter if the state rescinded these restrictions—just the threat of them was affecting worshippers and churches and SCOTUS needed to act. We certainly live under the threat of arbitrary decisions every day. I’ve always thought that in and of itself could invalidate a registry. Anyway, gotta say I’m a Biden voter but not necessarily unhappy with Amy Coney Barrett.

I will gladly thank Justice Coney Barrett if she helps abolish the Registries and everything connected with them!!
But….. that will be the true test of their integrity and their belief in the Constitution. (And no one should be surprised if they twist themselves into legal pretzels just to allow the Registries to remain.)

Welp, John Roberts did twist.

The Justices I’d try to change their minds are Alito and Thomas, but especially Alito. It is his insistence that the recidivism rates are so high that registrants are monsters that cannot be redeemed. I would love to have a SCOTUS case brought forth where new evidence that the 2003 Smith V Doe case used false evidence via the NY Times video and Dr Ira and Tara Ellman’s academic paper of “Frightening and High”. I want them to also allude how incorrect information was how Gen Flynn was delayed his proper justice once discovered there was new evidence that painted the contrary. It took a presidential pardon to relieve Gen Flynn of his troubles.

Will Alito continue to impersonate Judge Emmitt Sullivan or will Alito finally accept the truth about false facts used in 2003 as well as notice how far beyond the scope of the registry has gone today since 2003 to prove all the dissenters correct? Judge Sullivan is the judge who refused to dismiss Gen Flynn’s case after new evidence proved his innocence and delayed Flynn’s justice.

It has been noted previously that SCOTUS justices slide in their thinking over time on the bench:


I no longer think about the registry in the sense of it being removed, negated, or revised. I simply don’t think about it in any of those terms. That to me is an exercise in futility. There are obscure laws that have been on the books for over 200 yrs. so does ANYONE truly believe that this is going away? Be honest with yourselves. I know, hope is a good thing. And I do hope for certain things. Realistic things. Like winning the lottery, or being the 1st person to step on Saturn. These things have a better chance of happening.

Hey guy’s n gal’s,, I wannna start a band,, call it R Rated if yah want ,,,but every movement needs music,,,,Ready er not,, here i goooo need allot of equipt. n stuff but bluegrass n rock n roll started with a thought,,, .Just a Thought…………….Janice has My #

suggestions are welcome at least we have the 1st. amendment,,Right without sensorship…right?

The constitution,an every state’s is in cursive,who knows how anymore to read them? My kids are bilingual,but aren’t fluent cursive,so it’s translation is passed down from who? Very scary just a thought….

@ future seems distant

You do know that Cursive is a style and not a different language , don’t you?

There are plenty of places online to find both state and the US Constitution. I’m sure if you do a search for “TX constitution” or “CA constitution” or “US constitution” you’ll find what you need. Here’s a freebie:

Watched a movie yesterday named, “Running on empty” from the 80s.Judd Hirsch and River Phoenix. Premise was a Couple and their children as fugitives from a bombing, protesting the government. They had help from others that sympathized with them and allowed them to obtain false identities, housing, money, and necessities. As the movie winds down, the family heads off to yet another identity. Oh, the good old days, when you could just disappear and live your life. Not a perfect life, but one that was enjoyable as long as you didn’t break the law again. Now, breaking the law is the least of our worries. Just surviving takes all our time.

Asking for opinions:
I went to the Dept. of Public Safety Building to due my annual registration on Nov.11th and was told that they are closed due to Covid and that my “Tracker” would call me to do the registration. So a detective called me on Nov.17th and said he would be by my house on Nov.19th between 5:00pm and 7:30pm. I told him that i didn’t want to do it at my house and said to him that i would meet him at the park around the corner. He said he would call me between 5:00pm and 7:30pm, but he never called, and hasn’t called since. I called and left a message last week asking them to call, but have not heard from them. The reason i don’t want to do it at my house is because i fenced and gated my property several years ago as they were harassing me, and put up a camera and sign saying the property is under video surveillance and trespassers will be prosecuted. Since then they have not come on my property, and i don’t respond to the flyers that they leave. Also, i don’t trust them and want to do the registration in a public place if i have to meet them somewhere. The registration has to be done by Dec.31st, and I’m worried that they might try to screw with me now. I am at their mercy now because of the registration office being closed, so I’m not sure how to proceed other then just wait, but I’m worried that they might try to say that i refused to register.

