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This post is intended as a place for discussions about International Travel ONLY.

For more information and previous discussions on the topic, please see International Travel 2020 and International Travel 2019.

In this International Travel 2021 post, the information is identical to the International Travel 2020 post. We added a new post for 2021 in order to keep the discussion manageable. Please help us by sticking to the topic of International Travel only.


From 2020: We have updated our main International Travel section. It features:

  1. List of Schengen Nations (allowing entry to registrants);
  2. Resources (including a CA DOJ Travel Notification Form); and
  3. User Submitted Travel Reports.

This post is linked from the Main Menu at the top of the site.

1. The 26 Schengen Nations (which allow registrants to visit)

As an agreement, Schengen was signed among the five out of ten countries of the European Union members back then, on the 14th June 1985. Under the Schengen agreement, travelling from one Schengen country to another is done without any passport and immigration controls or any other formalities previously required.

Czech republic

Note: US Citizens are visa exempt when visiting the Schengen area for up to 90 days in a 180 day period (List of Countries, Section B or map).  The European Commission is proposing creating a European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) for such travelers, beginning sometime in 2021 – which may or may not take criminal convictions into account. ETIAS Fact Sheet April 2018July 2018

2. Resources



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If an RSO is living overseas for years and travelling between schengen and non schengen and their passport nears expiration, can they renew at a US Embassy without returning to the states ? Thanks.


In theory, yes, you can renew overseas at a US Embassy or Consulate, but consult either one for specific processing.

thanks for the reply.

Just wanted to inform that my husband and I got back from a short trip to St. Martin and he gave his notice and had no issues. It was a wonderful trip- beautiful island and friendly people.
He got pulled into secondary upon return but the officers were nice and expeditious. That was in Dulles.

This is really great news, and Thank You very Much….but also Yikes! Things I didn’t know:

The 87-square-kilometre (34 sq mi) island is divided roughly 60:40 between the French Republic (53 km2, 20 sq mi)[1] and the Kingdom of the Netherlands (34 km2, 13 sq mi),[2] but the two parts are roughly equal in population. The division dates to 1648. The southern Dutch part comprises Sint Maarten and is one of four constituent countries that form the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The northern French part comprises the Collectivity of Saint Martin and is an overseas collectivity of the French Republic. As part of France, the French part of the island is also part of the European Union.[3]

The airport is apparent located on the Dutch side of the Island…I suppose you found no trouble on either side, but entry and exit should have been under Dutch control.


Thanks again & Best Wishes, James I

Hi James I!
Yes, that is correct- the main airport is on the Dutch side. We went all over the island (there is no checkpoint or anything, just a French flag to signify the change). There appears to be a smaller airport on the French side as well, but it may be island hoppers and such. Incredibly friendly people on the entire island. Interestingly, the French side takes mostly Euro (but a lot took US dollar as well) and they had a curfew at 8 for Covid. Dutch side took mostly Dollar and would have Dutch Guilder listed as well on pricing but if you paid with it they would give you US Dollars in change. The Dutch side had no curfew and the roads were slightly better on that side. Also a little cheaper for hotels on the Dutch side,
It wasn’t crowded at all (but then again we went in the off season).
Lots of fun- highly recommended.

And I should point out that both entry and exit from the airport in Sint Maarten was a breeze. Absolutely no issues and not treated any differently from anyone else.
The secondary inspection was in Washington Dulles but he said they were some of the nicest officers he’s ever dealt with.

What’s the Airport code and Airline?

I was convicted state of one misdemeanor count of cp and am about to get off the registry. I should be clear of sorna requirements as well due to a clean record. I know I can get an unmarked passport once off my question is, does anyone know if warnings are still sent out even though I don’t have to give 21 days notice? And will I still get secondary whenever I come back to the US?

@Moe, this has been discussed many times. I haven’t traveled since IML and was off the registry before IML however my experience had been that I was sent to secondary when I was still registered but once no longer on the registry I was not sent to secondary any longer and was granted entry like everyone else. I believe others experiences reflect that there has generally not been secondary after no longer being on a registry however they can send someone to secondary for any reason they want to come up with whenever. I would familiarize yourself with your rights at the us border as a us citizen. You may wish to refuse to do anything if ever sent to secondary that violate those rights.

As far as travel notices go, it’s not really clear if notices are sent out. IML clearly seems to authorize a notice to be sent in this circumstance but also doesn’t require that a notice be sent. That means that it might vary somewhat by individual. It seems like there’s a mixed bag as to people’s experience with this. If you don’t want to spend money and potentially be turned away and since you don’t have to give the 21 day notice, your best bet is to travel where registrants have generally not had issues with entry and then travel from there to the final destination using a foreign airline that does not cross back over a us border. While that is also no guarantee it reduces the chances of an entry denial.

If you travel I can not emphasize enough to please share your experiences here. There doesn’t seem to be a huge amount of I formation in your (and my) circumstance because most people here are on a registry and because most who are not on a registry any longer no longer care to report especially when they had no issues with travel.

Put this in General, but likely belongs here.

Quote of the day describing IML…”…an irrational and costly system holding U.S. citizens prisoners in their own country.”

Lee, G. (2021), Prisoners in their own country: A cultural criminological study of International Megan’s Law and its impacts on U.S. registrant mobility (Masters thesis, Utrecht University, Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance)

Thanks for posting this. Sadly, people like G. Lee are not the ones who make or enforce the laws. I doubt that there are any persons who have studied Megan’s Law, IML, Jessica’s Law, etc. and think they just and fair, unless they are politically motivated or emotionally attached. The kind of people who immediately hate you when they find out you are registered, couldn’t care less about the laws or what you actually did to be governed by them.

I will preface this by saying I am not trying to argue with David, whose comments I appreciate in general even though until recently I have mostly been a lurker. I just want to expand on ETIAS since I have seen a lot of fearmongering about it elsewhere that is not borne out from what is known so far, and there are a lot of third-party unofficial websites out there which extrapolate far beyond EU policy or what can be justifiably claimed at this point.

First, as the article quotes:

“The ETIAS travel authorization will be a necessary and small procedural step for all visa-exempt travelers, which will allow them to avoid bureaucracy and delays when presenting themselves at the borders,” the EU memo says.

This is important. It is not a change to EU admission policy. Rather, it is a streamlining of the system given existing policies. On the one hand, this could in principle mean that some people who have been lucky to slip through the cracks do not. It also might mean added annoyance if anything flagged for a sex offense automatically goes to human review, which delays things. On the other hand, however, this could possibly be a benefit to many of us, as ETIAS pre-clearance could significantly reduce uncertainty, anxiety, and the possibility of interviews at the border. Consider the fact that if you are already subject to the 21-day requirement and have successfully traveled, they know damn well not only that you are coming but what your offense is.

Of course, I understand the anxiety born of uncertainty by any change to immigration regimes given our situation – I have it myself regarding even this. But until the system rolls out and we see what the questions are and what gets flagged for review, we won’t know, and there is otherwise no reason to panic given any existing EU policy or law. Definitely don’t let random third-party websites get to you.

Relatedly, even though ETIAS is not a visa, ironically it may be worth investigating a visa under certain circumstances if you are worried about ETIAS. At least some Schengen countries offer medium- (usually 3-6 months, usually tourist) and long-term (usually a year, renewable, all categories) visas that do not care about crimes committed outside of Europe unless they are something like organized crime or terrorism, in which case EUROPOL well knows about it anyway. This is at the very least true for US citizens arriving from the US. If you have a visa, you are exempt from ETIAS. Bear in mind, of course, that unlike ETIAS, visa requirements will depend on the country so long as those policies conform with the baseline(s) set by Schengen policy and EU law.

Now, this is anecdotal so you should not even take my word for it without speaking to immigration attorneys in the destination country, but I can say that from support networks there, long-term visas and residence permits have not been a problem in at least France and Germany.

@M H:
Nice work and thank you for posting this.

Are there any RSO’s that are travelling on non-US passports? What has your experience been?

If you are a US citizen you must use your US passport when you leave and enter the United States. You could travel on your non-us passport once you reach your first destination. You would likely have that first destination notified of your arrival. You are also required under the 21 day notice to name all the places where you will be going so notices would be sent there about your potential arrival and you may possibly then still be identified through your non-us passport depending on that countries procedures once notified. You could violate the 21 day notice requirements at your own peril and would likely be allowed to enter places on your non-us passport without issue in that case.

I don’t have a US passport at all. I am not a citizen and when the time comes I probably won’t be returning to the US

Last edited 4 months ago by irishman

doesn’t the green notices go out to all countries once you give the 21 day notice?

No, I don’t think so…the paperwork, even if just listing, would be overwhelming…in my opinion.

I think the Notice only goes to the receiving country where your first flight lands.

Of course, I could be wrong.

(as an aside, the ticket I had for Rome purchased early in 2020, but then turned into a redeemable voucher due to Covid, has to be booked for travel by December 31, 2021….I think I am just going to have to burn the damned thing)

Best Wishes, James I

No problem getting around, but I would not go to a country that takes fingerprints or biometric data upon entry. No doubt they’ll cross-reference it with the US database of people who’ve already served their time.

I find it hard to believe that a country not in North America that does take biometrics, would run an Irish passport against US data, just on the off chance that they’d catch someone. Hopefully there’s someone here that can shed some light on that?

I tend to agree. I found out recently that Japan fingerprints everyone who enters the country. But since it takes at least 24 hours for the FBI to look up a fingerprint, I’m pretty sure that Japan can’t instantly run prints through the U.S. database. In the case of Japan, I am pretty sure that they only query their own database, unless they have some reason to be suspicious.

Mike, it does not (have to) take twenty-four hours for the FBI or any law enforcement agency to look up a fingerprint. From what I have seen, it is, essentially, instantaneous. In San Francisco, when I go in for my annual degradation, I am no longer asked to show my I.D. but, rather, I place my thumb on a reader. They then know immediately who I am. Fingerprints are converted into unique numbers which can be searched against a nationwide database in milliseconds.

I agree with @NDIK on the fingerprint turnaround being instantaneous. Your fingerprints (and DNA too for that matter) are on file with the FBI back east and are easily retrievable by those who want it. BTW, 5 Eyes allows for instantaneous access.

When you do an FBI background check on yourself to see what is on file for you with them, e.g. what they have for your conviction on file, you must submit fingerprints to prove to them you are actually requesting their data, not someone else acting on your behalf.

As for biometric scanning (iris is just another evolution of it), here is what the CBP says about it and why it is being done under the name of safety for the nation:

Okay, I guess the 24 hours I read about was when they were in no immediate hurry. This is what I found: “Once the photographed print is entered into the system, the process takes just a few minutes. “It can take as little as 15 to 20 seconds or it can take 15 to 20 minutes,” Shultz said

I found the post that threw me off:
How do I submit fingerprints? For more information and to learn how to submit electronic fingerprints, refer to the Criminal Records GAPS/COGENT Instructions.
How long does it take to get results back from GBI/FBI? On an average, it takes 24-48 hours to receive a response from the GBI and FBI. 

Thinking about it, I guess it is possible that Japan, U.K., Canada, Australia, etc., could query the U.S. Sex Offender database in close to real time, since it is a much smaller database. So even with an Irish passport, a fingerprint check could cause a problem. The last couple of International flights I took out of SFO (before Covid), they did an iris scan on everyone boarding the flight. Not sure what that was about…

I would think having an Irish passport would give you thr right to be there. I think Ireland only gives passports to those who are citizens. They will not turn away their own citizens.

From my research the US shares criminal data with: the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Canada though, only does a US background check if they know you are an American. If you were to use a different passsport I think you’ll be ok.

Hello … I am about to secure a Canadian lawyer to complete the Application for criminal rehabilitation to enter Canada. Before I do, has anyone on the registry for LIFE been SUCCESSFUL in completing the application and has entered Canada?

You can enter Canada easily by driving over the Ambassador Bridge (assuming you’re crossing from Michigan). CBP (Customs and Border Protection) does not check your ID when entering. They just ask you what the purpose of your visit is. The problem you will have is when you cross back over. That is when you have to show your ID. CBP. They WILL run your name and all criminal convictions will show up, and if you’re on the registry, that will show too. You’ll be taken into the building where you will sit for hours while they search your vehicle, phone, etc. They will also contact your local law agency and inform them that you are in Canada, and ask them if they want to arrest you.
I would highly advise against you going to Canada until you are at least off the registry because Canada does not allow Registered Persons into the country.

I live just west of Detroit and I went to Canada frequently between 95 and 2018 when I finally was stopped on the Canadian side. They ran a check and saw that I had one felony conviction so I had to go inside and they informed me that it had been like that for quite a few years that you couldn’t go over but I never knew it when nobody ever said I couldn’t. So now the options are temporary residency permit or a permanent residency permit. Actually I always had a problem coming back to the states and border guards on the American side or a bunch of total butt holes. You had to go in stand at the counter and one of the guards on the other side of the counter would be looking at your record and they wanted you to verbally tell them what you had done to get a felony conviction to try to embarrass you in front of all the people sitting there. If my wife hadn’t been with me I probably still be standing there telling them what they could do with their inquiry. A few times I told you that I was noncompliant and as soon as I got home I called Michigan State police and they said that it was a bunch of crap that the border guards were just rattling my cage.

You can thank George W. Bush for that. During his second term he fortified the Canadian border, and suddenly you needed a passport to cross and they later started routinely running background checks. I’d been to Windsor and back a few times for work before that change. Haven’t been out of the country since. As someone else said today, the GOP are not our friends, as much as the Democrats can infuriate us. Absolutely no reason to need a passport to cross into Canada and back. Jingoistic nonsense.

I have a consultation with a CANADIAN attorney today for $250 to start. I will demand a definitive answer about the law firm’s success or not about entering Canada for a person still on the registry yet fulfills all of the requirements based on the Application for criminal rehabilitation to enter Canada. I WISH I COULD GET AN ANSWER IN THIS ROOM ABOUT THIS ISSUE?!?

