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ACSOL Announces Major Event in Nation’s Capitol in March 2023

The Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ACSOL) will lead a vigil on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court on March 3, 2023.  The purpose of the vigil is to educate both the Court and the public regarding the significant harm caused by the Court’s decision, Smith v. Doe, issued in 2003.

“”Organizations and individuals that support registrants and their loved ones are invited to join ACSOL for this event that will take place near to the 20th anniversary of Smith v. Doe,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci. “This event will not only be an opportunity to educate the public but also to unify organizations and individuals who support our worthy cause.”

The focus of the vigil is to bring truth to the U.S. Supreme Court and the public on topics including, but not limited to, the fact that registrants’ rate of re-offense is very low, not frightening and high, and that the registry is ineffective at stopping or even reducing sexual assaults.  The vigil will also focus upon challenges faced by registrants and their families such as unemployment, homelessness and vigilante violence.

“Please add this important date to your calendar,” stated ACSOL President Chance Oberstein.  “Additional information regarding the vigil and related events will be announced as it become available.”


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This is going to be awesome!!!

My brother, sister in-law, my parents, my girlfriend, her parents, and I all live in the region. Depends what day this occurs for all of us to show up. I’ll get the word out and together we will end the injustice known as the registry to the public; but a death sentence to those forced to be on it.

Hope they go Brandon, you nailed it. Worth getting off from work and fam affairs.

My hope is March of 2023 we as registrants, our families, and supporters declare our dream that Smith vs Doe has been a disaster. Showing them the errors in their logic with updated facts not rooted in a magazine, illustrations of the damage it has caused to individuals, their families and the country as a whole. Time to end the injustice known as the registry and put it where it belongs in freaking history to be seeing for the stain it is on on our nation.

Thank you, Brandon, for understanding that we need people…as many people as people….for our education of the U.S. Supreme Court. I hope others follow your example and invite everyone they can.

I hope people won’t be deterred to stay home due to financial and traveling issues; which I completely understand. If one is able to go or knows people who can please come to Washington. For those who don’t think they’ll make it, not let your heart be troubled, 2023 is still a ways away.

Regardless of our situation or where we live across the country, now is the time to organize and mobilize. March 3, 2023 will be our Declaration of Independence from Smith V Doe!!

Brandon – Our dream is that we can have thousands involved in this and other related activities during that time in D.C…stay tuned. Vicki Henry – Women Against Registry

This is amazing. I have had a vision of this since I was in prison seven years ago. There are a million people on the registry, that with family members makes several million people affected. Imagine if even one out of ten of us show up. This would be the beginning of the end. Thank you Janice you are amazing. The biggest obastacle we face is the ignorance of the public. This could really change that.

Eric, this would be a HUGE event even if 1 out of 1000 showed up, particularly with family members. Imagine 1000 people with protest signs on the Supreme Court steps. Since the capitol is literally next door, a march to that building could be possible as well. Since I’m still on federal supervision I can’t attend, but I really look forward to seeing the news coverage, and will do what I am able to help.

I knew Janice Bellucci was over there cooking up something BIG
I’ll be there on March 3rd 2023 I’m gonna personally Print and send out invitations for this event
So if you live in southern California and you get an invitation in mail for this event its probably from me.
This event is gonna be legendary
I dont know if ACSOL has and Instagram account if not hey should make one it will help promote our cause on a wider scale through hashtags,tagging and @ing other people who we could never have reach on our own.
After this event when the DOJ and the federal government see how much power Janice Bellucci and the ACSOL community has they’ll most likely have to start moving differently not only from the feds but also vigilante groups

Good luck

A very good and impressive website that we can all link to would be very helpful. It needs to be cross-linked at every relevant opportunity when the context permits, the link pasted in comments all across the net. Blurbs and teases of the coming content could be linked from now until launch date at every opportunity. These could be like high class press releases. The unconstitutional facts should be the focus. This needs to be highly organized so the media cannot ignore it.

