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TX: Man sentenced to 40 years in prison for failing to register

[Source: – 6/10/21]

GALVESTON, Texas – A man has been sentenced to 40 years in prison by a Galveston County jury after he failed to register on the sex offense registry, according to the Galveston County Criminal District Attorney.

Thomas Lee Alexander, III was required to register with local law enforcement because of a 1995 conviction for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy in Harris County, according to the DA’s Office.

In 2017, Alexander moved from Galveston to Indiana without notifying local authorities, and in 2019, the Galveston Police Department learned that Alexander was in jail in Indiana and was extradited back to the county, according to a release. Alexander was indicted for failing to register as  with two previous felony convictions, the release stated.

Prosecutors said that Alexander had three prior convictions for failing to register, two in Harris County and one in Arizona, during the trial. Assistant Criminal District Attorney Quinten McConico told the jury that Alexander “is someone who has no interest in following the rules,” according to the release.

Due to Alexander’s guilty verdict and due to his previous convictions, his punishment range was 25 years to life in prison.

The jury sentenced him to 40 years in prison.

“Our community is safer with Mr. Alexander locked up in TDCJ, and the jury did the right thing in sending him off for 40 years,” McConico said.

He will be eligible for parole in 10 years, or less with credit for good time served.


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This is insane. 40 year sentence for failing to register! Thank God the Registry is only administrative & regulatory. Can you imagine if it was actually criminal and punitive!!??

He had 3 prior convictions for failure to register(i.e he was convicted previously for this same issue) and he was a repeat offender. Yes, in this odd “one off” situation, he needs to be off the streets, if he had a previous repeat sex offense that was for something else, other than failing to Register.

Last edited 7 months ago by Walter

Nope. He should not even have been arrested, let alone imprisoned.

Personally, I’m not going to put up with it. If I’m ever arrested for any such nonsense, I will retaliate. If I was ever put on trial for such nonsense, they’d never see me again.

The Hit Lists are an act of war.

@ Walter: Walter, in my opinion, a 40-year sentence for any failure to register is indefensible! Not 4 years. Not 10 years! 40 YEARS!!
If registries are regulatory and non-punitive, then set fines: $500 for the first failure to register, $1,000 for the second failure to register, $5,000 for the third failure to register.
But not 40 years in prison! That’s simply insane (not to mention an appalling burden for taxpayers!!).

Furthermore, it appears that his only actual sexual offense occurred 25 years. Assuming he is 50 now (his age is not given in the article), he was 25 years old when it happened and his victim was 15 years old. It may well have been a “consensual” relationship (regardless of “age of consent”). His “victim” was NOT a 6 year old child abducted from a playground!

This insane punishment pushes all boundaries of reason and I hope it is appealed all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court so that they can again address whether Smith v. Doe’s registration scheme is merely civil and regulatory…. Or is, in fact and action, punishment. 😡

Walter, he failed to do something that isn’t required by anyone else, regardless of what their crime might have been. They’re punishing him for a made up law, not an actual crime where he hurt anyone, in any imaginable way.

Yes. And the public was nearly certainly safer because he was not listed on the Hit Lists. Even with him in prison, there is more danger now.

Walter you are the danger , your a real danger to free thinking “individual’s” anyone that thinks a person needs to be in prison 40 years for a civil offence is dumbassary , even to the common dolt ! I don’t care if he ever registered , if we don’t want to register our cars/lic / water bill/ taxes / everything there is someway to Opt out , except this registry ! this is not parole , No he already did his time years ago . Its people like yourself that have the real skeletons , your the person I don’t want living next door to me and mine , It all comes back to that one thing , that you just can’t stand and thats once someone made a mistake in their life , you feel the need to somehow place your self above others , “Individuality freedoms of another” , they call you the “Dead Horse Beater” just can’t let people be

Oh, yeah. The comments at that article are super ignorant.

That is the trash that supports the Hit Lists. I wouldn’t have any of those people as friends and certainly wouldn’t want them and their demon spawn living anywhere near my family.

Will Allen:
We need a registry of people who support the registry.

Here’s your list: almost everyone not on the registry.

Yes we do. A list of people who are immoral and dangerous, who cannot leave other families alone.

Yes, I have replied to many of those comments and you are welcome to “Like” my replies.
Or, better yet, I encourage you to post your own comments in response. 🙂👍🏻
Fight back against ignorance!!