You should save your money. Like I said, you can easily cross the border by car easily with no issues at all. But once you try to cross back into the States, you’re in for a world of trouble. You WILL be detained, questioned, your vehicle and phone searched, and unless you filed the 21 day notice, possible arrest. But even if you do file the 21 day notice, you’ll be detained on your way back anyway.
I’m speaking from experience because years ago I had a lot of Canadian currency and no bank in my area would exchange it. I spoke to the chief of police where I used to register and he told me to drive across the border to a Canadian bank and come right back. Back then there was no 21 day travel notice, and I trusted the chief because he was a really cool guy. He handled all the registration in the village. Anyway, I crossed into Canada no problem, went to the nearest bank and exchanged the money for US dollars, and drove back. Obviously I had to stop and give my ID ( I have an enhanced license) and the guy while looking at his computer asked me if I’ve ever been convicted of a felony. I said yes and he asked what for. I told him then he came out of the booth and directed me to an area to park. He said leave my phone and keys on the dashboard and take only my wallet and go into the building. There I sat for 5 hours while they searched my car then came to speak to me. He told me he was waiting to hear back from the police station about what they wanted to do. He took me into a private room and started questioning me. He asked me if I’ve ever been in possession of CP, to which I said no. He asked if I would consent to have my computer at home searched. I said there’s no reason to search my computer because I don’t even look at porn. Eventually he told me the chief said he knew I was in Canada and gave permission and didn’t want me arrested. I was allowed to leave after almost 7 hours, but they kept my phone, saying they were going to send it to a lab to see if I’ve ever searched for illegal images, which I have never done. By the time I got home, the police and a homeland security agent pulled up with a search warrant for my computer. They said it would be sent to the lab and returned if everything checked out.
Long story short, I got my phone and computer back almost 3 weeks later saying everything was good. I didn’t trust my phone and computer after that and ended up buying new ones and destroying the old ones.
Don’t risk it. It’s not worth the trouble.

Dear Matt: The problem is that no one can give you a concise answer here for a couple of reasons 1) the variables from person to person making an application are simply too great and 2) few people have attempted this process because it is both difficult and generally expensive.

In some ways you are being the trail blazer here. Trust me, if anyone had any useful or successful knowledge to share…they would…freely and happily.

No one is holding out on you…You almost have to lead us and we will in turn be thankful to you…for successfully, (I hope), going first.

Best Wishes, James I

James … thank you for your concise answer. There are indeed many variables. Each registrant is different… The interview I had this morning with the Canadian lawyer was very positive with my variables that I described to her. At the end, I described the confusion I have read among the comments here. I asked her if she could be my tutor about the process of filling out the “Application for Criminal Reabilitation to Enter Canada” so I can explain clearly the demands of ACREC. I PROMISE that I will get back to everyone to do so. James, I hope that I can lead, as you say, through a clear pathway for the successful application of ACREC for those registrants that fulfill its requirements. Matt

@Matt – Matt all I can do is give you what I experience back in 2015 and 2016. I travel to Canada about a half a dozen times. The first time flew into Toronto no issues. The second time I flew in they announced they wanted everybody’s passports out as they exited the plane. I wasn’t remotely concerned at the time however they were looking for me. Now my background is a 288c reduced via 17b and then expunged via 1203.4. I am not listed under Megan’s law publicly. Anyways they took me into what I guess would be their version of secondary asked me some questions but also told me that they could tell I was extremely surprised that I was pulled aside. I called my attorneys office and they faxed across all the documents showing my reduction and dismissal. After an hour or so the officer who was kind put some notes in to my record so to speak and let me go. He did warn me that he couldn’t promise me that in the future that others would treat me the same. The next few times I went to Canada I flew into Buffalo and drove across. Same thing first time no issue second time got pulled over to the side and eventually was released to continue my trip. So I was never not allowed to enter Canada although had to go through some headaches to get in a couple times. After IML was passed I stopped going. My thought process was possibly because I’m not posted on Megan‘s law that they might’ve been unaware that I was a registered citizen and until I can find some form of relief down the road I had no intention of notifying them 21 days in advance that I was. Good luck.

How is someone with a 288c (288(c)?) conviction not on the public ML web site? Irrespective of expungement or reduction.

Mr. D should answer this, but sometimes if the “victim” is a family member, they don’t go on the public website.

Matt… Did you get a Canadian or an American attorney? Can I ask how much?

Would an RSO traveling on an EU-country passport have an issue going to London? Do they take your fingerprints upon entry? I just want to try and get some new clients at an industry-related conference over there. Would it be easier to apply for a work-visa just to go for a week? Would the UK even entertain letting me in? How about coming in from Ireland?

No personal experience, but I would think arriving at Heathrow with an EU passport would be smooth sailing, unless you are subject to IML and Satan Watch send them a notice to look for you.

@ Jay, regardless what passport you use, as a registrant, aren’t you required to submit a 21-day Advance Travel Notification? That would include the flights you are taking, so yeah, the Brits would get a heads-up (i.e., “green notice”) from Angel Watch before your plane arrives and, I strongly suspect, they would turn you back. Sorry, not trying to be a downer. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Not coming from the US though – I left almost a decade ago; I’m just wondering if it’s worth the trouble.

Well, if it’s an EU country passport, just give your 21 day notice and fly to France for a couple of days, then take a flight from there to London on your EU passport. Yes, you’re ‘supposed’ to give your complete itinerary, but at that time you didn’t know you were going, know what I mean?
With Brexit, EU citizens do get checked, so hopefully there’s no relationship between your EU passport and your US registration

If you have and EU passport, they can turn you away because of Brexit. I have read personal account of EU citizens being turned away for mundane things at the border,

⭐ No problem entering France with IML-marked U.S. passport.⭐
🇨🇵 I just visited Paris-CDG airport last week. No problems at all. The customs-border officer glanced at the notification page, shrugged, stamped my passport and said, in English, “Have a good visit!” 😁

Here is an interview with a man that, after 16 years listed on the Illinois registry, gave his 21 day notice and then went to Frankfurt, Germany. This interview is just one day after he arrived in Germany on September 21, 2021, and he tells about his experience in both the US airport and the German airport.

Anyone who is on the sex offender registry needs to click on the link above and view this guy’s youtube page!!!! His words of inspiration and hope are what we all need right now!!!!!

My passport was revoked just before COVID started. HAS ANYONE APPEALED A REVOCATION? I plan to apply for a passport soon. When I do, I plan to appeal, including in my application convincing psychological evaluations, documents, testimonials, the fact that I am 75 years old with a hands off crime that happened in 2006 without any crimes since then… along with other facts that will show I am not a threat. Since I have never read on these pages that a person has made an appeal, I thought … why not try!!! Again… has anyone appealed their revocation?

I’m not sure what you would gain by appealing the revocation, since you can immediately apply for a new passport. Presumably, they want you to have a passport with the rubber-stamped message in the back. If you have grounds, I guess you could appeal having the message. And you could appeal the fact that you have to pay for a whole new passport when the old one was perfectly good. If there was any common sense in government, they would have just had you send your existing passport back to them to have it rubber-stamped and sent back to you. But why do that when you can give more people government jobs handling passports 😒. I’m 5 years younger than you, and I still in denial that my conviction in 1995 was even a crime.

By the way, I was one of the first people to get a marked passport, and in the years of travel since then, it has not made a bit of difference. I hope it stays that way!

Last edited 3 months ago by Mike G

Does anyone have any info for traveling to Hungary or any other European countries. Have there been any complications for SO. I’d be looking to travel mid Oct 2021


Kyle, all of Schengen Europe should be easily open to you…see this link

However, Hungry is Hungry…what to say…my preference would be to drive into Hungry from Wien (Vienna) if I were doing the trip. For people that have seen me post from time to time, it is obvious I like to drive from here to there…this is my prejudice, my tendency…so flying into Vienna, picking up a rental, (if you can find one now), and driving down is what I have always done.

Of course, no reason to have a vehicle in London, Paris or Rome. Quick story re Hungry however…in the late 1990’s I was having dinner with someone and a black police (?) car pulled up, 3 men jumped out and took away my friend…at my hotel I was told not to look into to it too deeply. And I didn’t but it is something I remember.

For various reasons I’ve been to Hungry maybe 15 times…love the country, and I’ve been fortunate to actually stay at the small Citadel Hotel atop Gelert Hill…sign, all this travel talk is making me sadly nostalgic….lol…Back to work for me!

Best Wishes, James I

I was in Hungary in 2018 and 2019 with no problems at all. Since 2017, I have been in most European countries. I’m planning a trip to Greece in November. There was a report of a registrant being turned away from Athens recently, so I am a bit worried, but no one seems to have any details about what happened. I flew to Athens in 2019 with no problems.

I’m personally skeptical of that report. Not necessarily in the sense that it didn’t happen, but as to *why*. Unfortunately, we do not have (understandably, given the situation) rigorous data collection on this, so it could be:

1) The person did not give the 21 day notice
2) The person had an outstanding warrant anyway, e.g., for FTR

and most importantly

3) There may be differences based on severity of offense and time elapsed since offense that matter but we are not privy to. I don’t like this failure of honest, fair border policy, but it is quite possible with many of the “deny entries.”

Anyway, I have not been to Greece directly from the US, but have had no problems entering Greece from other Schengen countries.

@ Kyle: I just entered Paris two weeks at Charles De Gualle Airport. No problems at all.

I do have a unique-identifier IML passport. This visit was the 1st time any customs/border officer ever looked at the IML notification page. And he just shrugged at it and said, in perfect English, “Have a nice visit!”

Bon voyage! 😁🇨🇵👍🏻

Here’s a must see interview by Registry Matters with Steven Whitsett.

Recent travel report for Austria: all good. I am fully vaccinated, have been for about 6 months now. Non-contact, <10yr old felony offense involving a minor, non-CP, no incarceration. I did have the 21-day notice. Spent a week in Vienna and Graz, no questions on entry. Submitting an RTAG report too.

Additional clarification in light of the recent bad news out of CA with the couple trying to travel to the Netherlands: I do have the marker.

Further information in case it is helpful to people: Flew from JFK to Vienna with one stopover at Paris-CDG. No interrogations, although of course secondary upon returning to the US.

That’s great! Thanks for the update!

UKRAINE is 100% OPEN for travel.

I bought my tickets, told the Pennsylvania State Police I was leaving and going to Ukraine.

They asked where but because I was convicted prior to 2012, I said none of your fucking business (literally).

Got on the plane at JFK, there are NO passport checks from JFK other than to make sure the passport is VALID. They scan it under a key reader and match you to your face.

I spent almost 20 minutes at the metal detector talking to the kid that ran it.

The airport and ICE have NO IDEA who is leaving the United States, they simply check the bar code to make sure the passport is 100% real.

I know this because I traveled WITHOUT a stamp on page 27 in my passport…

The US State Department screwed up.

When I landed in Ukraine, I got off the plane and walked right through the airport.

There was NO passport check, no police, no security guards.

Time from getting off plane to outside airport?

About 5 minutes.

Once in Ukraine.

My passport didn’t even get an arrival stamp, only an exit stamp when I left 5 MONTHS (yes 5 months) later.

No one cared.

Ukraine, Kyiv is AMAZING!

I rented an apartment in downtown Kyiv for $275 USD a month and it was considered a luxury apartment.

This is exactly what I’m hoping to do somewhere/someday on a Digital Nomad Visa. As long as I have an Internet connection, I can run my business from anywhere in the world.
Great share. Thank you!

Sigh, I was briefly in Ukraine…and detained for accidentally crossing the border…from Hungry I think, and about 75 miles in on an off map road there was a police post and vehicle check…The officer detaining me was a statuesque almost amazon-like beautiful blond…she was an eye opening shock…I joined her and three other officers in their post discussing Los Angeles and Ukraine…after some warmish tea they turned me back to either return into Hungry or gather myself a visa…(this is not that unusual for me…in the West Bank, in Brazil, or the PI…you hang out).

I suppose the point is that I am desperately jealous of Dave….but I grind my teeth and shrug….I am too busy work wise or too old to do what Dave and others are accomplishing in changing the dynamics of their lives…I am actually proud of these people….full of envy but proud…lol

Best Wishes, James I

Way to go Dave! Happy that you have been able to enjoy some normalcy or even better than normal experiences in your life (away from the low quality of life we are experiencing in the United States).
We have a trip scheduled to Ukraine in July 2022, and I’m glad to hear we shouldn’t have any trouble.

Hey, I wish that had been my experience last April 2021. I checked RTAG Travel Matrix before I set out to go to the Ukraine and it had zero reports at that time. I think it isn’t being updated because I notified them about my situation when I returned.

Anyway, before I departed the US, I went to my local PD and registered as “transient.” Later, I used the federal “21 Day International Travel Notice” form and submitted it to the clerk. I asked received a stamped copy.

Before I left for the Ukraine, one of the PD registration officers (female) called me and said she, “wanted to help me.” She was concerned I might get to my destination and be denied entry and incur the extra costs of travel etc. I wanted to scream, ‘please, DON’T HELP ME!!’ To make a long story short I traveled 20 hours to Istanbul for the last leg of my flight to the Ukraine. Istanbul airlines did not allow me to board and when I asked, ‘why not?’ They told me, “Ukraine Customs had denied me entry.”

I had to buy a full ticket back to the US ($1000). After returning, the customs agents diverted and questioned me and searched my luggage. They were business like and processed me for about an hour.

My conclusion was that the PD Officer made such a stink trying to “help me” Ukrainian Customs was on high alert; they had already set it all up before I could even touch down in country. I imagine if she had just processed the paperwork as usual, I wouldn’t have been denied entry.

After returning to the US, I proceeded to walk into Mexico without any additional notification of travel and received a 180 day tourist visa. I’ve since received notice to surrender my passport and apply for one with the endorsement in the back.

As I left the jurisdiction I was in as a transient for another country I believe I had no duty to register with them. After my return, I didn’t stay anywhere in the US for three days or more, I had no duty to register there as well. Now, I’m over six months in Mexico. I don’t believe I have any duty to register or tell any jurisdiction in the US where I am. And, the way things are there now, I’m not sure I’ll ever return.

