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ACSOL Leader Janice Bellucci to Speak in WAR Room on July 27 at 5pm

ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci is the featured speaker in The War Room on Tuesday, July 27 at 5 p.m. Pacific Time (not 6 p.m.!).  The focus of her presentation will be the impact of the U.S. Supreme Court decision, Smith v. Doe, which determined that registration is not punishment and therefore new registry laws can be applied retroactively.

“The U.S. Supreme Court made a terrible mistake when it decided the case of Smith v. Doe in 2003,” stated Bellucci.  “This single decision has caused significant harm to at least one million individuals and their families including vigilante violence, homelessness, unemployment and social death.”

During oral argument in this case, attorney John Roberts (now Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court) stated that sex offense registration is the same as applying for membership at Price Club.  However, in one of the two dissents in this case, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg stated that the sex offense laws at issue in the case were “onerous and instructive obligations” that expose registrants to “profound humiliation and community-wide ostracism.”  She also stated that the same registration laws “resemble historically common forms of punishment” that “retributively target past guilt.”

“After this terrible decision was issued, a few state supreme courts and one federal Circuit Court of Appeal have issued decisions that give us hope that Smith v. Doe may ultimately be reversed,” stated Bellucci.  “My presentation will include a discussion of those cases as well as a major announcement that could educate both the public and the U.S. Supreme Court.”

Click here for more information about this meeting on the WAR website

About the WAR Room:

The WAR Room is a public service provided by Women Against Registry that provides a voice to registrants, family members and those who support them. The moderator of the WAR Room is Mike Woodall. The WAR Room is broadcast the 2nd Tuesday and 4th Tuesday of every month and the speakers following me will be Lenore Skenazy on Aug. 10, Rory Fleming on Aug. 24, and Dr. Gene Katz on Sept. 14. WAR is an advocacy group as well as an ally of ACSOL.

Click below to listen to Janice Bellucci’s portion of WAR Room #8— July 27, 2021


Click below to listen to a recording of the entire WAR Room #8 program — July 27, 2021

Janice begins at about 49:25 minutes into the recording.


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Plain human indenture to the erection of an electronic monument to human selfishness and stupidity.
Slavery to properly, however imposed, is always profitable for some of the people and they’ll fight to the death to preserve it’s utility.

While I stumbled through your incoherent comment, I think you are at least on the right track.

It’s all in the ” tortured history” of case Smith V Doe. If nothing else SCOTUS choses its words very very carefully. Most of the time published opinions are kept to that bare essentials w\most important details first in the body. This fact leaves out most of the preliminary back and forth between justices. In this case the Jews called the Catholic block dishonest in their assessment. Not all that different than what has occurred in other epochs. One fed judge not part of the Smith court has called it “Byzantinian” as in, ya know when Constantinople was the center of the world. Sex and power are very old friends indeed in the polis. Either free men are paid to maintain state property OR they are not. Some registrants are serving lawfully imposed sentences, some are not. All are the indentured servants.

I am excited and thankful that this case is being discussed again. It is the main reason we are in this mess, and I wish you all the luck with your presentation that will be no doubt extraordinary and well prepared. Thanks for all you do!

I will do my beet to attend!
(Stupid SCOTUS! Stupid Smith v. Doe! 😠)

I will do my best to attend!

We all assumed your finger slipped, no need to correct. 👈🏽 LoL.

Not just “stupid” David!, Dangerous decision especially in a re:publica.
Pretty soon the emphasis is on the machine itself(re:machina) and not the public. Packingham did consider speech & the machine use did it not?
If the sex offender can be banned via TOS why not a President. One must consider why the founders provided the powers of a King to the indicted citizen, guilty or not.

I will be watching. This is very good news. A lifetime of registering is CERTAINLY an additional penal colony one must endure for life. It needs to go. It is time.

Thank you!

I guess my main concern would be if the laws can be applied retroactively then wouldn’t that mean the same thing for the laws that we don’t want to be put in place could be applied retroactively and therefore cause further harm in some instances?

It would be good if you were to say what “The War Room” actually is.

