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CA: YouTube host leads police to arrest suspected sex offender in EG

Source: 8/18/21

The Elk Grove police on Aug. 11 arrested a 20-year-old man who allegedly visited Morse Community Park to have a sexual encounter with a minor in a restroom.

“Ghost,” who is a YouTube channel host and the anonymous leader of an self-described movement called, Creep Catching (CC) Unit, announced that their decoy operation led authorities to arrest Timothy ___ of Elk Grove.

CC Unit targets sexual predators online and then releases their video-recorded confrontations with them on YouTube. They also submit evidence to law enforcement in order to have the suspects arrested. The CC Unit in June reportedly led authorities to arrest a suspected sex offender in Roseville.

“The mission is to expose adults who prey on children,” Ghost told the Citizen about the CC Unit’s work. “Get these adults arrested and convicted for their crimes. Change laws to where predators get harsher punishments for their crimes against children.”

During the Elk Grove incident, the CC Unit confronted Timothy ___ at Morse Park before the police arrived. Ghost said that he then gave officers the text messages and online chats between the suspect and the decoy who posed as a 13-year-old boy.

“He was on our radar for four months,” he told the Citizen about the suspect.

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These operations should be illegal for everyone including law enforcement. Claiming to be someone else for the purpose of luring others into acting in a certain way isn’t proof of a crime, it’s proof the person or persons involved in the bait and switch sting are terrible people. If society really wanted to help people there would be widespread promotions for mental health and other services for anyone wanting help to get it.

CC UNIT Ghost Attacks Civilian and DELETES Video!!!

Here is the thing. We live in a different society now. I had an issue with prostitutes. You would be in shock to know how many illegal brothels operate under massage parlors. Some are located near schools, within medical buildings and the list goes on and on. There (true story) are several located within a tough on crime city in SOC where 30 plus operate and you can find/get anything there. One office building (near car dealerships/residences) has 10 plus massage parlors where the girls come to the windows (it’s like a red lights district) and wave you in. They still operate? I have a low view on people who do this. It ruins people’s lives and is very addictive. Why aren’t they registering? People should be outraged!

I’m outraged that you think people should be outraged.

It is not our business what two consenting adults would like to do with each other. If they want to have sex and one of them gives the other person money for it, that’s fine. If they give them a new car, that is fine. Whatever. Not our business.

Are there some countries that will stone prostitutes to death? Perhaps people who are against it should live there? I’d like to try to make America a free country for once in its entire history.

You may be right that these massage parlors are very addictive. But surely only for a tiny fraction of Americans, right? Should anything that is addictive be illegal?

We have the Sex Offense Registries because people can’t mind their own business. Let’s all try to change that mentality.

Will, great comments. Prostitution draws drugs; sex addicts, money laundering, sexual slavery and a multitude of other things. I had an addiction at one point that caused me to be arrested. I’ve witnessed Asian prostitutes beat, slapped and abused. I’ve been robbed; threatened and people don’t just wake up one day and say, I want to be a prostitute: These establishments exists in family oriented neighborhoods, near shopping centers and google Orange County massage parlors – news. Both a masseuse with a criminal history and a man convicted of identity theft – stealing credit cards to feed his addiction where murdered/murder suicide: These women will lie/cheat/steal! I’ve been there. We don’t live in Amsterdam and your [MODERATOR’S NOTE: TMZ AND OTHERS, FURTHER PERSONAL INSULTS TOWARD OTHER COMMENTORS WILL RESULT IN YOUR COMMENTS BEING HEAVILY EDITED OR DELETED. TREAT OTHERS WITH RESPECT OR LEAVE]

Speak for yourself. Just because you cannot control yourself so around prostitutes does not mean they should be banned for everyone. That is an absolutely infantile mentality. Take your jealous rage elsewhere.