I’ve been registered since 2014 and my charges were dismissed and record expunged 2018, but effing CA has assigned me a tier III classification (life time registration). This is even though my risk assessments Static 99 is ZERO, and the other ones previously mentioned are marginal. I’d be interested to hear what people think about my situation and any information or suggestions on how I should proceed?

a. Were you not allowed to buy a ticket to another country or were you strictly told to buy your ticket back to the US?

b. You might want to check and see if there is a warrant out for your arrest since you were transient and you left the US without giving any notice and now you have an invalid passport. Our government is real shady when it comes to communication with SOs

a. I could have flown anywhere else. But I couldn’t make up my mind where.
b. I gave a notice of intent to travel internationally, but they made sure my plans changed.

So you could have flown anywhere as long as you were leaving Ukraine correct? The problem with that is if the Angel Watch Notices don’t get you, then Interpool wil!

I doubt that the US would issue a Warrant for an invalid passport, but you obviously need a passport- and Tourist Visa.

I’m guessing that you obtained the Tourist Visa when you walked across into Mexico? You will definitely need that whether you want to travel by Air or Bus in Mexico. Hopefully you have learned from this mistake and wont attempt to fly out of the United States again.

Okay, I’ll apologize in advance if this has already been discussed, but if it was, I missed it.

After several cancelled and postponed trips due to Covid-19, it looks like we are finally going to be able to travel next month. So I downloaded the CA-DOJ 21-day notice form from the link at the top of this page, and typed it up very nicely, signed it, and then drove to my registration location to turn it in.

They said, “We can’t take this form – this is the old form.” So they gave me a new form to fill out (by hand, of course).

This form is from the US Marshals Service (or whatever their official name is), and it is quite a different form from the one linked above that we have been using in California.

There is very little travel information requested. They ask where you are leaving from, date you are leaving, how you are traveling (air, ship, car, etc), what country you are going to, where you are returning to, and the date you are returning. There are no flight numbers requested, no addresses, no cities. I think it does ask for a contact number while you are gone, so I just put my cell phone number.

The IRRITATING part is that you must list all the sexual related crimes you have been convicted of, dates of conviction, jurisdiction of the offenses, AND list the ages and sex of all your victims, and what your relationship is to each victim.

For me, this was traumatizing, it was 27 years ago, and I don’t know if I got the dates right from memory. I’m half expecting a call from my registering agency telling me my form has been rejected by the US Marshals Service due to inadequate or incomplete information, and that I am therefore not allowed to travel.

Okay, I know I am being pessimistic again, but they wouldn’t even give me a copy of my filled out form (which doesn’t even require a signature), so I have nothing to take with me to prove that I gave notice. I guess I will just take my filled out copy of the form they wouldn’t take so they can see that an effort was made.

@Mike G

Why did you not take a photo or several of your new form before handing it in for your records and not rely on LE to give you a copy?

If you can take pictures of it, then recommend that happen. Don’t chance LE giving you a copy.

That obviously would have been a good idea. I guess I assumed they would give me a copy if I asked for it, but no, too big a burden for them.

Next time I have to fill out anything I’ll definitely take a photo before I hand it in!

@Mike G

Was not chastising you for not photographing your doc. Apologize if it sounded like it. When in those situations, we all react under that stress differently.

Meant it more of a cautionary tale of not relying on LE to help you with your doc package at the station. The mailing of it is a good idea as well as when writing it out at the station, taking photos of it for the file.

Thanks. I agree completely!

@ Mike G: F*ck them and their new USMS travel notification form! 😡

Here is EXACTLY what I would do: Take the original form that you filled out, sign and date it, and keep a photocopy for your own records. Then mail the signed & dated original to your local registration office/police department/sheriffs station – send it CERTIFIED (& with a RETURN RECEIPT postcard for your records!!) Mail it approximately 28 days before your departure. That should be received by your local registering law enforcement office within 7 days since it is sent via first class certified mail (thus it will be received prior to the 21-day advance travel notification deadline as you will see verified on the Return Receipt postcard you’ll get back in the mail).
After that, it is their problem.
You have done what is required of you – you have provided them with “21-day advance travel notification” and submitted it to them. Done. Period.

After all, since when do LEOs/USMS get to change the requirements and ask for information – NOT SPECIFIED IN THE LAW – just to tickle their own fancies???
I suggest you review the specific statute, learn exactly what is required of you (travel dates? countries visiting? flight numbers? whatever). Provide all AND only what the law requires you to submit.
And if you submit it to them – scribbled in crayon & written on toilet paper – you have fulfilled YOUR requirements of providing them written 21-day advance travel notification.

(I travel to Europe each year [from California] and I have always completed and submitted the same CA DOJ form. I have NEVER been asked or required to send my charges, circumstances of crime, victim information, etc. [As you will see on the original CA DOJ form, your local law enforcement includes
both your CII number and your FBI file number which your local LEOs complete & provide to USMS [not you]. They already have all that information in their databases.)
⭐ So f*ck them and their new U.S. Marshals Service form! ⭐

(On a personal note, I sympathize and completely understand how dredging up & documenting that information from so long ago is traumatizing to you. Doing so would certainly be traumatizing to me as well. After all, we have paid our debt to society and we are now doing everything we can to leave the past behind and move forward with our lives.
Twenty plus years of the Harassment Registry and its add-on bullshit requirements is long enough!! 😡😡😡

Thank you David for all your information and suggestions. If I had had more than 5 minutes to think through this little dilemma, I may have tried to do some different things, but they were literally standing there waiting for me to fill out the form, and I was highly stressed.

If I manage to get through this trip unscathed, my next travel plan isn’t until May, so by then there should be more experiences we can look at to come up with better counter-measures, such as what you have suggested above.

(Also, it is possible that not all California registration offices have changed to the new form).

@ Mike G: A postscript to my previous comment: As a possible alternative, you could request a copy of one if the 21-day advance travel notification form which you previously submitted in past years from your registering agency office. If you have a copy of that form, it should include on it the CII and FBI file numbers that your local agency was required to submit. You could then put those numbers into the new US Marshals form in any place where they ask for you for details of your convictions/crimes/victims, etc.
You could do that….. if you wanted to be nice. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Mike G – are you presently required by Federal SORNA to register? Unless there’s a separate state-level obligation to provide the Notice of Travel, if you’re no longer required by the Federal SORNA to register then this 21-day notice is not required.

i would assume that it’s likelier than not that your form was properly routed and that you should be fine as far as this notice goes if indeed you’re under an obligation to provide it. if you’re actively under a state or federal obligation to provide this notice, then it would’ve been a good idea to at least take a picture of the completed form in case there’s an issue.

good luck and please do report back after your travel!

California registrants are required by their registering offices to file a 21 day notice, but until now, I guess, the CA-DOJ form was sufficient.

SORNA is a big federal can of worms. There have been many discussions saying things like there are only 16 or 17 SORNA compliant states, but that is not quite true. There may be only that many that are FULLY compliant, but almost all states are at least partially SORNA compliant, some almost fully, according to the chart on the SORNA website. It seems that each state can pick and choose which parts of SORNA that want to comply with, and which parts they choose to ignore. California is not Fully SORNA compliant, but they are compliant with many parts of SORNA, including the 21-day notice.

USA v Walker 21-173 (Louisiana) is not an example of a failure to provide notice of intent to travel from within a non-compliant state. The person lives in Louisiana and is an active member of their registration club. As of 2011 Louisiana has “substantially implemented SORNA”. His conviction occurred two decades ago in Washington (which is not fully SORNA compliant but worse in several ways). He’s no longer a resident there and is not on that state’s registry. We should be alert for citizens the feds grab that are non-registrants, or registrants whose states don’t require the SORNA travel notification.

Gosh, this sounds exactly how EVERY law enforcement office that I have ever encountered operates outside of the law. Where I live, the criminal regime has listed all the information that a PFR is forced to give them. It is written in the laws. Yet, as simple as that is, I have not seen ANY law enforcement that is capable of simply operating within the law and actually not commit crimes. Not a single one, for decades.

Is this the same case? The idiotic laws should spell out exactly what is required and nothing extra should be allowed. It really isn’t that hard. Unless you are a big government idiot employee who thinks they can just “wing it” and do whatever they feel like on any given day.

I like and probably will use David’s suggestion, take the CII and FBI file numbers and say that all details are available to the requesting agency through these official records which are better and more accurate than my faulty memory.

You could then put those numbers into the new US Marshals form in any place where they ask for you for details of your convictions/crimes/victims, etc.

I feel for Mike G as do all of us…we navigate these things as best we can…but as I remember when I was traveling a lot (Pre IML 2016) Secondary Officers frequently asked me the details of my…(crime?)…of my situational occurrence and I would dodge the questions always…”my memory is weak in these regards.”

I don’t write about it here, but I do not consider what happened in my life to be a crime at all…though certainly I violated numerous CA statutes….and to be honest here, what I did was bad, (more or less), So? Life happens to all of us.

Best Wishes, James I

PS a special thank you to Mike for giving us a heads up on this new form.

Thanks James! I know you have been through a lot (I’ve read your book). I only hope we can both get off the California registry, and hope that is enough to avoid most of this travel BS.

“The IRRITATING part is that you must list all the sexual related crimes you have been convicted of, dates of conviction, jurisdiction of the offenses, AND list the ages and sex of all your victims, and what your relationship is to each victim.”

That may be irritating, but what is the law?

AS IF they don’t already have that information instantly at their finger tips! Yet one more reason why I consider that we are, essentially, banned from travel.

For federal the requirement is to provide information relating to intended travel of the sex offender outside the United States, including any anticipated dates and places of departure, arrival, or return, carrier and flight numbers for air travel, destination country and address or other contact information therein, means and purpose of travel, and any other itinerary or other travel-related information required by the Attorney General.


Any other information required by the Attorney General (regarding registering overall which is quite broad).

Personally I’d be careful giving out too much information beyond what they easily know. For example, my NICS record does not disclose all of the data requested so I would be providing some information they don’t actually have. The NICS record has only an ‘offense code’ and the code more or less points to the state statute violated For example, in my case the code provides an age range (not actual age but the range of the ages for the statute violated) of the victim and whether the victim was known or not at the time of the offense. It then also states the state statute number, subdivision of the statute and part of the subdivision violated.

So this code, at least in my case does not give NICS the specific actual AGE of the victim nor does it specify some of the other details requested on that form.

The SMART office says that what is on the USMS form is what has to be disclosed but I’m not so sure that all of that is required. Has the Attorney General specifically required the other data that isn’t in the U.S.C. to be collected? I’m not sure but I can’t find anything specific in the federal register that says that is to be collected. Maybe someone else can shed some light on it but unless its somewhere, I sure wouldn’t give it.

I’ll also point out that the SMART office says this:

“When a notification of international travel is received, USMS-NSOTC will provide the notification information to INTERPOL Washington, who will then communicate it to law enforcement partners at the intended foreign travel destination(s).”

This is interesting because I thought part of their argument when Janice tried to go after IML was that they said the law said they “may” send notifications not “will” send out notifications. This seems contrary to what the government has previously argued and also violates the INTERPOL rule, at least if sent as a green notice, that such communications require a risk assessment. They are admitting that a risk assessment isn’t actually being done.

I was actually referring to the NCIC not NICS. I confused the two.

Thanks MC

MC -So are you saying that we should respond to the age question with the age range in the statute instead of the actual age of the victim, for those of us who have an age range crime (“under the age of 16”).

You don’t think they might consider that sort of response impermissibly evasive? And then trigger something?


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Absent a state requirement to provide more you need not supply more than the information relating to intended travel of the sex offender outside the United States, including any anticipated dates and places of departure, arrival, or return, carrier and flight numbers for air travel, destination country and address or other contact information therein, means and purpose of travel, and any other itinerary or other travel-related information required by the attorney general.

Again I don’t see anywhere I’m the federal register where the Attorney General specified anything beyond this other than allowing states to have stricter requirements. Therefore I would not volunteer the information on the USMS form that is not required either by the state laws or the federal code.

Are there any thoughts by attorneys in response to Finally Retired’s question (October 16, 2021)?

<“MC -So are you saying that we should respond to the age question with the age range in the statute instead of the actual age of the victim, for those of us who have an age range crime (“under the age of 16”).
You don’t think they might consider that sort of response impermissibly evasive? And then trigger something?”>

Also, does anyone know if IML’s age field on the online 21-day notice (on a law enforcement’s computer) accepts a string to enable a statue’s range or is it restricted to a numeric integer?

We’ve discussed here before notification and what is required. Using the above ref’d website (which everyone who is either curious or is going to travel should read and heed), they call for (direct copy/paste):

Identifying Information:

  • Full name
  • Alias(es) (if applicable)
  • Date of Birth
  • Sex
  • FBI number (for Domestic Law Enforcement use only)
  • Citizenship
  • Passport number and country

Travel information:

  • Destination(s):
  • Dates/places of departure, arrival and return (if applicable), including the name of the city/town that is the point of departure from each country
  • Means of travel (air, train, ship)
  • Itinerary details (when available), including the name of the airport/train station/port, the flight/train/ship number, the time of departure, the time of arrival and information about any intermediate stops
  • Purpose(s) of Travel
  • Business
  • Deportation
  • Military
  • Relocation
  • Other (specify)
  • Criminal Record
  • Date and city, state or jurisdiction of conviction(s)
  • Offense(s) of conviction requiring registration
  • Victim information: age/gender/relationship
  • Registration jurisdiction(s) (state, tribe or territory)
  • Other
  • Contact information within destination country
  • Notifying agency and contact information

You will see what the new CA form calls for appears to be from from the website.

Now, is that in the USC for what is required? For example, look in the Fed Register text for notification times and those that are less than 21 days where it will show the power that was given to the AG by Congress to decide what they want from those who are traveling overseas. There is leeway as they give the jurisidcation the ability to decide if your less than 21 day notice is acceptable.

Meaning, Congress may not have put into the USC (the law) what is required, but left it to the AG to decide what they wanted. This was the basis for the case recently of “delegated power”.

Last edited 3 months ago by TS

States appear to be able to require more information but you will need to look in the state law to see if that is the case for the particular state. I am specifically talking about federal and a federal notification form.

