MO: Police arrest non-compliant sex offender squatting in Kansas City Historic Northeast neighborhood

Source: 7/23/21

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A non-compliant sex offender was arrested in Kansas City’s Historic Northeast neighborhood Friday and FOX4 was there for it all.

FOX4 brought you the story Thursday of a woman who said the man is stalking her. Police got him to leave but he came back.

Instead of leaving in an ambulance this time, he left in handcuffs. The neighborhood is glad he is gone, but unsure if he will be back.

Missy Jones has been dealing with him for three years and thought after FOX4 got involved he would leave.

On Friday, both the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department and Jackson County Sheriff’s Department interacted with the man who continued to loiter in the neighborhood. One arrested him and the other didn’t.

“I am beyond frustrated. I am beyond disgusted,” Jones said.

She said she is ready to finally feel at home. However, it’s hard to relax when having this man hanging around her neighborhood has her on edge.

Thursday, FOX4’s Sherae Honeycutt asked him why he wasn’t letting the court know where he is, and then he was taken away by an ambulance claiming someone assaulted him.

“At this point I don’t know what else to do,” Jones said.

Jones said the man used to live at a facility across the street from her house. She met him when he was walking around the neighborhood picking up trash. She believed he was a nice older man but over time she said he started making inappropriate comments to her, and she asked him to leave her alone.

She said he didn’t. He would time his walks around her schedule and every time she left her house he would be ready to talk. She said one time she caught him trying to peer into her windows. At some point she said the facility kicked him out and he had no where to go, and started sleeping on her neighbor’s porches.

Jones said she decided to look him up online and realized he was a non-compliant sex offender who was convicted of sexually assaulting two girls, twelve and fourteen, back in 2002. Even worse, she realized she knew him when she was a teenager. She was friends with his former step daughter, and had slept over at the family house years ago.

After police encouraged her Thursday, she went to the Jackson County Courthouse to file an ex-parte, but they can’t process it until next week when it can go in front of a judge.

Jones said when she spoke to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department. They told her he could not be arrested due to COVID-19.

“What I was told today is that because of COVID he cannot be processed,” Jones said.

FOX4 reached out to Sheriff Darryl Forte who said it’s due to an administrative order to reduce COVID-19 transition. They can’t arrest offenders with bonds under $5,000 even if there is a warrant, and even if they are non-compliant.

“I hate to say it, but I’m probably just going to have to go stay somewhere else,” Jones said.

According to the Missouri Highway Patrol, as of June 30, 40% of all sex offenders in Jackson County are non-compliant. In total, there are 2,300 sex offenders in the county. 932 are considered non-compliant, and 107 have absconded — which means in the eyes of the county they have disappeared.

“That just makes my stomach drop,” Jones said.

One of them was sitting on a porch next door to Jones’ house, and once again, FOX4’s Sherae Honeycutt confronted him.

“Sir, why are you back here? Why are you back here?” Honeycutt said. “Why do you keep coming back here when you make people uncomfortable? We talked about this yesterday, and I told you how your neighbors felt, and I didn’t want to come back here today and talk about this.”

“No neighbors said anything to me about it,” the man said.

“They don’t need to say it. They’ve already said it to you, sir, and I’ve already said it to you,” Honeycutt said.

“Nobody said anything to me,” the man repeated.

“We had a whole conversation that aired on television yesterday,” Honeycutt said.

“I don’t watch television,” the man said.

“Well, that’s alright. You experienced it, and lived it, and I’m back here to talk to you about it again. Are you going to come back here again?” Honeycutt said.

“I might just stay up in the park,” he said.

He did walk toward the park where children play, but didn’t get far before KCPD drove by and arrested him for multiple warrants. One of them for being a non-compliant sex offender. He was taken to East Patrol to be processed, and it’s unclear how long he will be held.

Jones said she’s glad he was finally arrested, but isn’t waiting around for him to come back.

“It makes me feel very good, but for how long?” Jones said.

KCPD said the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department handles the sex offender registry and any violations.

