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A.D.A.T, Dave, TS, facts and many others on here. It would seem that we have all run the gamit of all this sex registry understanding. Even were the money goes or who is giving money surpluses to combat this sex registry or if its helpful or harmful or this harrassment or even these prison sentences. Is one looking at this with ordeal of sex registry upside down?

What was the action/motive surrounding many of these internet encounters? Was it to actually talk to a teenager, to arrange a hook up with them, or to understand why one got caught up by this deception. Just what was the motive of the authorities and what was the true motive of the one that fell into this.

Janice I believe many on here should get to the degree of the topic for better understanding to help in any defense or defensive way, or are we all going around in circles in many ways. I am sure the motive was to prevent those talking to a teenager in this type of trickery. So were does truth come into play in these many ordeals. Yes we seem to talk and comment about everything else on here but getting to the root is best to help in this type of suit by these vain ordeals. I hope we can all get some good comments of that one.

Deception I would like to say I followed these brothers threw his language skills on YouTube,he speaks over 50,he went through a divorce,hired an attorney,said attorney forged clients signature,which started these 2 down the road of how corrupt our justice system is,they went pro as an are moving at lightspeed compared to the decades that we been doing,the younger brother Mark is doing the paper work,he talks about how hiring an attorney,just makes the game last longer,an keeps kicking the can down the road! I’m convinced,an seen all the games the lawyers play..with our life’s..its sicking! There case is ongoing right now an there hitting home runs,check them out! Better then Netflix this real life an how our courts are in America..

Before I get into what I am going to say during this general comment section, with Janices premission I would like to first introduce a pretty smart woman Janice Bellucci and I don’t know her and yes I have been on here since even my own conviction or punishment if one would like to call it in this game of many colors but sometimes actions speak louder than words in many ways and Janice is a type that likes to see true justice done and thats a plus.

Earlier this year I took the initiative to phone Janice and ask her about why she was wanting to get enwrapped into all this. Her having a spiritual type of understanding of the gospel and yes she and her team having good lawyer/skills and I asked her a bit about a movie “To kill a mocking bird” since my dad lived thru that era and was a fan, seems she wanted to get some views and answers for true justice since the movie is a type of justice drama that surrounds much of this ordeal we are all involved in. I suppose she’s maybe gleening to understand things a bit more better to help in ending many of these registry ordeals and bringing true justice back into the court rooms.

While the movie To kill a mockingbird was presented well,. and yes it was a bit about racial in an unequal way, still the movie appears full of suspenseful drama in this theme. Even the lawyer seemed not to get justice for these people involved so was that one’s view of this mockingbird type justice.

While Janice and myself talked a bit about this movie Hitchcock presented one can understand her views a bit more., One can also understand how the black person has been treated or railroaded if one would like to say as well as the jury taking the side of the white person in this justice matter. Yes the movie presents a lot of understandings of lifes justice. While the movie is a bit racial it can speak volumes.

It may also be noted that Hitchcock lived during the times of WWI in the early 20th century. He also went thru the depression, WWII and his screen writings and plays were enjoyable. Hitchcock while brillent as a screen writer/director was also into the spy and propoganda era’ of WWI and II and enlightened many with films of that nature. So who is the mockingbird or are we all guilty of something yet uncovered by these ordeals or are authorities just as much the guilty party also today.So were is the enlightened understanding or the moral understanding today in these offender ordeals in many of these sextortions .

Is this a type of hypocrisy/morbid type of perception of two wrongs don’t make a right or the one not wearing the belt of truth. Was it the all slick injustice is these divisions in many of these sex scandles or the modus operendi where true justice is abused and overshadow by authorities as it is in many cases today, or who is the narrator in these presentations. Yes if Janice and her team let me we all might just learn a bit more from all these viewpoints.

While many know that this Convid virus thing is upon us should we all ask why its here or in many cases why it took someone’s friend, love one or why is all this happening. Is this virus telling all or the nation to slow down or not be to hasty. Sure we can all look at this registry and many other things in two ways good or bad.

Many have commented on here as giving idea’s or solutions without looking at all the angles in these situations. Oh its all about the data base or its all about computers or the money issue or could it be all about the tongue or the enticement or is all this real in this complex issue that is instilled on another. Yes we all react in many different ways to offenses even to abuse. Can anyone say this registry was thought out in a concise and proper way or should we all consider all these avenues.

