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CHALLENGE MET to Provide Funds to Fight SORNA Regulations. Thanks!

[Thanks to all of you who helped meet our goal to fund our fight SORNA regulations! Of course we encourage all to continue donations to ACSOL so we can expand our fight]

The sum of $1,200 has been provided to ACSOL in the form of a challenge grant in order to fight the federal government’s proposed SORNA regulations. However, the sum comes with strings attached. That is, ACSOL must collect at least $1,200 from others during the next seven days in order to receive the original $1,200.

“We thank the donor of the challenge grant, who has asked to remain anonymous, that has been provided to ACSOL to fight the federal regulations that will cause great uncertainty in the lives of all registrants,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci. “The catch is we will only receive the original $1,200 if others contribute the same or a greater amount this week.”

The federal government issued proposed SORNA regulations in 2020 and ACSOL provided a lengthy, in-depth response to those regulations outlining several violations of the U.S. Constitution as well as existing federal law within the regulations. Subsequent conversations with federal government officials suggest that the regulations will be finalized in some form in 2021. ACSOL is leading an effort comprised of legal professionals to file a series of lawsuits throughout the nation when the regulations become final.

Included in the proposed SORNA regulations are requirements that some individuals register four times a year, report leaving their residence for seven days or more even if they remain in the same state and disclose internet identifiers. As currently written, the proposed regulations would apply to registrants in every state regardless of whether the state in which they live is SORNA compliant.

Donations to ACSOL can be made online using the “Donate” button on the front page of the website and by U.S. mail to ACSOL, 1215 K Street, 17th Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814. Donations must be received by May 10 in order to be counted toward this challenge.

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Now there’s $1,100.00 to go.

Only $1000.00 to go. We can do this.

$1000 to go

Michigan already does this to us and after years of fighting in court, we all see how that ended.

How many times did Ellon Musk fail with space X. He now has the rockets landing in twos and threes at a time. He said with every set back he learned. And didn’t all of us learn endless lessons from our mistakes? We learned about the law, the federal government, the justice system, the registry, about each other, about human nature, we gained vast knowledge of the world through error and failure.

@ Disgusted in Michigan: I’m not sure what “Michigan already does” to you or anyone else, but I assure you these funds are being used to fight for the civil rights of registrants!

Had NARSOL and W.A.R. been communicated with in regards to this challenge?

SORNA is federal; it will affect them, too.

Ok, I am confused, in 2016 California voted to have us give our email address, amongst other things, from what i can remember the ACLU, Janice and another group had a restraining order and ultimately a injunction against the part that required us to give our internet addresses and we beat that one correct? so why are they AGAIN for SORNA asking for that? I understand its just one part of SORNA, but it was FEDERALLY challenged and decided that it was basically unconstitutional!
Something isn’t right????

I think what you’re thinking about was the CA specific law. It went into effect in 2017 and still is around. However, giving your internet identifiers when registering is limited to those convicted in 2017 and later, and only to those who’s crime involved the internet.

This whole SORNA thing is the Federal government and technically would apply to 100% of people across the board regardless of their original conviction date and type of crime.

While the new SORNA seems to indicate it’ll only apply to the states that are SORNA compliant, something about the language seems to make ACSOL and other civil rights groups think the Feds may technically be able to apply it everyone anyway and potentially hold each of us accountable in spite of our states not wanting to do it.

thanks for the response SR! you caught my attention when you quoted
“the new SORNA seems to indicate it will only apply to the states that are SORNA compliant” so that’s some good news right??? SMH!!!

Just donated, thank you to the original donor.

Okay, I donated! 🥳🤗😁👍

$100.00 from me. These horrible regulations will impact all of us. I urge everyone to donate whatever you can. Many thanks to the legal team.

My donation is complete! Go Janice and ACSOL!!

Glad to contribute to the fight

$200 more

Even though New York State removed me from their registry in March of 2016 I will donate and help fight this government abuse

Just sent $100. Hopefully we’re getting close to the threshold!

I don’t think it will matter, but what the hell. Not the 1st time I have given money to a cause I thought was not winnable. Hope I’m surprised this time.

I already sent a $100 last month or so…but I am in also to meet this funding challenge, though only for $50 this time.

Good Luck to Us All, James I

Donated. Thank you for fighting this nonsensical government overreach.. corruption.. patronage job wasteland. Low recidivism and No domestic violence registries. Smh

I just donated $100.

Like many (if not most) of us, I’m poor, but I did make a small donation. If all registrants gave just $5 or $10, ACSOL would have a very large sum of cash to fight these new SORNA laws.

I already said I’m willing to pay what is needed for you guys to take up the constitutional challenge to Family Code 3030. Just tell me what the cost is, when you will be able to fit it into your schedule of cases and I will make as much money available as I can possibly manage. I don’t care if I have to sell my house to get this done. Janice, you have my email.

Just gave $500, hopefully it goes through in the next 24hr. If not I will try again. My family should be on board too, even if it is over the match amount.

Many thanks to all who have made donations to ACSOL during the past 2 days! Donations ranged from $5 to $500 and we truly appreciate each one of them.

This challenge seems to have been an effective tool in getting people to open their pocket books, including yours truly.
I’m sure I’m not the only to notice there are only a handful of regulars on this board despite over 100k registrants in the state and a ~million nationwide. Imagine if 50 or 25% of us participated here and donated. I know the costs of postage, paper and envelopes is expensive when multiplied by 100k, but how about a fun raiser to cover the coat of a direct mail campaign? What about telephone outreach? Maybe too invasive?
If we could get 100k people contributing enough money I’m sure Janice and her team would put it to effective use.

