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Budget breakdown: Minnesota to review sex offense registry program 30 years after it became law

A Minnesota group will study the laws that govern people convicted of a sex offense this year and provide a report to the Legislature in January.

The state budget includes $25,000 for the creation of a Predatory Offense Statutory Framework Working Group by Sept. 1.

It will examine the state’s predatory offense registration laws including “the requirements placed on people convicted of an offense, the crimes for which POR is required, the method by which POR requirements are applied to people convicted of an offense and the effectiveness of the POR system in achieving its stated purpose,” according to the omnibus public safety law.

Two years ago the state launched a similar working group that recommended a number of changes to the state’s criminal sexual conduct laws. Many of those reforms were made into law in the two-year budget finalized June 30.

Minnesota’s first sex offense registration law took effect in 1991. It created the Sex Offense Registration Unit at the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, according to the BCA website.

In 2000 the unit was changed to Predatory Offense Registration, and now it includes investigative support staff and special agents who monitor and track registered people, according to the BCA. “The unit processes approximately 30,000 updates each year.”

People can be classified as predatory for convictions that include criminal sexual conduct, murder, felony-level indecent exposure, soliciting a minor to engage in sexual conduct, possession of child pornography, kidnapping and false imprisonment in Minnesota.

“The way our system works is once you’re flagged for something, you’re flagged forever,” said Lauren Rimestad, director of development and communications for the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

People in the victim-survivor community are starting to see that those who use violence and power and perpetrate these crimes have traits that make them vulnerable to victimization too, she said.

“What we are understanding is the more we look at people as one whole person, we kind of see the impact that flagging someone for the rest of their life could have, especially on their family members and how they are able to contribute to society,” Rimestad said.

The new working group must reflect diverse and marginalized voices, including the perspectives of victims and survivors, according to the language in the budget.

Members of the group will include:

  • Experts on juvenile justice,
  • Representatives from city and county prosecuting agencies,
  • Members of statewide crime victim coalitions,
  • Representatives from the state judicial branch,
  • Representatives from the Minnesota Board of Public Defense,
  • Private criminal defense attorneys,
  • Staff from the Departments of Public Safety and Human Services and the Sentencing Guidelines Commission along with
  • Representatives from state and local law enforcement agencies.

The group must submit a report to lawmakers with findings and recommendations by January 15, 2022.

Editor’s note: This story is one in a series featuring parts of the new, two-year state budget that affect Central Minnesotans.  By: Nora G. Hertel.  Nora Hertel is the government watchdog reporter for the St. Cloud Times. Reach her at 320-255-8746 or


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So possession of pictures and taking a life is equal in the eyes of this law. Neither of which is actually predatory behavior according to those who have studied both offenses. Sure there is the unicorn serial killer or the collector of photos, but to label every single offender of these two crime a predator is so far reaching as to be puritanical nonsense. 

Is it any different than SORNA where one crime with someone under a certain age makes you a SVP even though there was no kidnapping, etc.?

The application of database registration regimes upon users of underage pornography proves the point that the sex offense registry was never really about preventing attack, nor the ” causes of attack” in violent man.

The minority pointed to the ill comparing crimes of differing motives among child molestation, adult rapes, and kidnapping in concern for intent of Acts. State’s based the necessity for SOR on ungrounded recidivism tendency of behaviorally differing groups. This broad tact not only dissolves the scientific credibility of the majority description of the regime as narrowly tailored and reasonable per stated intent, but also implicates their over reliance on other factors outside of the black and white statute at hand in the Intent and effect test. This is why I know the regime was always far more about a desire for unfettered applications of the government use of a database in a large scale without the natural constraints normally applied to business enterprise.

Needless to say, the registry is puritanical.

The gravity to which a fearing public treats these lesser sex crimes is simply laughable.

