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NE: James Fairbanks sentenced: 40–70 years in murder of person listed on the registry

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — James Fairbanks, who pleaded no contest to second-degree murder in the killing of  Mattieo Condoluci last year, was sentenced in a Douglas County on Wednesday morning.

3 News Now reporter, Jon Kipper was in the courtroom where a judge sentenced him to a total of 40–70 years on two counts: second-degree murder and possessing a firearm while committing a felony.

Condoluci’s daughter spoke in support of Fairbanks at the sentencing hearing and Condoluci’s son spoke against Fairbanks.

On May 16, 2020, Condoluci, 64, was found dead inside his home near 43rd & Pinkney St.

Fairbanks sent an anonymous email to the media, including KMTV, and later admitted he was the one who sent the letter in which he detailed why he killed Condoluci.


Dear Media,

I am writing this email to let you know that I killed Matteio Condoluci Thursday May 14th around 9:45 pm. While out apartment searching and checking the neighboorhoods I wanted to live in i stumbled across his Sex offense registry info. I read where he had molested (raped) two children and beem convicted twice yet only served two years in prison. For RAPING CHILDREN! I seen his address was right around the block from where i was looking to move. I drove by and to my horror he was standing in his driveway pretending to wash his truck (no soap or water just a rag) while staring at a group of children playing in the street. I watched him for a few minutes and just felt sick to my stomach. He just kept staring at them. The kids thankfully left and he went inside. I went to drive away and noticed to my amazement this twice convicted person had a playground set in his backyard! No fence. Just a slide and a play house. I felt sick to my stomach. Having had my own experience with these type of predators I knew the damage he would do to those kids. It agonized me for days. I coudnt sleep. I researched him more and more and found he had victimized dozens of kids in different states.  One kids mother had created a predator facebook page about him trying to warn people about him. Her son had been assaulted by him when he was 5 and the damage he did led the poor guy to die of a drug overdose years later and his mom directly bamed that incident on him.,,

I’ve worked with kids for years who have been victimized and i couldnt in good conscience allow him to do it to anyone else while I had the means to stop him. I’m willing to turn myself in even though im confident I woudn’t be caught because its my opionion that we need to fix this in our socitey. We can not let this continue to happen to out children. They must be stopped. I know in this messed up judicial system that means I will face far more severe punishment for stopping him then he did for raping KIDS. But I could no longer do nothing.

If you need proof the gun was a 9 milimeter, the front door was left open and the tv was on.

I’ll turn myself in as soon as I see this has beed released.



It said he was looking for an apartment in the area, knew of Condoluci’s past and saw him staring at children.

The letter stated he’d seen the impact abuse has on kids and couldn’t let Condoluci victimize anyone else.


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Isn’t it interesting that a man convicted of killing a registrant was sentenced to 40 years in prison. This is the same amount of time (40 years) that a man convicted of failing to register was sentenced to in Texas last month.

This is B.S. You can guarantee that if he had murdered anyone else, he would have gotten life, or if a registered person had done the same thing, LIFE.
This is just another example of why the registries need to be abolished.

I agree he would have gotten Murder 1, premeditated, and very possibly whole life with no chance of parole with the weapons charged tacked on for good measure if had gone to jury trial. However, the prosecution would have had to then tell everyone that the registry is not to be used as a hit list but for public information only and defend its existence in court. That would have been interesting to hear the DA do that!

This is tiny, but they should have tacked on a charge for using the hit list for something it was not intended for as noted in the fine print of it. If the DA does not charge for that infraction, then no one will care if they use it for purposes it is not supposed to be used for.

People are always arguing back and forth about if the “hate crime” designation should exist and what it should entail. One thing that is certain is that using the Oppression Lists to murder someone is a hate crime. The Oppression Lists are a hate crime against the PFRs, their spouses, and their children. Anyone who supports them deserves punishment.

I do disagree with your “using the hit list for something it was not intended for” statement though. I think it was absolutely intended to allow for harassment, including murder.

Politicians don’t care. The registry is a tool to garner cheap votes for those who otherwise failed to do anything meaningful with their time in office.

Very hard to fathom in the year 2021.

Disproportionate, for sure. The “justice” system proves itself a joke more and more, every day.

I’m sure we are all (a) disgusted and furious with the fact that this psycho chose to stalk and murder a registered citizen, (b) disgusted and furious with the crimes Condolucci committed in his past against all of his victims, and (c) disgusted and furious with the biased media coverage – a media that serves as cheerleaders for prosecutors, police, and others who seek to promote hysteria and hatred towards registered citizens, and who, as usual, overtly promoted and featured, in great detail, the late Mr. Condolucci’s past acts, with the obvious intent of justifying/mitigating this murderer’s crime.

I am also hopeful that, collectively, we (a) are all empathetic towards any and all of Condolucci’s past victims, (b) empathetic towards all those who mourn Condolucci’s passing, and (c) pleased with the comparatively long sentence that the judge handed down to this psycho, with the hope that it may serve as a deterrent to other like-minded individuals, and further serves to re-balance the scales of justice. We’ll see.

Maybe. If Condolucci’s victims are Registry Supporters/Terrorists then I don’t care what happened to them. If someone is a victim, I hope it is an RS/T.