The last couple of hours or so I’ve been looking for a browser add-on that can be used to login to sites like that to make it easier signe up to comment and then auto login again if needed.

.But the Dissenter Browser sidetracked me. Never heard of it but we could have some fun with it.


Cancel that. It’s a QAnon thing.

It let me sigh up and login but I can’t post because it keeps asking me to login at every click.

Did you notice the comments take on a life of their own and follow the leading comment? Subsequent comments take on the tone of the first as if it is a contest to see who can be pithy winner. There is a trolling term for that.

Also notice that we shut it down. Commenters jumped ship and didn’t even try to defend themselves any more. They didn’t expect resistance and folded.

So, try to be the first to comment and set the tone.
Or try to redirect the tone by challenging the trolls.

When they get all gruesome, I like to call them ethugs. Works almost all the time.

This is the kind of stuff we could develop on a more private board.

Hard to follow the rules when the goalposts are always moving; while other convicts get to live their life after their sentence. A club membership that I’d like see Justices Alito and Roberts be a member for a month.

Seems he has an appeal for overturning. The Texas Constitution clearly states there can be no retroactive laws. In 1995, there was only a law for registering for 10 years after release. Hope he collecting billions.

No, he doesn’t have an appeal based upon your statement. The Texas Supreme Court has ruled it is legal to adopt retroactive laws even though the state constitution prohibits all retroactive laws. That is bull, but that is what they ruled.

There are two court systems in Texas. The Texas Supreme Court only desls with civil issues. Texas judges are also elected, and will never make a decision which affects their chances of getting reelected. A federal court will have to get involved here.

Got his ass up outher here 💨

@ AERO1: What does the even mean? 🤔

Ignore. The person commenting has issues.

40 Years!!??!! That is insane!!!!

“Our community is safer with Mr. Alexander locked up in TDCJ, and the jury did the right thing in sending him off for 40 years,” 
Safer? How is the community safer? I was not aware that failing to register made communities unsafe.
Thanks God for the registries because they sure do make communities safe. (spoken sarcastically as murderers, drug dealers, home invaders, child abusers, etc. roam free).


Of course the community is not safer. In fact, it is certainly more dangerous now than it was. People should think about why/how that is.

Since this guy was not listed on the Hit Lists, this guy must’ve committed sex crimes all over the country. It is shame that these criminal regimes and their law enforcement criminals can’t figure those out and help the victims. I wonder why they didn’t arrest him for any of those sex crimes.

The Hit Lists are an act of war.

The headline uses the term “repeat sex offender” when the only sex crime indicated in the article was committed in 1995. Is FTR now considered a sex crime? This is yellow journalism at its worst.


This does pose a particular problem with another case. In this case, the FTR is related to the original conviction. You cannot be charged with FTR without the original conviction and it be compounded as cited here by the assistant DA:

“Our community is safer with Mr. Alexander locked up in TDCJ, and the jury did the right thing in sending him off for 40 years,” McConico said.

I recall the Supreme Court struck down that FTR was not directly related to an original crime, but another state just intimated it did. This could make the Supreme Court look incompetent in judgement, especially with South Carolina courts now exposing the SCOTUS Smith v Doe to be validly incorrect.

Just a comment. By definition the U.S. Supreme Court can be neither incompetent nor incorrect. As Justice Jackson said in his somewhat tongue-in-cheek aphorism regarding the Supreme Court, “[w]e are not final because we are infallible, but we are infallible only because we are final.”

I bring this up only because holdings by the U.S. Supreme Court regarding constitutionality become law to which other courts must adhere. Its decisions trump those of lower federal courts and of state courts. I find it most useful in research to start at the top and work down.

Regarding Smith v. Doe, the Court did not hold that registries per se are constitutional, but only that Alaska’s 2003 implementation did not constitute punishment and met constitutional muster. We are seeing courts starting to recognize that some current provisions are not allowable. This along with the recent ALI revisions to the Model Penal Code give me hope. “Be still my beating heart.”


It says repeat sex offender, yet it only list’s one sex offense from 1995. It does not state the other charge, which I am guessing was not a sex offense other wise they would have been sure to tout that.

You say the community is now safer. Did he assault anyone during those times he didn’t register?


