New Federal COVID Bill Provides Funding for Registrant Management


Congress passed a new bill yesterday that is primarily focused upon COVID issues.  Hidden in that legislation, which totals more than $900 billion, is about $200 million for the management of individuals required to register as sex offenders.

The largest amount of funding for the management of registrants is $179 million for expenses related to “community supervision and sex offender registration” including expenses related to a protection order.  In addition, the legislation provides $20 million for “sex offender management assistance” pursuant to the Adam Walsh Act and $1 million for the National Sex Offender public website.

“Although this legislation does not identify all funding spent by the federal government to monitor people who are required to register, it provides us with an understanding of the scope of funding spent on registration as well as community supervision of registrants,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.

The same legislation also includes $85 million for victims services programs for sex trafficking victims.  The legislation does not include funding for registrants or their loved ones whose daily lives are significantly harmed by collateral consequences such as housing limitations and employment restrictions.


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I don’t know if this is good or bad news but if I had to go with my gut feeling I’d say it probably bad.
I hope A fat chunk of this Money is going to the California SB384.
Most likely the 175 million is going to the new technology they use to track sex offender I can only imagine how many times sex offenders have been under surveillance and didn’t even know it they probably follow people home from work 5 days in a row then their like alrighty their compliant now let’s used the STINGRAY phone technology and check out his personal photos and Google history.
Every person forced to register has gotta be very careful and cautious how they move and be mindful of text messages that can be incriminating or used against you in a court of law make sure you have surveillance inside and outside your house so you have documentation of all contact with law enforcement the federal government never intended on letting sex offenders go free their gearing up to track down every registrant
geting close to their mandatory minimum registration yo keep them on paper and back in the system back on the registry

Good luck

Trump rejected the bill saying it was stuffed with bogus stuff and to raise the check amount.

It just keeps getting better. $200 million in ammo for government officials to harass us. $200 million and will exponentially grow. Good use of $

Based upon the uproar I’m reading about the pork in this bill overall, people need to call the White House, and email too, to veto it.

Duh, the money isn’t being used properly anyway. They buy a bunch of legal circumventions such as $20 each for some NextDoor vigilantes and that’s with a tip.

Registrants aren’t going away no matter how many laws they pass or how much money they put into it. Registrants are now getting better organized and are starting to fight, i.e., ACSOL, FAC, etc.
When the registry first started there were no attorneys specializing in the registry and no case law. Now capable attorneys are emerging and case law is developing.
Study human history. Whenever any class of persons are oppressed, they unite and fight against their oppressors. Registrants are uniting and starting to get more and more victories in court because in the end, history and justice are on their side.

Well seeing there is likely over a million of us that’s $200 each. I’m sure that is nowhere near the true cost of the registries per year. I’d say at least 1-2 billion annually in actual costs.

The $200 million probably won’t affect registrants to any degree. Most of these appropriations goes to someone who says they are keeping an eye on registrants and the funding doesn’t require actual proof of how these funds are used. They usually go to “services” performed by someone who has donated to a campaign.

$1 million for the National Sex Offender public website

Whoa. This is evidence that the registry is now on a public square, which runs contrary to one of the pro factors for Smith v Doe, 2003.

Trump will veto this garbage political pork grab. This bill is a contest to see who can grab the most money for pet projects. Almost nothing about Covid in it. Our country is 23 trillion in debt and they have 2.5 million to count the amber jack fish int he Gulf in this bill.

I’m so sick of this government! These evil dirt bags are using this horrible pandemic for political gain. Sickening!!!

Wow – $200 Million towards something that has no effect on the safety of the community.
Talk about government wasted spending!!

The money would be better spent on the education of sexual abuse to prevent it from happening in the first place and not always waiting until after the fact to spend tax payer money and targeting the convicted which is the easier way out. Takes less effort but serves no purpose.

