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CT: State of Connecticut using EyeDetect for Testing Adult Sex Offenders on Probation or Parole

Source: 7/23/21

The Judicial Branch Court Support Services Division (JBCSSD) of the State of Connecticut recently released public information indicating the EyeDetect lie detection technology is now being used for assessment and testing by Adult Sex Offender Services on a multi-year plan beginning Jan. 1, 2021. The contract calls for the state to administer 2,300 EyeDetect and polygraph exams annually.

Adult Sex Offender Services maximizes public safety and reduces re-offense rates by overseeing the assessment and treatment services for known sex offenders under probation or parole. Many cases require assessment and evaluation prior to release and assessment. Other cases require evaluation and treatment as a condition of parole, community release or probation supervision.

In addition to assessment and evaluations, this group oversees case management, home visits, treatment, discharge planning, communication and reporting, and training and technical assistance.

One Converus Service Partner based in Jacksonville, Florida, Dr. George Deitchman, an expert who has evaluated and treated sex offenders for 30+ years, a polygraph examiner since 2009 and an expert and trainer in the use of EyeDetect, has successfully used EyeDetect to test sex offenders in Florida since 2017.

“I’ve used EyeDetect with a number of clients to test for specific and maintenance issues, as well as sexual histories,” said Deitchman. “While traditionally we’ve used polygraph testing, the use of a pupillometry technology like EyeDetect — and its ability to measure subject physiological responses to test questions in an entirely different way — is helpful for some clients with extraneous movement or other testing issues. In addition, EyeDetect’s automation achieves similar or better results than other methods that require an examiner to do the testing and scoring.”

Deitchman added that when he’s used polygraph and EyeDetect in tandem — as a check on each other and to significantly increase outcome confidence of the testing — it’s been well received by probation officers and attorneys.

Adult Sex Offender Services has three types of assessment exams: full sexual history, maintenance (to ensure compliance with terms and conditions of parole/probation), and specific events. EyeDetect will be used principally for maintenance testing and for clients who, due to medical issues, are not suited to be examined with traditional polygraph.

The State of Connecticut first started using EyeDetect in July 2020 because of its ability to assess individuals while following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommended social distancing guidelines.

EyeDetect, manufactured by Utah-based technology company Converus, is a noncontact, scientifically validated lie detection technology that accurately detects deception in 15-30 minutes by analyzing involuntary eye behavior. It’s currently used by more than 600 customers worldwide.

For more information, visit

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More faux science used to take the freedom away from American citizens.. in “the land of the free”. The nazis are here with the consent of the governed.

First they came for lies through polygraphs, then they came for stimulation of your groin, now they come for your eyes. What’s next… dreams? These people are scarier than Freddy Krueger. My lips, my groin, my eyes, my thoughts, my body and life. None of your damn business and pointing your finger at everyone and take a look in the mirror!!

What a waste of time and money

  • Just one more pseudo-scientific scam to make some more money for these phonies. Back when I was required to take regular polygraph “exams” at $500 a clip I was exempted because of a medical issue. Thank God that was all behind me before they concocted this latest bogus fraud.

Registrants are picked for the most unconstitutional, offensive, and degrading treatment because these perverse authoritarians know the public will only tolerate such injustices when they are used in this manner. One day soon, perhaps, Americans may find that the technology was simply being perfected for a much wider scope of use.

Yeah, it might be too late at that point. It’s probably too far-fetched and obscure for most people to fathom at this point, but one day, when it may be too late, people are going to be writing —

“First they came for the Sex Offenders, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Sex Offender.”

At that point, I suspect this type of Orwellian technology would have infected society to a point beyond repair. Hopefully, I will be long gone by that point.

Ironically, who will have to deal with the longterm consequences of these policies and laws? It will be the future generations, including the children, grandchildren, and descendants of the corrupt government bureaucrats, politicians, judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, etc. that let this happen while it was possible to repair… all for the furtherance of their ego, career advancement, and pay.