Dear Dave:

I don’t want to panic you and it is maybe wrong to even stick my nose in this…but, you’re looking for opinions…and I was once violated (wrongly) for not registering…it was the worst year of my life so I am very sensitive to this question, even though I won in the end….it was bad.

So, here goes:

1. Where are you? Are you in CA which may have different rules than where you are.

2. I don’t know why you have such a wide window to register…December 31? In CA it is 5 days from your birthday…so you almost have to be somewhere else.

3. I also don’t like doing it at your home….are there no benches out front of Dept. of Public Safety Building? No place to sit at the police station or a nearby courthouse? The park just doesn’t seem appropriate to me.

4. As your date approaches, you could go to court, just stand up and say they, the police, won’t register me and I want something on the record. The judge will throw you out, but that’s okay, you will have created a record.

5. Go to the police station and file a complaint…if they don’t want to take a complaint against themselves, insist that there be a record that you tried to file a complaint for them not registering you.

6. I fully realize that the above advice is difficult…

7. Sigh…I had the time and money and connections to enter into a year long battle over one officer telling me to chill they’d get to me eventually and another officer arresting me. I hate to even think back to this time….but since then, I have done or threaten to do all of the above if I am not registered within my 5 day window that CA allows for. I am very intense on this…for better or worse. Take your picks.

As always, anyone should feel free to disagree with me or proffer better advice.

Best Wishes & Good Luck, James I

Hey James I, Thanks for the opinions. I know, I should have asked him if we could do it elsewhere instead of demanding, and you’re right the park probably wasn’t a good idea either. He could have said something to me though if it was going to be a problem instead of leaving me hanging. I’m in New Mexico, and we have all year to do an annual. I guess I’ll just wait a week or two and then start doing some of the things you suggested. I thought some of the same things that you did, maybe send a certified letter, or go down to a sheriffs station and see if i can get some cooperation.

Hearing went rather well. No decision today, the judge asked for supplemental arguments.

I had found a Utah Supreme Court Case that stated that the State’s administrative exhaustion requirements do not apply to federal claims (I made both state and federal claims). Because I did not bring it up previously, the judge wants a response from the state.

Otherwise, based on the questions posed by the judge I won at least on the State’s Motion to Strike an “objection” that I made to their Motion to Dismiss, based on arguments that they had brought up for the first time in a Reply in Support.

Opposing counsel agreed that I have a vested interest in property, that is protected by the Utah Constitution; but, because they ruled administrative ly on the statute of limitations question and I did not ask for further agency review, the judge lacks subject matter jurisdiction to hear any of my case (including the constitutional questions).

I lost on the Motion to Continue a Stay, citing Maryland v. Rogers (2020), which is on petition to the Supreme Court.

The two remaining Motions are on the Motion to Dismiss and Motion to Amend.

See SOSEN if you want to read some of the arguments.

Interesting. Much of this whole ordeal of the sex register interest anyone that does or has any criminal justice background. Myself sure I made a blunder. Someone on this article used the word “Cursive” well cursive has different meanings. Cursive language, cursive writing writing and yes it can be a form of abuse.

My dad was complimented for the beautiful “cursive writiing” skills, or penmanship he had from growing up in the early 19 hundreds. Today the word “cursive” has a whole different language, style, or platform. Even this elective has an undertone of fraud or cursive or behavior stereotype .

Guys you all really have something here. One can have just as much “cursive” as the other as in replibicans saying in this election “Thy shall not steal” what about “Thou shall not covert”?

So were does forgiveness come in? or should one say I’m sorry I put you in jail or I’m sorry I took the election away from you. If one really listens to the “words” it all sounds bent in a one way direction and many in America don’t understand. Seems The Commandments have the right judgement but Court systems and even many want to bend the rules or are we all equal.

One could talk about motorcycle gangs and other things of a “cursive/purssuasive” outline but the truth is the truth and truth never fails. So when one pieces it all together than truth will set you free. All you are on the right tract in much of this endeavor.

Even the bible says even Paul caused alot of people to blaspheme so does that give authorities the inducement to create this scenerio on another without warning.

Get real California and authorities. Those in authority are just as much the guilt. And thats in all states by certain measures and standards or where is true justice gone today.