What about those who are outside the USA, any plans to have such a event at the same time as say, Berlin’s Embassy?

Happy to discuss the possibility of events overseas, but why would we do it on the same date in another country? Please help us understand.

Do you mean like Skype kind of thing to show support from overseas ?

I will absolutely be there, but why a vigil instead of a rally? Perhaps it’s just a terminology thing, but when I think “vigil” I imagine a silent protest…perhaps with candles. I’d much rather see an event with speakers and cheering crowds waving signs. The rest of the release appears to suggest there will be speakers. Is “vigil” really the terminology you are wanting to use to describe this?
I’ll be there regardless, just questioning the verbiage.

Honestly I thought the same; however I Faith in Janice. March of 2023 is still a ways away, yet it’s time to organize and make our voices loud and clear.

A vigil because we are dying, being strangled by the registry.

I love this post!

So would we call have to register under DC Code §22-4001(8) to participate. Seems ironic huh…..

Ya Never Know Dave, We better just better do it to be Safe! Too many @ once, they will have to allow a day of non enforcement of that, they are all on Cap Hill @ SCOTUS steps!
Better to be Safe, City Laws change all the time, it’s not a State (Yet).
Good Question, it’s prob on this site for DC, hopefully non reg non necessary.

Look at the state matrix here @ACSOL first. Nothing is mentioned about visits. If there isn’t online either, then don’t do anything stupid while there to draw attention to that fact. Duh.

The District of Columbia does not require anyone to register if they are visiting regardless of the amount of time of the visit. The District has requested that registrants call the registration office to let them know when you are visiting, but doing so it not required.

I think that any registrant attending should give the DC registration office a “courtesy call” just to let them appreciate the magnitude of the event and the problem. Guerilla ontology?


How incredibly ironic that the city wholly comprising the District of Columbia, which is the seat of our federal government, and which itself is directly under the control of Congress, doesn’t require registration for visitors!

Why do they think anyone would do that if not required? Like, who among us would go out of their way to do anything even remotely like this unless mandated?

Live,work and go to school that’s SORNA and DC is federal.
But you will not be registered until their attorneys review your case. Especially in the case of a 16 year old complaintant. If that’s the case stay the night in Maryland no registration required! I know that to be fact! Just tell them you’re staying there in case something goes down at the hotel and you get questioned.

Thank you for organizing this event!! I along with my fellow advocates from United Voices for Sex Offense Reform (UV4SOR) will stand in unity and make our voices heard!! Can’t wait and looking forward for more details!

Please sign and share my potition to rewrite Megan’s law and help all the registry’s have a lighter sentence after prison the info is in the link, thanks again

Last edited 5 months ago by Daniel Thornton

A better comparison than the gum example you used is getting a speeding ticket, paying it, only to be told next year you have to pay again, take classes, and this will happen yearly the rest of your life.

Me and my wife will be there

I enjoyed attending the protests we did in Carson and Oakland and fates willing I will be there in Washington DC in 2023.

If I can help in anyway please let me know, I’m glad to do anything that’s needed now and on March 3,2023.

2023??? Why not 2022? Are we bust that day?

We chose 2023 for at least two reasons. First, it is a milestone anniversary, the 20th anniversary of Smith v. Die. Second, we need more than a year to plan the event in order to have the desired impact. A vigil in DC is an event with the potential of national and perhaps international impact and must be done well in order to educate the court and the public.

I will be needing 3 Tickets for this Beautiful” event, we need a Banner crowd fund and a Tea shirt for this. Maybe some fireworks so we can Declair independence.

These “justices” think they are all perfect and know everything. Most of them are privileged — who will never see the hardships of the ordinary American. Yet the mainstream news media and bootlickers will glamorize these judges and politicians as if their shit don’t stink.

Something like one-third of Americans have a criminal record — and these judges, who fail to uphold the Constitution, are a big part of the problem. About 21 percent of Americans are diagnosed with a mental illness each year. Again, these judges are so out-of-the-loop that they could give two shits. Homelessness is growing at rapid rates, many homeless sex offenders, exacerbated by the government-imposted label of “Registered Sex Offender,” and our judges and politicians have completely and utterly failed in this regard as well.

