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  1. matthew

    They are still requiring people to register in person in Merced.

  2. Anonymous

    If registries after a satisfied sentence truly protect children & the public in general, why not a registry for domestic violence or other high recidivism crimes?

  3. Detroit

    Thanks for the report. This is very helpful.

  4. Jack

    While I’m happy for those of us that will be able to petition to get off the registry in July, I’ll still be on it because child porn possession is lifetime and my offense was charged as a felony. The courts seem to be sluggish on reducing felonies to misdemeanors at best, because of covid. Hopefully this year we can get to work on reducing this back to tier one where it belongs.

    • Long time waiting

      CP seems to be an offense that no one , including ACSOL, seems to have a definitive answer as to the registry.
      1. All CP is tier 3
      2. CP reduced to misdemeanor is tier 1
      3. CP charged as felony , but reduced to misdemeanor is still tier 3 ( obviously the most absurd of the three)

      Contact 3 different attorneys and you will get 3 different answers.

      I have even seen multiple answers from Janice as to this.

      If ACSOL is going to address this, then put out an informed response based on what is known , not ,”if you petition and they say no, then let us know”.

      This entire fiasco of tiered registry seems to be throwing darts at a board blindfolded. So ACSOL, you have the resources, let’s get a definitive answer!

      • Responding

        If you go to SB 384 and review it carefully, using 311.11a as the example, it’s pretty clear:

        311.11 charged as a misdemeanor is Tier 1
        311.11 charged as a felony is Tier 3

        Your observation about 17b reductions from F to M and how tiers get assigned in those cases is noteworthy. I’m not clear on that situation yet.

        • ExpatRFSO

          But what isn’t clear is how out-of-state and federal cases will be handled. Will they interpret a felony federal conviction as tier 3 even though at the time the equivalent California law PC311.11 was a misdemeanor? Janice often says “all felony CP offenses will be tier 1” without addressing federal or out-of-state convictions. So far the only comments I have seen from people out-of-state or federal are “to be determined “. And they have 2 years to determine.

  5. Brandon

    States should have to prove an individual is dangerous with evacuations by a psychiatrist not in bed with the state. If it’s determined the person is/was no longer a threat leave them alone. Stop moving the goalposts and filing loopholes to make it look like you are doing something. Only thing you’re doing is creating more problems that never existed before you stuck your neck out. Only offenders I know are politicians and judges who continue to ignore the constitution.

    • q

      The ones looking to keep their 10, 20, or 30 year mortgages lol. Lol, maybe that’s why they made those minimum registration periods, so that this “system” can outlive a so-called “offender”.

      • Brandon

        @ Q

        That explains why the goal posts move often and some registrants have to pay a fee to be on the Hit List or have to update their license every year. I’m not paying for their lake house or 3 home. They can kiss my concrete!!

        I know that individual assessment will never fly because the numbers would tank and it pays to keep the fear alive.

    • Ed C

      I agree even though such individual assessments are unlikely to happen. To do that would both cost money and weaken the argument about sex offender dangerousness in general. It is much more politically advantageous to paint registrants in broad strokes while sanctimoniously claiming to be tough on crime and protecting the public.


    • Facts should matter


      “States should have to prove an individual is dangerous with evacuations by a psychiatrist not in bed with the state. If it’s determined the person is/was no longer a threat leave them alone.”

      This is intentional and by design. They very fact that they don’t properly vet individuals for placement on the registry proves that it IS punishment along with creating easy jobs for law enforcement. The numbers would dwindle down to near nothing and there would be nothing for LEOs and politicians to brag and gloat about, thus defeating the purpose of their fraudulent public safety mechanism.

      Bigger = scarier = more money

      Vetting individuals for registry placement would defeat their purpose of having a registry in the first place. 1 2 3 Tier assignment is NOT proper vetting. It’s junk science and magical thinking.

  6. Saddles

    Seems everyone wants to either point fingers, give theories, about these internet sting confusions that these ordeals are not right and the sex registry should be disbanned. Yes the punishments can be harsh. I’m sure we all have been following this from the simple internet sex encounter to the more complex and seems everyone on here agrees that the registry must be eliminated in many ways.

    Should we all look at the big picture or the wrongs as that is the best way at looking at something that is effecting the USA. Should an officer assume false identy on an internet in these ordeals or should an officer deceive another to induce or is this an ethical issue of outragous conduct by those police officers in this pretend type ordeal.

    Officers are sworn to protect and serve but seem to envelope one in this seductive con game in this pretense that has ethical behavior written all over this encounter. Inducing to seduce one and by christian deception.

    So should officers give false impressions in internet sting operations. Now if you type that in you will get a whole list of information which may help one that might be new to this registry ordeal. This ordeal is like forcing a bottle of boose down someone but they are using this sex situation as an advanage since one is on a sex site in the long run. Yes one may piece this puzzle together and than one may understand.
    Nobody likes to go to jail or prison by this radical ordeal. After the police and law enforcement are Ministers and they are suspose to teach and not breach and they are breaching Commandments or are they teaching one with these unethical methods.

    Janice that just may bring up a good suit against government. so who’s annuling the commandments with sexual inducement intent in this teenage prevention.

  7. Jack

    Half measures won’t work with these people. Our enemies are nazi bastards. We need to get the registry ruled unconstitutional as cruel and unusual punishment this year, and we don’t get a fair hearing should organize a revolt and have registrants fail to register nationwide as an act of civil disobedience.

    • Lake County

      A registry revolt? I don’t think so. Failing to register is a sex crime with a prison sentence. The DA’s would not hesitate to prosecute each and every one of us to show they are tough on sex crimes. They would find prison space for us no matter how much overcrowding there was. The public would also be very happy to see every one of us locked up. And of course being charged with a second sex offense would raise our tier level and restart the time clock to ever get off the registry. But don’t let me discourage you if you want to fight the system the hard way. Also remember that since we all register at different times, that would spread out the work load over a year for the DA’s and court system. I don’t think you will find anyone else that is willing to risk being locked up in prison for an unknown number of years just to protest the registry.

      • q

        Failing to abide by an unconstitutional law is not disobedience, it’s chosing not to recognize or legitimize said law. They’re building this one-way street as treacherous as they can. Which means the ones who DO comply will get screwed anyway, might as well take a stand now and get used to being the odd one out.

        The system will eventually fall it’s just that nobody wants to be the one to make it happen. But make no mistake the ones responsible are fearing an uprising and are trying to keep their dirty secret (this whole RSO experiment) under the rug.

        • Brandon

          @ Jack

          How many people who complain about others having sex with a 16 year old or younger, have done the same thing when they were a teen? Bunch of do gooders that need to stick their bony fingers at themselves and leave people alone.