(Just consider, for example, the extreme danger posed by any vehicle driven in YOUR community with an expired DMV registration! [No, I’m not talking about any actual crashes, damage to property, or injury is to individuals, but merely the existence of a vehicle on your streets with an expired registration! The danger presented by that expired vehicle registration is enormous!)

I’m just surprised the prosecutor took the Death Penalty off the table.🤷🏻‍♂️

Oh yes, all sarcasm fully intended!! 😏

Tractors!! 🚜🚜🚜🚜😆

I have written to the New York Times and the Washington Post with hopes that they will pick up this news item and do a larger, more complete story on sex offense registries and how they’ve evolved to their current level of insanity.

Wait, in 1995 he had a charge against a 15 year old. He looks like he is about 42, so was he 16 or 17 when he did this?

Texas lists 2 DOB’s for him, 1960 and 1963. He is currently either side of 60 and was in his 30’s when he committed his crime. Regardless, he didn’t commit a crime when he moved to Indiana without telling authorities. Proof that these laws must be abolished.

Exactly. It was probably a Romeo & Romeo relationship👨🏻‍❤️‍👨🏻….. now, 26 years later, resulting in a new felony conviction and a 40-year sentence.🙄

I was wondering what happens when you don’t renew your Price Club membership.

40 years for not renewing his Price Club membership. WOW!!!!

One time only crime isn’t a repeat offender. The repeat offenders are the public with their hysteria on sex; while engaging in it. Put down the hysteria and grab a joint, light it up and chill the hell down.

This is clearly a guy who doesn’t care! 1x? 2x? I get throwing the book at him, but a 10 year sentence would have made anyone realize the court means business!

@ TMZ: Whether “he cares” or not, is not the point – 40 years for FTR is insanity! It is absolutely indefensible!

Would you feel better about the outcome if his FTR had been his second felony with a sentence for however many years and the second (now third) felony landed him the 40 years? The math is the same; we’re merely quibbling over which offense ratcheted him up the sentencing charts. While I do feel his RC status factored into the sheeple’s jury’s decision, it’s the defendant himself who set the ball in motion and then continued to run in front of it.

40 years for felluer to register that sounds about right.
Here in California a FTR charge falls under the 3 strike law 667pc you can live crime free for 30 and accidentally catch a FTR charge and be sent to prison for 10-15 years.
A couple weeks ago I read a
article about this sex offender from Moreno Valley who was convicted back in 1998 of 288(a)pc while on probation he ended up catching another felony robbery charge and went to prison for 5 years.
In 2004 he was released from prison at 24 years old he gotta job and remained crime free for the next 16 years.
In 2020 he was arrested again for domestic violence and holding a person against their will.
While questioning his mother-in-law police found out he had been staying at their house on and off for months so they charged him with FTR
In 2021 Riverside Superior Court hit him with the California 3strike law and sentenced him to 25 years to life

Good luck 🤢

Last edited 7 months ago by AERO1

” No interest in following the rules”. Well, if the rules keep changing, then more power to him.

“ Our community is safer with him locked up”. Was his only offense 16 yrs ago?

so every person that blows off a 10 yr old parking ticket should go to jail………..

This all reeks of ‘ Judge Roy Bean’ ism. Just through the harshest penalty at a person for the most minor of infractions.

This guy had a jury trial for failure to register?

@Eric O.:
It’s his constitutional right.

😳😳😳 Wow. Here’s another…. also 20+ year ago conviction, also 3rd FTR, also Texas ….. And a 25 year sentence for FTR. Unbelievable.

Law enforcement’s rhetoric sounds shockingly similar…. “Community is now safer, blah, blah, blah…” 🙄

We could make these stories a boom-a-rang that smacks them in the face, especially when they say “repeat sex offender” when F2R is the only subsequent offense or when the charges are ambiguous like here. This article is a police propaganda piece.

Evidently, the issue was with a 16-y-o girl when he was in his twenties. Sure, the government has to right to make that illegal, but is that what the public pictures for “Sexual Assault of a Child?” What the public pictures matters! I cannot tell exactly what TEXAS PENAL CODE 22.011 (a)(2) was in 1997 because of amendments, but it looks like “assault” was not a violent/physical assault.. How does ambiguous law protect the public if it is too difficult to decipher?

He was also a low risk despite the F2R. So 25 years?!?!?

I cannot highlight and link.

And the time to edit is way too short.