WAR=Women Against Registries.

The WAR Room is a public service provided by Women Against Registry that provides a voice to registrants, family members and those who support them. The moderator of the WAR Room is Mike Woodall. The WAR Room is broadcast every other week and the speakers following me will be Lenore Skenazy on Aug. 10, Rory Fleming on Aug. 24, and Dr. Gene Katz on Sept. 14. WAR is an advocacy group as well as an ally of ACSOL.

Thanks for replying JB! Saved The Day, AGAIN!

I was HOPING it wasn’t with Steve BANNON! OMG hell he’ll drag is deeper in the mud!
War Against Women knowing them but not knowing they had a podcast titled such. IDK.

Janice, you are amazing.

From reading past rulings and retroactive laws that have screwed so many of us, I look at any appearance before the supreme court as it pertains to Offender rights as poking a sleeping bear. Especially now that the conservative majority has so many of what would be considered basic human rights teetering on the edge. Voting, abortion, LGBTQ . All are in jeopardy. Reminding them of our plight might just wake them up to doing more harm, if that is even possible. Good luck anyway Ms. Bellucci.

I understand your concern, Way too long, but I believe that truth will ultimately prevail regardless of the individuals seated as U.S. Supreme Court justices. The fact is that the issue of civil rights for registrants and their loved ones is not supported by either major political party. Please know that we are proceeding cautiously as we wait for an opportunity to be heard by that court.

Last edited 5 months ago by Janice Bellucci

I’ve been in Iraq and Afghanistan. I personally know a few politicians locally and on the hill. I speak to them and then hear them address the public. If truth prevails, I sure haven’t seen evidence of it. Not a pessimist, more of a realist.

I know how you feel, but there was a time when hijack victims were advised to keep cool and as soon as the plane lands in Cuba or the authorities show up with the loot, they’ll let everyone go. 9/11, along with school shootings, changed everything. We need to fight back and, IMHO, trust in the strategy of experts like Janice, to know where, how, and when to strike.
Just my 2 cents.

Absolutely. The time for “accepting” this nonsense is long over. We must treat Registry Supporters/Terrorists as the criminal terrorists that they are. Stop allowing “compliance checks”, just for trivial starters.


i always thought the registry was dumb and never protected anyone except politician’s careers. Of all crimes why are people who were convicted of a sex crime have their information online. How does that safe one child? Oh little ones don’t make contact with this person because they are a monster; while missing the true threat under their noses. Heck if the laws of today were on book when adults were teens. how many would be considered a registrant now? To many chicken littles running around with their heads cut off.

The Oppression Lists do make “common sense”. But it is also quite obvious that they aren’t needed and are useless. No responsible parent needs them, that is for sure.

It is also completely indefensible that there are not a lot of other Registries. How is it conceivable that we don’t have Gun Offender Registries and restrict those people from living anywhere forever?

The Oppression Lists were created based on the lies that they were needed so that people would be “informed”. If that was ALL they were used for, they could conceivably be acceptable. But obviously we’ve seen that America cannot responsibly have and use Registries. They become Oppression Lists.

So now the war must rage.

For me it didn’t feel like a punishment at first. It felt like ‘my name is on a list…so what?’ This is 1986. There was no Megans Law yet.

Then came Megans Law.
In the mid 90’s anyone who wanted to look at the registry had to go to the local police station and sign in to view the names on a special CD. That all changed when the website came. This was the starting point for the slow deterioration of my life. After a few years, the website had become the go-to source for landlords and employers (not to mention the occasional nosey person). Every sex crime that came out on the news had the public searching online for possible perpetrators living near them. To say this is not a punishment is a flat out lie. Did anybody study the mental impact that life on the registry would have for the individual and his family? No. Why? Because nobody cared.

It almost feels a little like some form of retaliation. You are never really free. It’s like a part of you belongs to them. This is why I feel the true punishment will be the hardships to come because of being on the registry.

Rob, Also 1986. There was no need to update registration unless I moved.
They kept adding things. DNA, annual registration, IML and website posting. We fought the retroactivity of Prop 83 that would have required me to move out of our home.
Society wants somebody to hate. We are simply the chosen ones.
I am extremely grateful to Janice and ACSOL the they are fighting for us.