There are about one million Sex Offenders in the United States of America. Nowadays, a kid is more likely to have to register as a sex offender than to be molested by a sex offender on Megan’s Law. Think about how twisted this has become for second — and how this is totally ignored by the mainstream media.

I suspect the consequences of these sex offender laws are much more far reaching, troubling, and will not just be limited to sex offenders in the longterm, than 99.9 percent of the population realize.

There is nothing “free” about the United States of America. And it just keeps going downhill from here.

It’s pretty sad to see a country, originally created because of government tyranny, turn to something like this. It’s turning into a massive s**t show.

Last edited 9 months ago by webmaster

I suspect the consequences of these sex offender laws are much more far reaching, troubling, and will not just be limited to sex offenders in the longterm, than 99.9 percent of the population realize.

I guarantee that. I’d say more like 99.9999% though.

People living in America aren’t the brightest bunch. They are really good though at being self-entitled, self-righteous, busy-body, ahole harassers.

Good. Americans deserve to get crushed by the system they built. I used to believe in human freedom but no longer. I only wish to see these fascists crushed by even bigger ones. When the boot is stamping on their face I will laugh and cheer.

officercoma sounds about right. Maybe the company also builds prisons to house the “successful” use of its product. Knowing what “successfully used EyeDetect” means could help clarify. What a bland, glib press release/advertisement this is. Support your local police state.

Dr. George Deitchman PH.D. is a male health care provider in Jacksonville Beach with Marriage & Family Therapist listed as his primary medical specialization.

Anytime the phrase “scientifically validated” is used in conjunction with anything that has to do with sex offenders, it’s probably a load of s**t.

Also, I thought those sex offender “treatment” programs were so confident with the accuracy of the polygraph? I mean they — and infectious institutions like CA SOMB — stand behind the lie detector like a preacher preaching the gospel at the beach pier.

Why the need to alter or find better alternatives to the polygraph when it’s so accurate and works so well?

Man, government is such a scam. Like a YUUUGE scam.

Last edited 9 months ago by webmaster

Every year it is something new. If you look at all the different policies and restrictions the other states are trying (in this case, Connecticut) it makes you wonder. If you live in another state I’d be worried. What one state is doing, the other states are watching. Watching to see if that restriction gets positive or negative results. If this EyeDetect takes off, it’s only a matter of time until is comes to all other 49 states. Imagine how rich the owner of EyeDetect will be if that happens.

This is not new. In the late 1980’s early 1990’s I worked for a company that hired a guy that said he could determine the work characteristics of employees by scanning their eyes. Not with computerized mechanisms, but with a chart that showed cornea movement during questioning that he would refer to. Not too professional. Haha! This is same thing that these snake oil salesmen are doing. Its a total scam! But, our gov that is made up of a bunch of f*ing greedy idiots are buying in. I wish I could remember the company’s name that did this. Maybe there is a tie to this new absurdity. If I remember, I will be sure to out them. We must stay strong and take the offensive to stop this bullshit!

Last edited 9 months ago by webmaster

Garbage in, Garbage out. Polygraphs are so accurate they don’t hold up in court. Attaching or inserting a device is so accurate here’s another technology that’s even better. Involuntarily eye movement is “scientifically validated” ….oh sure it is. These fools keep reaching for different colored straws in a gigantic bin full of straws and are amazed when they find a new color. No singular universal tell exists for detecting truth or lies in people.

I wonder which lobbyists promoted the technology. Obviously, no congressman has much of an idea how this kind of tech works much less the constitutional implications. No doubt the sex offender has been a guinea pig for certain types.

@Tim in WI, I looked a bit into this EyeDetect and despite their claims that countermeasures can not be used, I did find a study done by the University of Nebraska that suggests that this is incorrect. They implied that the same countermeasures for Polygraphs are effective with EyeDetect however with EyeDetect it should be easier to notice if someone is employing them. I lost the link to the study but it was proposed in 2012 and completed in 2016 by Ryan Schuetzler. I seem to only be able to find the proposed study now but I did once find the completed study somewhere. The purpose of the study was to find ways to identify when countermeasures might be employed not identify specific countermeasures that could be employed.

