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FL: Flagler County adds new restrictions on where sexual offenders can reside

[ – 6/8/21]

The Flagler County Commission has enacted new restrictions on where sexual offenders or predators may reside, increasing safety buffers around places where children are known to gather.

The commission voted 5-0 in favor of the new regulations during its June 7 meeting after Sheriff Rick Staly spoke in favor of the additional limits.

The county’s existing ordinance had barred sexual predators from residing within 1,000 feet of schools, daycare centers, parks or playgrounds. The commission’s June 7 vote adds school bus stops, libraries, churches and subdivisions’ private recreational open spaces and facilities to the list and increases the buffer from 1,000 feet to 2,500 feet, or just under half a mile.

“The state of Florida law says a minimum of 1,000,” Staly said. “2,500 feet makes it a lot better — safer, in my opinion — for the kids.”

Commissioner David Sullivan noted that if you draw a 2,500-square-foot circle around every bus stop, school, library, church, park or playground, there isn’t much land left.

“It doesn’t bother me,” Sullivan said, “but I’m just saying that that’s a pretty significant area.”

Staly said the 2,500-foot-limit was recommended by his staff.

“Maybe if we make it legally difficult, they’ll move to a different county,” Staly said. “I’d just as soon they not be here at all, but unfortunately I can’t control that.”

The Sheriff’s Office will draw up a map of the places where sexual offenders are permitted to reside under the amended ordinance.



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Oh Florida. Always more and greater restrictions. Always more cruelty.

Florida. Enough said.

just like joining the price club as long as you don’t live near it! Janice Florida needs you please!!!

I agree. Florida needs me or someone like me. I will reach out today to my colleagues in Florida to see if they would like my help.

This article names an attorney who has a problem with the ordinance and has fought similar laws in another county:
Flagler County commission approves new distance restrictions for sex offenders (

Attorney John Holzbaur, with the Law Offices of Randy Reep, is the atty who has fought this type of law previously.

This restriction is more about saving property values in today’s hot market than it is about saving one child and the sheriff knows it. Probably has a house or a deputy has a house that needs the higher value for being sold today. Unless he has data the proves the 1,000 ft is not enough, this is also a vote getter action for re-election if he is up for it.

I agree with Jimmy Kimmel that Florida is America’s North Korea…

So he clearly admits the goal is outright banishment? Can such public statements be used in a lawsuit?

Professor Ira Ellman wrote an illuminating analysis regarding unconstitutional animus in registry laws. No inference of animus is necessary in this case as the county commissioner was very direct.


He would make a great hood ornament on one of those hillbilly trucks they drive around. But just his head……………

I’m so glad all these new rules and laws are being enacted, because it will obviously put and end to all sex crimes, just like having laws against killing people have put and end to all murders. (written in a sarcastic tone).

Sheriffs are supposed to enforce laws not state their positions on issues. Sheriff Staley wants to kick people out of his county. I’ll raise him 1000 Ill be boycotting the state of Florida. Florida needs to stop following Nazi Germany with all their hate. Most people I know hate Florida because of the weather and how they treated me when I lived there.

So long Florida I’ll continue to watch the fall off the cliff. Obviously you don’t believe in safety you believe in banishment!!

Sheriffs do, unfortunately, have influence upon laws.

All LE has influence on laws as do others in the justice system who get fed people from LE actions.

Not fall off a cliff, but sink into a hole. I cheer every time I hear a home or business in one of these communities disappear. I have zero empathy for them when a hurricane hits or a flood happens. Let covid sweep through the state like a plague. Life has a way of balancing out. Hell, they’re stuck with trump now………

Yep this is how they can keep sex offenders from living in their nice middle class neighborhoods politicians, District Attorneys and Law enforcement agency out there in Florida are making alot of money off of policing sex offenders
Everytime A state needs money they just put their boot on the necks of sex offenders and apply pressure and at the same time it makes them look good in the public’s eye
The real reason why Florida politicians are so hard on sex offenders is because Florida is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world they have people coming from every part of the world on any given day.
Can you imagine how detrimental that would be for the state of Florida if one of their sex offenders kidnapped raped and murdered an innocent child while on vacation from the United Kingdom.

