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ACSOL Training for CA Tiered Registry Petitions Video Replay Is Now Available

ACSOL leaders Chance Oberstein and Janice Bellucci have rescheduled training for the completion of California Tiered Registry petitions.  The new date is Thursday, July 29, at 9 a.m Pacific.  The training will be recorded and the recording will be available on the ACSOL website on a later date.

“Due to disruptions during the first attempt to conduct the training, the second training session will be held by webinar,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.  “Webinar technology, however, limits the submission of questions during the training to written, not oral, questions.”

Prior to participating in the training, it is recommended that individuals review the forms below, including the petition form as well as the forms to be completed by the District Attorney offices as well as judges:

DA Reply – July 2021

Petition – Instructions – July 2021

Petition – July 2021

Proof of Service – July 2021

Court Order – July 2021


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Y A Y ! Thanks for a Re-Try and may it be Noise Revenger FREE! THANK You So Much

We hope that many people will join the webinar on July 29 because there is a lot of important information to share. We apologize for the disruptions earlier this month and believe we have found a technology that cannot be interrupted. The limiting factor is that Chance and I will not be able to speak to you, however, we will be able to answer written questions. Hope you can join us on July 29!

I signed up with the public defender, but I am sure you can’t have too much information when going through this process. I look forward to learning as much as I can.

Honestly can’t see this helping since I have 3 yrs left. Based on past experience, the whole process will change at least a few times by then. Hell, they might even rescind the whole tiered system by then .

@Way too long – then don’t petition; simple as that. No one is forcing you to file a petition, but you are forced to register. I’m sure the state and your local authorities would be more than happy to keep you on the registry for life so that they can keep those funds coming in. Plus, it shortens the line for others who want to file and get off that wretched list.

Thank you


I’m working with Lawanda Martinez at the riverside county public defenders office were preparing for a hearing in court after we file our petition she’s 99% sure the DA office is gonna demand a hearing in the name of public safety on ever case that comes through their office.

Thank you for letting us know about Riverside County, Chad. A disturbing bit of news and hopefully not a trend to be followed by other counties.

Just got off the phone with Lawanda Martinez from the riverside county public defender office unfortunately my petition is over before it even started her Superior said because of my two failure to register convictions and my DUI conviction I have to wait a little bit over 26 years and even if I reduced my 290 felony convictions to a misdemeanor i still have to wait 26 years
I dont believe that but its their
program so I wasn’t gonna argue with them and they both said on speaker phone that whatever you do don’t get in kind of trouble the DA office brought up your DUI change in the name of public safety
Got my hopes up and just like always here comes Megan’s law knocking them back down

WTF does any of that have to do with keeping you on the registries to supposedly keep you from committing a sex crime?

DUI? Since when do the scumbags care about DUI? That’s not even dangerous. That’s why there are no DUI registries.

I’m glad I retaliate for the registries almost every day. Well, it is actually every day since I make money off the criminal regimes nonstop. As long as the registries exist, millions of people must deliver concrete, real world negative consequences. No one should just be a keyboard warrior.

That will be interesting to see which county will require hearings and which won’t. Who will grant or deny the petition. If it’s more or less in one particular county over the other, shouldn’t that be grounds for discrimination?

This is the test. If one person slips after removal which could land them back on it, then the state will grandstand on it. Stats be dammed. They’re going to make it a hard road to go and hearings should be expected as the norm. This is a battle within a war and it’ll be hard to win but very possible to be victorious. Learn the enemy as Sun Tzu said in Art of War. This is no different.

I do hope ACSOL has the resources to track all the petitions per county/city per DA and judge with their reasonings for denial in a database. This would be the best way to expose those DA’s that will demand a hearing on every petition to reveal the abuse under the color of law.

We have now finalized what technology we will use for this training. In order to participate in the training by computer or by phone, you will need to click on the link above and sign up. After you sign up, an access code will be sent to you. You must sign up ahead of time as you will not be able to sign up the day of the training.

Hey janice if you have time I know ur a busy person but can u send or contact riverside county paralegal Lawanda Martinez who runs the Fresh Start program and ask her if its true that even if you do get your failure to register charges reduced to a misdemeanor you still have to do the extra 3 years for every felony failure to register conviction because I never read that anywhere and where does she get that information was it from the District Attorney’s Office or did she just pull that out of thin air because I’m a sex offender cuz I thought the judge makes the final decision.

