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CA: Supervisors approve better public notification of people listed on the registry

[ – 5/5/21]

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors has unanimously approved methods intended to increase public notification about people listed on the registry and placement of people labeled as “sexually violent predators”.

One way, according to Supervisor Joel Anderson’s office, would be advance notification of the district attorney, supervisors and other community leaders before people convicted of a sex offense are placed in or move into a neighborhood.

Based on a recommendation by Supervisor Jim Desmond, the board also approved better notification for Native American tribes, if people lebeled as “sexual predators” are moved to their communities.

Anderson said his office also found that:

— The public notification process is dysfunctional, lacks transparency and has inadequate public notification;

— There can be increased notification to the public regarding the location of people listed on the registry, and;

— There is the ability for a local process, or committee to be directly involved in giving input on the housing of people labeled as “sexual violent predators” such as ____.

Anderson said on Tuesday many residents of his district were outraged over people with a past sex offense conviction moving into their neighborhoods.

“What procedures can be utilized?” said Anderson, who introduced the motion. “It’s a very trying process.”

Anderson said his district is the county’s second poorest, and “we’ve actually been targeted for dumping ‘pedophiles’ into our district.”

At an April 28 news conference, Anderson said residents “have the right to the same level of safety as anybody does in any other rich neighborhood.”

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How is there a “problem” with the notification system? The communities were notified before the registrants moved there, weren’t they? They had time to complain about it before the moves happened, and successfully blocked them, it seems. Looks like it was working exactly as intended.

So is the “problem” the notification system itself or that people don’t like it when they hear about it? Looks like the latter.

The Rehnquist court’s interpretation of the Sex offender registry & notification scheme as a passive gov entity and activity was bull.
Broadcast cannot be described as inert with respect to speech and movement.

Anderson stop with the fear mongering and concentrate on making your community richer without the bull.

Do these _____ people have anything better to do?

When SCOTUS decided Smith, it claimed AK’s registry was no different than someone going to the courthouse to inspect records publicly available. The Court even made note of the affirmative act(s) involved in getting the registry info, in so doing further equating it to traveling to a courthouse.

That all said, how are any active notification schemes legal? They may be allowed by lower courts but SCOTUS has never issued an Opinion one way or the other. If one could ever get them to listen to a registry-notification case, I don’t know how they could uphold it, especially given the truth about “frightening and high” that has been repeatedly proven. The problem as I see it is getting four of The Supremes to hear the case. Only Thomas (voting against us) and Breyer (voting for us) remain from those days–except, of course, the current Chief who argued against us to the Court.

Every law-making body in the country only took that the registry is “regulatory, not punitive” from Smith v. Doe. It’s very unlikely that they read three words in that opinion beyond that, considering they’ve legislated out every single characteristic the USSC listed that made it so. “Free to live and work wherever they wished” was legislated out by residence and employment restrictions, mail in updating was replaced by mandatory in-person reporting, and so on.

Smith is irrelevant – legislators made it obsolete a long time ago.

Wouldn’t it be easier for them just to shoot us on sight?

Some have done that very thing.

Sent this Anderson dip shit an email. Told him he was a dip shit and was wasting San Diego taxpayer money.

I’m sure calling him a dip shit helped. Sigh.

He replied and invited me to take part in a discussion. I have since sent him a few articles describing the dangers of the public registry and he has promised to read them and give them thought. So I guess it did help. …….SIGH………

So they use two of the worst cases of violent sexual assault cases and then group everyone on the registry in with them. Why don’t we group all politicians in with those that have done the worst. There have been a couple in the county I’m sure the board knows their names. seems only fair.

Matt Gaetz, Donald Trump, Jim Jordan, Dennis Hastert and Josh Duggar are the faces of GOP.

Andrew Cuomo, Anthony Weiner, Bill Clinton, and Joe Biden are faces of the Democrats.

What they have been doing they pass laws to make themselves feel better; while us price club members want to cancel our membership.
Q was right shady things going on regarding sex; but on both sides of the aisle.

This makes me so furious. I, like most of us on the registry, try as best we can to get away from our past, to try to move on, to be as anonymous and unassuming as possible, and just live a semi normal life. But then these dirty politicians try to stoke emotions to garner some praise by sending out notifications to all the vigilantes and crack pots and busy bodies in the area. Now they will bring everyone’s attention to a peaceful person because of something that happened 20 years ago. Instead of quietly coming home i will now arrive to stares and glares and offensive notes, vandalism, and perhaps petitions from the mob to move me.

I notice Joel Anderson says his community is one of the poorest, well, sounds like he is doing a pretty poor job in his district. If he put as much energy into recruiting businesses and entrepreneurs as he does in trying to arouse animosity towards a particular minority group maybe his community would be doing better. But we know when politicians are dull and uninspired and have no motivation or vision then the best way to get reelected is to scream sex offender from the roof tops. I suspect this is exactly what is happening. As someone previously stated, the community was already fully notified of the mentioned people moving in.

Badger, 78, was convicted of sexual assaults dating back to the 1970s, mostly victimizing male hitchhikers.” 78! People are such craven babies.