          Sex needs to stop being taboo in this country because of religious and judgmental beliefs.

        • Worried in Wisconsin

          The problem is, the people with the badges, guns, and handcuffs accept registries as valid and don’t care what we think or what the reality is.

          Fighting a registry by disobeying it will accomplish nothing other than fill the prisons. The only victories so far have been in court, and I’m not sure that there is a better option right now.

          Registered citizens in prison don’t have much opportunity to fight injustice.

    • NorthEastPENN

      Standing up for your rights is our right in itself – but breaking the law to stand up for your rights is not right. The frustration is understandable. The registrants who have been lucky enough to secure good housing, employment etc will not be willing to risk it all by breaking the law and I don’t blame them at all.

      • Will Allen

        The Sex Offense Registries are not valid law by valid governments. It is morally correct to break and ignore such “laws”.

        Having said that, that “law” is their weapon and I’m going to allow them to use it against me. So I’m going to follow the letter of it, but also ensure that it is worthless and causes as much damage as possible. All within the law.

        I am not going to put my family at risk of being arrested. For one thing, if there is an arrest then I have to retaliate even more. I think you are right that most people will not put themselves at much risk. I think more likely is that they will plan for “end of life” actions that deliver a lot of retribution. Much like that Nashville bomber just did. I’m surprised that doesn’t happen a lot more often. Maybe it does and I’m just clueless.

        In the meantime, everyone should work hard to help make the Hit Lists hurt. Work against law enforcement at every step so they must focus on actual law enforcement. Work to take their resources. That is where the real war is.

      • BLMLA

        @NorthEastPENN — That’s the EXACT train of thought you’d apply to laws that:
        * Make it a crime to teach Blacks how to read.
        * Make it a crime to not give up a bus seat to a White person.
        * Yadda, yadda, yadda.

  8. Jack

    I don’t care what anybody says I didn’t rape anybody I shouldn’t have to be on a registry or have been charged with a crime of any kind. Just because you’re having sex with somebody under 18 regardless of what any law says that doesn’t make it rape.

  9. Saddles

    Jack what Revolt? Nazi Bastards, thats a good one to tell one’s PO or would that would be to get one locked up for defamation of character. Did we all get adaequate counsel, my public attorney dropped out of the case and I suppose I was holding the bag so to speak. Are many left holding the bag in this registry game or who’s holding half truths in this broken ordeal. Should one look at the registry in two ways than.

    For authorities this is a method to prevent one from talking to teenagers and in another light its a way to evulate one in this game or was all this registry preconceived from the start. Those Authorities would not tell the public that as they have their honor and respect to uphold and if the general public knew well their goes distrust and that would present kayos as in this pandemic ordeal going on now.

    Does this registry bring out envy and strife or is this the correct method to go about this via internet connection demise. Who is getting one’s goat or pig in the poke when they are poking or proding one to come down to this liaison type of preventional encounter trap or PET encounter. Guess too much thinking can damage one but we all make decisions

  10. Detroit

    Jack and Lake County:
    Back in 2008, a group of sex offenders in Detroit decided to refuse to register. Several went to the Detroit police to turn themselves in and the Detroit police sent them home. What they learned was the that the Detroit police don’t bother to look for them but the state police will. The Detroit police only show up at their door to support the state police. It got so bad that in 2015 over 60% of registrants in Detroit were in violation so the state police initiated sweeps and even the Sterling Heights police came from another county to help. They got the non-compliance rate down to about 20% by 2016. Here we are 4 years later, the Detroit strike petered out and Detroit’s non-compliance rate is back above 40%. I mentioned this to Derek when he was living in Cincinnati. Cincinnati’s non-compliance was below 2% because they take this registration scheme serious. You can check Detroit’s non-compliance rate by going to MIPSOR and putting in Detroit. I know one of the original strikers. When MSP came to his door he hid in a closet. The Detroit police looked around started to leave and a state trooper found him in the closet. He also had syringes sitting out and picked up a possession of heroin case as well and did about 3 or 4 months. They filled the Wayne County jail so full for a few months that the jail couldn’t take in persons for burglary charges and other low level offenses.

  11. Saddles

    Fear not Janice may not be a Johnny Cochran side but she does have a lot on the ball from me just talking to her once by phone. Remember the main purpose of her goal. While I never got into football that much the Juice was pretty good in his day. Course that was a whole different circumstance.

  12. AERO1

    I Cant believe i made it to see A tier registry after being told by law enforcement since I was 18 that no matter what I do or where I go I’ll always have to register for life I would laugh in their faces and say hurry up I got more important things to do The 290 registration officers would get so angry they would send out the officer of the day to shake me down and get in my face all aggresive I loved it
    Before the California tier law we were all hopelessly lumped together as one which made the website completely useless and very dangerous I believe separating sex offenders in tiers was a strategic move by the DOJ to divide and concur but as I said many times before I support the registery to a certain extent I believe some people should have to register for the rest of their lives for the things they have done that’s just my opinion in 5 months I hope i get to see people and their families go free after 10 or 20 years on the registery in California

    Good luck

  13. Jack

    Well, I’m still on the website no matter what. So, I’d rather have it be useless to the general public than useful.

  14. Jack

    And I’d like to have everybody know, that various fascist supporters around the country are now calling for muslim, and jewish registries as well. We all know how they got that idea. The longer the sex offender registry exists the more likely it is that eventually it will spread to other marginalized groups.

    • @Jack


      No, they are not. That is five year old news including the Daily Show. Look it up. There is no call for a religious registry of Jewish and Muslim groups. Quit the hysteria.

      The moderator deleted your previous comment on it before and should again.

    • Worried in Wisconsin

      Without some evidence this is just fear mongering. Please stop it.

  15. Will Allen

    “People” who support Registries aren’t smart or decent. They are anti-American, anti-reality, dangerous, harassing terrorists. Harassers who cannot mind their own business or leave other families alone. Those harassers need to be listed on the Sex Offense Registries for life. Just to harass them for fun and keep them busy so they can’t harass others. But no matter, they are too dumb to do much useful so they’ll suffer through life in any imaginable case.

  16. C J

    Here is a thought for everyone publicly listed with no underlying conviction. Only PC1203.4 is on record and nothing else.

    As I understand it the Ca DOJ lists the offense online with no notation of subsequent post conviction relief. So those with no record of crime are posted online with no differentiation from others that do own an underlying conviction.

    Isn’t that a substantive due process constitutional violation? In addition, it seems to infringe on the contract of dismissal where the language “the court shall thereupon dismiss the accusations or information against the defendant “.