Now science says for every action their is a reaction. In human behavior its either good or bad reactions in much of this deceitful registry ordeal. Before I or we all get into all this lets try to enjoy the Holiday as best we can during this termoral and look for a new beginning and I’m sure Janices team and many more striving for the eradication of a lot of this registry can help bring forth new light to shed on this matter for true justice for all. Yes we all should try to have a happy holiday with our love ones.

Wanted to take the time to wish you all the happiest of the holidays. Stay safe and warm.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!

Here’s one for all you weekend lawyers,

There is a school near me that has a multi purpose activity field adjoined to it. The field is separated by a courtesy fence and has a sign posted, “ field is for community use when school is not in session.” There it is, school grounds, but posted for community use. Is a registrant in violation if using the field for exercise, athletic practice or sitting and watching others?

Can’t wait to read the jail house attorney responses to this one.

An english teacher when I or many of us were growing up taught many some “principals” of a complete sentence. The who, what, when, why’s, and how or the 5Ws” guidelines. Is that the basic’s of a complete sentence or the foundational abuse by how these encounters come about. Can one look at this sex offender situation with an open view or a “rear window” view to ask or answer the question? Who is asking the 5Ws’ of a sentence in this diabolical way. Is it a person striving to triumph over another as in these types of schemes.

Are we all down trodden by this type of situation in many of these sexual follies or where is the wisdom and the truth in all this or are many of these registry encounters in themself the right way or a wrong way to add much to this confusion. So who has wisdom and understanding today?

I’m sure that it appears that many of us on here are complainers or whiners or some cool hand luke or are quick with some misguided answer. Even I am guilty of that in certain ways. Should we all complain about this type of injustice or who is taking advantage of many in this type of situation. Should we all use a bit of the inspirational understanding or man’s understanding in this ordeal or do these encounters todder on the good book in some ways and means or could it be about physical man overcoming mankind like some inherit the wind over reach, or some ex-post facto type of manifesto. One wonders what the four fathers would say.

Sure we can all preach on many different subjects of this “why” type factor or who is rubbing who in the wrong way. Are authorities others or are they truely saving some by this registry decoy type of ruse in many of these pretend motives. So is this mockingbird singing this vain authority to instill damage on another in many ways. I hope we all can open our ears to all this registry misgivings.

Sure one can all talk about the age of enlightenment or the age of understanding but who has the true wisdom today in this twisted government scheme. I’m sure many of you on here can answer that as we look at this in a prospective positive light. So who has wisdom and instruction or true understanding in all this enlightment or who getting engulfed in this tightrope. The one giving the principal or who is the one being deceived by the imperial wisdom in this many of these unbalanced situations. So should the buck “stop” now or are ministers of justice doing evil by uncanny measures.

I’m sure the imput of others will be somewhat valuable as well in this understanding.

Has anyone on here said that the registry is right. Interesting question right, or are rulers, governors, or law enforcement doing the right or the wrong in a sort of abc vs xyz type of situation. Have any of you all on here came up with that viewpoint.

One wonders if we should all go back to preaching about the good, bad, and ugly of this registry or did a lttle preaching of the gospel phase anyone on here or this its all about the database or about self in all this uncanny law of justice. or judicial justice. Isn’t the most important jobs of police is to restrain evil.

Maybe one should point out to others how ignorant we all are or misguided in many ways. Maybe even government can should take note or are we all advocates for a cause.

Oy vey. Guess thats good enough for many in this no way out type of truth or guilt or who actually is the avenger of many of these misguided ordeals induced by government in these ordiances that have a flavor of vainness. I hope we all don’t get into Docrines and Covenants cause I would flunk out of law school and I never did take law. Now I might be out of line on all this so pleasse forgive me.

Janice and her team are doing the right thing but we also have to have faith. Nothing wrong with that is their and yes a good understanding of all this ordeal. I’m impressed with many of these articles as many are or should be.

One of the articles that Janice presented was was “Convicted of sex crimes but with no victim” in which many gave view’s. I even gave a view after reading Laura’s coment about why teenage girls go to adult chatrooms and yes some coments and view’s do hold water with “some” understanding but were does the true wisdom and understanding come in. Even an officer might say on a witiness stand well I’m just doing my job. Doing a job is good if its in the right way or the wrong way.