I do not trust the government anymore. As a Registered Citizen, we should also go to Washington DC, the capitol of this so-called Scam of a “country,” and demand that we be refunded all of our taxes paid via sales tax, property tax, income tax, etc. for all of our involuntary servitude of having to register as so-called Registered Sex Offenders after we rightfully paid our sentences for the crime we committed.

We should be given interest for all of our taxes paid, and damages for negligence, because the so-called “chief justice,” John Glover Roberts Jr., wrongfully argued that Registered Sex Offenders have “frightening and high” reoffense rates. Mr. Roberts also argued that Sex Offender Registration is tantamount to Price Club membership. Mr. Roberts was then promoted to Chief Justice by warmonger George Walker Bush, who led us into war, under false pretense, and is responsible for the death and injury of hundreds and thousands of people, so that he, his corrupt cronies, and Richard Bruce “Dick” Cheney can profit from war contracts via Halliburton, KBR, and so on. The corruption in this scam of a country is absolutely horrendous. I don’t know how anyone can stand for this country anymore.

Well, with the First Amendment Right we still have (before this corrupt government called “America” eventually takes it away), I say to Mr. John Glover Roberts Jr.: Go Fuck Yourself.

At the time when Mr. Roberts argued Smith v. Doe, there were something like only about 400,000 Registered Sex Offenders.

Now, in 2021, there are about one million Registered Sex Offenders in the United States of America. I bet many, including our family and friends, who have witnessed how horribly corrupt our “justice” system and jails/prisons operate, are convinced that this so-called country, and the so-called “government,” is a complete fugazi. A complete and utter Scam.

And no, I’m not just talking about the $50 phone calls to home, the $20 gas station hamburgers sold during the jail/prison visits, or even the $300 polygraphs or $2,000 psychological evaluations. I’m talking about any and everything the United States of America involves itself in… they manage to screw up.

But just like this Scam of a country profits from wars, they have to keep up raking in the $$$ to keep this country the world leader in mass incarceration. If that means millions in prisons and jails — and a million on the Megan’s Law Scam… then so be it.

“Land of the Free, Home of the Brave?” Yeah right, lol.

Janice, I’ll be there standing with you and the rest of ACSOL, plus all the other anti-registry groups!

This is a HUGE step towards getting rid of the registry!

I am willing to sacrifice whatever money and time is necessary for me to attend. This event is far enough in the future to allow me to start planning for it, including saving a little each month for expenses.

Let’s all take part in this event. Every other major improvement in civil rights for other people groups required effort and sacrifice like this.

Most Excellent Rog! Hopefully by her Leadership and your 1st following people here and around The Nation including other groups, i.e., NARSOL, ACLU, LamdaLegal, and so many more HR Orgs will follow suit and NOT Forget what day this will be in History even though for awareness and expososure mindfulness of the suffering of A Million plus + to date since ML and IML and of course Fed abd Per State Online Reg. Affecting so many abd tye cause and effects equals ramifications caused to ignorant and false claims of non-continual punishment.
2 0 2 3 has a new meaning in Wash D.C. coming year!

We should play Twisted Sisters” We ain’t going to take it, we aren’t going to take it anymore.” We have been compliant but no longer will be silent!!

I think it would be great if we had a separate funding effort for security at this event. We cannot depend on law enforcement. I think at least some people need to be hired. Perhaps off-duty law enforcement? Security company? Whomever, but they have to be legitimate and armed.

