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MD: Who is Meredith Martin? Ex-teacher acquitted of sex abuse after student lied

Source: 6/15/21

ARUNDEL COUNTY, MARYLAND: A former Arundel County, Maryland, high school teacher, has been acquitted of charges of having sex with a student after it was found that the victim who made the allegations lied years ago while under oath in court.

Meredith Susan Barry Martin, 39, who was also a former biology teacher at South River High School, was found not guilty of five counts of having intercourse while in a position of authority, one count of unnatural or perverted practice, and sex abuse of a minor. She was also found not guilty on five counts of sexual offense by a person in authority.

Victim lied under oath

Before the jury at Anne Arundel County Circuit Court deliberated and returned with a not guilty verdict, Thomas Morrow, Martin’s attorney, said in his closing statements that the student who accused his client of sexual abuse had lied under oath in court. “My job is to try and test a witness’ credibility, recollection and establish they aren’t telling the truth,” Morrow said. “I was able to establish the student wasn’t telling the truth.” He pointed out that every witness who testified on Martin’s behalf said she was a “caring teacher.”

Morrow also slammed the prosecutors, saying that he knew they would try to tarnish his client’s credibility. Prosecutors Maria Stamidis and Katherine Smeltzer, both assistant state attorneys, on the other hand, argued in their closing statements that Martin abused her power as a teacher. “This is not a situation he could enter into willingly and he had to confront a trusted person, who was once his favorite teacher,” Stamidis said. She also told the jury that Martin prepared for the case so much that she knew how to respond to her attorney’s questions before he asked them. “She is a teacher, she is used to educating and she was trying to educate the courts on how great she is,” Stamidis said.

Who is Meredith Martin?

Martin, who hails from Davidsonville, worked in Anne Arundel County Public Schools from 2007 to 2019. She also taught special education and science at Chesapeake High School from 2007 to 2012. After that, she worked as a science teacher at South River High School. She has not been employed by Anne Arundel County Public Schools since July 2019.

After a student submitted a written statement to the Anne Arundel County school board claiming they had several sexual encounters in the Davidsonville and Edgewater area, Martin was charged in February 2020. The student told police he was 16 at the time he had sex with Martin three or four times while she was his biology teacher between November and December 2018.

Denying the charges, Morrow said that his client drove the student home because it was a cold day. On another occasion, she let him drive her car in order to help teach him how to drive. He added that the prosecution was building a case to ruin his client’s life and that there was never any inappropriate sexual contact between the suspect and the victim.

According to Stamidis, the student originally held back from saying anything because that was something that was agreed upon between him and Martin. It was why it took the victim a year to admit what happened, Stamidis claimed. The prosecutors also stressed the fact that the student had nothing to gain from lying and that he did not make up his story.


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Even in today’s scorched earth policy against those who are accused, a good lawyer will do their job to protect their client in court. However, the accuser will get sympathy for the rest of his life and say the system was not fair or just in the end.

I suspect it will be the accuser’s parents who whine about “failed justice”, not the accuser himself (as the complaint was probably from the parents in the first place).
Just my thoughts.

Kids lie? Nah, I can not believe it.- Child Victim’s Advocate

Those prosecutors should be disbarred and never practice law again.

Other people are making the point too.

It’s the same thing when law enforcement believe they have the right person while the evidence points to another. Just because you want something to be true doesn’t mean it is.

I had two therapists. One was a great one that I owe the world too. The other you could tell this was one of the first gigs that she could get. I’ll never forget what she said to me one day. “Teenagers cannot be manipulative. Their brains aren’t developed enough to manipulate others.” Of course anyone who’s been a teenager knows that’s bullcrap and that teens lie and manipulate often. I hope anyone that is falsely accused, is somehow able to rebuild their life.

A teenager can’t be manipulative? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
I have an 18 year old, who is a great kid, who did her fair share of manipulation. I also have an 8 year old and she is the same way her older sister was years ago. Obviously your former therapist was a perfect angel growing up and never did anything wrong.

Oof. Teens might not be good at it due to lack of experience, but they absolutely try to manipulate people. Even little kids do to try and get what they want. We laugh all the time when my little nephew tries to do it. Hell, kids crying to get what they want is the very first form of manipulation we all learn; baby cries, mommy buys.

Kids today are smarter than when kids were kids when I was a kid. More is available to them for learning from including how to manipulate a situation for their gain. If brain maturation is the only point to their argument, scientifically that is correct, but realistically, don’t be so sure. Thus, the quandary to charge them as adults or minors when they commit a crime they know better than to commit.

Hell, 3yr olds manipulate their parents everyday! Little girls will smile and hug daddy to get out of trouble with mommy. Children are the best manipulators on the planet because we want to believe they are innocent. It’s the ultimate deception. Ask any parent.

Me thinks that therapist was, herself, a manipulative child and conned her way into that job.

Yeah there was definitely something sexual going on between these two she was just very careful how she went about the situation.
She made sure that if he ever told anyone about their relationship it would be her word against his and with no witnesses no DNA evidence the defense lawyers easily painted a picture of reasonable doubt.
In most cases like this there’s letters or text messages or students and staff members noticing the two engaging in inappropriate behavior but Meredith was way to clever for any of that.
The prosecutor’s in this case were pissed off she outsmarted the system they know she did it but couldn’t prove it

Good luck 🥵

She’s innocent till proven guilty. And if the prosecution couldn’t close the case in a culture and system that’s so heavily sided with the accuser that should tell you something about the merits of the defendant.

AERO1, I really hope you are joking or being ironic. This woman was accused and acquitted primarily because this boy lied under oath. Juries generally have a severe bias against a defendant in these cases. Guilty until proven guilty is the norm. This is a huge obstacle for the defense to overcome. The evidence, or lack of it, must have been overwhelming.


I’d say “guilty until formally stated guilty”. I wouldn’t say “proven” because that is not required.

Good point.

Put the little shit in jail for 6 months and let him think about the life he tried to ruin.

What if the teen put the moves on his teacher and she rejected his advances; so lied saying she sexual assaulted him?

Kids lie? When the police raided our house on the morning of…they down right told me, no they shouted at me to my face, “Kids don’t lie especially about about sexual assault.” Well..I’m sure we all know that police do lie…and so here we are, It is very lucky indeed that this teacher was able to get an outcome like this then get freed due to a kid proven to have lied.

Last edited 5 months ago by Gwen

She groomed and seduced him then gave him the cold shoulder for a year broke his heart he felt used got mad and exposed her

The End

No it’s not Carlos – you weren’t there. Stop making stuff up. There’s more than enough BS in this world already.

Here’s a dumb thought – require supporting evidence of the accusation. Ideally something more than other people’s opinions.

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