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TN: Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, U.S. Marshals Service, and TBI team up for Operation Rock & Roll targeting people listed on registry

[ – 5/24/21]

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Sheriff Floyd Bonner, Jr. is pleased to announce the May 21 conclusion of an immensely successful operation with the United States Marshals Service and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, which focused on a two-week Sex Offense Registry compliance and fugitive warrant operation named, “OPERATION ROCK & ROLL”.

“The Marshals Service was proud to partner with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office and TBI on this sex offense registry compliance and fugitive operation,” said U.S. Marshal Tyreece Miller. “Safe communities are a priority for the Marshals, and we will continue to answer the call for assistance.”

Week One, May 10-14, focused on the compliance of people registered for a sexual and violent sexual offense who report to the Sheriff’s Office for updates and mandatory annually or quarterly reporting.  Teams searched for these registered people who had absconded from the registry with warrants issued by their reporting agencies (Bureau of Prisons and Parole, SCSO, or Memphis PD).

Week Two, May 17-20, focused on people with sexual and violent sexual offenses who had absconded from the registry and had warrants, or individuals who had warrants for their arrest for sexual and violent sexual offenses who had not reported to court and were not yet on the registry.

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Wow what in God’s name are they targeting registered citizens for now? simply because they’re on the registry and have reasonable speculation that these registrants might possibly commit another crime? This is nothing new.

The answer to your question is in the title. TARGETING

Notice the sheriff keep using the word proud. That indicates he is concerned about something, The crime rate in cities in Tennessee is soaring, drug use is epidemic, homelessness out of control, unemployment is high, and many citizens are frustrated, so this is a desperate attempt to make it look like something is happening. I’m thinking the sheriff is an elected position, so anytime a poitician is low IQ, uninspired, has no vision for the future and no real answers they like to scream “Sex Offender” from the roof top. That is always a good way to put fear in the masses and garner a few votes.

No, they do not “have reasonable speculation that these registrants might possibly commit another crime”. In fact, they have exactly the opposite of that. But facts and reality aren’t important to Registry Supporters/Terrorists.

This is nothing but a PR stunt that is designed to prop up their “sex offender” business. They need to show activity in order to justify fleecing taxpayer dollars. They need to show activity to try to gain support to grow big government bigger. Just a PR stunt. Advertising. If it weren’t, they would do what the rest of us normal people do and simply do our jobs. But they can’t. They have to advertise it in the media in order to try to get a bigger dumb cult following.

Every time I read one of these I realize even more, if that is even possible (!!!), that these criminal regimes and their law enforcement criminals are the worst enemies of Americans. They are the biggest harassers and the biggest ongoing threat and danger to good Americans. So we simply must wage war on them.

I’m always planning for the future as well. I need to plan for what I will do if I get a terminal disease or grow so old that life isn’t that important for me any longer. I think the best thing that I might be able to do in this war is to transfer all of my assets, far in advance, to other people, and then disappear. I’d like to see how much money I can cost these criminals should they decide to look for me. I would hope that I would be quite good at it and could cost them millions over my remaining years. I’d love to find out. That would be one of the more polite ways that I could exit the Registry harassment scheme. I’ve certainly considered many more scenarios.

I got something in the middle for these azzhats, my middle finger telling them to F off

So basically they went around busting people who were allready busted what a waste of time and money
Why dont the U.S Marshall’s go around to ramdum people’s houses and bring awareness to family’s about the consequences of abusing children and let children know that their not alone and 90% of children that are abused are abused by someone in their home.
That would be more affect then driveing around looking for people who are already busted

Good luck 😈

These official press releases are always carefully worded to have the greatest propaganda impact. The reason is simple: to justify the operation. Usually the wording is limited to the number of arrests in the abstract. Here it is detailed, but just as murky. What actually happened? Some registrants were arrested and some who were not registrants were arrested, meaning some who were never convicted at all. So I looked at some of the charges and “Especially Aggravated Sexual Exploitation of a Minor” looked dangerous. While it is true this crime on its face can upset the public, there is also this:

“(e) In a prosecution under this section, the state is not required to prove the actual identity or age of the minor.”

They play with a stacked deck. Bottom line, we don’t know who was arrested for what and if there will ever be a conviction, and even if there is a conviction, the minor may not be a minor. Evidently, for this offense, the government is allowed to guess at the age and that is good enough for government work. Would the readers of the press release support this? Probably not, but most readers will never suspect or have reasonable doubts.

Sounds to me like this is law enforcement shouting to the public “see, we are needed, don’t defund us”.

