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LA: House committee rejects Louisiana sex offender ID bill due to legal concerns

[ – 5/11/21]

A bill that would require the driver’s license or identification card of sex offenders to carry a special designation was narrowly rejected Tuesday in the House Transportation Committee.

State Rep. Larry Bagley, R-Stonewall, said his proposal was aimed at protecting citizens while also complying with a recent ruling by the state Supreme Court.

The court last year struck down a state law that said IDs for sex offenders had to include the words “SEX OFFENDER” printed in orange.

The measure failed 6-7 after a lengthy discussion.

Critics said the measure would likely be struck down.

“I have a problem with this bill,” said Rep. Mack Cormier, D-Belle Chasse and a member of the committee.

“It is not because I don’t want to protect kids. From a legal standpoint I do not think this would stand up in the U. S. Supreme Court.”

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I can’t imagine the shame, humiliation, and anger that would come about having this stamped on my drivers license, and the many opportunities that it would destroy. Think of all the places you would need to show your ID so you would just not try, like getting a new social security card for employment, renting an apartment, a checking account, just so many things. This would create a far worse situation because even the 95% that wouldn’t normally reoffend would probably be so discouraged they would loose hope of even trying. These people don’t even think, they just react and try to pass these punitive laws.

From a person who has had it on my license for many years, you find ways to get around it. Like using a passport ID card and claim it is to protect personal information. Or buying a wallet that hides the “stamp” on the bottom of the ID. It’s illegal for a business to scan your ID without permission so many places won’t ask for you to take it out of wallet. It became a game of trying to see how long I could go without having to show it. I even had my wife buy a new car in her name to avoid sharing the ID and hopefully avoid the license being flagged if someone was to run the plates while traveling. I’ve handed it over a few times at the casino and you can tell they notice and hurry to hand it back because they could care less. It was a feel good law that does no good and I was the first person at the dmv in my town to get one without a “stamp”. The dmv laddies seemed happy to give me a regular ID. She even stated I know a lot of people are on the list for the stupidest things. Made me smile and now I show people my ID even if I don’t get carded. #winning

I’m confused. How’s marking a driver’s license so that LAW ENFORCEMENT can more easily identify a registrant, in any way helps people be safer?

(Are LEOs [Law Enforcement Officers] frequently victims of sexual assault by registered (s)ex offenders?? Who knew!? 😳)

No. They are usually the ones doing the assualting…

How does ANY of what we experience keep people safer. And don’t forget , anytime you need to show that piece of I.D., the person viewing it would be made aware of your status.

But the nominating politician will get credit for trying anyway and others too for voting for it while those who opposed may be castigated despite the court’s opinion and logic saying a marking doesn’t do a thing for LE or parents. Someone wants a gold smiley face to crow about their brand of justice with this idea. Small minded people.

(Sad, but very true. 🙄)

I cannot understand what would possible justify placing such a marker/identifier on a DL or ID.
Is a potential victim supposed to ask to see an ID before being victimized?? Is that something that typically occurs? Do schools and parents typically teach kids, “If someone tries to touch you in a way that seems strange or makes you feel uncomfortable, be sure to ask that person for an ID.”

This is purely intended as harassment and further punishment. There is no reasonable justification whatsoever! 😡

(Couldn’t reCaptcha ask me to identify the Warhol or the Caravaggio?)

It’s not even that. The article states the marker is for law enforcement agents, not citizens. So it makes even less sense to the purpose of it. Are cops going to randomly ID people? Are they going to give a pass to someone doing something shady as long as they don’t have the marker? Is the person being a registrant relevant during routine traffic stop, one of the only times where a person would be showing their ID to a cop?

When LE asks for the ID/DL, they should recognize the marking immediately and then be sure to double check current registration status of the holder when they run the holder’s name.

Why not just have it in computer data base for more accuracy. As soon as they run your license it would come back as it does for those with outstanding warrants.

The registration information should be in the database already (probably is) making the ID/DL Marker a moot item but you know how busy they are with everything they have to do when detaining someone. They can’t be expected to remember everything, can they?! Their job has to be made easier of course.

So law enforcement should apply extra scrutiny b/c a person’s license has a identifier on it? Unequal treatment is not okay.

I hear you that extra scrutiny of one who has a ID/DL marker to check on registration status is unequal. Whoever said the holder gets things equal in this country anymore?

My DL doesn’t have it and I was asked one time during a stop about it so I know the data is seen to LE during a data run.

I live in Oklahoma and we have it on our driver’s license [edited by moderators]. We have to renew annually at our cost. It is quite humiliating, to the point where I have my wife do the things that require showing my dl.

This would not be OK (sorry) with me and I’d move. Why do you continue to live there?


The OK case was a pro se case challenging the marker when the guy left things on the table he should’ve challenged initially. If you’re willing and able, then maybe you can pick up the torch using existing precedent to get it removed.

Next thing to come will be having “someone on the hit list has entered the building. Currently in aisle 4 checking out beans. Please be advised.”

At least condoms are used for protection; hit lists don’t protect anyone.

Nah, before that happens I think facial recognition systems will simply close the door on your face as an automated voice bellows. “We don’t serve your kind in here.”

Isn’t the future fun, kids?

well, to be fair, at least they stopped it. I know it is not much but at least some of them are “trying” to follow scotus ruling.

This is the government trying to apply more punishment to their enemies the DOJ is laughing at sex offenders in America right now in they know sex offenders are a bunch of pushovers and to afraid to stand for themselves. They also believe sex offenders are a bunch of child molester who pray on lilittle kids so they dont have any sympathy or remorse when they rape and molest sex offenders civil rights for decades and if people don’t start organizing and lobbying against theses law makers its only gonna get worse

Good luck 😈

Maybe the problem is aholes who think there should be Registries and sex offenders? Maybe that is the problem and not “government”?

In the land of Sunshine and Red Tide, Florida puts the statue on Hit List members labeled offender and Sex Predator in Bold letters if one is labeled a predator. Talk about humiliation all based on what’s in your past. If you aren’t currently doing something you aren’t an offender; you offended. Politicians keep offending our rights while say nothing on Rep. Matt Gaetz or Jim Jordan. People who are blind probably could see the truth compared to this azzhats.

Did I read this right–in Louisiana anyone under 18 convicted of a sex crime goes on Tier 3? Because their crimes were against children?

So many problems with this. First, if the state supreme court already struck it down previously, why is the state trying to pass it again? Second, “to make it recognizable to law enforcement”. Are people so stupid that they don’t think the cops are going to know if someone is a registered person once he runs the ID through the system? Third, its supposed to “protect children”. How? I’m sure a registered person who is planning to do harm to a child is going to whip out his ID and show it to the kid first before being abducted and assaulted. Give me a break.
I’m so sick and tired of this “protect kids” mentality. Having a marked ID, being on a registry, etc. protects NO ONE and does NOT prevent crime.

Louisiana should try not being at the bottom in everything category ranking the states. Some things are more important than propaganda especially in the bayous.

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