  17. Saddles

    Seems like everybody has their own rhyme and reason about this registry. One wonders who is right. Is it Will Allen with his strong hold views, or this Detroit with his own stance, or is that little girl still crying in the heat of the night, or maybe those Authority that want to use subtil trickery and schemes to ovecome another.

    What a fine way to start a New Year off with views of ones vantage point. Should one go back in time to understand these ordeals or the snare’s that brought them to this site or should one wallow in his or her own dung. Are people so induced by this computer age that they cannot find “Rest” in these complications of life or are they imprisoned by their own self conceited mind thoughts.

    Should we all go back to the “One tin Sholdier” or are we all prepared to face these types of Jungle Love fever. One wonders if we all see clearly or where is one’s vision. I don’t want to preach to any of you as that really didn’t work in many views. So who starts their own vision.

    So in the end one has to say as Janice put it in her words in a way…. Where their is no Vision the people parish and yes we all have to have a vision and also a learning experience at times. And don’t be so wrapped up in oneself. Isn’t Janice thinking of others and yes that is a blessing.

  18. Brandon

    “ Every breath you take, every move you make, I’ll be watching you.” Never thought the lyrics of a song would ring true in registration laws.

  19. Mot

    With the new Tiered CA system isn’t it about time to go after those of us convicted in a STING? More and more crimes are being reversed and why is it still legal to TRICK someone into committing a crime? If the STING convictions were erased how many would be set free from Registration and get off the Megan List? Has ACSOL given any review to STINGS and how and why we need to go after those convictions

    • q

      Those precious sting operations are mainly targeted to bolster the illusion they need to sell the public every so often (near elections or new legislation). It’s their way to justify the budget…make it look like there’s a crisis.

      Same logic behind “victim’s rights” groups, make it look like there’s a pandemic of “victims” who suddenly need “rights”. Great job that Ramos guy did too, almost had the country convinced with his Marsy’s Law koolaid. Yeah…when prosecutors support new “rights” chances are it’s really just more anti-defendant tricks.

    • New Person


      Someone on here reported that a judge removed him from the registry because of a Sting. I don’t know the exact details, but it’s something that someone from ACSOL needs to look into that case because if that case won, then ACSOL should find a way to apply it across the board for all stings.

      It’s too bad that person didn’t share where the case was and who his lawyer is.

      Hopefully, looking at stings (where a person is using an adult venue and then gets catfished thereafter) is one of the many next steps for ACSOL. Again, someone on here won his case (provided it’s a true case).

  20. steve

    So just got a new jury duty mailer. Noticed they asked if you are a sex offender. Is that new?

    • lovewillprevail

      Steve, if you are currently not out committing sex offenses, then you are not a sex offender. If were me, I would check no to that question.

    • TS

      I have to wonder if asking someone on a jury mailer if they’re a sex offender is legal or constitutional given they don’t ask about other titles related to crimes, e.g. murderer, thief, etc. That would be a voir dire question more than a mailer question in my thinking and not one that should be used to single someone in a pool. That mailer question should be legally challenged by an atty.

      • Curiouser

        I performed jury duty about a year ago, after I had received a 17(b) PC reduction. They only thing the questionnaire then cared about was if I was currently a felon, which I know longer was. During voir dire, I had to answer if I had ever been arrested and if I had convictions. I said yes to both, and the judge questioned me further. I answered truthfully and sat back, waiting to be dismissed. I wasn’t, and actually served on a trial jury.

        After that, California passed. a new law that allowed felons to serve on juries, minus, of course, those felons who were required to register as SOs. My guess is, that new question is supposed to address that situation.

        • TS

          Thank you @Curiouser. All the more reason to challenge it to ensure a valid reason is had for asking it and it’s use to avoid dismissing people from a jury pool preemptively where they could serve admirably.

    • Lake County

      I receiced a (CA) Jury summons 2 months ago stating that I couldn’t serve if I was a registrant. I was actually happy not to serve. I went online and completed their survey to get a quick dismissal from service.

      • @Lake County

        So seemingly there is at least one benefit to the Price Club membership, at least in CA! I kind of laugh about not “letting” certain people serve on juries. How quaint. Don’t they get that to the average citizen, jury duty is a civic punishment, not a civil right?

    • BA

      I was convicted of 314 indecent exposure in 2004 and I was just on my second jury duty which I was the most outspoken juror. After the trial I got my letter from the judge thanking me for serving in westminster ca. court, and taking my personal time to serve the community. Now tell me how can they think it is ok that I decide another mans fate, when I’m not allowed the freedoms he already has as a criminal ? and by the way the sherriffs treat you like shit tell they see your juror badge… figures. When I petition to get off registry soon I will have this letter taped to my shirt…LOL

  21. ERH

    With all of the controversy swirling around due to the Department of Justice’s highly-debatable application of the new tiered registry, I just wanted to take a moment to commend Chance Oberstein for something that would never make a headline.

    What Mr. Oberstein was able to accomplish for my adult, developmentally disabled son is nothing short of a miracle. My son was facing multiple years in state prison after being charged with having a relationship with an underage girl. After a nearly four year journey, Chance negotiated a probationary sentence to a single misdemeanor that did not require registration as a sex offender. This outcome is literally unheard of. Had we retained a lesser attorney, or worse, relied on a public defender, my son would have been packed off to state prison with a felony conviction and a life sentence as a registered citizen.

    From our very first meeting, Chance realized my son’s life-long developmental disability was a key factor in his offense, and he never wavered in his belief that he could find a path to a resolution that would give my son a chance at having a normal life some day.

    Over nearly four years, Chance was with us every step of the way, through multiple judges, court rooms, prosecutors and appeals. With expert precision, he convinced the court and prosecutors to see my son through different, more compassionate eyes. This was a battle full of small wins that ultimately led up to a major victory.

    Despite his brilliance, Chance never talks down to you. He maintains exceptional communication with his clients and treats you with respect and compassion. Even though he is a very busy attorney, he always made me feel that my son’s case to be his highest priority.

    My son still has a ways to go, as he must complete his probationary term without incident. But I can say without hesitation, that if it were not for Chance Oberstein, my son would never have received this once-in-a lifetime opportunity.

    • New Person

      Thank you for sharing! I’m always happy to read success stories. Also, I’m grateful to have Mr. Oberstein as ACSOL’s president.

  22. Jack

    Does anyone on here know if Gavin Newsom’s executive order regarding in person registration is still in effect or not? Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

    • someone who cares

      Jack ~ I would recommend to call the local PD since some counties still required in-person registration despite the Executive Order. I don’t see if and when it expired. It was dated May 2020 and was supposed to be only for 60 days, but a lot of PD still decided to keep it remote. Better safe than sorry.

