Jim Cegielski, publisher of Leader-Call.com, wants victims to report abuse directly into the registry anonymously

Source: leader-call.com 7/30/21

By Jim Cegielski publisher

Last week, we ran a front page story with the headline “Toddler Torture.” The headline was about as accurate of a description for what two small children had to endure as we could come up with. In his story, Mark Thornton wrote that those children had been taped to a wall and forced to watch their mother and her boyfriend have sex and were punched if they turned and looked away. Sadly, the rest of the details about what those kids went through were so disturbing, sickening and disgusting that we couldn’t, in good conscience, publish it in a community newspaper.

Then, the very next day, the JCSD alerted us to another equally disturbing, sickening and disgusting child-abuse story involving a different mother, boyfriend and toddler. But maybe what is even more disturbing, sickening and disgusting is just how little is being done to stop the sexual abuse of children.

Take a look at the number of people who are on the official sex offender list in Jones County alone, as well as the number of new arrests for the sexual abuse of children that we report on each week and there is little doubt that pedophiles are not only living among us, but their numbers are much larger than any of us would like to admit.

And what most people don’t realize is that the vast majority of pedophiles living among us haven’t been identified yet because their victims are too ashamed or scared to come forward, or they have been victimized by a family member and they are being urged by others in the family to simply “get over it” so as not to bring shame to the family. Believe me, it happens every day.

Our failure to protect our most vulnerable citizens — our children — is not simply a black eye for society, it is a revolving door of abuse. There is no cure for pedophilia. Sexual predators will keep on abusing children for as long as they are alive, or at least sexually capable of it. Not only that, but a high percentage of the male victims of childhood sexual abuse will grow up to be sexual predators themselves, thus propagating evenmore abuse.

The numbers are quite staggering. According to YWCA.org, one in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused before age 18. Ninety-three percent of the victims know their abuser. Experiencing childhood sexual abuse is a life sentence. It can affect educational outcomes and lead to drug abuse, psychological health and sexual issues, as well as suicide.

As I’ve written before, I’m one of those statistics. When I was 12 years old, I was molested by Bob Markham, a married father of two small children. He was a neighbor in an Orlando, Fla., apartment complex, and I was a prime target for a predator, as my mom had only months earlier fled our New Jersey home with my younger sister and me in tow, leaving my father and two older brothers behind with no idea of our whereabouts. I was incredibly sad, lonely and depressed — the perfect victim for Bob, who at first befriended me, then hired me to babysit his 2-year-old and 4-year-old children, then took my sister and me to Disney World, then one day invited me into his apartment while his family was out and molested me.

Like most victims, I was ashamed, embarrassed and scared. I didn’t tell a soul. And Bob kept molesting young boys. And that is my life sentence — guilt. Bob was caught later the next year and charged for his crimes against another young boy, but could I have saved someone else if I had spoken up? Probably.

Would Bob have been given more jail time if I had said something? Most definitely. Like most victims, I stayed quiet. I didn’t speak of it for decades. And that is why thousands of pedophiles are allowed to live amongst us without detection and continuing their reign of terror and abuse, quite often for their entire life.

We must do something. Heck, I must do something. But I need help. First of all, it is time for our elected leaders and judges to face some terrible truths.

Pedophiles cannot be rehabilitated, and the only criminal sentence long enough to protect the innocent is life in prison. If you give a pedophile a 20-year sentence, that just means that in 20 years, another child will be victimized.
I know that in this day and age where criminals of all types keep getting lesser and lesser sentences, this is going to be a tough sell, but if we truly want to protect innocent children, we need to give pedophiles one of two options upon conviction — life in prison or castration. If you think that is barbaric, then you obviously value the rights of pedophiles over the safety of children.

Secondly, we must do away with all statute of limitations when it comes to child sex abuse. Like me, most people are unwilling to even talk about the sexual abuse that happened to them as a child until years later. According to “Child USA,” a national think-tank for child protection, the average age child abuse victims finally disclose that they were abused is at age 52!


The third thing that needs to happen is the development of a Childhood Sexual Abuse Victims Database. I don’t know why this doesn’t already exist. This would be a place where any victim of a pedophile could go into a database and put down as much information as they remember about the crime. The name of the pedophile, place it occurred, date or year of the crime, etc. They could do this anonymously or they could leave their name and contact number.

The database would serve many different functions.