Good luck ✌😎

Ron Book and Rep. Matt Gatez are bigger threats to Florida communities than someone on the everlasting punishment ride of hell. FAC better get organized and fight like hell putting pressure on Florida’s lawmakers knowing if they continue to pass bs laws they will be court rooms soon.

Thank goodness for Janice and ACSOL. When I got released several years back we had several restrictions in our area. There was hardly anywhere for me to live. But one by one Janice sued them and won every one of them. Now there are basically no residency restrictions other than for extreme cases.

Janice- Florida calls. If you could tear down just one of these draconian restrictions, you could tear them all down just like Calif, and probably make a very good living doing it!

Sorry, but she’s ours. Get your own.

Email I sent to that county commissioner

”I just want to say thank god you set registrant restrictions for living. Now there is more room for all your Meth addicts, DUI drivers, domestic abusers, drug dealers, and other felons to reside without worrying about some misdemeanor internet abuser taking up precious space in your back woods, hillbilly ass community! “

Law markers need to watch out for the laws they pass cause it could bite they own family members in the ass!! Down the road.. Putting people on a hit list. Once they payed their time and money to be free. So they can get back in society and show people they have learned not to do the same crime again. Just shows the justice system is a lie and his no back bone. Like i said before if someone is that dangerous they need to be locked up. Not have a list. Unless the list is to scare the public. Like the stay at home moms. Who have nothing but to cry wolf.

Next thing the sheriff and commissioners will complain about is the rise in homelessness. If only they had a brain, but that’s an insult to brains. I wouldn’t want to be in the head of a harasser and ignorant azzhat.

“Maybe if we make it legally difficult, they’ll move to a different county,” Staly said. “I’d just as soon they not be here at all, but unfortunately I can’t control that.”

That’s just a low-key way of saying: “we’d shoot’em if murder was legal.”

Last edited 12 days ago by Facts should matter

Most cops are scumbags. But I’m supposed to care when they get shot? Too funny.

The Hit Lists have made cops an enemy of all moral Americans.

@Will Allen
I have a quick question.
You’re in Georgia I’m semi-new to the state and looking to start buying property what counties should I avoid, the ones who can’t just let us live our live, I plan on getting a few property’s to rent out.

Michael W:
If you are on the registry and seeking to buy property in Georgia, a good case to keep in mind is Mann v Georgia DOC, 653 SE 2d 740 (2007).

I haven’t personally lived in any counties that I would consider worse than the others. All of them operate outside the law. You just have to keep them away from yourself and your family.

If it were me, I don’t think I’d even worry about it. Even if I was considering infamous Butts County where they tried to stick signs in front of your yard warning about the “danger” (they really are just campaign signs for the stupid, crooked sheriff). I would live and do what I want and keep them away.

If you really cared, you could live in Fulton County. I know they are too busy with actual real crimes to be able to spend much time trying to harass Hit List families. I have businesses in Fulton and I’ve seen a criminal law enforcement officer there maybe 2 times in about 20 years. Even their fake “monitoring” for PR is not very active there.

If I were you, I’d live where I liked. But I would do what I do and not let them come around except perhaps once per year and only on my terms. All you have to do is block off your property and never respond to them. They’ve called me before and asked me to call them back. I never do unless I just feel like it. If they ever left a note or card at my address, I would never respond to that. There is no need for them to become accustomed to you responding. If you can’t keep them away from your home or work I think I would hire an attorney to tell them to never contact me and that all communications must go through him/her. If they tried to go around that, I’d simply ignore them.

Regarding the properties, I have a business that owns each property and a holding company/business for all those. I tell law enforcement that I own/work for the single business and what it does (i.e. it owns other business that do a lot of different things). I tell them nothing else. I certainly don’t tell them the locations of any of the properties.