Last edited 7 months ago by Ditto

It is always going to have that angle in L.E.s response. They know that sound bite justifies everything they do. Problem is that their personal actions both on and off duty often put communities in way more harm. Simply read all the stories about off duty DUIs, domestic abuses, and off duty involved shootings. The badge is literally a license to kill.

In cases like this, IMO that they use FTR as low-hanging fruit to nail someone who hasn’t changed his ways. Note that the article says he had two previous felony convictions AND he had three prior FTR convictions, 2 in TX and 1 in AZ. I expect one of those two felony convictions was the offense that originally placed him in the Price Club; who knows what the other was.

I find 40 years excessive for the specific offense but for his continued flouting of society’s laws and given a third felony means 25y+, the jury’s verdict was not out of line. Recall, too, that he brought this all on himself through his repeated conduct. (I do believe they tossed in the extra 15y because of the relation to a sexual offense.) He does show that the registry itself is useless and futile, since he clearly was going and getting around under the noses of people in TX, AZ, and IN. I wonder how many few LE agencies in those states are using him and his registry info to solve sex offenses in their jurisdictions. We all know the answer is probably quite close to zero, for no other reason than they honestly don’t care if he did anything, because he’s already penned up for 10+ years.

I would like to see someone, e.g. Texas Voices, NARSOL, or perhaps an independent writer, get an interview or two with this gent to find out more about his initial case and history since. Aside from the TX legal standpoint, there has to be reasoning for his actions he may want to share. Just my two cents.

He is an idiot. He should have gotten 10 max! Plus, get a Psych evaluation prior to determine if he had memory issues

Okay, I’ll say it…he should have gotten 2 years max. I sense there is a certain joie de vie about this lad…society has spent the past 25 years trying to and probably accomplishing a ruination of his life…

Heck, I say he gets reparations and a public declaration that he is not going back to jail for any sex crime…

The Police admitting that they have been lying to the public about such things before, but now they are coming clean.

James I (The Fantast)

The registry is a regulatory scheme, meaning civil scheme. A civil penalty does not put one into jail. Getting sent to jail is punitive. A civil penalty levies a fine at max.

Being an idiot for a civil scheme does not warrant a punitive penalty as the consequence should be considered cruel and unusual punishment.

@New Person:
There are all sorts of regulated industries and professions for which violating the regulations is a criminal offense. You are not violating the regulatory scheme when you FTR, you are violating the criminal law that *is* FTR.

I don’t back this registry for any reason , I don’t think it helps anyone , and I think its strait out punishment , there is no way to opt out , and if you blow it off you have people in pickle suits and a badge looking for you with guns , and if you run from them they will shoot you , if they catch you , you will go to prison , Sounds like parole to me , you know punishment . Forever! only punks by into this registry hell , they are sick weak people that get into punishing people , going around behind RC’s backs screwing their life up , their families life , they even hunt them at the crap hole many live in , even their camping spot if they are homeless . threats /assaults / property damage/ even murder many RC’s, I can’t even pretend to know what is going through this this guys head , but its not any of my business other than this could be any of us , I do wonder if the guy after being on the registry for awhile gave up any chance of ever having a normal life , I can see how the registry can harm people long after they did their time , it makes me sad knowing the feeling of being defeated by a system that don’t care if one makes it or not seems to me the system is wrong and must be corrected 101% .

Wait…… The FTR guy gets 40 years…and the 10-kilos-of-Heroin dealer gets less than half that – less than 17 years?? WTF???😡
Oh, did I hear someone mention “community safety”?? 🙄

FTR is bigger and better than drugs in the state of Texas.

So, according to this article ( ), this 40 year FTR sentence will cost taxpayers – at minimum – $1.2 million.
Congratulations taxpayers, this could have been better spent on:
🔹firefighting equipment
🔹computers for schools,
🔹fixing roads and potholes,

Why pay for schools when people can’t think for themselves nor think critically? All they know how to do is judge, criticize people they don’t like; while pretending to be good decent moral God fearing people.

Changing people sentencing to lifetime should be and is unconstitutional also. It’s like you taking a plea deal for 10 years in prison robbery and you get 10 years. Then 5 into your sentence the state says we are changing the laws so we’re also changing your sentence so now you have to do 20 years. It’s the same shit they did when they changed the people’s plea deal to only register for a certain amount of time to lifetime. It’s not right.

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