@tmz/usa…..thought you were leaving and not coming back. The fact that you’re still here and posting confirms that you’re the troll we all thought you were….every time they get this forum cleaned up somebody, namely you…pops up and insults somebody. Obviously, everyone can agree that people forced to perform sexual acts against their will and people who traffic others in that are ABHORRENT…as usual you missed the forest for the trees…..@Will Allen wasn’t condoning any of the stuff I mentioned above…..if a adult man/woman chooses to have a consensual sexual encounter/relationship and get paid for it then how is that anybody’s business…if they weren’t coerced then no harm no foul…dude just ride off into the sunset…stop coming on here because I can’t figure out why you even want to…Unless you feel the need to shove it in our face that you no longer have to register and to remind us how you were so much less of a deviant then all of us. We get it dude…try being a man of your word and leave…

Well, good thing it is illegal or bad things could be happening.

Or, is it like drugs, where the fact that it is illegal is what actually causes the problems?

It doesn’t matter. It’s not relevant. People need to stay out of other people’s business. Or a country isn’t free.

Prostitution would not have the collateral consequences you mentioned if it were legal. Street prostitution, abuse, child sex trafficking, money laundering etc. would be seriously reduced under a system of regulated, licensed, and inspected brothels with STD testing requirements. Did we learn nothing from prohibition in the 1920s? Hey, they could even include massages for an extra fee.

In the past, the same arguments you presented were made against erotic dancing clubs. You mentioned Amsterdam. I wouldn’t necessarily follow that model with a red-light district and other liberalized activity. We allow bars and strip clubs to exist throughout cities. Why not discrete bordellos? Just askin’.


What If ACSOL threw a two-day event where they had speakers come from all across the United States to spread awareness of the harm the public registry is causing people and their families in America.
And let’s say 5.000 people showed up 3 days in advance to register with the local police department haveing jurisdiction over the city where the event was taking place, obviously it would be impossible to register that many people in 3 days the line would literally wrap around the building 3 times and still go down the street it would be similar to people waiting in line to see A Rolling Stones concert.
Can you imagine the news coverage every television station would be out there with helicopters in the sky the police chief will have to contact the mayor and the mayor would have to contact the governor and the governor would have to contact the Department of Justice and they would have to contact ACSOL and beg them to dismantle the event in the name of Public Safety.
We gotta fight fire with fire we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel or anything Martin Luther King already laid down the blueprint all we have to do is follow it to the T.
If ACSOL doesn’t have support from registrants when they need it then what’s the point, this fight isn’t just in a courtroom we also gotta fight publicly against the public’s opinion of what a sex offender is

Good luck

What is up with people pretending to be teens while going after adults in chatrooms than posting it on YouTube? Amateur training before enrolling in the police academy.

Well, I might suggest grown adults avoid chatting with children and offering to meet up for? I guess it’s the child’s or LE’s fault? Free country comment: I suggest visiting a 3rd world country: if laws didn’t exist, the US would be out of control

You aren’t worth my time because all you do is bully others you disagree with and can’t have a rational conversation.

Please. Use your brain.

No one said there should not be laws. But in a free country, there would be no laws that exist solely for … control freaks to try to control how other people live.

America is not a free country.

I feel like there are a lot more people living in America who say they love freedom but don’t act on it. For example, why have we allowed the control freaks to make drugs illegal? I don’t use drugs, other than alcohol, but why have we allowed the control freaks to control us? How is weed still illegal? Why are we allowing this minority of people to control us? …
I’m done with people telling me how I should live. Who is with me?

I am with you Will Allen – Weed is legal in CA but you go to prison in other States, and you went to prison in CA prior to it becoming legal. Now, they see the money in it and will benefit from something many people went to jail and prison for. And, I am sure, if we looked into their closets, we would see all sorts of skeletons, yet they want to tell us what we can and can not do, when they themselves, I am pretty sure, are not innocent by any stretch of the imagination. We all know who “they” are.

I don’t think condone adults conversing with teens online in a sexual manner, just as much as adults pretending to be teens to entrap people. You need to take moderators advice and just leave because all you do is insult others. You should stay away from massage parlors due to your addiction to prostitution because it’s only way a woman will sleep with you.