@ TS: You refer to “the new California form.” What new California form? I am unaware of there being a new form. Can you provide some sort of link or URL or maybe post a picture of it here?

Anytime you go in for ANY kind of update, I would highly encourage you to film the interaction from start to finish whether the officer likes it or not…. They need to start understanding that you don’t want to be around them anymore than they want to be around you and you have zero trust for a broken system. If they don’t like it, have them take it up with the constitution.

Just arrived back at LAX airport today after a vacation in France.
I was sent to secondary and CPB processed five foreign nationals while they had me sit and wait for no reason at all. I was still left waiting for another 10 minutes after everyone else had been processed. Then they searched my bags and I was finally told I could leave after an entirely pointless 1 hour delay. So tomorrow I will be filing a complaint. I’m tired of this bullshit harassment! 😡

You probably have had many experiences returning through LAX Secondary, but this has one main aspect of all my returns through LAX Secondary: They assume that your time is not worth anything, so they have no reason to move things along. Our longest wait was when we were behind a foreign couple who were trying to sneak a lot of money into the country, apparently in some form of cashier’s checks. We stood there next to our luggage for an hour and a half, while right in front of us, the couple was interrogated by three agents and two of their bosses, while the couple’s luggage was gone through piece by piece. The only good thing was when it was finally our turn, the agent said, “You’ve waited long enough, just go on ahead” (with no luggage search).

Our worst wait by far was in Toronto, Canada. Most people probably don’t know that if you are returning to the US through Toronto, you go through US Customs and Secondary, right there in the Toronto airport. They kept us there for 3 1/2 hours. Their excuse was that they had to find our luggage (which was already checked through to LAX) so they could search it. After 3 1/2 hours, they brought in some luggage they had found, but it wasn’t ours, so they finally let us go. If we hadn’t had a 5 hour layover we would have missed our flight. The only upside of that experience is that our flight into LAX was considered Domestic, so we could walk off the plane and out of the terminal with no customs nor secondary to worry about.

Clearly PFRs need to fight. Personally, I file complaints all of the time, even if a process goes exactly as it should. The complaint is that the Oppression Lists (OLs) should not exist and ANY action at all related to them deserves a complaint.

I never miss any opportunity ever to show contempt and disrespect to the OLs. Every single time that I speak to anyone about them, especially law enforcement, I will talk to them about the idiocy of it for as long as I’m able (or just get tired of goofing with it!). I don’t want any interaction to seem like it is acceptable or normal. Not a one, not ever.

If the OLs must exist then the least I can do is make it as big of a problem as possible. The criminals say that I’m a problem. So that needs to be true. The worst thing PFRs can do is sit around and accept their harassment.

@ Will Allen: I have already submitted my Privacy Act request to the US Marshals Service, requesting any information they have sent to any foreign country regarding my travels. 👍🏻

Awesome. I intend to be as big of a problem as I possibly can. I intend to make them work as hard as I can. I intend to make all of their work as difficult as possible, not just with respect to the Oppression Lists, but all of it. Law enforcement is having a tough time being effective. That’s going to get worse.

These criminals can stop harassing or they’ll have to pay.

I’m surprised. When I came back and flew into San Francisco, they sent me to secondary and the guy was like “why they send you” I told him more than likely it was because I am on the registry. He gave me a “oh lord here we go again with this nonsense” look and said to get my stuff, I was free to leave.

I’m presenting at an academic conference in France this week and for once I’m thankful for Covid making it virtual.

@ Literally Nobody: Don’t get me wrong – France was absolutely wonderful! Yes, you need to be fully vaccinated to enter the country. But in most of France – including on the streets of Paris – almost no one wears face masks. Their vaccination rate is very high.
You are, however, required to have the COVID “passe sanitaire” (QR code) in order to enter restaurants, bars, museums, etc.
(It’s the returning back to the US part that sucked. No love for CBP.)

My ten year registration requirement for a gross misdemeanor against a minor in Washington State expired July 25th, 2021, but it took two to three weeks for it to work its way through the state patrol and be officially removed. After checking a few times, and paying the $11 for each background check, it finally disappeared. I then applied for a US passport September 23, 2021 and received the Next Generation Passport today in the mail (due to expediting). It took less than four weeks.

When the passport arrived, I immediately turned to the back page, which there are only 26 pages in the new passport (but 19 blank pages for visas/stamps), and found no designation to my great surprise and pleasure. Just to make sure, I read through every word on every page to ensure there was not something I missed. Of course they likely have the information embedded in a chip somewhere, so I may not be home free.

The passport is needed as part of my application for admissibility into Canada, which I am currently working on. Now I need the FBI and UT state background checks and I am ready to submit. My attorney told me it could take two years to get a decision from Canadian immigration, but if granted, it removes the criminal inadmissibility and takes away the discretion at the border for the prior past conviction.

As a PFR I’m to enter into the republic of Turkey for a few days to meet up with fiancée and daughter. Has anyone had any negative experience with that or been turned down cuz of background from entering Turkey? They do require an electronic visa which already applied and approved for that but I’m just curious once I get there at custom check if there’d be a different outcome?

Hi Kyle,
My name is weird because someone else was using “looking for answers” also (they were probably also looking for answers so I can’t fault them for that!)
Anyhoo, I was the one that went to Turkey in 2020. My husband is registered and he had no problems- gave his notice and we ordered the visa online. No problems whatsoever in Turkey- they are very welcoming, warm people and they don’t seem like they care about stuff like that… I guess like most of the world they are more preoccupied with real world issues, unlike the US…

Thank you for the reply I received concerning entering Turkey. I apologize I don’t remember who contacted me but appreciate their response. Knowing you guys didn’t have any trouble entering Turkey. Before you went on the trip did you guys attempt to contact customs about your entrance into their country? I already applied for the e visa and have the approval document for that, so that should be enough outside of the notification process and COVID requirements. Should I attempt to contact customs and ask them too? Did you guys do the same thing? A part of me thinks that I don’t want to give them a reason to deny my entry if I communicate to customs in Turkey ahead of my trip just to ask them about how they would respond. My passport does not have any physical writing on it that indicates my offense. Just was curious if you guys had any advice or experience with that
Thank you!

@Kyle James,
No, we didn’t contact customs or anyone in Turkey besides getting the e-visa online.
I don’t think it’s necessary for Turkey.

I have a passport without the stamp. I am aware that my passport should have the stamp but the way I see it is, I was not asked if I was a sex offender on the application so do not expect me to offer the information. I plan on moving to Frankfurt in Feb. First stop is Libson and then to Madrid all by plan. I hear Columbia is turning SOs away due to the notification system but what if I entered from Germany? Would Columbia put me on a plane and send me to America if I am coming from Germany? Also, has anyone be able to enter Columbia without the stamp?

I too am very interested in Colombia. I DON’T have the prerequisites for a stamped passport and my “offense” was with my now ex-wife. But I have a very big interest in moving and possibly staying there for the remainder of my days, with trips from there. I would like to hear as many stories from EVERYONE who’s attempted and either failed or succeeded in visiting Colombia. Thanks in advance.

the life and travel restrictions described in this blog apply to persons convicted of sex offenses against minors. If your offense involved an adult and you’re done with your sentence and any probation, you do not have special restrictions or notification requirements to be concerned with.

@ Finally Retired: I’m not sure what you said is entirely accurate. I believe that all individuals who are required to register as the result of a sexual offense conviction must submit a 21-day Advance (International) Travel Notification to their registering local registering authority.
But please, if anyone knows for sure who the 21-Day Advance Travel Notification applies to, please inform us.

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The passport stamp and notifications (21-day + Angel Watch) per IML apply to persons convicted of sex offenses *against minors*.

And the 21-Day notice required by *federal* SORNA applies only if you’re still required to register under FEDERAL SORNA (per your offense tier). You may still have to provide a travel notice if your state requires it (assuming you’re actively required to register in your state.). But in the latter case it is a state-level requirement, not federal SORNA req.

For a reliable breakdown of IML reqs read this

If you had no minor victims your passport won’t have a stamp. But everything else still applies. You still need to put in your 21 day notice, and Angel Watch will still likely notify the nation you’re traveling to.

I am still on ‘The List”. Will be for a while longer. Just looking ahead for my future when I’m not on anymore. Colombia is in my top 3 to live in once my secondary sentence is complete. I am still required to give the 21 day notice here in Nevada also. I just want info on if Colombia would not allow me in with my circumstances, since who knows if I’m a blip on the radar of Satan Watch. I know that the USM’s will send off what they would have to say, but I recently saw Mike Tyson, who I believe is also on the list, but I could be wrong, in Colombia. But thats Mike Tyson and I don’t have that kinda cash nor lawyers like he has. So again, does anyone have experience traveling to and GETTING IN to Colombia or did they get denied and if so, what were the circumstances of their experiences and if they were able to get in what were the circumstances of that experience also. All I’m looking for is someone who got into a country that has been questioned at the gate or the immigration office as soon as they got there. That’s what I’m looking for. Thanks in advance and God bless.

Any recent experience with travel to Vietnam (or attempted). I’m celebrating my 80th birthday next year, and my wife and I have dreamed about a tour of Vietnam. Of course, I’m petrified of being turned away and put on a plane back home. Does getting a Visa on line in advance guaranteed getting admitted?

Guy, I am trying to start a group on Whatsapp to document my travels internationally.. I need others who are interested to join as well!! Let me know if interested ASAP! I leave for Portugal in Feb.

How to join without an invitation? Is this what you are suggesting? Search Groups, Name, Portugal?

Is this what you are saying…and with discretion being of premium value, even though I’ve never joined uninvited…I would try for you because this would be of real interest to me.

But spell out better how you would prefer us to do this.


Best Wishes, James I

You would email me and I will add you but first you need to set up an account. Make sure your registering officer knows that you have a WhatsApp account but DO NOT tell him/her that you are in any groups as it is not their business.

@James I

So To correct myself… I did see that Facebook owns WhatsApp but I still cannot find anywhere in the terms that suggest Sex Offenders cannot use WhatsApp.

Whatsapp is owned by Facebook. I may be wrong but I seem to remember the Whatsapp terms of service excludes registered people and if found out, will be kicked off.

  1. So after doing some research, I couldn’t find any definitive answers as to whether Facebook actually owned WhatsApp or not. Everything I read just kept saying Facebook is “affiliated” but didn’t actually say the company owned WhatsApp completely.
  2. I read through WhatsApp’s terms of use twice and I didn’t see anywhere in the terms stating people with Sex Offenses may or may not use WhatsApp. Maybe I am over reading it but it wasn’t in their terms of use from what I read. Please feel free to read these terms and correct me if I am missing something.
  3. The only thing you need to make sure you report is that you have a WhatsApp account to your registering officer. You do NOT have to tell him what groups you are in as it is clearly NOT his/her business. The only people who can search your phone are probation or parole officers. You shouldn’t be in any online groups until you complete your sentence anyways.

More than likely it is covered in the vague and easily played with concept under termination. It states in full:
We may modify, suspend, or terminate your access to or use of our Services anytime for any reason, such as if you violate the letter or spirit of our Terms or create harm, risk, or possible legal exposure for us, our users, or others. We may also disable or delete your account if it does not become active after account registration or if it remains inactive for an extended period of time. The following provisions will survive any termination of your relationship with WhatsApp: “Licenses,” “Disclaimers And Release,” “Limitation Of Liability,” “Indemnification,” “Dispute Resolution,” “Availability And Termination Of Our Services,” “Other,” and “Special Arbitration Provision For United States Or Canada Users.”

And you may very well be correct. However, It is clearly written without any confusion that “sex Offenders” cannot use FaceBook or Instagram in their terms and conditions. The terms on WhatsApp were very broad and could apply to everyone. If WhatsApp really cared about people with sex offenses using their service, they could easily run a check on the users phone number for free and remove them right away. Hell, I’ve had this same account for over 5 years with the same number registered to me and have had absolutely zero issues. I do not think this is the case because users cannot “meet” new users on WhatsApp. You would have to already know that person to connect with them in the first place. All I am saying is WhatsApp does NOT specify that individuals with sex offenses cannot use their application. Just don’t draw attention to yourself by being involved in future criminal activity (talking to minors) and you won’t have to worry about your account being terminated.

I am trying to create a group for users to message me in a live group about my international travel experiences while actually traveling instead of waiting for a response here. It should also help with a more updated travel matrix. I am planning to put myself in situations that would eliminate all these grey areas for us. Just trying to make it easy that’s all. Let’s not be counterproductive please

Well I am glad I spurred others to review the terms of service and I am glad others corrected my remembrance when I stated
“…I may be wrong but I seem to remember…”. Lol, I can’t remember anything anymore as there are way too many unnecessary things to remember that affects us registrants.

Based upon what you all have found, I have to agree there is no explicit restriction. I am surprised. FYI – Facebook purchased Whatsapp for @ $19 billion.

Good luck with your idea and your travels!

Basically, you cannot be in violation of a policy that does NOT discuss your situation particularly. The words, “Do not use our service if you are required to register as a sex offender in any state” would be in the terms clear as day. No confusion.

You couldn’t find anything definitive about who owns WhatsApp?

Allow me…Both WhatsApp, Facebook and several other companies, including Instagram, are subsidiaries of Meta Platforms, Inc.


Read the rest of my messages. I corrected myself about who owns WhtsApp but my comment about the terms and conditions remained the same. There is no policy in place restricting sex offenders from using WhatsApp at this time.

Regardless, if Joseph gets this up and running, it will be fun and we will all (mostly all) draw value from his experiences and insights.

Best Wishes, James !

Just for the record, I use Whatapp quite a bit…I need to call an ex-wife in London right now…(she needs some emotional support most every day, and she is a nice person so I will call her).

I don’t see FB kicking me off anytime soon. (it is under my real name I think).

There are no possible penalties from FB…so I’ll keep using it daily.

Good Luck to Everyone

James I

Bad idea! Email! Nothing is secret but make sure you don’t come back!
Germany is tired of their nonsense!