I am of the opinion that there are likely countermeasures that will work and will be able to be done undetected for EyeDetect but that because the technology is proprietary it will be awhile before the best way to employ countermeasures against it will be as public as those used for the polygraph.. The polygraph is an older technology so there has been plenty of time for countermeasures information to be passed around and easy to find.

Last edited 9 months ago by M C

Do people need “countermeasures”? My direct, irrefutable, concrete, extensive evidence and experience with polygraphs is that they simply don’t work. I didn’t need any “countermeasures”. I told the truth yet they indicated deception. I could lie and it would not detect it. The polygraph could not do the only thing it was supposed to do. It was nothing but a waste of everyone’s time and energy. Peak stupidity.

It would be great if a lie detector could be invented. But I’ll remain skeptical until I know for sure to be otherwise. And I will certainly never believe lying Registry Supporters/Terrorists.

I still would like to identify the lobbyists! The best countermeasures to those folks is daylight. Someone must be pushing the tech for a gov contract similar to what was done with the registration regime and face recognition regime. All lobbyists must register too. And with good reason.

So the major fallacy (believed by the uneducated) with these so-called scientific devices that purport to detect “deception” is that there are no other possible explanations or causes as to why your body physiologically reacts to the question being asked OTHER THAN you are being deceptive (read: lying). Get it? NO other reason could possibly exist! This, of course, is an unproven hypothesis, and generally the reason why polygraphs are not allowed as evidence in criminal proceedings. Polygraphers are aware of this fallacy, so they are forced to say “Your answer indicates deception”. What is more accurate is to say “The polygraph has detected physiological changes that are consistent with those who are seeking to be deceptive”. They cannot say “You’re lying”.

But the uneducated and uninformed probation officer or treatment counselor buys into the “lie detector” fallacy….you MUST be lying. And so begins the third degree: “What are you hiding?? Just tell the truth!!”

I am reasonably confident that the same or similar fallacy applies to this new “eye examination device”.

EyeDetect is even worse than a polygraph, the results of which are openly available. The raw digitized data are recorded and available to any authorized persons. Interpretations may vary, but the data are there.

EyeDetect uses a proprietary algorithm which can be set to various levels of sensitivity. According to a company representative, the system “uses an eye tracker to record changes in pupil size along with about 100 other factors, including how fast you read the question and how fast you answer.”

Wired magazine published a useful article in 2018. It is worth reading for anyone interested in the subject.


…by analyzing involuntary eye behavior.

Just close your eyes!

The question is why is it specifically used for sex offenders? Aren’t there other bad guys who lie? Looks like the same BS as the polygraph. I’d be interested to see if this crap is accepted in court as evidence.

EyeDetect – just another tool to help the parole dept violate you.

My treatment provider believed that if you had a inconclusive on one of your polygraph questions it meant you were holding something back or not quite lying but not telling the truth. This meant to them and justified to them to have you come twice a week to group instead of only once a week. And of course that means another $40 in their pocket each week for about 3 months until your next poly.

The best part was when I was first evaluated by a doctor (when I was first paroled) to determine if I needed further treatment other than what I received in prison. The doctor did a 5 minute eval and determined I needed further treatment. That was odd because in prison the head of the psychology department told me with the treatment I received in prison I came far enough that he felt I would not need further treatment on the outside once paroled. So now this doctor who does the eval on the outside says I need further treatment. Come to find out this doctor works for the treatment provider I will be going to for $40 a week. So of course this doctor will say I need further treatment. He gets to know me for 5 minutes, determines I need further treatment but the head of the psychology department who had known me for 3 years said he felt I did not need any further treatment.

Can we say “Conflict of Interest”? – Are there any laws about that?