Call her, leave a V/M, when she has time will reply/respond to your question (FOR CA)

Wow! I concur. The DUI isn’t serious, but why 2 failures to register? We knew this law was going into affect 2-3 years ago? Why haven’t you attempted to get your charges reduced to misdemeanors and expunged? Dui expunged? I killed it years ago and got my charge reduced pursuant to 17b/later expunged and I even did a 858.1 on my own. It wasn’t easy. I even filed a COR in OC and it was shot down! Then, after spending hours reviewing the new law and realizing we have a very liberal DA in LA and noting a COR would still get me off the registry up until June 30th of this year, I had my COR granted. Guys, you have to move fast. I’m off the registry/dodged a bullet and I didn’t have to deal with the asses in OC! I’m now free and clear and in the process of obtaining my professional license again. Get moving.

Does anyone have info on where Kern County stands on the petitions?

Guys/gals, I filed my COR in OC years ago and the DA was nuts. I almost got it done. I had my COR granted in LA! I’m still in shock. I know they ran a background check, but it was very clear. None of my references where contacted. I highly recommend getting (if possible) your charges reduced to a misdemeanor and expunged. If you have a detainment. 858.1! I say go for it. File your petition, write a letter to the judge and be respectful. My Attorney had no clue the COR would remove me from the registry? If your in LA, move now! I even spoke (I was reading the laws/calling people) to the 2 LA paralegals and neither knew the law? Just do it and I doubt (unless you have multiple issues) they will deny your request. My neighbor walks his (LA county chief DA for one of the courts.true story) every night. I asked him details/I said my friend was filing a COR. Like the attorney who represented me/unless they (quote) find a dead body, your request will be granted. If you live in LA county, run to the court snd file your petition now!!’

@TMZ – How did you get the 858.1? You are supposed to be factually innocent and no accusatory pleading on file. Did you file yours before June 27, 2016?

Anyone who reads TMZ’s post should know that the filing and granting of the CoR on or after July 1, 2021 will not relieve you from the duty to register. You will need to petition for relief through the new tier process. It may be beneficial to still request a CoR so it can be submitted with the registry petition as stronger support for removal.

By the way, I had posted last month that DoJ was requiring me to register even after having the CoR granted last October. I had a live scan done and apparently the DoJ didn’t update their records to show that I had a misdemeanor and expungement. It has been corrected, and just yesterday, I received my official notice stating that my requirement to register has been terminated. (Thank God!) Make sure you know what is on your livescan and if anything needs to be corrected, be sure to get it fixed.

How did you get this corrected with the DOJ? Per e-mail?

Yes, I sent them an email along with attachments of the judge’s order granting the 17b and 1203.4 and a copy of the relevant law that states that I be relieved from the duty to register.

That’s nuts. You can’t obtain a COR, unless your charges where expunged. My COR had bold letters stating I was no longer required to register and I obtained a letter via the Department of Justice re-confirming this. I was detained in LB by mistake on one occasion/never charged with anything. Prior, I had my charge 16b/expunged in LA and I filed my 858.1 in LB because of a detainment/not charges related. The Sgt signed it and there you go. I’ve filed 17b, expungements, 858.1 and even a COR in OC! /not granted: I had representation for my COR in LA earlier this year/obviously granted and like yourself, happy yo be off. I contacted both registration locations and the clerks confirmed: congrats! Oh wow, your removed.? No actual LE had /has ever called me to conform this.

After I found out I have 5 more years on the registery I quit my job put in my 30 day notice selling my car buying a van or suv and leaving California my girlfriend is gonna be pissed but the situation is to complicated to even explain anymore I guess I’ll just be a vagabond.

Wow. What’s your charges? Resolution? Parole? Prison? Probation? I get it

I’m sure I missed this somewhere, but what happens if your tier assignment is still TBD? Also, it says that you have to serve the county DA in the county you were convicted in, what if it’s Federal Court? Does anyone know?

Would this session be recorded and be available later also? Or do we have to sign up to get a recording?

The recording will be available soon and will be in the post above.

Thank you Vol WM!!!

Unfortunately, I will be working during the meeting. Will there be any kind of a document or a recording available for those who cannot attend? A written summary with details in the right places would be enormously helpful to many, including those who arrive here after the meeting. Thank you for everything you are doing.

The recording will be available soon and will be in the post above.

This DOJ Information Bulletin may or my not be helpful. Evidently one of the reasons, if not the sole reason, to submit the petition to LE in is for them to determine any tolling.