I concur with TMZ. Like him, I obtained my COR about a year ago … I’ve learned being angry and blowing up at others shows your mindset. Remember, people read these comments. … Nothing has changed

USA, I don’t know of anyone here who claims it is ok to have sexual chats with children, online or otherwise. If they did, they would be roundly shouted down by other participants and ACSOL.


Thanks my fellow COR/off the registry: Those of us rehabilitated don’t lash out on others, accuse others of having issues – … Rehabilitation is a long process. It takes someone to change their mindset. … Best of luck

… … …

Yes, in a free country, it would not be your business what adults put into their own bodies. You would not be able to tell your neighbor what to consume or not. How much do you want to control your neighbors? Want to tell them they cannot consume alcohol? Certain drugs? All drugs? How about too many potato chips? Certainly more dangerous than moderation of some of those others. Please tell us how you want to control your neighbors? Or better yet, visit them tonight and tell them. Don’t forget to tell them that if they don’t live as you want them to live that you will have them imprisoned. Everyone loves neighbors like that.

Also not your business – who/what adults that your neighbors have sex with. Or if either party pays the other.

What else isn’t your business? The list is long. What we really need to control in America is people who cannot mind their own business or stop harassing other families. That is what we really need to control. People who need huge government to try to help them force other people to live as they want them to live. Control freaks.

Lastly, I don’t chat online with underage children (aren’t they all underage)? I do it in person. All the time. Better run off and try to get your criminal regime to pass some more fake safety “laws”. That’ll make you feel better.

Good luck.

Did he really just thank himself? SMH

…Some of us are professionals and COR’s are signed by a Superior Court Judge. …COR’s remove most (unless your conviction is child related) individuals and open a lot of doors. …tier 3’s aren’t capable of obtaining a COR … … We are logging off now. Too much toxicity her

Do you promise? Are you really going away for good? Because the adults in the room need to get something done about the registry. …

So enjoy your new-found freedom …

… , I do promise. Yes, I was totally guilty of battery and much more! Much. Yet, my charge turned into a misdemeanor/expunged and later a COR/off the registry. … I do think the registry made me change for the better and now I have a clean record, very wealthy and I’m free! … Judge me as you will, but I don’t have to be here and listen to how it’s everyone else’s fault. I’ve never heard anyone admit, I messed up! When I initially filed my COR, the DA came up to me and thanked me for taking responsibility. Unlike the guy who blamed his ex, drinking or a lame police sting, I admitted I was human. You can try and put me down, but real men admit their faults and avoid calling others names. That’s called manipulation. So, I’d you decide to respond, go ahead. It simply empowers me … Chow

And by the way, since the COR is moot now that the tiered registry is law, your input provides absolutely nothing of value to anyone still forced to register. …

And finally, do you really believe there is a single person who frequents this site who doesn’t know USA/TMZ are both you? Your little tete-a-tete with yourself might be the most disturbing thing you’ve yet produced here.

Now please, do us all a favor and take your leave from this site and allow us to continue the work we need to do.

That’s rich…Now accusing others of multiple personality disorder….where does it stop? Promotes no unity just division….just saying

Ha ha ha, you are getting even more desperate. That’s funny. You apparently aren’t smart enough to understand Will Allen very well. He would never need to make up multiple names just to approve of and support each other’s comments. Weak people do that. I have no idea who “Curiouser” is. The moniker certainly rings a bell, but unlike some others, it is not one stuck firmly in my head.

You don’t know anything about me. I’ve been eligible for years to be able to petition to be removed from the Oppression Lists (OLs). Do you understand that? Years. I’ll probably do it relatively soon. Or maybe not. I don’t need to. I have an insanely successful life. I’ve neutralized the OLs to a huge degree, almost completely. There are only a couple of areas of minor irritation. The only very significant impact is restricted international traveling, but I haven’t investigated if I care much about that or how big a problem it might be (e.g. I probably don’t want to go to any sh*thole country anyway that thinks OLs are meaningful or useful).