And the best part of all of this was that the first group session I went to I was informed by one of the group leaders that i would be attending group weekly until I maxed my parole (about three years). This meant I would never have the opportunity to graduate and not have to attend group any longer. So they held my freedom to the tune of ransom $40 per week.

In addition to assessment and evaluations, this group oversees case management, home visits, treatment, discharge planning, communication and reporting, and training and technical assistance.”
But states still pass laws prohibiting RPs from obtaining decent housing and employment. Hypocrites.
I don’t know how this so called test works, but what if someone has an eye condition that causes involuntary movement? You going to say that person is lying? To me this just seems like another example of lumping all RPs into one group, and I seriously doubt this kind of “test” would hold up in court because there is absolutely NO test that can prove someone is lying.
“Adult Sex Offender Services maximizes public safety and reduces re-offense rates…” but I thought registries were supposed to keep the public safe? I guess with this “scientifically proven” test, we can do away with registries then.

Some people probably need extra treatment once released from prison if this technology actually works it could possibly prevent people from reoffending most people who have to take those classes committed some of the most disgusting crimes you can think of

Good luck 😇

I’m not going to attempt to guess all the offenses in each county, state, or federally that might include court mandated counseling. While there could be a greater public focus on sex offense counseling and therapy, sex offenses are far from the only category of offenses with court mandated mental health treatment. More importantly just within the sex offense category just because someone plead no contest, guilty, or was convicted of something horrible or disgusting sounding based on the name of the crime doesn’t mean it fits the stereotypical parameters imagined for that offense. The reverse is true also in that a crime may seem less serious or terrible based on it’s name and yet actually be as bad or worse than other offenses traditionally considered more serious.

For example I know of a case involving the charge of rape. A vast majority of people do rightly consider rape to be a terrible crime. Yet like most offenses under the law there’s far greater flexibility in prosecuting someone for the crime of rape than might be expected. In this specific case there was no inappropriate contact between the defendant and the victim let alone anything raising to the level of physical interaction necessary for rape. The psychologist running the group had access to the legal documents in this case and confirmed this particular fact among other oddities in the case. Occasionally people will bring up cases with no actual victim and if there’s are instances where such a claim was true then this case involving a rape charge is one of them.

On the other side of the spectrum is a case involving a number of pictures and possibly videos which were largely presented as mostly depicting mere nudity. Given other details of the case it was clear worse had occurred than the production of nude pictures and videos. Although apparently since the guy convicted of this stuff didn’t bring up the worst details on his own the psychologist couldn’t force him to share that information with the group. It wasn’t until months later when the psychologist was certain this guy wasn’t coming back to a specific group that some additional information came up one time during conversation about a larger subject. Bottom line was this guy had been involved in more concerning and harmful conduct than any offenses he was convicted of might have hinted at.

Given these two real world examples just because something is said or written about a crime in no way means the details match what the offense name and description under the law are. Sometimes it is accurate, other times it’s inaccurate and milder than the law, and occasionally it’s worse. Assumptions about people based on past conduct and fear of future conduct is one of the main reasons laws and policing are so screwed up.

No idea if this technology works or not but every person with a brain knows that big government should never, ever be trusted. No “treatment” that they provide is going to be useful. They are idiots.

De-fund. Everywhere, in every way. Identify individuals who support Registries and this kind of nonsense and deliver real life consequences to them. They are not our fellow citizens or, in many cases, even humans.

This technology doesn’t “work.” It just measures a different body function that is just as meaningless as those measured in a polygraph.

What is next the hot metal on the tongue? The basic ritual consists of the accused being asked to lick a hot metal object (spoon, ladle, rod, etc.) … If the person undergoing the ritual is found to have a scarred or burnt tongue, it is concluded that he was lying. The Howeitat Bedouin call this ritual “the true light of God”.
Here we go with the Minority Report bahaaaa

This seems like something right out of a Clockwork Orange.


And if the authorities throw you in a body of water and you don’t sink you must be a witch.

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