  23. JohnDoeUtah

    So, rumor is Biden plans to nominate former Circuit Court Judge Merick Garland as USAG. Thoughts? Comments?

    • BM@JohnDoeUtah

      From what I’ve read, he isn’t much of a liberal. He frequently has sided with law enforcement vs personal rights. He has also upheld Smith v Doe from what someone else mentioned on here. If that is the case, not great for us. But… and a big IF…. the other civil rights attorneys that Biden is bringing might be able to reason with him. I’m so used to being sh***t on, doesn’t even bother me anymore. They’re gonna do what they want to do.

    • M C

      @JohnDoeUtah, see my comment on the proposed SORNA changes thread. Basically I said that Merrick is friendly to law enforcement and quite unfriendly anything criminal period and tends to favor law enforcement where there is a constitutional question. He also ruled against an ex post facto challenge were a claim was made that it went beyond Smith v. Doe. Given what I know about him, I would not be the least bit surprised if he listens to the SMART office – assuming the SMART office came up with the proposed changes in the first place and simply adopts them despite what Barr might or might not have done.

      Quite frankly Merrick is more of the law and order guy that Trump claimed he was going for than what he even had though when it comes to everything else Merrick is more liberal. Personally I don’t think Merrick is the right guy for AG in the current environment where there are so many calls for police reforms (absent any of this registry stuff). Its the exact opposite of what liberals have been calling for in this area. I don’t think he’s the guy to reform anything I think he’s just going to do whatever they want. I’m pretty worried about this appointment when it comes to the previously proposed changes. Perhaps I will be proven wrong. I hope I am.

  24. Confused Hombre

    There’s an old episode of The Simpsons where a law is passed banning the teaching of evolution. When Lisa is arrested for doing just that, she complains to the cops, “Aren’t there more serious crimes you should be stopping?” Wiggum replies, “Well, we only have the manpower to enforce the last law passed. It’s not a good policy … actually, it’s the worst.” I think of this when I see CP and other Internet-based crimes being taken so seriously by US law enforcement, now being treated as Tier 3 in California. Maybe we can get a new Law and Order: Internet Victims Unit show. Should be exciting!

    • Looking for Answers

      @Confused, you are so right! Maybe they can even call it “Fake internet victims” for all the stings the cops love to pull with the bait and switch “I’m 18 until you fall for me, now all of a sudden I’m 14”.
      Honestly, imho, I think most LE are too chicken to go after serious criminals. It’s much easier to sit in an office eating chips and doughnuts talking to dudes online than it is to be out there stopping murderers and carjackers. It’s also much easier to manufacture criminals than to actually stop real crime.

  25. Confused Man

    Another thing we can thank registry paranoia for–the Capitol Hill riot! Most of those folks were QAnon true believers, including the young woman who was shot to death who believed the election was stolen by a cabal of pedophiles and rapists. If you truly believed a cabal of elitist pedophiles and rapists were stealing the country, wouldn’t you have an obligation to stop it? These insane conspiracy theories are a clear result of our insane national paranoia over sex crimes, pedophilia, rape, and registries, all of which fails to “trust the science” and recognize that 1. sex crimes are not an epidemic, 2. most sex crimes are not more harmful for society than other crimes, and 3. most people convicted of sex crimes do not re-offend, and re-offend at lower rates than people convicted of most other crimes. When centrist, “law and order” types promote wild conspiracy theories about widespread human trafficking, “pedo islands,” institutional endorsement of pedophilia rape in the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts, and at major universities, why is it that surprising that QAnon people believe it also exists in political parties and the “deep state?” The Capitol Hill riot wasn’t a Trump-supporter riot: It was a QAnon riot, and people who have promoted conspiracy theories and sex crime hysteria are just as responsible for it as Trump himself is. Maybe America can look in the mirror, realize that violent crime is up 200-300% in many major cities, and come to grips with its own collective failure to understand crime, to obsess over salacious crimes while ignoring deeper, more impactful forms of criminality, and try to lower the temperature of the national conversation so we’re not all utterly paranoid about one another. America is tearing itself apart, and it starts with the government-led unscientific doxing of “sex criminals” to satisfy its most paranoid citizens.

    • TS


      Would be nice for you to back up your statements here with sources cited to show the theories being thrown around in your statement based upon what is written elsewhere. It helps your argument and provides references. Thanks.

      • Confused Man

        @TS: Sure, and I didn’t mean to indicate that I don’t believe the rioters were Trump supporters–just that, in addition to supporting Trump, they were also mostly (as far as I can tell) believers in QAnon. Here’s an NBC piece about Ashli Babbitt, the rioter and mother who was shot to death:

        Relevant quote: “Among other fringe beliefs, she tweeted about pizzagate, a viral disinformation campaign that falsely alleged a child abuse ring was being operated by Democrats from a Washington pizza restaurant.”

        QAnon has been labelled a domestic terrorist threat by the FBI. On Wikipedia ( “QAnon is a disproven and discredited far-right conspiracy theory alleging that a cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles is running a global child sex-trafficking ring and plotting against US president Donald Trump, who is fighting the cabal.” I’m a life-long Democrat voter, but I feel compassion for those pulled into this nonsense conspiracy (and their families) and feel that leadership on both sides of the aisle are not helping to qualm American concerns about an imaginary epidemic of rape and child sexual abuse.

        • TS

          Thank you @Confused for the clarification. I see now where you are going with it.

    • LPH

      @Confused: By indicating one person at the riot was a Qanon supporter is one thing but by saying “Most of those folks were QAnon true believers,..” is not proven. That’s exactly what we as RP’s have been fighting… one or a few high profile people who commit sex crimes does not make us all the same.

      • David⚜️

        🤗 As anyone who has spent any time incarcerated can tell you, there is no place more overflowing with conspiracy theories than jails and prisons. So, while I certainly believe the Capitol Hill mob rioters should be arrested, charged, and convicted for their crimes, I also find it bizarrely ironic – a bit like sending budding white supremacists to a Nazi SS Training Camp for re-education!! 🤣

      • Confused Man

        @LPH: That’s fair. I can’t know the motives of everyone there, but in addition to the woman who was shot that I mentioned above, the other woman who died at the riot (conflicting reports state she was either trampled or fell) also appears to be a Q Anon supporter who was concerned with child trafficking:

        “The sisters also clashed over Boyland’s political views and the QAnon myth, which includes wild allegations of a child sex ring. Boyland had begun following the conspiracy theory over the past six months, Lonna Cave said. Boyland explored its baseless accusations that online furniture retailer Wayfair was part of the fictional ring, her sister said, and her faith in conspiracies spiraled from there.”