Like they don’t watch us enough as it is , I cant go anywhere as it is with out some criminal following everywhere , these oppressor’s are already raking in far to much money as it is , some of them try to bait you in to violence , smug cowards accident’s looking for a place to happen judging by how they drive and act , lap dog order followers working for lap dogs, and trying to justify their position robbing everyday suckers for a registry that is equally worthless .

“$2,000,000 is for grants to States and units of local government to deploy managed access systems to combat contraband cell phone use in prison” Or you could just hold the guards accountable for bringing them in. But hey…they are also giving $2M to make child friendly space for prison visitation. They will probably paint the barb wire green to blend in with the landscape so the children don’t see it. All better now. 😉 ugh!

“Dear President Trump,
You are, of course, absolutely correct! The new COVID Relief Bill wastes far too much money! Send it back and tell lawmakers to strip out the $200 million to be wasted for the management of individuals required to register as sex offenders!”

(ESPECIALLY since lawmakers specifically chose to exclude funding for local governments, police departments, and medical first responders.
So, apparently, those convicted of sexual offenses are supposedly so high risk, scary & dangerous that extraordinary funding is required to keep an eye on us??? Really???? WTF! 😠😡🤬 HUGE waste of taxpayer💲💲💲!)

So for grins and giggles, I just checked the National sex offender registration website and surprise!!! I’m not listed! My current status is as a Level One, which means no web entry in my state or neighborhood notification. All I have to do is get a new drivers license every year. I finished my sentence and am off paper for 5 years now.

I am glad to hear you are at least off of the public registry.
One down and only 999,999 to go.

Unless I missed something this was not a just Covid relief bill which was passed. This was the Consolidated Appropriations bill needed to keep the government functioning, and since they couldn’t agree on a stand-alone Covid relief bill they just threw the Covid parts in this bill.

Yes, it is called the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act but it was wrapped inside the larger Consolidated Appropriations bill.

It should surprise no one that there are things other than Covid relief in this bill.

Wow. Who’d have ever thought a spending bill that has almost nothing to do with whatever cause is in its title would ever come out of our fearless and all-knowing government? I, for one, am flabbergasted.

Trump should use the pocket veto and let this bill remain in limbo. Congress had plenty of time to pass a bill on Covid, but they put politics over the people of this country. They always wait till the last minute to pass a bill and it’s filled with more pork on an actual pig. I believe Congress shouldn’t be paid till they start actually representing the people and not lobbyists.

The only way to do this right is to cut out what should not be in there and give people the money they need. All that wasteful spending is now being addressed, and when push comes to shove right now the people need those funds more than these government programs do. Great job Trump for putting the priority where it needs to be. You stick to your guns now matter how tough things get.

The United States of America is turning into a massive corrupt mess — and politicians and people in power are to blame (as well as the ‘ordinary citizenry’ that foolishly buy into their Kool Aid/hogwash/propaganda). Politicians who identify themselves as Democrats are just as bad as politicians who identify themselves as Republicans. Heck, they couldn’t even pass a measly $600.00 ‘relief’ bill before Christmas. It’s been about nine months since the government-imposed shutdowns, and all the maximum possible stimulus attained per person is $1,200.00. Nine months multiplied by 30 days is 270 days. $1,200.00 divided by 270 days is about $4.44.

The United States of America expects its people to have survived on about $4.44 per day in stimulus relief.

The problem starts to be not so much with the people labeled “sex offender;” but more so with the corrupt U.S. government itself. 😡😡😡

FYI: Although the Bill has “COVID” in its title, the entire 5,000+page bill is actually a combination of COVID relief and the annual federal government omnibus budget bill. That is why it is so huge and contains so many items that seem wholely unrelated to COVID.

Lmfao @ 4.44 💵 a day You too can be apart of America’s bull shiit ..
It’s funny how Americans are quick to throw the word sex offender around until it’s one of their kids caught up in this BS or one of their family members or one of their really close friends kid then their like this is so unconstitutional but A year ago they were complaining about a registrant being on campus to watch his seven-year-old daughter school play… Hippocrates

Good luck

I saw on the news Trump signed the bill. What a nice way to rear end this country just to avoid a shutdown!!