I remember all those registration changes. Seemed like every year there was a new restriction law passed. The list is growing every year on what we can and cannot do. Where we can go and cannot go. And behind it all is the threat ‘do it or go to jail’. Comply or else. Hope you make a difference, Janice. The majority public says we deserve this so I know your fight won’t be an easy one.

Rob, you have correctly identified what is happening in your life as well as the lives of many registrants and their loved ones. That is, “it almost feels like some form of retaliation.” Another word for retaliation is punishment, punishment in the form of “collateral consequences” a legal term that means it is not part of your sentence but it is something with which you must comply. One simple example is the Megan’s Law websites in every state which didn’t exist only a few decades ago. In fact, the Internet didn’t exist a few decades ago. That means no one who entered a plea prior to the Internet agreed to have their personal information posted on a public website. Yet that is what is happening. The bottom line here is that the U.S. Supreme Court gave its blessing to the retroactive application of laws passed by every level of government (city, county, state and federal) in its 2003 decision, Smith v Doe. That is why this decision must be overturned!

Yes, that decision was dangerous. They knew that ahead of time. But the move unilaterally sanctioned every potential collateral use of the machine database for personal attack. That’s the risky part. Traditional business models have no room for free maintenance (labor input) of real property ( Big K ). Compelled maintenance by law however fit right in to the traditional business model, thus we see the very early development promulgating shortly after the birth of the database driven infrastructure. The Byrne grant caveats acted as a catalyst for the community police domestic surveillance initiatives. Re: One terrorist is a good as another to propagate action. Cops are all up in FB are they not? Registrants are banned by TOS. Collusion proved. Do cops n DA use FB material to convict individuals? All the time. Obviously our leadership decided to protect the uses of the machine first and the people’s security interests second.

Same experience here, over time more and more regulations meant less and less liberty. I don’t walk my mother in laws dog in Illinois anymore. I used to take hers and her neighbors 2 mutts. They were easy to walk and enjoyed it and it was good for me too. It’s Illinois so I’m not taking that chance again.

I haven’t been on the list long enough to go through all the changes you have, but I do feel my hands are largely from doing many very common things, like traveling outside of the state (and really much within the state for prolonged periods of time). My wife and I are both pro wrestling fans, and she keeps talking about going to Vegas for one of the big events, but I’m very hesitant to do so due to their 48-hour rule. We’d be there for 3-4 days and I don’t want to take a chance of not registering, wasting potentially half a day to register in and another half a day to register out, resulting in missing much of what we want to do, or registering but having some of that BS where they don’t fully release me and having that get in the way when I’m finally able to deregister in CA.

It’s pretty insane how it’s criminal for us to do completely legal and encouraged things without jumping through way too many hoops that only apply to others while on supervision, regardless of what they did.

This period in our history will one day be looked back on like slavery and Japanese internment camps.

SR – You are correct. This period in our history will one day be looked back on like slavery and Japanese interment camps. We need to remember this historical perspective and the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court makes mistakes….big mistakes that cost lives. I will make a BIG announcement during my presentation regarding a method by which we can educate the Court as well as the public regarding the significant harm that has been caused by Smith v. Doe.

I haven’t left the state nor have I haven’t stayed over anywhere since being put on the registry due to way too many fears of violating anything because, “Ignorance isn’t an excuse.”

And with laws ever changing, the registry just keeps me tethered down. It is as if you’re still on probation/parole and anything that trigger it when you venture out of your designated stomping ground. I thought I was no longer under custody, but the registry is a facsimile of probation/parole with the necessity of always checking into whatever local PD whenever you wish to travel to inform of leaving and receiving. Each new area you registry just increases the footprint of where you’ve been, essentially tracking you without the ankle monitor. The registry chills the freedom of movement/travel.

The registry is like a extended jail cell with reminders of where you can’t be, what job you can’t qualify for, and other opportunities to move ahead. You have to check in at least once a year and they do compliance checks.