        Notably, the person who has become the face of the riot–the fellow in the animal skins and Viking horns–is known as the “Q Shaman,” and recently spoke about child abuse at a protest:

        The man who was chasing a black cop was wearing a QAnon shirt and appears to have been arrested:

        The New York Times has a piece on how some of the funding for travel can be linked to QAnon supporters:

        Overall, my guess is that some of the men and most of the women at the riot were heavily motivated by QAnon, and the desire to protect women and children from fictional sexual predator supervillains, but of course we don’t really know anyone’s true motivations. My only point here is that we might be at one of those rare, fleeting moments in American history where both parties might want rationality to prevail, and part of that is turning down the temperature on the national conversation on rape and child sexual abuse.

  26. Too damn long

    I suggest a spread sheet be made covering each offense, felony or misdemeanor, and placement on tier system in California. We have one for travel, why not clear up a lot of second guessing and confusion. This needs to be made by people that have info.

  27. David⚜️

    ⭐⭐⭐ Other countries have mandatory military service…. Considering how much the United States likes locking people up, perhaps we should have mandatory imprisonment at age 18. Everyone does two years regardless of what crimes have been committed by the individual – or no crimes at all! – and then the slate is wiped clean and they start afresh. ⭐⭐⭐

    (But, what do I know? I support the idea that people should pass a minimum intelligence test before getting the right to vote. And individuals must pass a parenting class before being allowed to have children! Crazy radical, huh?)

    • Way too long

      @ David

      You radical wacky thinker you! Basically a preemptive pardon system.

  28. Join the F(AC)ight.

    As of 12/32/20, FAC says it’ss only $1,528 away from launching a lawsuit over out-of-state people being kept on the FL registry. (I can tell you they are actually no more than $1,508 away….) While you think it may not apply or help you if you’ve never been to FL nor never want to go, I suggest rethinking that. Cases won in other parts of the country are building blocks for cases elsewhere–especially if they are Federal, versus State, court wins. My point is that supporting FAC’s court cases does help everyone to some degree.

    Now, time to go throw a Jackson in the ACSOL bucket, too! For the record, I don’t live in either FL or CA and haven’t been to either since being in the Price Club.

    • Way too long

      They have courts in Florida? Thought they just had a judge from Georgia flown in to the local bar once a month to settle neighbor disputes and ban registrant housing areas.

      • David⚜️

        No, “Way”, since the start of the pandemic, that GA judge “just phones it in”…. literally!!

  29. Brandon

    Don’t forget that Trump’s lawyer, Lin Wood, called for Mike pence to be executed. He also stated that Mike Pence and Chief Justice Roberts are pedophiles.

    Not making this political, yet when I feel like something is putting a bigger target on our back it needs to be talked about.

    • Facts should matter

      I saw a clip right before the incursion of the Capital of an insurrectionist holding up a “Biden is a pedophile” sign. This is an effective argument for them to use because anyone that attacks or questions the legitimacy of it, they can argue back, “so and so is defending and advocating for a pedo.” This is how they actively build their weaponized hate narrative against their rivals and enemies.

  30. TS

    Found this today online from overseas and thought it would be helpful to share here for thoughts, etc:

    Revoke the right of registered sex offenders to change their name by deed poll (

    A deed poll is a legal document binding only to a single person or several persons acting jointly to express an active intention. It is, strictly speaking, not a contract because it binds only one party and expresses an intention instead of a promise.

  31. C J

    Here is a good one regarding the lack of due process in a registrant case.

    A state attorney intervened and stepped in for the DA during a civil proceeding regarding a registration cause. His argument was rife with fraud and trickery. The lower court judge sided with his “argument “.

    It was appealed to the high court where the registrant lost narrowly 5-4. The 5th vote was a supreme court justice that is a direct blood relative of the state attorney who argued the appeal and upended the lower court.

    Un friggin believable!!! This crap happens all throughout this nation.

  32. Saddles

    Congraduations Janice you have a strange view of things but actually you solved much of this registry for many and you may not even be aware of it yourself. Now when talking to you on the telephone I ask you about your spiritually, I also asked you about Alfred Hitchcock. Yes my dad had mentioned him a few times when I was growing up in the 50’s and 60’s. Course I wasn’t to impressed with landing on the moon which I view as a waste but thats only me.

    Yes Janice he was one of the great masters of suspense and directing at the time. I even asked you about this “To kill a mockingbird” and you mentioned a bit about it but how much did you really know about Hitchcock. Course I didnt’ ask you about his biography but if you watch the movie “Rope” you might even get some more view’s about much of this cat and mouse game of much of this sex registry ordeal. Prevention is good but its how one goes about it in a lot of this cover up way.

    I’m sure you and Chance and the others could come up with some more good litigation on all this sex registry ordeal although I’m sure you all are doing just fine from the view’s on here of many to help rid much of this registry. Now some want to blame much of this registry on computers but computers are only a tool.

    So does evil promote evil? or were is the understand in all this man made wisdom or this bribery type of good time folly. Even much of these plea deals could be looked at as a bribery for pardon scheme game in todays’ in these sealed or unsealed ordeals.

  33. Way too long

    For those interested, the site “Just facts not fear” is new site run by an expat registrant out of Florida. He moved to Germany and is now running the site for others in our situation. We welcome others to visit, join, contribute, etc. Great continuing info on life in Europe and the differences in how offenders are treated by progressive societies.
    Along those lines, I’m interested in starting a language group in Bay area for those wanting to learn, German, Spanish, French. Practicing in a friendly environment is always helpful to getting better at anything. I speak some German myself, but if you have a language you are fluent in , let’s talk about getting a group going .

    • David⚜️

      @ Way: Why don’t you just check out “MeetUp”? It’s an app. Google it. It has many groups for various interests including plenty of groups for learning languages and the groups are local to your area. (I don’t think they ban registrants [as FaceBook does]. I have used MeetUp in the past and had no problems.) .(Though I have no idea how the MeetUps are working during these pandemic times.)

      • NotEasilyOffended

        While some sites are lax or reluctant to enforce membership restriction policies, I often find there is a sex offender exclusion buried in there somewhere.

        Found on meetup (dot com): “Meetup may remove certain members when we become aware that the member is a convicted sex offender or has been convicted of a violent, fraudulent, or dangerous crime. Meetup may also remove a member based on their criminal record, for safety, or for other concerns. Members with concerns about criminal or illegal activity should always report it to local authorities.”

  34. David⚜️

    Does anyone know how Florida Action Committee (FAC) arrives at the amounts they are trying to fundraise for various legal challenges?? For example, I am interested in donating to their Out-of-State lawsuit fundraiser, but I would like to know more about how they arrive at the dollar amounts they are attempting to raise.
    (I emailed FAC, but have not received any reply yet.)