Take my case and show the people of California and this country just how corrupt the justice system really is.
I wasn’t found guilty, I was made guilty.
The court appointed the public defenders office CLERK to defend me on an offensive that carries a life sentence.
The DA told her to make me wear a short sleeve shirt and a size 38 pants ( I wore size 30 ) on the day I took the stand to defend myself.
After I was sentenced, the court changed the offense to a crime I was never even accused of, then made it look as if the jury found me guilty of it. There is not one court document that says I was even accused of that crime but, the court records state I was.
The California court system created a sex crime and the records say I even went to prison for it, there’s not one document on this planet that shows I was EVER even accused of that crime but, California used it against me to enhance my sentence.
Take my case Janice and take this case to Washington to prove to the people just how corrupt t is e justice system really is.

that sounds like a probation violation the court switched what i plead guilty to after i plead guilty. during my probation i wasn’t allowed to have any pornography of any kind. my probation officer planted a picture of 2 men having sex on my computer. after i plead guilty to having the pic of the 2 old men my Judge changed what i plead guilty to with the imaginary picture of 2 children engaging in intercourse of a boy and girl. that never was on that computer. Yes the probation department and the Judge framed me 20 years ago.

I really hope a lot of people show up to this free assembly. I know there are, more or less, one million Registered Sex Offenders in the United States. But I’m sure most are so down on their luck, lack resources to travel, and/or are too busy with their own lives.

The Supreme Court has a lot of blood on its hands, not just from the Justice’s disastrous record when it comes to protecting the rights of those labeled by the “Land of the Free’s” government as “Sex Offenders,” but also when it comes to protecting other rights of gays, minorities, and even assigning more rights to corporations than to individual people (think the Citizen’s United case). I never liked Donald Trump for President, but I do agree with him when he called Justice Roberts a “disaster.” Yeah, John Roberts is an absolute disaster. Roberts argued Smith v. Doe with absolute dishonesty, fit for only a corrupt judge. Roberts, and the corrupt judges who have shared his twisted agenda, have a lot of responsibility for the suffering of people and their families. They operate off the hysteria of the mainstream media and politicians.

It’s almost like the American government has no problem “protecting” the public, for “public safety,” when it comes to oppressing Registered Sex Offenders, even if the sex offenders are their own citizens who have paid their dues.

With the arrogance America and its “leaders” have displayed, this country deserves to be shamed and relegated behind China and Russia. I have zero confidence in this Banana Republic. This Coward Country has treated all one million of us as third-class citizens, based off of a bogus supreme court decision.

Sure I will drive up there to the capital in D.C since I live in the Shenandoah Valley. Would love to see how those Hit and run skid marks play in D.C. I’m sure the more support the better. Events are good even when I took travel and Tourism in Business College Six of us went to Historic Williamsburg in one of the School van’s they supplied. Just let me know and I will have a Sign or two ready. Who knows Will Allen might even get some sex education lol.

This is a great idea, but the mission should NOT be to throw tier 3 registrants under the bus in order to fight for the others. I’m tier 3 but am married with children and have been out almost 14 years crime free. I also was never on probation or ordered to take a sex offender class.

Plans continue to be made for this event including a conference to begin the evening of Tuesday, February 28. The conference will include a full day of speakers on Wednesday, March 1, followed by training the morning of Thursday, March 2, regarding how to effectively communicate with Congressional members. The training will be followed by meetings in the U.S. Capitol with Congressional members and/or senior staff. Friday morning will begin with a few motivational speakers followed by THE EVENT about noon. Specific details regarding THE EVENT will only be shared with those who attend the conference.

Ok Janice, I have an idea. I presume THE EVENT is to gain positive media attention for the cause. News media love events with a unique twist. Merely, having a bunch of people with speakers on the steps of the Supreme Court is pretty ho hum.

Most of the million or so registrants, including myself, will be unable to attend. More importantly, the children affected by the registry’s collateral damage will not be there. This is likely due to financial difficulties caused by the registry.

There are services that produce life-size, standup posters from photographs. What if on the Supreme Court steps along with the attendees there were hundreds of full-size standup posters of children, perhaps holding captions? Captions like: “My daddy can’t get a job, and I’m hungry”; “My daddy can’t come to my school play”; “My daddy can’t drop me off at school.” You get the idea. Now, that would be a media event!!