I don’t need to be off of the OLs. I’m not the one paying the price for keeping me on there. LOTS of others are. They are also the ones in danger. But as I’ve said many, many, many times – they are too stupid to know it and too arrogant to care. That’s America. A country FULL of idiots who believe all kinds of idiotic things, including loving the OLs. Being listed on the OLs keeps me motivated to retaliate. That’s a good thing.

I won’t be staying away from parks. I have a huge amount of property that directly borders very large parks. I’m in them all the time. Very often with children and nearly always around random children. Great way to live, BTW.

The OLs have taught me to be more about “me me me”, that is true. Most other people are worth way less than animals to me. Not all, just most. To be clearer, I love and protect animals to an insane degree.

I don’t need to. I have an insanely successful life. I’ve neutralized the OLs to a huge degree, almost completely. There are only a couple of areas of minor irritation. The only very significant impact is restricted international traveling, but I haven’t investigated if I care much about that or how big a problem it might be (e.g. I probably don’t want to go to any sh*thole country anyway that thinks OLs are meaningful or useful).

Love this dude……

… ….

I concur. … I admitted I had a problem and got helped. I didn’t blame the government, laws or whomever else! I got into counseling, got involved in church and made things happen. I obtained a 17/b, expungement and processed a pc 851.8 on my own and succeeded! I didn’t stop. I filed a COR on my own in OC and failed! Yet, I filed another. (Prior to July 1st/I read the new law line by line/the 2 LA paralegals in LA stated it’s not possible/not familiar with the law) . I was granted (I followed George Gascon) a COR without ever walking into a court room and the DA had zero concerns! Yes, … I got lucky. You make your luck. I’m now traveling internationally, live in an upscale (multi million dollar home) and why? I didn’t give up or blame others! Yes, I was guilty and got lucky! Any other concerns? PS: I’m off the registry as well. Let’s see if Cs is now granting ex offenders pardons!

“I’m now traveling internationally, live in an upscale (multi million dollar home) and why?” LOL!!!!!!

What an odd statement.

I think your COR and all the rest of that are irrelevant. This isn’t about “luck” and people being able to just “make your luck”. Plenty of people could try to follow the exact path that you incessantly brag about and that path simply is not available to them.

Stop harping your nonsense about people not admitting that they had/have a problem and blaming whomever else. I don’t see that at all. I see the opposite. I see that most people on this site fully admit that they did something wrong and they take responsibility for it. What does that get them? Absolutely nothing.

I don’t see anyone blaming “government, laws or whomever” for what they did. Further, few people need “help”. They know what is right and wrong. They knew it when they did wrong.

The simple fact is that a person can know what they did is wrong and admit it, take full responsibility, fully complete the entire legal sentence and punishment for it, and then repeat every single day that the Oppression Lists (OLs) are idiotic, immoral, anti-factual, anti-reality, and unfair. And they can call out the immoral “people” who think the OLs are fine and deliver the consequences they deserve.

There is a reason that there has only been OLs for SEX, for decades, and we all know why.

I guess your the new spokesmen for the site? I’m surprised you can spell. Your just the best and your do bright

He just can’t help himself, can he? He just can’t go away because he needs to feed his addiction. Just flash a shiny, bright object in front of him and he has to grab for it. Narcissistic tendencies accompanied by clinical signs of an addictive personality. I particularly liked the part where he boasted about his degrees, travel plans and net worth. I’m surprised he didn’t list his “stats.”

I’m as guilty as anyone of feeding his addiction, but maybe we should take mercy on this poor sob and just all stop responding to his inane ramblings. All we’re doing is prodding him with a pointy stick because we know he can’t turn down a chance to spew some bile and venom on people he clearly feels superior to.

Here: USA/TMZ/EIEIO/OU812, or whoever you want to be: You’re BETTER than us. Our offenses are MUCH more…offensive. No one else deserves relief but you. We will all languish and die on this list.


You are right. It is immoral to pick on people with mental issues. I really wouldn’t want to be doing that unless I knew it was a person who supports the Oppression Lists. In that case, I don’t think I can care.