  35. eli

    Has anyone applied for Global Entry and got denied or approved while on deferred adjudication?
    This is response I got –
    We regret to inform you that your membership in Global Entry has been disapproved for the following reason(s): You have been convicted and/or arrested for a criminal offense
    Applicant does not meet standards at this time

    Technically I am not convicted in the state of Texas. I have 2 more years of probation left and there will be no conviction on my record. I was never arrested nor went on trial.

    I am going to reply to reconsider, anyone have helpful tips to increase my chances of approval?

    • lovewillprevail

      Yes. In Texas, on deferred adjudication at the time I applied. Denied. Same response as you. I didn’t appeal because I didn’t see the point and was busy. Been off deferred adjudication 5 years but have not reapplied because I am guessing is based upon my label and not upon whether I had a conviction or not, because as you know, you have no conviction on your record in Texas while on deferred adjudication. And even though the judge dismissed my case at the end of the defferred adjudication and I have no conviction, I think reappling is a waste of time – appears to be based upon label, not conviction status.

      Though 3 years ago when flying from DFW airport to Colorado, my gf at the time had the global entry and was able to bypass most of security and speed up boarding and security allowed me to go through with her. But I doubt that would work on an international flight.

    • TS


      Do they give you any details on the respective conviction which they referenced in their letter? There should possibly be an appeal process since it’s owned by customs and border patrol office of homeland security. That is your data and information. You should know what was used against you. If they don’t give you any answers through a freedom of information act request or maybe a privacy act request, then you may want to enlist your elected congressional members when they aren’t trying to do frivolous activities in Washington DC, e.g. sending our money overseas.

      • lovewillprevail

        TS, no details in the letter. No reason given for the rejection. Just said we rejected your application. There is an appeal process but I feel that is a waste of my money. With a “Sex Offender” label whether or not I have a conviction under state law, will most likely keep me from prevailing with an appeal. But I do agree with everything you stated.

    • Looking for Answers

      Global Entry is notorious for kicking people out of the program for various things. There are stories in which people have forgotten snacks/ drinks in their bags and been questioned about them, and then been kicked out of the program. Not saying you shouldn’t try to fight it if it’s important to you, but I’m a frequent traveler for my job and I’ve found Global Entry to be not so helpful/ useful but TSA Precheck to be worth the cost. TSA precheck is easier to get, as long as you don’t have any sort of terrorism charges.

      • David⚜️

        Two years ago, I used TSA PreChek services at LAX airport. I signed up right there at the airport a few hours before my departure – direct flight – to Paris. The hostess (for lack of a better description) helped me signup and then walked me right through, past all the security! It was great!
        (But…. I only fly internationally once a year, so after the free trial period, I let it lapse b/c it wasn’t worth the cost.)

        • Eli

          I was told I couldn’t downgrade to tsa pre-check, do I have to sign up again and pay another fee?

        • TS


          Yes, the USG will require another fee for another app to a different travel service they offer.

    • texasdude

      @eli — Unfortunatley, Deferred Adj. in Texas is still a conviction in the eyes of the federal government. I learned this the hard way. I wish I would have known all of this back in 1995; I would have fought my case like holy hell if I knew that

    • Facts should matter

      You would THINK the Marshals would be focusing their efforts on identifying, tracking, apprehending and convicting those DC rioters and white nationalists, but no… they want to go after the easy PR wins the AWA affords them.

      Why aren’t the FEDS “governing the movements” of the Proud Boys, along with the radicalized white supremacists and other conspiracy fringe movements?

      • TS


        His trip and arrest are from 2019, not 2021. I agree they need to focus on bigger matters than the type of thing this guy did in his situation.

      • C

        Think about it a little more. Shouldn’t we be on the side that wants to call bullshit on those who are illegally oppressing us the most, the federal government?
        You might not agree with the Proud Boys, but you can’t deny their massive balls to stir shit up in DC.
        Imagine if we, a million strong, marched in defense of our rights.

        • bob

          Is there a georga law? There is no federal law… just guidance to the states for compliance

    • Will Allen

      What complete nonsense.

      Does anyone have any doubt that American governments are far, far, far too big and completely out of control? Does anyone need any further evidence? They are constantly doing stupid like this. Stupid is their specialty. This is why hundreds of millions of Americans need to be fighting to take their resources and authority. These criminal regimes should be 1/100th of their size. Maybe. Maybe smaller. Same with their law enforcement criminals, obviously. They have way too many resources and time on their hands. Help take it. All PFRs should be actively working with groups that are fighting big government. Vote for people who believe in small government. Libertarians, I guess?

      These big government employees/criminals may think that this kind of action is smart. But surely they do not believe that they’ve actually protected anyone or anything. Right? Or are they that stupid?

      For certain, they have put all Americans in more danger. This is not going to make this guy a better, more productive, contributing citizen. It is going to be the opposite. Further, for sure, there are some people who would get out of prison after this and retaliate. For certain. I know there are people who would go out, find people who think Registries are acceptable, and murder them. For certain.

      So here is big government, yet again, harming people and increasing violence and danger. They’ve done it for decades with their “war on drugs”. They are not smart or decent people.

      Good, decent, moral Americans are at war with the criminals living in America who support Registries and call themselves Americans.

    • JohnDoeUtah

      How is this not rising to the level of probation and parole, ex post facto? The results are the same, actually worse, than violating probation by not informing your PO regarding your travel. Someone needs to challenge this post haste.

    • Way too long

      So 15 yrs after he served his sentence and was released from custody, this man has to return for 20 months because he didn’t call mommy to say he was spending four days on a boat out in the ocean. Yep, things are obviously getting better for all of us.

    • David⚜️

      Thank you, Jason! I read: “The United States Marshals Service…. working with our local and state partners, has dedicated men and women that focus their [efforts on harrassing and further persecuting individuals who are required to register].”

    • grr

      It is not our government!!! Perse… I’ts the Unions behind all of our law enforcement agency’s (and actually all Law Enforcement in most of the World) That being said they have the power and monetary resources to implement not only sex registries but most any new laws/rules they want.

      This is how it works. Adam Walsh’s son is murdered. The union attorneys contact Mr. Walsh and present a contract to him to use his name and story (and a fat check) With this they go to work and create the Adam Walsh ACT. Then the attorneys and the union’s lobbyist approach pertinent legislators to get their proposed AWA moving forward in legislation. To get things approve they (the unions and legislators) spew false fear and the general public eats it up. How many new union jobs did the AMA create?