I can’t come to the vigil because I’m still on federal supervision. However, I would certainly contribute to the cause of these “poster children.” I suspect many others would as well.


I like your idea, Ed, to have full-size standup posters of children at THE EVENT in March 2023. If you or anyone else has an idea where they can be purchased, please post it here on the website. Thanks!

Janice, here is the first link I ran across. I’m sure there are others.

Pricing – Cheap Custom Cardboard Cutouts

Prices vary with size. Since we are talking children, the range is $55 to $105 for a single quantity. A teen over 5′ would be $132. Perhaps my thought of hundreds is a little over the top, but 25 or so could make a significant photo op, and illustrate the registry’s collateral damage to the innocent. At those prices, I will pay for one. Perhaps others would do the same.

Logistically, we need photos of real children from real families affected by the registry. Given the number of registrants with children, that shouldn’t be too difficult. I would be willing to do some of the legwork. However, I was convicted of pornography possession, so somebody else should receive and review the pictures of children.


I do not think we should use actual photos of the children subsequently affected (Logistically, we need photos of real children from real families affected by the registry.).

We advocate NOT to be publicly listed, NOT to be on a list, and NOT to be broadcast to the world, and that includes our families.

My child who was absolutely affected by my drunken stupidity, anger, and greed is also the victim[…]. Posting his picture on a cardboard replica is not a welcome idea in his mind nor mine.

LPH, I respectfully disagree. These are hidden victims of the registry. Nobody cares about how the registry harms the registrants themselves. Proponents of the registry claim their goal is to prevent harm to children. We all know the registry does not prevent sex crimes, but does actually harm children.

I respect your decision regarding not wanting your children to be poster children. However, there may be others who think differently. Because the proposal requires parental consent, this is less exploitative than various charities that broadcast pictures of emaciated children to attract sympathy and donors.


Yes, they are hidden victims of the registry and rightly so. Our families, kids, spouses, relatives, etc. probably want it to stay that way. Mine does.

We and they can fight the collateral consequences without posting their actual faces on display for the world to see. Generic pictures will provide the same reaction.

I will not support using our actual family members being used to do anything. They have gone through enough. Furthermore, I will not financially donate to put an actual victim’s face out there.

I have seen many many protests with the protestors bringing their kids along to display to the world for sympathy. I am 100% against that. Recent protests abound to either fight for kids wearing masks in school or to ban masks in schools. Do the kids really know what is going on? We say kids brains don’t develop enough until age 25 to consent to sex, murder, name whatever crime you want. Years from now your kid may ask you, daddy/mommy why did I see my picture on the internet? Um, sorry kiddo, I was exploiting you.

Again, to you and to ACSOL, I will not give you a penny more if you decide to post actual faces of registered citizens family members, victims or not on the proposed cutout figures.

Ii don’t have kids but do try to keep my extended family’s children out of it. I don’t want them bullied or critiqued in school or anywhere else. So far, so good. Children that were bullied in the past could be free to speak their minds about past difficulties and suffering if they are now adults though. Some mature teens might even be adamant about attending, maybe even speaking, but that is up to each family.

It’s tough, LPH. Mentally, I can’t let the registry get to me, and I strongly believe in perseverance and taking what the universe throws at you, so I can’t just keep a tally of all the harms me and my family have experienced as a result of the registry. On the other hand, being the aggrieved party is one way you win in this world—but like you, I hate it when children are used exploitatively for political purposes. I just don’t know man. I also think the registry advocates relish our suffering, and even our family’s, so when we lament and show the world how injured we are they celebrate it as the registry working as intended. But I just don’t know. I can see the use of suffering families as politically effective so I won’t deny anyone’s attempt to do that.

I’m not going to continue this discussion. I just presented an idea for THE EVENT. Janice, et al., can determine the tactics.