Just as an FYI, my wife and I flew to Athens, Greece, with a stopover in Amsterdam, and had no issues. I do have the marked passport, and did give 21 day notice with the stupid new US marshal’s travel form.
We have been in Greece for about a week. We expect to be in Greece for another 10 days, and then spend a week in northern Spain.
I will update if we have any issues at all.

I assume you went through customs in Amsterdam. Any travel in Europe after that is domestic with no customs.

What’s “new” about the Marshals travel form?

Dear Joseph:

Please see following link

However, you will note that as you scroll down through the information there is a link for…form here:

And you get a 404 page not found….lol

Still MC laid this out well above:

I did not seem able to link to his post, but if you scroll up you will find it.

The question is: Is the CA form still adequate? Or, (I hate to do this, but it is necessary to brutally ask the Right Question)…will they pull you off the plane with filling out and filing just the CA standard form?

Don’t know the answer…but at least I asked the right Question. I think Mike G, the helpful Gentleman, lives is a SORNA State and that may/or may not, make a significant difference.

This seems like such a weak, wobbly-kneed answer…but it has the benifit of being true as to the extent of my up to date knowledge.

Best Wishes, James I

Happy a fun and safe trip. 🙂

Dear Mike: (Mike and Wife):

It is just so great to hear from you. You are a trailblazer, a pathfinder…a million Kudos to you, Sir….we are in your debt for keeping us so well informed.

Be Good and Enjoy (I’ve always wanted to go to Greece…but as to Northern Spain, as you must well know, is just the best! If you happen to find yourself in the Pamplona area, try taking the D58 North into the Pyrenees….good living and historically interesting. If possible travel then due East to carcassonne france, touristy but also heaven. on the D33.

Lastly, if you are in Barcelona, and maybe find the crowds oppressive, try Terragona, 60 or so Km South and the actual Roman Capital of Hispania….a great and very civilized place to stay (also less expensive than Barcelona).

Regardless, keep us informed.

Thanks again!

Best Wishes, James I

Hi James,

Thanks for your comments, but I think you are the real trailblazer here!

We are currently on a Cruise ship visiting Greek islands, about 10 of them. Our cruise was supposed to also visit Israel and Turkey, but apparently, Israel decided not to allow cruise ships to enter yet, so our Israel stops were canceled. Then, yesterday they told us that Italy will not allow cruise ships to dock there if they have made a stop in Turkey. Since the ship we are on is supposed to end it’s cruise in Italy (the next cruise, not ours), the ship decided to cancel it’s Turkey stops, too. So we are only getting Greek island ports (some ports twice!), except for one stop in Cyprus.

In Spain, we are staying in Madrid for a few days, visiting some surrounding towns such as Toledo, then in Bilbao for a few days, visiting surrounding towns such as San Sebastián. We looked at Carcassonne, but probably can’t make it on this trip.

Even though things have gone okay situationally, I am still constantly stressed. For instance, when Greek customs scanned my passport, he looked at his screen for a long time, then called another agent over to look at it, but then just handed me back my passport. I had the same experience the last time I flew into Germany. I know there is something attached to my passport record that they are seeing, but I guess it isn’t serious enough to stop me entering.

Hope we are both able to get off the damn registry before we die of old age, and that that will make travel closer to normal again.

Take care,


Ahh Mike, so you and the wife are cruising in the lap of luxury. Nice!

Since I am usually traveling alone, I generally try to free wheel it by car…ain’t got no body to cuddle during the inky black nights at sea. So lucky you. Many people in my family say that cruising it the way to travel…but so far not for me.

As for San Sebastián it seemed to me like an incredibly wealthy seaborn city…and standing in that harbor with the long curving breakwater stretching out into the Atlantic…I got a sense of how huge and how ferocious the Atlantic might be….though where I was standing it was a beautiful sunlit afternoon.

Of course, you being on the sea as a means of transportation, I suppose that you get a sense of this with some frequency.

I am glad you are being happy! (same to the wife)

Best Wishes, James I

How to join again?

Hello my good registrants and ONLY my good registrants (because unfortunately there are very few who are counterproductive to our goal). I am planning on traveling all across Europe starting in February and I do NOT plan on returning to the US unless for very important reasons. I am trying to start a WhatsApp group so that I can answer questions about international travel and provide assistance on what/where NOT to do/go internationally. As you all know, there are way too many grey areas with the registry requirements about what registrants can and cannot do or go. The goal of my group is to answer most of those questions by actually going through the process. I will be recording every encounter via voice or video just about every step of the way so that you all can hear what was said and which questions are answered by law enforcement. Are you interested in participating? Please comment and let’s talk about how we can eliminate all these grey areas with the registry so we can live a productive life. Again, the group will be a WhatsApp group so that I can communicate more frequently as I travel internationally starting in February!!

So you are not never coming back?

I do not plan on it… I have already mentally checked out of the US

I feel you on that.

Interested but will not be traveling soon.

You can join now and help grow the grow the group and by the time you are ready to travel, you will have access to everyone else who is traveling or has traveled with a more swift response.

@ Joseph: I have a marked unique identifier passport and I have never had a problem with it while traveling to & in Europe. 😃
I wish you safe and joyful travels! 👍🏻

For Texas residents

When an offender works in a jurisdiction, but does not reside or attend school there, SORNA requires that the offender immediately appear in person to update employment-related information. When an offender attends school in a jurisdiction, but does not reside or work there, SORNA requires that the offender immediately appear in person to update school-related information. 

SORNA also requires that when an offender resides in a jurisdiction but indicates to the state that he/she intends to travel outside the United States, that the offender notify the residence jurisdiction at least 21 days in advance of such travel.

In addition, SORNA requires that when an offender notifies the jurisdiction of his intent to relocate to another country to live, work or attend school, or of his intent to travel to another country, the jurisdiction must do three things: immediately notify any other jurisdiction where the offender is either registered, or is required to register, of that updated information; immediately notify the United States Marshals Service (USMS), and immediately update NCIC/NSOR. 

Texas’ statutes and policies meet some of the SORNA requirements in this section, with notable exceptions. While registered sex offenders in Texas are required to report changes in residence in person, they are not required to report changes in name, temporary domicile, employment and school attendance in person. Furthermore, offenders are required to report to registering authorities these changes within seven days, rather than three as SORNA requires.

Additionally, Texas does not require an offender who works in another jurisdiction, but resides in Texas, to immediately appear in person to update employment-related information, nor do they require an offender who attends school in another jurisdiction, but resides in Texas, to immediately appear in person to update school-related information. Texas does not require registered sex offenders to provide 21 days’ advance notice when an offender indicates intention to relocate or travel to another country; however, the USMS is notified of intended international travel.

Because Texas does not require immediate in-person updating of required information and does not require 21 days’ advance notice of an offender’s intent to relocate or travel to another country, Texas does not meet the SORNA requirements of this section. 

If I am reading correct, I could send email to the registration that I will be traveling within 21 days and see what they will say and if they require any information from me.

IV. Required Registration Information

SORNA requires that the jurisdiction collect certain pieces of information from and for each offender that it registers, and requires that the jurisdiction keep that registration information, in a digitized form, in its registry. Texas deviates from SORNA requirements in that law enforcement does not collect and keep the following information in its registry: 

• Criminal history information: date of all arrests, outstanding arrest warrants

• Palm prints (collection and submission)

• Passports and immigration documents • Photographs (taken only once per year)

• Temporary lodging information: dates of travel • Text of the registration offense

• Vehicle information: aircraft, watercraft and permanent or frequent location where all vehicles are kept. 

These deviations do not substantially disserve the purposes of the SORNA requirements in this section. 

Does that mean I could avoid giving my passport information?

If so, then I have better chance not getting those green notices or having my passport flagged If they dont upload that information on local registry and the national registry.

Here is the source –

I am due for passport renewal and wont mention my conviction. If I get a revocation letter for my travels then I will follow the process. Otherwise I will enjoy as much freedom I can get before I get flagged down.

I am from Texas and my registering officer is making me go in person and give him the 21 day notice.

I’m in California. I submit mine but email, but I still need to go in – in person – to pick up the stamped, dated, signed receipt copy for my records.

ALWAYS: Be sure to get your receipt copy!! And keep it with you when you travel because you might be asked for it at customs “secondary” upon return to the U.S.

Wouldn’t it be more fun to not provide them with a copy if you are under no legal obligation to do so? How long can the criminals detain you while they try to figure it out? How long before they can be held accountable?

The criminals shouldn’t be able to hold you for very long and if they do they should be held criminally liable.

Why do we Americans tolerate criminal, incompetent government? Personally, I’ll keep making their lives as difficult as possible. They want a shithole country and I’ll help deliver it.

I was pulled off an outbound flight by DHS to Netherlands because I did not have a unique identifier on my passport.

What city and state were you in when you got pulled off your flight and what was the outcome?? Please give details!!

LAX, CA, they took my passport and would have taken the Passport card if I had it and any other passport. They said they sent me a notice in March of 2019 but I received nothing.


Texas is not federal SORNA compliant although it did adopt at least one federal SORNA requirement. But even if Texas were a federal SORNA compliant state, the current federal SORNA requirements do not require you to provide the passport information to a registering law enforcement officer.

At this moment, I am unsure as to the requirements if federal SORNA proposals are enacted including would you have to give your registering office passport information here in Texas, but if you do not leave Texas after the new proposals are enacted, you have no legal reason to comply with any of federal SORNA requirements (just like today if you do not leave Texas you are not required to comply with federal SORNA requirements).

But the IML requires you to give the at least 21 day notice for international travel. And the IML will apply to you if traveling internationally no matter if the state is or is not federal SORNA compliant.

Whether or not you give the 21 days notice (and you would be stupid not to give the notice as that could put you in prison), Devil Watch will know you have a ticket for an international flight as it compares all flight manifests to sex offender registries.

So for now, you are not required to give passport information to your registering officer.
But that does not at all lower your chance of not getting green notices or not having your passport flagged because of Devil Watch already knowing you have a ticket for an international flight.

So I am confused how you think you will have your freedom before being flagged down.

And you might as well tell of the sex offense on the passport application because it appears to me based upon experience of others here that they were pulled off the flight due to no marked passport. If that happens to you, you will just have wasted your money on your flight as well as on having to obtain another passport.

If I made any incorrect statements here, I would appreciate a correcting response. I’m also in Texas.

I’m pretty sure they were removed off of flights because their passports were revoked and they weren’t given sufficient notice about renewing it. Otherwise, how else would the US Marshalls know a passport does not have a marking in the back if they the passport in the system is showing in good standing? Something has to trigger the alert along the way right? Not just buying a ticket

lovewillprevail, from my experience, as soon as you give any agent your status, they will ask for more information, and then at the end you will be auto-denied no matter how much you comply with them. Let these shitheads do their own work and let you go. Its not going to be less convenient for you. They dont have all information about you and go off word of mouth from someone. They can request for court documents themselves but that would take forever for them to get. They aren’t investigators that’s not their job.

I dont mind spending money to see what happens. If my local police only takes the itinerary and the 21 day notice without giving my passport number, then that puts me in a good position. Why? because everyone needs a state id or a form of government id to verify the information. Lets not overthink this. If they cant identify you then information is useless.

Does ANYONE else have any stories about being pulled off of a flight for NOT having the identifier in your passport? I am documenting answers so please be honest and give details..

Point of clarification: I believe “Alienated” was removed from his flight because his passport had been revoked, not because his passport did not have a unique identifier (although it basically amounts to the same thing.)

(I suspect his passport had been revoked in the system, but he had not yet received the formal notification which the U.S. State Department [who is in charge of passports] mails to you via certified U.S. mail. Obviously, there is a lag time of a week or two from when they revoke the passport in their computer system and when you receive their revocation notification letter.)

Thank you very much for the clarification!! I really do appreciate it.. I was asking because I have not used my passport to leave the country yet and I do not have the identifier on the back page. I was going to just fly out to Portugal and hope nobody pulls me off of the flights while I am away. From what I understand, I have to fly back into American customs to trigger the passport revoke process?

It seems the actual international travel itself – that is, the actual use of a passport for travel – triggers the revocation process. I suspect they’d rather not waste time revoking passport that are unused – they’d rather focus on the Registrants who actually do travel internationally and revoke those active passports.

(I traveled for a few years using my unmarked passport before the State Department finally mailed me a revocation letter. It arrived about two months after I returned home from a yearly overseas trip.).

Hope that’s helpful! 👍🏻

I am terrified that my passport may have been revoked but somehow I missed the letter. I did travel to Portugal in 2019 but never got a letter. And now maybe my wife and I’ll be able to go to Europe next summer if the covid calms down. Is there any way of checking an advance of travel if your passport is still valid. I’d hate to be turned away at customs and have to fly home.

My advice to you and to anyone who is required to have a unique identifier added to their passport, apply for a new passport adding required letter identifying yourself as a “covered sex offender” under the IML. If you are such a person and don’t have a unique identifier in your passport, that passport can be revoked at any time. And if it is revoked, you may not have time to get a new one before your overseas travel. Better safe than sorry.

Great advice, me and my wife were not only inconvenienced, lost money, embarrassed but then had to explain to everyone why we were not on vacation. It can be a slippery slope .

so we go to the post office with said letter and handover our passport or them? this procedure is all very unclear

Thank you for the info! Who exactly is the revoction letter coming from? Like on the front of the envelope. Does the from address say “US Marshalls”?

Was the letter Certified?

In the past, the State Department sent letters via certified mail telling registrants that their passports had been revoked. More recently, the State Department has sent notices regarding revoked passports via email. In both cases, registrants are required to send their revoked passports back to the State Department and then apply for a new passport. All expenses paid by the registrant, of course.

@Janice. I have a passport without the identifier that was issued to me last year. To get the one with the mark, do I just need to go back to the post office where i originally applied, surrender my current passport, and then apply for the new one? I remember that the application did not have a box to check for convictions. What do I do? Jot down a note at the bottom of the app saying “Please give the the one with the mark”?

When I renewal my passport early this year with a letter stating that I qualified for the identifier, and still received a new passport without the identifier.

So I had to call the 800# and explained to them that I need the identifier on my new passport. The whole process was pretty simple and received courtesy service.

