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CA: Another convicted sex offender running for student body president at RCC

[ – 5/23/21]

For the second time in the past eight years, a convicted sex offender is running unopposed for student body president at Riverside City College, and once again it is generating quite a stir among some students.

Since enrolling at RCC in January 2019, Albert Steven Jaramillo, 45, of Moreno Valley has been a model student and taken an active role in student government and leadership. Less than three years since his release from prison, he is seeking office in a special election this week, May 25 through May 27.

But some students have complained about Jaramillo’s criminal background and status as a registered sex offender, and at least one student has demanded that he withdraw his candidacy.

RCC senior Caresse Boulter believes administrators have been insensitive to the concerns of students, especially survivors of sexual abuse. She said she complained to Student Activities Coordinator Deborah Hall about Jaramillo’s bid for president and was told nothing could be done

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Another career victim trying to get a few popcorn headlines. I’m so sick of this bullshit! I hope this man wins the election and serves the students of that school well. He should be commended for working so hard to get past his past. Anyone who stands in his way should be ashamed of themself!

Last edited 1 month ago by G4Change

He’s running unopposed and everyone is complaining about him running. What a bunch of freaking idiots.

I wonder? I’ve had all my charges expunged/COR. I’m no longer on the registry? An ex offender is running?

What about people who have done wrong and changed their life for the better? He’s got more courage than any student complaining about his past; while wanting a safe space. What’s wrong with allowing both victims and people convicted to move on to healing and peace without others involved.

Registrants can win on the merits in an election. Here in Michigan, we had a registrant run for his party’s precinct delegate in August of 2020 and won!!!
Also in August of 2020, a registrant ran for Washtenaw County Prosecutor (a major county in Michigan). The registrant didn’t win the election but did receive a respectful number of votes.
It’s these registrants who have the courage to place themselves out in front in such a public manner that are changing the public’s perception about sex offenders.
The best way for registrants and their family members to change the narrative is to support these various candidates even if you are not a member of the candidates community.

Why does the media keep saying “convicted” in every instance and opportunity? It’s reasonably obvious to conclude that it’s intentionally done in order to continue to amplify and magnify the fear factor, outrage and click-bait value.

The reason you never here “convicted” bank robber or “convicted” arsonist from any news media outlets is because it would sound silly, trite and redundant!

Last edited 1 month ago by Facts should matter

CA Arsonists used to have to be on the LE [Older not publisized)Registry…what happened to it anyways? ABOLISHED?

Awesome, don’t be shamed into silence.

Theses guys got balls of steel I wonder if they heard of Janice Bellucci and ACSOL if not someone should reach out to theses 2 brave individuals we need more people like them on our side. Registrants in California have the numbers they could easily change the whole narrative of how registrants are viewed in society

Good luck 😈

Last edited 28 days ago by Chuck

Who was elected U.W. Rock Co. Student Gov. Assoc. President 97-98?
This guy. Focus: Title 9.

RCC senior Caresse Boulter believes administrators have been insensitive to the concerns of students, especially survivors of sexual abuse.”

What about the concerns of the reformed individuals? Shouldn’t the administrators be sensitive to their re-integration back to society and give the support they need to better themselves to prevent recidivism that benefits society and ease the minds of survivors of abuse?

Ms. Boulter is worried that having a registrant for student body president will cause survivors to be reminded of their abuse. Anyone who has been traumatized, sexually or otherwise, needs to address the trauma in order to heal. Otherwise the wound will fester forever. To avoid being reminded of it is to perpetuate the damage.

The school has an opportunity do something positive for the trauma victims, the former offender and society. Lessons from the restorative justice movement might help. The school could use this controversy to educate students and the public regarding recidivism and where any real dangers lie.


Anyone can claim victimhood, anyone. Sex abuse allegations are the easiest thing in the world to claim and the most likely to be believed, especially in the age of “believe all victims.” There can be a lot of upsides for its claimants, especially for those possessing psychological pathologies in need of feeding. It also comes in handy as a ready explanation for ones personal failings. It’s just too enticing for many. Shifting blame onto others is a pervasive phenomenon so, of course self-proclaimed victims with personality disorders are going to employ the easiest allegation that can be made, one requiring no actual evidence to convict.

Whenever the subject comes up, I point to Exhibit A.

Great Dick, Babe
R. Scott Moxley |
Posted on
February 9, 2006
You’ll never convince six lucky Orange County guys that porn is bad: a single raunchy sex video is keeping them out of prison. Of course, these 20-year-olds couldn’t have foreseen this fate when they filmed their wild gangbang after a night of drinking at a Fullerton bar.

This tale begins in the wee hours of June 6, 2004, when a distraught Tamara Anne Moonier entered a Fullerton police station. She said she’d been kidnapped a few hours earlier from a parking lot at Heroes Bar N Grill, hooded and driven to an unknown residence. Moonier, then 28, told police that a group of men brutally raped her at gunpoint for more than an hour, forced her to perform numerous degrading sex acts on film, demanded her silence and then released her.

“She said she feared for her safety,” a law-enforcement officer told the Weekly.

With money from a victims’ assistance program, Moonier immediately moved from her Fullerton apartment to Dana Point.

No that don’t work! That way!!! You f up so you doomed… Sex make alot of money for the governor and the government….

Last edited 30 days ago by James Hill

And best part so the government cant be held accountable

Only if we stay silent and let politicians and media control the narrative does this go on…

Does it somehow escape this dingbat that she could run against him? Or that if it bothers her that much, she could transfer to a different school?

A disturbing tidbit from the article:

“Jaramillo pleaded guilty in Riverside Superior Court on Feb. 14, 2014, to one felony count of committing lewd and lascivious acts on a girl under the age of 14. He served three months in jail, but in January 2017 was sent to prison for two years for a probation violation after he failed to inform his probation officer that he had moved.”

Three months for his initial charge, 24 months for a registering snafu (EIGHT times his original sentence). How is that possible? Janice, how is this happen?

When they punish you much more harshly for not actually doing anything wrong.

My current controlling case is FTR I do believe that it’s not a reoffending case to require SOT neither do I have any case history whatsoever that constitutes a requirement for SOT my controlling case for sex offender reg. Is indecent exposure 214d PC

I am not quite clear on the topic of discussion please enlighten me as to the topic

I attended this campus back in 1981 and left with Riverside Co. EMS cert and of course, unit credits (4). I did NOT have to registar, Mr. Jaramillo did and is following tge rules with campus security and C.o.R.P.D. and Riv.S.O.
Taking away liberties from running for office, freedom of speech is basic rights of adult students. Denial would just be another setback for all RC’s. Being off Probation/Parole is not enough I guess to continue to Rehabilitate and further yourself and Educate. Gear Mongering and Ignorance will just the ctitizens back further, as past Alum, I stand for RC~Student Jaramillo. Take a stand fir your Civil Rights folks, Janice does! [So does Chance and our Board Members], dont forget to donate a dollar or two [$2.00] on this site after reading today/tonight!! Be thsnkful for this Platform that is created for you and all the RC’s Fam/Friends. (I Also went to UCR post RCC)

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