      You can take any ACT, Proposition, Jessica’s, Megan’s etc. you want and start at the beginning. Most recently here is California for example was Prop. 20. This Prop was to change numerous misdemeanors into felonies. The unions could not get this through legislation so they tried to jam in down the general public’s throat by way of a Proposition. It didn’t work. However, the prison guards, Sheriff associations and a few special interest groups spent 8 million dollars in vain. Why in the hell would prison guards and Sheriffs associations want more prisoners? They don’t but their unions do and the special interest groups would love to build and run more prisons.

      The general public is getting smarter but we still have a long way to go.

      I think it would benefit everyone on this site to completely understand how all the laws against us are created. The new tier bill just days before it was passed was rewritten in the backroom by law reinforcement attorneys and a few backward legislators. Hopefully, this can be change somewhat in the upcoming legislation.

    • Mike G


      Thanks for posting this. This the first time I’ve read about someone being arrested for failing to notify of international travel.
      The first thing I am curious about is how Carnival let him on the cruise in the first place. I thought Carnival (and Royal Caribbean) were not allowing RCs on board for the past several years, now.
      Second, I wonder how they knew he was on the cruise.
      Third, since this happened over a year ago, why did WGXA suddenly post this now? Were they sitting on it until they had a slow news day?
      Fourth, while even 20 months is ridiculous for what should be a slap on the wrist offense, I thought IML had a mandatory 10 year federal sentence for violation. Could you say he got off easy?

      Don’t you just love the consistency in the federal judicial system?

      • JohnDoeUtah

        USSG base FTR offenses on your federal tier. The higher your tier, the higher your mandatory minimum. Other things add up where you could get to 10 years.

        • Mike G


          Thanks for that clarification. Maybe the wording was “up to 10 years” but I remembered it as “mandatory 10 years”. Either way, it seems like extreme overkill with regard to penalty for such a petty “crime”.

          Now if the guy had committed another sex crime during his cruise, I can see them coming down hard on him, but we both know that hardly ever happens.

  36. Way too long

    I have a feeling that judges are going to be much more willing to reduce felonies for sex offenses now, since from what I have read the 17b doesn’t mean squat for your tier designation. Wonder how many will be lifetime registrants with a misdemeanor offense. Oh yeah, and have your name on the public site. What a win for our side! Let’s throw a party!

    • Curiouser

      It’s gonna be litigated. There are so many angles to challenge this from.

  37. David⚜️

    🤔 Hmmm, after last week’s Capitol Hill assault, will there soon be an Insurrectionist Registry?? And, if not, why not?? 😒

  38. Tired of this

    So I’m looking for some input here, a what-would-you-do kind of situation.

    I moved from NV to OR in 2018 when the stay on the implementation of the AWA was lifted and it went into effect. I was bumped up to tier 2 overnight, having been tier 1 under their old system. I moved to escape public disclosure, since Oregon doesn’t disclose level 1 and 2 (and you have to have been designated a predator in Oregon to be level 3). I was convicted federally in CA back in ’04; tier 2 is my federal level.

    In OR, I’m not publicly listed – the sole reason I’m here. But the thing is, I’m not happy here. I’m much farther away from the bulk of my immediate family. It’s much more expensive here (income tax, namely). I hate the weather. I’m indescribably lonely and have no real social connections here. The bottom line is that I’m feeling like moving here just to not be public wasn’t worth the sacrifice, that the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze.

    In NV, I’d be public; however, there is a finite registration period, 25 years for tier 2, whereas it’s lifetime in OR. And someone correct me if I’m wrong, but that time period includes the time I’ve been registering in other jurisdictions since my release, which is 14 years so far, so I’d theoretically only have to play their game for 11 years if I moved back tomorrow.

    Part of me is inclined to not rock the boat and just stick it out here and give it more time, since I’m at least stable right now; even not being public, I had a hard enough time getting my job, since a Google search of my name turns up my conviction anyway. But at the same time, I don’t want the registry to dictate my life, and I’d at least have an exit date from the registry to look forward to in the silver state.

    What do you guys think?

    • Interested Party

      @tired of this

      Sounds like you have thought about this a great deal already. For me personally I would choose to be where I have a support network. Regardless of the many set backs I have faced, having friends and family who are there for me made it worth while to get back up and push on in life.

      From your description while you are not publicly listed your conviction information is still available on the internet … for me that makes stay away from your network less then appealing.

      Additionally, everyone’s experience is different on being listed. There are risks associated with being on the public list, but those risks have to be weighed against the loss of your support network.

      Best of luck as you make your decision

      • Tired of this

        Yeah, I’m leaning toward being closer to my support network, not to mention I really like Nevada otherwise. Years ago when I was in SO treatment, the importance of a support network was emphasized, and I don’t really have that where I am currently. I am way too isolated and it is impacting my mental/emotional well-being, which is a risk factor for me.

      • Brandon

        Moving out of state as a registrant is like navigating a mine field blindfolded. After my release from prison I moved to Florida as a naive registrant with no idea what I was up against. My five years living in Florida wasn’t easy; yet it wasn’t horrible and I was one cranky Sob. In 2019 I moved back up north thinking my new state would have me on for life; but I was told I’m tier 2. Having support and basic needs are important; yet one should not make a decision lightly. Hopefully someday this mine field of registration will be an eyesore on American law.

  39. Saddles

    Insurrectionist? Wouldn’t that be like wrestling with flesh and blood but principals and principalities and against rulers of this dark world. While much of this registry can be oppressive seems this sex registry takes on many different forms with these offenses who is judging who in much of this crisis. Even a lot of this state to state is different in this judgment.

  40. Confused Man

    The California tier bill looks like Silicon Valley’s dream—turn up the heat on Internet-based offenses to protect their platforms from government oversight. Has anyone ever heard of a person convicted of a CP possession offense going on to commit additional serious crimes? I haven’t. But CA is treating them like the worst of the worst. The only possible reason I can think why is that internet companies don’t want regulation and will happily throw a minority of users under the bus so it looks like they’re trying to keep their platforms safe. In reality, there is, beyond financial speculation, no legitimate use for technologies like Bitcoin.

    • w

      ICAC. Look it up, basically it’s their network of snitches or what they like to call “ESP anonymous tips”. Truth is they’re using civilian drivers to go around scanning people’s WiFi or cellular networks, and then reporting their findings back to the police/sherrifs. These “anonymous tips” are just users connecting with cops on social media and giving them whatever info they ask for. If you ever get one of those flyers in the mail about NextDoor “being in your neighborhood” you can be sure this is what they’re trying to do. NextDoor is basically a circumvention of the Megan’s Law website, where it warns you not to use the information there to harass people. With NextDoor they can scheme around behind your back armed with their internet immunity. They can use this scheme to play people against each other, neighbor against neighbor, stranger against stranger. Democrat, Republican. All in the cause of “gettin’ them child molesters”. Also helps with getting additional charges on people, especially when timed around elections or new law proposals. They can also use it against someone who’s been living too straight and hasn’t gotten into any trouble so as to keep pushing the narrative that all offenders will re-offend.