I just had to mailed back the unmarked passport to a “supervisor”. Couple of weeks later I received a new passport with the identifier without any fees or paperwork.

@Bay Area Thanks fo rthat I am going to take Janices advise and be proactive on this. Better safe than sorry. My plan is to retire in Valencia, Spain next year and be done with all of this. 20years on the hit list is long enough for me.

Did someone go for vacation in Aruba?

That sounds wonderful-Valencia! Will Spain issue us a visa? Please report back on how it went…thanks.

You don’t need a visa for Spain. My wife and I flew into Madrid last Wednesday, and we will be in Spain until December 2nd. Having a great time!

For long term visas though or retirement visa, they do background check of the last 5 years of the residences you’ve been in. However, you’re case could be considered not a crime there so check around.

They revoked mine more than 10 days before my return from overseas. I almost did not get home. I guess they were trying for deportation.

So how did you find out your passport was revoked while overseas and how did you get back to America with a revoked passport?

Does anyone have any knowledge on other countries scanning passports upon arrival by way of boat? I am looking into taking a ferry from South Spain into Tangier Morocco. Any information is useful information. I am working on a documentary series which will show videos of my travel experiences as a registered SO. Thanks.

i was born in rabat, morocco in 51, it was on a us military base, i have my birth papers showing this, do i qualify for citizenship in morocco? if so, could i get a moroccan passport?

“…any child born in Morocco of foreign parents can acquire Moroccan nationality upon request within 2 years before reaching the age of majority (adulthood) and if he usually and regularly resides in Morocco.”

Unless your mother or father are Moroccan nationals, then it looks like you missed it.

Man just apply for the residency visa and keep renewing it until they will allow you to become a citizen. The worst they can say is “your application has been denied”…

So I spoke with the Spain embassy and they told me I would have to obtain a criminal background check from “my country” in order to apply for the Non-Lucrative Visa. I contacted the police department in my city and they told me that the only background check they can give me are for my crimes that have happened within my own city (which my crime was in another city). I guess my question is…… Is Spain meaning to require a background check from the FBI or will they not really know the difference if I just obtain the background check from my local PD?

A background check from “Your Country” would likely be a Live Scan Background Check.

What is a “Live Scan Background Check”?

In the US it is an electronic fingerprint FBI background check, which you can do at some UPS stores. There are firms who are authorized by the FBI to do this sort of thing, and one has teamed with UPS stores. I did mine recently that way.

Thank you for your response. My next question… Are they really concerned with background over a decade old and was Deferred adjudication (technically dismissed)??

Joseph – A Live scan will show every arrest, conviction, dismissal you ever had. A traditional background check usually just shows anything within the last 7 years. Jobs that require a contractor’s license typically will ask you to do a Live Scan. You will have to give permission as they need your fingerprints to do the Live Scan.

I Applied for criminal rehabilitation to be allowed into Canada. My Application just went in. They require not only the FBI background check but also a fingerprint background check for every state I live in. This was even though my misdemeanor offense was over 10 years old.

Keep us updated! Rooting for you and hoping to get into Canada also someday- I am of French Canadian descent and I wouldn’t mind living there…

No problem traveling by car to Mexico through the Lukeville Port of Entry in Arizona.
The Border Patrol in the USA stopped me once and had me sit in their waiting room as they rummaged thru my vehicle ( damaging some plastics ) but no problems afterwards. I did not like driving thru the X-ray machine though. Rocky Point travelers must be outraged at being exposed to radiation by our beloved useless government .

I may move to Mexico as obtaining a Permanent Resident Status or Temporary isn’t too hard if u have a decent bank account numbers for the past year and can provide proof.
USA sucks with the commies currently destroying it daily with criminal invaders and arming the Taliban and assisting enemies Russia and China

Permanent Residency in Mexico is not so easy unless you have family there such as a spouse, or child.

Is a registered person with no conviction eligible for a TSA pre-check?

4 years ago I applied for the global entry and was denied. I did not appeal as I had no international travel plans yet scheduled.

I found the following. tsa disqualifying offenses factors

Per the rules, in my situation, I am eligible for TSA pre-check. I was eligible under the global entry rules too but was denied even though my charge had been dismissed and I applied after my charge had been dismissed. And it appears that the gov can deny me the TSA pre-check because of the following sentence.

…TSA may determine that an applicant is not eligible for the application program based on analyses of the following:…
c) Any other information relevant to determining applicant eligibility or an applicant’s identity.

So even if one meets the rules, C) above gives the gov the authority to still deny (based upon the fact I am still registered).

Before I spend money which is non-refundable if not approved, has anyone been successful in obtaining the TSA pre-check?

The TSA pre check is much less strict than global entry.

I have had TSA for 5 years, I’m on my 2nd one now. Prior to expiration they simply want more $ to re-up.

Any RSO have information on entering croatia.
I have a job offer there.

I went to Croatia just prior to IML via Paris. Croatia is EU but not Schengen. My experience however was that when arriving in Zagreb from another EU country they just stamped all the passports without really even looking at them. I have heard that this is still the same way. They are listed on travel matrix as allowing registrants in.

This has been my experience as well, traveling with the marker. No trouble at all. Frankly, knowing Croatia and their degree of EU integration plus attitude towards these things, I would be surprised if they gave most of us any trouble.

However, although I’m sure you know this it bears repeating for readers that tourism (which US citizens do not need a visa for, and putting aside other specific worries, ETIAS is not a visa) is not the same as the visa(s) and/or permit(s), so it is important to deal with that country’s authorities specifically on that matter. Although I recognize it is not possible for all registrants given what the US does to us, if within your means it is worth having an immigration attorney in the destination country.

This is not to discourage anyone – I know people who have obtained visas and live happily elsewhere, and am doing so myself. The point is simply that one cannot take the overall Schengen-friendliness to tourism by US registrants as a green light, although it is indicative of attitude in a helpful way.

Has anyone gotten approved for residency Visa’s with the SO label attached to your name? Need to know. Thanks in advance!

This is an FYI post regarding my (and my wife’s) travel experiences which ended when we returned to California late last night. My intention for these kind of posts is to provide encouragement to those who are afraid to travel. I am sorry if there are those who think this is some sort of bragging. I am sure there are many like us that travel much more than I do, and I wish some of them would also share their experiences. I do have a specially marked passport (which has still never been an issue), and I did give the 21 day notice on the stupid new US Marshalls form.

We flew to Amsterdam on Nov. 7. Entering EU so passport checked and stamped. No issues other than they examined my passport info on their screen a lot longer than they did my wife’s. Flew from Amsterdam to Athens. Already within the EU so a “domestic flight” (no passport checks). Took a seven day cruise of Greek islands with NCL cruise line. After that, we took a 10 day cruise, also with NCL. this cruise was supposed to hit a couple of Greek islands and then 3 stops in Turkey and 2 stops in Israel. Much to our consternation, all the stops in Turkey and Israel were cancelled due to apparent in-fighting between governments regarding Covid-19 issues (for example, Italy announced that no cruise ship that has visited Turkey would be allowed to dock in Italy), so we ended up revisiting Greek islands that we had mostly just visited (we visited the island of Crete 3 times). The only separate country we were able to visit was Cyprus. After the 2nd cruise, we flew from Athens to Madrid (again, within the EU, so a “domestic” flight with no passport checks). We toured around Madrid and the Basque portion of northern Spain for 8 days. We then flew from Madrid to Barcelona to catch our previously scheduled flight to San Francisco, only to find that our flight had been cancelled. After hours on the phone with Priceline in the Barcelona airport and at the hotel we had to check into, we managed to secure flights for the next day. Unfortunately, the flights required a change of planes at Heathrow in London. I determined that we would be arriving at Heathrow and departing Heathrow in different terminals, and I was extremely concerned about having my passport scanned in the UK for reasons most of you are aware. Our passports were scanned and stamped when we left Barcelona, since we were leaving the EU, but when we reached Heathrow, I was pleasantly surprised that they managed to move us in-transit passengers from Terminal 3 to Terminal 5 by bus while containing us in the pseudo in-transit secured area, so there was no passport scan (whew!). Of course we had the usual Secondary Inspection dance when we got to SFO, but when we told the inspector that we were returning from celebrating our 44th anniversary in Europe, he actually became very friendly, and ended up searching only one of our bags, while asking us all about our trip. We were only delayed about 10 minutes.

Also stressful during this trip was all the Covid-19 issues. We had to be fully vaccinated to enter most countries and get on the cruise ships. We had to have special paperwork (with QR codes) for Netherlands, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, and a form to return to the US. We were tested for Covid-19 eight times during our trip, and of course, masks were required most all the time (having to wear masks for me is like a microcosm of restrictions with too many similarities to being on the registry, but I guess that is just me – some people enjoy wearing masks!). It was kind of weird to have to pull out and show your vaccination record to enter a museum and many restaurants.

I really appreciate the posts about travels, Mike. It does help to hear others’ experience, imo.
I’m glad you guys had a good time and Happy Anniversary!

Don’t forget to submit your 21-Day Advance Travel Notification!! And keep a signed receipt copy with you when you travel (because you may need it when CBP sends you to “secondary” upon returning to the U.S.)

Man Charged with Failure to Report International Travel as a Sex Offender

Last edited 1 month ago by David⚜️

This is why ACSOL repeats over and over again that everyone needs to report their overseas travel at least 21 days in advance even if you do not live in a state that is SORNA compliant. By the way, it’s okay to provide notice 30 days or longer before you travel overseas. We hope that this person is not ultimately convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison but that penalty is now possible.

It will be very nice if you and ACSOL did something against this law.Please when are you planning to file motion against this law and international travel restrictions.You did many years ago .Maybe it’s time to again.To provide conferences and talking don’t help us in this matter.

Janice, I have a question. Federal law requires 21-day advance notice of “intended” travel details. Does getting a case of wanderlust and meandering legally within a country or the Schengen area require US notification? If the law were interpreted as requiring 21-day notification of any change in plans after departure, then liberty would be seriously, and perhaps unconstitutionally, constrained.


@Ed C,

Liberty is already seriously and unconstitutionally constrained. If you wanted to go to the airport and just pick a place to go without planning it in advance it would be impossible to do so and also give proper notice. You should be able to walk into an airport with your bags, take a look at the departures monitor, pick something on there, book your ticket and just go. Perhaps its more expensive to book a ticket like that but you still should be able to, or you are being unconstitutionally constrained.

I think you can do what you are stating. Last time that I read the criminal regime’s garbage it stated that they needed to be notified as soon as you decided you were going to travel (but no further into the future than 21 days is required). Some people have interpreted that meant only if there was some type of emergency like a death or business travel, but I don’t think that’s the case. Perhaps ACSOL can give an opinion or has?

If it is not the case that I can decide to travel today and leave today, then I need to retaliate for that a lot more than I have. I’m in a war with “people” who think the Oppression Lists are acceptable and I am making them pay consequences. As far as I’m concerned, there cannot be too many consequences for Registry zealots. I’ll give the ignorant, uninformed people a bit of a pass, but certainly not criminals like Chris Smith and his ilk. They deserve life in prison.

@Will Allen, how would you give notice of international travel sufficiently two hours before a flight departs? Even if you could give a travel notice? What if you book a flight to say Paris, get through security and that flight is cancelled so you decide to change to Cairo right as the flight to Cairo starts boarding and pay the fair difference at the gate? The airline will let you do this but how would you give notice if you make the destination change and then immediately must board?

Great questions.

Even more – how about I decide to spend the night with a friend who lives right next to the airport and about 100 miles away from the criminal regime where I Register, and then we get up the next day and decide to fly out of the country? How do I tell the criminal regime? Never tried it. But if they aren’t incompetent garbage, I can email them. If they are incompetent garbage, who knows? Make a 200 mile round trip drive just to write on a piece of paper for the morons? Maybe. They love paper. They work in the 1990s.

Since the Amerikan federal government has imposed this “21 day” harassment, I have not tried to travel internationally because I’m not interested in their BS or the risks associated with it. If they were to arrest me, I’d have to make them pay serious consequences. I’m just not interested in any of it. I don’t have to travel internationally, there are plenty of places in Amerika where I can cause chaos.

Having said all that, I certainly think that I should be able to decide to travel out of the country tomorrow, go visit my local criminal regime just prior to leaving to tell them all about it, and then travel with no trouble. Even that is unacceptable and requires consequences.

Chris Smith and his co-criminals should spend the rest of their lives in prison. I’m making sure they have an enemy that matters.

Unfortunately it is not unconstitutional until SCOTUS says so. Having the conversation with the marshals upon returning to the US is a losing proposition, even if one eventually prevails. I agree with you about what should be, but I’m more concerned about what is. Since David has actually traveled, he might have the right idea in indicating possible travel. CYA.

I also wouldn’t want to be test case for Joseph’s hypothesis about US jurisdiction. There is something called “extra-territorial jurisdiction” which is routinely applied to citizens regarding federal age of consent and prostitution laws. I have no idea how assertions of jurisdiction could apply to sex offender travel laws. If and when I travel outside the country, I’ll research the subject thoroughly.


I’ll put it to you this way. I’m moving out of the U.S. February 1st and I’ll be damned if I schedule a 21 day appointment with the U.S. just to let them know where I am going when I no longer reside in the U.S. anymore. I sure as hell don’t plan on booking a flight back to America just to give a 21 day notice of other travel outside of the U.S. either. That’s not happening. A lot of this is just common sense after reading all the laws regarding what they’re requiring registered people to do. No where in the rules does it state, “Sex Offenders are required to give a 21 day notice if they do NOT reside in the U.S. anymore.”.

That sounds awesome. F*** Amerika and their harassment.

If my whole family (and friends, of course!) moves out of this shithole country then another country can bomb it into oblivion and I’ll cheer. Who will it be? China? Russia? Iran? I have no idea.

However, without being a legal scholar, my guess is if you intended to leave Amerika and travel to countries A, B, C, and D, then you likely need to tell the criminal regime here about all of those countries. If that is your true intent and it can be proven (e.g. had travel purchased in advance).