Being on the registry chills the civil rights of every registrant because you do not regain them like you’re supposed to be when no longer under custody. You’re not equal like your neighbors. Heck, you’re not equal like the rest of the convicts (non-sex crime convicts) once you’ve done your time. Look at the CA Certificate of Rehabilitation (CoR) forms pre-Tiered new laws of 2021. It says you cannot apply for a CoR if you already earned the 1203.4 unless you’re a registrant. Then you have to jump through two forms of a rehabilitation process of 1203.4 and the CoR petition.

It’s as if once you commit a sex crime, then you will always be treated like a second class citizen that doesn’t deserve a chance to be an equal citizen. The registry isn’t rehabilitative, it’s retaliatory beyond the jail cell walls. There are mechanisms if a person recidivates through the criminal justice system. So why have a registry on top of that? Why have criminal consequences to a civil program?

It’s just demoralizing when taking it all in as a whole.

Freedom comes to all, just some of us have to wait a little longer. Just think of taking your last breath. Then, no more registry.

When I saw War Room i thought of Steven Bannon’s podcast. That would be an interesting interview for Janice.

Playing with fire brother?

Fire Bannon, just like the R dickhead broadcaster that finally bit the bullet.
RUSH Him to the Fire Tim…they did,not a casket, Janice is Just and the fake atty Ban the Bannon is next with his overweight lying sickness like his buddy LimBAUgh

We had actually an investigator from the SO unit show up at our place, and he went to the neighbors telling them they need to be careful having my fiancé live next door. That was about 10 years ago and I did not know our rights back then. I know he stepped completely out of line and we should have filed a complaint. Registry not deemed punishment? We all know the answer to that.

I sincerely hope past Honorable RBG will be remembered her words were powerful truth with the other man disent as guilt for ever of membership in a DC/Wareh.Club for life. He doesn’t value nor had tough times like she did. I honor her as an American in History Female of power with such Modesty role alike Jesus C. She WILL be missed.
Janice I hope you will be able to remind others at that War Room mtg on this twenty-seventh this month that others will NOT forget and wake up the fight for human rights for RC’s. THANK YOU for doing this and ALL You and ACSOL and Chance does.
CHARGE! You generally get your point across ALL except the Fed Fem Bench Judge in OAK years back, she was Not just BLIND but to Deaf Ears…hers. Not the public.

I honestly feel like the Riverside County public defender office didn’t want to help me because I was a registrant Lawanda Martinez and all those guys running a Fresh Start program and every Fresh Start program in Southern California are being a little bias probably for their own personal reputation but they signed up to be a public servants
I think Janice needs to drop all of them an email and let them know you can’t just react off your own personal emotions and the 290 registered Community is watching them.
Also I think Janice Bellucci and chance should file their own personal petitions and charge $3000 for every petition Not only would that be helping registrants it would help acsol and the whole movement

Chad, though I would love Janice and Chance to benefit making 3 grand, most registrants don’t even have jobs and many are homeless. So that would point to helping those with funds the only way to great representation. Sounds like the criminal justice system repeating itself. But I like your idea about Janice reminding them to let go of personal vendettas against 290 cases!

Chad RCo. PD’s Office doesn’t wanna help anyone, they shoved me to the Desert Courts and fend for myself! Decades ago, but went to RCC UCR and worked RGH.
Doesn’t matter being born @MAFB RCo. didn’t care, hope you get off the list Chad!

I just thought it was fishy mrs. Martinez of the riverside public defenders office and her so called supirerer’s were in contact with the DA office before they even filed my petition I received an email from them a couple days ago informing me because my 2 FTR charges my petition was taken off calendar and the earliest date I can petition is 2026 and to remain out of trouble If I ever planned on getting off the registery.

Kick some butt, Janice !!!
Janice for AG!!!

Is it true that if you are not in Megan’s law nor do I have any case history of anything other than indecent exposure I apparently fall under 10 year registration an attorney is optimistic of getting my case in court and getting me off registration completely another attorney says otherwise what’s the truth here thanks 🙏

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