KCPD will take a report on any new offenses, and if they come across someone who is non-compliant and a warrant has been issued they will arrest them on the warrant, but if there is not a warrant they won’t make an arrest.

If officers make contact with someone who is listed as a non-compliant sex offender, the officer will notify the Jackson County Sex Offender Unit.

As for a non-compliant sex offender who is harassing, stalking, or committing any offense, the victim needs to make a report at that time as that is a new offense, and the sex offender unit would be contacted.

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Im confused, a non compliant person who is listed on the registry, running around the neighborhood stalking and peeping through peoples windows and the cops still couldn’t arrest him because of COVID19, if that was here in California not only would he get arrested for being out of compliance he would of got beat and tased, thrown in county jail for 6-12 months, and finally sentence to 8 or 9 years in prison under California’s three-strike law.

Good luck

Funny how they keep repeating the phrase “non-compliant” but not one single word about what the supposed non-compliance is.

This statement concerns me…Jones said she decided to look him up online and realized he was a non-compliant person listed on the registry who was convicted of sexually assaulting two girls, twelve and fourteen, back in 2002. Even worse, she realized she knew him when she was a teenager. She was friends with his former step daughter, and had slept over at the family house years ago. So what if this person had a criminal recorded other than a sex offense and being listed on the registry, such as a drug dealer/addict/robber so when Jones looked him up and found nothing on him…. His behavior would then not be as terrifying or dangerous?

Was she assaulted by him as a teen or does she feel offended because she didn’t know her friend’s dad had a sex offense in his future? I’m tired of these trolls and keyboard warriors stirring the pot.

“Sir? Sir? Why aren’t you living somewhere else even though 100% of all livable areas are off limits to you, which would prompt me to come to you at that location and say, ‘Sir? Sir? Why aren’t you living somewhere else, even though 100% of all livable areas are off limits to you, which would prompt me to come to you at that location and say…'” (endless loop time)

Sounds like he is harassed everywhere he goes, is told to stay away and go to the park, but he is arrested on his way to the park. He is homeless, despondent, depressed and mentally ill from 19 years of living on the registry. How can he watch TV and follow the news when he has nowhere to live. His non-complinace is a failure to register. He probably doesn’t even know what month it is. That is what being homeless does. You lose track of what month it is. If he had done another sex offense it would have been stated in the headlines. Sounds to me that the guy is looking for companionship and remembers the woman. The woman said she slept over his house as a young girl, obviously there was no problem those times.

The man’s entire problem is becasue he is on the registry. It has made him and outcast. People on the registry can never fully get back into society. Many homeless shelters won’t allow you there, many states have residency restrictions that prevent you from living in an apartment. You can’t get decent employment. You can’t go on dating sites, you can’t go where people congregate, your information in on the internet. Does Jones realize that her hysteria is what has created people like him? Notice in the article they continually refer to him as “a non-complinat sex offender.” That is his identity. If he would have been a meth dealer selling drugs to children he would be a man who made a mistake in his past and is trying to get his life together.

Could it be he was trying to reach out to her as he might of recognized her? Some people come off as being a stalker or touchy feeling while that may not be their intent.

Another failure of the criminal justice system. It is 100% accurate that this poor guy’s dysfunctional mental and emotional state is a direct result of having to live a life pursuant to an insanely punitive maze of senseless restrictions, conditions, and laws, and a lack of effective and ongoing counseling, education, and career training.

Realistically, what type of employment opportunities exist (post-incarceration) for the majority of senior registered citizens (say about 65 and older), other than perhaps manual labor? I had my professional license revoked, and was forced into retirement. Fortunately, I had enough in savings to retire relatively comfortably at age 65 (I’m now 72). Sadly, this guy doesn’t seem to be as fortunate.

And this sad saga is then poorly documented by the self-righteous media, fulfilling their function as (1) cheerleaders for the prosecutors and police, and (2) church ladies, promoting puritanical moral standards to which we all must adhere, or face their public shaming.

I’m not surprised by what Missouri does anymore. When I lived there they told me I had to be in doors on Halloween and sent an official to check on me and I wasn’t on parole or probation. Crazy