You forgot Aero1. Whenever I see those names I just blow right past the post. The only time when I find out what he says is when someone else quotes him.

Yeah, I’ll be doing that much more, maybe always. I just have a sick, morbid curiosity sometimes.

How about if ACSOL implemented a feature where people can privately “down vote” comments? If a comment gets “too many” down votes, it is automatically removed. If the same poster gets too many comments removed, that poster could be dropped. Sounds fun.

Maybe ACSOL could implement a “verified person” feature, like Twitter has? I’d be up for that. I’ve often wondered about forcing big government to give an organization (e.g. me) their Oppression List of email addresses so that those could be used to positively and uniquely identify people for verification purposes. I read Floriduh’s law about that recently and I do think that organizations like F.A.C. and ACSOL could legally demand their list. Probably anyone could. Someone needs to grab it and email everyone (the Floriduh law explicitly says one way the list could be used, but it also doesn’t say that it can’t be used in other ways).

@TMZ you are correct! It’s all about mindset change is a prerequisite of rehabilitation. It sucks having a COR and can’t get off the registry unless the governor pardons . What are those chances of happening. 🤷🏽 Anyway good point and congratulations on removal from the hit list .

Thanks! The deadline was July 1st 2021 and most people thought it was Jan 1st! I would have never filed it unless I had spoken to Janice and she shared a story regarding someone like myself who was in a similar situation. I now (wink) know who that person is! Thus, I’m off the registry and it’s a bit surreal. I might have been (no clue) placed on the Megan’s law in January and probably has no relief until the Fall of 2022 otherwise. This was mentioned during my COR process. I would highly suggest getting to LA ASAP with George Gascon in office. Best of luck. Don’t give up!

Will (park) Allen, this is a good example of why your here. I suggest you stop. You have shown you hate adults, like children/parks and you focus upon others perceived weaknesses. Your manipulative, deceptive and clearly seem to demonstrate entitlement! You try to play the victim, use manipulative language, ridicule and boast! I could be off the registry anytime I want? These are all character traits of ?

i rarely post comments, but really? Some of you hate propel/each other? Animals? I could get off the registry any time I want? You 2 guys are off the registry, but still here? Your all retards. Why are you still here? I’ve read some very deceptive comments. I think your all hypocrites and your ruining this website with your childish tit for tat antics. Nobody will win. The only people laughing are the moderators, general public who reads this and possibly the sex management board. We can hate the big government all we want, but think about what would happen if no laws existed? I’m clearly ashamed by my registry status, but you are all little kids. Playground like!

I think somebody just added a third alter ego….

I very seriously and honestly think the person has cognitive issues. I’m kind of feeling bad that I acted like an ass. If the person does not support the Oppression Lists (OLs) then I hope he/she is happy and has the support that he/she needs, especially with respect to not making him/herself vulnerable to the criminal regimes, the criminals working in them, and the criminals that support them.

Enough of that – it’s a long, holiday weekend! Let’s all ensure the OLs are worthless and worse.

…Being a Tier 3 offender who is a double offender; likes animals more then people and still remaining on the registry because he wants to, makes him a credible individual who you all should listen to. …, his credibility is 2nd to none. He is here because he wants to.

I guess the moderators changed your comment to the point that it doesn’t make any sense. I’m sure it doesn’t matter. …

I had an incredible, long weekend. Full of family and friends. The Oppression Lists (OLs) did jack nothing to fake protect anyone, LOL. I was around children all the time. Even random children in bathing suits!!! And none of the randos had the first clue that big government tries to “inform” them about me. The OLs are a massive, massive failure. Failure is what big government does best. If they had any sense, they would’ve destroyed the OLs a decade ago. But they don’t. And they love keeping millions of people employed doing stupid things.

Let’s all continue to wage war on all “people” who think OLs are acceptable. They are not our fellow Americans or humans. And yes, I love and protect animals much more than any “person” who thinks the OLs are acceptable.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x