Jury is out — no matter the verdict, Congress must act

[cnn.com – 4/19/21]

Van Jones is an attorney who has spent 25 years working for police accountability and criminal justice reform.


(CNN) -America is bracing for a verdict.

The time has come for us to pressure our US senators to take up the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. Authored by Rep. Karen Bass of California, the act has already passed the US House of Representatives. It just needs a debate and a vote in the US Senate.

By making the call, we can ask our senators to address some of the issues that have shocked and sickened the world. For instance, the act would:

4. Create a public registry: The law establishes a national police misconduct registry available to the public. I am a lawyer. If I [an attorney] am disciplined, it appears on the California State Bar website — and it should. The same should be true for police officers.

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I found it very interesting that Rachel Maddow neglected to mention the registry component of the legislation tonight.

“Congress must act”, huh? 🙄 That’s hilarious. Sandy Hook Massacre happened 8 years ago. Twenty-six people were slaughted, including 20 six & seven year olds. New gun laws? Nope. Assault weapons ban? Nope. Anything more than “thoughts and prayers”? Nope, nope. So why in Hell would anyone expect anything to come out of one man dying at the hands of one cop?? Seriously. 🙄
How about January 6th? The insurrectionists could have beaten a Senator or Congressman to death right before their eyes and half those morons would still say it was a peaceful protest, no harm, no foul.

Congress must act is that a joke. Something should of happened 30 years ago after the Rodney King beating. How about the school shootings before and after Columbine? What about doing something about gun violence? Isn’t gun and other violence a public safety issues needing to be addressed. No Congress spends time passing laws on Sex Offenses and wasting resources on a registry that doesn’t work. Money wasted that could of been used on what they are bitching about today. Congress failed and kicks the can down the road; while communities are less safe. Lying Congress on both sides of the aisle only care about filling their pockets.

So… Registries are bad. Unless it’s a bad cop?

Obviously, cops are not my friends and I don’t necessarily think this is a bad idea… A cop that is fired for serious misconduct in one city/department just goes to another city/department to continue the behavior. Not good. But people didn’t think registering gangsters was a bad idea either for similar reasons.

That led directly to the “pervert” registries, and that brought us to the sex offender registries of today. Of course, the public access to them have made their effect MUCH more problematic.

By the way, how WERE the gangster registries abolished? Or did they just fade away.

Nevada maintains a gaming blacklist too… And it IS the state gaming board that does this (I think), not the gaming establishments.

Why not require all LEOs to have malpractice insurance?? (Yes, just like doctors.) Bad LEOs will be “priced out” of the industry b/c the bad officers will not be able to find/afford insurance.

The interesting is there is an online registry or database already of police officers cited for misconduct where their records can be read. USA Today published an article 4/24/2019 on it which was renewed last June online after George’s death. Use search criteria: USA Today, Apr 24, 2019, national police registry

Let’s register everybody from birth. After all we might as well be on the lookout before they turn certain ages. Never to early for a price club membership!!

I would be all for a registry for news reporters that intentionally give false or inflammatory information to stir division and increase ratings.

As a parent or grandparent I would like to know if my next door neighbor kidnap raped or molested a child 10-20-30 years ago not that it would make a difference on how I raised my children I wouldn’t let some random guy I don’t know effect my life in the slightest.
I was never even arested for my 290pc charge 3 days before my 18th birthday A riverside county police detective informed us they forwarded my case to the DA office and that iv been placed on calendar for armament 30 days from now and what ever I do dont miss that court date or I’ll have to fight this case from behind bars.
He was a kool detective I can tell he really felt sorry for us and that’s why he didn’t arrest me.
That was 21 years ago and here I am still dealing with this BS I understand the law is the law and if you commit a crime you should be punished but placing teenagers on Megan’s Law for the rest of there lives is just inhumane.
When your A teenager most likely your still living at home so the reality of the situation doesn’t really hit you until a couple years later when everyone you know from high school is moving out going to college and getting ready to start their adult lives while you sit trapped in a virtual cell for the rest of yours.
It’s a really phuct up situation and a really hard life being labeled a sex offender

Good luck 😬👌

A registry for law enforcement misconduct won’t do anything, just like registries for misconduct of anyone else. Instead just make it so these people are disqualified from being hired elsewhere in the country in a law enforcement position. If someone decides to misuse their authority they should be fired then forbidden from continuing to work in law enforcement.

As an American, I don’t care what someone did 10, 20, 30 or 40 years ago. Why? It’s none of my damn business and people change. How many things that were once legal are now illegal? If someone doesn’t like someone looking them up on the Hit List and using it against them; while saying they want to know if someone did something to a kid a decade or longer is hypocritical. Good luck with the irony!!

There appears to be a great schism evolving in American society. On one side, there’s a strong movement pushing to reform our justice system. And on the other side, there’s our new SCOTUS:

It’s time to expand the Court.😒