At about 45:00 minutes into it, are you suggesting the petition law should be changed to consider other non-sex crimes in the rap sheet?

It’s unfortunate that in California, we still have to “petition” off the registry. In some other states, if you are Tier I or Tier II, the registration obligation terminates automatically — usually at the 10, 15, or 20 year period. I feel that what’s going to complicate this further, at least for some of us, is the whole “risk-assessment” shenanigans. I’m talking about the Static-99R, SARATSO, etc.

I don’t know… the whole ‘petitioning’ process, “tiering,” with the pseudoscience ‘risk-assessment’ process, seems overwhelmingly scam-ish.

In fact, I’m just going to outright say that sex offender registration, and the process to get off Megan’s List, is 100% scam.

Last edited 5 months ago by REGISTERED GOAT

In 2017 the law was written to be automatic, but… changes.

FYI: When I registered in Oakland California on the 23rd of July, the new form CJIS 8050 was given to me.

It was almost as if they don’t want to have to deal with me anymore.

my question i have been registering 27 years, 288a given a tier 2 form from sbpd on birth day in may. i live in san bernardino co have for 2o years , crime in riverside county 1998….where do i petion relief??off registry which county

go to San Bernardino courthouse, that’s the closest to you, but I’m sure all courthouses offer the forms

WB and others – If you are eligible to petition for removal from the registry, you file your petition in a Superior Court in the county where you currently reside. After you file your petition, then you must send one copy each to the DA’s office in that county as well as the office where you register. If you were convicted in a different county, you must also send copies of your petition to the DA’s office in that county as well as the law enforcement office that initially charged you with your offense (usually a police department or sheriff’s office). This information and more is available on the video. The forms to be filled out are available above.

There is also some question as to if all subsections of 288a are Tier 2. Per the Public Defender hand out, 288a (b) is Tier 1.

While you may be eligible either way, it could matter if the law changes again.


I thought that anything under 288 was tier 3? I’m confused.

There are 40,000 of us that are 288(a) and we are on Tier 2. Our group was the compromise arranged by Jerry Brown that got the Tiered Registry passed in the first place. I don’t know if any of the other 288 suffixes are Tier 2 but I think most are Tier 3.

I went to Van Nuys LAPD for my annual check in today. As I believe that I’m qualified for relief from 290 registration. I asked for the needed information. They told me 2 things that stand out and I want to share.
1st) If you serve LAPD with a copy of your CR-415 after you file with the court and it has the (tier to be determined on it), the officers told me it goes straight into the round file. 
2nd) I asked for a copy of Proof of Current Registration (CJLS 8050), and the officers told me that without a tier assignment, their computer system will’nt let them even access this form. My last name starts with a letter in the middle of the alphabet, so I’m thinking the DOJ willn’t get to me till sometime in the 2nd quarter next year if I’m lucky. ( note to self; the longer you have been registering, the longer it takes to get off)

The government should be paying each Registered Citizen money to have to come in and register as a Registered Sex Offender. Sometimes, it takes a lot of time to reach these registering police officers. Often, these crooked cops act so arrogant and/or even lazy… even though they’re making so much money from taxpayers to be public servants

Then on top of it, to have to come in to the police station, wait in the lobby, then go through the fingerprinting and initialing/signing bullshit, as well as answer their moronic questions. Many of us are done with probation or parole and have paid for our crimes. (As for the others still on probation or parole, God Bless you all.)

I say we should be paid because to borrow what others have been saying about involuntary servitude, it is prohibited by the 13th Amendment of the United States Constitution. Registration is not punishment. And to top it off, we already know that Smith v. Doe, argued by “justice” John Roberts, is a complete scam with the whole “frightening and high” bullshit.

Smith v. Doe really shows that a lot of case law is complete bullshit, that deserves to be highlighted with history along with cases like Dred Scott v. Sanford [upholding slavery], Buck v. Bell [upholding eugenics], Korematsu v. United States [upholding Japanese internment], Plessy v. Ferguson [upholding segregation], Bowers v. Hardwick [criminalized gay and lesbian sexual activity], and the list goes on and on…

One million Registered Sex Offenders in the United States!



