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TX: [UPDATED] 3 on the run in Texas City murder of man who was reportedly a registered sex offender

UPDATED STATUS: Sex offender status may have contributed to Texas City beating death, police say [ – 5/29/21]

[ – 5/24/21]

TEXAS CITY, Texas (KTRK) — As Texas City police search for three people on the run after a 65-year-old man was beaten to death, details are emerging about what could have led to the attack, including the victim’s past conviction for indecency with a child.

Police already have 30-year-old Christopher Daniel Gomez in custody for the murder of Daniel Sanders, who investigators say was jumped outside of Diamond Jim’s Country Saloon and Dance Hall just after midnight Saturday.

According to police, Gomez and three others are charged in the attack. The other suspects being sought are Antonio Marcus Figueroa, 37; Ashton Lee Coleman, 21; and Preston Figueroa, 17.

Investigators believe the three have begun skipping town, possibly for outside Texas or the U.S.

Gomez was taken into custody and is being held at the Galveston County Jail on $250,000 bond.

Texas City Crime Stoppers is now offering up to a $5,000 reward on each suspect for information leading to their arrest.

Read the full article [oddly, the raw footage video has no commentary]


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Government sponsored murder of people forced to register is something that you think happens in a third country. This country has completely started to deteriorate and it’s a damn shame. People need to open up their eyes before we all lose our freedoms.

Welcome to Nazi America and we as a society have allowed to happened. We never thought it could happen here and have looked the other way because it didn’t personally happen to us. Targets have changed but the hatred of today’s witch remains the same. We can’t learn from history if we are afraid of the truth because of the things society fears, is a sick one.

And that is why the registry HAS to be abolished, or at most only viewable by Law Enforcement. This is becoming more and more the norm, like hate crimes. The public site is not always accurate and people see an offense listed but don’t realize it’s been decades at time. It is a HIT LIST, nothing else. Every smart person can keep their children safe through education, and that included that stranger danger is not what needs to be worried about. The kids have to use common sense and caution with anyone, including teachers, family members, coaches, priests, and the list goes on. Common sense, education and vigilance goes a long way. I would like to see a percentage of how many registrants and/or their family members (including kids) have been harmed or harassed because of the public site. When will this madness stop?

Big Tech Politicians: We can utilize the database driven infrastructure to provide protection to and for the people!

Realist: Nothing could make the people’s sovereignty more vulnerable.

Phone scammers are targeting Registrants.
TN Sheriff Rock n’ Roll is “targeting” Registrants.
And murderers are targeting Registrants.
I’m relieved to know my “CostCo membership” is a harmless regulatory scheme.🙄 (Sarcasm intended.)

This is a big reason I don’t often leave my house in the last few years since this country has gone off the rails. I’ve had people shoot guns next to my house, newspapers lighted on fire and tossed on my porch, car windshield broken and two of my house windows broken by thrown marbles. I felt safer in jail than I am at home.

House egged 4 times cars vandalized. Take pics and hold on to them

Dont be afraid crazy people are everywhere nobody’s safe in America.
Law Enforcement is only there to scrape up dead bodies after the fact, they love investigation they’ll let a drug dealer sale drugs for 25 years before they decide to arrest him or they’ll let a guy drive 5 hours before they decide to arrest him in their little sting operations or they’ll let mexican and black gangs go to war for years killing each other in southern californian with out arresting top known gang members.
Basically you gotta be prepared to defend yourself at all timez Megan’s Law has carved a scarlet letter in the middle of your forehead you never know who might show up on your door step trying to kill you

Good luck 💀

Lake – But if you call the cops to complain, I am sure they come running to protect you like they should, right? We are getting more and more stories about the harm that is being done due to being on the registry. Why can’t we file a mass action suit? I have brought this up before. A class action might not work because we are not a protected class, but a mass action suits is for those groups who endure suffering by the numbers,

Good point , there is always a constant threat . and if you defend yourself or your property , the cops always take the treats side here . they took me to jail for protecting my significant other and truck , and was assaulted from the front and the back , and kicked while I was down pepper sprayed , and then the cops arrived and they jumped on me and messed up my shoulder , and every charge they levied against me were against the officers that had nothing to with being ganged up on , the officers , just went and talked to the 1’s that assaulted me and then came over and stated with the whole stand like this and I could hardly see because of the pepper spay before they even showed up . I lost my balance and they tackled me , when they put me in the car one cop told me I meed to know my place , and I said , I am suppose to just let them win right ? and he said I should feel lucky they arrested me because those guys don’t like loosing ! when we were walking up to the jail house door , the same cop said now just shut your mouth and He would talk with them “The Attackers” and they might let it go , then I was processed and crammed into a bull pin , no money for bond , was in jail for the weekend , went to court and took the plea and paid out $400,00 over the next 3 months , so if you don’t have the incident on video your self , no one else will for you , they still broke my wind shield, So beware , as we are all aware there are 2 sets of laws , 1 for the thug , and 1 for the prisoner for the unjust state ,

$5000? If that had been anyone other than a sex offender, the reward would be 10x that.

In Los Angeles, there’s currently a $300,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a road rage shooter who killed a 6-year-old child. $300,000 vs. $5,000.

The registry is basically an online shooting gallery. Pick your target and go after one. Wouldn’t be surprised they were giving more prizes for bigger felonies. Shoot a molester, win a trip for two to Hawaii.

▶️▶️ UPDATE ◀️◀️
More assailants arrested.

(Will charges also be filed against the government’s SOR “Hit List”?? 😡)

Will these thugs be charged with a hate crime and misuse of the Hit List resulting in homicide? These cases of murder of people forced to register needs to land on the laps of Supreme Court and Congress.

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