Dear C

If we could get 100,000 people engaged to help funding, we would have 100,000 people engaged enough to actually swing elections…and I wouldn’t care about the money.

100,000 people that would vote for candidates sympathetic to our cause would change the whole world…first California, then organize the other 995,000 across the United States…

This is the ticket and road out of hell for us…actually easy if we could get our people in communication through here or a specific set up voting site.

This is my dream…to change elections through our sheer numbers.

Best Wishes, James I

@C and @James I

Very much so! And, this is exactly why I particularly recommended contacting NARSOL and WAR (ally organizations) on this particular subject.

I think the problem really is that only a handful of people are aware that this site exists. If all registrants, or at least all of California residents would know, we would have a much greater audience and a lot more donations for the cause. Mailing information would be too costly as the stamps alone would exceed $45,000 to reach 100,000 people. In a perfect world, we could have flyers made and one person from each city could post them on doors of registrants. Of course, the addresses would have to be compiled by a family member or friend. On another note, there was a post on another website about a child abuse website in Europe that was taken down, and 4 people have been arrested, most likely those responsible for running the site. It was said there were about 400,000 members. So, that would mean, 400,000 people are sex offenders (caught or not). That gives a pretty good idea that knowing registrants who are on the ML site means absolutely nothing since there are millions who are technically sex offenders. Thoughts?

So actually the postage would be like 1/2 to 2/3 of that because you’d be able to get bulk rate.

I actually learned of this site because i ordered a new passport and when I received it I paged through and saw the endorsement section and was curious what sort of endorsements might be put in a passport. Upon googling about endorsements I learned about IML and it seemed the way it was worded I might fall under the notification piece even though I’m not registered anymore. Doing more research to try figure that out I came across this site.

Little did I know, I would learn that many states would require me to register just for visiting even though I’m no longer required to do do where I live. Nobody told me this and in some cases these states have made these rules since I have no longer been required to register.

So now I’m pretty pissed off about all of this. I always thought that once I wasn’t registered anymore I could put this behind me for good but nope they want me to register again apparently.

Donated! Go slay em Janice and team! Sick of this bs already!

How much is left to make the $1200? I will meet it.

M H,
I am sure that we have met the $1200 however, that is just the beginning. The $1200 challenge was to start the awareness of the need. Donate as much as you can. Much more is needed.

You just have to start standing up for yourself and don’t think anyone will do it for your american asses.

The war is getting hot weather you guys are ready or not.

How so? Seriously, how would that work? How can anyone else know which side you are on, and to what extent? When leaving the meet in Sacramento, some people across the street asked what the meeting was about and what ASOL was. I told them I wasn’t sure. I would never go back to those meeting and so didn’t want to draw heat to the location. Someone else leaving the meeting capped on me about being to afraid to speak up. He didn’t speak up, either of course. So where is the war there? Who is on whose side?

How do we speak seriously knowing everywhere is infiltrated. How to maneuver knowing the man and his agents are everywhere? Submitting child porn as proof for admission would be stupid and miss the point. Maybe submitting proof of registration? Even then, the war could not be illegal if it is going to survive. But tactics could be discussed without being specific.

Back in the mid-2000’s, there was a message board at sexcrimes something or other. This one militant kept saying he would kill registrants if given a chance and he would want to supply the gun if someone was so inclined. He never got specific and never threatened anyone. I thought he could be a concern troll trying to incite. Sure enough, a gunman killed 2 people on the list and looked up 35 more. Maine shutdown its registry for a while. A victory? Around that time, another gunman posed as FBI and killed 2 registrants in Washington State.

Were the gunmen inspired by the troll at the sexcrimes something or other site? That site shutdown right after the killing and I always wondered if the gunmen were inspired there.

So what war? Fire with fire? Trolls v Trolls? Gaslighting vigilantes that Gaslight? This is not the place to discuss it. Maybe the FBI will build a message board where we can talk freely.

$50 from me. Imagine if everybody just auto-donated just $1 a month.

Tom Kelley:

I don’t know which state you are in but things are definately heating up in Michigan. Michigan’s registry has been on hold since February 14, 2020, so registrants have gotten a break for about a year or so thus far and the pot is just warming up.
I joined the army in the 70’s at the end of the Vietnam War. There are two things they don’t teach you in the army, how to retreat and how to surrender.
With vets jumping into the fight it’s going to be a new war. I hope you jump in and join the battle.

I got $25 in my wallet and I would send it through the mail; yet I don’t trust cash being sent. Is it possible to get a money order and send it that way? I know $25 isn’t much, but what will I do with it. Rather see it put to greater use than stuffing my face.

Challenge accepted. Just sent $100

Thanks for all the hard work put in by ACSOL

Thank you everyone! ACSOL has met its goal of raising $1,200. It is because of YOU that we are able to match the challenge grant in only three days. These donations will be used to continue the fight against the federal government’s proposed SORNA regulations. Future donations can and will be used for the same purpose if you indicate that purpose on your check or PayPal donation.

This is great news, Janice.

May I still add my donation and count it towards this project? (I didnt know it was going to be complete so soon, as it is not yet a week later; when I posted this comment.)

Janice any indication from California DOJ if they are going to fight this as well?

Janice is awesome! If it has not been for her. we would have been SQUEEZED. There are many thing she has done. One of them is fighting the living next to playground/school law. I live less than a block from a school. We weren’t even allowed to fish on pier Guess who fought that. Now I have a better job, I m donating much more!!

Maybe our next CHALLENGE GRANT is $100,000?

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