I spend some amount of time making plans for near the end of my life. For example, if I found out I had terminal cancer, I think it would be pretty awesome to just disappear and let Amerika waste millions looking for me. I’m very confident that at any time that I like that I could board a private boat, travel to another country, and live the rest of my life there in peace. All without Amerikan law enforcement criminals having any idea where I was, ever. I’ve studied that and I’m certain it’s possible. So who knows where life will take any of us? All I know is that I’m the one who is in control and doing the planning.

If the criminal regimes were smart they’d be falling over themselves trying to get me un-Registered. But they aren’t smart. They are arrogant.

Nichols v. United States
if you leave and dont tell your state…your screwed….if you tell and leave your fine…

My comment was referring to me already living overseas and the American government trying to create a new law that forces me to give 21 day notice when I don’t even live in America anymore. THAT I am NOT doing…

@ Ed, I regularly travel to France and, on the bottom of my 21-Day Advance Travel Notification, I frequently add “I might also visit Italy, Spain, Portugal, (I include each & all possible countries)”.
I have not yet actually visited any of those other countries, but by stating it on my 21-Day Notification, it seems very arguable that I did, in fact, notify authorities that I might visit those countries. ….. Y’know b/c wanderlust! 🤷🏻‍♂️👍🏻

You can give the additional heads up if you choose but it really doesn’t matter once you are out of the country. If the information on the only itinerary you have at the time of update is all you have, it doesn’t make you look any better by offering additional information by saying “I might go here as well”. If you purchase your ticket while out of the country, it is simply out of America’s jurisdiction to try to penalize you for that. Just keep your mouth shut about “intended” travel that has not been set in stone and only give them the purchased documents.


Can someone tell me when this law went into effect?

Is it for all registrants, regardless of victim age, etc?


Jesus had nothing to do with it. This law has been in effect for ages and applies to all registrants who desire to travel overseas regardless of their tier or offense.

Your statement is not entirely correct. Read above.

Here’s the actual indictment, which makes clear the individual was required to register under *federal* SORNA yet failed to provide the 21-day Notice of International Travel. That was the jurisdictional basis for his federal indictment-he was federally required to register. 

The way the indictment reads would seem to support the view that unless you’re still required by *federal* SORNA to register (per your federal offense tier) then you can’t be federally charged for failure to do so. 

**Caution: you might still be under a state obligation to provide the state the travel notice and be charged by your state for failing to do so. 

Here’s the indictment– 

If you’ve heard of a state agency enforcing the lack of a travel notice 21 (or any amount of) days in advance because of a state law, then cite it please.

This guy was charged and found guilty under state of Washington law not federal law but still falls under federal travel notification rules. Think the folks in Olympia are going to monitor travel out of New Orleans? No, it is a federal job to do.

Anyway, to follow up with an answer to my own question, if I’m reading things correctly, the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA) was enacted in 2006.

Not only has @Janice and ACSOL been advocating for all travelers to follow SORNA regardless of their state, e.g. fully compliant, partially compliant, or not, many of us here in this forum have for a long time now been advocating for travelers to keep copies on their person, in their luggage, and on the cloud of all related travel docs to SORNA notification, submitting, and receiving of it by LE where submitted.

BTW, if ones reads the charging doc, he traveled twice without notification as he should have, once in 2020 and again in 2021.

Here’s the actual indictment, which makes clear the individual was required to register under *federal* SORNA yet failed to provide the 21-day Notice of International Travel. That was the jurisdictional basis for his federal indictment-he was federally required to register.

The way the indictment reads would seem to support the view that unless you’re still required by *federal* SORNA to register (per your federal offense tier) then you can’t be federally charged for failure to do so.

**Caution: you might still be under a state obligation to provide the state the travel notice and be charged by your state for failing to do so.

Here’s the indictment

Louisiana is, AFAIK, fully SORNA-compliant. While the Federal aspect is relevant for his federal prosecution, he was probably in violation of state law anyway (although it may be impossible to prosecute international travel under state law?). The point being—I don’t know yet or someone in a SORNA-non-compliant state being prosecuted for a SORNA violation. If you’re in Connecticut, for example, and relieved of registration duties after 10 years for a crime SORNA demands 25 years of registration for, it’s unclear to me whether you’d be prosecuted federally for failing to give notice before international travel. As it’s been asked here—to whom would you give notice? This arrest does nothing to worry me about that as, again, Louisiana itself demanded he give notice and he didn’t.

Please note that Washington state is not a SORNA compliant state yet the federal government is now stating that he was required by SORNA to provide 21-day notice.

Greetings Janice, according to the indictment the individual was still required by *federal* SORNA to register, which seems to be a threshold requirement for *federal* prosecution.

His residency state may not be SORNA compliant but the assistant state’s attorney is implying through the text of the indictment that under federal SORNA he was still legally obliged to provide the Notice (presumably through his state’s registry staff despite Washington being non-SORNA complaint). Accordingly he needed to at least make the effort and document his attempt at providing the requisite Travel Notification.

We don’t know if he may also have had a separate state duty to report the international travel, but given his particular sexual offense’s Federal registration tier, he still was subject to federal SORNA -and had a federal duty to provide the Notice these many years out from his offense date.

We’d be most grateful for any additional feedback on this.

Thanks soooo much for all you do! 👏👏👏

Section 6 of IML (the “Notice of Travel” section – “Requirement That Sex Offenders Provide International Travel Related Information To Sex Offender Registries”) says,

“Whoever–(1) is required to register under the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (42 U.S.C. 16901 et seq.)…

As such, the notice provision appears to only apply to those who are required to register under SORNA (federal requirement and not merely another jurisdiction).

Ok, I give up. I live in Illinois, a non-SORNA complaint state and there is no way I can discover how I can give a 21-day notice to an federal agency (Marshals, etc). Illinois requires only, and the police will accept only, a three-day in advance notice of “change of address” (what they call travel). I have tried going in before the three days and they send you away. SORNA according to my reading will not accept notices directly from registrants but require them to submit to their jurisdiction, which I can’t do.

What a quandary.

The Feds seem to say in these new regs that if you’re unable to comply with a SORNA requirement for reasons out of your control then they won’t prosecute you for it. This would seem to fall under that exemption.

@Janice, what if you are no longer required to register in your state of conviction and residence but still normally would be required to based on the federal tier. For example, someone that might be federal tier 2 who recently successfully petitioned off the California registry but would still fall under federal SORNA until the 25 years has elapsed?

Lo and behold, the newly released DOJ SORNA “Rules and Regulations” explicitly state that the International Travel Notification, like other SORNA registration requirements at the Federal level, applies for as long as the individual is subject to federal registration.

on page 9 of the newly promulgated regs, it states –

“International Megan’s Law added the international travel reporting requirements of SORNA and related authorities, appearing in 34 U.S.C. 20914(a)(7), (c) and implemented by §§ 72.6(d), 72.7(f) of this rule. *In common with the other requirements under SORNA appearing in this rule, those requirements continue to apply until the end of the SORNA registration period.* Whether registration jurisdictions choose to impose such requirements for longer periods than the registration periods prescribed by SORNA is within their discretion. See 73 FR at 38046.” [emphasis added]

in other words, as far as Federal SORNA is concerned, the IML Travel Notice requirement ends when the individual’s registration term ends under SORNA (per one’s Tier). However, individual jurisdictions can extend the requirements if they choose, for those required under their jurisdictions to register.

So, it seems settled -if your time of registration is over per your Federal offense tier, no need to provide this International Travel Notice as far as Federal SORNA goes (though check if your state separately may require it).

So you are saying, we still have to register every 4 months even if we do NOT live in the states anymore??

No, if you’re no longer in the United States (including USA territories of course), and you checked out of your state as legally required, there’s no Federal or State jurisdiction over you any longer. At least, that’s my opinion.

“If convicted, [he] faces a maximum term of 10 years in prison, up to a $250,000.00 fine, …..” 😱😱😱

Sad situation, certainly. 🥲🥲🥺

Is there any other group of free U.S. citizens from whom such an Advanced Travel Notification is required??? 🤔

Oh how it feels to be free and legal !!!

Are you sure you are still free and legal as of January 7, 2022 when the new SORNA law takes effect?

What new SORNA law is this??

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I’m leaving America for good in February so yeah… I ain’t following anymore of these broken laws after that.💯

Great choice. You should be proud. Do you plan to renounce your citizenship?

Nah, I still have kids in America that love me to death. Plus I am a 100% disabled veteran so I still need to keep my pension up to date. As long as I don’t live here, I don’t care what law they create at this point.

According the article linked below, living overseas does not preclude one from collecting disability payments and probably not your pension, either.

I know well how you feel about not wanting to leave your kids behind. I can’t stomach the idea, however, taking my whole family abroad could be a very enriching experience for everyone, especially my kids.

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Your pension and social security benefits are not affected by you living out of the country. You earned those. It would be your supplemental benefits, or any benefits you receive that is based on your present income or being laid off. In other words, well fare, food stamps, supplemental social security, or unemployment you would not get.

@Mike G yes sir I left that hell hole and I now have residency in my new country.

I’m happy to hear that, but unless you have renounced your citizenship and no longer have a US passport, I think you are still subject to SORNA, if you haven’t already met the SORNA tier requirements to not have to register. I didn’t see anywhere in the new SORNA requirements that said someone living outside the U.S. is exempt. I certainly hope they can’t get to you.

I never live in a SORNA State to begin with.

From what I understand from that legislator who is responsible for this dumb law, if it passes, it is only for countries who are in the visa free program with us. Countries that don’t need visa to enter the US are the only ones that the US can make do this. Report US so living there and their so’s living in the US.

I was searching online about going to Hong Kong they will stop you and question you but I heard they will let you in, Can anyone help me verify this.

Hong Kong seems to be good according to rtag travel matrix they have a list of countries that may or may not deny you. Been planning to leave as well thinking Nepal but from the zom meeting they have some legislation if passed could reach outside of USA. Still saying we are registrants. Not sure how that would effect us if we don’t plan to come back.

I’m moving to Germany to be in peace and now the government wants to put a stop to it? So basically the community doesn’t want us living in the communities and yet they force us to stay in the communities by passing sex offender laws every 6 months? Nah… If the government passes that, I won’t have anything to lose at that point and the community is going to have to start paying for all of this. I don’t mean to be negative but sometimes negative things must happen in order to get negative people to listen…

sounds like it but possibly just for offenses involving minors this is on our forums. yea I hear that, I have been off since 2018 in my state decade of this has been enough. not sure with this law though, proboly would still go, they will proboly revoke my passport and stamp it. [edited]

Please post the federal link to this new law. Thanks

@ Joseph: The poster might be referring to the new SORNA regulations. 🤷🏻‍♂️
You can find the links to the entire text of the new regulations here:

New Federal SORNA Regulations

(Scroll to the bottom of the post to see the links for the full text.)

Snip of the law got edited out it’s on this forum under action alert in September post. Called Iml plans to expand abroad. I couldn’t find a federal link it’s on a 93 page legislation that’s aimed at trafficking and such

It seems like the correct answer is to become a citizen of a moral country and renounce any Amerikan citizenship. Then your country can protect you against terrorist Amerika.

that’s about it, but the hard part is finding a country to get citizenship. was going to go live on a sailboat and travel the world for a while and figure things out as i went. but having to register would be impossible to do that

Maybe just go to a country that believes more in rehabilitation and second chances and ask for asylum from persecution due to human rights abuses in your country of citizenship? I’ve thought about trying it.

I’ve wondered for more than a decade if that is very possible. I would certainly think there are a lot of countries that recognize the Oppression Lists as human rights abuses. Everyone should be able to seek asylum.

Having said that, I think if you have enough money that it is quite easy to get to another country and change your identity. I guess asylum is the easier route?!

Yea money is an issue. thought maybe Nepal but wouldn’t make it 3-5years without going broke. Save 2 More years I could most likely wing it on investments and interest.

Been looking around tried Mexico. Was talking to a lawyer she was sending the paperwork but said prob wouldn’t qualify. If not in Asia Proboly have to be a European country. Germany comes to mind first they understand i.

It depends where you’re cruising. Some of my favorite sailing vloggers are in Norway, a Schengen country and, looking at the map, there’s a lot of Schengen waterways and coastline that could me on my boat and interested for a lot of years.
Are you an experienced sailor?

Not at all Lol, I’d have to learn quick. Been watching vloggers though. if it meant I could get away from this place though would probably try Asia. I can’t afford the tickets Everytime they want to send me back.

Fly into Asia from anywhere besides America and your chances of entering are greater.

Nothing is impossible at sea! You find your way to drop an anchor and the cell phone and who’s going to care like castaway movie!

These cell phones don’t come without a price! They’re not going to allow private communications without any means of monitoring.

Are you referring to HR 5150? Here’s my bookmarked link but it doesn’t seem to be working for me right now:

Yep sounds like the one I read on here. It’s supposed to be section 208 though. I’m not seeing it though reading thru it

✈️ Upon return from recent travel to Europe, CBP sent me to “Secondary” (as usual 🙄). This time, I have submitted a complaint to CBP and have requested a “Redress Number.”
I find the delays very annoying, so I am going to push back whenever/wherever I can. If you annoy & frustrate me, I am going to annoy & frustrate you. ✈️

What did CBP do with your electronic devices @David as you returned?

@ TS: Sorry, I should have been more clear. TSA & CBP have never ever bothered with any of my electronic devices (typically just my smartphone and a tablet). They have never looked at them or even asked about them, as I recall.
I was merely responding to the claim that CBP (or another Federal agency) vacuums up phone numbers, emails, other communications from the electronic devices of unwitting travelers. If the Feds are, in fact, doing this, then I will attempt to protect my privacy by using Faraday bags (which one can easily purchase online at Amazon, Wish!, etc.)

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Thanks @David. There have been others here in this forum who have relayed other stories regarding their devices. Everyone has a different experience coming home from overseas. A Faraday bag is a great solution.

I’m not sure how a Faraday bag is going to stop CBP from retrieving information from your device. They can just remove it from the bag and download the information without the phone being unlocked. No?🤔

I am dropping the article below here for your reading leisure because as international travelers, I believe it gives some insight to what PFRs are possibly subject to when they travel given their mystique and what a PFR could be up against by CBP.