Yes we are all advocates in all this, and as far as I know Janice and her team have good credentials in this advocacy and yes justice is what many of these ordeals are all about in much of this sexual ordeal.

Lake County:
You bring up an important point. Many registrants avoid areas not because they are illegal but because they fear the consequences so much that they avoid areas or activities. This chilling effect on registrants is one reason that it is unconstitutional. We need to document these cases and get them into litigation.

WOW A.D.A.T. thanks a lot but that’s is not me. I don’t even understand what cookies are if one dips them in milk or coffee. While I don’t know what many people “think” about God he has a plan for everyone that try’s to comform to his “enlightenment” understanding and the way but I’m sure I know what many thinks about the registry.

Myself and many others or even some or many family members look at this registry as a type of entrapment in this strange ordeal. So were is the true wisdom and understanding Theirs even more stranger things in life without this registry that has came about.

My grandfather grew up in Richmond, VA and his dad was a 33 degree mason and yes I didn’t know anything about the mason’s back than but it is sort of like a business man’s cult in if one wants to say that. Even some of our early presidents were members so check it out or is a lot of this registry full of guns and roses in a reprobate type of way that can eat at each one’s inalienable rights in an unjust way in this teeter tottor ruse.

So the lesson is understanding. Sure I don’t know what to say after this 665 person show his coat of many colors or does one add insult to insult or press on. Should one just learn from Steinbecks “Of mice and men” or are their many things that upset one. I couldn’t even be upset with any of you all on here but showing respect when respect is due is a blessing in disguise so yes we should be greatful that it could of been worse. I’ve even been saying two wrongs don’t make a right. And I’m sure no one expect this 665 and his comment on here that may offended some or was offensive.

This is not a gunfight of who can pitch the best horseshoes or who makes a leaner its about truth and justice or is it the American way in this Hall of Justice. So many times we have to forget and forgive unless we are shot in the back. A bit of truth medicine never hurts. So we all should press on in a better frame of mind in these registry issues and look on the bright side.

As we approach the New Year, I know many of us are thinking about the new tiered law that goes into effect. And many of us are wondering about what is the best way to inquire about our tier level. should we call our registration person or should we show up on their doorstep?
I am sure they will be flooded with both and will soon develop an attitude towards the thousands of us requesting this information. Any thoughts on this? What can we do if they refused to give us our tier information?

Political prisoner:
If they don’t give you your tier info, document it and get it to an attorney. Whenever you speak on the phone, get a name and record the time and date.

One would wonder what all this sex registry is all about. Is it about understanding one’s self, or could it be the calling of some in this manner, or is it about looking for one’s lost shaker of salt. I have to thank Chance on that one. The margetaville song was a thumbs up. Yes I was reviewing some of Janices and Chances audio’s.

Sure we can all believe in a lot of things. and even principals that should guide us in life.
Now the many that were on here the other night when this person comes in and says many things and than concludes his comment with I don’t believe seemed to trouble many. I’m sure many were shocked and yes I was also. Was this person mad at himself by getting involved in something or was the person trying to gleen some understanding and didn’t quite know how to approch the issue. to hopefor many caught up in this registry that imposes a stigma on many.

Sure many had this rude awakening with this ordeal. This not believing in God and not believing in the devil. While how about we not believe that we don’t have a thorn in the flesh also. So what did this person really mean or was it his view to give others on here a black eye. I’m sure that person was really upset as many are on here about this registry issue.

Should Janice and her team just take this God of one’s understand out of the picture or even as the person mentioned God or Gods. I’m sure we can all get mad or upset but going to extremes of this creator God is a bit much.

Was this person throwing off on others view’s in this registry understanding or even authorities vagueness. Was the person pleading some form of release. One may wonders if many are looking for a release from all this registry or the “Why” this registry ever came about in this form of unbias objectivity or could this be the games people play which was a good song.

I went to the local PD, yesterday, and updated the 290 club membership. The officer handed me lesser than the previous paper work, I filled them out hand them back to her and give the little receipt. Less than 10 minutes and she did not, even, take my photo.

You know much has changed on here since this ordeal. All these views weather good or bad or even this racism, and these challenges of man over man. I’m sure we we all needed a bit of enlightment to all this as it seems but were many seened to listen with blinders on or did everyone listen while one texted. Did one listen when they asked for other pictures or other give away hints to seduce one in much of this.