1.) Give an easy way for current and past victims of child abuse to report a crime. This would include having a kid-friendly portal into the database made available in every school.

2.) Put law enforcement on alert of a possible child abuser or serial child abuser on the loose if that person’s name keeps appearing.

3.) Provide a way in which victims of pedophiles can be alerted that someone else has reported being victimized by the same abuser. There is strength in numbers, and these victims can team up to file whatever criminal or civil case they are able to under the current law.

And, lastly, even if pressing criminal charges or filing a civil claim is no longer an option because of the statute of limitations, victims could, at the very least, form their own self-help groups.

Don’t overlook the importance of a database like this.

Because pedophiles keep sexually abusing children for a lifetime, even someone who had been abused decades before could end up saving some kid from a lifetime of trauma by reporting the crime years later.

Let’s get this started in Jones County … then the state of Mississippi, and then the entire nation. But most importantly, let’s get it started now.

Let’s do something! What could be more important than protecting our children?

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Ok, who can win the prize for finding the most number of things wrong with this insane idea?

Ok, some terrible things are happening in the world. We all know that. How about gun violence, the carnage from DUI’s (I bet any highway patrol officer could match this guy story for story), gang violence (the attorney general just called MS-13 the worst gang ever to walk the earth and told stories equally as disturbing as the one mentioned, yet our borders are wide open), I could go on, I think you get my point. But the fact is we don’t categorize all people of a group together without evidence and a trial. That is how our justice system works. The problem with the registry is that all people are grouped together and it keeps the public ignorant. Some people did terrible, unspeakable things, but most did reckless behavior and used poor judgement base on their human sexual impulse. And most paid a horrendous consequence for their poor actions. I spent 7 years in federal prison and am on the registry for life for a non-contact offense, and I never communicated with anyone.

So in the US we are supposed to judge every case individually through legal representation and evidence argued on both sides. Don’t group the one million people on the registry with the most despicable act written in that article because we did nothing even remotely like that. This jim Ciegelsky has a vigilante website, we all know countless cases of these social media vigilates that have done terrible acts, even murder, and often of mistaken identity. So do we group all people like Jim C. in that category?

Why would we take advice from someone who, by his own reasoning, is a broken, mentally ill man who is likely a child abuser himself? No, I don’t think this is true about him, but this is what he specifically said all abuse victims are, and he claims to be one. This is paranoid garbage, and it’s a shame media is run (and has been since newspapers were invented) by people who profit from luring readers in with lurid sexual scandals.

After reading that article im scared too the way he kept saying “THEY LIVE AMONGST US” reminded me of that movie invasion of the body snatchers.
Jim Cegielski is definitely a weirdo who in the Hell sits there all day reading horrific stories about toddlers be abused.
He said it himself a high percentage of males who are abused by pedophiles go on to become one so I guess that’s what led to his obsession with toddlers being abused.
And the only reason he wants victims to report their abuse into a database anonymously is so he won’t have to live amongst them pretending to exposing pedophiles when in reality he’s infatuated with them and gets off on reading victims stories.
I’d bet a million dollars if the feds raided this guys house he would definently be forced to register too

Good luck

The author says he was a victim at 12 years old. He also states “Not only that, but a high percentage of the male victims of childhood sexual abuse will grow up to be sexual predators themselves…”

So, one, who are his victims?

Two, using his logic, and I’m being satirical, there should be a database of abuse victims so that schools can limit their access to children; cruise lines can deny bookings; and their neighbors can keep any eye on them. I mean, if it only saves one child then it is worth it. Statistically speaking, it appears a male abuse victim that is NOT a registered SO has a higher probability of offending than an already registered SO (low recidivism).

93% know their abuser, so why need a database? All databases are a modern day shaming with invisible chains lasting a lifetime. Why not use resources on real healing for all involved, without some azzhat getting in the way.

Cool article, dude. There are ~12 lines or phrases in bold, like talking points that shouldn’t be missed.

12 to 0.

12 in favor of the police state registry and then some and 0 in favor reform. Be sure to share this story everybody, you know, for the publicity.

I went down to the riverside county Rescue Mission to ask about their 12 month homeless program for men since I’ll be living I my car soon.After talking with the pastor for about 5 minutes I learned that sex offenders aren’t allowed in the program because women and children attend the church services.This is gonna be ruff 5 yearz.

“There is no cure for pedophilia. Sexual predators will keep on abusing children for as long as they are alive, or at least sexually capable of it.”

