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Jill Levenson to Speak at ACSOL Conference on September 17

If you signed up but did not receive your link to the conference, check your spam folder. If not there, contact


Professor Jill Levenson, who has studied and reported on the impact of the registry upon individuals and their families, will speak during ACSOL’s annual conference on Friday, September 17, at 10 a.m. (Pacific).  The title of her presentation is “Post-Conviction Traumatic Success: Recovery, Resilience and Restoring Hope.”

Levenson is an international expert in the monitoring and treatment of individuals convicted of a sex offense.  She has often criticized sex offender registries which she claims are ineffective as well as residency restrictions. In addition, Levenson has issued a study that debunks the myth that registrants pose a danger to children while trick-or-treating on Halloween.

“We are honored that Professor Levenson has agreed to speak at this year’s conference,” stated ACSOL President Chance Oberstein.  “In her presentation, Professor Levenson will address challenges faced by registrants in their daily lives and how to overcome them.”

Levenson has been a keynoted speaker in conferences held in more than 20 states in the U.S. as well as in the countries of Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia.  She has co-authored five books about the treatment of sexual abuse and published more than 100 articles on that topic.

Supporting Those Who Love the Loathed: Trauma-Informed Support Groups for Family Members of Registered Sex Offenders

Life on “the List” is a Life Lived in Fear: Post-Conviction Traumatic Stress in Men Convicted of Sexual Offenses



Download the PDF file .



Download the PDF file .

Conference scholarships are available for those in need.



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It is truly amazing that Jill Levenson, PhD, will be sharing with us what she has learned about registrants and their families! I look forward to hearing from her and hope you will, too. All you need to do is sign up for the conference using the link above.

Ms. Bellucci,
Levenson has certainly identified the impact of the registry upon the American family. But in doing so she underestimates the scope of the issue and conflict, and her work. Sex offender registration is but one solitary use of the database. There are infinite uses, each impacting humanity as a whole in their own way. The databases use is a question human right as much as lawful or constitutional right. As Asimov put it;
Human value must always outweigh machine value otherwise humans will program machine robot to kill or disadvantage other humans. (HV>MV=null) Sex offender registration by definition and relative disposition is the inverse whereby human sovereignty is rendered subservient to the registry database. The inverse of Asimov’s first law.(MV>HV=null)

Tim/. That was really insightful, way to put it in words. Maybe you should a speaker.

Thank you, Mostly, I prefer to exercise my speech on the issue in the context of the felony failure to register\ provide information cases against me here in Rock County WI. Seven times I’ve been forced into court, for neglect of a duty not available to the state at the time of conviction for a crime i wasn’t actually guilty of in the first place. The absurdity astounds me to no end. I must presume a higher power has a plan. BTW 6-1@FTR isn’t a bad record, lets call it moderately successful.

6-1 is a great record! Would you mind telling all of us the basic details of each case? In plain English, please?!

Simply put, I use the record itself.

There is so many ways to describe the registry database and its effect on humans.

Take a look at the african american man today and see what “slavery” did to them

and the affects they are dealing with today. The repercussions are still alive and

well, slavery ended in 1865 or did it?

Hopefully Dr. Levenson will share the results of her study, if available. The study she asked many of us to participate in…

Hi Janice. I couldn’t agree with you more. We are VERY LUCKY to be getting Dr. Levenson, to speak at our California meeting. Any time we can get ANYONE of her stature to speak and help with our cause, it is a very good day for all registrants. Yes I realize that the registry is a negative and yes I realize that we ALL want it to go away, but without people like Dr. Levenson speaking on our behalf, we all know that advances in our favor, will never happen. I hope that everyone who can, will sign up for this historic event and pray that NEXT year we may all be together again in person, face to face as well as our celebration dinner afterwards!!! Thank you once again Janice for all you are doing for ALL of us!!!

You tell em Janice wish I could be out their. Tim while I don’t keep track of Mrs Levenson or this Sexplanation Woopie Goldburg lady with her fast talk’in. I have enough time keeping up with Judge Wapner reruns and OJ. Simpson. I wasn’t really into Woody Allen anyway but I know my dad was an accountant and they didn’t a have click mouse in the 40′ 50′ or 60’s but I can guarantee he was in court more times than you.

He got so sick of going to the state capital for his company that he didn’t even want to be called for jury duty. Nothing wrong with Ms. Levenson, I’m sure she will be a good asset speaker and educate you you teens and many adults. Tim take an example take a car… one can either use it for good or bad or who does a hit and run without leaving slid marks?

Wow Saddles…just wow. That was even more convoluted then normal.

Well? Who does a hit and run without leaving skid marks?

I find this to be very much like a rap song. It is up to the consumer to figure out all the references, allusions, double entendres, mixed metaphors, innuendo, blathering, etc. Find out how clever you are, lol.

I was listening to Notorious B.I.G. yesterday and with a particular song (“Another”) I was thinking of how I understood most of it but that I could really think about the whole song and see how close I could get to figuring it all out. I’ve never listened that closely to it or tried. Of course some people do that with songs, even write it down, publish it online, and then people debate it.

Someone with no empathy or humanity as well as knows no matter what they will not suffer any consequences for killing another human being. Basically Mr. Big, too much money and too little soul. S/He would be able to do a hit and run with no skid marks. Damage repairs cost next to nothing for someone like that so no concern for car, humans rank next to nothing to those kind as well.

Don’t know much about Jill Levenson but sounds like she’s been around the world raising awareness about the harm Megan’s law is causing people all across the country.
People on the registry in California especially people placed in tier 3 need to stop hiding in the shadows wateing on Janice Bellucci and her team to come rescue them, GOD helps those who help themselves.
So next time Dont ask what ACSOL can do for you but ask what can you do for ACSOL

Good luck ✊😎

Seems like all you all are missing the point or do we all leave skid marks. Even women in certain circles at times can leave their mark, but its the individual that actually leaves the mark. Sure we all can hit and run or who looks at the tracks of one tears or even drinks the bitterness of life. So one can either motivate or procrastinate. Sure war is hell. I think Sherman said that and I don’t think Sherman was any bowinkle.

Nothing wrong with a good motivational speaker in this registry type war. Now I’m sure you all know that abuse isn’t any good. Sure if I would of had any provocative sexual oriented material on my computer I would have been looking at gray walls for a while. My texting was a bit unbecoming but who was trying to run over who without leaving skid marks. So if your a cricket let your conscious be your guide or how many speak without reason. Trying isn’t the way its trusting. Twisting the truth can be no truth at all or who has a halo of truth for justice in America.

Sure the little talk I had with Janice several years ago didn’t make to much sense but I wasn’t looking at it from her prospective and I’m sure she had her reasons and that shows a caring person. Caring about others & leaving an impression is better than skid marks anytime. …

Wow! That’s great that she’s agreed to speak/present! She’s so well-known in the field!

If you did not receive your link to the conference, first check your spam folder. If it is not there contact

It was an excellent presentation. I know I learned a lot, and I also identified well with other’s experiences.

I think those that missed it can look for the recording, but might have to pay the conference fee to get access.

Thanks to all who attended this year’s conference! More than 240 tickets were sold and everyone who has already purchased a ticket will be provided a link to the conference recordings in 7 to 10 days. For those who have not purchased a ticket, you will be able do so when the recordings are available. Scholarships will be available for the recordings. The recordings, however, will not be made available to the public.

I am glad that I will be able to purchase a ticket to see the recordings in about a week. I didn’t purchase to attend the conference because I unable to fit attending into my schedule but definitely want to see the recordings. While I do understand certain things may not be made available I am still interested in what I can see.

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