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ICE cancels operation targeting sex offenders

[ and Fox News – 2/20/21]

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody is among several attorneys general urging Biden administration to reverse the cancellation.

Click here to watch the video


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That headline is part of a right wing media explosion.

It takes a little effort to find it, but here is the rest of the story.

“New Biden rules for ICE point to fewer arrests and deportations, and a more restrained agency”

@ Ditto: good article. Thanks.

Did anyone see this:

“In instances where the aggravated felony is more than 10 years old and not the reason for a recent arrest, that individual would not be considered a public safety threat, Johnson indicated.”

VERY interesting comment.

Ok, the aggravated felony due to being 10 years old means the person will not be considered a public threat. What about a sexual conviction from 21 years ago!!!!!!

Then there is this one:

ICE officials say anyone unlawfully in the United States will still be subject to arrest, including people who committed crimes and were released before the memo was issued. Crimes such as sex offenses remain a top priority, they said.

You know after I learned that Dennis Hastert, the republican who passed SORNA under the bush administration had let’s just say deviant sexual tendencies it made it all so clear. Republicans had to go harder than anybody else so they could be sure nobody would suspect them. As Biden is making clear now, the projection has to end at some point.

Yes indeed. “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”


Well, I am very glad that my tax dollars will now be going to better uses. The hypocrites can kiss those GOP relics like “law & order”, “family values”, etc. goodbye. They made their deal the Devil. 😈

When I first read about this, my instinct was that it was fake from the get-go. ICE is (supposedly) concerned with immigration across the board, not simply those accused of any particular kind of crime. I found then (and now) that it was unlikely that ICE was only looking for illegal immigrants with sex crime convictions or arrests. Besides that, if they had the resources to only find illegal immigrants with sex crime convictions or accusations, why wouldn’t they work for finding illegal immigrant gang members (for example)?

I bet it’s more likely that Biden simply ordered ICE to stop deporting overall, and the “sex offender” bit from the order’s opposition was thrown in to garner public support.

I never understood why it was ICE that came after me with CP charges back in 2009. I’m a citizen and my case took place in Los Angeles…

It was most likely a “referral” from Operation Falcon.

Any referral from an international operation would do it or in some cases if ICE was the primary federal agency involved in a multinational task force they would be responsible for going after anyone under U.S. jurisdiction. Thanks to their customs enforcement side they have their hands in a lot more than most people would initially believe. In fact at times they probably crossover with stuff the FBI might handle typically and then the reverse is likely true too.

Supposedly Interpol was investigating something and they handed a bunch of U.S. based IP addresses to ICE and that’s how my case started. Well actually that’s only partially true because at the advisement of my lawyer one element was left out of discussion on purpose. I will simply write I know some more details about something ice was involved in than is publicly available and it proves despite claims to the contrary not every effort is worthwhile.

The Lifetime Achievement for Fear Mongering award goes to… Fox News, where all other news is fake yet we use fear to win your minds and hearts.

I suppose the award for Joymongering through Truth & Reassurance would go to CNN and MSNBC? Please. They’re all complicit in creating FUD about anything and everything, especially our lot, so long as the content gets eyeballs on screens, clicks, likes and subscribes.

It was CNN, specifically Nancy Grace, who turned the Jessica Lunsford tragedy into absolute hell for sex offenders. Before that, I was living peacefully in a college town with my wife and new child, no one seeming to care. The hysteria around the tragedy changed that, for me at least, and I suddenly deeply regretted ever pleading. I don’t love any 24 7 cable news networks—or really any American television news media. It’s all exploitative.

Poor guy. I feel your pain.

Ted Turner and his 24-hour news cycle is a big reason kids don’t enjoy the same care free lifestyle I grew up with. A child goes missing in New Jersey and people react like kids are getting snatched from every street corner coast to coast. Tragic? Yes. Ruining every other kid’s childhood over it with overbearing protections? I don’t think so.

Ok Brandon so were is democracy today or even true truth and justice or should we discuss politics or say no news is good news or who is making ICE castles in the sky. Today I’m sure one doesn’t know when to cheer or be on guard. Oh and I was corrected on my view by others… Its justice delayed is justice denied and not the other way around.

ICE is A federal law enforcement agency so I’m not surprised there after SEX OFFENDERS too
What ICE and the federal government need to be worried about is all those children and babies they lost/stolen at the border. The federal government prides itself on protecting innocent women and children from human trafficking and sexual predators so why are women and children living in conservation camps policed by Border patrol.
They literally have 10 and 11 year old kids taking care of babies and sleeping with those tin foil blankets cold and hungry with very bad hygiene it’s sad that their fighting to keep these camps opened.
This literally has nothing to do with SEX OFFENDERS they just thrue that in there for public support what ICE should be doing is opening and investigation on all them daam missing kids they lost while in federal custody.
Is Border Patrol even required to were body cameras I dont think so can u imagine what really goes on out in the middle of nowhere when they come across people hiding in the desert

Good luck

I am curious what impact this would have on ICE adjudication of Adam Walsh Immigration petitions by America petitioners who have a conviction for a sex crime that is more than 10-years old?

“Immigrants should be considered public safety threats if they have an institutional record of violent behavior, well-documented gang affiliations or aggravated felony convictions, Johnson told senior staff. Such crimes would include murder, rape, child abuse and major drug offenses, and agents should prioritize those released after the issuance of the Jan. 20 memo, he wrote.

In instances where the aggravated felony is more than 10 years old and not the reason for a recent arrest, that individual would not be considered a public safety threat, Johnson indicated. “

The AWA Title IV issue is a separate issue in this discussion. ICE is mostly concerned with undocumented immigrants, whereas those falling under the AWA are either US citizens (the sponsors) or their supposes/fiancees (beneficiaries). As long as an application is pending the beneficiary is deemed “legal”, therefore ICE doesn’t have any interest in them. So far there doesn’t seem to be any indication that the Biden administration will do anything to reform this insane law that kept families apart. That’s why it is important for those who are falling under this law to stand up and make their voices heard. While the focus currently is on undocumented immigrants, there are way too many people affected by AWA Title IV. Please visit and post your AWA story. We are in the process of collecting as many stories as we can to start a grassroots movement and bring this issue to the attention of those in power to make changes to this unjust law.

AlexG I am throughly familiar with the law and have made my voice heard. I sued, lost and appealed to the Ninth Circuit and lost again. I am a member of and have posted there. Unfortunately, the site has not been updated in years.

My wife and I have an active (second) petition pending with USCIS that is delayed by COVID (current waiting time is 27-35 months)

My hope are that this realization that after 10 with no new offenses, recidivism rates are super low for all crimes but especially so for sex crimes and that rationale would be applied not just to deportations but also family petitions.

As soon as the woman in the video said she use to be a Fed prosecutor” I said to my self oh well all we ever hear is from your side of the circle” now its time to pass the stick and hear what everyone else thinks about your one sided war in the name of “safety” vs natural rights ! I want freedom !!! our 4th amendment should be the same as everyone else after our time is over , all rights should be replaced , not just the few that never belong to them to begin with , those rights were not for sale or trade , and they still are not ! NOT ! ! article 18 US 241 apply’s to them , (Conspiracy Against Rights)

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