Committing a sexual offense is a choice usually derived from learned behavior and can be controlled again by newly learned behavior, which is easily proven by widely available statistics.
Being stupid, however, is innate and can’t be controlled which leads to these types of articles espousing ridiculous facts and perpetuating evil myths.

I’m reminded of the “South Park” episode in which, eventually, EVERYONE is suspected as a potential child sex abuser.

As for victim numbers, couldn’t adolescents engaging in normal developmental sexual experimentation be viewed – if one wished to view it that way – as “victims”? I mean, if they are underage – even if they are the same age – they cannot legally consent and, therefore, could be regarded as “victims”, right?
Voila, I’ve just greatly expanded the pool of child sexual abuse victims! Now we just need each of them to name any other individual who participated in any “adolescent exploration” so we can get a thorough understanding of all the people we need to keep an eye on!!
🙄 Good grief! 😒

First, I question this guy’s claim to have been sexually abused. The person he names as his abuser is NOT on either Florida’s ot the national registry (which would have been retroactive if it predated ML if he was convicted of another sex crime against a child, especially in Florida). Far too often, such claims (legitimate or not) are made by writers and politicians solely to silence opposition, i.e. Lauren Book.

Second, the registry he proposes invites – even begs for – false claims. It’s amazing that those who propose or promote such things never see that.

Accordingly, should the registry he proposes come to fruition, his name should be among the first ones on it because he meets his own definition of the “pedophiles” that his proposed registry supposedly guards against.

Go to the original posting site ( a local news outlet ) join their paper, and then you can post your opinion. A few have already done it. Let the locals he is trying to entice know how much bull this guy is tossing around. Use the opportunity to “ enlighten” the ignorant that go to this site to read these stories. The pebble in the pond effect. Although I prefer throwing a boulder and just emptying the pond!

The desire for one database begets another. A vicious and predictable cycle. Here a database, there a database, everywhere another database. Over reliance has its own drawbacks.

If you google his name, a site called ‘muck rack’ comes up. You go there and it is evident through this guy’s articles that he is an ultra conservative white nationalist.
He hates the LGTBQ .
He thinks there is a war against whites.
He obviously has hateful opinions on registrants.
Just another Mississippi KKKer with a grudge.

This guy has been thrashed on ‘Dr. Phil’ as a racist and a muck raker. I don’t see him as a threat.

This guy is not only a compulsive liar and phony , bust I view his article a hate crime . with the intent to create violence

This is some festering local rag populated by “journalists” who can’t get a job at a serious publication. Why give them attention, clicks, and ad revenue?

This was obviously not well thought out. It’s a terrible idea filled with ways in which such a system could and would be abused.

The most obvious one to me is using and abusing the system to manipulate outcomes in divorce proceedings and custody battles. What about elections? Losing in the polls; drop an anonymous tip about your opponent. Not to mention that the constitution guarantees every accused to face their accuser. This system would have law enforcement begin monitoring/investigating people for no reason other than that some unknown individual keyed a few words on there keyboard.

When I was a teenager in middle school and high school I knew kids that would’ve used this system to report teachers they simply didn’t like. And I went to a good American public school.

And doing away with statute of limitations is ludacris. The justice system is supposed to convict when people are guilty beyond the shadow of a doubt. A crime that was possibly committed 30 years ago and that one has no evidence of has plenty of doubt and therefore should not be tried.

If there was actual video evidence that would be different.

Wow, to the victor go the spoils. One wonders who wins the pot for the best answer? Guess we can forget about castration as some people are still wearing a mask. I’m still trying to define what a pervert or even perverted government is, or even these perverted cyber text games are. So abuse comes in all sizes or are we naturally immuned from birth.

Is it abusive to were a mask today or get a shot or a pill to make one sterile, or is man killing man with over reacting or thinking? I’m sure many weren’t very hot on the idea of going to the moon or was it the accomplishment. As far as the gay, lesbian, and this gay pride thing that’s someone’s else. Abuse is bad enough and can take on many different levels domestic, government, or otherwise in these types of malice.

Many are making a lot of sense with these articles and I’m impressed, of course I’m probably the most weirdo of the bunch. Ok maybe some others come in second or who is getting sucked in with this type of rating scale of another in this new wave statistic. Mankind can just do so much in the abuse of another. Isn’t that what starts wars. So standing up for justice is good if its the right type of justice. Much of this registry is abusive justice.