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CASOMB  Feb 2021 Reports Changes in Registrant Community

The California Sex Offender Management Board (CASOMB), during its monthly meeting today, reported changes in the registrant community. Among those changes is a slight decrease in the total number of registrants to 108,106. Of that total, there are 82,526 registrants who are not in custody including 18,565 in violation for failure to register and 6,994 who are homeless.

“Although no reason was given regarding the small reduction in the total number of registrants, it is logical to believe that the reduction is based upon a large number of people reported to be moving out of the state of California,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.

Also during today’s CASOMB meeting, it was reported that there are 7,263 registrants who are currently required to wear a GPS device. All registrants, while on parole, are required to wear a GPS device for 24 hours a day and to recharge the devices twice each day.

CASOMB added two new members to its board: Heather Bowlds who represents the Juvenile Justice Department of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) as well as Guillermo Viera who represents the Department of Adult Parole Operations within CDCR.

Absent from today’s meeting was a meaningful discussion of the Tiered Registry Law that became effective last month. The only person who mentioned that law was Kerry Ramos, who represents the Office of the Attorney General. Ms. Ramos stated only that the office she represents is currently training “end users” such as local law enforcement officials regarding implementation of the Tiered Registry Law and that the office has begun hiring additional employees for the “termination unit” expected to assist with the petitioning process that begins on July 1, 2021.

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Termination Unit? Don’t like the sound of that. Maybe to be headed By Arnold Schwarzenegger? 18,565 in violation.
Damn that is a lot of people.

These 18,000 plus So called offenders out of compliance for failing to register must know something we don’t know . Obviously, these people are flying under the radar and not violating any laws, for the most part . For there to be that many people out for failing to register only tells me those people aren’t being sought by the US Marshall’s , and better yet , their mugs shots aren’t blasted on the web site. I guess as long as they don’t have any contact with law enforcement those people are ghost as far as I’m concerned. Out of site out of mind .

Have they figured out a way to live normal lives, by leaving the country or living off the grid, or are they looking over their shoulder in constant feat? Hell, I live a straight and narrow life and still in constant fear of over zealous cops, losing business, my kids being bullied or harassed, etc. With 7 billion people in this world, there’s gotta be a way to change one’s identity, blend into the wood work and enjoy life again. Kudos to those who figured it out. Hopefully “Sanctuary” truly exists and all the “Runners” aren’t just living in the shadows.

Needs to go up lol. 18k so-called “threats to society”. Looks like just another day every time I look outside, don’t know what apocalypse they’re seeing. Must be all the lame-stream media. Hmm, ever notice how movies portray their news bulletins very realistic while the news portrays their stories almost theatrical? A blurring of the lines, geez no wonder people fell for this whole thing. They can’t tell apart the illusion from the illusion of illusion.

Whoops, there goes the “prevention” carrot again! Or is that the “public safety” carrot?

“If it saves just one…”

I used to think that CASOMB would be a highly regarded commission board, but all of its statistical findings are not taken into law as scientific proof. CASOMB has already tracked it was under 1% recidivism rates once “failure to register” was taken out of the equation as a re-offense, which it is not. I just recall it being under 1% for two consecutive tracking years and then nothing more about it.

CASOMB really is pointless. Using CASOMB and Dr. Hanson’s max supervision of 17 years, then one would believe the tiered breakdown should be 17 years max for tier 3. Work backwards from there.

That’s a good question 87.000 people out of compliance where the hell did they go Mexico? and why isn’t this blasted all over the news and why isn’t Law Enforcement on the hunt to find theses highly dangerous threats to society instead of makeing taskforces to harass sex offenders on probation/parole wearing GPS monitoring devices allready or harassing people already in compliance on Halloween.
This just proves that the registry protects no one its only used for punishing people for their past crimes

I’d argue it’s about a revenue stream for anyone involved in our continued persecution. The harsh punishment felt by our children, wives and selves is, to them, completely incidental.

@Aero1, where did you get this 87000 number or was that a typo?

Corrections.. Ah don’t you just love that word. Many have to say who really understood or understands the guidelines or do others just make it up as they go. Even a lot of this gps monitors a bit out of line. While I’m sure their is always going to be crime. Much of this crime is sort of a presuppositional type of pricking against the goads if one could say. I’m sure its hard to keep up with so many sex offense issues and different statues from the hard to the mild cases of how these offenses go down. One wonders if many states even understand the constitution today or even a form of it.

Seems to me California needs to do a bit more research/understanding before one jump into the frying pan and yes someones getting burned, or as always isn’t money is a big factor. One either intervien’s or steps up to the plate as Janice and her team are striving to do. Seems this CASCMB is a bit over and above even their understanding of this registry ordeal even with their man-made guidelines. Guess self-governing flew over the kook-coo’s nest- I’m sure their are more internet related entrapment cases than actual physical ones, course I could be wrong on that, besides who wants to be right all the time.

The sex offender underground railroad 🤣

Ha ha. To think there might be someone, somewhere that looks like Aunt Esther spiriting registrants north to the freedom.of the promised land.

“Termination Unit” sounds creepy af.

I have a funny feeling when Gavin gets recalled he’s going to say “F” you to California and pardon RSO’s for those who have current petition on the governors pending file . . Just saying. .

Big Question: I’m 2 days away from going to LA for a COR. 24/25 year old PC 243.4a / 17b/expunged with summary (informal) probation. Clear record. Nobody has contacted me/references/or visited my residence. If or when granted, are you automatically removed from the registry?

TMZ ~ I would think if you are granted the COR, you would be removed from the registry automatically. It might take some time, but I don’t think there should be anything else to do on your part?

Yes. Your 243.4a as a misdemeanor (thanks to your 17b reduction) should automatically remove you from the registry once you get the COR.

Thank you. Please pray for me. The whole experience is overwhelming. None of my references/neighbors have been called or contacted. Thanks


When I received my CoR in San Diego county the paperwork had a box to check about being removed from the registry and then in the notes there was boiler plate line telling the DoJ to verify it come back to the court.

It took about a week to get the paperwork in the mail, but you might be able to request it while you are there.

Also, three other people forced to register were granted CoRs at the time and each lawyer requested removal from the registry once the judge approved the CoR and in all cases the judge checked the box.

About 2 months after the CoR the local sheriff called me and informed the DoJ had told them to remove my information from the registry, I also asked them to mail me the paperwork and received it with a week.

I hope that helps and prayers are with you.


I wish you luck and prayers that you receive the CoR as well as de-register!

Thank you for the input. The comments and information mean a lot.

I think once the COR is granted, you are automatically (or the Judge) is required to remove you from the registry if your conviction. Falls within that category

There are more than 1,300 “non-compliant” registrants in Detroit and several thousand more in other parts of Michigan. Detroiters are at the very forefront of refusing to comply with these asinine laws. We need to get more registrants willing to take the risk of standing up to these illegal schemes. To view the non-compliance rate in Detroit and Michigan in general, go to MIPSOR.

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