So… 10 people arrested for no actually doing anything illegal. Something that no other group of convicts have to do.

Then they arrested 60 people for not registering, but not actually doing something illegal. And 22 people who were arrested for actually committing a crime weren’t on the registry.

Out of over 400 people, not a single registrant was arrested for actually committing a crime as far as what a “crime” would be considered for literally anyone else.

The entire system is trash.

Exactly! Unfortunately, too many people who read this don’t understand that reality. Let us all be frightened by the non-compliant predator who is now dead.

Dead people are dangerous though, haven’t you seen Night of the Living Dead or Walking Dead. Scary they are after brains; yet must in our society don’t use theirs.

That’s awesome that families of registrants who died get unexpected visits from the police! And given that any registrant could fake their own death (and some have), I’m sure
the police demand proof of death, which is a super nice thing to do to a grieving family and absolutely not something a state’s department of vital statistics would already know making the entire enterprise fully redundant and wasteful!

I’ve requested to everyone who knows me that they never, ever speak to LE about me for any reason. I have been on the Hit List for over 2 decades and I don’t think that anyone ever has. I’d be extremely shocked to find out otherwise.

All PFRs should request the same of anyone they know. Don’t help these criminal regimes with their Hit Lists and don’t pretend they are legitimate. If you have a person in your life that won’t agree to that and follow it, I’d get them out. I’m not having that around me. I’m not going to have any relationship with anyone who thinks the Hit Lists are acceptable. I’m certainly not going to have any type of relationship or ongoing communications with LE. I’ll never talk to them.

The criminal regimes say that I’m a problem so I’m going to ensure that is true.

“Operation… targeting sex offenders”. Well, that pretty much sums it up: Targeting. Do they “target” individuals convicted of domestic violence? Convicted DUI drivers? Anyone convicted of anything else?? Nope, only those who were previously convicted of sexual offenses. Being ‘targeted” by law enforcement, being targeted by vigilantes, etc. 😡
Asshat law enforcement act like they’re doing something truly worthwhile rather than the reality: wasting lots of tax payer money just checking people’s addresses. 😡

A little hard work never hurt anybody, except in law enforcement and politicians. checking out addresses
, pretending to be minors and being a nosy harassing cop must be a very hard job. Politicians are all afraid of the truth exposure of their agendas.

Time to force out the real criminals in law enforcement and politicians.

Curious how it takes two (2) LEOs working in collaboration down ng the same job in the same jurisdiction. Precisely what you expect to see in an authoritarian police state. Turns out it is getting to be a common theme in the USA. wasteful government.

@ Tim in WI: Actually, this “immensely successful” operation only required three law enforcement agencies to pull off! That’s just a few dozen cops for every registrant whose address they decided to check. Yes, indeed, pat yourselves on the back! (Better yet, pat yourselves on the butt then charge yourselves with sexual assault! You can each be each other witnesses!! 🙄)

What a waste of time and money doing these fear mongering sweeps. Oh no someone forgot to tell big government the color of their shoes; while real crime might happen. Do they ever give a damn about people moving on and leaving them alone. This isn’t Nazi Germany… Yet it’s getting close!!!

Operation taking freedom from citizens while targeting people on the hit list first!!

They touted this as compliance checks but closer reading indicates they only went after people who had missed re-registration and had outstanding warrants. They apparently didn’t just go down the list of everyone on the registry, as we’ve normally experienced.

Week One, May 10-14, focused on the compliance of registered sexual and violent sexual offenders who report to the Sheriff’s Office for updates and mandatory annually or quarterly reporting. Teams searched for these registered sexual offenders who had absconded from the registry with warrants issued by their reporting agencies (Bureau of Prisons and Parole, SCSO, or Memphis PD).

(Emphasis added.)

The whole topic of registration aside, this “highly successful” Operation was nothing more than a warrant sweep that LE likes to do to great effect in the media. Given how beaten down and out of favor LE and LEOs are right now, I say expect much more of this showmanship to change the narrative off of “white cop kills black citizen.”


A total of six arrests are made during sex offender compliance operation in Rancho Cucamonga
Deputies made a total of six arrests, which included one arrest for a misdemeanor warrant, two arrests for violating the terms of their parole / probation, and two arrests for possessing narcotics.

Talk about throwing money and resources down the drain!!

What about taking that money and resources and doing a sweep of “drug dealers”. Nope! Too much work for that one. Easier to take a list of people that have served their time and go give them a hard time instead.

Be honest, if the title said something like “Targeting Drug Dealers” there would be far less click-thrus.

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