Sure it seems that everyone on here wants to know why in this registry ordeal when we should actually ask ourselves why did one get mixed up into all this or is it that complicated.. Does that make any sense or would it make any sense to call a pig a swine or call a wet/back a dollar bill.

So why this registry or why is it here that can be complex but basically its to deter adults from talking to teenagers which is plain and simple in this ruse of overshadowing. And yes many can be confused after the damaged is done. Its just like the plea deals in government or one signing a paper that they knew they were talking to a teenager. So that sounds like a good answer and yes I’m sure Janice and many more would like a good view also.

(a) (1) A person who is required to register pursuant to Section 290 and who is a tier one or tier two offender may file a petition in the superior court in the county in which the person is registered for termination from the sex offender registry on or after their next birthday after July 1, 2021, following the expiration of the person’s mandated minimum registration period, or if the person is required to register pursuant to Section 290.008, the person may file the petition in juvenile court on or after their next birthday after July 1, 2021, following the expiration of the mandated minimum registration period. The petition shall contain proof of the person’s current registration as a sex offender.


I found this while searching the San Diego Sheriff web site

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
my petition? How do I know which Tier I am In? Starting January 1, 2021, you can ask the law enforcement … registration, California will have a tiered registration …

I have a question after reading the documentation for the new tiered law. It says your counter starts when you are released from custody. Is that physical custody like jail or prison or custody as in probation or parole? I was released from house arrest on July 2nd, 2013 but did not get off probation until January 9th, 2018 which date do I use?

Interesting Party… I had a book one time when I was taking Criminal Justice Classes at a Community College back in the 70’s called probation and Parole. I don’t even think they had leg monitorings back than. Both are a deterant for the degree of crime or type of merit system. Of course anything can be a crime today but the sex offender and this registry is man made deterant that if very wavering in many of these tricky and ill conceived ordeals.

One can talk about slavery well the registry is form of slavery or is the Civil War wrapped up in this new wave of sex registry. See I got disinterested in my CJ classes because I didn’t like Crime and Punishment in the eyes of others views. Yes we all have a hard time dealing with this llittle mess one got themselves into or are law enforcement just the much the blame also in many ways. Were they just as much the blame for doing a knee chock on this black man we all heard about so whats unethical mean’s all about.

Sure one could of reframed with one’s potty texting chat or one could of just went down to meet that person in this intimidating ordeal. Lets say if one’s computer was clean and no porn on it than no one should be locked up on probation or some type of deterant. These sex registry ordeals are like someone walking the gang plank and someone sticking a sword in ones back to jump in.

Requesting information on SO rules,regulations and registration: Considering a move from Ca. To Virginia or Maryland. Maryland puts registrants vehicle information online. I dont think Va does that-but im not sure. If anyone has and will share SO rules,registration requirements and regulations for Virginia i would greatly appreciate that info. My husband has 2 serious counts concerning a minor(convicted in 1996) he doesnt expect to get off the registry – but we both hope to make/keep our lives as liveable as possible. Now that he will probably be a tier 3 in Ca. And have to register 4x per year,we figure we may as well move to a less expensive state–and register 4x in the other state. (We would be closer to family as well–although it could be awful if their neighbors find out. (Ive heard Va has same regulations across the whole state. That makes it easier to abide by the law. Im not sure if thats true though. So im asking someone here if they would please share any helpful info on this topic. Thank you.

@ Dan O. Myself I never really thought about it that way but you do have a point. Yes the cost of living is a bit less from what others may say and the laws are not as intense as other states. Now I live in the valley of the Shenandoah and as one gets upstate to around D.C things change a bit as far as cost of living. One’s driving record shouldn’t have anything to do with the offense. Course I am talking about my own internet conviction which is laxed in ethical jurisprudence. I myself don’t understand much of these laws from state to states

I have no SO indication on my registration. Even the story of the woman caught in adultry is about true Justice understanding. We have a good Governor here in Richmond but the cost of living in some area’s are and can be a bit much. As far as a family couple wanting to settle I’m sure it would be worth wild to check out the laws more. Undue Justice can be just as bad as due Justice. I didn’t even have opportunity to speak up when I was offered this tricky/tacky like plea deal cover up.

Anyone involved in these registry ordeals has to get over the hump somehow in these jaded affairs and government ethics are not the greatest these days or was this pass riot legal?