Last edited 2 months ago by AC

A Federal appeals Judge called it “a Byzantine code” from the eastern Roman empire. Take note that term of phrase is often accompanied with movements of ICONOCLASM , literally ” image smashing” We’re already seeing these kinds of civil movements in the south with the removal of iconic civil war statue memorials.

Now go ask any programmer of any type or discipline if computer code and debugging is at all Byzantium in nature. Boolean search anything lately? The adjective and not the noun.

Whenever I hear about wanting victims input I would like to start to see more diverse victims represented. When I say diverse I mean people who want those who harm held to account for their actions, absolutely, but also do not find it ok or find joy in victimizing others themselves. All that does is keeps the cycle going. Everyone looses. I don’t want to tell a victim how they should feel, I just want more representation because we do not all feel the same.

How about a few of the victims of statutory offenses who were willing or instigating participants in the conduct for which their abuser was convicted? Will they be represented at this panel? If so, is their input to be disregarded because they were too young and stupid to make sexual decisions for themselves?

How about the family, friends, and business owners get a chance to tell how the registry has affected them!!!!

Sorry, working on a phone,,,,,

How about a registers’ family, friends, and business associates get a chance to tell how the registry has ostracized their lives?

I think we know what happens here – check out the Bruce Rind study and subsequent response. Any facts that conflict with the narrative that every victim of a legal/statutory offense is horrifically scarred for life by their experience will be systematically condemned and scoured from existence. Questioning this holy narrative is like trying to raise doubts about the existence of God at a church. The reactions become more hysterical, dogmatic, and borderline insane as one approaches the truth.

Rind’s work is great (and predictably reviled by the hysterics). Another, non-academic, work is Susan Clancy’s “The Trauma Myth, the truth about the sexual abuse of children and its aftermath.” Clancy was even forced to move to South America such was the unhinged reaction to her book. As she explains in her work, she was an extremely unlikely candidate to question the abuse orthodoxy, but ultimately concluded that the facts don’t support the levels of trauma said to typically attend sexual abuse.

I think it’ll be really interesting to see their assessment of “effectiveness of the POR system in achieving its stated purpose.” I anticipate some remarkable statistical gymnastics to attempt to show their system is anything but a colossal waste of money and resources and achieves absolutely nothing.

Stated purpose verses actual purpose can mean vastly different things…

By 2030 my perdition is Megan’s law will only include people labeled “SVP” and people with multiple sex crimes the DOJ representing each state in America are overwhelmed with the number of people listed on the registry. They’re gonna start separating and dividing people on the registery into levels in order to shrink it and make it more manageable but for this to happen there has to be a sacrificial Lam an scapegoat someone the public can shame and harrass and unfortunately that’s tier3.

I had been keeping an eye on this.

A couple of things. This INCREASED the severity of certain criminal offenses and made some things that used to be misdemeanors, felonies and also some things that used to 3rd degree conduct now 1st degree conduct which carries a tougher potential sentence.

Second, the wording in the law for the working group is as follows:

“The commissioner shall fully coordinate with the commissioner of public safety
to invite and convene a working group that includes members that have specific expertise on juvenile justice and representatives from city and county prosecuting agencies, statewide crime victim coalitions, the Minnesota judicial branch, the Minnesota Board of Public Defense, private criminal defense attorneys, the Department of Public Safety, the Department of Human Services, the Sentencing Guidelines Commission, and state and local law enforcement agencies. **EMPHASIZED** The commissioner may also invite other interested parties to participate in the working group. The commissioner shall ensure that the membership of the working group is balanced among the various representatives and reflects a broad spectrum of viewpoints, and is inclusive of marginalized communities **END EMPHASIZED** as well as victim and survivor voices.”

That means somehow we must DEMAND that the voice of registrants is included in this working group and it would be REALLY nice if we could get Dr. Horowitz (I’d say Janice too but she’s pretty busy in Cali) involved in this too somehow.