Last edited 5 months ago by Corrupt "Justice" System

Thank you for sharing. I ran into the same problem, but with San Bernardino County Sheriff. Also, CJIS 8050 came out after I register on 7/7/2021. I attempted to go back to get this additional document and they will not, (the registering office), provide this document because 1) they said to come back next year and 2) i was listed as TBD. I would really like to hear when someone has been successful with their filing of petition and proof with the courts, D.A’s and Law Enforcement while being listed as TBD and not told you have to waiting an additional 1 to 5 years to reply because you filed incorrectly. It’s a case of “they say this, they say that” I just would love to hear the first victory for someone in getting removed under this new system. thanks

Guys your getting me to think and I hate to think as it overloads my brain. I’m sure we all did enough of that in school to get into trouble right Will Allen. I’m a tier III and I never went to prison. My Attorney dropped out on me and I was up the creek without a paddle, or was I. I even got the person on the other end to tell me why they wanted me to come down their. It was to talk filthy to them. Dirty, Dirty, Dirty.
So who’s playing ball with Benny and the Jets out in California. or is it gonna take money. So a come on over to my house and lets talk dirty. What a one line come on..

Be careful, if you stop thinking you might end up fantasizing that the Oppression Lists are a good idea.

You are saying we thought too much in school and that got us in trouble?! Okay, lol.

I have lived in CA for 6 years I was convicted 20 years ago in Illinois. Can anyone advise a competent, knowledgable, effective attorney to file my documents

@Jim – If you don’t mind my asking what city and or county do you live in?

Rancho Mirage Riverside County

Palm Springs area Riverside County

@Jim – I don’t know of anybody out in the Coachella Valley, but I do in downtown Riverside if that helps at all.

Both Chance Oberstein and I are available to help you with your documents. Please call ACSOL at 818-305-5984. Attorneys licensed in California are able to practice law throughout the state.

Thank You Janice
I will call . I have every confidence in both you and Chance Oberstein.

I went in to do my annual registration today (Fresno County Sherriff), and before I could even ask, they handed me a filled-out Proof of Registration form (CJIS8050), and attached to it was my tier assignment letter, and instructions about how to go about petitioning to get off the registry. I guess some registration agencies are more on top of things than others.
I only hope the actual petition process goes anywhere near as smoothly!

Is my understanding correct, my birthday is December 30, therefore l can file the petition in December?

Has Anyone applied for termination in Sonoma county?

Filled out all my forms this Sunday. Submitted petition to the Superior court of my county and started serving the four agencies on Monday. Finished up today, Wednesday! Feel good about getting it done. So helpful to have the video that Chance, Janice and Carlton recorded.

Does anyone know if any investigative reports are filed with the opposition to the petition? I’m told my petition was opposed due to other criminal history so it must be a very old rap sheet issue. Is that the “Other” on the DA form? Would it be possible to get copies at the court? Or are they only filed for the hearing?

I am otherwise eligible.

Has anyone had any success in challenging their Tier designation via the DOJ phone number or email address included in the Tier letter? Any experience at all for anything using those methods?

Last edited 1 month ago by AnnonyJonny

Yes. my husband did. The court disposition rules, not the rap sheet, so if the date and case number match with different convictionst, the rap sheet could be wrong and so could the registry be.

My husband is a Tier 3 but he is optomistic that many Tier 3s will be able to petition for removal from the registery in the future. However, he talked to someone who is a Tier 2 petitioner that the DA objected to based on a police report that makes the facts seem much worse than the plea of conviction.

So with a little reserch I found this.

(3) If the district attorney requests a hearing, he or she shall be entitled to present evidence regarding whether community safety would be significantly enhanced by requiring continued registration. In determining whether to order continued registration, the court shall consider: the nature and facts of the registerable offense; the age and number of victims; whether any victim was a stranger at the time of the offense (known to the offender for less than 24 hours); criminal and relevant noncriminal behavior before and after conviction for the registerable offense; the time period during which the person has not reoffended; successful completion, if any, of a Sex Offender Management Board-certified sex offender treatment program; and the person’s current risk of sexual or violent reoffense, including the person’s risk levels on SARATSO static, dynamic, and violence risk assessment instruments, if available. Any judicial determination made pursuant to this section may be heard and determined upon declarations, affidavits, police reports, or any other evidence submitted by the parties which is reliable, material, and relevant.

No one seems to know what this procedure will mean. Near as I can tell it is like a California prop 47 petition to lower a felony to a misdemeanor but I’m far from a lawyer.

Have any of you studied this?

I filed my petition today and I am doing it without an attorney. My experience nearly everyone including the court, DA and the PD knows nothing about this law. My advice to those whom that are doing it on their own is to be fully informed about this process as you maybe only one knows what is going on.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x