Lastly, I will say that I only had much experience with counties that have large populations. They have to be more efficient with their handling of the Hit Lists. So I expect it is easier to make appointments for updates or whatever else. They don’t have a single person that can just be an ahole if they like. If you live in a small area, I imagine you might end up having to deal with real some dipshits.

Will Allen: I live in a differnent state in the middle of the USA.
The police used to come 4 times a year and bang as hard as they can with their billy club on my steal front door (putting dents in it), rather than press the door bell button. If I didn’t answer they would place a big bright orange sticker that seemed to have a permanant adheasive on the front door and another one on the side of my roadside mailbox. They said to everyone within a half mile that the SEX OFFENDER APREHENSION UNIT OF THE POLICE had been there. The lettering was bigger than most street signs and reflective. It would take me hours to clean those off using a razor blade and solvent. If I answered the door they would shout at the top of their voices at me so that they could be sure that every neighbor within half a mile could hear everything.

I solved this problem by putting up a solid fence, 12 feet away from the front door with a gate that was indistinguishable from the fence so that it looked like there was no gate. I placed a door bell button on the ooutside of the fence and made it loud enough that the person pressing the button knew that it was sounding. The fence material does not accept stickey things, they just fall off and blow away. I installed several HD cameras in such a way that the police would see all of them looking at them from different angles. I placed an obvious prominant microphone. All but once a year I ignore the police as if I am not home. When I do come to the door, I just stand inside the house and smile at them from 12 feet away. They sheepishly say “your not going to answer any of our questions, are you?” I smile again and close the door. They get back in their cars and drive away.

I live in a town of about 150,000 people. The police are the worst people. They are pure evil. They issue bogus traffic tickets, plant evidence, sexually molest people they claim to be searching because they fear for their lives, even though they have other officers pointing guns at their victims heads. When charged or arrested for anything I always challenge them to jury trial and I always win a “not guilty” because of video evidence. But there are no attorneys here that will take on acusing the police of misconduct. They all say that would be a no win situation for everyone and would put me and the attorney in much greater danger.

So how am I suposed to react when I hear another cop was shot and killed? Or that the local police department is having trouble recruiting new officers. Your comment reminded me of this.

Sounds like you dealt with the tyrants well. I’m surprised that anyone would put up with something like that. But I think that may all go back to what people expect in life. If you lived in some countries at some times, this type of activity would surely be seen as very calm and you’d be happy that at least your whole family wasn’t dragged into the street and possibly executed. So there is a whole continuum of insanity that governments have and do inflict upon people.

But for me, I have very high standards for my family’s lives these days. None of the Hit Lists is acceptable in any way. Not a single thing. If I have to do a single thing that is “extra” (and that is not even imposed on lifelong, career criminals!!), then I’m going to retaliate. I know some people are happy to just not be imprisoned. But that’s not even a consideration for me. If I’m ever arrested, let alone anything beyond that, there will be hell to pay. They will continue to be incapable of inflicting enough consequences on me to compensate for what will happen.

Law enforcement where I live has a similar situation as you describe in that they have a very difficult time keeping employees. They actually advertise and beg for employees. Most decent people won’t work for/with them. So guess who they end up with? It is unfortunate but I can’t fix it.

“People” who support Hit Lists are real scumbags. They are nothing but low-esteem harassers who aren’t capable of minding their own business.

Florida does have a stand your ground law, so someone could use lethal force if they felt threatened.

I was reading an article about the upcoming hurricane season. The predictions are for an active and strong season. I am praying for a category 5+ to hit Florida. Scrub it clean from state line to Miami Dade.

A great idea, except RPs won’t be allowed to enter any shelters from the storms, because they might rape kidnap, rape, and molest all the children who are there with the parents.

I am raising a family in my home in FL. Including small children, the elderly, and those with special needs.

So I will pray for your category 5+ hurricane to hit you instead of us. 🙏

Warpath, may I join your little prayer circle? 🙏🏻

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