The bill signed into law is here:

It has a lot of other things in it as it is a special session budget bill – where all this other stuff was stuck in it that would normally be done as separate bills. Mainly the reason it was brought up at all has to do with a adult rape case that went to the supreme court that everyone thought should be a felony but it was a misdemeanor so they had to change the law on that.

Since they want law enforcement reps there, I’d like someone to ask them to provide one single crime outside of registry violations that the registry played any role whatsoever in investigating, or would have gone unsolved without it.

Even in the rare circumstances where a registrant was charged with another sex crime, his registry status was never known until after arrest. So I don’t see how the registry provides any LE function at all, less soliciting bigger grants to maintain it (most of which is never used for the purpose to begin with).

The thing is, law enforcement will ALWAYS have access to criminal record databases and will always know by digging into them who has a sex crime conviction. So there is absolutely no justification for the registry – let alone a PUBLIC registry – on the basis of “crime-solving.” We don’t even need to ask them to provide proof of the registry’s ostensible efficacy in solving crime because it’s quite obvious that the police will continue to have criminal record databases that exist entirely apart from the registry. Instead of asking, we should instead make sure that people understand this.

The government creates criminals, only to punish them.

What else is new about “human freedom”? Heh.

edit – But, to be fair, I respect that Minnesota is taking some steps, however small, to at least try to address this kind of legal injustice. I don’t know how far its reviewing its sex registry will go, but credit is granted and acknowledged where credit is due.

Last edited 2 months ago by AC

Riverside county public defenders office “FRESH START PROGRAM” are helping registrant’s expunged and reduce their felony conviction to misdemeanours and also helping registrant’s petition for removal from the registry.
If anyone is interested in applying for this program call Lawanda Martinez at

(951) 955-6072

A former WI governor commanded state’s DOC to publish the same kind of report. They always come with a summery executive report hitting the highlights and offers breakdowns about the real property held, the conditions of grounds, capacity, buildings facilities, staffing proportion,
inmate proportion ( race, age, crime, term length, etc.) and finally budgets and funding sources.

Registration fees are not getting paid by about 35% of WI registrants, and the deficit is applied to money due to DOC accounts column to decrease the number of real deficit.States thinks. it will collect come tax time but that’s not happening either. Unemployable people do not pay taxes.

The conflict constitutionally played out in Ramnesh V ?, and Madison district fed. judge rule fee was an unlawful increase in forfeiture due collectively 100.00 USD annually registration regimes fees in excess section code at the time of offenses. Then the case went to the 7th ( w\ only the fee issue surviving) and those idiots debated whether it was a ” tax” or a “fee” in the context :w\ black and white forfeiture statute limits ( congressional intent!) AND a prima facia ex post challenge – requiring the same Intent\ Effect two part test used in Doe03. UPHELD! despite the fact in effect either way cash @100.00USD goes out of the citizen registrants pockets. Obviously and willfully an absurd opinion but very reflective both parties preference tracks toward government funding. One raises taxes, the other raises user fees, either way the costs go up! Especially when they are each chasing their electronic tails.

The “sex offender” registry, aka Megan’s Law, is evidence that America is a complete joke of a country. The Constitution is a joke to most politicians, including judges, as well as law enforcement. Only very few of them take their oath seriously.

I seriously can’t believe as children, we were brainwashed by schools to perform the Pledge of Allegiance, sing the Star Spangled Banner, and learn history from a propagandized perspective. Let’s not forget how this land was criminally stolen, at the cost of lives, from Native Americans and Mexicans.

America is literally a joke: Homelessness at all time highs, cost of living and housing at all time highs, obscene healthcare costs, weakening infrastructure, record inflation, a weakening dollar, fudged employment and GDP figures, sky-high incarceration, a bloated ‘sex offender’ registry that only grows over time, blatant/outright corruption by public officials, the list goes on…

Meanwhile, according to one Registered Citizen from the meetings, he was able to travel to — get this — Russia. The police officer there said they aren’t as harsh as the United States as long as he ‘behaves’ on his visit there.