      So that dream “smart home” idea may not be so great right now if you’re a registrant living near people within range of such wireless devices.

  41. Saddles

    I suppose some people can “think” to much in much of this unethical sex registry. I at times don’t like to think that much but one has to say in a lot of this sex registry ordeal… Do the ends justify the means. Take the simple sex encounter via this internet ruse and using a teenager as bait. Is that an ethical means or a moral means?

    Even this rioting in D.C. are they an ethical means or moral means to “stand up” in this brazen way. I guess as long as nobody gets hurt its acceptable. Yes Justice is good and also morals but justice seems out of focus today.

    Preventing is good but who prevents with subterfuge in much of this sexcapade or who know’s the understanding in these underlining encounters. Basically its to prevent adults from talking to teenagers that are not suppose to be on adult sites.

    Now when authorities or police force do that its a whole different ballgame and a moral and contriversal issue and yes Janice I’m with you 100% on that one and I’m sure many more are also. I may not understrand what goes on out in California or other states but misleading one is misleading and that can even be said about these riots also in D.C.

  42. Saddles

    Confused man while I don’t know to much about this silicon Valley I do know something about the Commandments even the peacemakers that are suppose to protect and serve, Guess some of these registry ordeals are the unethical way of protecting and serving by a computer type ruse whether it’s chip or no chip, so where is truth in that or should one seek a redress of grivence in one’s pardon or much of this ordeal.

    Sure one can have an attitude adjustment or an alternated state adjustment. Should we go with blessed are the poor in spirit or who is trying who’s spirit in this sexology game of technology. This Evil vs. Evil… Doesn’t sound like any Minister I know in this Jim Jones justice or Jim Baker fraud case.

    Sure I had a forward mouth and yes I made a decision to go down after this badgering the second night in this rude awaking to understand and yes my dicernment was right that it wasn’t a teenager. So the question is who “was” leading who. Had no internet porn pic’s of any type of nudity. So who is usurping who? Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out does it. Things may all be different in California but the Word never changes. We are all told to test or try the spirits. Leading the wittness is very tacky in these encounters.

    The truth be supprise one.

  43. Saddles

    Bay Area that is a good measure for todays’ teck swavy person but nothing can take the place of discernment and honesty. Camera’s are good in auto accidents or home invasions or finder benders with one’s automobiles but than what is true Justice if its overshadowed by these sex registry ordeals via computers. Who is breaking down who’s self-worth? I’m sure everybody has a responsiblity but undercover actions are a bit devilish and believe you me a lot of this registry is a bit devilish in many ways and means. It should be ostrasized in so many ways.

    Having a family argument can be a bit different with family members but truth is more important than sitting on a pshyic’s couch or standing up in front of a group saying I am an alcoholic or whatever, so who’s labeling who in this tech world that almost goes shameless in true justice these days.

    I’m sure the beaches in a coastal area have their problems also or has overprotecting gotten so far as inducing one by cunning means if the truth comes out. I would say some court systems are a mess already without this going on in many ways.

  44. Saddles

    Can anyone see the prospective in much of this registry humbo jumbo? Each one’s offense is different. Sure much of this registry is based on Sex as the common demoinator. While the wisdom of much of this registry is a bit out of shape where is the understanding. Where is the truth in much of this registry. One should hope all or much of this registry is not in vain conceit. One hopes we are all speaking as adults.

  45. David

    @ Saddles: Please check your billet straps – they may be too tight or too loose. 🙄

  46. Saddles

    @ David ..If this election and this virus are not bad enough some on here may of seamed to have “Pulled” their billet strap to the same watering hold. Should we all say more or enough… What do you think Janice and ACSOL are trying to do David.

    Janice is just trying to bring true justice to the American people with this Sex registry platform or should we all be talking about Constitutional Law, Biblical law, or premarital laws. David Justice is justice or who killed Goliath. And no I’m not on the all star team but Justice is still Justice isn’t it or would it still be laxed in liver pills. Understanding with wisdom goes a long ways with truth.

  47. Saddles

    One wonders who said don’t give up the ship or was it that person in the tri colored hat or should one it go way back to Soloman and his many wife’s or were is true values today and understanding. So who has true understanding today in a long list of complaint’s or is faith in Government standards in a Jepoardy situation today.

    Is this registry about a sex war or a divine justice understanding type war of wisdom & understanding. Doing just is very good and thats what Janice and ACSOL are striving to do in your area. I’m sure we all would love to know about this truth value in America today and this just or unjust ordeal today that many are in myself included in this degree, such as this tier everyone is talking about.

  48. Saddles

    @C .. Will Alan. Stand for judgment…..Courts in session..I like your “Hit List” theory. Seems you watched reruns of “Nanny and the Professor” a bit way back when. Actually Will Alan makes some good sense.
    Now in my ordeal I listened to the officer and yes I made a “decision” yes my grandmother loved decision magazines way back when. And yes I made a decision which is very different from a “Choice” and the detective said, it I can’t get you on that I will “Think” of something else and that was “Action” the action of going down to meet or the action of me asking to back out when they were being yancy and becaming impaitent for me to get down to the park area.

    See they wanted me to come to the house in all this ruse. Much of this is a ruse if its in California, Florida, Virginia or whereever state one is in. I wondered if they (LE) counted the Hustler or Playboy mags stacked up in one’s basement from the time they went to college.

    Can one say much of this registry is intimidating? Now lets all get on to understanding the true justice or registry injustice of this ordeal/confusion.

  49. Saddles

    You know some of you all may not like some of my text on here in a lot of this registry ordeal but truth can at times be very unpracticible/impractical measures of law enforcing that can give a whole new meaning to correcting. Now coveting thy neighbor is a personal and a personal offense. While one may understand DUI offenses and other ordeals one still should not take the sex registry undertow lightly.

    Yes I am glad for ACSOL and these other helping in these means and encounters that many can get mixed up in but as many have said much of this registry is very abrasive in much of this ordeal. These methods that many law enforcement use are out of character in many ways. Much of these ordeals show a lack of honestly even with DA issues in court matters.

    This registry that many face and these prison offenses for this porn found on one’s computer can be more inducement if a prison/jail sentence is necessary. Even the bible says who knows the thoughts and intent of another so a two guilty inducement is a bit vain in any correctional area.

    This registry is not only a civil matter but also a constitutional issue even vain in many ways and yes it also wavers on biblical issues also in this just and unjust ordeal. Even with this presidential saga playing out at this time in this American seduction. I believe Janice and many more lawyers would have to agree with that also.

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