His victims were kids. Amanda Henry, his daughter (one of the victims) communicated to a bunch of registrants on the FAC site. She was pro registry in the beginning of the conversations. She was given support and understanding for her father’s victimization of her. She was also given some information on the uselessness of registration, and the harm it causes.
It seemed that Condolucci’s son had more current contact with Condolucci. The son had very differing feelings concerning the murder. Perhaps the siblings will share their feelings and experiences with each other. The family needs healing.
Not only from Fairbanks but from Condolucci also.
Many Americans are in favor of the registry, several million are against and several million are either on it or have family on it. Having people like Patti Wetterling or someone like Amanda Henry understanding the real issues with the registry will do more potential good than most of us can generate.

Yes, no children deserve to be abused. I’m aware of the conversations at FAC and I read most, if not all, of it. I have little empathy to give. And I don’t have any empathy for RS/Ts (Registry Supporters/Terrorists).

Certainly the person that she is today and her opinions were shaped by what happened to her as a child. But in America, we don’t give people a pass for their current, crappy actions and opinions based on anything that has happened to them in the past. For example, if a PFR (Person Forced to Register) were a victim and severely damaged from childhood trauma that person would be embraced and given empathy all the way up until the person did something illegal that was related to sex. Then they would be treated by most as sub-human. Almost everyone is like that. No one gets any slack.

RS/Ts don’t care about PFRs. They don’t care about their spouses or children. They have been 100% lazy about any effects and unfairness of their idiotic “laws”, even on children. It’s crazy that they support harassment of PFRs and yet have failed to get the rest of their big government Oppression Lists created. When any of that is pointed out, people just shrug their shoulders and say “sex offender”.

People can’t fight all injustices and I get that lots of people would rather fight against other, even bigger problems, but the whole laissez-faire attitude about the Oppression Lists is unacceptable. It’s lazy. So I can’t really care about their problems. Certainly not the problems of RS/Ts. As far as I’m concerned, if an RS/T has suffered trauma in their past it is simply karma for the POS they are today. Most people have done good and bad. The Oppression Lists and their resulting segregation and ostracism aren’t acceptable.

You are right of course that having “prominent people” be anti-Oppression List is a very good thing. I’ll support anyone who is. But I can’t care about harassing terrorists.

Thanks for the reply Will, I’ve always admired your tenacity and generally concur with your point of view.

I’m glad my keeping on top of the DA’s office in Omaha paid off. In Nebraska he’ll be doing half his top and bottom numbers, unless the laws have changed.


You mean he will be doing 55 years minimum if their halves are added or 35 if they are overlapped?

He’ll be in prison at least 35 years. I’ll have to check Nebraska Inmate Finder after 35 days to see more about his sentence after his evaluations at the Diagnostic Center in Lincoln.

I wonder what would have happened if I did not like a drug dealer in my neighbor and made a decision after stalking his daily activities to walk into his home while the tv was on and shoot him in cold blood? Would I have received more or less time than 40-70 years?

What I find interesting is the victim’s daughter speaking in support of the murderer. I’d like to hear her thought process in that. She must have some real hate towards her deceased Father.

I saw a conversation between her and some others on the Florida FAC site. She also is on u-tube. Condolucci did a rather fine job garnering the hate of his daughter. She was one of his victims.

Whatever hatred the father fomented with the daughter does not excuse her condoning the killer’s behavior towards the father and the way he went about doing it. It does a person forced to register and their circle of family/friends no favors when the target on someone has been increased in size by someone condoning the behavior. Vigilante’s and those who root them on have no remorse for their actions most times as seen by others who have done similar retribution against those who are on the hit list.

This is a story for Dateline. A bunch of what appears to be some rather weird actions by all involved.

Working title.

“Who’s the Predator to Catch”

As far as I’m concerned the Predator aka Fairbanks is where he belongs. You might not like a person based on their past; however that doesn’t give you the right to commit murder.

So just like the registry telling the public that the persons on the registry MAY DO the same thing again in the future (which is bull) this guy decided to kill him for what he MAY DO in the future.

Yes, he got 40 years for not providing proper registry information and that is terrible. This murderer got 40 to 70 years.

[MODERATORS NOTE: edited to follow policy guidelines]

…but to reward him puts an even bigger target on my back and yours.

This is another example of trolling until someone goes off the deep end at the expense of due process. The killer said it was the play set in Condoluci’s backyard that really set him off, but the play set was put there by Condoluci’s son for his child. So it was a deadly assumption. Now Fairbanks will spend at least 20 years in prison, and he now thinks he could have chosen “a better course of action.” Those that helped instigate the murder will not spend a day in prison.

I feel like my life is in danger everytime I walk out the door I never know who or what’s coming for me it could be A sex offender taskforce or some crazy neighbor i never met trying to kill me
I can’t own a firearm so how do I protect myself from people like this guy it’s extremely dangerous haveing your name and address on Megan’s law website for the world to see.

Last edited 4 months ago by Chad

There are plenty of weapons a convicted felon can own. Check your state, but here in Michigan, black powder cap and ball pistols are legal for me to own. It just cannot be capable of being modified to fire an actual bullet

That’ll be an interesting shoot-out. 🙂

I thought about buying a big azz pitbull but the cops might shoot him during their compliance checks.

Last edited 4 months ago by Chad

If there is one thing cops love more than beating their wives (40% spousal abuse rate, just FYI) it’s murdering people’s dogs. It’s how they get their jollies.

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