Lol what a joke. Russia literally is better than the United States in this regard.

We all have been lied to about how “great” America is.

And this clown of a country literally makes it impossible for us to relocate to better countries by locking us with the ‘sex offender’ label, imposed by corrupt public officials and bureaucrats.

Zero respect for the United States of America. Zero.

You right 100% America is not a place too live anymore He is telling the truth

The USA is pretty much a scam. The United States doesn’t even provide Universal Healthcare, which is a right in even many third-world countries.

Meanwhile, I’m stuck paying over $200 per month, for Obamacare “Silver” plan, for being a fairly healthy person (knock-on-wood). And even with this, an ER visit, with copay, and a THREE MINUTE doctor visit, is $400.

So yes, the United States is the land of scams.

Megan’s Law is one of those scams. And the sex offender registry is a scam that gets more bloated, with every passing day.

Last edited 2 months ago by The Static-99R Is A Scam

Okay – so he was able to travel to Russia. And then what? He was in Russia, and even with the restrictions stemming from being on the registry I’d still rather be in the USA.

It’s easy to point out places where other countries have this or that working, but overall things in Russia don’t come out ahead.

That said, there is serious work that needs to be done to get our system back on track. What’s going on here is only getting more chaotic, and traveling from state to state requires a legal degree nowadays.

You should probably rephrase a bit your tirade against the country you currently live in. No one was brainwashed to pledge, sing, or learn. You had a choice, the free will, to do it then as you do now, but then was possibly taught by a different generation who shed blood for this country in battles of war or at home in supporting that, not by who is teaching today.

Given our flag is still a standard bearer of freedom to many around the world today who still seek the same freedoms here, even if restricted because of behavior that got people restricted, you should maybe look at Cuba and what flag they were flying when things were heated recently. Stars and Stripes. You are welcome to sail there 90 miles south if you like to a new country where health care is provided as part of life. You could go past Cuba to Caracas if you like too for another example of fine living.

In retrospect, history is always taught with a slant and never from a truly centric position. If it was, then the book would be larger than War and Peace ever was and could never be completed before one graduates the 12th grade, if the book could be completed by those who have contradictory views.

You should also look at who the land was allegedly taken from, those who lived here before the the settling of this country by the those sailed from abroad to reach the shores. You think this is the first time in the history of man this has ever happened? Think again. The entire landmass from the Arctic to the Antarctic was populated with people who were not known as American, Mexican, et al but just people. Do you think they did not squabble within themselves for land and resources just as those who did from overseas over 600 years ago? Think again. People have fought over land for as long as there has been a need to. Think the country lines in Europe were always settled or maybe the fuedal lines in Japan would never change or the dynastic areas in China are the same today as then? Think again.

This country is not perfect as no country is not perfect. There are deeper flaws today than there have been in her history. This country is doing things I never thought I would ever see in my lifetime by people who know better. At times, she does not resemble the country I wore the uniform for, but there is free will to change these things if you chose to do so and free will to speak as you have without repercussion. That is not something you always get elsewhere.

To me, the fact the Legislature even created this board is a step ahead. How many of us even a few years ago would have predicted such an event? Remember, too, that MN is a very liberal State so things could come out better than one would expect. As well, MN is SORNA non-compliant, which IMO is already a good sign.

Now if they would just their act together regarding the hosprisoners…

AJ, “MN is a very liberal State.” True, but’s it’s also the “Jacob Wetterling” state. So there’s that…

Yes it is, and Patti Wetterling has come out on the record against registries as they exist. One would hope they MN chuckleheads would solicit her opinion, given she’s Ground Zero for the State.

Oh, don’t forget Dru Sjodin. She’s the murdered MN girl who the federal hit list is named after.

Stp sex offender registration. Unconstatutional against the Equal Protection Clause.It only puts the criminals life in danger.

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