For example, there are the CBP Databases: CBP’s Automated Targeting System, a tool that compares travelers against law enforcement and intelligence data; TECS, which tracks people entering and exiting the country; the Treasury Department’s FinCEN, used for identifying financial crimes; and the State Department consular database, which included details of her passport application.

Also, there is the collection of your information unknowingly by DOMEX, a program that collects information from the contents of a person’s electronic device when they cross a U.S. border. The controversial program sweeps up everything from phone contacts and emails to the contents from encrypted messaging apps and social media. (One of the reccos made here is to send back your personal electronic devices if you can and don’t mind being without them for the return trip.)

Operation Whistle Pig: Inside the secret CBP unit with no rules that investigates Americans

I’ll just turn off the phone and place it in a Faraday bag until I depart the airport. (I have nothing improper or illegal on my devices, but I don’t care much for electronic snoopers.)

Turn off the data! No internet connection!

Wow… that’s creepy! Thanks for sharing the article.

Yes it is creepy! Our Gov’t doing that?! Unsettling to say the least.

I said turn the data off! Who’s editing the comments?!

Does anyone know how to check the validity of a passport? I traveled in 2019 and never received a revocation letter and still have a passport with no marking. Is there a phone number or website I can access and make sure I didn’t miss the letter. My wife and I may be traveling to Portugal this winter. We went there in 2019 and very easy entry, but I just hope that my passport hasn’t been screwed up since. I’d hate to reach customs and have them say my passport has been revoked.

The ultimate goal guys is not to run or evade any laws but to completely comply with them and do an about face moving on to conduct business as usual. Give them the notification in person by mail or through email ( however they think they want it). By then they will have their nerves calmed and you will be the last thing on their radars!

The comments below reflect your experiences and they’ve been informative. Yes they shouldn’t have Schindlers list, but two men created a political firestorm (John Walsh’s son was kidnapped and Megan was severely harmed.) If we cannot neutrally examine what happened we see our own mistakes as they are at blame. If you have committed the crime there’s no blame shifting! In cognitive intervention they teach you to accept responsibility for your actions. Take their classes and ask the Judge to remove you. Prove that you’re not really the monsters they believe you are. Show rehabilitation and don’t just let your lawyer talk. You have the right to speaking with the Court. Your public defender may say no but if you are quiet you won’t get fed! Learn to defend yourself and instead of traveling spend money on your lawyers to make the problem go away. There’s nothing final! God speaks man listens.

To be honest, I don’t give a damn about Adam Walsh or Megan…. I didn’t do anything to them yet I have to pay for crimes that occurred before I was even born and that is WRONG to hold those innocent kids up as an example for me to remember. Especially since my situation has absolutely NOTHING to do with anything that gruesome.. Those two kids are the reason why I have to continue to live in hell and I blame their parents for all of this. They have the power to put a stop to it and yet they choose to do nothing but sit back and stay quiet. So my response to that is, “screw any and everyone of those kids who created a law that only targets us. Sorry if I sound abrasive but I am NOT sorry for the way I feel because the community doesn’t give a damn how I feel either.🤷🏾‍♂️

And this widespread information you have online will be the ammunition for continued registration for lack of remorse. If they were your own children you would change your position really quickly!
We can only be angry at the decisions that we made-whether innocent or guilty of the crime- that led us to the criteria that they subject SOs to!

Hey man, you call it “lack of remorse”. I call it “playing the cards I’m delt”. You can say what ever you wish but my kids are the only kids on earth that I care about at this point. The community is fueling the government to pass these terribly written laws. That being said… If I show a “lack of remorse” it’s because these laws are the reason why. At some point, I’m not going to have ANYTHING to lose then you’ll see what a “lack of remorse” truly is. I’m just saying if the community really wants me to give a damn, they need to fice me a reason to. Continuing yo take away my freedom as years pass us nor going to help with that. 🤷🏾‍♂️


You don’t get to continue to take away my freedom then turn around and say, “Please show remorse for our kids” when/If we witness crimes happening. Either let us be a part of the community again or make it easy for us to leave the community…

Have to add – I don’t care about being part of any community. Further, I don’t want to be in any community with “people” who think Oppression Lists are acceptable. I don’t think they are good people. I don’t want to be around them. I certainly don’t want them around my children.

All I need is for them to mind their own damn business. Stay out of my business. Stay out of my life. Mind your own. Stop trying to drag me into your stupidity and worse, participate in it. If you want big government Lists, go ahead and make them. Stop asking me to help the dumbf***s. Heck, I’ll help you pay for it, I guess. I pay far more than my fair share. Fine. But stay the f*** away from my family and stop asking us to do things.

“will be the ammunition for continued registration for lack of remorse”

That’s just dumb. The ONLY legitimate reason to have Sex Offense Registries (Oppression Lists (OLs)) is IF they help prevent future crimes. That is the only legitimate reason. There are no others. Or if there are, I’m too lazy to think of them. If you know of some, please let us all know.

If a criminal regime is keeping a person listed on the OLs for any reason other than trying to prevent future crimes (i.e. protect society), then they are immoral criminals. And it would just further prove that their illegal OLs are nothing but lies, harassment, and terrorism.

“We can only be angry at the decisions that we made”

That is also completely wrong. Crimes are going to happen. If a government/people wants to be decent, then they have to punish crimes morally, fairly, and intelligently. You could probably throw in compassionately and/or whatever.

The OLs are none of that. The OLs are stupid (e.g. they cause more crimes than they commit; they are a colossal waste of resources; etc.). The OLs are terrorism.

Personally, the OLs killed any remorse that I had a long time ago. The OLs have made me hate most people. I don’t worry about anyone I might’ve offended against in the past. People offended against me and I know no one is worried about that. I don’t acknowledge any past wrongdoing and I certainly have done a great job not allowing anyone to hold it against me or lower the quality of my life because of it. The OLs allow the terrorists to harass my family a little bit. But not so much. And certainly not anywhere nearly as much as I’ve retaliated against the scumbags that support OLs.

Let the war rage. A person can enjoy it if they just try.

@ Joseph: I think lawmakers would be the appropriate target for your ire. They are the one’s who love these name-sake criminal laws (and push them as far as they can.)

(As for Adam Walsh, since his body was never recovered, no one actually knows if he was sexually assaulted by his abductor. It’s pure speculation. )

Lawmakers wouldn’t continue to pass these poor laws if the community didn’t support them. To be honest, it really doesn’t matter to me anymore. Bottom line is, in order to get “lawmakers” to start thinking about taking away everything we have to lose, one of us would have to do something violent against the community and make a video explaining why he/she did it. That’s going to be the only way to get lawmakers to think about passing anymore laws in the future. Which is definitely unfortunate

That’s already happened. Innocent children have been murdered in retaliation.

The know-it-all geniuses/assholes who think Oppression Lists (OLs) are acceptable just shrugged their shoulders. I know the secret of why if you want to hear it.

It is because none of it is actually for public safety, protecting children, or any of the rest of their lies. The OLs exist to get them off. They are just fine with sacrificing the lives of a lot of children just for their own benefit. That is the bottom line.

Registry Supporters are evil.

Compliance is admirable when the cause is just. A judge who carefully considers the unique elements of a case and renders a just decision for treatment, sanction or punishment merits full compliance, knowing that both offender and victim have the opportunity to become whole and perhaps better than what they were before the offense. Yes, that is possible, and don’t let the naysayers cry otherwise. They are people who choose desperately to cling to hate and malice, spreading and infecting everything with their hatred in the hopes that the offender will suffer more than them, which is impossible. Often times, they aren’t even a victim, but someone with a dark heart. Someone who can’t beat their wife and get away with it, so they take their anger out on someone else who is an easy target for their misdirected hostility. Others jump on the hatred bandwagon for their own profit, either an outright cash payout such as attention seeking internet “vigilantes”, or politicians looking to cash in on an easy political win. Others just want to browse the sex offender maps to make themselves feel good about themselves, playing the comparison game with a stacked deck, not knowing that, if their own secret deeds were exposed, the whole farce would be seen for what it is.

The registry serves a lot of purposes for a lot of people, just none however that actually does society any good. Even so, good luck with pulling this security blanket from the clutches of Linus.

New ETIAS being implemented soon,,,
European travel permit

More ETIAS information can be found in these two articles:

Europe Travel: Why/When You’ll Need The New ETIAS Document (U.S. Travelers Included)

1.4 Billion People Obliged to Apply for an ETIAS When Travelling to EU by End of 2022

What data will be the data that holds back the other 5% who are denied approval of their apps and is there an appeal process?

“Each application is checked against data held by Interpol, Europol and Schengen databases. The EU expects, according to The Telegraph, that it will approve 95% of applications and for most cases, approval will arrive in minutes.”

@ TS: Here’s some additional information about when ETIAS will go into effect.
“The European Union has come to an agreement on several key ETIAS regulation amendments. In addition, new amendments have established that criminal convictions can only be assessed by the ETIAS Central System. These flags must be removed 15 years after their creation, and only flags relating to terrorism will be maintained in the system for 25 years.”

(When I eventually submit my application for ETIAS [in late 2022/early 2023], I will certainly post information here regarding any questions, problems, and successes.)


That sounds reassuring, but what is a flag and how is it applied, e.g. the date of the conviction being handed down or the date it is found? I realize you may not know but as a process person, this words are interesting and thus wanting to know. I didn’t see it addressed in the rest of the link you provided either.

This is all interesting as the world works to remain safe from those who wish to do others harm in the name of whatever they believe is right.

Are you required to bring in a physical passport when giving 21 day notice of international travel? I’m asking because the information from the SMART office is only asking for the passport number. Not the physical passport itself. I am aware that they require physical copies of flight itinerary.

My registering officer seems to think I am going to provide him with extra details that I am not required to give him. #WrongAnswer

From my experience, no. Depends on your registering office though I guess.

I am in California and I have a marked passport. I travel every year to Europe. I have never been asked to provide either documentation of my airplane tickets nor present my physical passport. I submit my 21-day notification via email, but I am required to come in and sign the paperwork in person and to receive my verified copy proving it has been properly submitted (which I take along with me when I travel and which can be useful when dealing with “secondary” US Customs screening at the airport upon reentering the US.)
Furthermore, I rarely provide street addresses for where I will be staying, only the names of the cities and towns.
(The IML “enforcers” seem to be primarily interested in our flights, especially our return flight so we will be directed to secondary CBP screenings at airports.)

David …..Do you mind me asking which parts of Europe you have traveled to, under the restrictions you discuss?

Like David⚜ I am in California and I have had a marked passport for three years. I have been to Europe numerous times since getting it (31 countries visited, mostly in Europe). I also have never been asked for airline ticket information nor had to present my physical passport when giving my 21-day notice, which I have always done in person. Like David, I rarely provided street addresses, just cities, and sometimes just countries. However, for my most recent trip (November) I was required to fill out a different form and give my passport number (I don’t recall doing that before, but maybe I did). The office wouldn’t make a copy of the form for me (next time I’ll think quicker and take a photo), but I have never had Secondary Inspection (which I’ll been through close to a hundred times) ask whether I gave the 21-day notice.

I still have a perfect record: NO ONE, inside nor outside the United States has ever looked for the mark in my passport, to the best of my knowledge, but I understand from Janice that the newest marked passports have the stamp on the first page instead of in the back ☹.

2 more weeks and I’m out of America! Passport without stamp… No revoke letter in the mail ever… Wish me luck

so exciting! Wishing you all the best! Please keep us updated and hopefully my husband and I won’t be too far behind you.

I moved to Mexico 3 years ago, and I basically just fell off the website…Now I am wondering if I can return to California for a day trip to seek medical attention, do I have to give 21 day notice, and if so, to whom do i do this with?

With the “nobody really knows anything for sure” disclaimer, if you gave proper notice to California of your move, and you are no longer on the California Registry, you shouldn’t have a warrant for “failure to register (FTR)”, so you should have no issue making a day trip to California nor any other state. The only way you could give a 21-day notice would be to send it to the US Marshall’s office, but I’m pretty sure they are only set up to receive notices from the states, not from individuals, so you should be exempt because you have no way to file the notice.

The question I would ask if will you be arrested upon entry into the US? Does your name still show on the system used at Passport Control as someone who should be registered, regardless of whether you are or not.

When I return to the US I always am taken to secondary passport screening. It appears that they are seeing a red flag on my passport in their computer, and the secondary screening is to confirm that all my ducks are in a row.

When you left California, did you notify them of your new address? Did they remove your requirement to register?

Lots of things to look at here before returning to the US.

Unless you *need* to come to the US for the medical care, I suggest looking for American-trained doctors either in Mexico or in Europe. There are some really, really good doctors in Mexico, especially in the Guadalajara region. (My dad lived in Ajijic for a number of years and used a cardiologist in nearby Guadalajara. The doctor was awesome.) I believe Los Cabos – La Paz also has some good doctors. If nothing else, head to Cuba for a doctor. Doing your best to find an American-trained doctor is the key.

If you insist on coming to the US, I think you will need to register ASAP upon arrival so you can give the IML notification that you’re (once again) leaving permanently. Even if you cross your T’s and dot your I’s I would fear the risk of something going awry for being inside 21 days.

This involves all aircraft travel not just international but this article explains a bit about how information is sent between airlines and the TSA to flag people for additional screening at security checkpoints…. “When you book a plane ticket in today’s digitized world, your airline submits your name, gender, and date of birth to the TSA for clearance”.

So the TSA doesn’t seem to do so now but I’m wondering how long before PFRs are designated SSSS so that they can be harassed just like they are when entering this country by CBP.

Air travelers may find this interesting:
What to Know If An SSSS Code Shows Up on Your Boarding Pass

Thank you for this SSSS code analysis…it was very informative and maybe something we all should be aware of…a new problem for us to consider and to make extra sure we have time to make whatever gate for travel…initial and maybe even connecting flights.

I just did a domestic flight…no ssss code. Going again Wednesday will update.