Ok, I lied. I am going to weigh in again. There has been some valid feedback regarding using pictures of actual child victims. However the need to garner public sympathy has not gone away. LPH pointed out that generic child photos would be sufficient. It might even be better to have life-sized, stand-up illustrations of children. Each could contain a real child’s first name, gender, age, state and a description of the harm, e.g. Audry, girl, 8, FL, “Daddy can’t see my school play.” I suggest soliciting these data from parents and children residing in as many states as possible, particularly those with extremely draconian rules.

This would get the point across to the public, and would likely be less expensive than my original thought. I don’t quite agree with Literally Nobody that people relish punishing registrants’ families. I think most believe that any collateral damage is just deserts for offenders, but have no idea that damage extends to spouses and children.


I’ll definitely be going. As the day draws near, and if anyone wants to go but doesn’t have a ride, I’ll be able to take 3 others with me. Just share gas expense which won’t be much because my car gets well over 40 mpg. I’m in Oakland County Michigan.

Get a bus load of people,
I’m sure funding will be found!

Ed this event that Janice and some others are planning is an eventful opportunity. Sure I will be off the registry but I will show my support. One has to understand two wrongs don’t make a right ordained or not law enforcement are human also. The issue is about the principal of the who issue or are we all still wrestling with this registry that at many times

Sure one can use the sword in vain and one can use a two edged sword or was the preamble to the constitution a bit lop sided where all men were created equal. Guess those ordained are above the status quo of being equal to the truth. Now I do not know anyone’s crime, involvement or what in all this but much of this registry is emotional and sad to even think that government is compounding many with this registry. Why my county alone has over 500 or more sex offenders in all so something has to be done in a positive way. Oh and be sure to wear a mask when going around the state capital or are we all presuming a bit to much.

I hate to say this but some on here feel like this is a gunfight at the OK correl. Ok Will Allen forgive me….

Im / in , save me a seat

They should also put on the spot any politician or celeberity (such as John Walsh) who has supported said laws, but either did a crime, which they should register for, or if there’s proof they got around having to register. Also call out the stats and bring up the fact registrants rearrest for actual new sex crimes is low and most are due to living on the edge of society (stealing, drugs, etc.) Id go so far as having prerecording played with peoples faces concealed, with them telling their hardships while on the registry. (explain their faces are hidden, due to fear they will lose their jobs if discovered theyre on the registry).

It’s a great idea for sure. I guess i’m just nuts to hope that Smith v. Doe could be over turned by then, or at least a case on the way. One of these Florida cases currently in appeals might have a good chance of possibly doing that. Have we lost all hope? Seems to be lots of talk about “living with the registry” these days. A life of this just isn’t an option for me.

⭐⭐ Big Question ⭐⭐
What are the Washington, D.C. requirements for registrants? What’s the timeframe for having to register in D.C. when we visit the Capitol?

At the top of ACSOL’s webpage, look under the “Laws” tab.

There is no requirement to register for those who visit D.C.

Guys, aside from being excited, I’m also very worried.

Do you think vigilantes with guns/knives are going to show up with an ambush in mind, knowing that we’re going to be there?

We can’t predict with certainty whether vigilantes will show up at this event. Please know, however, that the Supreme Court’s police department know that we are going to be there and they have asked if it’s possible that anyone will show up who disagrees with what we are doing. We have answered in the affirmative. Given that the Court has its own police department and that we will be across the street from the U.S. Capitol, I believe that we will all be protected from harm.

The best thing that could happen is an angry, embarrassing counter-protest from a cadre of public pariahs like Q Anon believers. They won’t be violent. They don’t want to go to jail or lose their trucks in a civil suit. But their presence will help remind Democrats whose side they are supposed to be on.

Hmmm, if the past is a predicament, we can predict that the capital police may NOT protect us (citizens). Sigh. Also, law enforcement do NOT have a duty to protect citizens.

Just wanted to throw out a website to back my statements:
The Police Have No Duty To Protect You!

Don’t forget pitchforks n torches too.

Worried that by having this event during midwinter will present logistical problems with the potential for extremely bad/cold/snowy/treacherous travel conditions, difficult to impossible outdoor conditions around DC. A summer event would make things much easier and less unpredictable.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x