They are incredible babies. Americans will not take responsibility or personal accountability. They “need” big government to help them.

God forbid that I will ever need big government to tell me about some 78 year old guy in order to protect my family from something sexual with him. If he had merely shot his last neighbor, that’s not dangerous. Can a 78 year old even fire a gun? I have to watch out in case I might want to allow my 5 year old grandchildren to hang out with him with no boundaries and 100% unsupervised. Or in case I’m afraid he will show his privates to me or my wife. I’m really worried.

Politicians throw the word sex offenders around for votes law enforcement does it for federal funding Youtubers do it for views and click bate CableTV does it for ratings lawyer’s do it for money even Phone Scammers figured out a way to profit off sex offenders
So how come everybody on earth benefits off sex offenders except sex offenders themselves all theses news outlets should be interviewing sex offenders first before writing these crazy articles or when people protest in front of a sex offenders home they should come outside and bask in their new found fam wave to the camera’s and smile and do interviews with every news channel in town so people can see your a humanbein not a scary monster out praying on lilittle kids.
The biggest thing holding sex offenders back from living a normal life is sex offenders themselves their fear and shame has crippled them alot sex offenders haven’t even forgiven themselves for what happened years ago so I understand why people rather hide in the shadows but now is not the time here in California we have enuff numbers we could take control of this bullshiit and literally break the system and force DOJ to make Megan’s law non visible to the public.

Good luck 😬👌

Just a peaceful suggestion on how to use comma’s:

Readability in such a long comment will be improved.

I could give a phuck less about that BS I ain’t writing a book 🤷🏽‍♂️

maybe you can teach him how to put his energy into more constructive comments……Obviously didn’t stop him from reading yours!

There is a public Zoom hearing on this subject on 5/10
( ) where you can voice your opinion on this subject. Hearing is at 9:00 am.

Awesome thanks, I live there and could be directly and adversely affected.

Public Notification is a form of Public Shaming ! I say we all go take a SHIT on the front doorstep of “Joel Anderson’s” house and post it all over the internet and public shame him that his residence smells like SHIT… its the SAME thing he wants to do !!!

And he is claiming pedophiles, that is defined as someone attracted to pre-pubescent…doesnt fit everyone that is a high risk SO.

This whole situation of notification sounds like more than just a list. It sounds like they are placing targets out to the public. If 1 person that is on the list that they super pre notify everyone about is so much as injured, that will be a lawsuit from H E double hockey sticks. I have a bad feeling about this new way they want to do the notification thing for those in that location.

Ughhh, it is a Hit List. Has been for a long time. Random people have looked up random PFRs, gone to their homes, and murdered them (and others sometimes). That’s the Hit List. To my knowledge, there hasn’t been a single lawsuit. It’s an expected, desired feature. As long as we can lie that we are “protecting children”, we can actually get a bunch of people, including children, killed.


It’s amazing how these power tripper’s are always about making it worse for PFR’s , Over the years it gets worse and harder , openly making it punishment . even harming our families , that is real blind justice , Very selective blindness

Hello, this is breaking his constitutional rights by not allowing to move in the house and what the community neighbor’s wine and complain about means they have a part in breaking his right. I understood that the law says you can live within 1000ft to 2000ft of a school depending on which state. So if this home is outside the 2000ft then he can live there and he can sue the county because the judge denied him living there and all the people who protested him moving there can all be sued as well. By public notification all it is doing is pointing to the person with a past offense for everyone to see not just in neighborhood he was going move into but the neighborhood he does move into and vigilantes, then he will get harrassed, vandalize his house, he’s cussed at by strangers, he’ll get in fight because of notification, he may be murdered. Just like some ive heard come home at night go in there house and theres a vigilante inside his house and he’s murdered. My probation officer told me when we were talking bout that you cant have even a bb gun because if it can be modified to use gunpowder its concidered a firearm but he said ” you cant have a firearm but you have the right to protect yourself you like a bat, metal pipe, pepper spray, ect. Plus the government can be sued and some (i think) be arrested for a person with a sex offense conviction that got murdered by a vigilante who looked on the registry to murder that person, thats called ” Indirect Causation” because the government knew vigilantes use the registry to murder people. And didnt take it down makes the gov. also responsible for the persons murder.

Hello i dont see how the gov. can deny housing ouside of the 2000ft. There’s no law that says “if neighbors protest ( wine😭) about the offender moving in the neighborhood then he can be denied the house or move out”. The county and neighbors all be sued for breaking his constitutional rights.

They can do it because SCOTUS was kind enough to say anything having to do with the registry isn’t “punitive”. And if it’s not punitive, then the Constitutional protections don’t really apply. And to boot, there’s nothing in law that requires any future law to be backed by empirical evidence. As long as they say it’s for public safety and include a sliver or rational (our past record), they can do so.

What’s next? Maybe a LED TV-style billboard at every freeway exit showing images (and info) of every registrant in that community??!!🙄

Isn’t it enough that the general public can easily find us via the internet?? 😖

Maybe we should be required to personally hand out our Registry info to everyone on our neighborhood every month??😡

Maybe I can get Russia’s stinky bear hackers to blow up the Registries! 🤣

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